Treble dreams shatterred all round! Lessons must be learnt from Barnsley pitch…

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Just a quick post because I have nothing to do tonight!

The Mancs and Chelsea fucked up their best opportunity to win the FA cup with a couple of shocking results!

The Mancs missed chance after chance at Old Trafford and lost late on to a penalty. Van De Sar picked up an injury and Kuszczak picked up a red (Auto 3 match ban?) for bringing down a Pompey chap. Muntari banged the penalty past Rio and the Mancs went out!

Chelsea went down 1-0 to BARNSLEY! The whole team had a shocker, Anleka squandering chance after chance! Cudicini flapped horrendously to give Drogba’s brother a goal for Barnsley on 70 minutes


Barnsley were immense but I think a large part of the result was down to the fact that the Barnsley pitch was atrocious. The pampered premiership boys couldn’t string a pass together! Not to take away any credit from the Barnsley boys, they were fucking awesome!

Arsenal need to be on there game tomorrow… slick passing may not get us to far! I trust in Arsene to address the issue!

How badly will this affect the confidence of the two title chasing contenders? It took us 3 games to get over the result at ManU… its going to be an interesting few weeks, so lets have 3 points on the board tomorrow boys!

Geoff is back with a preview tomorrow!

I’m off to send some texts to a few choice people!

MotD is going to be sweet tonight!

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  1. Nate

    Well it has been a good double result, especially for the romance of the FA Cup.
    The rivals have as many games as us now, so we won’t have the advantage like we do this weekend at the beginning of april were we could have put more points on the board made them both play catch up.

    Only if the spuds lost today would have made it better, well bring on Wigan and come on West Ham for tomorrow

  2. gazzap

    wigan will have seen that and will play like Barnsley you feel. we need to be very careful.
    I actually wanted replays for both teams today and then to lose them but I cant be picky, it is lovely to see chelsea and man u suffer.

  3. antmanbee

    congratulations Barnsley.They won the game with hard work and spirit.The only team kicking anybody was Chelsea.When Sepp Blatter sees Carvalho`s tackle he will have a coronary.Late,dangerous and completely cynical.Obviously Steve(Tharg) Bennet gave a yellow card.That will go down well with EUFA.

  4. Pedro

    Yeah, its going to be a tough game tomorrow, but I’d still fancy confidence and quality to carry us through!

    Like I said, how will this affect their confidence?

    I think they both have a week till their next game… thats a long time to sit there without a game, pondering on a couple of shocking results!

    Who will play right wing?

    Good news on Flamini,

    “I believe he will stay. He wants to stay, I want him to stay and we have a good understanding. That should be sorted out in March.”

    I think Pompey, Barnsley, Middlesbrough, Cardiff City, Bristol Rover and West Bromwich Albion are left!

  5. Geoff

    Great post Pedro! fucking hilarious!!! I reckon 4 nil manana, I know I keep saying it , but tomorrow the omens are good, Mancs out and the Chavs out the cocky cunts, time for us to give someone a hiding.

    Next up Wigan, the manc loving team that has it coming!!!

  6. El Tel

    Since the last minute goal by Nikki last week the dark clouds have blown away from us. Lets all laugh at the Manc cunts. So much energy wasted on their result of the season beating the Mighty Arsenal and for what. Well done Harry boy go forth with your gooner legends and win the Cup. How about the laughable Chavs. The Tosser JT (druggie twat) saying they play better footy than us. he must have been on a trip along with the Spud mug Rambdros when he thought that. Did you see his shot in the last minute go into row z, he was confused,probably thought they were winning and tried wasting time, Hee Hee.They are overpaid thugs who got mugged by poor little Barnsley. Fantastic. Come on you Super Gunners lets lets put some daylight between us and them again. Yee Haa

  7. El Tel

    Biggest Cunt in the world Terry Christian on Talkshit. he says he wasn’t bothered about the result today. Well what a 2 faced piece of shit with a shitty Manc accent. When they beat the Mighty Arsenal it was great for him then Now the Arsenal old boys done him over he isn’t bothered. Are the English media scum all cunts.

  8. jimmyfingers

    Good to get back from work without a clue about the results to find out the Mancs lost and Chelsea were losing. Good for a laugh and should make their cunting fans shut up for a second. We need to turn the knife with a big win tomorrow

  9. Bill

    Really hoped these guys had a replay game before they were eventually knocked out…Good result all the same…

  10. ac

    still jammy gits utd the keeper gets one match ban and guess who they play next week “derby” you don’t need a keeper v them.

  11. michael

    I’ve just watched mutv! Fucking hilarious. The wortst whingeing losers ever. Talk about denial! and then viv anderson says Arsenal are on a wobble conveniently forgeting the san siro. There’s a phone in on their channel tommorow I’m thinking of phoning up to wind the cunts up. (before you ask I’ve got a dreambox, I haven’t subscribed to it mutv)

  12. michael

    El tel. That christian is the biggest manc cunt on earth. I’m not violent but I’d love to do him witha stanley knife! They interviewed fans outside old crapford after the game and they were nearly all londoners or irish.


    Hold the front page. Have Man u lost with the lord of the dance himself (rooney) in the first 11. So he is not superman, The Sun will have to start again. rupert will be gutted. Wankers. Who can they over hype now, back to gerrard i suspect. After all he can get any team anywhere. I fucking hate the Sun. COME ON THE GUNNERS


    El TEL you are a dimond, the Brit media are a fucking joke. Always Northern wankers getting prase, although i hate the cunts Chelsea get the same raw deal as The Aresnal while Liverpool and Man u walk on water along with Bolton. If we played like Liverpool or Bolton we would be torn a new arsehole by the sun and the other idiots that get to inform the masses. COME ON THE GUNNERS

  15. Phobia

    Subs:Lehmann-Van Persie-Toure-Gilberto-Song
    Arsenal 3 – Wigan 1

  16. Big Raddy

    Big game today. No real fear though, more concerned about the prospect of further injuries on what will be a pants pitch. Wigan will only get a result by stopping us playing our fantastic style of football, so a piss poor pitch and 90 minutes of clogging will be their game plan. And they will play hoofing the ball up to a lone bigman. If they score, it will be from a deadball situation.

    Come on you rip-roaring gunners

  17. AN Steve

    The world is not against us just the pres in the uk do not care about football just a story. The quality press are ok but the red tops its just utter shite why are we surprised? Laughed my fucking head off yesterday my only worry was I catching the spuds disease of getting joy out the competitions fuck ups? NO we can have it both ways Arsenal success and a big dose of scheudenfraude.

    Let’s talk about Cesc baby
    Let’s talk Flamini….. lets talk about Have not sung that for a while

  18. antmanbee

    Wigan`s tactics will be to try to close the game down and stop us playing.Fair enough as long as it is kept within the rules.Unfortunately Wigan have hideous cunt Michael Brown as one of thier holding midfield players.Not sure that rules mean to much to him.
    The referee is Rob Stlyes