Milan in for Ade – Don’t blame Gael – Gallas, grow up – Get well soon Eddy

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I feel so sick that I can hardly write this match report.

Almunia was drafted back into the squad after illness and Walcott started out wide.

After about 2 minutes, Eduardo was tackled late from behind, rolled over with studs grounded and snapped his leg. Taylor was given a straight red. The snap was so bad many Arsenal players looked visibly shaken. McFadden complained about the red card like the complete cunt he is… It is difficult to understand how a fellow professional can be so callous? I also can’t understand how another human can do something that grotesque to a person. from the pictures, he wasn’t even looking when the foot was on his shin. Its GBH with intent, simple as, Gunnerblog have a pic here if you wish to see… its fucking gross though, so be warned

Alex Mcleish’s defence was shameful.

“He didn’t think he made a lot of contact with him. It’s not in Taylor’s make-up to produce a malicious tackle.”

He need to take a good look at that picture and tell me he’s not that type of player.

Horror tackle

Not that type of player, eh?

Arsene Wenger was pretty disgusted by the challenge to, he said the below to skysports,

”I think this guy should never play football again,”

“What is this guy doing on the football pitch?

”I feel the idea has been going around for some time that to stop Arsenal you have to kick Arsenal. That sort of injury was coming for a long time.”

I’m so gutted that he will miss Euro 2008.Our thoughts are with Eduardo, and we hope you get well soon.

The game restarted after nine minutes and we looked out of sorts big time. Our passing was crap and we looked like our minds were on other things.

McFadden picked up the ball ran into a crowd of players, was dispossessed fairly by Flamini (Check the trailing leg touch the ball first), then McFadden dived over the top of the Flamster and a free kick was given. We all knew where McFadden was going to put it and he duly did.

Gutted. The football gods were clearly watching a Spanish game or something?

We coughed and spluttered for the rest of the game, Adebayor winning plenty of balls in the box – and doing fuck all to put them on target. I think he had about 4 headers at goal?

The second half started and there was a lot more about our play. We found rhythm and started to look like a team with intent. We had a few chances, Cesc coming agonisingly close – somehow denied by Maik Taylor.

The corner was belted in, Ade rose up high for it… Taylor ran into him… Ade nodded it on and Theo volleyed it in! 1-1! Fan-fucking-tastic!

Andy Gray said it was a foul on the Keeper. Do I need to say what I think of his opinion?

5 minutes later Theo capitalised on a Birmingham mistake, took the ball through the middle and instead of passing it… he drilled it into the bottom corner! GET IN THEO!

The statistic of not having and English player score a goal in the league all season was well and truly banished.

We had something like 21 attempts on goal. Ade missed a glorious chance when through one on one… if he’d looked up he could have played Nikki B through… it was an open goal! But instead he went for the shot and Taylor saved again. I don’t know what anyone else thought, but it seemed to me that Ade and Nikki were not enjoying each others presence on the pitch.

I said to the guys I was sitting with that all the chances we were squandering could come back to bite us in the ass and I though Ade was being selfish today.

As the 92nd minute nearly passed, I was getting excited, another Birmingham attack passed, a ball rolled out towards Clichy… he let it run… the camera panned out and a Birmingham player was on the end of it! Clichy stuck his leg out… PENALTY!

It looked bang on as well. Replays however suggested to me that Clichy actually won the ball… so we had been done by another farcical bit of reffing.

Up stepped McFadden… goal.

Fucking gutted.

What got me even more was William Gallas’s attitude. He stormed up to the half way line (Before we’d even conceded the penalty) and sat down like a spoilt little brat. Arsene had to walk over to get him to stand up. I appreciate the fact you are pissed off, but you are the captain. Grow up and support your team mates. Clichy didn’t mean to make a mistake, if the ref was any better he would have spotted it wasn’t a foul and he’d been conned again. Its gives out the wrong message to the fans and more importantly… our rivals. He looked like he was saying, ‘fuck it, its over now’… its the same in any sport, don’t let your emotion get the better of you and at 30, he should know better.

