Barca Academy become official Arsenal feeder club, 2 join the double race + who needs money?

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Super kid defender Ignasi Miquel will join us from Cornella in September when he turns 16, following in the footsteps of Cesc he comes via the Barca academy, also known as Arsenal’s feeder club. This story was brought to you in late Feb by Le Grove, but its now official!

Great idea really, they supply us the kids and we supply them the oldies out the other end, now that’s co-operation!

We beat the Mancs and Chavs to this one, so a sweet deal all round and it shows the kid is intelligent, unusual for a defender. (John Terry/Rio Ferdinand)

The Mancs and chavs are also late entrants in the race for the double, the Chavs, who 3 weeks ago were being tipped to win the quadruple by potato head Michael Essien (who can’t even get a game) were humbled by Barnsley whilst the Mancs were dumped by Arsenal old boys, Portsmouth.

We go to Wigan today to play on a dodgy pitch but who cares? They have to play on it as well don’t they? With Robin back, we look good again.

Why we had to play against Colorado Rapids is beyond me, and we picked up 2 injuries as a result.

Wenger is already saying he doesn’t need money as he believes in his team, yawn, yawn, here we go again, long boring summer here we come.

The word on the street is Arsenal are going to leave an envelope stuffed with cash on every seat at the Grove as a big thank you to the fans.

Well they obviously don’t need it do they?

Hold the line today boys as Maximus Meridius Decimus would say, we need patience if we are to get the four goals I have predicted, don’t let me down boys, it’s not often we get to beat the European champions away and go 4 points clear in the Premier league in the same week!

Finally after our blog on Ian Wright and Talk Sport, we had a late, late comment in the awaiting approval box from ‘Ian Wright’ it simply said ‘sorry boys’ I didn’t publish it as I couldn’t be sure it was from the man himself, if it was, good on you Ian, if it wasn’t, there you go.

Have a happy Sunday Grovers!

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  1. jimmyfingers

    That’s cool if Wrighty himself blogged here. I choose to believe it was the great man himself and if it was, we still love ya

  2. jimmyfingers

    First blog, James wins!

    Oh yeah, Wigan. We need a win, and a good ‘un (although I’ll take a scrappy 1-0 wit a late goal). Le List isn’t looking good and it remains to see what part the Boy Wonder might play. Lets hope we don’t need him actually, one fears (ooh, posh) for his delicate little leggy weggies on the Wigan pitch, but we can’t wrap him up in cotton wool

  3. Odub

    Morning all,

    Well said AGAIN! Saw the Miquel piece in this mornings paper, apparently he’s 6ft 2 and still growing! Sweet!

    Last night was just the funniest day I’ve ever endured without us actually playing!

    Red nose going ballistic on Sky was just classic!! Blaminh everyone but his overhyped twat faced players!
    Grant mumbling through his final interview as chav manager?!!

    I’m going for a 2-0 win today, and Fab running rings round that tosspot Michael Brown, who’s been mouthing off in the press about getting stuck in! Twat!

    Have a good one grovers, 4 points clear by 6pm sounds great, and with the chasing pack all stuttering in the cup, and the mancs short on goalies, it’s looking good again!!

  4. DeeOzGooner

    need a big win 2day boyz…4 points clear + the other so called ‘tittle contenders’ losing in the cup combine to be a great mental stride for the team

    pray for no more injuries lads!!!…we’re stretched!

  5. Stupid

    Will be a simple 2-0 smash and grab for the lads today, not expecting any kind of pretty perfomance on that pitch, really fancy hleb to get in on a adebayor/bendter knockdown and get himself on the scoresheet.

  6. chris

    le grove first with the news, i love it, sod barca
    i hope its not another repeat of sheffield where the pitch was seruiosly shit, but id love to be witness of a 4 nil romp but ill back stupids 2 nil

  7. Big Raddy

    With you on this one Geoff. Let’s score early. I know you all have an irrational hatred of statistics BUT over the last two Wigan games we won 1-0, Ade in 88th min, and 2-0, 83 & 85th mins.

    Not again please. Though I will take it as long as we get the 3 points.

    Time for The Bendster to turn potential into goals……

  8. GunnerPete

    This could be the most significan game of the season for us ,maure & the Chavs. Win this and yet another away game has gone plus the rest have to catch us. Win this and we can go to their patches and do an AC milan on them. They will be the desperate teams for points, not us.

    BUt ARSENE for Gods sake stop playing our first teamers in usless games, especially when we are short anyway?

  9. Odub

    Could have sworn I posted easrlier this morning!!

