Romford Pele loves Le Grove (Picture exclusive – no joke!)

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I bet you thought we were trying to lure you in with a misleading headlines to line our fat pockets with more advertising revenue!

Not the case today people!

Romford Pele, or Sir Ray Parlour as many refer to him – pledged his allegiance to Le Grove on Friday during birthday drinks in Billericay!

Who is that fine looking man with Ray you ask? Well the guy with the tash is Ray’s mate, but the other guy is one time blogger and regular Grover, Bud! If anyone doesn’t like the cut of his jib, you have a pic and a location!

Stalk away my friends, stalk away.

Apparently Ray quipped,

” I hope this ain’t a porn site, otherwise that’s is marriage number 2 down the pan!’

Nice one Ray, you’re a legend, oh, and Happy Birthday! The 7th of March will forever be known as Ray day on Le Grove!


Ray Love Le Grove!


Well played Bud, you go straight in as Le Champ of the week! Anyone who carries an ‘I Love Le Grove’ placard around with them deserves it!

Geoff’s Analysis of Wigan

Not a lot to add to yesterdays game analysis other than it’s their title to lose and if they don’t win it, they only have themselves to blame.

Next up is Middlesbrough so we can only hope that we do better then.

I feel very alone this morning, very empty, I felt sure we would win 4 nil, and frankly we should have done, I refuse to blame the pitch, we have the talent to play anywhere and Wigan also have to play there, so it’s the same for them.

It was good to see Robin back, if he gets injured again we’ll have to replace him, we can’t afford to wait this long for his return again.

Positives? Ok we didn’t get any injuries, having said that, they’re not home yet so we’ll have to wait and see.

At least we played Ok, didn’t we?

Still a good picture to start the week on!

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  1. Odub

    Seeing that pic again has at least lightened the mood!!

    Morning all,

    Quick question, having just checked, and not being able to find an answer, why the hell didnt he play Denilson on the right, and leave the fabulous F&F in the middle to get on with it??!

  2. Steve

    Magic. Where are Le Champs and Le Cunt of the week?

    Got to be Bud and the Wigan groundsman. In either order 🙂

  3. oddy

    I think wwe have finally handed the cup over to either Man U or Chelsea! And has anybody noticed that Liverpool aren’t that far away with their recent recovery. If we continue at this rate, we will struggle to come 3rd or worse still, witness the most dramatic fall by coming in behing everton!!!
    God help us!

  4. Big Raddy

    Well played, Sir. The Romford Pele is a top bloke, and very handy with a fire extinguisher…. and with a pizza….

  5. Pedro

    Good guess Steve!

    I thought I’d post them all at the same time so I didn’t spoil the pic!

    Well played bud!

    Denilson was injured I think?

    Do we not have anyone in the youth capable of playing out wide? Bringing J.Simpson back could have helped even if he was a sub… we are getting shown up by our small squad!

  6. DeeOzGooner

    that pic is a classic!…cant beleive u left home with that print out!..presedence has been set me thinks!

    berto must have some juicy goss on wenger to keep getting games outa him…denilson shudv played lastnight!…its not abt giving bert games its more abt not breaking up the successs of fabrini(or flamregas!)

    prems slipping away lads…i have a horrible feeling inside…i just cant see us becoming consistent enuf to go the whole way…

    as the season moves on we are struggling against teams that are truly fighting for things like europe, relegation etc…those teams fight wit desperation…and we just dont seem hungary enough…this has turned into somewhat of a rant…but finding it hard to stay positive!!!

  7. Odub

    Yeah all just come up! I take it all back Pedro!

    Denilson isnt listed as injured btw, and he came on against meelan didnt he?

    Even playing Sagna on the right and Toure behind him would have worked, anything but messing with the middle 2, and actually playing Gilberta from the start!! I would have drafted in Rachel Yankey ffs!! Anything but playing Cesc on the right!!!

