We’ll win it for Eduardo! All of it.

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That’s what the Flamster says, on arsenal.com – the site that never criticises anything Arsenal except us singing Spuds songs and waving flags.

‘We wanted to win the title before but now we want to win it also for him’

Well said the Flamster, now go and do it, I for one believe we will now go on and batter all in our way, especially if the boy wonder returns firing on all cylinders.

Theo would have grown a foot with his goals, with a pacey young team like Villa next up and with his England mates on show, I expect him to have his best game, he did last term, remember, we were losing, he came on and crossed to Gilberto to equalise in the first game of the season.

…I think!

I hope he goes for Ade and Theo up top in a 4-4-2 and when Robin comes back put Theo on the bench and use Rosicky and Hleb out wide.

We don’t need Eboue if those two stay fit.

The Chavs were shocking in the shit cup, and I now expect to see them dropping points, the Mancs look strong but who wouldn’t if they played Newcastle every week as they seem to, especially when they need to boost their goal difference.

We need a big score line soon, I’m not sure we’ll get that against Villa but I expect us to win comfortably.

As I said before I want the Premiership more than the Champions league, but I won’t complain too much if we win both.

It starts Saturday and you can all help by singing your hearts out.

No one commented on my Barazite thought yesterday, is that because you all don’t think he’s ready? Or because you think he’s a shoe in and didn’t think it was worth a comment.

Mike won’t be on today as he’s resting his eyes but he wants you all to know he’s there in spirit.

Onwards upwards Grovers, this is a big 2 weeks coming up, let’s see what we have in the tank!

Oh, and did the spuds win the cup that everyone other than the chavs puts their academy teams in? What is it called again? The FA youth worthless I can’t be bothered Carling cup?


Have a great day Grovers

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  1. chris

    good morning grovers,
    nice conservative piece this morning, things were very heated yesterday, villa are a hard working team it may provide a challenge but i am confident of a win, i put a link of late last night of some images of eduardo and what i think is his young wife and possibly his baby, perhaps someone can clear that up

  2. Pedro

    Good morning Sports fans,

    Yeah, that looked like Eddy and his wife? Was it a brazilian website? I didn’t understand any of it!

    Media coverage of the incident was deplorable, but what do you expect from a paid up media? Its pathetic that the only real journalism you get in this country is from weblogs and independent sites.

    I’m not really sure what to think about the Villa game, they are chasing 4th spot as well so I expect a tough game. I think we can do them though, it would be nice to turn them over 3-0 and send out a message that Arsenal are back and mean business.

    Come on you Reds!

    Fuck me its going to be a slog this week!

  3. Dave Angry (The Artist Formerly Known As Bud)

    I’ve had time to sleep on it and I am no more over the fact that we did not beat a bottom 3 team with 10 men………… Games like that are where championships are lost !!!!!

    Anyway, I must forget that and move on for mine and yours sanity. Our only hope of achieving anything rests now on Rosicky, RVP & Diaby getting fit and staying so…………… God help us !!!!!!

  4. Pedro

    Dave, you didn’t just rest our title hopes on… DIABY!

    You’ve lost the plot!

    Rosicky and Diaby would be nice… but we’ve done well without RvP most of the campaign.

    Positivity please!

  5. Steve

    Morning all. Got a fucking hangover from hell. Still can’t get Eduardo’s leg off my mind. I just hope the boys can give him a Premiership medal for his efforts.

  6. gazzap

    I am starting to get a bit pissed off with all the media attention towards Martin Taylor. the media feel sorry for him that he has to go through all this. not a word on Eduardo and how his injury was or how he was feeling in this mornings paper. it full of Mcleish and Taylor. Fucking wankers. He was training and kicking a ball about all day yesterday – Eduardo wont be doing that for a long while.

  7. Dave Angry (The Artist Formerly Known As Bud)

    But we had Eduardo before, and now we haven’t, so we need RVP fit for the rest of the season or do you really believe Bender & Wallflower will fill the void?

