Lifes a pitch but you knew after 47 seconds – Put it in their contracts and FINE them!

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I’m gutted we couldn’t put 4 points between us and the Mancs.

The pitch was worse than Barnsleys, it was absolutely atrocious.

For me, if TV Companies are kind enough to give teams £30 million a season, then teams should be kind enough to lay a decent pitch. Teams should be contractually bound to have a suitable playing surface otherwise face a fine or the game being played at a neutral ground. Steve Bruce knew the score,

‘We all know a bad pitch produces a leveller’

Does a comment like that not intimate cheating? If you scratch a ball in cricket to get more spin its cheating, if you take drugs to enhance your performance its cheating so why is leaving a pitch that bad to reduce a teams ability to play not cheating?

If Augusta was in the same condition as your local pitch and putt, the Masters would be moved. Football is a multi-million pound industry, so why is the quality of the pitch not paramount? It takes away from the spectacle, it devalues the game by lowering the skill level.

Still, moaning about the pitch never won any points right?

I’ve played over Hackney marshes with broken bottles and condoms strewn across the pitch! It still didn’t stop us scoring and we were shite!

When Ade broke through one on one after about 47 seconds and banged it into Kirklands legs, I knew it was going to be a tough day and perhaps that was the best opportunity we’d get.

I can’t be arsed to write a full review, the game was that shite.

All I’ll say is that our recent league form has not been that of title winners. Today reminded me of Bolton a few years back when we lost the league after getting battered and drawing.

What Wenger said after the game summed it up for me.

‘We’ve dropped two points here, but we gave everything, fought very hard and the poor pitch did the rest.’

I want to put a positive spin on the day though, here it is…

Its still in our hands!


If we win the rest of our games, we still win the league. Simple as that chaps!

So cheer the flip up ya?

To quote a character in Adam Sandlers Masterpiece, the Waterboy,

You can DO IT! Cut his fucking head off!

The last part of the quote bares no relevance to anything… but its how I felt about the Wigan Groundsman. Sorry… I digress!

Take the first part of the message and say it ten times to an Arsenal poster! I WANT YOU TO SCREAM AT THAT POSTER!

Did that feel better? Do you believe in Cesc! Do you believe in the TEAM! Say you believe! Praise the GOOD LORD ARSENE WENGER!

Ok I went too far, but hopefully you feel better and you’re ready for the next 2 and a bit months! The time for moping is over!

Lets get a grip and realise that all is to play for!


Time to up our game and make this season count.

Till tomorrow grovers.

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  1. yo cashback

    Thought would have been better to push Sagna into right nidfield and play toure at right back. All that moaning about eboue i remember some people whining earlier on this week, we certainly missed some right winged penetration today.

  2. Avendesorax

    Very poor pitch and some dodgy play from Ade, Helb,

    Gilberto was by far the worst player on the pitch, he was so crap it was hard not to think that this guy must have something on Arsene because keeps being played no matter how shit he is.

  3. Steve

    Yes but what you forget is that clown Eboue isnt even first choice. If Rosicky is fit Eboue wouldnt play.

    Adebayor’s form has taken an alarming dip in recent weeks, missing crucial chances against the Brum, Milan and today. He didnt even work hard today and I felt for Bendtner who looked more dangerous.

    Btw, how good did RVP look when he came on? He started getting his passes in unlike Ade who kept losing it. We missed him, and he will be key in our title charge.

  4. antmanbee

    Making things easy is not the Arsenal way.If we have got to get results at Man Utd and Chelsea then fuck it lets do it.Bring them on.We need a good result and performance against Boro to restore confidence.Now is no time to go wobbly.

  5. Pedro

    Keep the faith indeed antmanbee…

    It was a bad result, but after the run we’ve been having its not decisive!

    The Mancs, Liverpool and the Chavs will be decisive.

    If you can’t beat those shite bags you deserve nothing.

    Gilberto was dire, he is like a curse this year. Can’t we bring someone in from the youth?

    RvP looked good, and I haven’t read anything about him getting injured!


  6. Armory

    Ade is having a bad spell becouse he carried the team for most of January and February. Our biggest problem has been that we rearly have been able to field the same team 2 games in a row. There are always injuris to 1, 2, 3 or more players. For example hove many times have we been able to field – Almunia – sagna, gallas, toure, clicy – rociky, flamini, fabregas, hlep- RVP, ade more than 2 games in a row. If we can keep a fit team to the end of the season the I belive we’ll win the title.

  7. Odub


    RVP, Kolo getting minutes under their belts.

    Minuses, down sides….Everything else!

    How the hell did AW think we would be creative when our most creative player – Fab was stuck out on the right?