If ManU win today, the gap is closed to 3 points.

3 points – 5 points, what’s the difference?

I doubt we will lose the title by 2 points. There are still plenty of points left to play for and if we beat ManU and Chelsea, we will win the league. You’d hope so anyway.

RvP is nearly fit again, same for Rosicky and Diaby. Walcott may have just found his scoring form and you can bet your bottom dollar Eboue wouldn’t have scored those goals.

So lets pick ourselves up, and move onto the next game. We’re still firmly in the title race and there is not time to feel sorry for ourselves. This is the first time we’ve been done in the last minute this year… we’ve done it to enough teams so we’ll just have to take it on the chin. We didn’t play badly either and Taylor was in the form of his life

In other news, Ade is being courted by Milan. I’ve said this before… Ade will be a pain in the Arse with things like this, his ego is huge and from past quotes, he is fully expecting to play for teams like Milan and Madrid. Be prepared for a summer of shit from him.

Heads up gooners, its still in our hands!

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  1. 1979gooner

    agree, the media have been f*cking pathetic as always.

    it’s amusing to contrast with Eboue’s red from last week which they claimed was a dangerous red card without exception, they now try to defend a tackle that was simply not in the same ball park

  2. omar

    its soo so sad what happened to eduardo yesterday.. i hope he recovers from this. adebayor and bentnder obviously cant play together…. i think theo should start until vanpersie returns. im not saying this just coz he scored twice but ive always felt theo is a special talent. i know alot of fans think hees not improving and stuff like that but in my opinion if he gets as many matches as other players like eboue and adebayor he will improve alot, he can be a world class player for sure. i dont blame gallas at all for what he did, why are fans allowed to lose their temper but not players? i know gallas is the captain but it happens to everyone…. how many times did roy keane lose his temper when he was cpatain? does that make him a bad captain. ide rather see that than a captain who doesnt really show emotions. as for clichy, i think hees been one of our best players this season but the mistake yesterday is not acceptable at all, i dont even think an amateur would make a mistake like that. i know there are alot of comparisons between him and ashley cole but i still think if he is to become as good as ashley was he should cut down these mistakes…. we shouldnt blame him though, these things happen in sports

  3. chris

    great post again this morning on a difficult day, to say we need some luck is an understatement.
    we didnt really expect anything’ from newcastle did we?

  4. Maximus

    It was Cichy’s fault. Pure and simple. He let his mind wander at exactly the wrong time. Gallas’s reaction was understandable. He was in complete and utter shock that Clichy could do such a thing. I, myself, was in as much shock. I have never been so galled by such a lazy, mindless lapse in concentration.

    To say 5 points is the same as 3 points is utter bullshit. Every single point counts.

    Eduardo’s loss was huge, as was the injury. That cunt ought to be shot, stabbed, and beheaded. The smirk on that fucked face said it all. I can only hope that the filthy pigs get relegated.

    Wenger fucked up too, by the way. Taking off our best player and the player who could hold up the ball was ill-timed. We still needed to score, I believed, right until the end.

    It was the most anguish I have ever felt watching Arsenal. Save perhaps for the 79 cup final which in the end we won anyway. I have never been more stirred up. It was like watching a train wreck.

    Not strengthening our squad will prove to be our biggest mistake. All we can do now is pray.

  5. NebX

    I always doubt Gallas’ is the man to captain the Gunners. I know he can lift the team some times but this is the kind of times you need your captain to show his cool and in control. He totally lost it. It is as if he needed someone to console him. I say Fabregas is much better. I know he is young but he is cool and calm and influential.

  6. AN Steve

    This site is superb, I have introduced to a number of friends and Arsenal loving colleagues and although they do not always contribute (in the office it can be difficult) they read it regularly.