  8. Steve

    Oz, it’s still in our hands mate. We’ve hit a bad patch. A comfortable win over ‘Boro and we’re back on course with key players returning. I was on a downer yesterday, but with RVP back and mini Mozart due to return I have had a positivity boost. We have Gallas and Senderos playing well and Kolo back who can play anywhere and enigmatic Eboue’s suspension over.

    In the words of a great man ‘If life seems jolly rotten, there’s something you’ve forgotten’

    Always look on the bright side of life.

  9. DeeOzGooner

    with cesc’s return to form it was the wrong time to send him out to the right

    oh and has everyone realised that whinging bastard diarra is in line for a trophy!…no doubt he’ll be talking some serious rubbish if they win it

  10. Odub


    I tend to follow that rule, but watching the game yesterday just wound me up!!

    The Mancs play next on Wednesday dont they? Hope they get stuffed!

  11. Gunnersaurus

    You are shitting me, you got Romford Ray to hold that up?

    haha! Brilliant! I thought it was going to be something photo shopped!

    I was at the ground yesterday and it was a shocker. When you are there the pitch looks even worse. Still, they are world class footballers and you have to deal with variables like that.

    I’m over the result though, I am still a bit depressed but I am over it.

    The league will be decided with the games against the Chavs, the scousers, the mancs and the toffees.

    The other games will all be 3 points I guarantee you that.

    Will we raise our game for the top 5 teams? You can bet your bottom dollar we will. It becomes serious now, we are underdogs big time.

    I don’t by all this we will finish 4th shit, people who say that have been waiting to say it all season.

    Lets get over the moaning, have a laugh at the picture and move on.

    This is a big month and could decide the mood of my summer!

  12. Bud

    Got the Red Tops outside my office, apparently they want to do a 2 page exclusive on “The Day I Met Ray”…….. I said fuck off, all my exclusives go to the Grove….. I have a contract and unlike those greedy premiership mercenaries, I am an honourable blogger !!!!!!!!

  13. Steve

    Hear hear Goonersaurus. If somebody had told me we’d be top of the tree and in the 1/4 finals of the C.L come the middle of March I’d have masturbated in a public place.

    Move on Gooners. Watch the Meeeelan goals again.

  14. Odub

    Positivity slowly returning!

    We’re going to win the world cup, I mean the league and CL!!

    Ray Parlour did the commentary on sky for the Boro game yesterday, and I kept willing him to give his encounter with Bud a mention!!!

  15. chris

    i am with you with steve and gunnersaurus, lets move on,
    now buds next mission is get a spud player to hold up that sign,

  16. chris

    i could just imagin robbie keane holding that sign that woudl be pant wettingly funny, but you are right clsoe proximity to a spud might be extremly detremental to ones credability and also to ones health

  17. Pauley

    This is one mad site!

    That pics brightened my day no end.

    Boys, its good to come to a site where you are talking up our chances!

    We are in a good position, its all in our hands still so lets trust in Arsene! Someone said we has some poor results after Madrid, so maybe its just what happens.

    We are yet to find out what will happen to the Chavs and the Mancs form.

    Its going to be an exciting close to probably one of the best premiership seasons for years. This is the type of season that could go down as one of the greatest league wins in arsenals history!

    I’m excited, I don’t know about you guys?

  18. Odub

    It would be quite difficult to get a knuckle dragging, flea infested, opposable thumbs lacking intelectually and vertically challenged neanderthal to hold a sign Chris!

  19. Steve

    I rate Robbie Keane as a player surprisingly, but he really is one horrible little cunt. Always fucking moaning and throwing his stunted little arms up in the fucking air. If referees could understand a word he said he’s be sent off every week.

  20. Steve

    Pauley, I’m with you pal.

    It’s worth noting that of the 3 english clubs in europe this week (and we had by far the hardest tie) not one even scored a goal. And we were the only team not to concede one.

    We had a great result on Tuesday at the home of the best club team in the world (official) and played in awful bog like conditions on Sunday to a team scrapping against relegation and had 2 clean sheets.

  21. Odub

    Great shout Pauley! Positivity increasing even more!

