Walcott doesn’t visit Eduardo, Red and White go for Blocking stake and Almunia speaks on a website

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Ok that headline is for the disgruntled blogger yesterday that was so upset I mentioned Adriano in yesterdays headline, so today I thought I would try something completely factual that doesn’t allow for any imagination and looks a bit like the mother of all blogs …Arsenal.com

He was so upset he even started telling us why at 2.30 this morning, so todays headline is for him, I hope it helps.

Ok Grovers, this is for the rest of you!

Juve go for the Flamster and Inter swoop for Diaby.

True enough Inter Milan, top of Serie ‘A’ chase well known Arsenal crock, Abou Diaby, the Arsenal youngster who recently signed a 6 year contract has attracted their attention, they haven’t seen him play as he’s always injured, but Arsene Wenger signed him so he must be worth a Punt.

Flamini is of course a free agent so any team would be after him but until he signs a new contract, this speculation will go on.

I don’t understand why it always seems to take for ever when signing a contract, how much? How long? and where do I sign? Doesn’t seem overly complicated does it?

Red and White try to increase their stake, makes you wonder what David Dein does all day, doesn’t it? he must have the easiest job in the world, what did you do at work today David?

‘Not a lot love, I did buy another share though’

Theo said that he hasn’t visited Eduardo as he wants the visiting to last so will see him later, or that’s what it said on Arsenal.com

The papers have once again written us off, saying that the goals have dried up and Eduardo’s injury is a massive loss, statement of the obvoius or what?

I think Theo will spring to life if he’s given a central role and with Rocking Robin knocking, we’re not far from salvation, I really think we’ll stuff Villa on Saturday and go on to win the league with games to spare.

John Carew worries me a tad, but I think Theo is the key as he will be trying to show he is a better player that Agbonlahor and Young.

Cracking day of comments yesterday Grovers, you make the none footballing days a pleasure!

Oh and I forgot to mention that Almunia said something interesting on Arsenal.com

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  1. Odub

    4 bottles of export guiness also works!! classic Simpsons episode Geoff, Hey our mate Ryan’s back on!! It’s gon be fun on here this afternoon I tell ya!!

  2. Pedro

    Ryan… bore off…

    Dear oh dear, don’t you have a lecture to attend or something?

    Your rant was so long, I couldn’t even be bothered to read it.

    You came on here, slagged the writer off for being like tribal football and made a condescending comment about someone’s spelling.

    This isn’t a site like that tolerates that type of childish bollocks, if you disagree with the opinion of the writer… fine… but don’t come on preaching like some sort of Headline Nazi or Spelling B champion.

    People come here to get away from people like you. So we wont even indulge you.

  3. Odub

    Chris,didnt even get chance to read it!!! Saw it for 30seconds and then it was gone! Thought it was the Rioja for a sec there!!

  4. Odub

    I just cant believe he came back on!! FFS!! what are they feeding these kids these days?!! Steroids?!!! Apologies to any other teenage bloggers on this site (doubt we have any actually!!)

    Although Pedro does look frighteningly close!!!!

  5. Mike (the neighbour)

    Odub are you taking the piss ive just posted three times and it didnt go through -I think it was Ryan blocking up the tinternet -If it was him he needs a good rodding like all shit kickers -What a sanctimonious bastard “Ill decide ……” wanker
    Geoff can we get spell check on this I am getting parrannoyed about my spelin

  6. chris

    it was extensive to say the least but i am afriad to comment as we are being watched and we are sheep to le-bosses posts,
    pedro i assume you can ban isp and well as ip?

  7. Pedro

    No just German Ryan boring us with more tales of why he is so intelligent and clever and brainy and intellectually superior… oh and did I mention he is smart?


    A fully grown adult and he want kudos for being able to argue with other adults?

    Mike is back!

    I’ll read his post to awaken my senses after attempting to read Ryans rant…

  8. Mike (the neighbour)

    This is the 3rd time ive sent this again has ryan been blocking tinternet with his shit
    Ryan you sanctimonious bastard …”I will decide “”” like all shit shuvellers you need a good rodding .Geoff can you get spell check on this I am getting paranoyd about my spelin

  9. Odub

    Now I look like a cunt cos all my posts have shown up one after the other!!!

    Chris the main reason I come back on here is because I love the banter. You get the regulars and a few gueste from time to time, we all have our say, never get personal or insultive, and it makes an otherwise yawnfest of a day go quicker.

    The one thing I can’t stand is preachy nonsensical Arsenal knows preachy cunt faced twats who thinks owning a pc or laptop gives them the right to tell me, you or any blogger or even writer what is right and wrong!!

    Ive got vinyl LPs at home older than that fucking cunt! I know it’s not the point, but I indulged him for about an hour yesterday and then he started pissing me off!!

    Now if my rant gets me blocked Chris so be it!! I’ll start my own blog…… Pedro how do I go about doing that again?!

  10. Geoff

    don’t worry guys, he’ll be back at school soon, half term finishes, though I am surprised he was allowed stay up to post in the early hours this morning.

    Still out of 4,000 bloggers so far today 1 twat isn’t bad!

  11. Geoff

    He started to post with his own email address, but then he started to post with a bogus one, like all internet cowards they use anonymous addresses so they can get mouthy.

    However Ryan, I have your real address!

    So if he comes on again, I’ll share his real address with everyone so you can all tell him how clever he is!


  12. Odub

    Look forward to seeing his name in lights on side bar!!, everytime he comes back and can’t get one, he’ll see his name with the gimo mask!!

