Sagna, Kolo, Gallas and Clichy back and Cesc asks for Eto’o at the Grove.

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Well there’s a surprise eh? the first choice back four all fit and raring to go.

Credit to Sagner as he has had a family tragedy and he returns to help out the team, well done that man.

Cesc was asked by the Telegraph that if he could have only one player at Arsenal who would it be? He says Eto’o and he thinks he would form a lethal partnership with Adebayor.

I wonder if that will put a rocket up sick notes arse and get him back a little sooner? But there again, isn’t Eto’o a bit of a sick note as well?

Perhaps there’s method in his madness, as long as they’re not both injured at the same time, or does he mean forming a lethal partnership with Robin?

Gallas escapes a ban for toeing Nani goat up the arse but nobody at the FA mentions the disgusting chants of the Manc crowd, so no change there.

No racist chanting and no anti semetic chanting, all punishable with banishment and death, but Paedophile chanting is not only allowed by the BBC and the FA, but by doing nothing, it’s actually encouraged. Don’t misunderstand me here all the above is unacceptable, but the last one is worse, ask anyone with children.

Gallas explains the reason for our defeat, forget it Billy, you were all shit and half the team were not and never will be good enough, draw a line under it and go beat Milan.

People are talking about Milan like they are a shitty team of old boys, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they the current Champions league holders?

I had an interesting email from a Mr Kupelian who was so incensed by earlier Manc chanting he wrote to David Gill, and surprise, surprise, never got a reply, so this week he has written to the Commander of the Stretford Divisional Area of Greater Manchester Police.

Nice one Mr Kupelian but don’t hold your breath, they can do no wrong up there.

So one more day to go and we can erase the result at Old Trafford, at least I hope we can!

Go 4-4-2 and give them everything you got boys, this game is so, so, important in our quest to win the Premier league, it will set us on our way.

Lose it at your peril!

Have a great day Grovers, strangely it feels like the day before the European Cup final in Paris did! let’s hope the result is better.

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  1. pauly

    Regarding Sagna, he has been massive for us since his arrival, Wednesday we should all show him what it is to be part of The Arsenal

  2. Pedro

    No surprise to see all the players back then!

    Thats a big middle finger to all those who gave me shit for saying the players were being rested!

    Eto’o would be a great addition, but he is perma injured like Thierry!

  3. chris

    morning grovers,
    A miraculous recovery from our superstars is not a surprise however why participate in the tournament if we have no intentions of competing?
    laurenson was on the radio last night suggesting arsenal are returning to their old days, 5 years ago when they bullied the other team with aggressive tactics, I must have been asleep for that season,
    and why when we get red carded does the commentator have to remind us of what number of cards through out the whole AW years we have accumulated, its total bollox.

    We have no god given right to be Milan but over two legs I would fancy arsenal’s pass

  4. chris

    ~we have no god given right to beat milan but i would fancy arsenal’s pace everytime ~
    bloody grammer check is what i need!!

  5. Steve

    Top post again.

    I’m so nervous about tomorrow. the problem is with playing at home in the first leg is unless you hammer the opposition you don’t really know if you’ve done enough. So it looks as though we have a couple of weeks of nervousness ahead. I remember beating Depotivo 5-1 at Highbury and still shitting myself until after the second leg.

  6. Geoff

    Thanks Steve, glad you liked it, I remember the year we beat Juve and Madrid, I was shitting myself in both games for the second ties, I think we need at least a 3 goal cushion.

  7. Steve

    At least we were at home in the second leg against Madrid. Let’s be honest, if we beat Meeeeelan 3-0 tomorrow we’d still be panicking. Well I would.

  8. Phobia

    I have said it before and I will say it again,believe it or not (Arsenal 4-Milan 0)
    Subs:Lehmann-Gilberto-Bendtner-Van Persie-Senderos
    Arsenal 4-Milan 0

  9. gazzap

    Phobia Rosicky is def out. so stick Eboue in there and reduce the score to 2-0 and then we can agree. Shame for Sendy but I dont think he will be in the team.