    And Gilberto……

    Cant be bothered to go on any further, hopefully my positivity returns tomorrow.

    Night sll

  8. Armory

    Gilberto was not the problem to day, it was more down to lack of penetration which is down to fabregas beign put out on the wing. Had rociky or eboue been availeble we would have wone the game becouse they would have played on the wing and therefore given fabregas the oppertunity to play down the middle for the whole game.

  9. Jubla

    Sorry but Adebayor was atrocious. First touch, passing, finishing, work rate…!!

    Bendtner was by far the only player on the pitch who seemed to be working hard enough. Shame he came off but Adebayor can do no wrong and can never be substituted for performing well below par which is why he’ll continue to be poor in some matches as he’ll always believe it’s alright.

  10. michael

    After we beat madrid away we were like this. We still did better than the mancs and the chavs this weekend. I know it’s a different competition but look at the reaction from sir drinkalot. anything can happen between now and the end of the season and RVP will be crucial,

  11. Ray Gooner

    At least the english league is still a race…
    Barcelona-Villarreal 1-2 in the last couple of minutes…

  12. DeeOzGooner

    Missed the game lads…sounds like i missed a pretty ordinary performance?

    Cesc on the right?…hows that suppose to get us any points? Le boss shud just shelf gilberto and start playin denilson a bit more, denilson had a good run in the side last season, but aint gettin the min’s this season. Also playin walcot in that friendly has cost us these points, atleast if he was fit we’d have played him on the right…

    Bet ya that dirty yank demanded some first team players play in the friendly…and now its costed us some points!!…farkn yanks!!

    man we’ve only lost one game this season and the mancs have lost 4!! but at this rate they could win the title…it’d be crying game if they win the league & we only lose one game all season!

  13. alromeb

    Well, first of all, u r getting the jinx of Myles Palmer every time u predict a gooner victiory so keep it to ur self mate! Secondly, our players are sort of glory hunters in a way, cos they only up their game against glamour teams. This year, ‘Boro , Brum, Villa home, Pompey away, Newcastle away, etc………… are badly dropped points. DO NOT REACT BADLY TO WHAT I SAY, just think plz.

  14. Matt

    First with regard to this article….sorry one big flaw is that yes we can win the title providing that we win at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge, but we still have to play the likes of Bolton too??

    AW’s team selection was poor…Gilberto in and Fab on the wing????? Crazy and disrupted any flow that we normally see from Fab and Flamini. Plus as everyone and his dog can see and comments on…Gilberto is crap now….so why does AW persist in playing him???

    As someone else mentioned Ade is playing poor now his hold up play is off, his passing poor and his touch at times is that of a donkey and his workrate has dropped too, so why is it that he was left on while Bendtner was subbed?? Plus Ade is very predictable on his one on one’s…he always tries to slide it past the keepers left, and never slams it home, so any self respecting keeper will have done his homework and will be waiting for it?

    Why was it left so long before Toure was bought on? Why was Walcott playing and therefore got injured playing a behind the doors friendly when our squad is still suffering players out injured…especially wide players?

    Sure the pitch was bad, but is that really the reason we only drew?? We have now failed to win our last 3 games and our last draw was on our perfect surface? so can we really complain that much?

    Apart from our San Siro display we have not played well since the End of November, and now will everyone please take note that our squad does not have the strength in depth to push for the EPL title, if we have people out injured or otherwise then the standard of those coming in to replace our first 11 really aren’t up to the job. I just hope that we weren’t misled by the AC Milan result …could it really have been that they just repeated their poor league form against us and we were made to look better than we are??

    Lots of questions to ask now and I hate to say it but I now fear that this season will explode in our faces and we will not only lose out on top spot, but we could now conceivably be overtaken by Chelsea!!!

  15. JD

    did any 1 watch MOTD yesterday? did you see how they left out fergies rant about the ref which was showed earlier on sky and showed carlos quiroz instead with out hardly mentioning fergie’s earlier rant, heaven forbid that was wenger they would show over and over again the fukin pricks.

  16. Jubla

    JD: Match of the Day can’t show Fergie interviews. He refuses to give them an interview and they can’t go off and show a sky interview now can they?

    PS: Adebayor is a f*ckin donkey and his inconsistancy will cost us dearly.

  17. DeeOzGooner

    typical MOTD stuff really!…will make it that much more sweet when(stay positive lads!) we win the league…

  18. EVO in OZ

    yeah Kanu Jnr was a donkey yesterday, he looked bored!

    I wish Flamini ripped into him more at half time than he appeared to.

