We’re rich! RVP to return + Joseba Diaz sells us superstar prodigy

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So first up… WE’RE RICH!

Yes, if you didn’t already know, we are even richer than we were this time last year with pre tax profits reported at £20 million!  Just imagine how many 14 year old Estonian superstars of the future we can buy with all that cash!

See the break down below from Arsenal.com:

  • Profit before tax of £20m (2006 – £12.9m excluding exceptional costs) arising from growth in the football business and reduced property development contributions
  • Broadcasting income up £6.5m to £24.3m from new Premier League domestic and overseas TV deals
  • Match day income £41.4m (2006 – £38.0m) boosted by inaugural Emirates Cup
  • Results demonstrate continuing success of Emirates Stadium and strength of the Club’s business model
  • Excellent start to the 2007/08 season and entered 2008 on top of the Premier League
  • Continued development of opportunities provided by Emirates Stadium, including international friendly between Sweden and Brazil and two Bruce Springsteen concerts to be staged in second half of the financial year
  • Launch of Arsenal TV in January 2008, marking six-year partnership between Arsenal and Setanta Sports

Its all looking good on the financial front, which will have serial child abductor, Joeseba Diaz licking his licks with excitement!  Not only is it rumoured he is looking to renegotiate fan favourite Cesc Fabregas’ contract, he is also looking to sell us an ex barca defender, MiquelThe 15-year-old Ignasi Miquel will join Arsenal from Union Deportiva Cornella at the end of October.

“The deal has been agreed with Arsenal and they have always behaved well.”

We beat off competition from Manchester United and Celtic, while a host of Spanish clubs had also been linked to Miquel, including Villarreal and Valencia. Apparently he is 6ft 3 and a bit of a beast!

On the injury news front, Arsene had this to say about the imminent return of Robin Van Persie,

‘No. Robin is not a very long away from being fit at all, but he lacks match-practice.’

‘Could he be in the squad for Milan? Maybe – but don’t forget he has not played regularly for five months now.’

Good news that I instruct you to take with a pinch of salt. How many false dawns have we had with RvP! You have to say though, his return could be the difference between another 0-0 with Milan, or potentially nicking it with a 30 yard freekick in the last minute. I think I’d almost forgotten what a match winner he is – our Ronaldo if you will!

Its Birmingham up next, some would say it is a potential banana skin, some would say if we recreate the Milan performance we will smash them. I am going with the latter choice. Most Birmingham fans I know (All two of them) don’t rate Alex McLeish and reckon he has done fuck all since the Arsenal result.

Lets wait and see!

See you in the comments section!

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  1. Steve

    Morning mate. We’ll win tomorrow morning by a couple of goals.

    Did you hear the reason for Gazza being sectioned was that he was caught having a bet on Spurs to beat Chelsea on Sunday???

    Maybe it’s just a rumour.

  2. Gunnersaurus


    I think we’ll deal Birmingham a spanking tomorrow. There is no way they are going to be able to contain us this weekend. We are irrepressible at the moment. Ade will want to make up for his miss in mid week and the rest of the team will want to get back to winning ways.

    I think the games will come to thick and fast for anyone to get nervous in the next couple of weeks.

    Gazza got sectioned? How amusing!

    I want to know where all this profit is going? Do the directors take anything out of the company?

    Beers 12, thank fuck its friday.

    We’re on sky tomorrow as well. Champion.

  3. jacka the goonerman

    da profit is da capitalism fundamentals and its art we should be thinking about not oppressive capitalism for da working man. sure, we gonna beat da bham by a weel big scpre with a lush performance. monetary manipulation of da true supporter killed da game but arsenal keep it real and beautiful

  4. chris

    great post and some interesting news indeed,
    RVP, the legend that is a football player albeit a part time one, lets hope we do get to see him.
    there is no way we wont get a great result tommorrow,

  5. Steve

    Gazza has been sectioned under the mental health act and consequently sent to an institution for retards with no chance of recovery.

