Noble for Flamini? Kaka plays, Seedorf out and £70 million quid to spend in the summer!

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Ok first things first, West Ham’s Mark Noble is being lined up as Flamini’s replacement according to one of the redtops, not sure I believe this one as I think Flamini will stay, or at least I hope he stays, as I hope Noble does… at West Ham.Also, it’s time that Arsenal dug a little deeper this time round and signed an established player and not a trainee, I’m fed up with the work in progress Arsene, I’m getting older!

Kaka has recovered, really? I get really annoyed with their injury list, it’s all made up, but if Seedorf is injured as they say, that’s a big plus for us, as I thought he was their best player by a mile last time.

After Saturday I’m not hugely confident, I thought we were rubbish, apart from two moments of magic, Nick and Phil’s goals, it’s not often you see Senderos kick the ball in a straight line when he’s near the goal, it was just a shame it was the wrong goal and super Nick just didn’t give up, did he?

Do that in the Milan goal Phil and you’ll be our new hero, I thought Theo played really well though.

Cesc makes a rallying cry, well Cesc, you’re the one who’s not on form so listen to your own rallying cry.

If we can pinch this, we’re in the next round, where we’ll no doubt draw Real or someone else as tough, I’m more interested in the Premier league and too many more games like the villa one and we’ll be lucky to finish 3rd.

The huge, huge cloud with the silver lining for me though, is that the boy wonder returns to the bench tomorrow, and he really can make the difference.

Remember his goal against Inter pre season? We need his predatory skills, for me no one is more skilled on the ball than he is, no one, bring him on with half an hour to go and he could nick it for us with one moment of magic.

If, that is, the defence can stop conceding at the other end.

We’ll all be up for this one and all hoping we can get our season back on track, but there again I thought that on Saturday.

Finally we have £70 million in the transfer kitty said Edelman, add the £5.5 million we got for Diarra and that makes £75.5 million available.

What chance of spending that on an established star player?…none, that’s what chance.

There has to be a Bobby Pires or Tony Adams out there somewhere, doesn’t there?

Hey correct me if I’m wrong but have we not reached that point in the season where the spuds can’t catch us? I think they can equal our points but only if we don’t get another, then they would have to better our goal difference.

I’ll be watching this one at home and praying, I just hope the boys do us proud, recently they haven’t played the way they can, when we’re firing, no team is as good and no team can beat us, I just hope you get that belief back guys, the season’s finale is fast approaching.

Go get ‘em boys, for England, Eduardo and St.George!

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  1. Evo in OZ

    Geoff im so keen for the league as well, but i will be absolutley inconsolable if we dont win on Wednesday morning (my time). It will be all comps over and only the league left.

    We’re in a strong spot in the league with our fate in our own hands!

  2. Geoff

    You could be right on the name, I was so non plussed I just thought it was David, good spot and well done.

    Evo let’s just hope you’re drinking a celebration toast on the morning of the game then!

  3. Evo in OZ

    i definitely want to be drinking no matter the time! I was thinking of asking my boss for the day off as if we lose i dont think ill be able to work anyway and if we win my thirst will expand 10 fold!

  4. chris

    good morning grovers,
    another game with an eye on the next match, i hope it pays of dividends, we got to see the desire right till the bitter end and full credit for that,
    good call for the animated signs in support of eduardo, that was sheer class,

  5. jimmyfingers

    Big game, big setting, the boys will be up for it big time. Lets hope they put in one of their best displays and put the Champions of Europe to the sword

  6. GunnerPete

    What I would like is for Arsene to sign Noble anyway. This lad has it all, but needs quality around him. He should not replace the Flamster but Gilberto should go and Noble is a natural replacement.

    We still need another, Taller version of Gallas. Fast, but good in the air. That plus a world class left winger who like scoring….Oh wait a minute we have one…Vela. Well, thats that them.