    Today I have a feeling of anger!!! And I actually believe as I said yesterday Gallas was so emotional and cross he needed time alone to cool himself off. I am like that and it took me a long time to learn that a few minutes alone will stop me blowing a fuse. He was fucking crying for gods sake doesn’t that tell you something. And those cunts on match of the day, Lawrenson “there something wrong at Arsenal… the fight between Ade and Bendtner, the poor performance at Manure and today..” so the match yesterday was not influenced by anything out of the ordinary.. words fucking fail me. Oh the pressure is getting to Gallas so Fergusmoan will be laughing what the Fuck…

    However we have a week to the next match and this is where Wenger will earn his money. We were unlucky at Birmingham and we still drew. Unlike last major event ie Manure stopping the record etc the team are young and now angry. (I have decided I am in sync with their emotions). With Theo getting confidence we will win the title because the time to fight has started I and for think the team will totally up for it.

  7. Trevor


    Ive seen it on telly a few times and it sickens me. Seeing someone carted off like that is horrilble.

    We see hundreds of actual tackles like that week in week out. It was a one off. The fact that Taylor had caught him when Eduardo had his foot fully planted was just bad timeing.

    Eduardo was just too quick for Tayler who made a lunge for the ball. You see the simular tackles week in week out and the only produce yellow cards. And hand on heart you will know its true.

    What about a few weeks ago the Match Between Tottenham and Sunderland where one of the sunderland players Took a Kung fu Kick into Yorks Side.

    Essien has given a few Two Footed Challenges some not bookable and some bookable none Red Carded!

    Id like to see the real idiots in the game punished! Not a bloke who made an honest bad timed tackle which was unfortunite that it resulted in a horror break.

    Id like to see lonber bans for ones who really make no effort toplay the ball! Id like to see fuckers who tackle with both feet get good lengthy bans.. Id like the over the ball studs up with no attempt to play the ball tackle receive lengthy bans.

    Get better soon Eduardo!

  8. goonerea

    I’m really gutted for Eduardo – he seems a genuine fellah – as well as a gooner. It must have been hard for the boys to play on with that sickening sight fresh in their minds – professionals or not! What pisses me off are the morons we have for so called pundits on sky, bbc & talkshite. Each time there has been a dangerous tackle they criticise it saying something must be done by referees/FA etc as sooner or later a player will get a career ending injury. As soon as it actually happens they say it was just mis-timed and the player who did it had no intent – hypocritical cunts (and that’s the nicest thing I can say about them). Lets hope Eduardo has a good recovery and the boys can go on from here – ffs we are still top of the league!!!

  9. Abdulfatah Tijjani

    i agree with u maximus. the coach shoul nt hav taken out those player most especially hleb and i must say dt mr wenger should trow away his odd idea of not buying quality players who can be relied upon at any time not young kids dt u wait b4 they germinate. he shld be able to mix em up dt is why i like fergie, he knws hw 2 play the game. he has dependable players and wenger will certailly take a long time before he can match their ability and fighting prowess.

    there is no compromise but 2 strenthing the squad wen the season is over besides he has money to trow arnd.

  10. Evo in OZ

    Pedro – spot on about Eboue, he definitely wouldnt have scored either of those goals. I still think he is a good player, just not a goal scorer!

  11. Evo in OZ

    Maximus – i personally dont think Gallas was in shock that Clichy could do such a thing, more they had the win in the bag and didnt win it!

  12. Pedro

    Sorry for the delay on some of the comments this morning, I’ve had internet issues.

    Maximus, I agree with everything you are saying there, but I don’t think 2 points will come into it at the end of the season. We still have to play Liverpool, Chelsea and the Mancs… 5 points would be better than 3, but I would suspect the eventual winners will be further ahead than 2 points at the end of the year…

    I guess I am fighting for a positive spin. We weren’t that bad… we created chances. You’d have to say that was the first game we’ve been robbed of this year, it happens and we must move on.

    Trevor I don’t think you can justify anyone making a tackle like that. When you go into a challenge like that, you know what could happen… there is no need for it. I would never do that to somone in a game… and a tackle is a tackle… no matter what level you play at. In fact, you should be even more mindful of committing gbh on someone when you know its there career on the line.

    I also think my article that I was getting a lot of shit for yesterday is a little more justified. Eduardo is now out… and all we have in back up (Excluding RvP) is Nikki B.