    “We’re pleased to have him back” says Juande Ramos.

  6. Pedro

    Chelsea lost another £85million this year, but there turnover was much higher than ours?

    I can’t work out how they managed that? They don’t have a bigger fan base, and they only finished 2 places above us in hte league!

    Working from home today, so no beers for me!

    I didn’t really understand what you were saying there jack, it doesn’t read to well!

    Arsenal 4 Birmingham 0

    Ade hat trick!

    When was the last time we dished out a real hammering?

    Steve is on fire again!

  7. david

    How is Chelsea’s turnover greater than Arsenals, they get 2/3 of Arsenals attendance have they got better sponser deals? I don’t get it.
    Gazza should have been sanctioned in 1990 he wern’t right then ( hope he gets better though)

  8. Odub

    Morning grovers!

    Great post Pedro/Geoff,

    2-0 me thinks for tomorrow, out on the piss tonight so will be watching it with a hang over!!! Will however keep eyes peeled to Arsenal.com today to see what squad he’s got!

    Steve, don’t tell me these jokes are coming from you!!! what site you getting em from!!!

  9. Steve

    Chelsea earn extra income from their special Champions League fancy dress nights.

    Remember that game when 25,000 went to the game dressed as blue seats?

  10. Steve

    Can you all stop talking about getting pissed please. I’ve vowed to stay in today. You’re not helping my self control.

  11. eduard...0

    what teh hell is jacka going on about?honestly i love the arsenal but they take the piss financially out of the fans like evry other club. dont be mistaken to think we are all soft and cuddly on that front mate
    Brummers 0 – 3 the good guys
    lehmann carded!go on mad jens!

  12. John Brown

    Chelsea got a much better sponsorship deal, but that was because Arsenal negotiated a much longer contract with Emirates to get the most money upfront to avoid cashflow problems with the new stadium. (only £2 million a year for naming rights, yet how many times a day do you hear ‘Emirates Stadium’, Emirates got such a good deal in hindsight) Also, they went to the semi finals of the Champions league (us last 16), to FA cup final and played us in league cup final, they earned £15 million more than us from broadcasting overall even though these are the same collective deals as all the other clubs just because they were more successful. 07/08 we should be well ahead, but only if we do as well as them in the champions league, if we go out now to milan and they make the semis or final it will be quite tight again

    What I can’t work out is why they lose £75 million on that turnover. How much do they pay their players? They are such a joke. If you think that Arsenal spent over £250 – £300 million + already on the new stadium and Chelsea have had about £5-600 million pumped into them over the last 5 years the fact that we are 8 points ahead of them is a bloody miracle. Also, this should also only get better because practically all of our big players are aged between 20 and 23 (Chelsea have alot of key players, 29, 30 +, Man Utd more of a mix). The next five years should be really good.

  13. Gunnersaurus

    Well David, I thought the same? But I had a look on tinternet and found this,

    LONDON – Chelsea posted record turnover of 222.3 million pounds (C$436 million) Thursday, which it said was second only to Manchester United in the Premier League.

    Chelsea FC PLC also said it lowered its pre-tax loss by seven per cent to 74.8 million pounds (C$146.7 million) for the year ending June 30, 2007. It did not state its net loss.

    Last month, Manchester United posted a turnover of 245 million pounds (C$480.2 million) – a record for a British club. Arsenal’s turnover was 200.8 million pounds (then C$406.6 million) in September.

    “In terms of revenue against that matrix then clearly we are No. 2 behind Manchester United,” chief executive Peter Kenyon told the BBC. “The numbers speak for themselves. All of our metrics are very positive.”

    They get less attendance than us and have no where near the corporate pull we do?

    I think Kenyon has been fudging the figures.

    Here is some worrying news,

    Red and White Holdings Limited, an investment vehicle co-owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, is now Arsenal’s largest shareholder.