    I now exoect us to win in Milan as AFC has arecord of being the first English club to break records. Just go and take them lads.

  7. Pedro

    I am pretty certain that Vela is a striker, he is just being played out on the wing like Terry was at Monaco?

    I would like to see us sign Noble as well, even though he is a dirty bastard! How many average West ham players go onto great things? Remember how the West ham faithful thought they got a bargain when they flogged Lamps?

    I am with you Geoff, feeling a little indifferent about our Prem and Champs League prospects. Still, we always prove the doubters wrong, lets hope this happens again! RvP could have come back at just the right time. Fresh talented legs! Could be a good close season! He going to be like a new signing!

    £70 million,£6 billion… Wenger wont spend, he is just to damn tight…

  8. Wolfgang Mueller

    The time to spend some of the money was in Jan when a defender and striker to cover RVP shd have been bought. It was then clear to all this two types of players could have have been of some help especially when Arsenal have a great chance of winning the title.
    it could be tougher next season and you don’t find top clubs buying teenagers for epl action in two years time . That said I rest my case. If Arsenal for some reason can’t win the title we will know you have been told. But you never know.
    If Arsenal beat AC anything can happen.Lose badly and you know I know Arsenal will be crucified.

  9. DeeOzGooner

    Morning grovers…getting nervous!

    dont know if persie on the bench is the best idea…i mean he’ll be so rusty! but i guess our bench aint lookin too impressive anywayz…

  10. Evo in OZ

    yeah the RVP bench is a gamble, but another gamble will be the formation. i suspect a 4-5-1, but id like to see Bendtner get a start!

  11. Geoff

    Robin came on a a sub against the Chavs and changed the game from defending to attacking, in fact we scored 2 goals that weren’t allowed and he himself could have had a hatrick, he makes things happen.

  12. Evo in OZ

    Just watching the highlights from the game guys, how did cesc not score from that lay off from kanu jnr?


  13. Evo in OZ

    The lads were pumped to score that equaliser, everyone on the bench thought is was Christmas when Bendtner scored! Wenger was grinning like a cheshire cat!

    Bring on Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelan!

  14. Stupid

    Guys – the issue is not how much wenger has to spend…its who the fuck can he actually buy that would be available, fit into the wage structure and not upset the apple cart.

    The only player who i can see that fits the bill is Quaresma, porto cannot be paying him much more than 20-30 k ( euros ) a weeks so the wages will be fine, he would probably cost in the region of 15-20 large, which again should be more than ok…and finally does he have an ego problem? maybe all top class players have a slight meglomaniac issue!!

    But who else is there? Ronaldinho is 100% leaving the camp nou this summer and i am convinced the chavy mutha fucks will nick him for stupid money. Kaka? no chance… who else is their in world football that regardless of money would improve us?

    A real head scratcher!

  15. Steve

    Morning all, busy morning for once. Catching up from Friday, fuck was I pissed.

    Anyway, Wenger confident the Flamster will sign, if he doesn’t we need a top replacement not Noble.

    After Saturday Wenger must be joining our opinion that the squad is way too light. I thought we were awful. Marlon Harewood looked half tidy when he came on ffs.

    stupid, what happened to the Flam to Man Ure story? Told you it was bollox.

  16. lc

    Noble, I only watched him when we last played Westham. I don’t really see why AW wants him. There is no neeed to sign an English player just because we need an english in the squad. He(AW) should rather find Gilberto and Diaby replacement instead of Flamini. The only English as a top holding midfield I see is Spurs player, Huddlestone, the player we need.

  17. Evo in OZ

    Guys i only watche the highlights i must admit, but we could have scored a few goals if we were deadly accurate and their keeper didnt make a couple of fine saves!

    I think big Phil to start agains Milan (not Toure like last time), RVP on the bench to come on and score the sucker punch, and Almunia has the full blond hair back, so what more do we need?