  8. G-Rex (Dino formerly known as Gunnersaurus)

    Morning all,

    The negativity has finally dispersed, I am confident again!

    I don’t worry myself about who is coming back and when, because the boys have been doing a great job up until Saturday without the crocks. Any players that come back will be a bonus, but as long as we have the core of,

    Gallas, Hleb, Cesc, Flamini, Adebayor.

    We are good for the title.

    Its not often that your injuries are predominantly to your fringe players is it?

    Dave, you could say ‘how can ManU contend for the title when they have lost twice to a team arsenal have beaten twice’.

  9. jimmyfingers


    Oh wait, that was yesterday

    Know this has been said before but:

    Is it me but is anyone else feeling a huge sense of injustice, and one that is impotent. History has been twisted by the media, which seems to have encouraged the entire of Birmingham City FC to act like utter, utter cunts. I was angry at Eduardo’s injury, for him not for the club. But now he has become a further victim of this country’s xenophobism, which this season has been firmly focussed on Arsenal. Under Graham we were lamented for being dull, while under Wenger lauded for the opposite. Now the gloves are off and as we come again football players, managers, pundits and journalists have been lining up to have their pund of flesh. And now Eduardo suffers, because if he had played for any other team, and been tackled by a player of any other nationality the tabloids would have been howling for their blood. Instead they make out Taylor as the victim, describe the challenge as ‘innocuous’ or a ‘slide’ or ‘miss-timed’ or some other euphemistic bollocks and instead get the knives out for Wenger and Gallas. Then Birmingham players are given free range and say some of the most graceless things I have ever heard come out of a football player’s mouth (and that is asying something). Our players were in a bad mood? Larsson you ungrateful cunt, what fucking mood do you expect them to be in? Trying going to Croatia and see what mood the’re in, and then count yourself lucky.

    Fuck them all again. We’ll win this for Eduardo. We’ll win it all. Flam is right

    Woah, think I needed that. Feeling good about the rest of the campaign. Clench your fist and punch the air. Come on Gunners

  10. Odub

    Morning all,

    Positive and straight to the point, nice one Geoff! Just what we needed to avert a repeat the silence of the lambs from yesterday!!

    Dave/Bud, did you kill/sack anyone in the end yesterday?

  11. Dave Angry (The Artist Formerly Known As Bud)

    But Man U beat bottom 3 teams and twice we drew with Brum, so how can we win the title ???

  12. Steve

    Dave, Man Yoo also dropped 6 points to Man.Citeh who we took 6 from. They drew at home to reading ffs. You can’t make comparisons on who teams have beaten to earn their points. The aim is to finish top after 38 games having played the same teams twice each. You get the same number of points if you beat Chelsea or Birmingham.

  13. Pedro

    Dave, the point is that teams drop points during the season and it doesn’t matter where you drop them. If you lose against all the big boys you can’t compete, if you lose against the small teams you can’t compete… but hold on a minute? We didn’t lose against birmingham?!

    We were robbed in the last minute to a penalty that was not a penalty. Effectively cheated.

    Great teams fight back when their backs are against the wall… this is a character testing moment and I think we’ll come through it, just like we have at every other stage in the season!

    Nice piece jimmy! Are you back as a resident or just free lancing?

    Dave, if Geoff can be positive today… I think you can!

    I need to pull you through this one… even the prophet would be angry with your negativity!

  14. Odub

    Can we stick to the positivity please!!! We’re still 3 points clear, our lads will now be feel the whole world is against us, and hopefully destroy all before them, so let’s keep that thought going instead of looking backwards!

    We’ve lost points to Newcastle, Birminghamx2, Boro which we shouldnt have done, but we also destroyed Everton away and made mincemeat of Villa on their own patch despite them beating the chavs comfortably!

    Manure will still drop points and so will the chavs!

    If we win 10 of the next 11(including Manure away) we’re champions end of!!!!

  15. G-Rex (Dino formerly known as Gunnersaurus)

    Odub, Steve and Pedro, well put!