    Have I been barred or something?!!!

    Right, this time it’s personal!

  10. AN Steve

    yeah i posted today I think. Perhaps I am living in a parallel universe. We did beat Milan this week didn’t we???

  11. Gus J.

    On the subject of Gilberto, am I the only one who find a certain recemblance in his unbeliavalbe deterioration comparable to that of Freddie?

    I loved Freddie, but seing him struggle to even be a squad player in his past three seasons, was eating me up. I felt Wenger stuck with him for too long (unpopular comment I know, but his last game worth mentioning was at the Bernabeau. And that feels as if it took place while Thatcher was still around.).

    The same for Gilberto. I respect that he has not chosen to be in this position, and we berate Lehmann for his antics and poor approach to being dropped. But no one is getting on Gilberto’s case. The statistics prove that our winning percentage is below 30% in the games he’s started. And he also appears to not only be out of shape but entirely lost the desire to play.).

    Ship him off, even if that means that Song has to step up. And boy, am I hoping that I am wrong about this kid. But the games I’ve seen this kid play, have been as poor as any. He reminds me of a player combining Wiltord’s attitude, and Grimandi’s skills. Not something you look for.

    If Flamini becomes our lynhcpin next to Cesc, I wouldn’t mind seeing Wenger sign some physical presense to cover the lack in height and to counter some of the Bolton’s and Wigan’s of the League.

    On a final note, and sorry to keep this rant for so long. But this really ticked me the wrong way. I have always supported Miles Palmer in his positions (even when I disagree with him, I understand his arguments), but this time his selfpromoting style lost me:

    “Madrid have now lost in the first knock-out round for the last four years. Such a shame for president Ramon Calderon. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”.

    What unbeliavable crap. Is the premise that the fact that Madrid’s president is a nice chap, completely discount the facts that as organisations go, Real is as rotten and despicable in their behaviour (mostly off the pitch), as any organisations outside of Russia and Africa. Even South Americans have had more integrity and decency that these “royals”.

    He completely lost me on this mindless rant.

    Sorry, it had to be said…and I do feel better now. But will feel a lot better if we are allowed to actually play football tonight, and perhaps compete based on talent, desire, ability and preparation and not random attempts to protect some very narrow league interests. (Pick your poison: biggotry, racism, jealousy, manipulation, cheating, lying…or any of your own). Also I love Arsenal, but I will say right now, that should Wenger lose his mind and sign any of the following players (not likely, I know), I am Off:

    – Michael Brown
    – Rooney (yes, I know he is as gifted as any player, but a more despicable human being is hard to find). I’d rather lose than have this monstrosity wear my crest.
    – Ashley Cole (Seems pretty obvious)
    – James McFadden (Can’t get over the Birmingham game – also reminds me of Rooney – Not in ability obviously)
    – Savage (Not even a footballer really – just your common psycho)
    – Bellamy or Bowyer (Don’t know where to start)
    – Robbie Keane (And I am even looking away for the fact that he appears regularly for an outfit wearing white).
    – Abdulaye Faye (Can’t get over his antics in a game with Bolton a few years back. Just a complete p****).
    – Larsson and Stephen Kelly (For being morons beyond anything I have presviously seen. Even considering the usual extremely low expectations for the mental processes of footballers, these two take the cake).
    – Every Bolton player (except Jaskellainen)
    and honorable mention to Bentley. (Just move on with your life son – what was Wenger going to do? Drop Dennis to play some kid who scored one goal in three seasons? Also you wanted out, Wenger wanted you to stay. You got your wish. Why so bitter? Oh, right…Blackburn!!!! Tough, as they say – Be careful what you wish for.

    Sorry for the rant folks, but there has been so much praise all round and generally the only critiscism has been thrown at Arsenal (you know for being whiners when we get “roughed” and for being cheaters and so on and so forth… you have heard the banter). Well, felt it was time some others got under the microscope, as clearly everything the Northerners do is just wonderful. They are protected and treated in the same manner and with the same expectations we have towards retarded children. Perhaps for a reason…

    3-1 Gunners. (Or at least that’s where my money is).


  12. Phobia

    Arsenal play football the way we like to see it in Brazil,They play with style,changing position,moving the ball quickly.If you say Arsenal,that’s what we think of ,it is different to the normal English style.
    Subs:Lehmann-Van Persie-Toure-Gilberto-Song
    Arsenal 3 – Wigan 1
    I love Arsenal more than my former wife.

  13. Odub

    Great list Gus!!

