‘I feel bloody good’ says super Nick, Real drop Cesc interest and BBC tip Arsenal to win.

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Ok let’s start with the BBC, I watched Chris (Look at me, look at me) Hollins, who didn’t get the job because his dad was a famous Arsenal footballer, and nor did his sister Victoria, it was, I believe, on merit.

Yeah, sure it was.

Anyway he did a 3 minute cameo on Celtic, 3 ‘seconds’ on Arsenal and 5 minutes on Red nose, this biased coverage is appalling for a London based station, it’s bad enough listening to the 3 monkeys on match of the day.

Anyway BBC online make us favourites, so the clever, stupid balance was restored.

Other news is Real, like Barca have dropped their interest in Cesc, so hopefully we can have a summer free of speculation, as the Italians have no money, so they won’t bother.

Pedro updated the Le Chump and Champs of the week for your perusal.

Super Nick says it feels ‘bloody good’ to be at Arsenal and his spat with Ade has long finished, it all sounds good to me, so well done Nick.

The consensus is that we will start 4-5-1

Sagna Phil Gallas Clichy
Eboue Fabregas Flamini Hleb Diaby

Using Bendtner, Walcott and Robin as Impact players with Hoyte and Gilberto if we need to defend.

Swiss Phil, you owe us one, enough said, do your thing.

I agree for once, that 4-5-1 is wise, but I have never believed we should bring on defenders to shore up as I think that attack is the best form of defence.

Did I say I really don’t like Chris Hollins? Toady butt kisser who thinks it’s cute to fall flat on his face doing whatever he does on our money.

So a cautious start and I expect hit them on the break, don’t forget we need to score to win, or score more penalties, as long as we don’t get hammered, I’ll be happy, the spirit of Madrid and Turin is called for tonight.

I’m sticking on 2-1 Arsenal, and that’s not because I support them, it’s because I believe.

Do you believe Grovers? Do you feel lucky?

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  1. Odub

    They had one at WestHam as well didnt they Pedro?! wasnt he the one that went to Harrods instead of trainning?!

  2. Odub

    Just checked wiki wiki, yeah Bucarest is romania. So choice of Bucarest, Budapest and maybe Prague, Amsterdam totally out of the question as she’ll call wedding off!!!!

  3. AN Steve

    Bucarest is Rumania and I must admit they were the prettiest girls I have ever seen
    Prague is a bit of a rip off now but still a good place to visit

    what other subjects can we talk about to stop thinking abotu tonight

  4. Geoff

    I made a DVD for a Romanian Rail company, fucking scary place Bucharest, and I had to fly over Transilvania to get there in the fog, had a big row on the plane too. Scary days they were.

    It’s also full of Vampires, cunts.

    I stayed in a town called Arad, they only had hot water every other day and it was brown, the bath was hand painted in cream gloss paint.

  5. Geoff

    If you want to disguise who you really are AN Steve, you have to learn how to spell, big give away I’m afraid Prophet!

  6. Odub

    Saw that film Eastern Promise last night!! They make the lot on snatch and lock stock look like the Vienna boys choir!!

    They sound like the jolly lot you worked with Geoff!!

  7. Geoff

    Odub I saw it an didn’t think it was that violent! the whole film was shot opposite my office, funny enough like Lock stock was.

    I liked the throat cutting bits though!

  8. Odub

    Geoff, the violence wasnt that bad, it was the way they went about their business that was amusing! Like processing bodies before dumping them!

  9. AN Steve

    Steve one person who I guided to look at this site thought you were me and as your comments and jokes were so good I must admit it took a day before put him strait.

  10. Bud

    See ya chaps. Off home to drink wine, lots of wine and then if it goes wrong tonight I can sleep !!!!

    But I do believe we will go 2 nil up, they will get one back with 10/15 minutes to go and we will nick one at the end…. 3-1 !

    Anyway, hope i’m right. See y’all !

  11. AN Steve

    Yes steve it was a compliment

    Was just thinking wht if went to penalties oh fucking hell beter get two bottles

  12. Odub

    Might have to mix some chilean red with the torres brandy if they go to penalties… will make for a rather painful and dizzy trip to the office tomorrow morning!

  13. AN Steve

    Once went to the gym to watch an Arsenal match. after five minutes my heart rate had got over the peak level of the cross trainer I was using. Drink is good for your health when watching Arsenal

  14. Steve

    I have a bottle of red and some beers in reserve if we get a result.

    I’m too cunting nervous now, got to go home and see the kids for a while before I park myself up for the build up.

    Have a great evening Gooners.

    Come on you reeeeeeds.

  15. Odub

    Thinking gym first to work off some tension, grab some grub, and then think will do wine first and then brandy to follow!!

    Have a good one gooners!


  16. chris

    cider, larger and chilean white, its messy but i deserve it plus its already chilled!

    later grovers the day went faster because of you guys,

  17. Big Raddy

    I tried a Sancerre for the last game and we played shite. So tonight I will be taking onboard a couple of bottles of Chilean Viognier. If it goes tits up, it will be back to the ale……

    Come on you rip roaring Gunners

  18. Pedro

    Right chaps, i’ve busted one down the gym, and my guns told me we are going to win!

    0-1 Arsenal, Eboue to score!


    See you at full time, unless it is bad news…



    Give him the baaaaaall

    and he will scooooorrrrrrre!

  19. Evo in OZ

    Guys might is say, i text a mate after about 30 mins to stay the refs are in the Milan pocket!

    Then Kleb gets a yellow to confirm it! Cunts!

  20. Stupid

    Why the fuck is diaby playing in roller skates?

    the fucker cannot stay on his feet for love nor money 🙁

  21. Mike (the neighbour)

    Before my computer crashes again this is better than sex -Not like now but when I was 21 years of age 40 years ago yyyyeeeeeaaahhhhhhhhhh-Fuckin MAGIC

  22. Odub

    Marcel Desailly, Paulo Maldini, Boban, Albertini,Cafu, Costacurta,Rudd Gullitt, Marco Van Basten, Rijkaard,Rui Costa, George Weah… YOUR BOYS TOOK A HELL OF A FUCKING BEATING TONIGHT!!!!


  23. Odub

    Shows Im pissed!!!

    Kept slagging Diaby and Ade off!!!

    What a turn around, we should have been 3-0 up at half time!!

    I still cant believe we’ve beaten the fucking defending champions in their own gaff!! The first ever team to beat AC at home EVER!!!!!

    Let’s see what the experts and press to say tomorrow!

  24. Odub

    Steve! I’m still fucking delirious from last night, and the brandy and vino’s still swirling around somewhere in my system!!! We fucking beat AC Milan in Milan! Can you fucking believe it!! Just read Pedros analysis, spot on! How the fuck did he do that pissed last night?!!!

  25. Steve

    I had a bottle of red and 5 cans of Stella, singing in my living room on my own. I don’t even feel hungover. High as a cunting kite. My missus said I was singing ‘Bejeesus said paddy you sing it so well’ at midnight.