    We need to get behind the boys big time! If the ref had not given the penalty, would we even be having this conversation?

    Just get in there Dave and Sack Malcolm or whoever that Colchester guy was that was posting here the other week! It will make you feel much better!

    Geoff seems to have turned the corner with the positiveness, or maybe he has just passed on the baton of negativity?

  16. Dave Angry (The Artist Formerly Known As Bud)

    I can’t continue on Le-Grove at the moment…….. I’m not in the same place as you guys, I can’t look at it all through rose tinted specs. Will see you all again soon (when/if my positivity has been restored), but until then, happy blogging.

  17. Geoff

    thank fuck Mr Angry has gone, do you think he went to the Carling cup final?

    We will win the league because we play the best football, simple as that, we had a blip, which normally happens in the first half of the season, I think the stats prove we have consistently been the best team in the second half of the season, that bodes well.

    I’m convinced we’ll prove that against Villa, if we don’t, it’s our own fault.

    4 nil Arsenal and a message goes out.

    1nil against Milan and we go through.

    How’s that for being Mr positive Mr Angry?

  18. Odub

    I seem to remember our blips tend to happen between November and January, which means we should start improving. With the injuries clearing, apart from Dudu, we should be back on tract in the next 5-10 days. There’s talk of Kolo being back for the Milan game as well.

    Last 11 League games of the season…

    Aston Villa H
    Wigan A
    Middlesborough H
    Chelsea A
    Bolton A
    Liverpool H
    ManUre A
    Reading H
    Derby A
    Everton H
    Sunderland A

    10 wins is possible from this lot come on!!!!

  19. jimmyfingers

    Personnally I’m all for this positivity. You gotta turn that anger into determination and make it work for you. Seige mentality bollocks yes, but it does work. The rallying cry in that dressing room will be Eduardo’s name, and it will ring from the terraces too.

    It’ll be like that bit in Zulu where they sing ‘Men of Harlech’

  20. Steve

    Remember the barriers GG put up in ’91 after the ‘cuntirwinagate’ affair? The team pissed the league that season. Seige mentality does work if channelled in the right manner. Arsene’s docterate in Psychology could be utilised to the optimum now.

  21. Pedro

    Aston Villa 3 points
    Wigan 3 points
    Middlesborough 3 points
    Chelsea 1 point
    Bolton 3 points
    Liverpool 3 points
    ManUre 1 point
    Reading 3 points
    Derby 3 points
    Everton 1 point
    Sunderland 3 points

    27 points out of 33 I reckon?

    Is that title winning form?

    I reckon it could well be!

    Got a nast text about Eduardo this morning… some people have no fucking taste…

  22. Odub

    Quote from former Preiership ref Jeff Winter. as much as I dislike the guy, i have to agree with his comments below….

    “He is not that sort of player” Big Eck stated after his player Matthew Taylor had possibly finished the career of Eduardo.

    ”I would not argue with that statement but he is a member of the growing band of footballers who in recent months have forgotten how to tackle.

    The growing number of studs-showing two footed lunges has grown to epidemic proportions.

    What happened at St. Andrew’s has been coming for weeks now. It is more by luck than good management that until now we have escaped the sight that we saw on Saturday, with a player’s leg distorted when the simple equation of studs and bone did not meet on favourable terms.

    As players and physios looked away in horror, let’s hope that the one good thing that will come out of this is that players will have a long hard look at themselves and stop what has become the new cancer in the game.

    Arsene Wenger angrily stated that Taylor should never be allowed to play football again. This is a statement he later retracted but that fate may well become true for Eduardo.

    Enough is enough and the PFA must act to inform its members that these tackles are not permissible.

    The FA should take responsibility and start handing out serious punishments and looking at videos each week and handing out retrospective punishments. It is a time for action, not talk.”

  23. Pedro

    Man U Fixtures remaining:

    Fulham v Man Utd
    Derby v Man Utd
    Man Utd v Liverpool
    Man Utd v Aston Villa
    Middlesbrough v Man Utd
    Man Utd v Arsenal
    Blackburn v Man Utd
    Chelsea v Man Utd
    Man Utd v West Ham
    Wigan v Man Utd

    What do we think of their run in?

