Le Grove gets it right on the night, Arsenal 7 Milan 1

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So now we can all bask in the glory of last night’s win and know that we beat both of the San Siro/Guiseppe Meazza greats on their own doorstep with two awesome Arsenal teams, in two different Wenger eras, this time though we beat the holders, and this time we’ll win the Champions league.

Le Grove gave you the 2 nil scoreline, scientifically based on a round of golf that was taken as an omen.

Geoff Says:
March 4, 2008 at 1:29 pm edit

I’m back, I won at golf 2 up and that has to be an omen, I know I said 2-1 but my golf has to be right.

2 nil Arsenal, Senderos and RVP.

We got the scorers wrong but who cares!

Pedro did the match report, and I thought it was spot on, I also thought Diaby played better than Eboue though, not to mention one shot tipped over, one hit the crossbar and two penalties that were never given, I hope they rescind the booking of Eboue and Hleb though, but it’s not the FA and those two aren’t Fat Frank Lampard.

The thing that was different to what we’ve seen of late was the chasing down every ball, getting the tackles in like their lives depended on it and not giving the ball away as much.

Senderos still remains an enigma, if you take away his odd howler, he’s Tony Adams, Eboue for me isn’t it, he played well, but he is the weak link, both in character and technique.

Not a criticism just an opinion.

We know we’ll get the Mancs, Chavs, Real or Barcelona next but that’s life, we’ll be the team that no one wants.

I would like to get the team that beat Seville, but I’m dreaming, Chelsea or ManU will get them if they don’t get us.

On that performance, we are the best team on the planet, so if we play like that again, I don’t care who we get.

Please, oh please, play like that when you get home boys, you’ll smash anyone.

Walcott made a difference when he arrived on the scene and with Robin still to come my confidence has returned, big time.

Fantastic performance thank you Arsenal.

Two quotes, this one from Manc lover Tony Cascarino,

‘It was such a great team effort that you couldn’t pick anyone out, but Philippe Senderos was a man mountain. Kaká is tremendous but he wasn’t given any time or space to cause any damage. Of all Wenger’s players, Senderos has more captain and leadership qualities than any. He makes the odd error but as a leader you cannot fault him and that is why Wenger thinks a lot of him. He was the one dictating things at the back. It is easy to criticise those who make the odd poor decision, but he’s more of a captain than William Gallas’

And this one from Cesc

‘We don’t have 25 internationals like Chelsea so we can’t challenge for all four trophies, but we are in contention for the two that we really want. We are top of the Premier League and we are in the quarter finals of the Champions League after beating the holders at home, so why can’t we win them both?’

Why not indeed you hero! Why indeed!

Now what happens with Kolo you may well ask? Don’t! we get more injuries than an army average field hospital, we can rest players now.

This is my longest ever post and I could go on all day, in the comments section I probably will, so pin your ears back Grovers and enjoy the moment, thanks again team Arsenal, we love you!

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  1. Mike (the neighbour)

    All I have to say is


    Out for long long lunch today
    Should be back on line in uk if I can sort computer out tomorrow sometime but in
    Spain from Friday so should be fully functional by then
    Have a great day blogging guys -you deserve it

  2. Pedro

    Great post Geoff!

    I am over the fucking moon this morning! I’ve been glued to my work computer since 0700 this morning indulging myself in the Arsenal News!

    Martin Samuel had some nice things to say about us for a change!

    I was trying to think about who I’d want in the next round?

    Barca have Messi out for 6 weeks… again… he busted his Hammy!

    Fenerbache’s keeper had a howler last night, so they could be an option… but I just don’t think we’d beat a crap team if you get where I am coming from? Last time around we played all the greats up until the semis… where we struggled against Villareal!

    Bring on the giants I say! Bring on Real or Barca! We fear no one!

    Next up is wigan! We’re going to spank them!

  3. Odub

    Geoff, Spot on!


    Bring on Fernabache!! But knowing our luck we’ll get the lot as you said.

    I do believe we out played Milan over 2 legs but were just unlucky not to score more and also not to score earlier.

