Unemployed? it’s Wengers fault, Rosicky’s knee bone connected to his hamstring, thigh bone connected to his…

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Arsene Wenger claims that Britain’s unemployment is his fault, the world is truly against him today, the papers are having a field day, I think ‘throw the shovel away Arsene’ we are now in siege mentality and should answer all the questions by playing football and stuffing whatever teams come at us, not whining like bitches, all that happens when you do that is we get the other teams fans and managers against us as well as the press.

Le boss is also banging on about how many times we get fouled in a season, but it turns out the Mancs and the toffees get fouled more, so I think get off that one quick and start concentrating on winning again, he also says we look sharp in training, so I hope he puts his strongest team out today and really hope he starts with Ade and Theo up front. This game is made for Theo and we need Ade to counter Carew, the last thing we want with him around, is a hapless Bendtner trying for another own goal, harsh as that may sound, he seems to do it when we defend against height.

I still like him but he hasn’t taken his chances, he will, but now is not his time, it’s Ade’s. So play Ade.

If he doesn’t do that and he rests Ade then play Bendtner with Theo, don’t go 4-5-1, yes I know there’s a contridiction in there somewhere, but Theo is the common denominator.

Fran Merida may be on his way back to the Grove as he’s not getting the games Wenger was promised under Coleman, he will be a great one day, mark my words, we should nurture him.

Rosicky apparently has another injury, just as he was coming back from his thigh injury, he gets knocked on the knee, which is of course is connected to his hamstring, so he now has a hamstring injury, trouble with that is, that’s no doubt connected to something else, there’s a song about that isn’t there?

I think we ought to cut our losses with little Mozart, he doesn’t play his music nearly enough for the team and frankly there must be someone out there we could buy that would be more reliable and less injury prone.

I’m off to the game today and really believe we can get a good result, I also believe we need one with Milan coming up, you know, for confidence, but if I had a choice, it would be the Prem, hands down.

The hub cap stealers won the Champions league 2 years ago, but are not taken seriously as they haven’t won the Premier league, which I think is the real deal now.

So, strongest team please boss and go for the jugular, have a great day Grovers, I know yesterday I said 3 nil, but today I’m going 4 nil, ‘cos I believe!!! plus, siege mentality, everyone hates the Arsenal!

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  1. Geoff

    Morning all, I’m heading to the game via my office so I won’t be joining you for around 3 hours, have a nice day!

  2. Mike (the neighbour)

    Woww 4 now -cant see it myself but hey ho I am new to this .Ade was interviewed on Sky and he says there is a great spirit in the team and he is looking forward ro RVP coming back ….oh and I only caught the tail end but something about …I dont av to ask for zee ball I just look up at zee end of a run and eet is zere …..so there we av sorry have it -a wins a wins a win so I dont care whether its a win by one or more .Have a great day and not too much in the pub before the game please -and geoff lay off Bud otherwise he may wanna arm wrestle you !

  3. chris

    morning gang, wenger is at his best when under pressure,
    lots of positives from the villa, berger is fighting for a spot on the bench, the fucking hoof miester, remember him!
    i do worry about mellberg but speed and ade up front will shine thru
    still one all for la galaxy v seoul, becks missed a decent free kick,

    2-1 still for me, today

  4. chris

    yeah evo, i read that on da villas site earlier, it would have been an interestin event if he came to le grove

  5. chris

    stupid. i sincerly hope you are wrong, fyi fox soccer seems to be the only decent channel to watch the match on “tvu”

  6. Evo in Oz

    Yeah multi bet is accumulator, this is one i just put on for the fun of it!

    Selection: : LJUBICIC, Ivan (CRO) @ 1.22
    Event: ATP Zagreb, LJUBICIC, Ivan (CRO) vs STAKHOVSKY, Sergiy (UKR)

    Selection: : KUZNETSOVA, Svetlana (RUS) @ 1.53
    Event: WTA Dubai, DEMENTIEVA, Elena (RUS) vs KUZNETSOVA, Svetlana (RUS)

    Selection: : DAVENPORT, Lindsay (USA) @ 1.13
    Event: WTA Memphis, DAVENPORT, Lindsay (USA) vs GOVORTSOVA, Olga (BLR)

    Selection: : ROMA @ 1.70
    Event: Serie A, ROMA vs PARMA

    Selection: : AC MILAN @ 1.36
    Event: Serie A, AC MILAN vs LAZIO
    Market: Draw No Bet

    Selection: : REAL MADRID @ 2.05

    Selection: : BAYERN MUNICH @ 1.72
    Event: Bundesliga, SCHALKE 04 vs BAYERN MUNICH
    Market: Draw No Bet

    Combined Dividend: 17.195

  7. Geoff

    I’m sticking on 4 nil, I just got to my office and going next door for a beer, be back soon, by the the prediction may have gone up!