  18. terry

    mornin all watching the everton match yesterday Yakuba looks a good player, decent first touch and can score goals. Diarra looked shit kept losing the ball and 50-50 tackles his passing was well off. nick a goal tomorrow night and I think we will go throgh. Come you reds

  19. Mark

    Just looked at the fixtures and Man U dont play this weekend, so we can increase our lead again.

    It is always better to have the points in the bag.

    However I do not want to drop out of the CL to win the league.

    I think we can win both still.

    9/4 for the league is a great price.

    Walcott to start tomorrow, Diaby to be on the bench

  20. Steve

    Why haven’t the fucking Mancs got a game then? Perhaps those nice people at the FA didn’t want to burden them after a C.L week.


    Evo, Villa were the better side for much of the game and could have had a couple more themselves. I must confess that with 15 minutes left they looked the more likely to score.

  21. Gunnersaurus

    Morning guys,

    I’m a bit peeved at the weekend’s issues, but you’re never going to be happy dropping points. I have concluded though that Villa are a good team, we didn’t play great and at least we didn’t lose!

    If we can get Noble for a decent price he would act as good cover for the outgoing Gilberto. Other than that I don’t see that we need him?

    RvP coming back into contention is a good boost for the team, we could do with his explosive shooting ability and set piece play. When was the last time we scored a free kick?

    I think we are going to nick it late tomorrow, Seedorf missing is massive if its true!

    Come on you Reds!

    Anyone going out there?

  22. Stupid

    steve – re: the flamster story, i 100% assure you this is a real story, i was led to believe it would be broken over the weekend by a red top, the press have this story and will choose to break it when they see best. i would not be surprised to see it rolled out on the run up to the title decider at OT.

  23. Evo in OZ

    im hitting the sack (10pm) here to get my rest up for the big one in 1 more days time!

    Come on you gooners, 2-0 to us against Milan!

  24. Steve

    Stupid, if they all had the story they would get it out as soon as possible to get the ‘exclusive’.

  25. Mike (the neighbour)

    Bit of a rush today Reckon either the Flamani story is a crock or The press have agreed to a press shutdown as they did with Prince Harry -I prefer the crock theory myself(sorry stupid) Will pick up later when I return pissed from,a tapas bar in Croydon -yes they do exist -and better than Spain !!

  26. Stupid

    The press work in mysterious, devious ways 😉

    Especially the press that is owned by a certain mr murdoch!

  27. Stupid

    and i can tell you this for FACT, myles palmer knows about this story and has chosen to keep quiet.

    its a fucking huge huge story that could/will swing the title.

  28. gazzap

    Steve, man u dont have a game in the PL next w/e becasue they are playing in the FA cup against Pompey.
    thats why a win over wigan is vital. its a 4pm KO which is normally a bad thing but when the others are not playing its OK. we do need to win it though.

  29. Pedro

    How do you know Myles Palmer knows about this story?

    Why would the paper all keep quiet? Murdoch doesn’t own the all of the red tops! You know how the papers like to rival each other with the spoilers!

  30. Stupid

    Pedro, i could not really disclose how i know myles knows, but rest assured he does. Murdoch does not own all the red tops but he is one very powerful man.

    Lets just leave it, and see what happends lads. I have said far toooo much already!

  31. Pedro

    Well, its not a transfer beyond the realms of possibility? But I can’t see how he’d fit into their system?

    Myles Palmer talks a lot of shite, Reo Coker was nailed on and in for a medical last summer?

    It will be a sad day for Arsenal if it happens, but we’ll get over it!

    I hope your source is a real sick joker!

  32. Pedro

    You know that it is illegal for ManU to tap him up until his contract expires?

    Only foreign clubs can speak to him, otherwise its tapping up.

  33. Stupid

    Pedro, reo-choker DID have a medical at arsenal over xmas 2006, he failed it and it was kept quiet to protect BOTH parties from any embarrasment… i thought this was common knowledge by now????!!!!

