Shut it Melchiot – Flamini penning contract soon – Wonderboy to fill the gap?

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Morning Grovers, well the Chavs got their usual easy ride and Roma did everyone a favour, so that must leave ManU as red hot favourites followed by Chelsea and Roma with us Liverpool and whoever is left last.

Make no mistake though no one will be wanting the Arsenal.

If we can repeat the Milanese performance every time, we’ll smash anyone, there is no reason we can’t, the talent is there, add RVP’s finishing and they’ll be no stopping us, and don’t forget, our kids get better every season, they haven’t even peaked yet.

The Flamster is getting closer to signing, he said this yesterday,

‘We are a new generation, we have to create a new history. I want to be part of this history, so I hope I will be here for next season. At the moment my advisers are talking with the club, so I really hope that everything will be okay’

Mario Melchiot is saying the Mancs will win the league, if not Chelsea will and Wigan will beat us, oh really you Chav reject? I thought Wigan were at the other end of the table, silly me.

Boys if you are reading this, please send out a premiership warning on Sunday, it’s so important to hammer teams like this as the Mancs don’t play, so it’s points on the board and we need to up our goal difference just in case, and the good news is the Mancs don’t get to play Newcastle any more this season.

I think with Carlos Vela coming in next season, he will put him out left to compete with Diaby and Rosicky, Theo will go right so I can’t see who he’ll bring in.

If Rosicky stays fit (which he won’t) and Vela is good, then he’ll buy no left sided players.

With Walcott and his favourite Eboue out right, I can’t see anyone coming in there either.

Still onto Wigan a 4 point lead and a Turkish delight draw in the Champions league will do just nicely.

Have a great day Grovers.

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  1. Ray Gooner

    don’t worry Bud!
    I won’t display my list here…

    and Steve, there is only about 113 players on my list for possible left wingers…

  2. Steve

    Ray, i’ve had a season ticket since 1980. There is very little you could teach most of us about the history of our club. To be honest with you mate, if it is your intention to keep reeling this shit out just to bore the fuck out of me, well done!! You have been successful.

  3. Ray Gooner

    i would hope that every true Arsenal fan knew that, of course!
    But only making a point in why I love Arsenal so much…

  4. Bud

    Steven – Behave !!!!!!!!!!!

    Ray – Keep going son, Steve loves it really, he’s just feeling challenged by you, you make him feel threatened, fuck it Ray, lets get to the point, YOU STIMULATE STEVE !!!!!!!

  5. Ray Gooner

    sorry about that Steve! never ment to bore a fellow Arsenal supporter!
    I promise you no more stats from me, at least today…

  6. Ray Gooner

    a question for you Steve:

    which swedish players has ever played for Arsenal?

    If you have been a season ticket holder since 1980 you should know this…

  7. Ray Gooner

    and by the way, you’re a lucky man Steve!
    I would have killed to just see one game at highbury and you must have seen hundreds of games there…

    how about some sympathy…

  8. Ray Gooner

    Shaaban did play 5 games and only conceaded 1 goal…

    And by the way, he’s Sweden’s No 1 Goalkeeper now…

  9. Steve

    If you’re looking for sympathy by the way it is in the dictionary somewhere between ‘shit’ and ‘syphilis’. You don’t hear me whining that i’ve never seen Helsingborg play do you?

  10. Ray Gooner

    Since you’ve been a season ticket holder since 1980 Steve, and you never forget that first ever game, how was Stapleton’s goal on that day against Southampton in the 1-1 draw?

  11. Bud

    Ray – Do yourself a favour, and shut up. That has to be the most annal thing ever written on this site………….. and to think, I supported you !!!!

  12. Steve

    Ray, you have proved that you have hundreds of stats. Well done. I’m not going to be tested on every Arsenal game since I was 7 at Highbury. I have seen more games at Highbury than stats you’ve bored people with.