    Its going to be a nerve jangling finish, but I think we can still win it.

    Omar, the fans can lose it, just like a customer can lose it in business. You wouldn’t lose it like that at work because you have to give out the impression of a united front.

    Remember KK losing it back in the nineties, Rob Lee said they thought that was when the challenge went down hill because KK lost his composure showing everyone he was rattled.

    AN Steve, loving the positivity!

    We can still win it for sure… it ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

  13. Evo in OZ

    Can anyone tell me if they agree the standard of commentating has gone to the shit this year?

    I used to like Andy Gray, but he seems like a bandwagoner this year…stupid wank!

    I noted down a comment from the Milan game the other day, i forgot to post it, but ill post it now:

    Commentator- “I think Milan are growing in confidence, 12 minutes left for them to HANG ON here”

    Fuck a duck, is that just a contradiction in terms or what?

    totally sick of it, when will they give us a break, maybe if we win the premiership and CL double! Bring it!

  14. A(Mumbai)FC (India)

    Blame Clichy……for what?…..This guy was all action for the whole 90 mins. He did all the running….I bet hes run the most no. of Kms…Gallas should be ashamed of himself, reacting in such a way. (It was not a penalty after all) I feel sad for dudu, hope he gets back to full fitness

  15. Sue

    Lay off of Gallas he did nothing wrong. Its called shock NebX please try to be human and understand that some people react in different ways. William is a fine captain and will go to the ends of the earth to defend his team. I watched the tackle and felt physically sick so lord knows how Dudu’s team mates felt.
    The tackle was hard, high and uncalled for, Taylor had no chance of getting the ball. he knows it and so does everyone else. To use the excuse he caught Eduardo because he was too fast is comical. Still what can you expect from an ex Blackburn player they are all brought up to be thugs.

    I also agree with Arsene’s comment about teams kicking The Arsenal off the field. It was only a matter of time before someone got it. In all honesty I thought it was either be Rosicky or Hleb.

    Maximus for you to lay the blame with Clichy over the penalty is utter cobblers. Video playback has shown that Gael never brought the player down.

    National newspaper have now been banned from my home. After their public execution of Eboue last week and their none committal on what Taylor did I really cant be arsed with their crap.

    The FA should now give Taylor an extra ban on top of the one he already has. I am a firm believer that if someone is given a red and hurts the opposing player then they should stay out of the game the same amount of time that the injury takes to heal.

    These guys need our support all the more now. I suggest a standing ovation for Eduardo at our next home game against Villa

  16. Evo in OZ

    Lads im off to bed – 10.30pm here and back to work tomorrow!

    Could be a tough week, 7 days till the next game and a bit of soul searching to do, but the optimism is always high from my end! The players need a good rest anyway!

    Bring on the League and CL double i say!

  17. Mike (the neighbour)

    It doesnt matter whether Taylor had intent or not -so its equivalent to Manslaughter instead of Murder -There is a chance he could have ended Eduardos career and being distraught aint enough punishment for him .I think I will remember the close up on the face of fabrigas for some time -he was distraught !
    Gallas had every right to be upset however he is Captain and his first thoughts should not be feeling aggrieved and looking inwards at himself -but remember that he is the teams “leader” on the field and act like one -Isolating himself was the last thing to do .
    That game made me start biting my nails again but dont forget if we had won -of course the injury would quite rightly have made the headlines but I suspect Theos contribution would have been applauded more than it has so far today
    Being Positive is essential but this is a very critical time -Man U are definitely on a roll -thats outside of the teams control but playing everygame like its the final one that gets them the title is -they are not victims they have the talent to do it !!!

  18. Stupid

    Just read something off a croatian website and apparently the injury is not as bad as feared and eddy could be training within 6 months!!

    Please please please please please be true 🙁

  19. Stupid

    12 goals in 31 appearances ( 24 starts ) so already based on starts eddy was scoring 1 in 2…fuck sake i am still so so gutted. i aint just saying this cos of whats happened but i have always maintianed he is the best natural striker at arsenal since wrighty and he could be fucked permanently after only 24 cunting starts!!