    I now believe young Theo is beginning to believe he belongs in this team at this level, and I hope Juve are still after Eboue because they’re welcome to him. Diaby doesnt belong on the left either, he played ok, but nothing earth shattering.

    The defence were awesome!!!! Pato who?! Inzaghi – absent! Flamini just (to borrow a phrase from my jamaican mate from last night!) Mashed up their rass!!!!! Hleb was excellent, Ade over elaborated much, but thankfully’s got that monkey of his back and now has his first CL goal for us. And then ther was Cesc!!!! He’s best game for a while, and what a time to deliver!! He was outfuckingstanding!!

    as stated last night….

    Anchelotti, Maldini, Cafu, Kaka, Rui Costa, Boban, Desailly,Gullitt, Rijkaard,Albertini your boys took a hell of a beating last night!


    By far the greatest team the world has ever seen!! And it’s ARRRRRRRSSSSEEENNNNNNAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!

  4. Mike

    That clueless twat cascarino (trophies=0), still used the opportunity to have a dig at Billy.

    Let’s hope the lads build on this to win the league and UCL.

  5. Pauley

    Great read so early in the morning!

    Pure elation from me, I couldn’t be more chuffed this morning. I just keep replaying the game over and over in my head! I enjoyed this one the whole way through because I just felt we weren’t going to lose.

    I still can’t for the life of me work out what Eboue does for the team? But he must be doing something because we won with him on board!

    4-5-1 worked for once!

    I’m off to buy me a winter jacket in the sales – Moscow here we come!

  6. Steve

    I’ve never been so fucking happy. The boys were awesome. The picture of pride on Wenger’s face last night was tear jerking.

    I’m getting cunted again today.

  7. Odub

    Got the Daily Mail on my desk backpage up!! So anyone coming over will know why I’ve got the biggest smile ever on my fucking mug!! Headline GLORY GUNNERS!! picture of Cesc running like a maniac towards the bench after scoring his 75 yard goal! even the mad German celebrated with them!


  8. chris

    fucking legendary performance, looks like we are the media darlings for the day,
    great post geoff,

    can the day get any better?

  9. Shubham

    Great night for Arsenal Football Club and its fans. I was lucky to even get to watch the match, had to stay up real late for it , buts that’s part of supporting your favourite team.

    It was a nervous beginning, where i felt our young stars let the occasion get to them, but as is said ‘Class always shows’. The team settled down very well. Meelaan studs were made to chase shadows. Kaka, Pato and Co. were non existent for most part of the game.

    Good tight performance from the midfield and the back four. What an impact from Theo, he had almost turned the match with his pace and positioning, good show friend.. Long may you serve AFC.

    BTW can someone come and get Eboue? I wouldn’t mind letting him go for free even.

    Feeling very happy today, after a poor run of form. C’mon UEFA ‘Bring’em On’ We will beat anyone.

  10. Steve

    My mate phoned me an hour after the game and the Gooners were still in the ground singing their hearts out. Fucking top display by the travelling Gooners, all I could hear were Arsenal songs.

  11. jimmyfingers

    That game was so good I watched it twice, and coming online and reading the comments from last night and the blog today brings just a ma-hoos-ive grin to the face: so many happy gooners! The team and the fans deserved a result like that and lets hope that can lift us in the Prem too.

    I don’t give a fuck who we get next, we can beat anyone

  12. Odub

    Yes it could Chris! The chavs could draw 1-1 at home tonight!! I would fucking laugh my head off!

    Steve we out sang their lot by a mile! And was it me or were there meelan fans applauding us at the end?!

  13. Kev

    What made my night even better was seeing how crap united were on the highlights. They deserved fuck all from that game. The mancs are playing well but I feel they are always a game away from a freak defeat.

    Arsenal were magnificent last night. That ugly little toad Pato showed himself up a bit. He looked good, but he squandered many good chances. Kaka was average, or made to look average by arsenal attacking in numbers.

    If we can fight like that till the end of the season, I sense it will be a glorious season.

    First 10 games we played amazing, lets hope the last ten are of equal merit.

    Up the Arse!