  8. jimmyfingers

    I’m with Geoff still, 4-0

    Everyone who’s going to the game good luck do our boys proud. I’m thinking Eduardo will make up the bulk of the singing. I shall, as usual, be following the game via text and the sandwich man’s radio, all the time pursuing an existential debate whether I picked the right career

  9. Mike (the neighbour)

    Jimmyfingers just read article do you reckon he is related to Martin Taylor -in any event Graham Taylor is the name of my Bank Manager so he aint got a chance of being in my good books on all c(o)unts

  10. AN Steve

    Keep seeing one magpie oh shit!!!!

    Mike I have arm wrestled Geoff a few times and I do believe once I won (kicked him under the table) but he would never admit it. Did beat him at pool over 12 frames… now that was funny!!!!!

  11. Geoff

    Prophet of doom, you lie, doing both of you was like wrestling 8 year old girls, and I’m not even that strong!

    I’m off and beer has made a difference 4.5 nil to the Arsenal!

  12. team spirit

    I am going with a new record of win margin which means at least 8 – 0. i like villa a s a team and am sad they will eb taking the back lash of this beginning or re charcging our PL title tilt.

    Walcott hattrick
    Ade Hattrick

    eh thats 9? I will take it

  13. Stupid

    well well well

    Stupid Says:
    February 29, 2008 at 9:44 am

    Anyhow, i think tommorows game is going to be mega tough, Carew is a player ( like hasselbaink, drogba, rooney ) who always does well historically against us, and he will be a fucking handful from corners, freekicks tommorow. Big Phil has got to take a yellow card at some point and fucking take the lanky cuntus right out,

    They are a pacey team like us and it should produce a superb spectacle, but as we have one eye on tuesdays mega clash over in italia, i can see us dropping 2 points and scraping a 1-1 or a 2-2.

    As long as we don’t go 1 or 2 nil up and squander the lead i won’t be too dissapointed, as i firmly believe we are going to do the usual 1-0 down early doors and then plaster the brummie fucks for the rest of the game and hit the post 13 times, have 4 cast iron pens denied and meet a goalkeeper on super duper mega strength steroids who will make saves that would put a cartoon goalkeeper to shame. Finally nabbing a toepoker in the 85th minute to get a point.

    Ok the lead at the top of the table may be down to a solitary point by saturday evening but i have always maintained that the trip to old trafford will determine the title this season. As long as we are level or 1 point behind when we go up there…we can win it!

  14. Mike (the neighbour)

    stupid by name but not by nature eh !!
    Be interested to see what the guys who went to the match thought coudnt get a real feel from Sky-Thank fuck for the late goal though and it was late !!!

  15. Odub

    Gents just got back in from the game!! Lost my voice, pissed off with the tube, but hey we’re still top even though we were absolutely SHIT!!

  16. Stupid

    been on the phone to a mate who went…appaently theo started on fire and should have had 2 in the first half…but faded badly in the 2nd.

    overall we were very lucky so he says…does not bode well 🙁

  17. Evo in Oz

    The 2 guys i have championed since i started blogging on here are Senderos and /bendtner, 1 scored an own goal and 1 scored the leveler! hahahaha….

    thank god for the draw!

  18. Mike (the neighbour)

    Got the impression Villa just played a total defensive game and were just looking for the odd break -Odub says they were shite -certainly from sky got the impression it was gonna be a win for Villa after the 1st half goal -this may however be the point that counts at the end of the day but wishful thinking may be kicking in

  19. Stupid

    fucking hell we got lucky, just seen the whole game on sky, villa are a bloody good side…much much better than i thought.

  20. James Woodford

    If Arsenal don’t win the title they have no one to blame but AW.I know the team is carrying many injuries but his refusal to sign players in Jan shows how stubborn he can be.This year Arsenal have a great chance of winning the title but could blow it if
    things don’t improve.
    I know in AW we trust but sometimes he is going overboard with his tactics. His insistence on playing attacking soccer could yet come to haunt him.
    Against villa with the defence so hig up and with Senderos the lone figureback we were lucky . If you play like that against MU and other fleet footed teams you will be taken to the cleaners.
    We are entering a decisive stage in the race and defeat against Milan could derail the season thanks to the small squad.This has happened in 2004 and 2005. the question is can it happen again Why not.With the younger players full of potential but not good enuf is it any surprise if Arsenal end up empty handed?
    But all is not gloom.If we perform to our true ability there is no reason why Arsenal can’t beat the red nosed in his own backyard.To do that the defence must perform to a high standard and try not to be clever by passing the ball when under pressuer in the box. Hoof it and you would be surprised how effective it can be. It gives the defence time to regroup. Yes I know it’s alien to AW but this what wins matches. At the end of the day AW must ask himself whethter he wants to win or play pretty soccer andlose/draw.
    You can’t have it both ways. It has been happening to often and Arsenal are getting punished.

