The boys are all back for the big one, as predicted!

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Ok, so it’s now official, Clichy, Kolo, Gallas and Sagna at the back, Cesc and the Flamster in the middle and Ade and Eduardo up top, which makes our prediction of last week correct, so all the doubting Thomas’s, eat humble pie.

My guess will be Hleb and Theo out wide, but he may surprise us and bring back Diaby, who knows.

Gilberto or Eboue may also feature and Gilberto could rise to the occasion as it’s his mate Kaka out there, but I would sooner Walcott, or if fit, Diaby, Eboue doesn’t deserve a place and if he got one I expect Gattuso to target him for 90 minutes.

The atmosphere should be electric and I for one will be singing my lungs out, so the team can’t ask for more.

The scousers beat the harder (so they say) of the two Milan’s last night with the worst goal I have ever seen, is Gerrard lucky or what? I think that ball bounced three times before it dribbled over the line, if only we got that luck. Barnsley must be ruing their league position!

We have to win and we have to win in style if we are to justify Saturdays capitulation.

You would think Red nose would shut his trap after a 4-0 win wouldn’t you?

Enough said on that twat.

Arsenal enter the race for Benzema? If he would prefer to play in Spain or Italy as he supposedly said, leave him Arsene, we don’t want another Reyes.

I’ll keep today’s blog brief as I’m sure we’ll all have much to debate.

Have a great night Grovers, games like this come along rarely and it will be the first time I would have seen us beat Milan, well the red side anyway, Kieran Gibbs tore the blue part a new arsehole in pre season, if only we had boy wonder back for this one, still he’ll be back for the return, I hope???

Sing hard if you’re there, pray hard if you’re not!

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  1. Odub

    Changed mind about hat, will be plain black one Steve, the missus wouldnt let me out the housed with the other one on!!!

    off out now so see you there chaps, Bud give me a call when you’re in the area, will be there for 5.30ish

  2. Bud

    I’m getting seriously scared about meeting Odub now…….. My Mum always warned me about people that have problems selecting hats for football !!!!!

  3. Steve

    I wish my biggest worry for the evening was which hat to wear.

    At least we are clear now. I’m looking for a bloke in a black hat amongst the land of the giants. Should be easy. See you all there gents. i’ll be there about 5.45.

  4. Steve

    Bud, now he is on his way you can’t pass up the opportunity to wind him up a bit about not having the ticket. Only briefly of course.

  5. antmanbee

    Being an old hippy myself I wish peace and eternal love to everbody.Apart from Alex Ferguson and his son Mike Riley.

  6. Steve

    Ferguson is a proper cunt in all fairness. He reminds me of some old fucking down and out who spends all day drinking special brew and trying to fight his own shadow. He is still having pops at Arsenal despite getting no response. Soppy old soak.

  7. Steve

    I might try to get Geoff or Pedro to delete my suggestion that you wind him up so he just thinks it’s you being a nasty fucker.

  8. gazzap

    I still think if I had a gun and two bullets and could shoot any two people in the world, I would shoot Ferguson twice, just to make sure.

  9. antmanbee

    Ferguson is a bully.He comes from an era when lots of managers acted that way.However the game has moved on.Throwing a boot at one of your players(oh sorry he threw it at the wall) or that type of physical confrontation is not something most modern players will stand for.Just as Beckham did not.
    Ferguson also has a problem with anything or anybody South of Birmingham.
    Hoping for big games from Fab and Hleb tonight and a clean sheet.
    Leaving to catch train so go on you Gunners.

  10. gazzap

    Kalac the keeper will play. so as it turns out Milan have NO injuries other than the fat Ronaldo who lets face it was never going to play even if was fit, and he’s useless. they lied about Pato, Gattuso, Kaka and Kalac. twats. stuff em Gunners!

  11. Stupid

    Right chaps, no word of a lie, just played arsenal v meeelan on pro evo 3 times and Hleb was just incredible in every game, a close control master, dribbling shooting the lot. Superb omen, trust me.

    He will carve em up tonight, score one himself and tee up Edwaaardo for a brace.

    Cmon you mighty Arsenal, this is OUR time to deliver!!

  12. Stupid

    jesus holy mother of god…seen the italian bird on arsenal tv now?

    foooking shovell and robbo must be sitting there with rock ons!! 🙂

  13. Stupid

    🙁 as soon as i read adebayor talking about being better than eto and TH14 i knew his head had got to big and he would jinx himself.

    was overall poor tonight!

    but great team performance

    1-1 over there and we are through 🙂

  14. Evo in OZ

    Well that was one of the most absorbing games i have seen in a long while, the atmosphere was electric and the excitement was massive!

    I want a big write up on what it was like at the ground fellas! I can only imagine it was awesome! I wish we scored for you guys at the ground and for the rest of us as well!

    Bring on another game like that at the San Siro except with us finishing them off with a couple of strikes!

  15. Evo in OZ

    Great to see Walcott back with the nice cross into the box late on, shame about the header!

    Good to have Denilson on the bench, but shame about Kolo’s injury! Senderos should have been given the benefit of the doubt to start, but its always in hindsight hey?

    Great defensive display!