Theo begins, draft in Barazite and sign Benzema in May.

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Okay I’m back, you don’t want to know where I’ve been, suffice to say it was a dark place.Now the dust has settled on a strange weekend of football we can take stock of the situation and if we really try hard we can move onwards and upwards.

Firstly, Eduardo. I have nothing other than the highest admiration for the Croazilian after comments he issued from his hospital bed.

‘All I remember is that when I fell, I looked down at my foot and it had turned the other way. The rest is just a blank. It was an unfortunate situation but these things can happen in football’

Spoken like a real man, he knows he’s out of the Euro’s but wants to recover quickly, I think he’ll be lucky to walk again, let alone play, but good luck to him, he deserves it.

Wenger retracts? I wouldn’t have, the dirty bastard went in with his studs up, remember Eboue on Terry? Fuck, we never heard the end of it, someone else does it and they’re distraught, out of character, wanker, I hope you have nightmares, you know what you did, you cheat.

Okay what is clear is we need to bring in some reinforcements now and some new players in the summer.

First of all the reinforcements.

Theo now needs to step up to the plate, as a forward not a winger, I don’t think Bendtner will make it, give Theo the reigns, him and RVP can fill the void, Theo was fabulous on Saturday.

Anyway Bendtner sided with the Taylor on Saturday, so he’s had it in my books.

I think maybe Barazite will come up from the reserves, not sure if he can play at the highest level, but worth a go.

Next season we cannot go through another load of injuries like this and last year, so sign Benzema, he can score goals and is ready now.

We also need a center back to take over from Gallas, who I think is peaking and frankly I could do without some of his mood swings and inconsistent performances, the way he glares at players sometimes, reminds me of Henry’s latter day captaincy, I’ll give him one more season, maybe the Norwegian kid will be ready by then.

My choice would be an English style center back, who? I don’t know, but there must be an affordable one out there somewhere.

Finally we need to bring in one or two wingers, Rosicky is injury prone and always will be, Eboue is a full back, can’t score and does not have the temperament required to be an Arsenal player, and by wingers I mean players who like being there, Vela it seems, is one.

Lehmann, Gilberto and Hoyte all need to go, get on with it, no sentiment can be afforded anymore, they had their chances and had their day.

It wasn’t a penalty it was actually a great tackle, but making the substitutions for me lost the 3 points, we were all over them until that point.

Emotions ran high so things happen, but it’s still in our hands, go and win it for Eduardo boys, it’s the least you can do.

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  1. omar

    i really think its time for theo to get a run inthe team… ive always he was special and if he gets to start a few matches he could be woirld class. there is no reason for us to be s harsh on gallas… he has been fantastic for us this season. how many times did keane lose his temper when he was uniteds captain? he ended a players career but people always say what a good capain he was….. so if gallas lost his temper so what? he didnt hurt any1. ive seen terry do worse things but obviously coz hees british no1 sais anything. we have to stick with our captain and hopefully all the players will learn from this experience

  2. Ken

    All our thoughts are with Eduardo, it is such a shame that Saturday was when Theo finally showed what a great player he is going to be in an Arsenal shirt. That 2nd goal was out of the top drawer. Finally he showing what we all hoped that this is the best ENGLISH player for the next ten years!”

  3. Mike (the neighbour)

    So youve come back from the dark side “Darth Geoff” -glad youre back .Very well put-
    cant fault your reasoning (not that I would ) Expect there may be some emotional stuff today but its calm reflective and a constructive approach thats required
    I posted the following quote last night but make no apologies for repeating it

    Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

    I have a gut feel that this will be the turning point for theo and with his passage of rights completed will go from strength to strength

  4. Geoff

    This is Theo’s time I think, it’s up to him how good he wants to be. ‘Then we’ll fight in the shade’

    Yet another good quote.

  5. chris

    Eduardo is a legend for sure, i read somewhere we wanted to know if we had won when he reached the hospital, now thats a hero.
    the future is theo’s hands now,

  6. Evo in OZ

    I think Wenger will switch to the 4-5-1 scenario a bit from now on. I like Bendtner a lot, but its plain for all to see the Kanu Jnr isnt going to pass it to him to even tap in, so we have a quandry there!

    Walcott isnt the answer yet, but i was happy for his first goals! He needs more time to develop!

    I think we might see RVP on the bench for the Milan game, i think the Villa game is still too close for him.

  7. Odub

    Morning all,

    Good post Geoff, and good to have you back from the dark side….. Peckham!!

    Thoughts again are with Eduardo, and hope he has a good birthday considering.

    Calmed down a bit now, although still a bit pissed off after the coverage we’re still getting in the papers, ban Gallas seems to be the new band wagon they’re all jumping on.. cunts!