    Usmanov has raised his stake to 24.2 per cent, overtaking the club’s previous highest shareholder Danny Fiszman, who has 24.11 per cent.

    Should Usmanov reach a 29.9 per cent stake holding in the club then he would be in a position to make a takeover offer.

    But here is some good news from the hlebinator,

    I have a contract until 2010,” Hleb told setantasports.com. “I stay here and this is important, I love this club.”

    Steve, what’s with the alcohol abstinence?

  14. david

    Thanks John, you seem to have a good source of info. Do you know:
    What Chelsea take on a matchday? There Shirt sales etc? What Man U have as profit after the Glazier loan?
    Also I was told Arsenal shareholders don’t take dividends unlike Tottenhams etc reinvesting in the club . Do many other clubs do this? Cheers.

  15. Steve

    Gunnersaurus, my boss is out on it today so in theory I should be here in case anything happens, bearing in mind i’ve barrelled him 3 times this week. In saying that, my willpower is coming under heavy artillery at the moment.

  16. John Brown

    Chelseas’ matchday income last season was about £75 million against Arsenals’ £92 million (roughly) – Again as they were in competitions for longer they played more home games champions league, FA CUP etc Don’t know shirt sales, probably pretty similar, though last summer did see alot of Chelsea shirts around in a way I haven’t before.

    ManU said their profit was about £60 million, but they owe around £600-£660 million so the interest payments alone on this are probably around £45-£50 million and they haven’t tied down alot of this debt like Arsenal have (in a bond) so they will be affected by credit crunch, etc. The problem with the ManU figures as well is that they are basically a private company now so the figures they produce have a big PR element to them (for instance because Arsenal announced a figure of £200 million ManU suddenly included figures from a long term contract with Nike that they signed a few years ago to bump up their figures so show that they are the ‘biggest’) Finally, Arsenals’ figures didn’t include Catering because they sold off the rights here for a terms of 5 years or so a few years ago again to get more cash into the Stadium but these alone would probably add another £10-£15 million to our annual turnover (£4 for a slice of Pizza!, £5 meal deal!) Basically financially we are in bloody good shape and when the money comes in from the flat sales at Highbury in a couple of years completely loaded!!!

  17. david

    Thanks again John. What about this question!
    What with the Russian buying up all the spare shares I am worried where the club is going, Is there any chance we can do what the scousers are trying?
    When the shareholders lockdown period ends groups of Arsenal fans through Limited companies can buy the shares. (if they are for sale)
    Keeping the Russian from buying the club and and keeping a more settled future.
    If all (80.000?) Arsenal fans say saved £2,000 when the lockdown period ends would this get us anywhere near buying the club (your figures please)

  18. Pedro

    John Brown is the man in the know!

    Thanks for that, it was very interesting.

    I would imagine we will be even more loaded when it comes to renaming the stadium. The LA Lakers received a disgusting amount of money for the Staples centre.

    Edelman said next years figures could put us in the top two in Europe I think.

  19. Evo in OZ

    Mark Lawrenson is a know it all cunt….it wont be any worse than a 3-0 whopping!

    Alex Mcleish seems to have done better than Bruce, but i havent checked the stats to be honest…

  20. Odub

    Just read bis comments on BBC’s site, twat’s like that make daft predictions from time to time to stay in a job and justify their over the top salaries (which we all pay for via the fucking TV lic)

    He’s an idiot with as much intelligence as a fucking wall gecko! Sorry that was a bit disrespectful to the gecko. Hate the cunt, and even more since last saturday’s mega biased commentary.

  21. Bud

    Jack Wilshere…….. could we have the next big thing !!!

    I believe now our young midfielder has 18 goals in 16 games – FROM MIDFIELD !!!!!

    Courtesy of an old comment on Arsenal Mania-

    Without doubt Arsenal have some truly outstanding young players coming through (Merida, Lansbury, Vela, Traore, Nordtveit etc.). However over the last couple of months, I have become convinced that there is one player who stands out above all the others – Jack Wilshere. In my view he could develop into England’s most talented midfielder since Gascoigne.