    Myles is very well connected, trust me.

  34. Geoff

    So what is Myles Palmer the Oracle?

    He won’t go to ManU because the midfielders they have are as good if not better and he would struggle to get a game, add that to the fact they they can’t afford him.

    Finally he wouldn’t do that to the team or his mates and I could understand all this suspense if they were buying Kaka, but it’s Flamini for fucks sake.

    I’m not saying I don’t believe your source believes it, I’m just saying I don’t.

    How long do we go before we know who’s right ?

  35. Stupid

    Not suggesting anybody is the oracle, just that myles is very well connected and his firmly rooted with decent sources from within the club. GG really took to him and got him well and truly inside the club.

    Like i said, lets wait and see what happens chaps!

  36. Pedro

    If Reo Coker failed a medical at the Arse, he would have failed it at Villa surely?

    I just don’t believe he could keep his mouth shut if he knew something like that? Nor could any of the other red tops… and all the weblogs!

    I’ll be impressed if the story is rolled out in 3 weeks, that’s some serious media collusion over a football player!

  37. Stupid

    Many players have failed medicals at one club but gone on to sign for another, not a strange or unheard of thing in football at all.

    Some clubs are a lot more strict on medicals… even sicknote anderton passed a medical once!

  38. Steve

    Without wishing to be rude I have always found Myles Palmer to be an anally retentive, pompous cunt to be honest. He churns out bigoted self rightous comments with no justification and he predicts results with about as much success as pensioners fuck.

  39. Stupid

    Yeah, i also remember him saying franny jeffers was the new jimmy greaves.

    a label he has tagged young da silva with now.

    He certainly has a penchant for old greavsie.

  40. Geoff

    Franny Jeffers! now there’s a name from the past, what do you think possessed the great man to spent 8 million pounds on someone that resembled the FA Cup?

  41. Phobia

    Subs:Lehmann-Van Persie-Diaby-Senderos-Denilson-Bendtner-Rosicky
    Arsenal 1-AC Milan 0

  42. Geoff

    Read the rest of it, it’s left wing.

    If only the liberals that read it understood the scum fucks they support are the cunts that bleed this country dry, use everything that’s free and contribute fuck all save a few illegitimate, ill educated kids, who in turn sponge off the hard working tax payers and rob the Guardian readers that made a safe haven for the arsewipes to continue not to work and have all the rights that you don’t get.

  43. chris

    god i hope you are wrong stupid, but you did call the score for the game on saturday, so you did better than the rest of us on that front,

  44. Geoff

    I was being easy Terry, you should hear what I really think of paying for all those low life’s to do fuck all but have a good time, whilst I work my bollocks off.

    32 billion on defence, 90 odd on National health and 150 on spongers and people that never work, go figure.

  45. Steve

    Geoff, you’ve been saying we need a left winger all season. i guess that wasn’t the type you meant?

  46. Geoff

    Nice one Steve! we do need a left winger though, but who out there would we go for, Qaresma, is he a lefty? or Robinho? any thoughts Grovers?

  47. Geoff

    Quaresma eh? Ok Steve, subtle, you did that with calling me illiterate! but I think we were both wrong, is this better? and if it is, is he left footed?

  48. Steve

    I hadn’t even noticed either spelling mate. We both knew who we were talking about. When I’ve seen him play he does the Pires thing of cutting in from the left so I assume he is right footed.

  49. Steve

    I’m not aware whether he is better than Vela or not. He is established in world football though, which I believe we need at the moment.

  50. Stupid

    Quaresma is i-fucking-deal.

    Whippet fast, incredible technique, incredibly skillful, a right footed player who prefers to play on the left ( freddie, pires ) and scores goals for fun.

    Juat fucking pay whateve it costs and sign the cunt.

  51. Geoff

    Touche boys, Robin’s been named to go to Milan but no Kolo, great news is Hoyte and Eboue are going, maybe he’ll lose them over there somewhere.