  13. Ray Gooner

    Well Steve, i don’t follow Swedish domestic football so I don’t have a favourite team here, it’s kinda’ stupid to compare our selves in that way…

    I only follow Arsenal and actually Swedish television hasn’t been showing domestic football on TV here until the last 5-6 seasons, but they have shown english football here on TV since the 1960’s…

    And if you compare the two, why the hell would anyone want to see the Swedish league who isn’t born here?

  14. Bud

    Just posted my best post on Telegraph……. will be uploaded in 3 hours if we are lucky. For those that can’t wait, in reply to Dan it read….


    Don’t play into their hands, your argument has no grounds. They could after all say Chelsea were “brutal”.

    You have to be magnanimous and congratulate them on a very fine performance. You have to give credit where it is due. I do not think any team would have kept with Arsenal that night in fairness !

    Our time will come though, one day, we might be sitting where they are and then we can look down on them like they do us !”

  15. Ray Gooner

    I meen, you should all be thankful that there is people from all over the world that support Arsenal, that’s the most important thing for all “big” clubs that they have supporters from all over the world! What would you be otherwise?

  16. Steve

    Fuck Ray, you still going??

    O.K, We are very lucky to have studious intelligent Swedish supporters Ray and it is the likes of yourself that enables to compete with the world’s best. I hope that my sledging of you doesn’t cause you to encourage all of our Universal supporters to start watching another team and send Arsenal spiralling into the Blue Square premier. Please accept my sincere apologies.

  17. Gunnersaurus

    Ray, appreciate your passion but we are hear to talk about current affairs in the world of Arsenal! If we wanted loads of stats, we’d fork out £2k for the Arsenal Opus.

    While I am here, let me just say, Bentley you are tremendous cunt! Cheeky fucker daring to offer Theo advice.

    I’ll give you some advice Dave, shave the fucking goatee off , it looks fucking ridiculous…

    Flamster signing on will be an immense coup for the gooners! He is so important! We don’t have an invisible wall anymore, we have a nut case french man who will mow you down in a second!

    You earned every penny of you pay rise Flamini, your turnaround has been nothing short of incredible. I hope Phill does the same!

    Lets start talking some football chaps, stats are history – I want to talk about Wigan and the up and coming fixtures!

    Steve, Wigan score this sunday – what is it to be?

    Bud, where did you get that picture? I want one!

    Chris, cheers for the links – they’ve made a boring afternoon a bit more interesting!

  18. Ray Gooner

    think about all the TV coverage, advertising, souvenir’s a.s.o. that you make loads of money of!
    Look at my country…
    Who the hell supports our teams from other parts of the world?
    Well, only immigrated swedish people…

    And one more thing, a true Arsenal supporter don’t mark another one, they stand together!

    If you would have been a bit more friendly, i would have stopped with the stats much sooner!

  19. Gunnersaurus

    Has Geoff ever suggested anything other than an Arsenal romp?

    I’m going for 2-0, that cunt Heskey isn’t playing is he?

    I live in Wigan, I should have split loyalties but then again, I’m not a complete cunt?

    Come on you Gooooners!

  20. Steve

    This is the last time I’m replying to you Ray. I’ll attempt to answer your questions:

    1. I don’t make any money from Sweden.

    2. I couldn’t give a flying fuck which country supports teams from anywhere else in the world.

    3. Arsenal have the odd cunt follow them and I don’t believe in being 2 faced.

    4. See answer 3.

  21. Bud

    I made it in Powerpoint, copied into Paintbox and saved a Jpeg than set up a word press account………… it did take Pedro 14 hours of coaching to get me through the technical aspects, but by jove we did it !!!!!

    Arsenal 4 Wigan 1 (I am certain, not just confident !!!!)

    And Ray, carry on mate, you are a good sport, and if we didn’t have people like you, I wouldn’t feel so good about myself !!!!