  14. lennie g

    Feeling great today just like a dog with two tales, I’ve just wiped all the egg off my face after my prediction of 3-0 in the first leg, the performances we have been putting of late have left a lot to be desired but last nights performance was as good as it gets Cesc in his time at Arsenal has put in some great performances but last night beat the lot, just hope last night is the springboard we need to use and really get some consistency into our game, we really upped the tempo and had aggression in abundance. . . . . . .It’s great to be a Gooner.

  15. Stupid

    A great night for the Arsenal Football Club.

    But was it just me who saw this…. the meelan midfield just sat right off cesc and literally watched him dictate play, pirlo gattuso were woeful, total shite.

    Flattuso? fuck off… the italian should be honoured to be called Gattini!!

    Flamini was my man of the match, just fucking awesome energy, drive, vision, power, heart, the lot. About as perfect a holding midfield performance as you could get. Allowed Cesc the time to pick his passes but fucking up any cunt who come near the little Spanish wizard.

    Oh what a glorious night… its clearly gonna be utd or chelski for us next in the quarters.

  16. Wozza

    Its the best I have felt in months!

    The team are reenergised, the fans and hopefully our push for silveware!

    Stupid, great piece and well observed. I thought they were giving cesc loads of space. It was like they mistook him for Senderos!

    Can you even call Flamini a holding midfielder? He is a duracell bunny, up and down the pitch like a mad man! He is the fittest player I have ever seen! Sign up Flamini!

    Senderos was my man of the match, he was rock solid against tricky opposition – his next test is Drogba, can he keep the big man in his pocket like he did with Kaka?

    Only a few weeks till we find out! You can’t bring back Kolo, who would have thought that possible at Christmas?

  17. chris

    01 – 02 April 2008
    08 – 09 April 2008
    22 – 23 April 2008
    29 – 30 April 2008
    21 May 2008

  18. t-buzz

    Morning comrades!!
    Dont really care who we play next,as long as we put on a display as exciting as last nights, we can kill off any team. And if I might add……..What A Game!! Agreed ,Patio and Kakatoo were both dangerous last night but I think we contained them well especially Gallas making it difficult for them to make those shots.

    Knew the Eye-talians were going to be up to their dirty tricks of rolling on the floor, shirt pulling and waving imaginary cards at the ref(the ref was useless if i might add),
    am just glad we proved the doubters wrong!!

  19. Stupid

    fucking pisshead fergie, i heard that little sly comment on sky news about us scoring in the 97 minute… he smiled and said thats typical of the inury time played at arsenal.


  20. Tony

    Geoff, the camera coverage of the game was not done by ITV but by the Italians. That’s why the close up shots didn’t tally with the UK commentary. That’s also why the coverage was shite including missing the great challenge and pass by Cesc in the first half.

    It would have been the same if shown on ITV1 but I completely agree about the choice of game. I would love to know the viewing figures for the two game. We should know that most media knobheads are Utd fans.

  21. Odub

    t-buzz their diving was absolutely outrageous! But did anyone else notice that once we scored, the histrionics stopped and they stopped rolling around and diving!

  22. Steve

    Fuck that cunting red nosed old soak. He shouldn’t even be credited with a mention on a fine day like this.

    Our boys got a standing ovation in the San Siro for the second time in 2 visits. How proud does that make you??

  23. Bud

    My head hurts so bad from Wine abuse, but still I am happy. Fuck, I might even dish out a few pay-rises today…. I am that happy !!!

    Watched the last 10 minutes again this morning, fucking hell were our fans loud…… I got all goose pimples as “and its Arsenal, arsenal fc, we’re by……” was resonating so loudly…………. Truly fucking awsome !!!!!!!

    Pedro, you sounded like you were on helium last night, fair play to you for dragging yourself away from the pub without going direct to bed to post the player ratings…… Legend !!!