  21. kingkongkirk

    Ha ha i knew that would catch most people out. What you are referring to is the sky stat that says How many fouls were one by teams. Remember and wake to the fact, that not all fouls are given.
    Villa are a sneaky side..very very sneaky and ashely young is ready to go down, even if somebody in the crowd coughs. That final miniute goal made my day, considering what the villa fans were singing about eduardo. Funny that some minutes later, curtis davies is strechered off and is out for 6 month’s apparently.
    Karma will always get you. Nevertheless wish davies a speedy recovery.
    John Carew was playing most off the second half in what could only been termed as a holding midfield role. Villa play old 80’s style german percentage football.

  22. Geoff

    I think you’re right James, it was very disappointing. They were very defensive, but we looked like we had run out of ideas, and when we brought Gilberto and Denilson on, I wanted to cry.

  23. Stupid

    The meelan game is now our biggest single one off match sinch that fateful day in paris almost 2 years ago……….. i met a nice lass from the BBC on the eurostar on the way over, she shooted her mouth off about how there is a dossier the size of the bible on linekars roving eye, and how the beeb have had to surpress a lot of its content from the press.

    Soz lads, off on a teeny weeny tangent there 😉

  24. Evo in OZ

    guys i must admit, i didnt watch the game as it was a 2am kickoff for me, usually i watch no matter the time, but i just had the funny feeling logging on this morning i would see a draw and a Man U win.

    i just want to reverse the luck and have the belief we can do it!

    If we dont win on Tuesday (which i expect us to win), im not sure if i can continue to go on for the rest of the season, it could just be too much!

  25. Stupid

    i am usually the most confident positve gooner on earth, but if we get cruelly knocked out against meelan then i can really see us capitulate in the league.

    FFS we have the chavs away, pool at home and manure away in the space of 10 days in april.

    Look at the fixture list, the norvern cunts aint half got a pretty simple run in, cannot see pool taking anything off them at OT, they will probably get a draw at the bridge, and then its all down to our big game up there…and whether we bother to turn up this time!!! That FA cup defeat has done exactly what many of us predicted..its started a rot in confidence and the whole brum debacle has only compounded matters.

    What fucked up luck though? Its an unreal existence being a gooner as this shit happens year after year aftee year….i will list em:

    1. Spanked meelan and ade misses a 2 yard open goal in thr 91st min that would have given us HUGE confidence after the utd defeat.

    2. Lost eddy as we know, but yet the arsenal are still the dirtiest team in the world..can u imagine the uproar in the press had senderos/gallas broken a players leg? FUCK all sympathy and a major campaign against us… we would have probably got some points deducted by the FA.

    3. Hleb/ade guilty of failing to kill the brum game off with simple chances, allowing the penalty that was never a penalty to cost us 2 easy points and gallas his sanity.

    4. Bizzare own goal yesterday that meant as per usual the opponents sat back deep for 70 minutes and foiled us….until the 94th minute!

    Oh well, rant over, just fucking get into gear on tuesaday night lads. this meelan team are big time there for the taking…has all the hallmarks of the glorious night in madrid, almost 2 years to the day!

    Cmon lets fucking do this, because we CAN do this!

  26. Arthur Smith

    Arsenal face an uphill battle to win the title. I personally believe there is conspiracy to stop Arsenal starting with the Eduardo incident. Furthermore the penalty in the Birmingham game wasn’t one as tv replays show. i wonder what the FA will do to refs who cock up a game? Why did he give one?Is it to stop Arsenal frowm winning. You never know.
    This conspiracy theory has happened bf and I think some people only want the red faced to win for some unknown reason.

  27. Jimmy Wong

    I am inclined to agree with the views of some fans who say there is a conspiracy to stop Arsenal winning games or titles so that it is the red face ones to win.in the past Arsenal players have been kicked and no action was taken .Reyes was kicked in Sept 2004 and I wonder how the balding eagle has still managed to officiate.
    Until and unless the FA step in and give more severe punishemnet for mistimed tackels read as deliberte aim to injure then the re will be more such Eduaurdo incidents.
    As for Taylor I suppose he will serve his mandatory ban and playa again.As everybody know he is getting away with muder and until the FA impose heavier punisment I am of the opinion the FA condones the mistimed tackles disguised to injure an opponent. I believe it will boomerang on England in the wc of 2010.
    Watch out.