  22. Ray Gooner

    as always, Steve, you totally missed the point!

    but i don’t care, i will keep supporting Arsenal (even though i get stick from other Arsenal supporters).
    The thing is, I love Arsenal and that’s my fully right! And I also love statistics, and that’s also my fully right! I don’t hate anyone supporting Arsenal and everyone has the right to their oppinion, but when you mark me for loving Arsenal I just don’t think you’re a true supporter your self…

  23. Gunnersaurus

    Ray… what did I say?

    Shut up about your damn statistics!

    Don’t tell a loyal season ticket holder they aren’t a true supporter, that is bollocks and we dont accept it here at le grove.

    We all stand together, but if you start pissing people off, they will go against you.

    Steve, I will be in attendance, but in the Wigan but! Shhhh, company tickets!

    Steve, ignore Ray, maybe he’ll shut up. Talk around him guys till he starts acting normal.

  24. michael

    I just posted on the Guardian as Phil Cohen. st totteringhams day this week I think! Still got a big smile on my face!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ray Gooner

    for the Wigan game i think the score will be 3-0 to the Arsenal (van Persie 2, Fabregas 1)
    and for the CL QF draw let’s just get who’m ever we get and deal with it!

    To win the Champions League you have to beat everyone anyway, right!?

  26. Steve

    A true supporter is now one that sits in another country wanking over stats now then.

    At last I’m clear on that.

    I’ll stop attending games and move to Beirut with my dvd collection.

    Gunnersaurus, I don’t think you’ll get any trouble from Wigan fans, you’ll probably outnumber them in their seats.

  27. Steve

    michael aka phil. It isn’t on there yet. We’ll wait with baited breath. They’re probably still sifting through Bud’s comments.

  28. Gunnersaurus

    No Ray, you just have to beat whoever you are drawn against.

    Steve, if they dont get a sell out for a game like this, they dont deserve premiership status. The attendance is shocking, I really feel for Dave Whelan, he doesn’t deserve such a bunch of fickle cunts for fans.

    I think we’ll hammer them, but the cold weather has started to set in! I hope the boys are fired up for this one!

  29. michael

    I Think we’ll beat Wigan easily But I don’t want to predict a score in case I curse them again! I read on a blog somewhere that someone watched a game of rugby there last week and it was bad enough for rugby let alone the best passing team in the world.

  30. Pedro

    Ray, I like the stats, but don’t go on the wind up mate.

    Everyone is entitled to there opinion, but we don’t do questioning of peoples loyalties on here.

    You are welcome here, but keep it Arsenal!


  31. Ray Gooner

    Steve just proved his point again!

    If you were in my position, lived in another country, supporting Arsenal, only got to see them on TV, you would act differently, i know it!

    You should be greatful! I envy you, (for living there)!

  32. Steve

    The pitch never gets a chance to recover with football one week and rugby the next. Teams should be docked points for not maintaining premiership standards. I saw it a couple of weeks ago on MOTD and it was a fucking disgrace.

  33. Pedro

    Thats cool ray, but plenty of people over here dont get to see them either!

    Its a shitter to get a ticket, but I appreciate what you are saying.

    Its just a bit of banter Ray!

  34. Pedro

    Sorry guys, I had to bin his comments…

    When the loyalty of a fellow fan gets questioned, and ‘I am being victimised’ starts… its time to go…

  35. Steve

    I notice that the ‘Boro game is a 5.15 Saturday kick off. Could be a good opportunity for a Grove piss up before the match?

  36. Pedro

    Good shout Steve, I’d be up for that!

    I was under the delusion that Sundays games was at home! I spend all that time doing the code for the side bar fixtures and I dont even look properly!

  37. Ray Gooner

    am i wrong to say that Martin Taylor was a dissappointed english player that couldn’t stand that a croatian player were playing in an english club following the european championship qualifying defeat against Croatia! Why else do you make such a tackle 3 minutes in to the game?

    Some response to that?