    Steve did you see the clip on soccer am of him running through the mob of spuds after they won the pub cup to find his lover barbytov! the twat hugs him and starts blubbering in his ear! Barby prob thought calm the fuck down you fucking Jessie!!!

  22. Bud

    I shall take you mission, not sure about Spuds players as I will have to get too close for my comfort zone, but in June I am going on my annual retreat to Portugal and my mate lives 2 doors up from Steven Gerrard and 6 doors away from Michael Owen. Also, Charlie Nic always does the same 2 weeks out there, so I shall be taking my sign and getting as many photos as possible…… Ronan Keating & Chris Evans both live there as well. They all frequest this square most nights, so I will try and convert them to Le-Grove………

  23. chris

    The gauntlet has been thrown down, all grovers will now have to turn paparazzi and get the football fraternity to smile

  24. Bud

    Everyone carry a I love Le-Grove sign at all times, you never know……. you too could be “Champ of the Week” !!!!!!!!!

  25. Odub

    Tempting Pedro!!! she was about 4ft 1, with heels on, I’m sure I could have ”persuaded” her to hold said sign, she did have a scary looking mate with her!!!!!

  26. DeeOzGooner

    im thinkin this is the trough of our form curve…things are on the way up!
    toure, persie & song(still cant beleive im saying that) are all back…we can only get better!!…

    agrred its gona be the tightest race in a long long time…it’d suck hard to lose it on goal diff!…need a good ol 7nil!!!

  27. Odub

    D.O.G – makes you sound like a gangsta rapper mate!! Sorry!!

    I keep expecting us to dispatch that hammering anytime soon, but it’s yet to materialise. Boro might be the one though.

    When was the last time we had everyone fit?!! Must have been September!

  28. DeeOzGooner


    i just hope those hammerings didnt leave arsenal with henry!

    just been looking at the fixtures & prem table over over today…lookin for some ray of hope…the only way we gona win anything this season is if we stay fit! the period where we play l’pool, QF1, manure, QF2 will require all our squad to be at their best…we need tomas back by then pls…

  29. DeeOzGooner

    gazzap…im certain we’ll beat the chavs & manure…actually cant wait to be the team that breaks the chavs home record!!…we’ll beat em…im sure of it, the way this team steps up for big games is phenomenal…its the shitkicker teams i worry bout!!

  30. Odub

    We just need to get back to beating the struggling and mid table teams!

    We’ll always raise our game for the big ones, but we still need to go to Bolton, and play Everton at home, we can’t afford to slip up anymore.

  31. Pedro

    Guys I Love the self imposed positivity going on here today!

    We’ll smash boro, they are low on confidence with nothing to play for, then we’ll have famous victories at stamford bridge.

    Man United have this aura of invincibility which is not justified. They’ve lost 4 games in the prem this year, and just lost to Portsmouth.

    They will drop points and so will Chelsea.

    It all boils down to how the top 5 play against each other. If we can’t win all our games, we don’t deserve it do we?

    Just think Old Trafford 98 and Old trafford 2002… when we have to go to Old Trafford, we do well…

    My god, I’m thinking about Marky Overmars nutmegging Red nose… then Wiltord slotting the ball past Barthez!

    Yeeeeaaaahhhhh! Wooooo hoooooo!

    Come on Arsenal! Its your for the taking!

    Fuck me I am motivated now!

  32. Pedro

    Question time people!

    Of the players who appeared for Arsenal in their league title-winning season of 1990-91, one was still playing in the Premier League in 2006 and another has made two Premier League appearances in 2008. Name them.

  33. chris

    Parlour is most famous for his time at Arsenal, where he played for 14 years. Parlour joined Arsenal as a trainee in 1989, and made his debut for the Gunners against Liverpool on January 29, 1992,

  34. Odub

    Which I promptly did last week! Love the site when it’s lighthearted, current Arsenal news banter. But when someone starts showing me prem league tables encompassing the last 15 years…the zzzs start setting in!! Dont get me wrong I know it takes all sorts, but fuck me that was painful!!