    I wouldnt place any hopes on RVP, considering he’s been more out than in this season, give Theo a couple more games and see how he gets on.

    11 games left, not worried about any of them because if the 20 odd players in that squad felt as bad for Dudu as what I’ve seen the fans have, we’ll go out and demolish every fucking team for the rest of the season and that includes the chavs and manure.

    The rage and anger from Saturday refuses to deteriorate into negativity, I’m still confident we’ll do it, 3 points clear, Villa, Wigan and Boro net, tell me you don’t believe we can win those 3 before we face the chavs?!!

  8. Ash

    Wenger and Gallas have embarrased us with their actions. Do we have to get rid of them? Wenger is a sore loser and Gallas is abit over the top.

    Gallas has been consistent this season I can only remember two bad games from him. He has been a great captain. I dono why some Arsenal players seem to get stick easier than others like Gallas, Senderos, Bendtner and Eboue! No one is blaming Clichy who cost us 2 goals in 3 weeks with his lapses in concentration. Gallas probably had a word with him after Man City maybe thats why he was so annoyed with what he did.

    2 points dropped against Birmingham is not good enough at this stage of the season when we still have to go to Chelsea and Utd and our players need to show more focus against the lesser teams!

  9. Geoff

    No, you need to read the blog, not the bits you like.

    I said Lehmann, Hoyte and Gilberto, none of them are in the first team, I then said Gallas has another season in him and Bendtner for me wouldn’t make it.

    I didn’t say get rid of him.

  10. Odub

    How the fuck is replacing Gilberto, Hoyte and Lehmann replacing the whole team?!!!

    I would get rid of Gallas, I just think Wenger needs to have a word. I dont think red nose ever thought of getting rid of Cuntona and Keane despite their misdemeanours did he?!

    I told a mate of mine that where we’re struggling is that we’ve only got 2-3 players who know what is required to win league titles and that showed on Saturday with Clichy’s loss of concentration and Ade’s daft decision to try and score when he could have rolled Bendtner in. The older more experience players (Gallas, Toure, Lehmann, Gilberto) need to play have words in ears for the next couple of months to tell the youngsters the title is not won until May, so don’t take foot of the gas.

  11. DC

    The Eduardo situation… I’m absolutely gutted for the guy and wish him a speedy recovery… I’m absolutely discusted with the media and the likes of Seb larsson, I don’t care how nice Taylor is.. Simple fact is; Eduardo’s leg was hanging off as a result of his stupidity…..

    Bendner…. Not gonna make it…. I was really impressed with him against sparta prague… But, haven’t seen him since and to be fair, they are a championship quality side… He CANNOT be in the starting eleven if we are to really challenge for this title….

    RVP…. We need you back so badly now! I’m sure if he was playing, we would be well clear in the title race right now and I’m sure Milan would be out of the champions league!! I think everybody forgets that RVP is one of our most important players….

    Theo… Let’s hope and pray that those goals are his turning point!

    Gilberto… Love ya mate, but, time is up.. Arsenal look so lost when he’s on the pitch these days… The formation just seems to fall apart and we seem to lose control of the game….

    J Hoyte… Not gonna make the grade in my eyes either.. I was really impressed with him a times last season, but, I think the lack of 1st team football has really affected his game…

    C Vela… Can’t wait to see him pull on the red and white next season….

    Gallas.. I know emotions were running very high on Sat and he was probably very upset about Eduardo, but, we need a leader out there… Not someone who is going to knock the other players when they are down and make the club look like a bunch of twats… Tony Adams would NEVER behaved like that.. Get a grip Gallas.. You’re the oldest!

    C’mon the gunners!!!!!!!

  12. gazzap

    Theo and Bendtner to fill in for a couple of games and then we need RVP back. Without RVP we cant win this league. I was disappointed with adebayor on Saturday. he says he is not thinking about the golden boot but could he have been any more selfish?

  13. Geoff

    I wouldn’t either, my point is that he has got to stop the antics and get on with organising his team, in particular his defence.

    And my second point was that given Wenger’s over 30 policy, he probably only has another year left.

    I think Ade was trying to break the record and next time he’ll look, but I also think they don’t like each other and that’s not a good thing.

    RVP came back well when he played in pre season, and against the chavs he could have had a hatrick.

    I think he’ll settle back in quickly, but you need 4 strikers, simple as that and I mean per game.

  14. Odub

    Geoff, Ade did look, he saw Bendtner then took a couple of touches before he took the shot. Hope you’re right about RVP. Still have my doubts he’ll be back on form this season.

  15. eddy

    Bendtner is not good enough. I feel he would do a good job for a middle table prem side though!!
    Next season we need to sign a world class goalkeeper, centre half and a striker in my opinion. Benzema would be a great signing. Micah richards would be also be a great signing. That with vela coming. Squad would be very strong!!