    I wonder if Bendtner didnt get that dubious yellow whether he would have been allowed to stay on and Kanu Jnr would have been off!

  19. Pedro

    Morning all!

    I still feel like shit, hence being up since 6 doing nothing.

    Cesc on the right was a mistake but what were the other options? Everyone forgets why we have such a small sqaud… because Arsene buys players that he can stick anywhere… right or wrong thats what he does.

    Slating Ade is unfair. He is only young and he is going through a rough patch. I think anyones hold up play would have been shite on a pitch like that.

    Gilberto is played because he is our back up and he won the Copa America with Brazil in the summer. You don’t just discard a good player because he is having a dip.

    I can’t believe someone seriously asked why we waited so long to bring Kolo on? Kolo offered us nothing out on the right!

    We’ll put it right, you just gotta have faith in the boys!

    I’m not buying into all this over the top criticism and picking players out.

    Its not on really, we are still top of the league and still in Champions league. We are going through a baron patch which isn’t good enough… but we’ll pull through starting with Boro.

  20. Big Raddy

    Wish I could agree Pedro.

    Arsenal’s worst player yesterday ? Hleb. He continually tried unsuccesfully to take on the ‘extra’ man. His distribution was shocking, and his tackling back pants. How often did we see Cilchy in an attacking position? I rest my case.

    As to GS. He played as he has throughout the season. Why expect more?

    And to pay Toure as a wingman in front of Sagna? I cannot recall him touching the ball.

    Swiss Phil was our best player, and that sums up a poor game.

    For Wigan, the pitch was their best player. When The Bendster rounded his man and had a free cutback, the ball bounced so badly it hit is shin and went off for a goalkick, making him look a twat. & that was just one of hundreds of incidents. I like the idea of their being a penalty for providing an appalling pitch. In cricket a pitch can be termed unplayable and the game abandoned with a hefty fine to the home team. In the Prem. this is becoming an essential

  21. Big Raddy

    On a persoanl note. I went to bed with a heavy heart and woke this morning with a depression. How is it that a ‘mature (very mature) man can get so involved in what is after all ‘a game’?

    I have no input whatsoever into the match. I sit here hundreds of miles away and just watch. Yet my mood is controlled by the Arse results. Always has been, always will be.

    I have an addiction…….. “My name is Phil, and I am an Arsenal Fan”

  22. Pedro

    Raddy, I can’t blame Hleb for yesterday, his game is all about slick passing and when he can’t do that he feels he has to dribble it the whole way through the opposing team.

    You’d think that pro’s would have a plan B when they play on pitches like that but I imagine he hasn’t played on a pitch that bad since his youth!

    I can’t understand why Sagna wasn’t pushed forward? The only reason I can think of is that Palacios and Valencia were causing loads of problems down the opposing wings.

    You know someone said the same thing to me about Big Phil yesterday and I thought it was a bit unfair? He was the best player on the pitch, because he was great… not because the rest of the team were shite (They weren’t that bad…). Big Phil has really stepped up of late which bodes well for next season and the run in.

    Great shout on the pitch… its cheating isn’t it? Like deflating the ball a little bit or having springs in your boots!

  23. Pedro

    Oh, just seen your other comment…

    I am the same… its more than a game… its life…

    I don’t care how sad that sounds.

  24. Spike

    2nd Comment Avendesorax said it all !

    I know he did well for Arsenal in the past, good servant and all…

    But when Gilberto is a starter, Arsenal chances of winning are far far lower.

    15 Starts this season
    4 lost (100% of season’s total)
    4 draw (33% of season’s total)
    7 wins

    I don’t see Wenger’s point of keep playing him.

  25. Big Raddy

    Another moan. I lay the blame for yesterday at Wenger’s feet. He did not have the courage to play an attacking team.

    Wigan cannot score. So why play GS in a defensively set up midfield. Fab on the wing? AW played two forwards that are great in the air, but how many crosses did they get?Maybe one, (and that was headed by FAb). This was where we were going to score because with such an appalling pitch the ball has to stay in the air. And we have got aerial ball winners in this team. So fucking use them…

    We need bravery when things are not going for us. Putting on Toure as a winger is a oke, I may as well played there.

    Sorry anout that AW. I really really love you, but I think you got it wrong yesterday

  26. Pedro

    Well said Big Raddy!

    Why couldn’t he have set up in a more attacking formation?

    Gilberto is a passenger these days, couldn’t Barazite have stepped up to the plate? He looked better than Theo in the Carling cup… big, strong, skilful…

    He needs to create a bigger squad for next year… but he can’t because of his youth production line… its a catch 22…

    If he buys he stifles 5 years of work… if he keeps to the same philosophy we may get caught short… its crap!