    Saw a piece about Brown in today’s papers, apparently he’s on a mission to get stuck in today! Hope we run riungs round the cunt!

    Nice to see Palacio giving credit to AW and Arsenal for his chance in the PL, he apparently wasnt disheartened when he didnt make the grade at the Emirates, because he saw the standards were quite high.

  14. Ray Gooner

    Great piece Gus! i agree with you, but as i’m from sweden i can’t really agree with you on (Sebastian) Larsson. He is, in my oppinion, sweden’s most promesing midfielder at the moment, and is probably on his way to compete for a place in sweden’s starting 11 in the European Championship!

    Otherwise i agree with you about all the other players!

    On another note:
    I was just amazed with joy when i saw the F.A. Cup results from yesterday!
    Although now we don’t get the advantages of having less fixtures than United or Chelsea I just don’t care! This was awsome anyway!
    Barnsley beating Chelsea must have been one of the biggest F.A. Cup surprises ever! And with Terry saying that they play as good as Arsenal just a short while ago…haha…

    On to tonight’s game, i’d settle for a 1-0 or 2-1 to the Arsenal, just as long as we win!
    And with van Persie scoring the weekend will be complete!

  15. Ray Gooner

    I just started season 2009/2010 on my “Football Manager” and I’m very pleased with my Arsenal Team!
    Do you guys think that we might have this starting 11 in a couple of years?

    Here it goes:

    Gianluigi Buffon
    Bacary Sagna-Kolo Touré-Sergio Ramos-Gaël Clichy
    Theo Walcott-Cesc Fábregas-Yaya Touré-Carlos Vela
    Emmanuel Adebayor-Samuel Eto’o

    (Subs: Lukasz Fabianski/Johan Djourou/Mathieu Flamini/Alex Hleb/Diego Caoel/Robin van Persie)

    Do you think this is possible?

  16. Geoff

    Grovers, I’m off to the bar to watch the game, it’s still 4 zip for me, good luck to us boys and talk soon!

  17. Gus J.

    Chris, I really hope he was being sarcastic. To be honest, it never really struck me that it could have been meant that way. In hindsight, that is certainly an option.

    And Ray Gooner, with regards to Larsson, I am not questioning the lads ability, but his attitude. In the game against Arsenal, he had the classic psychotic approach you see in players who have been dumped and are on the lookout for revenge. Apparently, it is hard to leave the cosy environment of the Arsenal youth set-up and be asked to plow through for an outfit such as Brum, who have signed a Scot to improve their already legendary attack. As we all know when you look for creativity and attacking flair, look no further than north of the border. (Hopefully this reeks with sarcasm and does not invoke any samba dancing brazilian hit-men in my direction looking for vengenace).

    But Ray, bottom line is Larsson showed about as much class and dignity as Anna Nicole Smith giving her Nobel peace price acceptance speech while one of her boobs slips out of her tank top). And that was both on and off the pitch… Also, what difference does it make if a person is from one nationality or the other. Classless individuals are found throughout the world. And even though I have yet to find a better ratio of ludicrously lovely women than the swedish, I am fairly certain that there are still some people in sweden who do not necessarily approach each day with the respect and optimism that would make Ghandi fear for his dominance in that cathegory.

    As an afterthought, I will add:

    Cristiano Ronaldo to the list of players I never wish to see in an Arsenal shirt. (Is he good, yes! But I also fear that it would bring us back to the days of Thierry prancing around in his, you all should be happy I can even be bothered to celebrate my goals any more). I was sick of his “captaining”, and am glad to have the ahrd working, albeit rudimentary Adebayor and Bentdner as his replacements. (Oh, I will probably get murdered for this one, as I actually loved Thierry more than anyone, but at the end it become about him. His legacy, his goals, his Championships. It was not about the Arsenal but his love for The Arsenal. – No one is bigger than the team. And when your captain is more busy being a primadonna more concerned with his PR image and appearing the “great sportsman”, instead of protecting his fellow players (most of whom were kids), I fear he has lost the plot.

    And the truth is that is why he was never World Player of the Year. Even though he was head and shoulder better than anyone else. Even Ronaldinho.

    Now Vieira never even won PL player of the year (instead it was handed to Sheringham?!?!). But that was just because the players were so imbarrased by Vieira, they would never give him the satisfaction.

    Ooops, two rants. Sorry!

    And it’s almost kick-off. (Check out the score in the Boro game. We might not have a PL outfit left in the FA-cup after tonight. Well, other than the Arsenal old boys…


  18. Pedro

    Jeez Gus… takeover Le Grove why don’t you!