  52. Stupid

    Eboue is nailed on to play on the right of a 5 man midfield, he will also defo play diaby on the left with cesc and hleb behind ade and flamster holding.

    100000000000000% obvious the team he will play tomm night


    Sagna Gallas Senderos Clichy

    Eboue Fab4 Flamini Hleb Diaby


  53. Stupid

    he will have gilberto on the bench to come on and tighten things up if we lead and RVP and theo to make an impact over the last 20 if still 0-0 or 1-0 behind.

    We only need 1 goals cos they are NOT gonna score more than 1.

  54. Steve

    This has all the hallmarks of Madrid revisited. Team is off form, key players missing, against one of the favourites. I went over there believing we had no chance. And just look at what happened.

  55. Geoff

    You’re are right, it does, suddenly I feel a little more confident, don’t know why he persists with Eboue though.

  56. andy c

    i really hope diaby doesnt start, hes obviously well off the pace looking at the weekends performance, id much rather theo started on the left, hes full of confidence after bagging the brace at brum

  57. Stupid

    Forget the bullshit hype in the press about us floundering, we are an international team, full of overseas players who truly wish to perform on the european stage as opposed to the domestic stage.

    Meelan may nick one goal but i can defo see us going through one way or another, would love a rip roaring penalties win to life the doom and gloom and give the lads a shot in the arm for the league.

    I feel we will go far in the champs league this year and lose the title to manure. My fears will be compounded if we demolish meelan with a top notch performance.

  58. terry

    hope your right about meelan stupid. but wrong about the league you had a good call for the result this weekend though the only one I think and your horse won!

  59. Stupid

    Just think at some point ( unless the injury list subsides considerably ) the team/manager will have to decide where our priorties lie.

    In all honesty we can only win the league or the champs league with out squad. Utd can seriously push for another treble with theirs. I hate to say it but its reality.

  60. Stupid

    I cannot see us going out tommrow night so it may be the champs league, also i have had real vivid thoughts about a arsenal v utd champs league semi or final!

  61. Bud

    I have it good authority from President Bush that Flamini is signing for LA Galaxy. I can’t tell you who told me because the bloke down the pub might get executed !!!!

  62. gazzap

    why the hell doesn’t wenger ever give a proper update on Rosicky? I reckon he has knocked him off and buried him under his (arsenal) patio and hopes that if he doesn’t mention him for a year everyone will forget about him. I reckon he has hypnotised the journos not to ask any questions about Super Tom, because they never ask about him.
    does anyone actually know what injury is keeping our first choice left winger out?

  63. gazzap

    I knew it. A fucking conspiracy!! even ‘Le Grove’ is in on it. My post about Rosicky is awaiting deletion!!

  64. Geoff

    No probs Gazzap we were both out and we’re concerned the muppets would come on, just a precaution old boy!

  65. Stupid

    in all seriousness, i do recall the czech national physio guy having a pop at our medical team regarding the treatment of the little maestro….could he have a point?

    captain billy has knocked it, rvp seems a permanent crook…maybe there could be some truth to it.

  66. Geoff

    Could be our training, though it does seem strange to have so many permanently injured players, doesn’t it.

  67. Steve

    The British government are negotiating his release as we speak. Don’t hold your breath, Gordon Brown would struggle to release a turd the morning after a vindaloo.

  68. Stupid

    Rosicky and RVP are potentially our 2 most creative attacking forces when fully wired and fit….how the fuck would the manure cope without Roon and Ron for most of the season!!

    Rosicky has never really shown us anything like his best form over more than 2 games in a row, he would be a major major influence on how we played and created/scored goals if he stayed fit. Not stated enough in the media how big a player he is for us.

  69. Big Raddy

    FFS. I go away for a week and come back to a broken Eduardo and 4 lost points against piss ordianry sides. What the fuck were you boys doing? Playing with yourselves?

  70. Big Raddy

    You are right. Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa.

