Flamini worries grow – Wenger puts team over profits… or does he?

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So Arsene Wenger had a few interesting things to say during his press conference yesterday.

Firstly he said that he puts his team before profits.

“At the end of the day I feel that [profits] are an internal matter,”

That all sounds pretty good to me but sometimes I wonder how true it is?

You do have to ask whether he is forgetting that he sold Diarra to Portsmouth because of profit. I can’t find the quote, but I remember he was asked why he wouldn’t loan him and he said something along the lines of, ‘you couldn’t guarantee he’d get first team football if he was loaned’…

So he was essentially saying Arsenal would end up lumbered with a worthless player if he failed to get a first team spot at a lesser club (Aliadiere is a prime example of this). So we sold him in January to maximise the profit.

Wenger said this in December,

‘I understand the frustrations of players who don’t play but at the end of the day I will do what is best for the club. That is my first responsibility.’

Would responsibility to the team include keeping players who will be useful, even if they are unhappy? Fergie didn’t flog Ronaldo when he kicked off after his behaviour during Euro 2006 (I know Ronaldo is a better player, but Diarra was still important).

Wenger also took time out to talk about the fans,

‘People pay a big price to watch a football game and they don’t care how much money you make or how much money you lose. It is down to you to do the job of making this Club survive and to give the fans what they want when they come to a football game – enjoyment. That is our responsibility.’

Again, I completely agree with what he is saying but he is missing the biggest part of what we enjoy… winning trophies! We’re not Newcastle fans, we don’t go purely to see a good game… Our footballing style is a tremendous bonus, but like Chelsea fans always say, ‘I’d prefer our trophies and souless club, to your pretty football’.

Now, I am not criticising him, I am merely pointing that he maybe a little off the mark when he suggests we only go to enjoy the spectacle.

He went on to talk about the management of finances.

‘I was never in a club with any deficit. I spend what is available and not more. If it’s not enough, it’s not enough. But that’s the basics for every manager for me at the start. You cannot put the life of a club in trouble or in danger because you want to buy players that you cannot afford.’

He is doing a great job managing our finances, but I think the club has grown to a sufficient size now where if there is a player we wanted… and the price was inflated (Like all great players prices are)… we should compete. I know that sounds silly, but if the price is inflated and big clubs are willing to pay it, its normally because they are worth it. Okay, I know there are flops, but Torres ain’t half bad, Rooney is okayish and Tevez is doing the business. All players we could have competed for.

When the summer comes, will we be in for Benzema? Doubtful. Will we be in for Sammy Eto’o? Not a chance. Will we sign an established star to compliment our youth? I wouldn’t bet on it.

Wenger reckons after he secures his current players he may add to the squad,

‘If I can add one or two more and I have funds available I will do it. But the first priority is to keep the team together and the first case I have not solved yet is Flamini.’

… that quote should go into Wengers famous cliché’s…  Its as famous amongst Arsenal fans as, ‘I did not see the incident’ and ‘The spirit in the team is great’!

Its all by the by, but I just thought he kind of contradicted himself a bit. We can’t argue with his success this year so far, but it would be nice to be able to compete on 4 fronts instead of two, maybe this is the summer where we start acting like a big club in the transfer market.

Onto more important things. His comments about Flamini’s contractual position were not as positive as I’d have liked! Citing Flamini as a problem that has not yet been solved doesn’t fill me with confidence! He is key to our future success, replacing him would cost millions and I’m struggling to think of a player capable at the moment?

Still, in Arsene we trust.

Today it is Birmingham. Wenger has not revealed who will take up the reigns in goal, but many suspect it will be Almunia. Most people on the site yesterday were in favour of Almunia between the sticks, because he has had a great season so far and his pacey distribution has been missed.

When Wenger was asked if Lehmann would retain his place he said,

‘Come to the game tomorrow and you will see.’

Trying to shift a few extra tickets eh?