  24. Ole Gunner

    Man U have lost 4 times this season. We just once! Those are the facts. There has to be a reason for that. That reason won’t disappear overnight. We’re a better team. Don’t let Alan Hansen tell you otherwise.

  25. chris

    yeah pedro man u fixtures are interesting, i see three draws there
    can middlesbrough blackburn or even west ham beat them or draw as well

  26. Odub

    They never do well against Boro(2), they’ll draw against the scousers(2), Blackburn (3)will do em, so will the chavs(3), West Ham(1) could draw as well. so there’s a possibility they could drop up to 11 points!!!! What are we worried about for fucks sake!!!!

  27. Geoff

    add that to all their FA Cup and Champions league games, plus they’ll probably be off to play LA Galaxy in a David Beckham Oscars awards game in April so fatigue will play a part.

    When Robin comes back he’ll be on fire, and that could be Saturday, who knows!

  28. Pedro

    The fact that we got beaten by them 4-0?

    ‘On the other hand, if you take out Giggs, Ferdinand, Scholes, Van der Sar and Neville’

    Take out the whole core of their team and they don’t have that much experience?

    I think if you did that to any team you’d have a problem.

    O’Shea and Fletcher do a job that Diaby, Denilson and Gilberto don’t seem to do for us. Our reserve full backs are not up to scratch and Nikki B doesn’t have the trust of the squad.

    We have the best first 11 by a mile, but our reserves don’t match up.

    Eduardo, Gilberto, Walcott, Eboue, Lehmann

    Anderson, Nani, Saha, Kuckzak, Carrick

    Those two benches (Bar Eddy who you’d swap for Bendtner) are not comparable. There is way more quality on your united bench.

  29. Ole Gunner

    Pedro, that’s not the core of their team. Are you real? The core of their team this season is Ferdinand, Vidic, Rooney and Ronaldo. For two seasons they’ve dropped points when these players didn’t play.

    They beat us 4-0 yes. But they had a full squad to pick from. Ours was stretched with 11 players out. The weekend before the OT game we had just 14 players to pick from!

    Why do you dismiss the obvious: Man U has played their second string in the Carling cup twice and twice they were bundled out by lowly opposition.

    Our reserves are better than theirs actually. Our strongest bench would be:

    Eduardo, Diaby, Gilberto, Senderos and Lehmann

    That’s much much better than:

    Anderson, Nani, Saha, Kuckzak, Carrick

    And you say O’Shea and Fletcher have more impact. Are you kidding? Walcott already has 5 goals for us this season. Diaby has three Premier League goals already and Carling Cup etc etc etc.

    Our squad gets many more goals than theirs. They rely on Ronaldo and Rooney.

  30. Pedro

    Carrick is better than Gilberto… this year anyone seems to be better than Gilberto.

    Nani can turn a game.

    Anderson has been a revelation when he’s played this year.

    Saha is a proven goal scorer

    And the keeper is pretty much irrelevant.

    He didn’t really have 14 players to choose from. Flamini, Ade, Senderos, Clichy were all available but were rested.

    If Ronaldo is injured, they bring in Nani… who helped demolish us. If Scholes is injured, they bring in Anderson, who is a good player, if Hargreaves is injured they bring in £18 million Carrick.

    If Cesc gets injured we have to play Denilson… If Sagna gets injured, we play Hoyte… Clichy gets injured we play Traore…? Rosicky gets injured we play Eboue… Flamini gets injured… Gilberto… hardly depth is it?

    See the pattern… too young… or spent…

    Walcott has scored 5 goals this season, but that doesn’t mean he has been good. He has a poor season this year – Diaby has hardly set the world a light either?

    Saying they drop points when Rooney and Ronaldo is obvious. Its the same for us… Cesc and Flamini get injured, we drop points… most teams who lose their best player drop points. ManU dropped Tevez and Ronaldo and still beat us 4-0 and Fletcher scored twice.