    I fancy us tomorrow night. We were unlucky at THOF and AC will leave more space at home. Though I am concerned that if AC score first, we will lose our composure and flood forward, leaving us open to the counter attack.

  71. Geoff

    I think Ade will nick one and the the secret weapons of Robin and Theo will come on for Eboue and Diaby.

    Not that I would start with Diaby and Eboue, but I bet he does.

    2-1 Arsenal.

  72. Big Raddy

    make you right on that Geoff. Diaby and Eboue to start. But perhaps AW will surprise us and start 4-4-2, with Theo or NB . We need to score..I would be delirious with a 2-1 AFC.

  73. Stupid

    0-0 AET and we win on pens with theo scoring the winner

    or 1-1 FT we go through on away goals, a rocket from the flamster.

  74. Stupid

    pato is the only one that worries me, he looks lethal….but the rest are all up for there free bus passes soon.

  75. Stupid

    we need ade to perform like he did against the chavs at the bridge last season, that was his most underrated game for us, he was an unplayable monster that day.

  76. Kingman5

    First time on this blog and well done for the good job at least somewhere gooners fans can share views.
    Well its countdown to the big day of the season.I think the outcome of the game tomorrow will have a very significant effect to rest of our season.It will either boost or drain us psychologically depending on what the media will write the following morning because what is said or written alway affect players one way or another.

    That said,i have a very strong feeling we will make the last 8 and these 3 reasons will be the difference.

    1)Away goal:The only thing i was afraid of in the first leg was conceading an away goal and thank God we didn’t.I know will score a goal or two and that will do for us,reason,Milan have played 13 league games at home and three champs league home games.They have only managed to score more than 1 goal in 4 matches only in all these games.So,i think a single goal will do for us and stay tight at the back.

    2)Seadorf/Kaka:If seadorf is out it will be a massive blow to Milan and a huge bonus to us.I think in the 1st leg he restricted alot the movement of Flamster and Fabgas to push forward.And even if Kaka is playing he will not be 100% himself as players always are when coming in from injury.So we need to keep him quiet the way we did at the emirates.

    3)Eboue/Robin V.P:Eboue will be a massive boost in the middle of the park as long as he doesn’t start his usual silly,childish and anoying play acting.Also his speed and exploits in the flanks will be an added advantage which i think we really lacked in the Villa game coz Clichy and Sagna were not going forward which i understand coz of counter attacks of Agbanlahor and young who are very fast and you can’t afford to give them room.And we only scored in the last minute as a result of Clichy and Sagna pusshing forward.
    Can someone please remind me the last time we scored a direct free kick goal?This is where Robin VP comes in.He is the only dead ball genius left in the squad.Even if he plays the last 15 mins and we get at free kick around the 18 yard area,RVP can put the ball behind the net and i have a feeling he can be the difference tomorrow coz he’s been out for a long time and will be hungry.

    All the best to the boys,I predict 1:1 draw or 2:1 to the Arsenal.

  77. Pedro

    Welcome to Le Grove Kingman!

    I’d have to agree with your post. I think sometime we miss eboue a little (I prefer him to play right in certain games when little Mozart’s out!) because he is a half decent defender and due to his season at right back, I think he appreciates you have to track back.

    I think 5 in midfield against Milan could roll them. We just need to watch the long ball to Ade, its easy to deal with for a player of Maldini’s stature.

    I can’t remember the last freekick we scored and that’s exactly the type of goal that could win it tomorrow night!

    Seedorf is a massive loss, he is classy and has a shot on him!

    Its a big game for Big Phil, lets hope he has his concentration hat on!

    2:0 to the Arse! Come on during the day, its a bit more lively!

  78. EVO in OZ

    Huge game. I think its a 4-5-1 to start and with the expanded bench for the CL we’ll have the firepower of Bendtner and RVP to come on if we need the goals.

    ————Kanu Jnr