  38. Bud

    Get over to the Telegraph site now, I’ve done it……… read the below (cut from the Telegraph blog), posted by a Y**…… sucked right in…. CLASS !!!!!!!!!

    WOW – This blog depicts nicely the difference in class between SPURS and Arsenal fans. Many complimentary and constructive comments about Arsenal from the spurs fans, and yet only derision and taunts from the Arsenal fans….
    Posted by Les on March 6, 2008 3:50 PM

  39. Bud

    I’m not present for the Boro game……… so big party time fella’s (saved you all saying it !!!!).

    Planning a head busting cession for the Liverpool game though if anyone up for it……. have all the gooner cousins and the rest of the brothers mass coming !!!!!

  40. Steve

    Both sound good Bud and Pedro. it’ll save me having to walk to Holloway Road at least. Has Odub tapped you up for you Boro ticket yet Bud?

  41. gazzap

    Arsene hates bad pitches more than anything else and wigan’s is about as bad as they get. how the hell can you pass the ball on that surface? we’ll have to play it long to Ade. might be more difficult than you think. Away games after playing away in europe are never straightforward. Furthermore, under Bruce Wigan have improved a lot and they defend well. I’d take a 1-0 now.

  42. Steve

    We’ll have a beer in your memory. At least we shouldn’t get accosted by a load of nutters this time.

  43. Bud

    His brother is called Tony Toure and he is still playing in his home country and is a Centre Forward !!!!!

  44. Bud

    Some turd called Marc has just erupted on the Telegraph….. but don’t worry, keep checking their blog, good old Tony Budsay has very nicely indeed put that fuckwit in his place!

  45. Pedro

    Just to let you all know, I had to block a number of comments from Ray again.

    Ray, if you just leave it, you can come back on, but accusing the site of being English only is not going to win you any fans.

    The idea of this blog is that everyone has there say and gets on… I think its fair to say it works pretty well.

    We’re not treating you badly, just keeping the harmony.

    Just play by the rules.

    Thats the last time I post about it today.

    Tony Toure?

    They have another brother?

  46. Steve

    Let him have it Bud. I hope it’s up in the next 10 minutes as I’m fucking off home.

    The site is English isn’t it. Seeing as the founders are English.

    That doesn’t mean anyone is opposed to foreign posters if they have something sensible to contribute.

    I’d say it works well. You’re on the top of Newsnow pretty much daily now.

  47. Bud

    Yep !

    And Ray, I’m not English, I am Belgian, so Le-Grove can hardly be myopic when it comes to nationalities !!!!!!

  48. Ray Gooner

    i think i just had so much Arsenal stats that i’ve built up over the years that i just wanted to share some, i can accept if you thought it was too much!

    but does anyone has some oppinion about Taylors tackle on Eduardo?

    I, as a neutral (country wise), thought it was maybe a little revenge on Croatia, the tackle was very harsh and only 3 minutes in to the game, it wasn’t like they were trailing or anything…

    any response?

  49. Ray Gooner

    and what chances do y’all think sweden has in the European Championship?

    the main talk over here is if Sebastian Larsson will break into the starting line-up…

  50. Gunnersaurus

    Sweeden have no chance! Mind you, ibrahimovic looks pretty tasty!

    Taylor was a massive cunt for what he did!

    Gotta run… people to see and all that!

    Night grovers!

  51. Bud

    Ray, i’ll answer you. It is not personal that people are ignoring you, most bloggers are now commuting home at this time !

    No to revenge and Larson is OK, but not great and Sweden have no chance !!!

  52. Bud

    Anyway, I bid you all good night. I am taking my company bowling tonight……. woo haaa, I fucking hate bowling,,,,,,,,,,, beer’s good though !!!!

  53. Geoff

    I missed out on today, but I am going for a 4nil romp, and quite right too. I have just been listening to Ian Wright on talk shite and he’s got my hackles up, I talk tomorrow Grovers.

  54. Pedro

    Stupid, you ain’t wrong… its been crazy!