    ManU are still fighting on 3 fronts and we’re only fighting on 2 fronts due to squad depth. Our reserves don’t have as much experience and quality as theirs.

  31. Geoff

    Yeah Ole but Fletcher scored 2 of his goals against us!

    It doesn’t matter anyway because we’re going to win the league regardless of who’s in what squad.

    Todays blog is a positive one.

  32. Odub

    You lot still analysing stuff I see. Here’s a fact for you then….

    We’re 3 points clear, and the best placed team in the premiership to win it! That’s all the stats I need.

    We won’t piss it away because Birmingham was the wake up call we needed and Wenger won’t let them slip again.

    To quote monsieur Geoff Le Bear above…. ”WE’RE GOING TO WIN THE LEAGUE”

    nuff said

  33. Pedro

    Agreed… it was quiet on here… it needs sparking off this arvo!

    Me and Ole are just keeping things spicy on a quiet day…

  34. Odub

    I know!!

    All worn out from venting their spleen over the last couple of days, it’s a been failry emotional 72 hours.

    We need a mouthy twat on to get blood levels up a bit!

  35. Odub

    I do agree that they have better reserves than we do, i mean they’ve got players bought for £12mill+ on the bench!! Carrick, Anderson, Nani, Saha are all above that bracket, and also add to the fact that they’ve played the whole season without arguably their first choice full backs (Neville & Silvestre) and you begin to get an idea how far behin them our squad is! And yet we’re 3 points clear!!!

    Dont even think about looking at the chavs bench!!! What a fucking waste of money!!

  36. Geoff

    good call Odub and chris, I’m feeling good and am on a confidence roll right now, by Saturday I’ll be explosive, I can’t wait!

  37. Geoff

    there is a ticket web site on this blog, why don’t you call them? or ask Bud or Angry Dave doesn’t sound like he wants to go anymore by the sound of it.

    Can’t understand why this brummie twat is acting like a victim, I played football for twenty odd years and never broke anyones leg and I never went studs up either, stupid dirty cunt deserves all the shit that’s coming his way.

    I just wish the pundits would stop defending him like he’s a charity worker, if Eboue had done it…

  38. Odub

    Geoff, I aint paying £350 for one ticket!!! I will however ask Angry Dave/Bud if he’s got a spare!

    I had a browse on the net this morning and had to stop because these cunts started winding me up again!! I mean some of the classic lines were

    Taylor will need help
    Taylor left shattered
    Taylor will eventually recover
    Taylor this Taylor that!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!!

    Can someone please remind me….

    who got injured again? Who spent his 25th birthday with his leg in a plaster? Who won’t be representing his country at the Euros? Who’s not going to be playing until Xmas!!!

    Seige mentality begins now….. FUCK THE WORLD!!!

  39. Odub

    i do believe that was mentioned after he’d had a few sherberts at luchtime Chris! Someone else came on here and said we would be signing Abedi Pele’s son didnt they?!!!

  40. Steve

    Hi boys. I don’t remember saying anything about Beckham coming on loan. If I did I must have been trying to wind Geoff up. Unless it was an imposter.

    Felt too gutted to say anything yesterday. Still getting my head aroung Eddie’s injury now. If you remember at the Milan game I told you I packed up playing due to smashing my tib and fib. I still get pains in it now and I done that over ten years ago. I really can’t see him being anywhere near back to his best.

    Still, onwards and upwards. At least Rockin’ Robin should be well rested if he ever escapes the military coup.

  41. Ole Gunner

    Fletcher scored two of his goals against us but we were shit and we chose not our best team but the only one available for the game.

    Do you really mean to say Ferguson is basing his hopes for the season on Fletcher? Come on give me a break!

    Diaby and Walcott have already made more of an impact than Fletcher O’Shea, Nani, or Anderson. Don’t get me wrong. Nani and Anderson are wonderful players, better than Giggs and Scholes potentially. But this is their first Premiership season. They have struggled to actually turn results for Man U.

