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So I felt 2-0 was going to be the score.

It wasn’t, but 2-0 should have been the score!

What a great performance from the Arse! We dominated them from the 1st minute, to the 94th!

I’ve had too many Peroni’s to give you my normal Telegraph style match report 😉 , but I can give you a run down of what I liked, and what I disliked.

What did I like?

Well, finding out that Odub and Steve weren’t a couple of lunatics was a nice start to the evening! We discussed our hopes and dreams (Regarding the game guys!) and decided we thought Gilberto was probably past it, we would prefer Walcott to Eboue… oh, and no one liked Eboue or Arsene’s tight ass apporach to transfers!

We also felt that Arsene short changed us in the 2 domestic cups this year… and he owed us!

Predictions were bold, and all of us were confident!

We arrived in the stadium nice and on time. As we entered the arena, the players entered the pitch… so no sitting about shitting our pants! That was until the stadium announcer said that Denilson was playing! Do WHAT! Don’t worry, after a minute of complaining, my brother pointed out he was in fact not playing…

We started brightly, you could tell by the slickness of our passing that this was not going to be a game where we played badly. Hleb was amongst it early, Flamini was crunching people and Ade’s first touch was looking good!

This is when my nerves took over, so all I can give you is my chronologically ordered thoughts that I stored through text!

Jens Lehmann made an amazing save from a header… simply brilliant, I couldn’t believe he kept it out! Well played Jens, you had a blinder today. Your handling was great and your distribution was top notch. Some people will complain that your goal kicks were being intercepted by Milan players. I say, if you kick a ball 60 yards and an Arsenal player isn’t on the end of it… its the Arsenal players fault.

I was really pissed at Eboue’s inclusion after his shameful showing at ManU. I was fully expecting him to be shite, but in fairness, the guy was really good tonight. He trekked back, he created and he had a few digs at goal. He really should have done better when played through by Sagna… but whatever, he was and asset to the team tonight.

Sagna, despite having valid personal problems was a rock in defence and a real menace going forward. Well played Sir… your professionalism in such adversity is was commendable.

Eduardo was the most anonymous player on the pitch tonight. He had a nice little run in the first half, but other than that, he really struggled. Is he just a goal poacher, or can Arsene bring out the footballer in him and get him to contribute more than just goals? I think unless RvP returns to the fold, we will be seeing 4-5-1 in Milan.

Hleb was brilliant tonight, he hardly lost the ball, his passing was creative and he tracked back to do his fair share of defending! He even swung at a volley, only to see it blocked. I think Hleb is one of the best players in the world, if he was English or Brazilian, people would be touting his greatness around a little more liberally.

Kolo Toure went off after about 10 minutes, this was a real worry amongst my fellow season ticketers… Not for me because I have faith in the big guy… being part of the Swiss faction requires this as a prerequisite.

Was I let down? NO FUCKING WAY!

Big Phil was an absolute rock, what a game he had! It was the big Phil we have all wanted to see this season! Well played Phil, long may that form continue. We may need it if Kolo’s injury is that bad.

Adebayor started off a bit shaky, but he really found his feet in the second half causing the Milan defence all sorts of problems! Arsenal turned to the long ball in the second half and Ade had a few clear cut chances but fluffed them…

…does it need mentioning?

Oh ok, but only because I have to. Ade missed an open goal in the last minute of the game… he hit the bar from 2 yards.

Could it cost us? Maybe… but for me, Milan were made to look average tonight and I just can’t see us losing in the second leg. Containing Arsenal is a tough job and they got away with it tonight… the second leg, they will not be so lucky.

Cesc looked jaded tonight, I felt his passing was off and he didn’t play that well. Maybe it was because of the ManU game, maybe he is just out of form… but we need the real Cesc back if we are going to despatch of the old boys in 2 weeks time

One final mention for the Flamster. Class A all night long. He kept the big boys of Milan quiet and it is amazing how much the team miss him when he is rested. I hope he signs that new deal sharpish becuase a lot of clubs are going to be interested come what May!

So overall, we played great. We banished the demons of Old Trafford and we turned on the style big time.

We didn’t lose an away goal and we look like we could turn them over in the second leg.

Just a quick mention to Mike, who despite getting his eyes lasered, still managed to post a comment last night! Well played Mike, I hope the Op went ok!

So I am pleased, how about you guys?

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  1. Evo in OZ

    Pretty please Pedro. I think we can knock them off on their own dung hill in 2 weeks time!

    You were spot on about Eboue, he did play much better, not his best game, but not a bad one.