  16. chris

    fuck it DC its histerical that the are so happy over it, less of a bollox i could give!
    imagine chelsea resting players for the final and still losing, and possibly risking europe over it,

  17. Evo in OZ

    DC – you havent seen Bendtner cause he’s been on the bench dude!

    Give him a break and he’ll come on a score the header like he did against the spuds!

  18. Odub

    Got a pic msge from a spud last night gloating from Wembley about winning a trophy, all I said to him was ‘it’s nice to see that the only 2 Premiership teams taking the pub cup seriously made it to the final!! Congrats on winning your first and last trophy this century!!’ Twats!

  19. Evo in OZ

    Geoff can we move Seb Larsson and Muamba to the cunt file (or le chump). Those 2 knobs played like complete arses on the weekend. The were putting their boots in everywhere and then complaining like butt holes! Larsson is just bitter he didnt make the grade, get a life!

  20. Geoff

    I’ll ask Pedro! but I think chump needs to be the cunt that broke Eduardo’s leg, perhaps we can put him in the hate figure bit we haven’t got yet!

  21. Evo in OZ

    oh yeah i agree on the Taylor in the le chump (cunt) file and that you added mcfadden as well, i was just dismayed at the way Larsson and Muamba played. Muamba was on a hiding to nothing in the card department, he was well on the way to 2 yellows!

    And then Larssons comments in the press today, very dissappointing!

  22. Evo in OZ

    If Eduardo gets back before next Xmas anything will be a bonus from there. 9 months likely, 6 months hopefully!

    I can see a striker coming in the off season! Just as insurance!

    The players will do it each week for him, so im locking in the league (barring anymore big injuries)!

  23. casicky

    its understandable that with what happened to Eddie feelings are running and um so frustrated i really do feeling like punching something off the gym after this.

    ‘Theo was fabulous on Saturday.’ um sorry mate but i have no flipping idea which Theo you saw,he had to goals brill but calling him fabulous for the saturday game is jus absurd,i wont take it off him he took his goals well but befroe that he had done eff all i jus dont remember him actually delivering a proper cross.

    Gallas is a winner and is the only player we can count on at the moment who has actually won the prem,who else is there Toure–crocked.Berto–non-existent and Lehmann well dont need to say anything do i??i jus dont get it one day we want players to show the play for the badge and when one of them actually gets infuriated like the rest of the fans and reacts you want him out…make up your mind what you want,his a winner and above a human being.the difference is he does feel he is close to the end and he has a chance to win sumn thats why he tries so hard thats the thing with playing with all these other youngsters who think tomorrow is another day we will jus start over again Gallas cant think that way i dont blame him at all for his blow-up.

    English style center backs???um not sure thats the answer its not always the way i know english center backs throw themselves into things and that what makes them good but have a look at these Vidic,Carvalho,Alex even Laursen….have a think bout it??

    Taylor made a bad tackle but Bendtner’s comments are of sum one who has trained with the guy and knows what his about thats all he meant its not a hidden dig at everything Arsenal neither does it show a lack of solidarity,he jus knows the guy and doesnt feel he would intentionally go into a tackle to end sum ones an awful thing that happend to Ed9ie but even he sees that things like that happen lets concentrate on winning sumn for him now than a crusade against Taylor.

    Benzema???come on you know your manager so lets stop fantasising and actually think of some realistic transfers,quite frankly your post today has been an utter dissapointment but it could be the fact that um really pissed off.

    We Gunner Gunn Em…

  24. Evo in OZ

    Well im off to bed again fellas, 10.30pm here and i need to be up early as im taking delivery of a brand new Samsung 58 inch plasma TV.

    Needed the biggest one i could afford for the run home to the title!

    Come on you gooners!

  25. Pedro

    Well I just read a shitty interview from that little cunt face Larsson. How dare he say we were just sore losers? Get a fucking grasp of the English language. You can’t be a sore loser if you draw…

    Ole Gunner… I have no idea how you can still be rambling on about ManU. They have more depth than us. It is plain to see by everyone that their reserves are better than ours. It doesn’t matter about potential, its what your team can do now… the FA Cup showed us up for having a weaker squad, its as simple as that. If Benzema signs and he breaks his leg, we would have a good back up striker wouldn’t we?

    I didn’t think Theo was great in the first half, but in fairness, who was? In the second half though, take nothing away from him… he was great.

    Gallas didn’t show leadership skills at the weekend. If he was pissed off he should have let his feelings be known in the dressing room… not on the pitch after a Saturday live game. It sends out the wrong message. Fans can display that type of emotion, but managers and players should not if it is detrimental to the perceived solidarity of the club.

