Juve say no, Robin returns and 58 game winning streak comes to an end.

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The news we all wanted to hear is that Juve are not after the Flamster, they felt their honest relationship with Arsenal should be rewarded with a statement, they duly stated that they are not after our midfield maestro.There are rumours, generated here yesterday regarding the Mancs, but the consensus was we don’t believe he’d go to the dark side, so sign the fucking contract Matti and let’s all move on, don’t turn this into the French national pastime, the ‘I’ll sign it when I’m ready contract’ – Aka Henry and Vieira, you saw what happened to them and you saw what happened to Cashley.

I believe in the curse of leaving Arsenal, so be warned!

The boy wonder is back in training and word on the blogs is he will be back on the bench for the Milan game, I think that would depend on how fit he has kept himself, but it’s very positive news for the run in.

I watched the girls lose to Everton last night and depressing though it was, they were good! Arsenal that is.

Unfortunately for them though, they were cheated by a dodgy ref, Everton wasted 9 of the last 11 minutes and got away with it, the ref only played 3 of the 4 minutes of injury time and then blew up, and we had to endure constant views of a fat ugly scouse bird in her technical area, reminiscent of watching red nose when we play the Mancs and the game is still being played.

Still a big well done to our girls, you are a credit to both football and your gender, it’s always a pleasure watching you play, sometimes more than I should say.

Okay, only one day to go before we can open our lead at the top, we must, must, win this game if we are to end up as premier league champions, we beat them away so there’s no reason we can’t beat them at home.

The Chavs have a banana skin game with West Ham and the Mancs have Fulham away so let’s hope the ‘Bull’ rises to the occasion and gets a result for us and the Cottagers.

A great days blogging yesterday Grovers, let’s finish the week on a high.

Have a go at picking the team for tomorrow, the score, and the scorers, I’ll start the ball rolling.

Sagna Phil Gallas Clichy
Hleb Cesc Flamster Diaby
Ade Theo

Arsenal 3-0

Scorers Theo, Ade and Cesc.

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  1. Mike (the neighbour)

    Chris when youre in competition with Renaldo to be top goal scorer I dont blame ade for taken major chances -Bendtner did pull ade off the floor when he was down so maybe the relationship aint that bad -I am sure a motivational “glare ” every now and then from Gallas will make it all right

  2. chris

    yeah mike i want that golden boot for him, but i have to say i did smack my head and shout at the tv for not passing the ball last week, but a third goal would have ended the contest, the killer instinct is needed tommorrow

    yeah terry he has removed himself from keanos ass this year for a fucking change

  3. Odub

    I’m back, went a bit further today….

    1 bottle of red and a pint of guinness, and still fucking pissed despite the fish&chips

    Pedro will see you down the S&B tomorrow 2.00 pronto!

    Anyone else popping in?

  4. Odub

    Good idea!! got 2 bottles of red already, get 4 litre size bottles of import guinness and happy days!!

    i take it Steve’s still down the pub, and where the fucks Bud?

    Djourou & RVP back in trainning today, but will not be involved V Villa or Milan latest from Arsenal.com

  5. chris

    i mean the shot odub, i got most of brentwood addicted to it,
    tia maria and a bailyes head, in shot size if you dont know it

  6. Mike (the neighbour)

    Do you reckon steves been abducted by the arabs for taking the piss out of gooner Jeremy Beadle and Odub who is Tia Marie she sounds an interesting “girl” if she does funny things to you -Take your video camera and you could star on youporn

  7. Stupid

    not a bad shout at all to start nick and theo up front for villa game, as they clearly get on and will at least pass to each other.

    whichever way you look at it, the ade/nick relationship will never ever be the same again, and as we will need to play a 4-5-1 against meelan, why not bench ade?

    to be honest, i am fucked off with the big fella in recent weeks, his head has clearly grown massively and his comments about being better than eto and henry have been the begining of his downfall in recent weeks.

    but what really pissed me right off, and i only just remembered this..was the way he just trundled off back to the centre circle when theo hit the 2nd goal last week, everyone else was celebrating with theo but the fucking big headed cunt looked well pissed off, pissed of that HE has not scored.