He had this to say on the state of the squad,

“From Wednesday night we have lost Kolo and Emmanuel Eboue through injury and suspension,”

“We have no-one really back from the squad who played in that game apart from Manuel Almunia.”

So I am predicting a 4 or 5 goal haul. I think we’ll come out of the blocks desperate to bang a few goals in and get the ManU game well and truly out of the system!

How good does 8 points clear sound!

See you in the comments section!

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  1. Goonerman

    Cock up so start again: 8 points would be nice, but have we got enough time to send Nigel Winterburn up to Newcastle to educate their defence?

  2. Gunnersaurus

    Good post, I think he got it wrong letting that little cock go. But in fairness to Arsene, we’re still top of the league and all is to play for in the Champs league.

    If we win today, I am going to start to believe that with 11 games to go, we can really do it this year. We’re to strong for Birmingham, there should be no way we drop any points. Bring big al back and tell theo to have a dig at goal.

    Did you read about Wenger dancing with Adebayor? That is a youtube video i would like to see!

  3. Narley George

    At the end of the day, as you say, In Wenger we trust. If we go 8 points clear, the only thing to analyse, I reckon, is the remaining 11 games. I don’t really care about the Champions League, I think that is a couple of seasons away (if we win this year its a bonus). P S Will we go 43 points clear of Hotshit if we win?

  4. lou

    I am worried about the outcome of today’s game. I don’t share the same confidence as this site. Maybe a 1-1 draw? I think with Jens in goal we always look vulnerable. If we win today i will dance the same dance as Arsene and ade! Wishing arsenal would have stocked up with some players in Jan, but cant get angry because of what he’s done! GO ARSENAL!

  5. AusGunner

    We sold him because he didn’t want to stay.

    When he says enjoyment, I think he includes winning trophies as part of that equation.

    We could act like a ‘big club’ in the transfer market and spend 20 million quid on a crocked Samuel Eto’o, or anywhere between 16 and 30 million quid for a 30 year old striker, or 16 million on a downright shit striker. Or we could act like Arsenal and not try and imitate anyone in the transfer market by paying over the odds in a manner that could spectacularly backfire.

    That said, I would love to sign Benzema if he does leave Lyon, but not signing him isn’t going to preclude us from winning trophies.

  6. Roxy

    If he wins some trophies this year, surely its all irrelevant?

    I don’t think the gap is that large Narley, maybe I’ll have a check. Lou you need to get up for this today, its Birmingham man! We will teach those boys a lesson for stealin points off us a few weeks ago.

    12 games to go, that not many, these season has flown by, only 3 defeats – what a turn around.

    The year needs to end in a trophy, and the way its going, why the fuck not?

  7. Gunnersaurus

    Aus, we sold him because he wanted to go, but it wasn’t in the interests of the team – it was in the interests of Diarra. I think we should have kept him, and if he started to unsettle the team, put him in the reserves.

    I wouldn’t want Eto’o but Cesc did, I would love Bene in my team, that goal he scored against United the other night was top notch and at 20 he is a scary prospect. Will we need him if Jack Wishere’s potential is realised?

    I don’t think we would be imitating clubs if we started to spend big, the point of the new stadium was to be able to spend big? Am I wrong?

  8. michael

    I think you’re wrong about Diarra. He’s obviously a great player but a trouble maker. The difference with Ronaldo is that as far as I know he didn’t want to leave the mancs (after his friend didn’t win the madrid presidency) it was more a case of whether he would be hated by the manc fans. Diarra made it clear he wasn’t prepared to sit on the bench and said so in the press when he got the chance. So loaning him to someone to sit on the bench probably wasn’t an option. I hope you’re right about today’s result. Hat trick for Ade. I’d hate that gelled twat to win the golden boot!