    I can’t feel sorry for the Birmingham player at all. He has tried to apologise, which is commendable. But words mean nothing to a man who has to where a cast for six months and miss a championships is almost single handedly qualified his adopted country for.

    Benzema could be a reality, he looked at Anelka and Eto’o in the summer… he has the cash and is prepared to spend it if he someone of real quality comes on the radar, I have my doubts though.

    Evo, I should just add the whole Birmingham team to the Le Chumps list…

    Casicky, Clichy has won the prem…

  26. Bud

    Fucking **** bollocks…………. its over guys. Our squad is too weak. No wingers and no forwards, Fabregas is a passenger, Adebayor has been shocking for last 2 games and now I am worrying his run of goals was a freak of nature and he will now revert to last seasons form. Clichy has now cost us 4 points this season as he did what he did a few months back (pen or no pen, what the fuck was he leaving the ball for !!!).

    The only thing that can save us is if RVP & Rosicky come back on fire and stay fit for the entirety of the season…….. but what chance of that ?!!!!!!

  27. casicky

    Clichy won the prem but i was actually talking bout week in week out games and know how of what happens and what it takes to have for the run in,and yes Clichy played more than ten games for us in that winning season and deservedly got a medal but u cant really put his level of experience of the run in at the same level as Toure and Berto who were there as well.

    i jus really see us getting Benzema coz his on everyone’s radar and will cost quite alot and we all know Wenger does everything to avoid such tug of wars

  28. Gunnersaurus

    Bud! Where did that come from? Was that a serious rant? Clichy has made 2 mistakes this season and the second one he actually recovered from but was wrongly judged by the ref.

    Our squad is weak, but at the end of the day, the core of our best players are still all fit. We will march on from this and prove victorious on the final day of the season. We didn’t play badly against Birmingham, we just had one of those god awful unlucky games. We haven’t had one of those all season.

    Ade hasn’t scored in 2 games, but he has been in the right position to score in both of them. You don’t really believe he has turned into a poor player because he failed to score in 2 games do you?

    Our two wingers are Clichy and Sagna on the overlap. They whipped about 500 balls into the box at the weekend, and theo carried the ball from out wide and blasted it into the bottom corner.

    Casicky, there is experience the whole way through the squad. Most of ManU’s players hadn’t won the prem until last year, and they still did it.

    Benzema may not even be that good? He has had one big season, big deal. All I’ll say is, Guivarch, Cisse and Wiltord. All record scorers, all major disappointments.

    We’ll be fine, the squad will unite for Eduardo! Bring on Villa and Milan!

  29. DC


    Get a grip mate…. I know emotions are running high…. But how dare you insult Cesc, how many points has he won for us this season… Let’s look at the facts.. We’re 3 points clear at the top of the league, didn’t concede any goals to Milan and you’re panicking… Now you’re behaving like those twats in the media…. Be real and look at the last 3 games…

    Manu : I’m convinced Wenger told them to throw the Man U game so I’m not even gonna comment on that

    Milan: This is Milan, how many medals do players in that team have collectively.. We outplayed them and were unlucky not to win….. So I don’t see that as a bad result, they’ve got Kaka and Maldini in their team for gods sake!! And if we go to the San Siro and nick a goal, they’ve gotta score 2!!

    Birmingham: Our game was f~@@ed the moment Eduardo had his leg broken.. Im not surprised the players lost concentration…. And to be honest , we were unlucky and the refereeing decisions didn’t go in our favour…..

    And leave Clichy alone… He has been absolutely outstanding for us since sh@tface went to stamford bridge…..

    I’m sick of Arsenal being picked on…. And we don’t need our own fans to start doing it too!!

  30. Bud

    What the fuck do you mean “how dare I insult Cesc”. The guy is a great young player, but as far as I can remember he has been nothing better than average since before Christmas. WHen was the last time he took hold of a game in the middle of the park? Flamini does it !!!

    Credit where credit is due, and criticism where its due also !

    You lot can all criticise Senderos for being shit and now celebrate him when he is doing well, so why not Cesc….. what’s his divine right, you tell me???

    And I am sick of cunts in my office that I am seriously gonna fucking sack in a minute, saying it wasn’t that bad a challenge on Eduardo and Eboue’s was worse on Terry…….. What is it with people today ?!!!!

    Fuck everyone !!!!!!

  31. casicky

    Bud is losing it,i can understand why though this week kas been a rite shitter!!!we all look at the Milan game and raise our hopes and say we had chances but we didnt score we can still have chances and not score,um not tryna be negative i guess in a way um tryna prepare myself for the worst and i think the worst will be the Scum going on bout how they won a trophy this season and we did jack..its a shame but after a long time of optimism i can see that happening..

  32. Odub

    Considering the weekend we’ve had i wouldnt begrudge anyone having a go!