    For the last two years the FA have decided to play him 1 year above his age group (he could play for England U16 but has been select for the U17). Jack is still technically a schoolboy, however he has been the driving force for the Arsenal U18 team this year. With outstanding technical ability, powerful shot, quick feet and excellent vision marry to surprise strength (short in stature but stocky & strong with low centre of gravity) he has all of the tools required for top top class midfielder (hate to say world class when speaking about a 16 year old). He already has 8 goals from midfield and numerous assist. He has been so good that Steve Bould has move Lansbury (outstanding prospect) to wide right to accommodate him.

  22. Evo in OZ

    Sounds exciting Bud!

    I cant believe you lads at the game last night, truly amazing it was! The atmosphere on TV was huge! Fuck i wish i was there!

  23. Pedro

    Nordviet was in the pictures of the players training the other day. I hear great things about him. I’ve been reading a lot about this Wilshere chap! 18 goals is amazing, he got his first for the ressys last night i think?

    Question time.

    Do we play Eboue against Birmingham? He looked decidedly better than he has of late and I know people will point towards Walcott, but does one cross justify his inclusion? He does leave us exposed when he plays out wide.

    Nikki B. Do we play him? He changed the game the other night and would surely be more effective than Eduardo? Especially against a team that will try and out muscle us.

    Almunia? Should we bring him back? Is he deserving of a place, or does Wenger go on form? Lehmann has been good.

    Lawro is a cunt; hanson too.

  24. Odub

    I’d bring Almunia back Pedro, play the strongest ava back 4, and drop Eboue for Walcott because he’s got more pace, has more chance of hitting the target than Eboue, if the chance presents itself, and there’s also irrelevant fact that Eboue is a tool!

    Bendtner instead of Dudu. Would be intresting to see Bendtner and Ade up front, 2 big lumps and it could work either way with one winning headers for the other to feed off.

  25. Bud

    Eboue suspended now for 3 games – Thank fuck !!!

    Yeah, Wilshere scored on his Reserves Debut last night !!!!

    I was gutted I missed the game, what was he like?

    Its really wierd, there are no details on Arsenals website for him and no pictures anywhere on the net. Whats he look like, is he a powerfully built, does he look like a footballer……..

  26. Evo in OZ

    Ive just watched the Wenger interview on arse.com. He is an old fox in the box, but if you take him on face value, the same squad travels to Birmingham for Saturdays game.

    So that means no – Rosicky, Diaby, RVP, Toure, Song, Almunia and Djourou.

    He might not stick to that 100%, but i guess we have 7 full days before the next game so maybe he is right!

    Another interesting thing was he rated Seb Larsson and congratulated him on his success at the Brum…i thought he was ok, but justified in letting him go!

  27. Steve

    He didn’t look that big but played very well. Traore was awful. That Brazzite bloke looked very good up front and there was big black bloke in midfield (can’t remember his name) who also stood out. Freeman come on towards the end but didn’t really get into the game. Mannone looked very good in goal until near the end and ended up looking like George Wood on nervous pills. The commentator kept going on about Wiltshire reminding him of Rooney with his build and style. Bearing in mind that Reading had a load of seasoned pros in their team the Arsenal looked good. I reckon the average age of the team would resemble Gary Glitters address book.

  28. Odub

    I refuse to get over excited about another ‘english prsopect’ until he at least plays 2 seasons for the senior team, get’s nominated for the world player of the year (at least twice), win the Champions League, and the world cup with England!

    Not too much to ask is it?!!

  29. Bud

    That big coloured fella in the middle will be Jay Thomas………. the guy is a fuckin giant……….. if he were playing for Nigeria you’d think there was a case of the Kanus going on and would be demanding to see his passport……… he’s like a grown up playing football in a primary school team !!!!!!!!!

  30. Odub

    Kid’s 6ft 1, so he’s hardly a giant from your vantage point is he Bud?! Me and Steve on the other hand….