  27. Odub

    Morning all,

    Still pissed off, demotivated, negative and down right disgusted with the performance last night and the team our esteemed manager picked to start! Performances were so poor across the team that I dont know where to start!!

    Credit due to Senderos, another good performance, and Nicky B was unfortunate to be taken off. That’s about all that went well yesterday.

    Fab on the right, Gilberto in the team, Ade playing another 90 minutes despite being shot AGAIN, Hleb worst performance this season, the list is endless!

    i just hope we realise before it’s too late that we can’t keep turning up for matches thinking we can turn people over just because we’re Arsenal!!

    There was hardly any urgency at all! Fine we can blame the picth, Wigan’s spoiling tactics, and the fact that we had some players playing out of position, but these are the facts..

    We have now drawn 3 in a row, that is not championship winning form!
    Adebayor is reverting back to his infuriating form of last season!
    Some players seem to be above substituting even when they’re playing shit (see above)
    We should have bolstered the squad in Jan
    Gilberto should not be allowed to play any game from kick off agin this season!
    We’re now relying on the mancs to drop points to win the league! Great!

  28. Big Raddy

    True, but we desperately need a right sided attacker. If it is true that AW went for Ribery (who is doing great at Bayern), then AW agrees.

    Trouble is that who is there to buy? And as you rightly say Pedro, it has a damaging affect on his youth policy

  29. g00ner

    wigan thanks to their horrible pitch were able to steal a point from us, well kirkland played a part too but from the dizzy heights of san siro to animal farm at the JJB is really dissapointing
    hope the boys can recollect very very swiftly and make up for this one
    well van persie had some vry nice touches even better than ade i hope he can put his scoring boots back on
    47 secs into the game fab puts him thru , he makes the run opens his body up henry style and go………….. no save from kirkland he shud have done better on the night that wud have killed the game off

  30. shedzy

    When England played a Euro qualifier on a disgrace of a pitch last year and lost, the whole country ws up in arms and labelled it unfair.

    The only difference between that incident and this, is that that incident penalised the Englad team, whereas this one favoured Man United – hence this one will be dismissed as Wenger whingeing……….

  31. Richey Back

    What the betting come last game of the season suddenly the wigan pitch is 1000 times better than it was yesterday … not sure who they have got last game of teh season … can any1 tell me??

  32. Fully

    These past three league games will be the ones to blame if we fail to capture the league. Wenger needs to stand up and be accountable for yesturday. Yes the pitch was crap but he made two horrible decisions. First was FAB, the best creative center midfielder in the league, being pushed out right. USELESS. Leave him and flamini alone. Has no one else noticed that every game gilberto starts we drop points or lose?? Second one was no takin Ade off. Im sorry fellas, never liked him, and most games his touch, passing and finishing are F*CKIN crap but as in Milan hes given a goal and everyone forgets about those things. But Mr Wenger, please learn!!

    IM NOT GIVING UP THO!!! RVP stayin healthy and alittle wake up call, WE STILL GONNA WIN IT!!!

  33. Pedro

    The pitch will be miles better because it will be late spring by the time the Mancs go there!

    It wont matter though, we will have beaten them by then and all we’d need is a win against Sunderland… then a week off till we play Barca in the final!

    Positivity is the theme of today!

  34. Duncan

    just a quick thought, we are two points clear, that means the Mancs HAVE to win that game to go top, just becasue the press and the FA want man u to win doesn’t mean they will. i’d rather have the points in the bag rather than trying to play catch up.

  35. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Emmanuel Adebayor is not good enough to play for Arsenal Football Club. It infuriates me to watch him play. His touch is sometimes mesmerizing, but never when you need it to be. He can score hat tricks in games when we don’t need him too but cannot turn a game upside down when we need a ‘superstar’ to step up. He is becoming an arrogant, big-headed prick; his attitude on the pitch is appalling and will drive Bendtner away from our club which would be a huge loss. He has no concept of the offside rule and wanders back at his own pace from attacks then screams for the ball from offside positions. The man is young and can improve of course but I think with the attitude he has he will become more trouble than he is worth. The arrogance of TH14 with none of the guile, skill, pace, awareness and instinct of our departed genius.

    Disappointing. Although not all Adebayor’s fault; Hleb, Gilberto(could rant for hours on this man), Toure, Cesc and mainly AW all at fault. Shrewd move resting all those players against Spuds and Manure wasn’t it Arsene? Worked out well for our league campaign. Makes me sick sometimes.

  36. Pedro

    A bit extreme?

    He has had a rough patch, he finished off Milan… and I think I’d worry more about losing Ade than Bendtner.