    Look let’s get real. Carrick is better than Gilberto. Carrick would make it into the Brazilian team let alone become Captain? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    How many games has Nani turned this season. List them. I’ll tell you how many games Walcott has turned for us this season.

    I don’t understand why Arsenal fans believe the nonsense the press write about our team. Can you explain to me why it was Arsenal that had the most number of players at the 2006 World Cup?

    No pattern. We’ve had so many injuries. No Van Persie. Adebayor steps up. Gilberto off form. Up steps Flamini. Toure gone, up steps Senderos. No Henry, Eduardo steps up.

    You explain to me how come in the competition that most chellenges squad depth we’ve lost one and they have lost 4? No quality?

    That’s a daft statement sorry. Your last statement is daft. Man U are fighting on 3 fronts. If they had lost against us (and they could have) they’d be on 2 fronts. At one point we were in 4 competitions. Does that mean we had a deeper squad until then?

  42. Odub

    I get the same horrible feeling regarding Dudu too mate. Just don’t think he’ll get back to his best, which makes it grate even more when you see the way the press are reporting the whole incident!

  43. Steve

    It’s a fucking debacle. Did you see the clumsy cunt smiling whilst Dudu was on the floor?? That seems to have been conveniently forgotten somehow in the media.

  44. Pedro

    ‘Do you really mean to say Ferguson is basing his hopes for the season on Fletcher?’

    No I didn’t say that. I said that he scored two goals against us, so he is not as bad as you are making out. We are talking about depth, he done the business when called upon. Fergie is basing his challenge around Ronaldo, that’s why he was rested and nani was playing (he scored and assisted.).

    ‘Diaby and Walcott have already made more of an impact than Fletcher O’Shea, Nani, or Anderson.’

    Absolute rubbish. You ask any season ticket how many games Walcott has made an impact in and I doubt they’ll reel off many. Anderson has been a great player this year and Nani has scored a few scorchers. Fletcher and O’shea are good squad players like Grimandi was.

    ‘Look let’s get real. Carrick is better than Gilberto. Carrick would make it into the Brazilian team let alone become Captain?’

    Based on performances this year, can you honestly say you’d like Gilberto to start for us in an important game over Carrick? Gilberto has been a liability this year… as much as it pains me to say.

    ‘Man U are fighting on 3 fronts. If they had lost against us (and they could have) they’d be on 2 fronts.’

    One of Geoff’s pals once said to me after I hit the pin during a golf match and complained i could have had a hole in one,

    ‘if your Aunty had bollocks, she’d be your uncle’.

    So that statement doesn’t rub, we weren’t good enough and we lost.

    ‘At one point we were in 4 competitions. Does that mean we had a deeper squad until then?’

    At one point, there were many teams in 4 competitions… at the point we were in 4 competitions people questioned the depth of our squad. Now we are out of two, we can answer the question.

    No the squad was not big enough in quality or depth to fight on 4 fronts.

    ‘You explain to me how come in the competition that most challenges squad depth we’ve lost one and they have lost 4?’

    Because our starting 11 is the best in the Prem and we luckily haven’t suffered to many injuries to our main players.

  45. Odub

    Went fucking balistic when I saw that mate, hence the rant on Sunday’s post! missus walked in while i was typing it and she had to ask what the fuck I was typing so fucking viciously!!

    The rage is still simmering let me fucking tell you!

  46. Geoff

    I think I also predicted that ManU would hammer us in that game and they did. Add up what their midfield cost and what ours did, that’ll give you some idea.

    Finally get on a different subject, you’ve been on this one all day and it’s getting tedious.

  47. Odub

    that coventry guy David Bursst or whatever his name was never recovered did he? Just hope and pray he does, or the Croatian massive will be taking up permanent residency in Birmingham!!