    Just kidding, great piece and possibly the longest rant in Le Groves history!

    I think Myles was being sarcastic though!

  19. Pedro

    Oh my gosh, a second piece popped up as I posted!

    Completely agree with your sentiments regarding Larsson. His attitude stunk and his after match quotes were disgraceful.

    A tactless cunt.

    Sweeden is on my hit list of places to go… mostly brunette women I hear? What a shame!

  20. Ray Gooner

    Larsson was never a skillfull player as i know it, the best thing about Larsson is that he fights both up front and at the back! Never gives up, I like his attitude, i think he wasn’t psychotic but energetic, as he always is now days, but i can understand if you think so Gus, i was also very angry on that Birmingham day…

  21. Stupid

    Gus, are you being serious?

    Of course it was tinged in huge sarcasm, otherwise the statement would be completet oxymoron.

    Palmer detests the big spenders in world football, i.e abramvich, calderon et al

  22. Gus J.

    Just putting my two-cents in, Pedro.

    But you have nothing to worry about, as you guys are really doing something remarcable here at Le-Grove. Being an old-timer myself (relatively speaking), I can appreciate the effort that I see brought before me. And that goes for everyone really. Always a pleasure…

    Sorry for being off-topic some (alright ALL) of the time…


  23. Gus J.

    Thanks for putting things straight Stupid. (Not meant sarcastically). But, as I said, it just struck me as odd. One of those Myles things that is said, where you feel that the motivations is mainly to appear opposed to the main-stream.

    My bad!

    Also, you are right. I did not have the Gilberto stats infront of me. I seem to remember that we had not won on his first five starts this season, but hoped that this had improved in the mean time.

    Nothing wrong with a bit of precision and the corrections are appreciated.


    Almost game time now. Better put that phone on silent…

  24. Ray Gooner

    i just saw Cardiff was leading 2-0 away to Middlesbrough…
    Things is looking to be set up for Portsmouth now…

  25. Ray Gooner

    Portsmouth, Barnsley, Cardiff City or Bristol Rovers/West Bromwich
    The F.A. Cup hasn’t had a more surprisingly last 4 teams for a long time i think…
    But it wouldn’t surprise me if Barnsley won the whole thing!

  26. Gus J.

    One of the advantages of watching the games online, is that you can switch Andy Gray off. I actually prefer listening to the commentary in Mandarin Chinese than listening to the unbeliavably onesided and biggoted so called commentary from these “pundits”.

    Funny, how quick we are to agree that Wigan co do no wrong, while Arsenal are at best fortunate.

    …Apparently being fat does not necessarily make you jolly, case in hand: Emile Heskey!

  27. Evo in OZ

    Man could Adebayor look more disinterested in playing this game or what?

    His touch is really off in the first half…

    I can see the usual Gilberto comments coming up after this one, but for my view, every ball that he is receiving is a hospital pass putting him under way too much pressure to receive the ball, when their is no pass there to be made!

    The last time they played with Cesc, Flamini and Gilberto it worked, but its definitely not working today!

    Good to see Flamini giving Adebayor a talking to when they were walking off the pitch at half time, although i dont think Kanu Jnr liked his chat much?

  28. Evo in OZ

    The day that the home team are jumping for joy at a draw is honestly a disgrace!

    That pitch should be sent out to pasture!

  29. Gus J.

    Andy Gray: “Wigan have not done a lot wrong” Wigan have created zilch at home, and had it not been for some heroic work from Kilbane could have lost this one by about three.

    I am out.

    I can’t stand this bias anymore, and as far as I am concerned BBC and sky are off my list.

    From now on it’s going to be all PL with Chinese commentary (weird inflections on the player’s names, but none worse than Andy Gray’s anyway).

    And to EVO, you are right. The Gilberto bashing begins here. He did naught in this game. AGAIN. And we dropped points AGAIN. What is there to defend? He is a liability!!!!

    What does he add? Please, tell me. What??? We could place a sack of bricks on the halfway line with similar outcome.

  30. jimmyfingers

    You looked at that pitch and knew we would struggle, just impossible to play our football on. Bendtner looked good first half, Senderos had a good day, Fab and Flam worked hard but I thought Hleb had a shocker. Shows we are scraping the barrel when we send Toure out into midfield. RvP’s aim was way off, hopefully more games will change that

    Despite that being possibly the most frustrating game I have ever watch I will give credit to Wigan, or at least their fucking Groundsman

  31. Pedro

    Match report has been published early today guys!

    Check it out now before Geoff talks about something better tomorrow!