  10. Narley

    Written off before the season; written off @ the start of the season; written off after losing to Hotshit; written off after drawing with Birmingham; & written off after the “cow paddock “debarcle amongst all that Manure. But we are 5 points clear…..& about to take aim @ the Italians. Arsenal 2-0 A CMilan.

  11. Jon

    agree and Traore clearly not ready for it yet and Gallas is not threatening enough in that position going forward. I’m praying he doesnt put Flamini in there and put Gilberto in midfield again .. in fact I wont go if i find out that Gilberto is playing!

  12. Geoff

    Clichy will be there, if not we can forget about winning.

    Rosicky is out so it will either be Gilberto or Eboue, fuck me what a conundrum.

    Do I chop off my right hand or my left hand?

    It’s a disgrace that that’s all we have.

    Rosicky, Diaby and RVP have missed more games through injury than they have played and that is not good enough for a team with our ambition I’m afraid.

    Seems that Theo is trying his best to join the crock club too.

  13. Jon

    would have eboue in there over Gilberto. even though Eboue is a sickening cunt he doesnt have such a detrimental effect on our general play as Gilberto does, in fact he can when playing well be very dangerous. Whereas Gilberto is more of a libaility than a positive infulence.

  14. Steve

    I’d agree that Eboue is the lesser of 2 evils on the playing front. I still find him an odious cunt however. I have never felt as badly about an Arsenal player as I do him.

  15. Odub

    Morning all,

    Hope I havent missed much, had an annoying meeting first thing, one of the attendees was bloody chav, and he took great delight in informing me that the new Wembley was a wonderful stadium, seeing as they went last season and will probably be going twice again this season, and we’ve obviously not been! cunt!

    Anyway, hope they’re all fit mainly Clichy because we can forget it if Traore is thrown in, and I hope Dilberto and Eboue don’t play but somehow I think one or both will end up in the 11!

    Still hope we can keep a clean sheet and win 2-0.

  16. Eddy

    Mr Pedro-With all due respect ,my point was that Sagna had a family tragidy and was simply given time to get over this issue,it was claimed that Clichy had a tight hamstring,the others Toure and Gallas played.So your prediction that we were being spun a web of lies re the back fours’ fitness can only be correct in one case,Clichy(and if he does pull up tonight will you apologise?)This is however is such a pointless issue which isn’t worth the time now discussing as the players Arsene did send out at Old Trafford were not correctly motivated so it really didn’t matter who he sent out as their proirities lay elsewhere.I strongly believe we can win tomorrow and our renewed confidence will bring us the The Premiership(though not before I have lost a few nervous pounds in weight).Good lick for tomorrow night.

  17. Mark

    If we have our first choice back four then the only real position up for debate is a wide berth either Hleb on the right and a Diaby player on the left, or Hleb on the left and Eboue on the right.

    I am not sure where the likes of Song, Denilson and Diaby are with their recovery but perhaps they should be considered.

    However 4 4 2 is the way forward

    We need to keep a clean sheet, forget winning 4 – 0. If we have a clean sheet, say a 0 – 0 or a 1 – 0 , all we need to do is score away from home, and there will be more players available for that as well.

  18. Pedro

    Eddy, I wasn’t talking about you… I was talking about the 10-15 comments I had to delete because they were calling me a cunt over the whole situation! I said they’d be back and I thought they were rested… the only one missing is Rosicky? Not to much of a shock that one!

    I am just pleased that they are all back. A full strength back four can lead us to victory. Any chink in the armour will be exploited by Milan, and Traore at left back will be a mighty big chink!

    I think we’ll win, I just hope its by two goals because my my nerves would struggle to cope with a 0-0 or a 1-0 going to the San Siro (We did ok last time we went though!)!

  19. Eddy

    I will put one caveat to my prediction “that we will go on to win The Premiership”and that is that RVP and Rosicky feel fit to grace us with their presence on the pitch in the not too distant future for more than one game in a row as at the moment an injury to the likes of Hleb would rob us a lot our creative skills.

  20. Odub

    We beat Juve,Madrid and Villareal 1-0 at home enroute to the final 3 years ago with what I think was a weaker defence (Cashley,Sol,Kolo,Eboue)

    If we can keepclean sheets at home and score, I’m confident we’ll go through against Milan.