  48. Steve

    Pires had a totally different kind of injury. A bad impact injury like Eduardo’s may cause a limp for the rest of his life, let alone slow him down. In all seriousness i still get huge pains at certain times where my break was (especially in cold weather) which renders me almost unable to walk for long. This guy is expected to play top class football again. I hope beyond hope that he does come back to full fitness, but there is no way they can tell yet. At least he will be getting the best medical help money can buy which us ordinary joe’s don’t get on the NHS.

  49. Pedro

    Cisse recovered though? He did it twice! Alan smith also recovered, sham he is a dog shit player anyway!

    Eduardo will recover, he’s only young!

    I am spent on the argument Ole, this has been going on since Saturday and I don’t think the facts lie in your favour at the moment.

    Vela to replace Eduardo next season? They look alike!

  50. Odub

    point taken Pedro, Henrik Larsson also recovered.

    Even if Vela, Simpson, Merida and Barazite get games next season, still think we might need an out and out striker because I have a funny feeling one of Ade and Bendtner could go in the summer.

  51. chris

    turns out 12volts from cig socket is not the same as USB power, i did wonder what the smell was, do not buy chinese shite

  52. Odub

    microdirect.com best place for mp3 players, and stick with sony mate, none of that ipod crap!

    Le Grove…… the place for match day tickets, electronics advice, agony aunt advice, sexual advice, relationship advice and non PC jokes!……Le Grove!!

  53. Geoff

    I just got shot of that Ole gunner twat, he’s been needling for a few days now, I worked out he’s a Manc you know Ole Gunner Solskjaer.

    I’m a silly arse and should have spotted it sooner, he won’t be back.

    I reckon Bendtner will get sold, I won’t weep I have to say, sticking up for that dirty brummie doesn’t win you friends at the Grove.

    An out and out goal scorer will do, and not another potential, let’s get a tried and tested.

    I don”t think Eduardo will be back, it was a bad one, so we have to plan otherwise and that’s why I think Bendtner will go.

  54. Odub

    Well done Geoff, I know it’s quiet, but he was getting a bit repetitive with his fucking stats!

    Chris, which is why i got a PS3, just had this inkling I was better off with that than one of those HD player things! It’s the whole betamax bollox all over again, and remember Laser discs???!!!

  55. chris

    yeah odub and i am from an av background that is why it hurts so much!

    agreed geoff, i was just skipping past his posts, although from his website he seems to be an arsenal fan and a serial spammer,

  56. Steve

    A serial cunt would be more acurate.

    Speaking of which, Darren Fletcher is getting on my fucking nerves. The cunt has played one good game in 3 years and now he is giving it the biggun.

    I fucking can’t wait till we stuff those cunts.

  57. Odub

    Don’t care who he supports was giving me a headache looking at his 1,000 word rants! On the same fucking topic!

    Steve i concur, got a funny feeling our lads will be looking to avenge the 4-0, and we’ll stuff the cunts!

  58. Pedro

    He is a member of the Arsene knows crew big time, you should have heard him on Saturday…

    Our last 11 games are tough, I just hope they are mixed in with a few more champions league games.

    All is not well in the Chelsea camp, Terry, Ballack and Cole demanding showdown talks with Avram… Henk Ten Cate having massive bust ups… lovely jubbly!

    I think we’ll see a different animal against Villa, and early lead then a pounding is what I sense. We’ve stuttered for a while and we need to have a solid run to finish the year, the key is having it in our hands.

  59. Steve

    I wonder if Theo will get a chance up front with Ade.

    Bendtner and Adebayor are too similar and they clearly don’t get on.

    I guess a lot of it would depend on Rosicky’s fitness.

  60. chris

    villa have been up and down recently, nothing less than a win is expected, and if we dont i can only imagine the mood next week

  61. Odub

    By the way, if anyone’s got a spare ticket for Saturday I’m game. just have this feeling it will be the beginning of the march to the title!

  62. Steve

    Pedro, it’s funny to see Chelsea at the moment. maybe Maureeniho didn’t get enough credit for keeping so many inflated egos happy. I always wondered how he managed to keep so many established stars in order even when they weren’t playing.

  63. Pedro

    Mourinho, like Fergie had to have the biggest ego in the dressing room… if anyone challenged that they were out.