  24. oddy

    Hello Arsenal lovers.
    Great to be a gunner this morning! Best sleep I’ve had in weeks!
    NB: since losing the FA cup to the mancs, the press has been on our backs, predicting doom and gloom! All of a sudden we are now the darling team of ‘England’. Meanwhile, nobody batted an eyelid over the mancs supposed chances when we went 5 points up.
    My point is, majority of the English press are anti-arsenal! They all dont want to eat the humble pie since virtually all of them wrote us off before the beginning of the season. So while they are praising us to high heavens, I am not appreciating any of it. They are bastards and will go back to saying ‘I said so’ if we get into another blip.
    I am just going to quietly revel in our ressurection and keep praying to God that we put all the doubters to shame at the end of the season.
    Please will someone say AMEN!

  25. Steve

    Praaaiiiise da lord.

    My boss has just asked me if my sexual orientation has changed because i keep whistling ‘go west’.

    Now i’m gonna make you all do it.

    2-0 In the San Siro, 2-0 in the San Siro.

    🙂 Told ya.

  26. Pedro

    Do you beleeeeeeeive in Arsene?

    Praise the Lord Cesc Fabregas!

    Thought I’d get in a bit of preaching before lunch…

    How about this for good news:


    “Juve? I am very happy to be at Arsenal and am proud to be a member of the first English team to win at San Siro,”

    Good man Flamini!

    Now imagine that contract is a manc with the ball and take a pen to it in a flying tackle kind of way!

    Fuck the press this season, they’ve all been appalling. The only guy who seems to support us is Lee Dixon, what a great Patron of the club.

  27. Geoff

    Here’s my prediction, Flamini will sign within a week, my predictions since yesterday are always right, so believe!

  28. jimmyfingers

    Lee Dixon is the only one pf our ex-players-turned-pundits that has a nice word to say about us. The rest seem to fall over themselves to slag us off, perhaps in an attempt to appear ‘neutral’. Even read a bit from Wrighty in the Sun (it was in the Sandwich shop, didn’t buy it honest injun) where he wrote off our chances and gave the title to United

    And Flamini needs to follow that up with his Joh Hancock (not sure why that m,eans asugnature, but Yanks certainly say it a lot) on a hefty, 25 year contract

  29. Steve

    And Nutty little Nige. I fucking love our old fullbacks.

    I fucking love everyone today.

    Well done mate btw for posting last night. Don’t think i’d have be capable.

    I am going to get truly bolloxed today.

    Prepare for a shitfest of a conversation later.

    I must say though how impressed I have been with the class and attitude of Meeelan over the 2 games. Their players, fans (standing ovation) and their handling of the Eduardo situation have been first class.

  30. t-buzz

    Thanks for the clip Odub, but it looks like its been taken off the site.The bastards!!

    Any, this feeling of victory is going to last me all day so dont really care what challenges a brought before me at work today!Ha Ha!! 2-0 to the Arsenal 2-0 to the Arsenal!!

    Did anyone see those arrogant Milan supporters sobbing sniffing and crying after we scored the second goal? Priceless! I think it should be used in the next Mastercard advert!!

  31. Geoff

    I hope that stunted little cunt who looks like a buffalo sat on his head ‘Diarra’ was watching from his shabby little Portsmouth flat.

    Swiss Phil said he could hear the fans all night, well recognised and well done to all the travelling hordes, having said that I’m sure they heard me when we scored as well.

  32. Steve

    I don’t even feel any anger towards Diarra today. Just pity.

    29 minutes until the lunchtime off.

    I’m excited.

  33. Odub aka Cheshire Cat

    I just cant stop grinning, smiling, call it whatever you want!! Is anyone else like this?!!! I just can’t get over the joy!!!

  34. gazzap

    I was whooping and yelping when the first goal went in. couldn’t let it all out as my boys were sleeping in bed.
    I think we all witnessed last night the best performance by any Arsenal side in my lifetime. tell me, what performances comes close to that?? Bernabeu? No, this was way better than the that. OT last season?? no this was better than that. I cant think of a better one. all those 7-0 thrashings by the invicibles were not as good as this.

    Bring on Barcelona!!! without Messi they are NOTHING.

  35. Geoff

    Play like last night, and we can if we remember to, plus boy wonder and we can beat anyone, I wish we could score earlier though so I can enjoy it more!

  36. Bud

    Has anyone else bought 5 or more papers this morning???