  9. GaRy

    Michael, I’m certain Carvahalo of Chelsea kicked off about his lack of games and he was banished from the first team for a month even though he wanted to leave? Jose would never accept a transfer request if he thought he would need them. We should have kept him. I think when you accept Arsene as your manager, you accept his ways as part of the deal. He will NEVER spend big, so there is no point getting bent out of shape over it. As long as he delivers us one of the remaining trophies, he is justified in his decisions. Lets concentrate on todays game and pray for a win and maybe an extension of our goal difference because the way Manchester have been playing, you wouldnt bet against them beating newcastle by 4 or 5!

    Adebayooor, Adebayoooor, give him the ball and he will scoooooore!

  10. chris

    great post pedro, thats a lot to digest for a saturday morning, i think we had enough destabalising french men in the dressing room moaning, so good lcuk and good bye to diarra,
    i would say that arsenal are winning new fans through play and not trophies however especillay in the new markets
    ive always susspected flamster might leg it this season, but if he does we will replace him, we always do, 2008-2009 might be diaby’s year, the aleged new viera and who knows he may yet be

  11. Ole Gunner

    Just what exactly had Diarra made us win to make Wenger ignore his bad attitude and keep him? He might be great for Portsmouth but there’s a big gap between Pompey and Arsenal.

    And your analysis is very flawed. Arsene said he prefers trophies to profits. Am I missing something? Did Diarra promise us one trophy that we’re not getting because we sold him? How does preferring trophies to profits become preferring to keep a yellow cunt destroying team spirit to profits?

  12. Sue

    No Narley George we will only be 34 points clear of tiny totts and not 43 if we win today.

    Lou you really need to think positive.

    Goonerman wants to try an educate a Toon defence – good luck mate you would have more chance kicking the Queen in the head.

    Diarra was a gobby trouble maker and I for one am glad to see the back of him. Who exactly died and made him God?

    I think Flamini will sign, I really don’t think hes that daft not to.

    In Arsene we trust

  13. jimmyfingers

    Can’t believe after being offline for what seems like forever I come back on to find mybeloved grove still talking about that gigantic cunt Diarra. I don’t care of he’s the second coming of Christ he’s not worthy of the shirt. Lets stop talking about him and focus on the players we do have.

    Got to work today so will miss the gam (boo hiss) but hope we can put Brum to the sword. As another poster stated, the league is what it is all about, the CL is just a bonus (and since I didn’t get to comment on it, what a frustrating game on Wednesday). We’re in the box seat, lets keep it that way

  14. Mike (the neighbour)

    morning grovers great post geoff and a long one giving my new eyes something to go boss eyed about -good to be back without specs !!!
    Premier injuries still show arsenal have the longest injury list along with West ham at 7 .Almunia is shown as still havint “a virus ” and not returning til next Saturday -that really must be some friggin virus
    ADe is shown as having a neck injury -returning today though -maybe through the near miss header on Wednesday which I saw through a misty haze on thursday -great attempt -missed the match and I havnt read the posts but assume everyone is upbeat with the performance
    cant see the team pulling 8 points ahead with the way United have been playing-however a good result today will start too heal last saturdays game
    It would be satisfying to see Ade to score a few and fuck all over that greasy haired arrogant narcessistic twat -you just want him to fail big time
    JUst noticed match is televised so have to do household chores so Mrs Mike will cut me some slack and not hoover or talk during the match-enjoy your day grovers

  15. Ole Gunner

    Since when did Benzema become an exciting star? He’s 20 years old! Arsene does not buy big names and when you think about it, that makes sense. The ability of a player does not rest in how much press he gets (Adebayor!!!!) but is innate. Arsene can see that better than any other manager. So why spend three times more on one player when you can get another to do the job?

    If anyone knew Ade could get us 23 goals this term, we couldn’t have bought him for £7M. More like £20M.

  16. Ole Gunner

    I won’t be surprised if we’re 8 points ahead by day’s end. United have been struggling for a while and Newcastle really need a result. The 4-0 thumping of us was a fluke. It’s their one convincing performance in 6 games.