  21. Eddy

    No problem Pedro old boy,just feeling particularly nervous and sensitive at the moment,anyone would think we have a huge game coming up!

  22. Pedro

    Tell me about it! I don’t know what the best route will be tomorrow… get completley cunted or stay sober!

    Its a tough call. If I get smashed, the pain will be twice as bad in the morning?

    I am confident though! I think we’ll take them apart! I would be more concenrned about Lyon and Inter… they are tough draws.

  23. Geoff

    Eddy we ran a blog last week and questioned the injuries, we also said they all recover in time, well apart from Sagna, who is a star, it looks like they all will.

    Our performance against the Mancs was nothing short of shit, if my Sunday side played them they would have had more than one shot.

    What fucks me off is when people say ‘Arsene knows’ well if he does, he ought to refund all the poor sods who went to Manchester.

    I think those who played, had one eye on tomorrow.

    Now they owe us, it’s pay back time.

  24. Eddy

    Very sad but I usually work on the basis that if we win I then reward myself by getting totally off my swede.This is works for the “after the game celebratory feeling”but is not so good on the hangover stakes as you only really start drinking at 10pm ish if you win.

  25. Odub

    I’m going down the completly cunted route gents!

    Leave the office, off to mate’s place for a game on the PS3, mix various alcoholic bevvies as usual (Fuck the myth that grape and grain dont mix!), and hopefully be deliriously hammered for the rest of the night as we do the business (clean sheet and the odd goal!) Sorted!

  26. Geoff


    I’m more worried about Kolo or Senderos.

    Kolo would be perfect for the Kaka threat but since the ACN he’s been shit.

    Senderos on the other hand has been solid, but Kaka and the Brazilian duck boy has Drogba’s nightmare written all over it.

  27. Mike (the neighbour)

    JUst arrived in London and off for tests before the eye op tomorrow .Pedro I wont be able to see anything tomorrow so gonna have to rely on Mrs mike to feed me info -how shitty is that .I think drink for you but dont get smashed til the victory salute .you think youve got probs Geoffs gonna be cutting one of his hands off and doesnt know which one -still he has always been armless eh .Been on to AC website nothing new there other than theyve arrived at Luton .Dont think you can take this one for granted though -God sits on geoffs right hand so he should be able to influence matters
    Good post geoff asume this was written with a beer in your hand flying over the continent
    Anyway if I cant get on tomorrow good luck to everyone -may the force be with you !

  28. Bud

    Pedro – I know you struggle to get to week night games, but is the portant of doom letting you off the leash for Wednesday?

  29. Odub

    Yeah Geoff, the 3rd goal Egypt scored against him scared the life out of me!! He got turned inside out and side to side!! Didnt look great against Manure either, and big Phil hasnt put a foot wrong since he’s been in the team, so I’d keep him in.

  30. Eddy

    Geoff my suspicion is that there were 3 vital players on the pitch(Gallas,Fabrigas and Hleb) on Saturday evening that Arsene had no choice but to play and were told in no uncertain terms that Wens night was our priority.If Diaby,Denilson and Walcott were available Iam sure they would have played.It is bound to draw your attention that Senderos came on but I geniunely believe that due to the fact that Djourrou is out that Arsene didn’t want to risk our only other natural centre back for 90 mins.
    My “Arsene knows” view is held as over the years I hadn’t seen us compete with other clubs who up to now have held the financial muscle consistently over such a long period playing such a good,attractive level of football so yes I agree he has his faults but overall he is the best we have ever had and like Manchester United fans who seem to forgive Sir Alex anything(including selling Jaap Stamp and buying an ageing 38 year old Laurent Blanc,who argaubly cost them the Premiership),Iam prepared to overlook Wenger’s weakneses as I believe he is the best manager we have ever had and probrably will have in my life time.
    I absolutely agree that the 9000 fans who travelled to Old Trafford were “cheated” by a team that lacked motivation which can be traced directly back to Arsene but I for one will forgive if we win tomorrow night and more importantly maintain our lead(or extend it)in The Premiership.

  31. Pedro

    Good luck with the Mince Pie’s mike!