  35. Pedro

    He was on here last night with his Championship manager team…

    It was a question I pretended to know the answer to… when bud anserred i fired it back to my mate and stole the glory… shame on me…

  36. Odub

    Good God!

    I’ll post my Pro Evo 2008 team in a minute!!

    Nothing wrong with that Pedro! Getting caught is the bit you don’t want!

  37. Bud

    Did you know the Emirates pitch has grass on every square foot or that Trees grow in the ground or that its raining……… see, I am Swedish Ray……… Stat-tastic !!!!!!

  38. Odub

    No I’m Swedish Ray!

    Did you know that every seat in the emirates is red, and that we are top of the league?!!!

  39. Pedro

    I think its just a boring and depressing day!

    No one likes to talk on days like these!

    I read that story as well, interesting… he is going to be a left sided midfielder if he signs!

    Its going to be a boring summers isn’t it… if thats the best we can muster up with 70 million in the bank I dont hold out much hope!

  40. Odub

    What I dont understand is what’s the point of getting him when Carlos Vela will be about next season and he offers the same options?!!

    I seem to remember it being mentioned previously here that AW doesnt want to sacrifice his youth policy and bring in finished product players, but I think we need at least 2 a season, to

    a. Have a chance of contesting for the main honours and
    b. Give our youths mentors to learn off.

    We can’t just keep buying potential and expect to win stuff can we?

  41. chris

    Gilberto insisted that nobody at the Emirates has hit the panic button, however, and that the team is concentrated solely on setting things right against Middlesbrough on the weekend.

    “We have come off a few draws which is not good, but we need to come back and win the next game,” Gilberto told Arsenal TV.

    “I don’t think we need to think about them (United) too much now.

    “They have a game in hand and can go one point ahead but the most important thing is to do our job properly.

    “You never know, they can slip up as we did at Wigan.”

  42. Odub

    A million Zim zim dollars buys you a loaf of bread….or Robbie Keane!

    So 70 would get you Hafizullah Qadami top goal scorer for Afghanistan! Don’t ask how I know that!!

  43. Bud

    Have we won a game that Gilberto has started this season???

    I would be interested if anyone has the stats on the results W/L/D with Gilberto in the side?

  44. antmanbee

    I dont know if any of you have heard Ian Wright on TalkSpite talking about his son Bradley and the story in the Sunday Mirror.
    I had total respect for Ian as a player and I have even more for him as a man.His view`s on a lot of football matters do not agree with mine.But to come out on the radio and be so honest and straight forward about a subject that must be causing him a llot of pain shows an courage that not many people would be capable of.
    Total respect.

  45. Odub

    I saw somewhere that he was out in Portsmouth (wouldnt recommend it!), didnt really read the story what happened?

  46. chris

    On 9 March 2008, Wright-Phillips, along with team-mate Nathan Dyer, were accused of stealing money and mobile phones from bar staff at Bar Bluu in Southsea. Criminal investigations are ongoing; however CCTV footage appears to show a theft taking place from wiki

  47. Odub

    Fuck me!! Used to go to that place!!! It’s also called the Tangerine Suite!! used to bump into Yakubu and Lualua! Well dodgy establishment! Badly lit, very lose female clientele, but never any pilfering issues!

    I’m amazed Southampton players didnt get beating up for turning up there! It was that kind of place.

  48. antmanbee

    He said his son`s behaviour wa a total disgrace.He had only spoken to him on the phone .His son was in a privileged position and to act like he did had brought nothing but shame to his family.
    “If I would have seen him in person Southampton would be missing a player”
    His honesty and frankness was remarkable.
    Again big respect to the man.

  49. Odub

    Not been a great week to be Ian Wright I guess!

    Don’t think he could have done anything but slate him seeing as he’s beeb caught red handed and all?!

  50. Pedro

    His son is a cunt and should donate a weeks wages to the bar staff there. Stealing is bad from whatever background you come from, but when you earn £8k a week there is no excuse for it… its probably worse because you are doing it just to upset people.

    Still, his reputation is forever tarnished.