    Still he’d be a welcome addition to the squad if he makes it as there arent that many in there over 6.

  31. Pedro

    There are developments happening behind the scenes!

    We have an affiliate company who want to use Le Grove as a launch partner for a game that is similar to what I wanted to do manually. Steve and Odub liked the idea (I think)… though I got the impression they thought it was a bit nerdy on my part! haha!

    I will keep you posted with the developments, but it sounds like it could be good.

    The guy told me that their market research company recommended us because of banter and community that goes on here! A testament to you guys!

    More will be announced soon!

    Who is this kid you are all talking about?

  32. Odub

    Jay Emmanuel Thomas’ the kid’s name, midfielder.

    Did genuinely like the idea Pedro, wasnt just the alcohol talking! Speaking of which….of to the pub for round 1!!

  33. Steve

    Pedro, I’m the same in person as I am on here, if i hadn’t liked it i’d have said. I thought it a great idea. What with the Becks and the massive game ahead I was probably a little away with the fairies on Wednesday. My missus moans at me for days in the run up to big games for being “distant”. She might as well be speaking Swahili for all the attention I pay.

  34. Pedro

    Glad you guys like it!

    This company do a similar thing, but you can have whip in… or play for kudos.

    He is getting back to me next week, so we should see some action by next weekend!

    I’ll check the website for the new boy.

    I am right in thinking that Almunia is still out? How long does it take to shift a virus!

    Well said Gooner 4 lift… I respect your rant.

  35. gazzap

    I think the chavs benefitted from more TV money because they did better than us in everything – ie prem, CL and FAC. thats where the lions share of the difference in revenue would come from. a fourth place and out of the cups early does not bring you as higher a percentage as the chavs.

    yes excited about Wilshere but he is a few years away from the team yet so I will keep an interested eye on his development. Nortdviet looks the dogs’ and Barazite too. there are some very good players coming through that wont cost us a bean!

    walcott will get a rare start tomorrow. if he can play like he did for 3 minutes against milan for 90, then he will be doing OK.

  36. Odub

    Back guys!!! Any team news yet?!

    Oh i see you guys got rid of that random rant from yido! What a cunt.

    I will miss the random rant page, but onwards and upwards Pedro.

  37. Pedro

    Coutesy of Arsenal.com and Gazzap:

    Alex Hleb and Emmanuel Adebayor are expected to be fit for Saturday’s trip to Birmingham.

    The pair picked up injuries in Wednesday’s goalless draw with Milan at Emirates Stadium. The Belarus midfielder had a calf problem while the Togolese striker had a stiff neck.

    But speaking at Friday’s press conference, Wenger said: “They should be alright.”

    Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Eboue are both out. The only addition to Wednesday’s squad is Manuel Almunia. However the manager was remaining tight-lipped over whether the Spaniard would start.

    “From Wednesday night we have lost Kolo and Emmanuel Eboue through injury and suspension,” he said.

    “We have no-one really back from the squad who played in that game apart from Manuel Almunia.”

    When asked if the 30-year-old would replace Jens Lehmann, Wenger replied: “Come to the game tomorrow and you will see.”

  38. casicky

    i bet 2mro will be a proper struggle,i know we all hope they bring the whole bite from the game against Milan but its going to be a bit of a long day and dont bank on Newcastle getting a draw that would be totally outta the blue i jus dont see it maybe um jus pessimistic oh yeah right i am..it makes me feel better

    We Gunner Gunn Em…

  39. king gooner

    hope we get “the sicknote brothers”(van persie & rosicky)back soon-could make a big diference in the chav & milan games coming up….tommorrow will be physical-they have kapo back-but we should nick it hopefully!!