    I am in attendance tomorrow bud! I had to go to this one… i’ve never seen Milan before! I don’t think anyone has… bar the Makita Cup? Or was that Napoli?

    I know what your saying Eddy, in general Arsene knows best. I think Geoffs gripe lies with the people who justify the loss with an ‘Arsene Knows’… I wonder if Arsene says that to his wife when he gets caught cheating? It would be quite a handy tool!

    So do Milan have any injuries of note?

    As far as I can see all their stars are back? I haven’t seen any injury news updates either!

    I am going to get semi trashed before the game… the result will guide my drinking after that!

  32. Eddy

    Geoff,sorry to be picky bit who apart from Clichy is now mysteriously available?This conversation should really end here as there is no upside to backtracking to old quotes.Good luck for tomorrow night.

  33. Odub

    A couple of blogs are reporting that Bacary Sagna’s brother (Omar) was found dead in his bath last Wednesday in France. Age 28

    Dida out, Kalac not certain but has traveled, so 3rd choice keeper Fiori might be in goal tomorrow, and he hasnt played since 2003/04

  34. Geoff

    I understand your point but let’s not forget Georgie, who won us 5 trophies, I know we had a lot of tight games but the 89 title was one of the best I’ve seen and the Cup winners cup in Copenhagen was awesome, and I was there.

    George Graham fought for every trophy and that’s what we should do, we have the biggest transfer fund in football, notwithstanding the chavs, and if we need to sign more players to be challenging then we should do that.

    Arsene knows is as dangerous as pandering to Viera and Thierry, no one is bigger than the club, not even Arsene.

    That’s all I’m saying, we’ll all be here long after he’s gone, and don’t forget we made him, Monaco and Grampus 8 is hardly a CV buster.

    Good luck with the eye op Mrs Magoo! sorry, Mike.

  35. Eddy

    Pedro,two weeks ago things looked very rosy for us re AC’s injuries as Pato,Kaka and Gatuso were alll extremely doubtful.It now appears that Kaka will definately play and Gatuso and Pato are very near to being fit for Wens which is a damn shame but to win the CL you have to usually play and beat the best,unless your’e Porto where you just generally draw or bore people into submission under Jose.

  36. gazzap

    Mike I have had the eye laser thingy and while you cant go mad straight after it you can definitely switch on the TV or even go to the game. they take the eye patches off after 20 minutes and then the vision comes back to a good degree after about 3 hours. you can watch the game my friend!

  37. Odub

    That is actually a valid point Geoff.

    Under GG, we attacked every cup competition (domestic & Euopean) with gusto, competed for the league, and had a squad of maybe 16 players! And the league back then had 22 teams in it so more games were played.

    Someone please remind me again why we can’t do that anymore?!

  38. Eddy

    Geoff,I to followed us through George’s best tmes where Rocastle ,Thomas and Davis formed part of a very good midfield and our defence was as good as I have ever seen.One has to remove the rose tinted specs with George thiugh as he was not only sacked for filling his pockets whilst illegally earning cash from the transfer of players that were of no benefit to the club,via the agent Hague.He also managed to turn a side that was brimming with attacking options like Rocastle etc into a fucking bore draw specailist team that was languishing mid table giving the likes of McGoldrick,Carter and Hillier a chance.He should have propelled us forward after 1991 but seemed to be only interested in buying sub standard players that sent us backwards whilst making him richer….for that I will never forgive him.I have to question your statement that “we have the biggest transfer fund in football”as I really do believe that if Arsene had the funds available to him he would go in for the one off’s like Rooney who are extremely expensive but worth it.

  39. Bud

    God that sounded really gay !!!

    Let me rephrase…….. Pedro, are we meeting at Small and Beautiful ???!!!!!!

    Not to say you are not Small & Beautiful Pedro, just not my cuppa tea on the romantic stakes, prefer Mrs Bud and her general sexual demeanour !!!!!

  40. Pedro

    Yeah, S&B sounds good! What time?

    Eddy McGoldrick was a legend… I wont here a bad word about him! Hillier got done for nicking luggage at airports last I heard?