  13. Odub

    fuck im slurring my typing now!!

    Look forward to seeing his name in lights on the side bar, everytime he comes back and can’t get on, he’ll see his name with the gimp mask!

  14. Pedro

    I like the idea of a gimp of the week!

    Humiliate people into behaving?

    A guy called Stetson Kennedy infiltrated the KKK in the 50’s and fed the secret code words to the producers of the superman radio shows. They got superman to fight the KKK. As a result it trivialised the KKK and reduced membership…

    We have all learned something today.

    Ryan learned he is boring.
    I learned that I am also boring.
    We all learned that a gimp mask can be funny, whatever the situation!


  15. Odub

    We get Stetson Kennedyl history lessons as well!!!

    Ive also learnt a bottle of red on a semi empty stomach is not big or clever!!

  16. Odub

    Never been a big wine drinker until about 3 years ago when I started frequenting numerous bodegas in murcia, I do however have a good friend called Mr Daniels 1st name Jack!!! Brandy all day Steve!!!

    Arsenal.com….. Diaby back but no RVP! Surprise fucking surprise!

  17. Steve

    Can’t do spirits Odub.

    I see Mike is back, welcome you old goat.

    What did Ryan have to say for himself?

    zzzzzzzzzzzzz I imagine?

  18. Steve

    I can’t do spirits Odub.

    Nice to see Mike back. Welcome you old goat.

    Hope he has braille on his p.c.

    What did Ryan have to bore, sorry say today?

  19. Steve

    What’s happening with the multiple posting, not letting me post bollox?

    If you’re not gonna get this you’re a bunch of cunts.

    If you do get it, then you aren’t a bunch of cunts 🙂

  20. Bud

    Mike (the Neighbour) – Get my mobile number off Pedro and give me a call ASAP re what you discussed with Geoff yesterday…….. it seems Uncle Bud may have come up trumps for you !!!!!

  21. Pedro

    Oh yes chris! There are many dark dark words that sit in forbidden list…

    Cunt is not one of though! So be liberal guys!

  22. Steve

    What happens if we sign Mr.Babel?

    We won’t be able to talk about him.

    I find it quite amusing that you can reel off endless amounts of cunts but you can’t mention one particalar boring cunt.

  23. Odub

    All sounds a bit dodgy!!

    Steve what multiple posting? Your just pissed!!

    Steve what multiple posting? Your just pissed!!

    Steve what multiple posting? Your just pissed!!

  24. Geoff

    Thanks Steve, Diaby fit though, but where will he play? left wing no doubt.

    I don’t understand not rushing Robin back, he didn’t last season and he got injured again, since he’s been here he played about 10 games a season, I love him and think he is one of the best in the world, but 10 games a year?

    What to you think?

  25. chris

    its a poor return geoff for any player, maybe it is simply do what ever is neccesary to get him well for the end of season,
    we never sell a player unless he is in saleable condition , contary to what barca think!

  26. Geoff

    No Chris I didn’t mean sell him, but if he’s injured all the time we need to get someone in that isn’t.

    The Eduardo injury reminds me of the Pires one, you know when we won the double and Pires was there in crutches, it’s like an omen and Eduardo sacrificed himself to fulfill it.

  27. Pedro

    He didn’t bust his ligaments though, so at least his pace wont be affected!

    Hopefully RvP’s injuries will be like Clichys… all finished!

  28. chris

    no i didnt mean sell him either but AW is thinking either get him 100% to play or 100% to sell him, either way he is taking no chances,
    prophetic words Geoff, it may come to be, at least i fuckin hope so, it was a great sight seeing most of the players do the whole ” we are not worthy” bit with bob looking bemused, it would be nice to see eduardo take his rightful spot with the boys,

  29. chris

    i do worry though that for 50/50 balls he will pull out and lose his spark or edge, thats what i always thought happened to bob, which is a shame

  30. Geoff

    I don’t think he will be back to be honest. Shame. The other thing is, we can’t start a season without another striker, based on what’s happened for the last 2 years it would be madness.

  31. Stupid

    BTW lads , this flamster to united shit will hit the news this weekend as one of he sunday rags will be blowing the story as a world exclusive.

    You heard it here first 🙁

  32. Isaac

    I have a feeling this is going to be a massive game, weighting not any less than the Milan game coming up. Anyhow, if Wenger rushes RVP back and gets him injured again, everyone (Wenger, fans, even RVP maybe) will give up on him. One big injury is one thing, consistently getting injuries is another thing.
    On Flamini, I don’t think he will leave, for there is no other team in the world that suits him better than us, like no other player suits Arsenal better than him. Moreover, he certainly didn’t decide to stay last summer so he can move to a better club, did he? I hope not.
    Last thing, I’ve posted here once about it. I’m actually not from UK but I’ve finally got enough money to buy a ticket to London. Can anyone provide me tips, or better yet, assistance as to how can I get a ticket that is not ridiculously overpriced? I would be FOREVER grateful for your help, I’ve been supporting Arsenal since the time of Ian Wright and DB10 but have never seen an Arsenal game live. so PLEASE! Feel free to e-mail me at isaac.ng.2nd at gmail dot com

  33. Geoff

    Isaac I’ll be posting at 9am UK time, put your request on that post, I’ll speak to Pedro and see if we can help you.

    We do have a ticket provider in the boxes on the right, called worldticketshop.com take a look.

    Nice to have you on board.