  17. Pedro

    Mike, its me posting today!

    Jimmy, we were asking where you’d gone the other day! Good to have you back!

    Ade and Hleb are playing and most are suspecting Almunia is going to start in goal. I would love to see what Lehmann says when he gets dropped! I would imagine a few doors will have holes in by the end of the day!

    We need to open up that goal difference today because I fancy Necastle to do something for once! Its been a long time waiting but King Kev will deliver a shock result at some point.

    I am hopeful that Flamini will sign, but could he resist the lure of a massive pay day at Real and Milan? Hopefully he looks beyond pure financial motives, and his friendships with Hleb and Cesc will go a long way to securing his future!

    I’ll stop talking about Diarra after today, I just think we got a raw deal with the whole situation!

    4-0 Arsenal! COME ON YOU GOONERS!

    Ole Gunner, just about every manager in Europe knows Benzema is an exciting player. I didn’t realise that you couldn’t be an exciting player if you are only 20? Ronaldo, Rooney, Messi… they are all pretty exciting or were pretty exciting at 20?

  18. Mike (the neighbour)

    sorry pedro thought it might be the new eyes but theres no name on the post -thought it was constructed in the same way as geoff would do it -youre not morphing into him are you ? GOD FORBID You know even if a twat like me was managing newcastle we’d have to win one sometime -cant see its gonna be today though although I shall be cheering Newcastle on for sure
    4 nil sounds a great result
    where is geoff by the way -still in bed ???

  19. Mike (the neighbour)

    oh sorry Jimmyfingers welcome back -moving house wasnt it -???looking forward to some new wine recommendations next week

  20. Gunnersaurus

    Ole, what are you talking about? Benzema can’t be exciting because he is 20? That is a ridiculous thing to say! Carlos Vela, Messi, Pato, Rooney, Cesc – are none of those exciting?

    I’ll tell you someone who new about Ade, Alan Pardew. Because he had him in his office before Wenger does that make him a better manager? Do you think he’d have scored as many goals anywhere else? He is as good as he is now because we gave him 2 years worth of chances even when most thought he was garbage.

    I think the article is saying why not sign great players to compliment the youth. That way we wont have 3 quiet years every time we sell a couple of players.

    KK could spring a suprise today, fingers well and truly crossed. Hows the eyes mike?

    This article was Geoff like!

  21. jimmyfingers

    Cheers boys, yes moving house and finally got the sky broadband sorted. Phew!

    Off to work now. Hope to come back to lots of gloating, if not today then tomorrow. Get in

  22. chris

    glad to see (pun intended) mike back
    is the manu game on tv and yeah odub i said i wasnt going to watch shit matches anymore but it gets me away from the ball and chain

  23. Ole Gunner

    No Gunnersaurus. Karim Benzema is not a proven star. This is his 2nd season on the big stage. Even then in our striking 4, he’d bench only Bendtner. But he gets hype and people like you are more into hype than anything else. It is moronic to say that if Wenger does not try to buy an unproven 20 year old he doesn’t want trophies. What I am saying is that you rate Ben Arfa higher than Diaby because Ben Arfa gets more hype not because Ben Arfa necessarily has more potential.

    There’s no great team or club that does not face a dry spell when they transition from one great team to the other. To say the only way you can get success is to spend stupidly is stupid. Wenger has already proven that.

    Please try to be coherent. One minute you say we should “buy great players to complement youth”, the next minute you say we should buy 20 year old Benzema or we don’t want trophies. Wenger wants to find great players who can play the Arsenal way, who don’t have egos or baggage, and come at a good price. This is clearly, by a mile, the wisest policy. It does not mean, as we have seen this season, that we have to sacrifice quality.

    The quality of Arsenal is very high. We have the best first team in England, and a squad as good as any other. I don’t understand why we slate the manager for achieving this feat using the right means.