    Geoff, just listened to him as well… fans only endear themselves to English players… what a cunt?

    Even bigger cunt… The cunt who came on and said Theirry wasn’t a legend… do me a favour you mug!

    Ask the hammers what they thought of DiCanio, Chelsea fans on Zola and the Mancs with Roy Keane… what a bunch of cunts talk shite are!

  55. Big Raddy

    Thanks Pedro for shining a light on the inanities of TalkShite. They really are a bunch of lemons. TH14 is the best player to grace the Prem. aand how anyone (even God8) can argue, is beyond belief.

    Great players come and go, but legends are forever. And that is the difference between say Scholes and Giggs. For me, Scholes is a great player but Giggs is a legend.

    Can anyone tell me why the fuck I am writing about Mancs?????

  56. Pedro

    Thats the thing Raddy, how can you say someone is more of a legend because they are English? I don’t see nationalities when I watch Arsenal, I see someone who is fighting for us and putting it on the line.

    Wrighty was saying Arsenals foreigners don’t have the same passion for facing Spurs… maybe that because Wrightys Arsenal were middle table also rans most of the time! In fact, its a load of bollocks… Bobby Pires and Terry always used to talk about how much beating the Spuds meant to them. Thierry was never on a losing side?

    They were also asking whether Arsenal fans would be more proud if we had a core of English players that beat Milan… in a word… NO!

    Arsenal is not a nationality Wrighty and co…

  57. Pedro

    A big fuck off to the Manc who just tried to post!

    You beat our reserve team in the quarters, big fucking deal. You scrapped by against Lyon… You are being kept afloat by one man!

    You’re in big trouble if we get you in the Champions league!

    I look forward to Old Trafford!

  58. Pedro

    Its only illegal if you’re a manc!

    Comparing Ronaldo to Cesc is really dim… To say his only skill is passing is also dim. I can’t argue with somone who is so delusional?

    I’ll continue anyway.

    The milan you’re talking about are the same milan that were holders 8 months ago… call them what you like but crap they ain’t.

    We’re top of the league because we’ve been the best so far this year, deal with it… you’ll end the season trophyless… and I can’t wait!

  59. Geoff

    Nice one Pedro, I knew he was a dopey Manc cunt as he’s illiterate, took me forever to decipher what he was saying.

    Does the stupid prick not realise his useless team got stuffed 3 zip by the same Milan last year?


  60. jimmyfingers

    The Tottenham related hilarity continues, with Wendy Ramos looking on bemused as his team get schooled at home by PSV. Beaten 1-0 and could have been so much more. Coming off their ‘good as Arsenal’ win in the Carling Cup

    That said, since PSV beat us last season, that comparison still holds! Cue Wendy’s soundbite tomorrow ‘I’m not jealous, we played similarly to Arsenal in losing to PSV in the UEFA Cup’

    Good work on the Telegraph fellas, me and my bro had a good laugh reading it all

  61. Isaac

    Hey its me again! asked about tickets in the Middlesbrough match a couple times. I’m finally flying to London on Saturday!!!! Does anyone have a spare ticket I can buy or any arrangement, ANY, so can watch my first live Arsenal match? please e-mail me at at gmail dot com.

    One thing bout the CL draw. I don’t know if it’s a wrong observation but teams who draw the hardest teams don’t usually end up winning. It’s almost like you need one easy round to maintain the amount of pressure you can take in a CL campaign.
    06-07 AC drew Celtic in first knock-out round
    05-06 Barcelona drew Benfica in Quarterfinal
    04-05 Liverpool drew Leverkusen in first knock-out round
    03-04 Porto played Lyon, Deportive and Monaco on their way to the CL crown
    Not that those “lesser” teams are not good or anything, but the psychological pressure of playing them is just less. so yeah, let’s hope we draw a easier team. It’s hard to build up the psychologic preparation for a huge CL leg (like we against milan) every 2 weeks and win all of them.