    Sanga – such a good player, best buy of the season, or seasons! You could tell he had come through something big in the last week, he was very focused and quiet (not very animated).

    Great defensive display and midfield as well, we just lacked the finishing.

    I thought Cesc played a great game, although Flamini was even better than that, so credit to him!

  2. Gunnersaurus

    I thought Cesc played well too? Maybe a few to many Peroni’s Pedro!

    Spot on with the rest of the report though.

    We looked the much better team. The key for the next leg is to not be overawed by the hype surrounding Milan. Take the players at face value and don’t show them to much respect.

    That was a great result and I think it asked we asked a lot of questions of Milan. Adebayor will show us that he is a great player by making amends for the miss. Shit happens, and we can’t fault him this year.

    Nikki B was brilliant when he came on, no mention for him changing the game up when he burst onto the pitch!

    It was an unusual sub for Wenger in a game like that, he’d normally bring Gilberto on.

    I’m over ManU now, let go to milan and stick it up em’!

  3. Steve

    Is Senderos doing this deliberately to make me look even more of a cunt. I waited for 2 years before saying he simply isn’t good enough and he puts a run of performances that Beckenbaur would be proud of. Flamini was awasome against the best midfield in the world. I fancy us still. Milan will have to play differently at home and our energy could see us through.

    Good to see you boys last night, it’s was a nice way to start the evening.

    Eboue plays well for 70 minutes and then starts to act like a cunt again and dive in the box. We really need to fuck him off. I hate to see other teams do it and won’t tolerate it from our players.

    Still, my glass is firmly half full today. Until lunchtime obviously when it’ll only be half full for a nanosecond.

  4. Goonerman

    All played a major part; but two I need to mention are Clichy for me, he was man of the match in the second half of the game (he was outstanding and getting stronger and stronger towards the end) but Eddy was on the periphery. He is simply a Fox in the Box.

  5. Steve

    He looked more like a fox on the motorway when that chance fell to him in the first half. Back stick on his favoured foot. Thought he looked off the pace personally.

  6. Evo in OZ

    Hey by the way, in the Eboue department, that was definitely a pentaly, not a dive. Not sure who the Milan player was, but i watched the whole game on TV at home and even watched the post match wrap up and all the commentators who watched the replay of that peice of play, agreed it was a legit penalty, not a dive!

    They showed it from several angles and in slow-motion and you could see the Milan player stick his leg out and connect with his knee and and side of his body! Bollocks yellow card@!

  7. Steve

    The fact that he goes down like a fat dog on a wet lino every time anyone goes near him obviously does him no favours with referees.

    On a sidenote, if anyone ever goes drinking with Bud, get him to sit down. I’ve got a fucking neck ache this morning.

  8. Pedro

    The first Le Grove meet was a good crack and didn’t seem to mess up any pre match rituals!

    Clichy was excellent last night, he always is! I don’t think there is a better left back in the world. He nips in front of through ball, i’ve never seen somone with such speed and anticipation!

    Steve, I didn’t see the diving? Theo looked lively when he came on! What a cross… could he be an option for the return leg?

    Toure is out for the next one, so it looks like big Phil will be taking over the reigns!

    I wonder how bad Nesta and Pato’s injuries were? Those could be critical for the next match.

  9. Finestcuts

    Arsenal are better defensively when Phil plays. Overall in the games Phil has played in, Arsenal have conceded less. Senderos has exceeded Toure.

    Gilberto for Martn Petrov.
    Djourou for Wheater.
    Traore for Leighton Baines.
    Hoyte for Micah Richards.

    Arsenal would be far better off with those four replaced.

  10. Odub

    Morning guys!

    Still a bit twat faced from last night, but don’t feel sorry for me cos I fucking loved every minute!!

    Great game, best atmosphere at the grove I’ve ever experienced, the only downside was the fact that we didnt score because we kept shooting straight at Kalac, and another downer is losing Kolo for a month…Or is it a downside as Big Phil once again was the bollox!!

    Lehman didnt have anything to do,
    Gallas did his normal keep things tight and tidy,
    Clichy was his usual road runner self,
    and special mention to young Bacary who after the week he’s had played a blinder.
    Eboue was ok for 60-70 minutes then he started getting on everyone’s nerves (Theo should have been on 20 minutes Arsene!),
    Flamster kept everyone at bay,
    Fab seemed to be trying too hard at times with some hollywood type passes,
    Hleb did ok,
    Dudu was the most ineffective player last night
    and Ade kept their back 4 busy, and should have scored that header, from where we were sitting (standing) it was easier to score than hit the bar!
    Bendtner also posed a threat for the time he was on.