    One thing that blows my head everytime I hear it is the idea that Man U have “more strength in depth”. What moronic nonsense. They have a squad of 28 players. We have a squad of 28 players. In their squad I want to know which of this names corresponds to established exciting talent: Eagles, Fletcher, Brown, Neville, O’Shea, Simpson, Foster, Kuczak, Dong, Pique, Heaton, Evans

    I suppose Barcelona is desperate to buy one of those 11, eh?

  24. Mike (the neighbour)

    Chris Newcastle is on setanta 1 this evening 5.00pm
    Gunnersauras Thanks not too bad I had what they call blended vision and one is is done for reading and the other for long distance and the brain sorts it out eventually I have a slight blurring in the reading eye when I look long distance but I can read printing on pill bottles amazing !!!! and hey its 60 hours since I had it done and it aint that bad .looking forward to seeing the game and I thinkl i’ll watch newcastle and cheer on Newcastle especially as some say I look like keegan and man u may get a thrashing you never know

  25. Gunnersaurus

    Ole, I didn’t say Benzema was an established star at any point?

    You said,

    ‘Since when did Benzema become an exciting star? He’s 20 years old!’

    That is a moronic statement because there are plenty of young exciting stars.

    Who is talking about Ben Arfa?

    I stand by my original statement, buy established stars to compliment the youth. Its how all the successful clubs in Europe win trophies.

    ManU have more depth than us, I don’t think that is in debate. How many top clubs are after Song, Fabianski, Traore, Hoyte, Diaby etc etc etc. Barca arn’t after any of those either.

    Plenty of top clubs would be interested in Anderson, Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez. You can’t mention all the poor players in ManU’s team, say no one wants them and say that means we have the same strength in depth. End of the day Fletcher scored 2 against us in a reserve vs reserve game in the FA cup. That kind of proved they have more options didnt it?

    My point is we can’t fight on 4 fronts, as proven this season. Why can’t we but ManU + Chelsea can? Strength in depth.

    We do have the best first team in England, but injuries occur. Thats why you need the best squad.

    And don’t talk about ego’s – Nikki B, Ade, RvP – You think those 3 come without Ego’s? Read up on them before you wade into people with baseless rubbish.

  26. terry

    good post ole having built a new stadium and keeping the team in the top four and in profit is great,we dont want yo be like liverpool whoare going to saddle them self with a hugh debt. If they dont make the c l they will be fucked

  27. Odub

    Thought’s are with Eduardo, that looked really bad and I don’t think Ive ever seen players and medical staff react like that, for Sky to refuse to show it again, must show how bad it was. Hope he makes a full recovery.

  28. Odub

    We’re still in shock from the Eduardo incident, we need to get going 2nd half, AW will wake them up, and they’ll start playing.

    Dont lose faith Evo old son, I know it’s ridiculous o’clock over there, but just keep believing we can still do it. For fucks sake we need a goal, and we’ll kick on from there.

  29. Evo in OZ

    Definitely need a goal Odub, the faith is still with me, the players just need to click in the 2nd half.

    Yeah 1am here, but im not going to bed till the games won!

  30. Odub

    Mate, he just needed the first goal, what a strike for the 2nd one, and he should have had a hat trick!! And he’s still playing out wide!!!

  31. Odub


    Gaff no 2 for the season for young Gael, and what the fuck was that with Gallas??!! Great way to lead your fucking team pal!!

    I’m off football for the rest of the weekend. Evo have a good one.

    Leaving the blogging to others. Pissed off doesnt even begin to describe what I’m felling right now!

  32. Evo in OZ

    That was a cunt of a game all round!

    The last good captain we had was Vieira or Adams!

    Im automatically making the gap 3 points in my mind. anything better than that when i wake up in the morning is a bonus!

  33. Odub

    Just seen the Ade miss again, he saw Bendtner and should have squared it!! 3-1 game would have been over!