    We drew a game we should have won, we lost a good striker, we’re getting chastised in the press AGAIN, our captain DID NOT show a good example, and we’ve even got cunts like ex player Larsson laying into us!!! Apart from Theo scoring his 1st league goals, can anyone think of any positives we can take from this weekend? Didnt think so!

    Someone needs to deliver a rocket up their asses cos the league’s not won yet, and we’ve tried to coast thru matches thinking we’re better than what we are atimes (both games against Birmingham, Middlesborough).

    Here comes that red mist again!

  33. Mike (the neighbour)

    I have been trawling the internet for some statistics and found one which measures the players in various top premiership positions for accuracy etc
    This is what it shows for clichy in this season showing the average per game
    Per game clichy Player average
    passes 50 32
    tackles 4.1 2.53
    crosses 3.32 1.46
    contests 1 on 1 2.35 0.70

    Ok lies dam lies and statistics maybe but it shows him performing better than his peers in all aspects and in some areas significantly better .Its easy to judge people when a lapse takes place especially if your a defender however if a player is performing better than their peers that has to count for something doesnt it ????????

  34. Bud

    I’m happy with Gallas……….. it showed passion. He felt it so bad he lost it (we’ve all done it haven’t we?)…….. I wish all our players took shit as personally as he does !!!!!!!

  35. DC


    I’m not entertaining the idea of you disrespecting Cesc… How can you say he hasn’t taken a grip of the games!! Manu U, i totally agree.. But Birmingham and Milan!! If it wasn’t for bad finishing by others and good goal keeping, he would have had a couple of assists in both games and would have definately scored against Brum….

    As for Larsson… I’m disgusted that he would say such nonsense…..

    And yes, I absolutely love Flamini!! When’s he signing up?????????

  36. Pedro

    Mike, I love nothing more than somone backing a statement with statistics and you are so right. He has been one of our best players this year and it is just unfortunate that his 2 errors this year have cost us two goals.

    I don’t think we should lose site of how well we have done in the league this year, and I don’t think we should lose site of the fact that we conceded a penalty in the 95th minute. We were about 10 seconds away from a great victory in the face of adversity.

    I’m pissed off but we haven’t lost anything yet. We can still bit a great Milan team at the San Siro, and we can still win the League.

    You don’t crumble into a bad team because of one game. We have RvP coming back, he has a point to prove… he’ll be thinking, ‘how dare Ade become one of the most revered strikers in the prem’!

    Rosicky is also on his way back. Theo has scored some goals, he looks like a confidence player… Ade will score in his next game, that result will make him realise you have to work hard to score goals and Cesc looked much better than he has done lately, any other keeper would have let the shot in.

    We have plenty to be positive about, so stop mopping chaps!

    Positive thoughts for Eddy and the team!

  37. Bud

    Who the fuck is Brad !!!!!!

    Fabregas has not been good of late, accept it…. to say otherwise is blind and blinkered !!!!!!

    Are you saying Fabregas is playing anywhere near the level he did at the start of the season………… ??

  38. Pedro

    I really don’t think he has been that bad, the only difference between now and the start of the season is the goals ratio.

    Pirlo was waxing lyrical about him after the Milan game! What about that ball through to Ade (The one he should have dinked over the keeper)… it was amazing!

    I changed the Brad, I thought it was a typo?

    That is so god damn nerdy… correcting spelling, tut tut…

  39. Bud

    Also, we would of won the game is Ade wasn’t so selfish and let his hatred of Bentdner get in the way…….. all he had to do was square the ball and it was an open goal tap in………… unforgivable and cost us 2 points !!!!!

  40. Gunnersaurus

    Bud dude, you need to chill out!

    I have to agree with DC and Pedro here, Cesc has been good! Not at his imperious best, granted, but I would never say he has been a passenger. Denilson has been a passenger in games, but never Cesc.

    If he has scored on Sat, I don’t think we’d be having this debate.

    That little Elf Larsson can fuck off, hobbit looking little prick.

  41. Mike (the neighbour)

    Bud I think you and Odub should meet up and beat the shit out of each other til youve got it out of your systems-or strip to the waist and handbags at 10 paces whatever turns you on -The fat lady still hasnt mounted the stage yet
    On motivational courses they always asked you to cenre yourself on what was the moment when you felt you (and in this case the team ) were invincible -Picture that moment keep focussed then build on that .If it fails get some san miguels down the back of your throats

  42. Bud

    Fuck that……… I can’t move the picture that we played 3rd from bottom Birmingham for 88 minutes and they had 10 men and still we couldn’t win. Forget whether it was penalty or not, weshould have been several goals to the good by that point and didn’t win FACT……………. therefore, screw the happy place, face reality and accept a) we ain’t good enough, and b) we do not deserve to win the league if we cannot win a game like that !!!!