    As to the pre match events, drinking mega strength guinness, becks and galon sized bottles with you guys at the start was a great laugh, cheers for that, and finally,,,,,

    I recommend standing on Blackstock Road to have a beer with Bud!! It was like standing on a street corner in Brooklyn with John Gotti!! Fuck me I lost count of the amount of shaddy looking types that came over to pay homage to the guy!! What is he the Godfather or something?!! Just kidding!! Cheers to your mate L as well.

    Have a good one grovers!

  11. Steve

    Pedro, he got booked for going over in the box in the second half. I thought he dived, Evo says differently. I must admit that everyone around me also thought he dived.

  12. Shubham

    Good game but dissapointing result. We should have won the game considering the number of chances created. Luck favoured the Oldies frim Meelan….

    Adebayor’s first touch was really poor in the first half, which let us down. Edurado looked like a bantam weight fighter in a ring full of heavyweights. He need to bulk up to have any impact at this level. Fabregas seems to be going through a bad patch. I can only pray that its a short one. Eboue as always didnt know where the back of the net was. Theo! good run.. he almost got us the breakthrough. Well done boy.

    To sum it up, it was a typical Arsenal game, loads of missed chances, and trying to be too elaborate in the final third. The game had a nervy edge to it, but i think milan did a wonderful job in containing the Guns.

    A fortnight later, we will beat them in their backyard. Bring ’em on.

  13. Pedro

    OH right, I remember now. I thought it was a foul, but everyone round me thought he dived as well? Do you think he has been tarred with the cheat brush? He has about as much respect in the game as Materazzi these days so he could be macheted down in the box and I reckon he’d get booked for diving!

    Good point Odub, Bud did seem to have a lot of shady friends? Especially the nervous Kebab man… he was very weird!

  14. Evo in OZ

    Steve – the only reason i think differently was i had the assistance of about 79 replays of the incident, from 23 different angles, so once the commentators backed up my initial thoughts of a penalty, i felt ok about it. I still dont like Eboue’s antics, he could definitely do well to cut out the shit and get on with it!

  15. eduard...0

    bonjour grovers,
    fuck me what a blinder, no better way for us to beat our detractors than a preformance like that.
    i hear a RUMOUR that RVP is playing in the reserves match tonight, anyone hear that or confirm it?
    swiss tony: from the bench and played like a legend

  16. eduard...0

    it was a pen with eboue but at teh end of teh day if you act like a cunt then eventually people will treat you as one.

  17. Pedro

    Btw Odub, did you witness the crowd trouble? A right ruckus kicked of near you!

    I got some pictures and I was going to post about it, but I thought Arsenal might get the hump if they saw it!

    I haven’t heard about that rumour? I think Bud started it eduard…0!

    So Evo… it wasn’t a dive?

    I’m offline for a few hours, but I have someone on asshole watch!

    Happy blogging

  18. Steve

    Is the pre-match Becks getting the better of me or did the referee give a corner after the Adebayor header? I’m sure he did because I remember saying to my dad that the defender must have got a touch on it. I could be just going loopy.

  19. indiangooner

    Hi Guys many of you are spot on.But this is my feeling about the match.Sagna, Clichy and phillippe were rock solid in the back.flamster had a scorcher.Gattuso? kaka? ambrosini?pirlo? i didnt see any of them on the pitch.he was that effective.hleb and fab grew well as the game wore on though fab is still a bit offcolour and hleb still doesnt want to shoot(the pass to adebayor(offside) when he of all ppl with his trickery could have taken a shot)eboue was better, but sitll needs to act and work like a winger,i.e beat players and give better crosses,shoot on sight, rather than try to take advantage (by diving at the slightest contact).eduardo is a fox in the wenger please play him there rather than use him on the left flank.adebayor had the best chance, but looked a bit off alone up front( so many long balls and he couldnt handle many of them).
    otherwise we were definitely the better side, superior in our attacks, flawless in our defence and commanding in the midfield.we will do the job in their own backyard

  20. supagoona

    If only it had been Eudardo on the end of that cross…
    Anyone noticed how poorly Bendtner stood out from the rest of the team?
    Ah well! We tore them apart and should have won 2 or 3-0.

  21. Evo in OZ

    Well said Eduard…0 -agreed!

    Anyone see Henry’s goal against Celtic, that was text book! Enought said about that though!

    I could tell the atmosphere at the ground was electric, even on TV! I could hear all you bastards signing at the tops of your voices in the first 5 minutes, that was fucking awesome!