    Its a shit result, but we’ll be alright.

  37. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Perhaps Pedro, perhaps.

    However, he finished Milan off when walcott slid an inch perfect pass to him on the deck and he could just tap it into and empty net, but should he not have done that two weeks ago when walcott floated an inch perfect cross to him and all he had to do was head it into an empty net?

    His rough patch is all well and good but if this is true then should he not be subbed off when he is having a shocker like sunday? Bendtner looked far more lively for my money. He hadn’t scored a CL goal before the Milan game and for all his ‘presence’ up front he is not a good enough finisher to be our go to guy. I am sure he can fill a role at the club but a TH14 replacement he’ll never be.

    P.s. my sadness and anger at the result yesterday may be having an influence on my comments which may be more cutting than is fair.

  38. Matthew Wade

    The fact is that we all suspected that our squad isn’t strong enough, but historically, the team that wins the league is the one in the final race with the least injuries. We’ve lost eduardo (who can also play wide), Had rosicky missing for the whole of this tricky patch, and of course robin has the big miss…already the players compared aren’t as good, but we’ve seen how effective utd are without Rooney and Ronaldo.

  39. ctpa

    Did anyone notice Flamini talking to Adebayor as they walk off the pitch after the first half? Adebayor then brushes Flamini off like he had been trying to console him. When they come back out in the second, Adebayor seemed a little more settled although he was no longer a threat in the second half.

  40. brian the gooner

    Very depressing but not that surprising yesterday.
    Can anyone tell me when in the Premier League we have played really well this season apart from Everton and Liverpool away and Derby(!!!)at home.
    Reasonable in the first half at Villa Park and just about ok against West Ham,Spurs away and Blackburn.
    Apart from that we are vastly overrated and as a team we are no way near as good as ManU,Chelsea and recently Liverpool.
    We will win nothing this season and I honestly am beginning to think that 4th in the league is our destiny.

  41. Pedro

    TH14’s Sense of Arrogance, I understand where you are coming from. The thing with Ade is that even when he’s playing well he doesn’t look that great… his touch is often off, he lay off’s can be poor… a bit like crouch (except ade is way better.).

    I fully agree with you, he should not be played up top on his own… there are about 3 strikers in the world that can do that effectively. Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Thierry Henry and Shevchenko in his prime.

    Nikki B looked like he was trying harder that is true, a few people on the blog reckon Ade can be lazy… or look lazy.

    I think the return of RvP could be crucial… it’ll be a kick up the backside for everyone. its a shame Theo picked up a knock!

    Just think of Old Trafford 98… and Old Trafford 2002… that will make it all better guys!

    I am still really confident, I don’t know whether its a false sense of confidence? But I just can’t see us losing it now! This is make or break time and I am excited about the prospect of a thrilling finish!

  42. Pedro

    Brian, that sounds very close to an opposition fan having a wind up… if its not, you are the most negative person we’ve had on all day.

    The league doesn’t lie my friend and we are sitting pretty at the top, we’ve only lost one and we just beat Milan…

    Cheer up.

  43. ctpa

    While I’m disappointed in not getting all 3 points, we at least got a point as a follow up to the Milan game. When you consider that we have injuries galore, played on a sh***y pitch and were playing with 10 men(!)(Gilberto was worse than a training cone), we had a good game.
    ManU and Chelski couldn’t hold their water this weekend and they too can crack under the pressure of this race. Playing paintball will not save Grant or Chelski. Just how bad is it for ManU when Ferguson can actually “agree” with Wenger about the lack of protection for star players. You know the FA will come down “hard” on Ferguson because he invoked Wenger’s name in his latest rant even if he is right about fanboy Atkinson. Queiroz then steps all over his d**k when he invokes Taylor’s name to categorized Portsmouth’s play. ManU is tight as a drum you think. Wenger on the other is saying why don’t we (the supporterrs) just take a breath and calm down.
    Was Flamini fired up or what? He wanted Gallas to take his a** off when it looked like he pulled a hamstring but Gallas was able to play on. Fingers crossed there will be not anouncement this week about Gallas.

  44. Pedro

    ‘Gilberto was worse than a training cone’


    Gallas is due an injury soon? He hasn’t had one in a while!

    I don’t know why people think the mancs are so strong, they were crap against Lyon and crap against Portsmouth… they will drop points like the rest of us!

    I didn’t think the performance was that terrible, we created a few chances that we’d normally finish, we just lacked the luck. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us go on a bit of a run… Van the man will want to kick start the season…

    The Flamster will want to justify himself as the main man to guide France this summer… I just hope he proves it by showing off a couple of winners medals!