  20. Pedro

    Sorry about captain Bell end earlier.

    The irony of reading the shittest website out there eh? Go and read something else David…

    Still its the only idiot on today, so going well!

    A quick note to everyone, I didn’t say Gallas was a bad captain, all I said was his reaction was childish and gave out the wrong impression.

    Stupid, this was what Wengers said,

    “The injury is the result of a very bad tackle. The first diagnosis we have of the injury is very, very bad. I would not like to go into medical details because I am not qualified enough but the first news is very bad. He is in hospital.”

    It doesn’t sound good and 6 months would be a miracle recovery.

    Such a shame for somone who was just starting to find his feet.

  21. Odub


    Guys had to get a couple of things of my chest….

    1. Thoughts are with Eduardo, and we all hope to see him back in the team next season…. Martin Taylor can fuck off if he thinks anyone belives that tackle wasnt made on purpose! Anyone in doubt please watch his face on MOTD or in the papers, the smile says it all. Now any pro would know on point of contact that he’s done damage, but the twat doesnt even check on Eduardo until he realises he’s getting sent off…Twat!

    2. i seen to remember a Sunderland player breaking and dislocating Diaby’s ankle 2 seasons ago, and we were told then that ‘he wasnt the kind of player to do something malicious’ I agree with Wenger in that most teams are given a remit to go and get stuck into Arsenal from the off, and now we see the end result.

    One question, if that had been a tackle on an (England international or Manure player )by a foreign player I fucking bet you’d see a lot more coverage in the press about it (Deuscher on Beckham 2002 springs to mind), but for some reason, the press are focuses on getting Gallas banned for his antics (which I don’t condone), because it was almost as bad as Cantona’s kungfu kick V Palace!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Am I the only one trhat thinks the rest of the world dont want us to win this title!!! The poster boys of Premiership Footie at the mo are Rooney and Ronaldo, and all these twats would choke on their fucking prawn sandwiches if we beat them to the title… You know what, I hope we do and I hope we beat every twating fucking team from now till the end of the season for that little Crozillian, and to think it’s his 25th birthday today! Cheers Birmingham, go back to the fucking Championship you fucks!!

    And I take it no one else noticed that

    McFadden dived for the freeekick
    Clichy got the ball off Parnaby and
    Adebayor should have had a penalty just b4 the pen for having his shorts

    Not in a good mood today grovers, and I doubt it will abate until we’ve won the title and Eduardo’s back on form.

  22. Mike (the neighbour)

    random rant or not odub -good one -well said
    pedro spot on re lechumps and Lechamp well done
    suspect there will be some interesting comments tomorrow and hopefully we may get a better prognosis of the timescale for eduardo making a full recovery .

  23. AN Steve

    thats what we are here for to help each other against the baised fuckwits… spot on with everythingyou said.

    Everybody have the faith and keep the anger.

    still seething and its over 24hrs

  24. Stupid

    for fuck sake, just cunting fucking wanking unreal end to a cunting cunt of cuntish week.

    i just knew they would win CUNTS

  25. Stupid

    News reports in Croatia state that Eduardo called Croation coach Bilić last night from hospital.

    Bilić said: “He called me, said he was okay and will definitely return. I felt huge optimism in his voice and the will to return to the pitch. The important thing right now is that Eduardo is mentally strong and believes in his return, which will help his recovery.”

    This is a good sign for the hitman, as many doubted he would ever play again.

    Also he will be transferred from Birmingham’s Selly Oak hospital to London this afternoon. The surgery was successful, and for the next six weeks he will be wearing a semi-open cast.

  26. Pedro

    Excellent news.

    I hope he sues that cunt taylor for what he did.

    I am pretty sure people do it in Sunday league football. Some bloke told me his son kicked a goalkeeper in the head when he was through on goal and they had to foot his medical bill.