    The SUn pissed me off, Almunia 6, Diaby 6, the entire back four 7…….. what more have our boys got to do to get a decent mark…….. apart from play for ManUre ?!!!!

  37. Bud

    And Rosicky & Toure to come back as well as RVP……… fucking hell, we may even have a full squad for the run in. If that is the case, anything is possible !!!!!!!

  38. Odub aka Cheshire Cat

    Having RVP back is a massive bonus, and we didnt even need him last night!! We’ve essentially now got 4 striking options in him, Theo and the 2 big lumps! As there’s not return date for Rosicky, I wont even bother considering seeing him back this season!

  39. Geoff

    One thing I was thinking last night was how the boys see each other to pick them out, when I watched the last game at Highbury, I was at pitch level, and all I could see was a ocean of legs.

    That makes them all the more impressive when they do it.

    I haven’t seen Kaka or Gattuso or Maldini or any other mouthy Italian/Brazilian cunt on any website today saying how wrong they were about saying they would take us to the pizzerias last night, have you?

  40. jimmyfingers

    Kaka has conceded defeat gracefully as did Ancelotti. I don’t think they felt they had much of a chance to begin with. Given their fans applause, the post game reaction and the fact our lads wre treated to a film commemorating Highbury while they waited to leave the San Siro my respect for Milan has risen considerably. I’ve always liked them since the days of Gullit, Van Basten and Rijkaard

  41. Odub

    Do feel sorry for Maldini to have to end his erstwhile illustrious carrier on a low, seeing that they’re 18 points behind in the league and can’t win anything in his last season….


    They got what they deserved over 2 legs! Sod all!! The aging, diving, cheating, overhyped has beens! Oh how I wish last night was the final and we got them like the scousers did last season!!!

  42. Odub

    Do give them credit for our lads not getting any bother while out there, considering what the Roma lot were like with the Mancs.

  43. Odub

    I just did Stupid! the ‘he had an illustrious career’ bit was showing respect! Just don’t feel sorry for him because that would mean I’m not chuffed at us getting thru!!!

  44. Stupid

    You don’t have to feel sorry for anybody, maldini has won just about everything a modern day footballer can.

    True legend of the game.

  45. Odub

    I’m getting a tad confused here! (doesn’t take a lot!)
    At what point during my initial statement did I show a lack of class?!

  46. Geoff

    I’ll do it for you Odub. He’s a cheating cunt, we should have had a penalty when he pulled Eboue down, he only got in Milan’s team cos his dad was the manager and he’s been gobbing off with Kaka for the last fortnight how they were going to lump us.

    How’s that for respect.

  47. gazzap

    I dont dislike Milan. they behave with class off the field but I never feel sorry for our opponents. if the players gave them too much respect they would never be able to beat them.

  48. Geoff

    Not to mention the petulance of Kaka when he threw the ball down and got booked, it reminded me of Rooney at the world cup and Beckham against Argentina, it was a ‘do you know who I am slam?’

    Don’t like it up ’em springs to mind, and I’d sooner have the boy wonder than any of them.

  49. Odub

    So that momentary feeling of discomfort I felt was just wind and not guilt?!!! Cool!!!

    I couldnt but help notice their antics last night, and feel free to watch Italian footie on 5 or is it Bravo, or the La Liga equivalent on Sky to see how bad these tossers really are!!

  50. Stupid

    not a wind up at all, just differing opinions. tbf geoff, could you bring up a link to where maldini slagged us off and stated we would get humped?

    i very much doubt you could, all i read was milan bigging up our style of play etc

    yes they dived and tried it on, like most contiental teams do, but they behaved with a lot of dignity at times.

    as a club, i admire them.

  51. Geoff

    The point is that everyone except the Arsenal fans had written us off, and we play one of the best teams in the world and stuff them, can’t imagine they would have said anything other than we were young etc had they won, so hard luck Milan.

    We have the talent without spending the amounts they have over the years, so I’m enjoying watching them wriggle.

    Nice article on Nige stupid, he’s one that always backs us.

  52. Pedro


    We just beat Milan!