  40. Odub

    They’ve had 2 weeks off since their last game, and we’ve played AC and Manure in that time, hope we’re up for a hard slog of a match! Still think 2-0

  41. gazzap

    2 weeks off is not always good. it can lead to lack of focus and sloppiness. 1 week (6 or 7 days) between games is the optimum for performance. I think Larsson is their best player. he was their best player at the Emirates. Kapo can be dangerous too and yes I am sure they will play a physical game. they nearly got a draw from chelsea in their last home game so it wont be easy.

  42. Pedro

    Who were the team we played a few weeks back after a week off… after the carling cup?

    We were shite if my memory serves me correctly!

    We’ll ruin them tomorrow. I have no doubts whatsoever! We need to build some momentum, a ten game winning streak should be enough.

    I wouldn’t bank on Newcastle. King Kev has to do something of merit though!

  43. agentmorris

    Tomorrow will be tough, I think, but I can still see us pick up full points–providing there is no nil-nil hangover from the other night.

    The boys expended so much energy and truly gave their all. I just hope they have something left in the tank a few days later.

    Here’s to getting a good result and the doubting cunts in the media can shut up for a day or so.

  44. Odub

    Worst part of the week!!! winding down pretending to be busy at work, waiting for team news for tomorrow, and having to sit here and receive email and text after email and text from fucking spuds snd chave reminding me they’re going to Wembley…. They can fuck right off!

  45. Bud

    Just tell them last year you went with the kids to the Cup Final, this year you are going for a picnic……. after all, it is a kids competition, no???!!!!

  46. chris

    fuck them odub, might cost chelsea in CL for resting players but that means those other cunts have to do well, you know what, i aint even watchin, sick of watching shit teams for no reason,
    roll on 12:45

  47. Odub

    Good suggestions! I’ve just been sending the text as it appears below

    We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!!

    They leave me alone after that!!! Twats.

  48. Pedro

    So hypothetical question time.

    The Spuds will probably get beaten, just like the Arsenal kids would have.

    As an Arsenal fan what would you have preferred? To lose in the semi’s or to lose in the final to a title rival?

  49. Odub

    Pedro, would rather lose in the semi’s and not get all hyped up for a cup final only to get dissapointed.

    As Steve said, bigger fish to fry, no point getting too distracted by a meaningless final what’s the point?!! It’s no different from playing in the Charity Shield!

  50. Phobia

    Arsenal 2 – Birmingham City 0

  51. agentmorris

    Odub: You should ask the Spuds if they’ll release a DVD of this one if they lose, titled,
    “We Won Fuck All Again-The 2008 Carling Cup Final.”

  52. gazzap

    Odub, trying to look busy at work?? I do that all fucking week mate.

    Pedro, the brum game would have been postponed. at first that sounds like fixture congestion but in reality now that we are out of the FA cup there are actually a few spare midweeks we could have fitted it into. hard to tell what effect that would have had on our title challenge.
    ignoring all that I would prefer to be going to wembley, win or lose. just to be there and give our young players and the fans the experience is good, even if we lose. I agreed with others that I would much rather we had used strong teams for the CC semi than the FAC game at OT. I actually agreed more or less with wengers appraoach to the FA cup but not the Carling cup.
    People blame the kids but I tell you our worst player in the CC game was Gilberto by a mile – hardly a kid. Though hoyte and Traore were also poor.
    as we have seen a lot this season a lot of our strength comes from our full backs and our DM (Flamini).
    Diarra COULD have played – he was still with us then and Clichy could have played too. Hoyte should never have played at centre back – if anything thats where Gilberto should have been! anyway, suffice to say I dont think wenger got it right that night.

  53. afc

    Other contributing factors to the figures include the launch of Arsenal TV and the income boost provided by the summer Emirates Cup tournament which saw 110,000 fans visit the stadium for the games between the Gunners, Internazionale, Paris Saint Germain and Valencia. Reflecting on the club’s overall operating debt, Hill-Wood added: “The Group’s overall net debt position has increased from £268.2 million at 31st May 2007 to £307.1 million at 30th November 2007 and this is in line with our expectations///any1 no why our debt rose