  43. Mike (the neighbour)

    Gunnersauras without becoming a statisical nerd the same statistics as I gave for clichy are better in most categories for cesc against his peers the only one where he was less was 1 to 1 contacts but it was only marginal and yet his pass rate was almost double his peers

  44. Mike (the neighbour)

    Bud one swallow doesnt make a gobble as my old grandad used to say .Birmingham was a snapshot in time thats all .The reality is what you make it -youre on one of the best blogs around supporting a fantastic team (at the top ) .Have made guest posts yourself much to your credit -Darth geoff has just come back from the Dark side so how about a Obud wan Kenobi afternoon and let the force be with you
    Oh and my grandfather also said theres noyhing so bad that cant be worse -think of eduardo !

  45. Mike (the neighbour)

    Sorry Darth Geoff that should have said the best blog around -dont want you whipping out your lightsaber on wednesday !

  46. Odub

    Bud will stick to the odd game if you dont mind thanks, speaking of which kindly let me know when next you’ve got spares, cheers.

    Mike my anger/rage/muderous tendencies have subsided considerably since yesterday, and I just think Bud’s in the zone I was in when I posted yesterday.

    Also stats can make any situation look better or worse, it’s the end product that matters. couldnt care less who wins the most tackles or makes the most key passes, as long as we score more goals than the other team, I’m happy. We’ve dropped 9 daft points since December, and that’s that. 12 points clear would have sounded better than 3.

  47. Mike (the neighbour)

    Bud understand lies dam lies and statistics -I think its a combination of factors -however quite often the perceived view about a player can be blinded by a a snapshot rather than a longer view -I personally dont subscibe to the hero today cunt tomorrow theory .Thats why I thought geoffs measured post today was a good one

  48. Pedro

    Bud are you seriously selling up? Is it a steward issue? The lady behind us is selling up as well, she isn’t loaning it either!

    If you want, I can advertise it on the site?

    Odub, that was a pure rant yesterday, I was tempted to cut and paste it into the random rant section!

    ManU (Played our reserves…)
    Milan (Played really well just didn’t score)
    Birmingham (Just one of the games)

    If we beat Villa 2-0 on Saturday and beat Milan the week after, the season will be back on track.

    The league will be won against Liverpool, Chelsea and ManU… all upcoming games.

    How can you say we don’t deserve to win the league if we can’t beat the Brummies… the Mancs got turned over by Citeh twice and West ham! We’ve been beaten once.

    A BLIP!

    I remember the last time you went on a rant like this, you said our challenge would be over by the end of December… we’ve done ok since and we are still in with a helluva shout!

  49. Odub

    Agree Mike, players can’t go from good to shit in the same season,so Clichy will come back from his latest mistake to become a better player. Same goes for Cesc, good player, not quite world class yet, and still developing.

  50. DC

    Odub, behave mate!!

    I really think some of you are insane! Cesc, not world class! So what is he then? Is he not one of the best centre midfielders in the world? Have you forgotten that in his young years he has already outclassed Vieria, Pirlo and the Madrid Galacticos to name a few…

    And name me a centre midfielder in the premiership who has had a better season than him…. Just think what Arsenal are like when he doesn’t play… All that great football we play, it all centres around him with Flamini providing the power play….. It’s only because we are not winning why you’re making these comments… I think our current problem/lack of form lies in other parts of the team…

  51. Odub

    So DC you’re saying that Cesc at the age of 20, 3.5 years as a prem player, never won the league is now world class and is not still developing?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve sang the lad’s praises on numerous occassions and think we miss him when he’s not on the pitch, but are you telling me he’s now more influential for us than say Gerrard is for the scousers?

    He’s had a very good 4 years don’t get me wrong, but until he plays in a team that wins titles and other trophies by the season, let’s not go over the top!!

  52. DC

    Odub… Totally agree mate.. He’s still developing and is still maturing… But c’mon.. Are you telling me that he’s not as influential for us as Gerrard is for the scousers.. I know that everytime I check the Arsenal teamsheet, Cesc is the first name I look for… And if I don’t see him listed, I must say I do get worried….. you know it’s true!!

  53. Bud

    Champions do not have Blips in the run in……….. thats what makes Champions !

    Yes advertise Pedro…… am going downstairs next season with Steve & Stuart.

    In fact, if a company wants, there are 3 Club Level seats. Need to know within a week or so, or I won’t even renew.

  54. Odub

    Mate, on different occasions this season, I’ve fretted when he, Kolo, Hleb, Sagna, Ade, RVP, Clichy, and Gallas have beem missing. I’d like to think AW’s aiming for a balanced team where every player is as important as the other.

    I would rather have him in than not (what’s the options – Gilberto, Denilson, Song, Diaby!!)