    “we have the biggest transfer fund in football”

    If you look at the annual report, we have about £80million in surplus cash, so its true. Hill-wood comes out every year and says Wenger can have whoever he likes. Edelmen said in the summer that Arsene could have a £50 million player if he wanted, he just chooses not to.

    It goes against his policy of promoting from within.

    The mysterious players are Ade, Flamini, Senderos, Clichy, Sagna (I know he had personal reasons) and Almunia.

    They are all back… hopefully!

  41. Geoff

    George Graham made the mistake of getting caught, others like Ferguson, Alardyce, Harry etc, etc didn’t.

    Wenger has more money than anyone, he just won’t spend it, granted Sagna was a great buy, but Rosicky was a shit one, that’s why we got him half price, having him stops us buying a replacement, so we’re always light on the left.

    So what, we have an 18 year old in Vela to look forward to!

    I would sooner we signed a Quaresma or a Benzema or someone who’s ready now, it’s been three years and that would be ok if we weren’t Arsenal with a lot of money, but we are.

  42. Stupid

    The meeelan game will be long remembered as the game that flung Eduardo into superstar status.

    He WILL score at least 2 goals at the Emirates tomm night, his game his totally suited to a european pace.

    Look at his goals/games ratio for Croatia.

    What a player, what a natural natural finisher.

    I love him…how about a reworking of the paddy song for our croazilian?


  43. Eddy

    Pedro,having surplus cash is one thing,giving Arsene the o.k to pay £28 million is another.One thing that Iam certain of though is that the longer Arsenal F.C keep on recording excellent profits the less likely us fans will be to accept the “poor relation story.”

  44. Eddy

    To labour the point Geoff,Ferguson and his son did get caught by The BBC(M.Tahibi)but Manchester United forgave him as he was winning trophies.

  45. Pedro

    I think I’ve said this before in a post, but I think Arsenal use the ‘we’re poor’ routine to get players on the cheap. Arsene was looking at purchasing Eto’o in the summer, and that would have been a £25 million plus deal… it is Arsene who chooses not to spend because the board have said they will back him with funds whenever he wants them.

    The whole point of the Stadium was to give us the ability to compete. Now we can, we refuse to!

    We are top of the league though, so we can’t really knock his methods that much. I just think the squad perhaps needed an injection in January.

    Still, we are lumbered with what we have now, so we’ll have to hope Arsene has got it right!

  46. Stupid

    Chaps we can’t lose, if we go on and take the title and do well in the champs league, our current squad will get a massive confidence boost for future seasons, but if it all falls apart, i am convinced wenger will spend largesse in the summer to buy a title next year.

    Quaresma has to be a must buy, rosicky is the modern day sick note anderton, got to go.

    Almoonia has done well but a top top top class keeper would be a must.

  47. Geoff

    now I’m confused, when we were drawn against Milan Wenger said he was confident we would win.

    Now he’s saying Milan’s experience makes them the favourites.

    I still think we’ll win by a few though!

  48. Phobia

    Do you agree that Arsenal should ship out these players in the summer?
    Emmanuel Eboue
    Gilberto Silva
    Johan Djourou.

  49. Jon

    Geoff .. to say “dont forget, we made him” about AW is one of the worst things i’ve ever read on an Arsenal blog. Whether or not his previous 2 clubs were not big clubs where he achieved hude success, Arsene Wenger has made Arsenal into a club that it had not been for almost 70 years and all with very little money.

    For a regular blogger I winced at your comment and hope you can be humble enough to retract it. We all get a bit spoilt by what has happened over the last few years and despite there always being something to criticise (the same with any manager successful or otherwise) to say that we made Arsene who he is today is a lamentable comment. Ok .. we’ve supported him in everything he’s done, but that’s only because he’s brought endless sucess over a 10 year period and deserves all the support he gets from the board.

    I think your comment should read that Arsene made Arsenal who we are. Don’t forget that 9 months before he arrived we had Bruce Rioch guiding us to mid-table mediocrity playing appalling football and a year later we were on the way to winning the double with some of the best football every played.