    The Spuds won the cup, the only silver lining I can take from that is that it could knock the Chavs title push…

    Other than that I am feeling pretty fucking miserable…

  27. Stupid

    Right time for some positivety chaps!

    3 points clear in the title chase, in with a great shout of knocking the reigning champs of europe out next week at the san siro .

    RVP and tomas back for the title run in.

    THEEEEO has potentially made the mental breakthrough with his brace yesterday and leboss should play him up front with ade from now on, he could be on fire for the rest of the season.

  28. jimmyfingers

    Taylor didn’t intend to break Dudu’s leg. Bet your bottom dollar he was told before the game to get stuck in and sure the tackle was symptomatic of that. Teams think by bullying us they will win and because of that some clumsy twat like Taylor breaks one of our player’s legs. As for the rest of the game I wouldn’t read too much into it: the players were clearly very shcoked by what happened and struggled to get any sort of focus bck

    Oh and if there’s a better way to motivate the players by saying ‘lets win for Dudu’ then I can’t think of. Stupid Manc cunts can gloat all they like but I don’t see this as a swing in their favour

  29. Dinesh Kapur

    Hey guys, I am back !

    The injury is a HORROR story, it is nothing but SHOCKING. I sincerely hope Eduardo makes a COMPLETE recovery. The world of football loses so much when artists like Eduardo are on the sidelines and goons and thugs like Taylor roam the pitch.

    Clichy looks tired. He looked like the best LB in the league but it appears he is losing concentration these days.

    As for Gallas – I never liked his attitude at the Blues, and nothing much has changed at Arsenal either. He is a world class defender but with a few holes in his personality.

    If you can manage to lose the league to Chelsea, I wouldn’t mind that – but the chesty-men who are united should NOT win !

  30. jimmyfingers

    That was a really crap way of saying that Taylor didn’t intend to break Eduardo’s leg, but he went in hard to rough him up and the break is the end result. Physical football is ok but it must within the rules of the game

  31. jimmyfingers,,2259405,00.html

    That’s the minute by minute report, which makes good reading. He put Gallas’ reaction at the end down to really wanting to win the game for Dudu, which I can see. Inevitable the rest of the media is trying to paint it in a bad light. Indeed as he states a worse light that the Taylor challenge. We are truely getting shat upon by the xenophobic press. Even our own fucking ex-players are at it.


    We’ll win it for Eduardo

  32. Pedro

    Stupid, that sounds like a pretty fair idea… one that should certainly be looked into. I hear the maximum he can get is 3 games, which is a fucking joke.

    Its going to be a similar situation to when we lost Bobby Pires a few seasons back, except Eddy hasn’t been quite so influential.

    I think the way Gallas went about his mini protest was all wrong, but every one was a little high on emotion that day… so I can forgive.

    Will Chelseas stutter now and will Arsenal gain a siege mentality?

    A lot of questions will be asked of the team in the next few weeks, and I’m looking forward to seeing how we answer them!

  33. jimmyfingers

    Just like to take this opportunity to salute the Spuds: now they’ve won the Carling Cup we’ll have to grudgingly concede that they ARE a big team. Wow, it’s inspirational stuff

  34. Mike (the neighbour)

    Guys weve had a lot of shit thrown at the team over the last week
    life aint about a breeze its about the crap that makes you what you are today .I like this quote from Helen Keller and she was deaf and blind and still qualified from college so who are we to argue

    “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

    Fuck me if you could bottle this youd piss over everything and everyone -get this in to the next team talk please arsene

  35. Stupid

    Eddy has spoken from his hospital bed in London.

    “I don’t remember the incident very well and it is not something that I want to see again on television or in the newspapers. All I remember is that when I fell, I looked down at my foot and it had turned the other way. The rest is just a blank. It was an unfortunate situation but these things can happen in football.

    “I am unsure at the moment of the extent of the injury and how long I will be out of action for but I know that I won’t be able to play for Arsenal for the rest of the season or be ready in time for the Euros this summer. But I’m not worried about that. My concentration and determination is on making as quick a recovery as possible. I am determined to overcome this injury.