    I don’t know whether I can respect Wright for it? He couldn’t condone the behaviour could he?

    At least he didn’t shirk the questions.

  51. Odub

    Normal busy day at the office then Steve! Later mate.

    Off too, it’s been hard work trying to keep things going today, but I’ve given it a go, over to the night shift manager Evo!!

    Night all.

  52. antmanbee

    Chris and Odub have you got kid`s.If so you must realise how difficult this must have been for him.Most people in his position would have not even mentioned it.
    Talksport is shit.I have lost count of the times I have felt like throwing the radio in the sink but I need my daily football fix and in the middle of the day there does not seem to be any alternative.

  53. chris

    so Tomas Rosicky’s is blaming injuries on the lack of a break over the winter period, did hleb have similar issues, does that excuse stand up,
    cant blame the man for being injured but does that excuse have merit

  54. Pedro

    Leave it out Chris…

    Footballers only get 3 months off in the summer and they have to work a 3 day week…

    Fuck me, show some compassion.

  55. Big Raddy

    If that is true Chris , it really is a crock of shit. How many breaks has Mozart had this season? He doesn’t play, and if he comes back from injury too early, is that the EPL’s fault or Arsenal’s medical staff? Plus it doesn’t seem to affect the all the players.

    Don’t start me….. just look at the RvP situation. He came back for 45 mins and was out again for 2 months

  56. chris

    i must admit big raddy i howled with laughter when rvp went down yesterday only to see if was only a headbutt received,
    more in disbelife than humour you understand,

  57. Big Raddy

    I don’t like to bang on about yesterday but I am still pissed off. Myles Palmer says that AW should have taken off Hleb and played RVP, rather than Bendtner, and I have to agree. Wigan were never goinfg to score, and we needed to go for it. AW bottled it

  58. chris

    i fell less pissed of than the prev two prem matches, i didnt have the same expectation especially after europe and the dodgy pitch, wigan were never gonna score that much was clear so you may be right,

  59. Big Raddy

    Interesting. I think the Prem would benefit from a winter break. Though knowing the FA, they would throw in an International tournament. & MUFC would be playing in Japan !! And the Arse would be in Thailand….

  60. Pedro

    I think we’d benefit from a winter break… or having the fixtures spread out a bit… we played hardly any games in feb and about 12 in December… ridiculous!

  61. Phobia

    Barcelona’s Ronaldinho has ruled out a move to Chelsea because they do not play attacking football.I think Ronaldinho want to join Arsenal base on what he said.
    Arsenal summer buy
    Nikolay Dimitov
    Daniel Alves
    Micah Richards
    Arsenal the boys are good

  62. Geoff

    Sorry Pedro, I had a bitch of a day, golf, golf lesson and copious amounts of adult beverages! good going today.

  63. Mike (the neighbour)

    Pedro geoff was drinking with me -I am now back after all that shit with my computer being down in Uk which i think ive sorted .Now in spain where the Manana computer is working and Mrs Mike has had her decorating done so completely fucked -Back in the fold and ive missed it big time -who is Ian Wright by the way -I think he is the guy whose chums with Ron Noades who is also my neighbour in Spain
    Good to see Bud -were you standing on a box in the picture -???? geoff reckons he is the same height as you -oh and by the way were you in the cone heads movie -good picture

  64. Pedro

    Oh, Geoff and the gang ripping it up in spain… I’m soooo fucking jealous.

    I don’t like the sun, I don’t like golf and I don’t like drinking loads of beer.

    It doesn’t interest me.

    Currently reading up on powerful people throughout history… Aggripina, what a slut… she was shagging her own son to win power?

    Do you see what I mean mike? Who needs sun when you have books…

    Anyway, its good to have you back Mike… no Wiki quotes all week!

  65. rexes

    why the negativity by some? Manure played against O.L and lost to portsmouth. Chelsea played that greek side and lost to ahem…. We play of all teams MILAN and draw with wigan on a stinking pitch, and all of a sudden we are the ones in turmoi?