  8. Odub

    Stupid, I agree. Since the spuds game I’ve noticed there’s and arrogance about the guy that almost reminds me of TH14!
    It’s almost like he’ started thinking he’s the stra of the show, and everyone else is a bit player!! I noticed during the Theo celebrations, all the forward and midfileld players celebrated with him apart from Ade! aint the first time it’a happened either! Just watch, last seaon he was mouthing off about Manure wanting him, next summer will def be intresting for all the fucking wrong reaosns!!

  9. Mike (the neighbour)

    Getting the shakes now thinking of that wine in the wine fridge calling me Mike -Mike
    Dont drink til the suns over the yard arm however its pissing down here so here goes nothing -Grove Mill here I come -and I really fancy fish and chips too .Wifes got a sore throat so shes gone to suck a fishermans friend so am on my own

  10. Odub

    I think so too Mike!

    Steve it was nice knowing you pal, but taking the mick out the Arabs was always going to be yuor downfall. Hope it was quick and painless mate!

  11. Odub

    3 points tomorrow, do Milan on Tuesday and happy days!!

    Stupid I don’t know who chris drinkigs with, but they must have a cast iron stomach!!!

  12. Mike (the neighbour)

    I really hope your wrong stupid I cant stand watching penalties it reminds me of watching doctor who from behind the couch when I was a kid -Phew this grove mills great

  13. Odub

    I hope not!!! me and penalties dont get on very well! vague memory of England V Germany Wembley June?July 1996 and 8 cans of Diamond White not good! Also remember 2001 V Galatasaray! Painfull!

  14. Mike (the neighbour)

    …….and stupid I dont mind him being jealous of others getting goals cos hopefully it will inspire him to get more -We dont want him getting his comeuppance whilst he is at arsenal do we -especially this season ???

  15. Odub

    terry i saw that mate!! i suppose him breaking the poor sods fucking leg didnt have anything to do with it did it?!!! the fucking prat has got some fucking nerve!

    Anyway, we’ve done the whole kill Taylor and all things brummie bit earlier this week, let’s be happy and positive lads!!

  16. Mike (the neighbour)

    yeah Terry and he links wengers comments with the death threats he received too -CUNT -he started it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Odub

    Gents, going back to the pub as nothing happening in my office!!

    Have a good one, See Pedro and whoever else turns up at the S&B tomorrow.

    Enjoy the game either way!


  18. Mike (the neighbour)

    Pedro Physio has just up dated injuries -It has removed all the very doubtfuls as above and put a slight doubt against Diaby

  19. Stupid

    i like team players, ade i am still not over convinced with, his touch and general passing ability is terrible…but he has been given a good run and as metioned many times before..any half decnet striker would bang in 20 easy a season in this team with all thechances we create.

    nick defo has a better first touch and overall better passing abilty… i wonder how he would have done had he played all the games ade has…

    but then again, how fucking big would his head be by now?

  20. Stupid

    you need playing time in the premier league, look how furking useless drogba was in his entire first season? nobody would have ever have predicted how he woulld come on for the experience. Ade has shown this to be true this season…..bendter has these lovely little flicks and touches and combines so well with the team overall.

  21. Mike (the neighbour)

    OK guys off now am cooking dinner for my neighbours wife (and yeah Mrs Mike is there ) so must go and do all the stir fry suff .Nice to know Geoff posts -fucks off comes back -critisises the content -fucks off and you dont hear from him -Must be an infestation of gay spiders in his office has driven him to the Pub .Will check later to see if steve has escaped from the Arabs -have a great evening and please god a win tomorrow and I dont care by how many !!!!!!!!!

  22. Stupid

    ok lads all the best with the nag running in half an hours time

    i’m off on the razzle dazzle down abacus in the city

    toodle pip

  23. Geoff

    Ade can score Bendtner looks awkward and sometimes uninterested, Ade and Theo for me tomorrow.

    Just heard from bud, I told him to get on, says he was busy, my arse!