  22. Odub

    Saw the ruck!! the fucking stewards told this guy to sit down and he wouldnt, next thing we know theyre trying to kick him out and he’s old man’s got involved and it’s taken 4-6 stewards and a whole fucking load of old bill to get this old fella out the ground!! he must have been about 50/60!!! what a trooper!!!

  23. Evo in OZ

    Supagoona – disagree on the Bendtner call, he is always attacking. He invariably makes some kind of difference when he comes on, i thought he played well in the minutes he was on!

  24. Jon

    Phil was good last night and noticeably his distribution was better which is key with Phil as we know he can defend when he concentrates but often is poor with his simple passing but today there were some good penetrating balls through to the front players.

    Eduardo sometimes looks lost and I am still praying everynight for RVP to come back as if he can stay fit he can be the difference for us winning a trophy this year. Even if it takes him a while to pick up the pace again, he will always be dangerous from set pieces and we dont really have anyone else who can take a good free kick.

    Generally good performance but that was always going to happen when you replace Flamini, Sagan and Clichy with 3 second string players who dont cut the mustard. Those 3 really have been stars this year and make us tick defensively and offensively!

    Well done boys. Shame Adebayor isnt tall enough eh?!?!? 1-0 would have been perfect!

  25. Steve

    I disagree too. Bentdner isn’t my favourite bloke by any means, but I thought he caused problems for Meeelan when he came on.

  26. Evo in OZ

    Ideally for Birmingham on the weekend – Rosicky mite get on the bench and Bendtner could take a start with Eduardo.

    So many of the injuries are unknowns….even if you look up the arsenal website you are none the wiser if they are returning this week or in 4 weeks!

  27. Odub

    Bendtner caused them a bit of bother when he came on, and i seem to remember him putting a decent cross in as well. I wouldnt quite call that poor!

  28. Steve D

    I saw the replays and it was a definite penalty. I reckon Eboue does enough stupid things without getting blamed for those he doesn’t do!!

    Very encouraging performance and did anyone notice how the lucky Mancs score another scrappy last minute goal – W*nkers!!!

  29. gazzap

    while dudu was quiet i thought once again he was used out of position on the left a lot of the time.
    the back 6 were at thir best yesterday but the front 5 were probably a notch below their very best and we needed them to be a bit better if we were to score a goal or two. the build up play was excellent though.

    Eboue was caught but I dont think many refs would have given it. he was booked for completely over doing the dive – the way he threw his arms in the air and dived forwards 5 yards is what got him booked.

    thought Bendtner looked really good. they could not mark him. and Walcott did. both these guys seems to look more comfortable when they come on as subs.

    we can do them in the San Siro. this team has got balls and all we need is one chance. 4-5-1 in Milan and grab a goal and hold on. even if we won 1-0 we would have had to play well there and chances are we would have had to score a goal anyway because Milan almost certainly will score at home. they did not get an away goal so its not the end of the world.

  30. chris

    feeling very confident about the other leg, simple logistics they will push up to try to score and we will counter, at least thats what i hope will happen,
    best 0-0 all season

  31. Segujja(uganda)

    Felt clichy was told not to move further foward to give us width but if that Pato kid plays at the San Siro we are in for a match that kis is a phenomenon. 18 and u lead the lkine like that???? for the 2nd leg they need to dump Eboue for more speed. that means walcott coming in or Rosicky coming in. we missed rosicky last night. but we did good

  32. Odub

    they looked knackered and old after 75 minutes, which is why Theo should have come on earlier to test them further, we’ll do them in Milan if we score first because then they’d have to chase the game. We saw fuck all of their big 3 in the middle (Kaka, Piorlo and Seedorf) and we can nullify them again, Get in the Flamster!!!!

  33. gazzap

    75 mins? they looked knackered at half time. let me tell you they were hanging on at times. they may have looked comfortable from the stands but I had to watch it on TV and they were clinging on. they will run off back to milan delighted that they got away with a 0-0 from a very tough game. the likes of Pirlo was dead on his feet and Kaka knew he’d been in one of the hardest games of his life. they know they could have a tough time in the second leg so I hope we use that fear factor to our advantage.

  34. antmanbee

    Strange how these games in Europe against top side are played in such good spirit.The respect between the two sets of players could be clearly seen at the end.Very different from when we play Man U or Chelsea.
    Injuries become crucial now.If we could get RvP back it would be like a new signing and give everybody a tremendous boost.It might also encourage Arsene to play a 4-4-2 formation where I feel we are at our best.
    Pre-match drinks last night in The Compton Arms in Canonbury Square where I met some friends who are real ale drinkers.I think I was drinking some beer called “Old Bull Buggarer” .In future I will stick to Perroni.