    Mike hope the op went well, off out for a meal and a few glasses to drown sorrows, so will catch up with Newcastle V Manc later

  34. Mike

    I am really angry about this, that tackle was horrific, nobody at Sky condemned that tackle. They were busy condemning Gallas for his behaviour after the penalty. Richard Keys’ reaction shows that he’s biased against Arsenal and an absolute twat. I can’t believe that the pundits said at half time and after the game that it wasn’t that bad, look at the pictures and see that it was a horrific challenge. I am so angry about the moderate, biased fucking coverage.

    Gallas is a good captain, I’m glad he showed some emotion after losing two points, watch from now on, Arsenal will win this for Eduardo.

  35. Dean

    Why are you slagging off Gallas?

    He showed some emotion because he was pissed off at losing two points in a close title race.

    Who should be slagged off? Richard fucking Keys and that moderate opinioned idiot David Platt, condemning Gallas for his behavior while saying that the tackle didn’t deserve a yellow card. Have you seen the pictures? It’s a horror challenge and another example of biased pundits and commenatators air brushing over points that really matter. Another example of Sky being anti Arsenal, if that was Rooney who was injured both Sky and the BBC would be up in arms. They should be ashamed.

  36. AN Steve

    Gallas was just being like us and I for one feel for him and how weird the whole game was. You could see he was so pissed off he new it would be better for him to cool off before he went in the dressing room. Those arsewipe pundits just look for something to have a go at Arsenal. For fucks sake the Arsenal players have just seen their team mate probably loose his career (my wife has come back in and calmed me down) she is right when she said the concentration must have been impaired after an experience like that.

  37. Pedro

    I can’t see how Willy G’s behaviour was merited.

    He is a professional, don’t slink of from the rest of the team when they need you. Its childish… how the fuck does Clichy feel seeing his captain do that?

    How does it look to the rest of the premiership that our captain looks like he has given up?

    Sky sports were once again a disgrace with their commentary. Was Taylor English by any chance?

    There is not point claiming he didn’t mean it. In a court of law, if you punch someone in the head and kill them… its murder. This guy tried to foul Eduardo and he snapped his leg… he should be banned for fifteen games because his intention was to harm.

    I am truly devastated for him.

    Lets not get to dejected by the score, its only 2 points dropped and we are still 3 ahead even if manu win.

    Heads up guys, we still have the title in our hands.

  38. arsenaldo

    I dont think Galas is to blame for anything for todays game,nor jilberto.Brum had 2 shots on goal whole game.Flmaster at fault for the freekick ,and Clishy 4 penalty. The biggest hole in our squad 4 me is Ade. After the horific injury to Dudu(get well soon ) we have no strikers now,as RVP is permanent crook as it looks. Even if Ade scores 30 goals this season he has to proove himself with years no just 4 single season. With the atacking stile an oportunities we make every game every half decent striker would score 20 a season. Ade made a mess of his oportunities today. simple pass to Nicklas and game over, but NO.we have to make it difficult 4 ourselves -tipical Arsenal:(((

  39. arsenaldo

    Ole I Gunasorus_ BEnzema IS established player even after just 2 years playing regularly 4 Lyon. Just one think-he is allready undropable for France even on 20.Even TH14 wasnt regular for France at 20.That speaks a lot to me.
    And the other thing-I watch Lyon sometimes ,and I watch football 4 some 20 years now,but I rarely ‘ve been that impressed with a striker ability-his first ,second touch,strenght,speed,long ,high balls, lef,right leg-you name it . He has it all in my opinion.

  40. Evo in OZ

    Clichy is our main man and even with 2 big fucks ups this season, cant condem the bloke, he is gold most of the time!

    It was a strange feeling when i saw him run away from that ball, i nearly vomited, you could just tell it was going to end in tears!

  41. jimmyfingers

    Just watched the tackle on sky plus: fucking horrible, plus you can see how disturbed the Arsenal players are. Fuck me, I’m fucking upset and its several hours later, a bottle of wine and knowing about the incident before hand.

