Gallas gets a bollocking, Vela lined up, Cesc rattles his sabre and is Adriano coming?

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Billy boy got a rip roaring bollocking from his team mates at the home of the leg breakers on Saturday and rightly so.

They told the Frenchman his crazy antics after Saturday’s game at Birmingham were ‘not the behaviour of a captain’. Or so says the Mirror, but I hope they did say it, as it was needed.

Vela is the man Wenger sees as Eduardo’s replacement, which is fine if he plays out wide, but I think we need a striker, and we have all season, someone to finish off these teams we have been dominating.

In fact only four times all season have we been ‘proper’ beaten, that’s Middlesbrough, Seville, the Spuds and ManU, and each time we fielded a much weakened side, so I see no reason we can’t kick on and go and win what’s left.

Stop the arguing, pass to the player in the position to score and finish teams off early doors.

We have a good team coming to the Grove this weekend, but one we should in all honesty see off with ease, get back to pinging the ball around and stop banging hopeless balls up to the big guys.

Keep the ball on the floor and we’ll get back on track.

On a lighter and more positive note we had a Mr Angry on yesterday offering to either sell or rent out his club level season tickets, 3 together at the back, they are great seats and in site of me and Pedro so for all of you who can’t get to the Grove on a regular basis, there’s an opportunity to get, at cost, your chance.

Being in Club level you get to throw prawn sandwiches, drink Dom Perignon all day, not turn up for the second half and stay in the bar after the match, so fill your boots, there’s a long waiting list.

Email Pedro, he has that covered.

Kaka is doing his usual ‘I’m injured’ so expect to see him playing at the San Siro.

We may have Rosicky back for the villa game and Diaby and Song won’t be far behind, Robin only started training this week and Wenger wants him to play a few games for the stiffs, so he won’t be back for a couple of weeks.

I really hope the Flamster signs a new contract, but in football, who knows?

I’m sure we can still sign loaners mid season, so is there anyone out there you would like? Adriano maybe, he’s available? Just a talking point and not a recommendation, but any thoughts?

Have a great day fellow Grovers.

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  1. Danish Gooner

    I would have walked off too !!!

    Losing Eduardo and losing two points to that shite team Birmingham…no wonder he walked off.

  2. Pedro

    O-buzz perhaps?

    Gunnersaurus was G-rex for a bit yesterday… Bud went all creative with Dave… tis the season for name changing!

  3. Odub

    O dub, First initial O, last name first initial O, hence O double or O dub. Now you know my name is Oswald Oliver Oakfield!!!!!! Not!

  4. Odub

    yeah something like that! Just not as deranged as he is! Know Pedro’s real name too, and couldnt figure out the nick name, nor Bud’s!

    Anyway gents if you’re still online when I get home will catch up, if not until tomorrow. I am now on my way to face the joys of the Jubilee Line! Oh fucking joy!

    night all.

  5. chris

    if you were from spain it might be!

    quite a lot of comments today which is great so far away from a match, ill chat to ye later of tommorrow,

    stay away from the oriental porn guys, the groans are over dubbed!!

  6. jay

    how come no one is mentioned alex song all day?
    with the situation of the running man(flamini) and song’s performance at the ANC
    i think he is more than eqipped to partner cesc,should the worse happen.

  7. Odub

    I wonder how long tiil he’s back playing? He seems to have been out for almost a month now!?

    By the way, I dont appreciate being a punchline in an oriental porn joke thank you!

  8. chris

    the side bar is getting very funky now, pedro must got a copy of dreamweaver for xmas!
    that is a positve read odub, the talk to be done on the pitch, he is right 2

  9. Odub

    Yeah and he still hasnt sorted out the new section he told us about chris!

    I’m gonna give the footie sites a go over the weekend, can’t be bothered tonight, just going to watch Barca Valencia!!! Henry, messi,villa,Silva,Joaquin,Etoo should be a good game!

    have a good one mate, catch up in the morning

  10. CaribKid

    Arsene will definitely not bring any new players for this campaign. Hopefully he will stop playing Gilberto and use the Flamster with either Song or Dhojouru as backup. He will employ Walcott and RVP, when he returns to fill Edu’s vacancy, with Rosicky or Hleib when he uses the 4-5-1 formation.

    Who knows about next year, but I can see 2 maybe 3 signings at the most. A versatile midfielder, a CB and maybe a Goalkeeper.

  11. bob

    What about Toure in Flamini’s role next year. Start Gallas and Senderos at CB. Let Toure play the holding role to Cesc’s attacking CM.

  12. Ryan

    “The other headline I was thinking of Ryan was this.

    Wenger says nothing about anything, Gallas says nothing and Flamini hasn’t signed yet.

    I thought that would draw the crowds in, what do you think?”

    You’re allowed to put whatever title you want, but by being misleading so as to suggest that Adriano might be coming when there’s no proof is just very annoying for those who think you might be basing your entirely article on genuine possibilities or facts. It’s the same reason why people hate Tribal Football, they get hits by making up ridiculous titles that suggest the possibility of something unrealistic and then don’t back it up at all. It’s a legitimate tactic, but it’s lame and I doubt if you see a headline like that you will always assume there’s nothing at all in it, especially considering blogs such as this are regarded largely for honesty.

  13. Ryan

    “Ahh the irony of moaning at someone for a misleading headline, then posting a full page article on your thoughts!

    You could be Le Grove… the place where you get fact and nothing else.

    It would be a mega fucking boring blog if you did that.

    No one can moan about the misleading headlines anyway, we all click them. I only get pissed off if there is no substance to the article, on here there always is which is proven by the amount of people who debate.”

    Well it wouldn’t be a mega fucking boring blog to remove the Adriano bit. He only gets a very small mention at the end. If he removes that from the title- then the misleading element is removed and we can discuss the possibility of Adriano as a reasonable idea. It’s hardly an important part of the post though so I don’t see why it deserves to be in the title unless it’s very clear what he’s getting at.

    Exactly what is the irony of me complaining about a misleading headline and me explaining my thoughts in depth (yes I think about things a lot). I actually don’t see any irony at all. They aren’t at all related. I didn’t say don’t have any opinions or thoughts, I said don’t put a misleading headline in.

    At least justify your comment otherwise what’s the point in saying it?

  14. Steve

    Ryan, us regulars on this site like misleading headlines. It gives us a topic to argue about. If you aren’t happy with it, don’t read it. Simple. You can always trawl where nothing controversial or contentious is a shoe-in certainty.

  15. Odub (a regular who fucking likes the site the way it is!)

    Well said Steve!

    Feel free to browse, or, if you fancy being told what to think!

  16. Steve

    I was attempting to be polite yesterday, but 14 hours of complaining about the same thing grates eventually. To still be bitter about something so trivial at 2 am is probably indicitive of the lad’s nature.

  17. Odub (a regular who fucking likes the site the way it is!)

    We get 1 or 2 a week, thankfully no more!
    Anyway let’sd all move on, if he turns up again with the same attitude this morning, hopefully the powers that be get rid of him! Fucking teenagers!