    Torres has got 6 years of carrying Athletico Madrid by himself and averaged 12 goals a season despite being in a less than average side. Cesc is in a very good side, and as such his influence should see us winning trophies and not saving us from relegation like Torres was doing for them.

  55. Bud

    I agree with O’dub. Fabregas will become World Class, but he like Torres ain’t there yet……… World Class players are champions in any sport !!!!

  56. Odub

    Chris I’m on an eamiling marathon with a spud fan, who had the audacity to send me pics of him and his cuntish mates getting legless in Wembley last night, I countered by sending pics of Ledley King getting kicked out of Faces night club last night! drunken cunts!

  57. Geoff

    I think I know what’s going through his mind, probably ‘bollocks, still I’ll get a champions league medal and a prem one too’ why? because his mates will fight like fuck from here on in.

    I think you’ll see a different team from now. We’re going to win the league! this time last year everything was over, not now though, let’s get positive, maybe the players will then.

  58. Mike (the neighbour)

    Pedro this is the most up to date injury list for le list
    E Da Silva Broken Leg no return date
    K Toure Calf Muscle Strain 9th Mar 08
    V Diaby Calf Muscle Strain 9th Mar 08
    T Rosicky Hamstring Injury 25th Feb 08 very doubtful
    R Van Persie Thigh Muscle Strain 29th Feb 08

  59. Pedro

    Geoff, is this what you were thinking when you wrote the blog?

    You guys don’t even want to read McLeish’s latest…

    I’ll sort Le List in a bit Mike, cheers for the update!

    Courtesy of the Times:

    Tony Cascarino

    It was good to see that Arsène Wenger issued a retraction after his harsh comments about Martin Taylor. Now the Arsenal manager should do another: “I regret handing William Gallas the captaincy at the start of the season and I have taken the armband away from him and given it to someone more suited to lead a title-chasing side at a critical point of the campaign.”

    Players who think the team revolves around them wind me up more than almost anything. Saturday’s game against Birmingham City should have been all about the sad injury to Eduardo da Silva, but instead Gallas is hogging much of the spotlight after his behaviour when Birmingham were given their late penalty.

    The defender’s becoming a liability, a laughing stock. He’s 30 years old, not 3. I don’t know what the players will make of his antics within the camp, but they can’t feel good about it. Gallas has developed the habit of berating his teammates when they make a mistake, waving his arms theatrically, pulling all sorts of faces. Players hate it when they are shown up publicly like that. The crowd might have missed a mistake, but when one of their teammates makes a song and dance at them, it makes them look bad.

    And what is a captain’s job? The exact opposite. To encourage and improve those around him, to squeeze more out of the team. Especially at moments when things are going badly. That’s when you need the captain to be an inspirational leader more than any other time. Gallas? Thinking only about himself, not what the team need. The excuse that he was traumatised by Eduardo’s injury doesn’t wash with me. It’s his responsibility to cope with that.

    It’s not like Saturday was a one-off. His behaviour was poor at Old Trafford the week before, at White Hart Lane in the Carling Cup and he messed around in the centre circle for a while after the final whistle when West Ham United scored a late goal to beat Arsenal at Upton Park last term. Then there was the messy way he left Chelsea in 2006 – remember that unproven, bizarre business about the alleged threat to score an own goal? He could cost Arsenal the title. Not only is he failing as a captain, but as a player. Lately, he’s been caught wandering out of position and been given the runaround by opposition strikers. He’s playing badly so he’s trying to deflect, pointing the finger at others, wandering round with a sulky attitude. Arsenal are short at centre back but his continued presence in the lineup could be detrimental.

    Wenger’s judgment is normally brilliant but he’s got this one completely wrong. One option is to put the captaincy on the line: lead this team properly or you’re out. Another is to give the armband to someone better equipped to lift the players. Either way, Gallas is acting like a spoilt brat who needs to be put into line.

    Throwing the dummy out

    Roy Keane (Ireland)

    Helped team spirit before the 2002 World Cup by telling Mick McCarthy, his manager, to “stick your World Cup up your a***” and going home.

    Craig Levein (Heart of Midlothian)

    The future Dundee United manager broke the nose of Graeme Hogg, his teammate, by punching him during a preseason friendly.

    Billy Bremner (Leeds United)

    Sent off for fighting with Kevin Keegan, of Liverpool, in the 1974 Charity Shield, Bremner and his opponent threw off their shirts as they left the pitch.

    Antonio Rattin (Argentina)

    Took eight minutes to leave pitch when sent off against England in 1966 World Cup quarter-finals.

  60. Odub

    So Mcleish doent think it should have been a red card?!! And what the fuck does Tony Cascarino know about fucking football, and who the fuck asked him?! Cunt!!