  24. Mike (the neighbour)

    aaahhhh a Member of the Royale family has posted -Dont get ratted tomorrow Jim (geoff ) have a good one …and dont forget the old lady (and I dont mean Mrs Geoffs ) -sorry Mrs geoffs its not personal -its mans stuff

  25. Bud

    Listen Geoff, every now and again I have to go and meet with clients and attend to business which pays for the pleasure of being able to afford to sit all day and do fuck all apart from post on le-grove. Unfortunately for all concerned, today was one of those days and the a couple of mighty fine lloyds syndicates took preference….. Jeez buddy, we arenkt all millionaires and don’t all own Astons… Some of us are still working at it!!!!

    See you grovers at the game tomorrow, pre match meet at Small and Beautiful again…. This time inside…. Satudays are quieter in Bulgarias finest bar and restaurant!!!!

  26. Mike (the neighbour)

    what a reluctant post Bud -tell him to Fuck off if you dont wanna post and if you wanna drive a real aston you can come and sit in mine .You dont have to justify anything to Geoff
    Enjoy tomorrow old son and chill out arseholes exist on this planet its how you cope with them that counts .By the way try arm wrestling geoff he is shit scared of you !!!!

  27. Mike (the neighbour)

    I am really -worried about steve but must go now and get my chopper out -and cut up the stir fry will dip in later adios amigos

  28. Geoff

    Mike has to have wooden blocks on his pedals so he can drive it, don’t get too excited. And it’s an auto so he doesn’t have to anything hard, like changing gears.

    See you all manana!

  29. Mike (the neighbour)

    I am sure he works for news of the world -under cover agent appears on these videos that they show on sky in hotel rooms etc where the camera is hidden in a bag on the floor .When evo reads all this stuff he is gonna be confused with the diversity of topics today and by the way geoff the blocks are deliberate so my high heels dont catch in the mat -and even an auto DB9 pisses over that hairdressers car of yours

  30. Mike (the neighbour)

    where is steve -I hope the arabs havnt done the camel or Barrel thing with him-he’ll never be able to type a blog with a firm hand again

  31. Geoff

    I think the DB9 is for people that couldn’t afford a Vanquish, in other words a poor mans vanquish.

    My car on the other hand is a two seat sports car. I could have got a 4 seater but If I wanted a four seater it would have been a Ferrari.

  32. Stupid

    Gunnersaurus Says:
    February 29, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    Stupids tip… from the insider?

    maybe you should adopt my moniker gunnersaurus……

    Stupid Says:
    February 29, 2008 at 12:20 pm

    btw, this is NOT inside info, this fella is a self confessed horse racing addict and makes a fucking fortune on betfair, which he does for a full time living..and a bloody good living it is.

  33. Stupid

    I gave this tip as soon as i got it around midday, the nag in question was trading at around 15/8 at that junctre.

    Anybody who watched the race WILL understand what a decent shout it was from my betfair man.

    Absoloutely hacked up!

  34. Evo in Oz

    Kanu Jnr-Theo

    Bench: Lehmann-Hoyte-Gilberto-Denilson-Bendtner

    Score 3-1: /Kanu Jnr, Theo, Flamini

  35. Evo in Oz

    huge mate, huge. its actually too big, so i need to re-arrange the lounge room to move the couches back to increase the space between us and the TV.

    cant wait to watch the first game on it!

  36. Geoff

    Enjoy it Evo, also you and I have picked the same team and almost the same score, we’ll be there, I hope one of us is right!

  37. Evo in Oz

    Hey Geoff, only change to the starting line up is Bendtner with Kanu up front as some outlets are saying, however im not sure who will get the nod, him or theo?

  38. chris

    i just had a dream that there was a mass brawl at the game with a pitch invasion, i am serious, it woke me up!!!
    if mellberg gets his game theo and ade might well be a better choice, thoe’s speed and ade’s ability to get a shot quickly, the longs balls today wont work

  39. chris

    if any one else is awake and bored, la galaxy are playing seoul, babayaro just concided a penalty and becks is playing its on fox on the varuios dodgy sites we spoke of earlier

  40. James

    Yeah stupid I phoned someone up and gave them the tip, he got the odds at 11/8…good shout though, fair play because apparently that horse finished miles ahead

  41. Geoff

    Guys I just posted a new and highly infectious blog, that’s full of facts and of course my opinion.

    It answers all the questions Evo.