    Sometimes the comments on the blog become a bit throw way and unfounded

  50. Bud

    Jon – So what you are saying is that Wenger made Arsenal………. give me a break, what about History…….. jesus christ, how over the top !!!!

    What Geoff was getting at was, that Arsenal and what he had around him, “as in the support and full confidence afforded to him by the CLUB” allowed him to become what he has become. Without Arsenal Football Club, how could Wenger be who he is today???

    Its like me taking on a consultant to work for me and he becomes great, when before he came to me he was just OK…….. what changed, who made who?……….. would my consultant make my company or would my company have a great consultant that we provided the stage and right support for him to become great????

    No need for answers on a Postcard unless you are deranged !!!!

  51. Jon

    but history is history and however great a history a club may have, it doesnt mean that they have a divine right to continue to have such success. what Geoff said implied that it was a totally one sided relationship.

    it’s clearly symbiotic. Arsene and Arsenal both needed each other and none would be where they are now wihtouth each other

  52. Kupelian

    I’m off to the Post Box now to post a letter to the Divisional Commander, Janette McCormick, making a complaint about the paedophile chanting. I am also enclosing a copy of my letter to David Gill.

    If no action, next stop National newspapers

  53. Eddy

    Geoff me old mate Sir Alex didn’t get it right(by your standards)for about 9 of the 21 years he has been there but then maybe Manchester United fans are not as demanding as you.My point is that they would have been mad to get rid of him for not winning anything between 2003 and 2006 and so would we to doubt Arsene for only achieving 3 top 4 finishes in the last 3 years.

  54. Odub

    The last part of your statement answers the question….When fit!

    We’ve never had a big squad of first teamers under Wenger, so what’s the point of having passsangers?

    If we were to get rid of Rosicky, we’ve got Vela to come, Walcott, Diaby, Hleb and Eduardo who can all play down the flanks. Add to that Kieran Gibbs who can do the same….

    I’d like to think that we all agree football has got to a stage where injury prone players are a liability and no matter how good a player is, if they’re not fit at least 60% of the time, there’s no point having them on the staff.

  55. Eddy

    Totally agree Odub however I would hate to let someone like RVP go(his appearances have been so limited in the last two seasons)onlyfor him to haunt us by achieving his underniable potential at another club.So it is a very hard decision,although Arsene’s record isn’t too bad when choosing the right time to let injured players go ie Overmars,Petit and Vieira.

  56. Bud

    Agreed to an extent Jon, but with the stature of our club (afforded by the history!!!), do you honestly believe we would not have had another potentially great manager, who could have made us great????

    The key to this argument is, “potentially” and “could”…….. thats all Wenger had coming to Arsenal……. for example; Schumaker as great as he was, could not have won so many grand prix’s without a decent team, garage, pit crew, designers, engineers, backers etc…… A great driver yes, but would he be the greatest driver ever if he was racing for Minardi or did Williams and Ferrari make him????!!!!

  57. Geoff

    Okay let me add to my previous, Jon you are in danger of becoming one of the Arsene knows brigade and we don’t subscribe to that.

    Did you know who he was before he joined us? probably not. Yes he has done a good job as did David Dein and the current board who built the stadium. As have the fans who paid for it.

    If Wenger had added to his squad at certain times we could have won far more.

    Employing Rioch was stupid and cannot be used in any sensible debate.

    We should be one of the clubs that the top players want to play for but we’re not, Real, ManU, Barca and Milan are, we will never dominate Europe until Wenger gets in world class players to compliment the young talent, if Clichy is out, that’s it, Traore, are you telling me that’s great managent?

    At least Diarra would have been cover for Sagna, we get Hoyte.

    Sometimes the rose coloured spectacles need to come off.

    I never said Ferguson was great, he did however attract the cream and spent a shed load of money.

  58. Gunnersaurus

    Jon, I hope you retract this comment!

    ‘Arsene made Arsenal who we are’

    Did you not pay attention during red currant kit season? We are steeped in history; not all the making of Arsene.

    Arsene has been a great manager, maybe the greatest? But he certainly didn’t make Arsenal. He guided us into the 21st century and has put us on a new platform with his vision but please don’t think he is responsible for making Arsenal. The stadium was his idea, but the board were the ones who put there asses on the line for the project!