    I can’t feel any sympathy for any of the Milan boys, they’ve won it all ten time before, they played for the sucker punch and we done them!

    They were gracious in defeat, but there was no way they couldn’t be.

    We gave them a lesson in the beautiful game!

    Onto Wigan chaps!


    Anyone fancy Chelscum to lose tonight? Liverpool to surrender their lead next week?

  53. Geoff

    Stupid, go into archives, you’ll find it under Italian arseholes links, Maldini’s in that one, Kaka’s in the Brazilian arsewipes section.

  54. Odub

    Off to the pub to celebrate with anyone who will bother to listen to me harp on about Cesc being the messiah!! Catch up later!! 2-0 in the san siro, 2-0 in the san siro!!

  55. Geoff

    At least they relaid the pitch for us, nice guys those Italians, just watching the highlights on Arsenal.com Cesc just hit the bar and we were denied a penalty, bollocks.

  56. Geoff

    Just watching the goals again, and I think Theo’s run, hack down, get up and cross for the goal was amazing, I’m surprised the press didn’t pick up on it. In fact Metro this morning said Sagna crossed it, wankers.

    Is this the time of the year when we start seeing new kit shots?

    I hope we have a shirt with a collar like Fulham’s, I think that’s classy, I hate the Brazil ones.

  57. DC


    All those that were doubting our Spanish Magician can now stop the noise…. Fabregas is king!! ANd the flamster is his twin!!! The Cesc/flamster double act more than dominated the Pirlo/Gattusso duo over 180 Minutes.. How many midfield combo’s can say that????

    I’m soo chuffed… This has got to be the catalyst for the rest of the season….. And well done to Theo too… Is he turning the corner I wonder??!!?

  58. Geoff

    And Hleb, he robbed Gattuso to feed Cesc who ran on and scored, Theo turned the corner at Birmingham for me, fantastico.

    (that’s Spanish for fantastic)

  59. AN Steve

    Cesc saved my life….

    Just got in from a morning meeting and was looking forward to getting on the site, haven’t read the comments yet but I am so happy
    I was staying at the company flat last night and drunk all the alcohol available (my bottle of red a bottle beer and some ginger wine that some one had left) could not stand the tension any more and was eyeing up the domestos then YEAAAAAAAAH next thing banging on walls and people shout what’s going on . 1 nil then just stop the tension a few minutes later 2 nil what a fucking night.

  60. Odub

    You will be pleased to know I managed to better my previous record of one bottle of wine for lunch! I managed 1.5 bottles, not pissed, and can still remember both goals like they happened yesterday….Oh yeah, they did happen yesterday!!!!

    What a fucking day and a hslf this is turning into!! Still smiling gooners!!

  61. jimmyfingers

    I’m with stupid

    Wow, that’s a great line. Should put that on a shirt

    I do like Milan, but like all Italian teams they are well versed in gamemanship

    Chelsea and United fans are getting their excuses in early and dismissing the side we played as a shadow of the one last year but it rings hollow: we dominated the European Champions over 180 minutes. They may be struggling domestically but they still boast a wealth of talent, not least Kaka, acknowledged as the best player in the world. United got schooled there last season when their own ‘world’s best player’ twatface Ronaldo was utterly anonymous. They’re even rolling out the fact Kaka’s not fully fit, presumably forgetting our striker had his leg removed via studs, and the Boy Wonder is just returning to fitness

    Fucking love RvP to charge back from injury. It would be like a new signing and just at the right stage of the season, like Kevin Campbell in ’91

  62. Steve

    Magician David Blain was gutted yesterday when he found out his

    record of 44 days of doing fcuk all in a box was smashed by over

    six months by Tottenham striker Darren Bent.

  63. Odub

    Facts – we became the first English team to beat them at home
    We deserved to beat them over 2 legs
    The world’s best player was in their team
    Arguably the best CB in the world was in their team (Nesta)
    We were 3 players short of our first choice 11 (Rosicky,RVP,Toure)
    They are defending champions
    They beat both the mans and scousers less than 10 months ago
    We won END OFF!!!

    JF, just too happy to worry about those tosspots!!!