    It leaves me wondering how Wenger never really gets dicuplinary problems? Even when the chips are down, he doesn’t really get that much shit. Is it respect? Or amazing management?

    Steve, I think Nikki b will be off this summer. ANR made a point on his site, that no one passed to him at the weekend. Its kind of true… I can’t remember him doing anything the whole game? Is that a dependence on Ade or a disdain for Nikki B?

  64. Odub

    Saw the clips of terry and clarke giving the team talk during extra time instead of the manager, very amusing!! Matey looked like someone’s lost grandad!!
    Quadruple my ass!!! They just lost their only chance of a trophy to the fucking spuds!!! un fucking believable!

  65. Odub

    Steve, considering the mood he’s been in since the weekend, i thought I might leave it until say…. next season before i ask him!!! I jest! i’ll give him a shout later.

  66. DC

    Afternoon chaps! Good to see the Flamster talking big… I love that guy… He’s got a heart of gold!!! I think he made Gatusso look like a pussy cat last week…..

    Just gotta comment on the story that’s floating around the net at the mo…. But, why is Gordon Taylor writing a letter of simpathy to that violent brimingham twat?? I assume that this means he’s only gonna get a 3 match ban… I think we need to move on, but, he still needs to be punished….

  67. chris

    with rvp out nikki should be proving his worth, we may not have seen him if robin was fit and well, so the writtings on the wall, but a young talent would be an attractive sell i wonder are barca listening

  68. Steve

    I noticed that on Saturday Pedro. There were many situations where Fabregas and even Hleb went for the more difficult option rather than play it to Bentdner. You can bet your dodgy shoes on the fact that if it had been any other player than him free in space 10 yards out Ade would have passed.

  69. Pedro

    The jist of Ole’s last comment if you are interested…

    ‘Oh well I won’t convince any of you.

    I’ve been an Arsenal fan for 35 years. Seen teams come and go. I see a lot of Arsenal fans with inferiority complex.

    In close season I was arguing against fans who believed what the media said about us not making 5th place this season.

    We’ve got a very good squad but people won’t respect that. I saw one blogger saying Ben Haim is better than Senderos.’

    Ole, you made the same point 20 times since Saturday and out of respect for the other readers, I wont be posting your comments until you change the subject. He says he wont be back anyway…

  70. Odub

    Ah Pedro’s shoes……fascinating!

    i wondered when that fat idiot gordon taylor would open his gob!

    Pedro, he wont be missed, he’s up there with that other loon TopGunn. needless to say you do get the odd arsenal supporter who’s a cunt, and you guys just got rid of another one!

  71. Odub

    what am I doing here? who are all these people? Who is this big spikey haired hooligan wearing no 26 shouting at me? Shit i’m going to get found out in a minute!!……

    That was my Avram Grant impression!!

  72. Pedro

    The fucking joke of it!

    Aliadiere will now serve a 4 game ban for appealing!

    Apparently snapping someone’s leg doesn’t merit any extra matches on top…

  73. Odub

    4 matches for attempting to pick Mascherano’s nose?!! That’s just made my day! Unfuckingbelievable!!! I’ve had enough!

    Later grovers.

  74. Geoff

    Ole here’s one for the road.

    I’ve been an Arsenal fan all my life and been going since I was 6 years old, I expect you only go when you can ponce a free ticket, that’s if you get free ones where you come from.

    I have an opinion and my own mind, and if I want to air it I don’t need a condescending arsewipe like you to tell me I can’t.

    So fuck off and never darken my doorstep again.

  75. Geoff

    Onto the PFA – so when If I break someones leg when I’m playing football, in two places,dislocate their ankle as well as pushing 2 bones through their skin tissue, all because I went in studs up on purpose, I’ll get counseling.

    That’s interesting because in my whole career which spans 30 years of playing both 11 and 5 – a side I never once went in showing the soles of my footware, not once.

    Taylor you’re a bigger cunt than the muppet who assaulted Eduardo.