  35. gazzap

    well said ant, the respect between all 22 players throughout the game and afterwards was something to be proud of. it reminded me that football is a sport and really think that helped me to enjoy the game rather than feel bitter about it as so often I do with spuds, chavs or manure. Maldini was really appreciative of the crowd as well. he said “Arsenal are a very young side with a group of good lads. For me, it is always good to come and play in England where there is such a sporting culture and respect for opponents,”
    good man.

    Kaka added: “The team was tired because we ran so hard and so it wasn’t such a bad way for things to turn out. We need the fans to really get behind us now because we know we can do it.”

  36. Bud

    I thought Fabregas was shocking last night, although I too was drinking elephant bottles of Peroni. Mind you O’dub was drinking Guiness Super (11% proof) in his floral dress and Steve was wearing one of those beer hats with the tube to the mouth……. the barrell was attached to the back of his wheelchair, which someone else must have put on, as he has incredibly short arms………….. just kidding guys…….. great to meet you both !!!!!!

    In fact, the only criticism of attire last night must go to Pedro for his white Barry Mannilow Trainers !!!!!!!!

  37. Bud

    By the way, the nervous Kebab man was a legend……… never has a man drank so much free Peroni than when that guy worked in S&B……… I miss that little fella !!!!

  38. Odub

    Great night all round, ruined only by the lack of a victory!

    Pedro’s shoes werent that bad! they just seemed have more zippers and buckles than MJ’s thriller jacket!!! I jest!!

    Let me know when you’ve got tickets next Budfather!!!

  39. Odub

    What became of the bear last night by the way, was looking forward to making his acquaintance!! And does anyone know how Mike got on with his op?

  40. Phobia

    Arsenal & Milan away match!!!
    Adebayor-Van Persie
    Arsenal 1 – AC Milan 1

  41. gazzap

    Phobia, you dont mind if I ignore your tips do you? you said 3 or 4 nil yesterday! no doubt we’ll pick up tons of injuries before the san siro game.

  42. Steve

    I’m pissed and still confident.

    Phobia you give predictions as well as old people fuck. I’d rather you said we’d lose 8-0.

    Bud, My beer hat nearly fell of lunchtime. Oh the panick.

  43. Odub

    Everyone’s hungover from last night I guess, still having problems focusing on anything for more than 5 seconds!!!!

    Phobia’s predictions are becoming legendary, for all the wrong reasons, although I’ll have to agree with him this time and say 1-1. Anyway let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Birmingham this weekend yet!!

  44. Odub

    Wouldnt even want them to score one goal! Notsure about the 6 either! My new auto prediction is 2-0 I’m sticking to it! Anyone going to the game on Saturday? i think it’s on Sky isnt it?

  45. Steve

    I’m still trying to stop myself getting too confident. This could yet be a wonderful year. forget about the C.L now for a couple of weeks. Big premiership games coming up. Basically, we win the games we’re expected to win and we’ll be champions. No ifs, butts or maybes.

  46. Odub

    10 wins should do the trick, + the 63 already in the bank, 93 should do the trick?!! I’m not saying we’ll lose 2 by the way but we might draw 3 and win 9.

  47. Steve

    We are in a great position by knowing we can probably drop 5 points at Old Sandwich or Sparseford Bridge and providing we win the others we’ll be champions.

  48. Bud

    Stop the talk of champions……….. its too much, I need to concentrate on work for at least another month before I can become an obsessed believer walking round in a Zombie like state with glazed eyes and twisted gut, otherwise I won’t have a business left !!!!

  49. gazzap

    actually I think this Brum game is one of the few potential banana skin games left this season. Brum are not a bad side and have been hard to beat under Macleish. also we played on weds night and this game is saturday lunchtime – just about the smallest gap you can have between games, so tiredness might be an issue for us. at least most other games this season we have a week between each one. the importance of that cannot be underestimated. if we cannot win the title under those conditions frankly we dont deserve it.
    I would take any sort of win on saturday. 1-0 off someone’s arse will do. hope their pitch is in good nick.

  50. EVO in OZ

    Got a feeling for the Brum game, there might be a few changes to keep the squad fresh. Kleb has a foot injury, Kanu stiff neck and Eboue suspended.

    So perhaps Walcott to start and maybe Diaby or Rosicky to return?

    Toure injury is apparently better than first thought, so that is a relief!