  64. Bud

    Just seen Sky Sports down the pub and the Flamster outscored Fab on most counts believe it or not.

    More passes, more accuracy Fab 69%, Flam 79%, tackles each was 6, although Fab beat him on one of the stats…… GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!

  65. Geoff

    I can remember it’s the one game I’ve watched all season where I’ve been sober! it’s a different game.

  66. Odub

    Fab made a fucking bad ass tackle on Pirlo I think it was after we went 1-0 up! Couldnt fucking believe it, tackled, and laid a pass forward!! Can’t wait to get home and watch it again on sky+, to be saved and savoured for weeks to come until they excel, and exceed (we hope and pray) later on in the season!!!!

  67. Pedro

    I just text a spud that message and he replied:

    ‘A record that will soon be overtaken by the broken legged croatian you have’

    Quite a good come back…

  68. Bud

    Pedro, as we discussed last night Senderos is a Legend !!!!!

    I thought Ade’s touch and passing was fucking awful last night and he tired 2nd half as he did not press the last man and hovered where he found himself, but he scored, although credit for that goal must go to Theobald Walcott !

    And before I receive the wrath of the Ade Fan Club, just an observation. He scored, we won, so no criticism, just airing my thoughts with my fellow Grove Chums !!!

    Anyone else have an opinion on Ade’s performance last night?

  69. Steve

    Fucking hell boys. If somebody had said that Senderos had the best passing accuracy you’d have thought we’d have been beaten 8-0.

    I can’t critisise anyone on last night performance. They were all brilliant.

    Even Eboue (apart from his mis-placed passes, ass surfing and poor finishing. Oh and his crossing)

  70. Steve

    Pedro, being a betting man I would still go long of Eduardo’s goals over Bent’s during the next 2 years.

  71. Odub

    Ade was almost crap (ALMOST) for 70 odd minutes of the 90, he did the odd good thing, but once again his first touch always seemed to knock the ball forward half a mile!! He did do a little flick in the 2nd half that opened space up for Cesc to take a shot. But all praise to Theo for setting his goal up, and he could have had a 2nd if Kalac hadnt blocked the first attempted cross with his legs!

  72. Odub

    Dudu’ll still score more fucking goals in the next 9 months than Darren Bent!

    Please no anger or rage today!!!!! Just joyous self congratulating and virtual back slapping!!

  73. Steve

    Too right. We can’t be seen to have authors with mates like that. Have you never heard of guilt by association?

  74. Pedro

    Fuck man, I am such a cunt…

    I’ll sort it chaps, don’t you worry about that…!

    I had a dream last night the Flamster signed a ten year deal!

    All of this ressurection of cesc bollocks is really getting on my wick. It wasn’t just him who was playing badly!

    Other articles about Gallas redeeming himself, what a load of wank! Top of the league for fucks sake!

  75. Bud

    Pedro…. Try this number, it is the number for Cunts Annonymous; 0844 499 5000. Maybe they can help you?

  76. Big Raddy

    Especially on an auspiciuos day like today. This is a dat when all men are my brothers, (except Mancs & Spuds)

  77. gazzap

    I wish I had dreams about things like that. my dreams are always pointless, irrelevant stuff that merges into something else so that I can never get a thread going. how can I get Arsenal related dreams followed by fit bird sucking me type dreams?

  78. jimmyfingers

    Eboue was poor. He should had buried that sitter when Milan passed to Ade (?) and he laid it off to Eboue unmarked in the area, and he didn’t even hit the target. Ad Geoff said, best thing he did was leave the field

    I think we should buy that Brazilian of theirs, then we’d have Dudu and Kaka in the same team. Playing for Arse-nal

    Think I’m regressing to schooldays

  79. Pedro

    Raddy its ok… its me… I took a phone call… FROM A SPUD!

    I have to take whatever abuse that comes my way…

    So who would we prefer in the next round, Roma or Real?

  80. Odub

    Quality JF! Dudu and Kaka!!! We would be the shit then wouldnt we?!!

    Pedro, I want the Mancs so we can knock them out like they did us the FA Cup!