    Shit me, I really feel for Eduardo. Just hope he can recover from this. Hope his Arsenal career isn’t over before its even began

    Gutted, truely gutted, fuck the result, poor sod. Not a religious man but my prayers are with him

    I’m really not surprised the team struggled after that

    Nice ovation from the bluenoses tho

  42. AN Steve

    I agree with you Evo Cliche shit today but 99% fantastic over this season so far. They are all human and just remember he is so much better than cashly cunt face, Cherils X

  43. Evo in OZ

    The penalty kick was pretty ferocious, Almunia had no chance, but i was half waiting for him to save it.

    Almunia was still off color in this game, although im glad Wenger brought him back, only to give him time to get rid of the rust. I thought Almunia could have gone with his other hand to try and save the free kick goal. I also thought he was a bit slow on the uptake with his distribution out of goal. Maybe 1 more game and he will be back to his best?

  44. AN Steve

    My daughter who is at home from Uni and studying sport therapy has just studied the edwardo injury I believe its on utube. he will mend but it wil take along long time, very bad injury, imagine a foot with no connection to the leg except skin and muscle. No wonder the players were fucked up in the head. I still am after looking at it

  45. Stupid

    Eddy has undergone surgery tonight and is on the mend. He will almost certainly miss most of next season too. My god this is a pure head fuck, its gonna kill us mentally. That fucking game today was just pure cursed from the off.

    What a fucker of a cunting week 🙁

    Excuse my french chaps.

  46. Stupid

    Eddy is the purest striker we have had since IW8, i am just so so gutted, i totally totally concur with an earlier comment re:Adebayor and his overall lack of a real killer instinct and i also agree that almost any half decent striker would bang in goals for fun in this team considering the chances we create. He has just got to big headed in recent weeks. Score 30 goals a season for 5 seasons on the trot, the give it large! Not when you have had half a bloody good season.

    Bendter aint gonna make it…the only real blessing today was THEO…those goals shold give him some real confidence and now there is a genuine central strikers berth up for grabs alongside Adebayor…..this could be his chance to estabilish himself up front.

  47. gazzap

    we cannot count on Eduardo being available next season. it would be great if he did play for us again but sometimes players dont really come back properly from these – not to the same level anyway.

    Clcihy totally lost Parnaby because at the moment gael checked round parnaby was right on the touchline just in front of the brum fans in all their blue and white shirts. he literally could not see him. there were several times on TV where I could not see brum players against the crowd so I dont blame clichy for that. it was a totally honest mistake. he also made a good tackle after it to make up but the ref let us down again. I feel sorry for clichy as Gallas was aiming his frustation at him. I do understand how Gallas felt, because I felt the same, but he has to keep the team unit close together -thats his job. that way he walked off made it look like he was on his own when really he is part of the team.

    clearly my main thoughts are with Eduardo tonight.

  48. gazzap

    my main worry over the league now is actually the form of our key players. Ade, Cesc, Bendtner and even Hleb are not on top form. thats the real worry for me not the 2 points dropped.

  49. Stupid

    In theory Ade & Theo up front would be a very good partnership, they both have blistering pace and could stretch defences on the counter with Ade having to slightly sit off and hold the ball up more with theo making the goalscoring runs.

  50. Stupid

    i am usually the first to be positive but i think we have had it!

    that shit today was just far too much, the injury, the late penalty, the gallas antics…. we could seriously fall away very quickly.

  51. Evo in OZ

    Bendtner is a fine player, it might just be difficult for him and Kanu Jnr to play together and they wont pass the ball to each other!

  52. Ole Gunner

    I have a sinking feeling about the season now.

    We need inspiration from somewhere. I just pray it comes in form of Rosicky and RVP coming back explosively.

    I just hope Dudu gets to play footbalkl again. He should: He’s a pretty tough bloke.

    Bad day, let’s just hope our unlucky squad continue to find the resources. We still have lost just once this season. Talk about looking for positives!