Talking diamonds

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Morning sports fans!

Geoff is flying today and I completely forgot! So I must prevail with this mornings blog, no real news, no time to put together a super amazing editorial… probably not too may people reading!

I will crack on anyway!

Self publicist Moanrinho has been out of the lime light all of 2 minutes and he wants back in, he comically said this,

‘I still feel Chelsea is part of me, part of my heart forever.’

Then in the same breath,

‘I told them I hope we play against them in the Champions League next season, I will want to kill them.’

I wouldn’t be pleased to read that if I was a Chav! He then turned his attention to Arsene Wenger and his lack of trophies,

‘Arsenal is a unique team”

“Their coach hasn’t won anything for years and is still an idol. There is no pressure at Arsenal.’

‘But do not say he is growing young players into talents. What he does is take young players who are jewels and polishes them.’

Can I just settle this argument right now.

Coaching for me is not a major part of becoming a good footballer when you are younger. Coaching of course helps, but you don’t create talent…

I could have been coached by Fergie, Wenger and Capello from the age of four and it is still pretty unlikely I would have made it as a professional footballer. People I played football with were good because they were naturals, not because of superior coaching over the park!

Wenger takes the best talent out there and gives it the tools and skills to progress and the rest is up to them.

Unlike Mourinho who buys the best players out there and stifles them. Mourinho took diamonds, tied them to the back of his SUV and dragged them for a lap around the M25.

Del Horno, Kalou, Wright Phillips, Sidwell, Kezman, Duff… just some of the flops under Jose’s reign…

So please Mourinho, don’t give it the big one about your coaching abilities. Making £100 million worth of talent play boring ‘Bolton’ football to win the league wasn’t an achievement. Even at Porto you had access to the best pool of talent in the country. Lets see how ‘special’ you’d be at Newcastle.

Wenger summed the man up beautifully,

‘I know people who have won trophies and I don’t rate them at all. I can give you examples of people who have won 100-metre medals in the Olympic Games and they have cheated. I know people in football who have done exactly the same, you look at the history of football.’

Its not difficult to read between the lines is it?

Wigan tomorrow, and a full match preview!

Enjoy a restful Saturday, just like the boys!

Come on you Gooners!

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  1. Stupid

    Cracking Fans forum on Arsenal TV last night.

    One chap called into to tell all about his experience at the san siro on tuesday night…. apparently at the end of the game there was an elderly foriegn couple sitting in front of him and his mates who were in tears… it only happended to be cesc’s grandparents!!

    Appaenlty in broken english the grandfather said ” Arsenal Cesc long longtime ”

    Bodes well 😉

  2. DeeOzGooner

    Hope we can keep the momentum going, tho wit all this talk abt their newly ploud field its gona be an inteesting test!

    Be prepared for lotsa crosses and arsenal style ‘long balls’ into the box. ade will really have to earn his pay-cheque tomorrow…but i’ll go for a good ol 2-1, ade to score early, arsenal to go to sleep and concede…and then cesc to save the day!

    pray for no more injuries…with eboue,walcot & diaby out we are at bare bones again! hard to pik the team with the inuries we have…is persie back? toure back?…does sagna get pushed up? whos gona play on the right?

    toure gallas senderos clichy
    sagna cesc flamsta hleb
    ade nik

    looks a bit silly but may hav to be that way!!

  3. Pedro

    That is good news Stupid!

    I don’t think many 20 year old have a team built around their strengths do they? He’d be mad to leave!

    Sagna out on the right of Midfield? Interesting proposition? He’ll play GIlberto and Cesc in the middle. I don’t think Gilbertos poor passing will be an issue, it will be long ball tomorrow!

    No Euro hangover please! Lets destroy them tomorrow!

    4 point lead for a week would be nice!

  4. DeeOzGooner

    tru say…mf of cesc flam bert hleb?..most likely i guess…forgt bout good ol gilberto!

    and persie to have a good run out..maybe 20-25mins

  5. michael

    The Arsenal phone in was really good last night. That 81 year old called Alice who’d been going since 1950 and said she was so proud in Milan was brilliant.

  6. chris

    morning pedro and fellow grovers,
    ah jose, why must we be subjected to a man who is essentially on the dole, just bugger off you bored us to death with porto and did the same for chelsea, doing what aw does for three different teams is ability and with out needing to ask the owner if the team selection meets his approval,
    oh and happy birthday to big raddy for yesterday, he wanted a photo to be taken of him, may be bud can sort something out!

  7. Isaac

    hi there! wenger has been quite sarcastic lately! Bentley then Mourninghole… whos next?
    anyway…. this is my last ditch effort to buy a ticket for the upcoming Middlesbrough match without going to the touters… if you know how to or can help me, please please please e-mail me at: @ gmail . com. Thanks!! I’m flying for london in a few hours and will get a phone once I’ve touched down and check my e-mail and this site. So yeah, thanks!!

  8. Stupid

    Anybody planning Moscow yet?

    Had a superb time in paris 2 years ago even though we lost…was an increidible experience. London firmly took over gay paris that day!!

  9. casicky


    Bendtner to come on later to cause more probs i think we can get that 4pt lead and we need it,2-0 ADE and Flamini

    We Gunner Gunn Em…

  10. Pedro

    Ha ha ha ha!

    You go to all that effort to beat Arsenals reserves, then you get put out by Pompey!


    Could we be about to witness a united wobble?

  11. Geoff

    I think so Pedro, was that funny to see red nose checking his watch!!! I got the password and will post tomorrow for the Wigan preview.

  12. Odub

    Afternoon all!

    So much for the treble aye ya mancs!!

    I guess they’ll also have a goalie crisis coming up, what with van der sar injured and kuzcask suspended! Never mind aye!

    Quiet day all round pre the big game tomorrow, 2-0 me thinks, ade and hleb!

    Nice to see Mouthy Jose keeping quiet, seeing as he hasnt got a job! Twat!

    Have a good one chaps will catch up later!

  13. Pedro

    So by my reckoning, a straight red is 3 matches? Thats a long time without a first choice keeper! Unless Ben Foster is about?

    You do tomorrows post, i’ll do the match review and post up Buds pic!

  14. Bud

    Its Saturday Grovers and I am still throwing up last nights curry……….. don’t feel ill tho, somehow watching the Mancs lose helped me feel better !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. antmanbee

    Just got in .Wife put on the TV and said there was a documentary on about mental heallth.
    Some old guy was ranting and raving.Had to tell her it was Fergie giving his after match comments.He said the game was lost when early in the game the ref never gave a penalty when Ronaldo was barged over.He also agreed with Arsene(no really)about players not getting protection from the ref.
    Did not see the game.Was the treatment of Ronaldo that bad.?
    Fergie only seems to complain when they get beat.

  16. Kevin

    Ronaldo was blocked, it was a penalty… Ha and Ha!

    They missed countless sitter and really should have knocked 4 or 5 past them!

    Who cares though! This could be the start of a late sticky patch for united, until I saw they have bolton then derby!

    Jammy cunts.

    3-0 Arsenal tomorrow, 2 for Ade, 1 for RVP late on!

  17. Kevin

    btw Anelka is having a shocker for the Chavs. The hour mark has past and they still haven’t managed to score!