  61. Bud

    What was wrong with what Gallas did. OK, it was over the top a bit, but fuck it, his mate has just had his career ended and we were shit againsta shit club in th ebottom 3 who only had 110 men and could only draw……….. and please none say it was a blip. We were shit !!!!!!

  62. Bud

    That would be 10 men, not 110……. obvious typo, but some cunt will pick up on it and I already hate too much and too many today to start hating someone else for annaly making some joke about 110 players !!!!!!

  63. Pedro

    Because he is the captain of one of the biggest clubs in the world. Did you ever see Tony Adams do that? No way… he is supposed to be a leader… it was childish and unprofessional. You’d never see John Terry or Stevie G do that… its not on. Petulant and pathetic.

    2-2 is not the end of the world, we are still 3 points clear and we have players to come back.

    It is a blip…

    … I’ll have a fiver on it being a blip bud? I will pay you in pure cash if we lose to Villa at the weekend?

    What say ye?

    Put your money where your hysterics are!

  64. Mike (the neighbour)

    Odub I get this from a web site called the premier physio room which seems to be kept pretty much up to date -and the above is all thats shown so in the past unless theyre on the list theyre fit

  65. Bud

    I’m not betting against the Arsenal…….. what do you think I am…….. and whats all the “Stevie G” shit………. next you will be calling that Cunt that captains the Chavs “JT” !!!!!!!

    “Stevie G (as you put it)” will never ever win the league and Terry is a tacky chav cunt !!!!

    You can fuck the “being professional” bit also………… what was professional about drawing against 10 men of a bottom 3 side……..

    Think I should take a Le-Grove sabatical, I’m even falling out with my buddy Pedro, but please come on……… he lost his temper in the same passionate was I threw shit accross the room when they got the penalty……….. HE CARES !!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Mike (the neighbour)

    Bud -He has every right to be up set and no ones denied that BUT he should be with his men as Captain -leading from the front not the rear and certainly not skulking down the other end of the pitch

  67. Geoff

    Being upset and competitive is one thing, leaving his team mates during a penalty is being a stupid petulant cunt bud.

    Good piece Pedro.

    Gallas should do his fighting on the pitch and setting an example of how to lead, not how to sulk.

  68. Mike (the neighbour)

    Geoff thats also the way Yoda speaks in Star wars -are you sure youre back from the Dark side now – positive we have to be !
    I also like that piece as well pedro leading and motivating is a skill that can be tought and you cant humiliate your team publicly -thats what dressing rooms are for !!

  69. Mike (the neighbour)

    …oh and by the way what if Almunia had punched the ball out dont you need as many players up there to get the ball away -Not every penalty goes in does it

  70. Mike (the neighbour)

    maybe I could ask the nintendo wii guys to invent a how far can you punch the ball game -yeah I know youd still fuckin beat me !!!

  71. Pedro

    Bud, I’m not falling out with you! Just helping you through this tough tough time…!

    Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully we can give this whole Arsenal are doomed thing a rest!

    On a lighter note, Martin Taylor had to get security to stop Croatian journos breaking into his car!

    He also had 27,000 hate messages left for him on a website… still, I am sure there was no intent in the messages… after all, Croatian’s aren’t naturally malicious people…

  72. Pedro

    I know… I didn’t think you were going to write something like that!

    Good blog, you’re going to have to be creative this week, its gonna be slow…

    Eduardo will be back by Xmas! Hooray!

  73. Mike (the neighbour)

    yeah geoff the days not over yet wait until Mrs Bud gives Bud some grief THEN light the blue touchpaper and……………………..fffffffffffffuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk

  74. Mike (the neighbour)

    Pedro keep the faith but for sure they cant predict how its gonna go -Its infections an complications that cause the timetable to change -Must stop watching Holby

  75. Mike (the neighbour)

    Croats get fuckin angry whem they lose in eurovision – there are 9 million croats in the world -Mr Taylor they are gonna be your worse nightmare

  76. Mike (the neighbour)

    Sorry chris thats about as useful as a chocolate tea pot -Didnt understand a fuckin word of it -Geoff might as he is Bi lingual or is it Bi sexual -i am not sure only he can tell

  77. jimmyfingers


    Just thought I’d start the chant. Come on, you know you all want to join in

  78. Spanish Fry

    I liked what Gallas did – it was a little misguided but it showed his passion. I just feel that he probably took a personal responsibility for the failure to win and as the captain would have felt guilty that the side did not win for Eduardo. Just my opinion.

  79. Goonerman

    Eboooeh gets a lot of stick but I like him. He is powerful, can sometimes cross well, he is useful as a dedensive midfielder, engages well with Sagna etc.

    My key point is that Wenger does not easily give up on players and will be patient with Eboue. AW knows he needs time to develop his shooting skills. He won’t be going anywhere.