  81. Pedro

    Seen as mike isn’t here I thought I would take time out to brighten your day:

    Kaka means:

    Norwegian for cake. Next time someone says you love kaka, maybe they are right.

    “jeg elsker denne kaka” or “i love this cake”
    “This kaka is a nice chocolatey colour”

    Evil or bad in ancient greek.

    Kaka anthropos.

    An exclamation of happiness used between hos.

    To the kaka mobile!

    A brownish-green New Zealand parrot (Nestor meridionalis).

    In mauritician means shit

  82. gazzap

    fergie’s comments about not caring if they get Arsenal in the draw smack of fear big time. he is shitting himself about getting us. he knows how dangerous we are. he hates playing us. thats why he sent out his team massively fired up against our reserves while we didn’t even give a shit. he hates losing to us more than any other team in the world and thats why he does not want to draw us in the next round.
    I say lets beat them in the final. that would be sweet.

  83. Big Raddy

    Both are beatable, but my personal preferance is for the Chavs. We owe them in the CL. The only game I walked out of early at Highbury in over 30 years. When that tosser (I think it was Bridge) scored in front of me at the Clock End, I was so dispirited I had to leave. Couldn’t bear to watch those dicks celebrating on the hallowed turf at THOF.

    Yep. it is the Chavs for me. Or Fenerbace – something to do with Galatasary !!!

  84. Steve

    That was a shit night for me Raddy. I missed Reyes’ goal just before half time ‘cos I was cunted and needed a piss. it all went wrong from there.

  85. Geoff

    I got asked to leave by the stewards that night, I was pretty obnoxious to a Chav though, it was just after Bridge scored, horrible cunt.

  86. chris

    i cant face the chavs that defeat was on my birthday and it killed me, similar dates this time so i dont wanna repeat.

  87. jimmyfingers

    we’ve got to wait until next week for the draw haven’t we?

    I fucking love Sky +, day off and watching the game again. I hope that yellow for Hleb gets appealed. Pure bollocks

  88. Geoff

    Caiao Grovers? muy bien Stephano!

    If we play like that we’ll beat anyone, I hope today lasts forever.

    I have the London freebies downstairs and I can’t wait to read them, it’s like having a stash of Hustler magazines to read, I’m taking my time and a box off tissues, and a beer of course!

  89. chris

    its was an awful call jimmy, his face said it all, he was gutted and so upset, but then again the ref just called him a liar,
    i like the way flamini is refering to “US” “WE” and “TEAM” in his interview, dare i read between the lines

  90. Big Raddy

    I wish I could get sky+. but at least I have the drunken memories of a brilliant night. Thank you my beloved AW.

    Thinking about that … I just questioned myself about who I would prefer to leave, AW or the Mrs? No brainer !!

  91. Geoff

    I like the cut of your jib Big Raddy, Chris did you not read my prediction? I said Flamini would sign within a week, done deal!

  92. Big Raddy

    Strange… it seems not long agao that people were concerned about Diarra’s transfer. And slagging off Swiis Phil.

    Diarra? You have to be joking. He would never get a game in this midfield and had to go.

    Swiss Phil? This sis a man who was central to our run to Paris two years ago. And having a few dodgy moments on his return does not make him a bad player. Form is temporary, Class and talent aren’t.

    Flam will sign…. where could he go to be in a better team? Juve? You must be joking.

  93. Big Raddy

    Oh and should they get through, Liverpool will be the worst team in the last 8, let’s get them …. please

  94. jimmyfingers

    we were predicing doom when Toure disappeared to the ANC but Big Phil filled in admirably and I no longer worry. In fact I love the big-headed loon, who possibly is the whitest man on the planet

  95. DC

    Why’s that twat dickhead Ramos comparing our victory to the scum beating the chavs in the worthless cup final… there’s no comparison…. how dare he!!!!

  96. Evo in OZ

    Guys, not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, i just noticed it as ive watched the Fabregas goal about 100 times!

    The ball actully goes between Kanu Jnr and Inesta, how awesome is that, there was no gap there, let alone a gap between Kalac and the goal, bloody brilliant!