    Well played Kupelian, you should e-mail Pedro or Geoff, I’d like to see the letter!

    Eddy, Sir Alex was being doubted by the Manc fans, the papers and everyone else after 3 years without a trophy. I don’t think he would have lasted the fourth year.

    He is there to win trophies, not cultivate great players for the future at our expense.

    I love what he is doing, but we need some silverware. No one is going to remember our pretty football in 20 years unless there is a trophy to back it up.

    I think we’ll take league, and get to the semi’s of the cup.

    Talking of cups, someone has just laid a shocking cup of tea on my desk. Very disappointing.

  59. Bud

    The Mancs doubted Fergie a few years back. Does anyone else remember when they were all bleating about how he was washed up and they needed a fresh manager when they went 3 years without a title ???!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Geoff

    That”s another great point it’s about winning trophies not seeing who can get the youngest team.

    Arsene said we lost to ManU because we play too many games, and on the other side of his mouth he said playing more games on the other side of the world would be a good thing.

    Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t one of those statements wrong by definition?

  61. Jon

    All fair comments. i just thought your comment in isolation was a step too far. I’m an “Arsene knows” man to the extent that he has done certain things that have made us one of the most respected clubs both in the Uk and across the world and I dont think we would have been the club that we are now without AW.

    There will always be question marks over things he has done and I agree that we could have retained the title at least once but for lack of signings but when you look at where we were before (even under Graham and certainly before that) we have reached heights as a club generallly that weren’t within our realistic plans. Instead you look at Spurs who have had a succession of poor managers and they havent developed as a football club like we have under Arsene.

    I dont ever forget outr history but we are taken a lot more seriously here and abroad than ever before!

  62. Eddy

    The best way to try to resolve this arguement I think is to ask what Arsene could have achieved at a club with less stature but that had afforded him a bigger transfer budget eg Newcastle(please feel free to check both clubs net net transfer expenditure and income in the last 11 years)and I firmly believe that Arsene would have won them the League by now.This arguement is so hypothetical however that it is probrably best to leave it.

  63. Odub

    I seem to remember everyone raising an eyebrow when he joined us, and to be honest it was a gamble that paid off for us big time, it could have easily gone the other way!

    Following in the footsteps of Bruce Rioch (whose only achievement was signing Dennis Begkamp) was never going to be difficult, but Wenger more than exceeded all expectations.

    I do not under any circumstances believe that we woul be a mediocre premiership team without his influence!!

  64. Geoff

    Well Le grove said last week on the eve of the FA cup that all the injured players would be back, we got hammered by some, well I just read that they’re all back, with the exception of Almunia (virus) and Rosicky, but Rosicky was never fit to come back from so he doesn’t count.

    Arsene has again said how tired the team are and how much they’ve given, how many games did the side of 71 or 91 play and on shit pitches.

    Also no private Jets or luxury coaches and no 11 mil training ground to recover in and all with 16 players getting paid fuck all.

    Is it me? am I being unfair?

  65. Steve

    Geoff, you were going in the mid-nineties. We were a club without direction. We’d be another Spurs or Newcastle (at best Everton) by now if it wasn’t for Wenger. I can see both sides to the debate, but Wenger is the catalyst for our recent success without a doubt. I’d go as far as to say that he is up there with Herbert Chapman on the revelutionary front.

  66. Eddy

    Geoff I think you are once again being a little unfair as Arsene views on this subject are not entirely clear as I don’t believe he was agreeing with the idea of adding fixtures but maybe that he would consider replacing 1 or 2 of them by playing them abroad.One has to remember that he refuses to drag his team around the World on money grabbing friendlieslike Manchester United and our pre season tours are always fairly close to home.I for one think the idea of playing 39 games(with one of them being played abroad)is possibly the worst idea I’ve ever heard and oppose vehemently but I unfortunately will not have the last word on this subject.

  67. Gunnersaurus

    Eddy, if you gave Arsene Wenger £1 billion, he would not spend it.

    Spending big is not part of his philosophy.

    There is no doubt in my mind that he would have been successful at Newcastle, but would Newcastle have taken the risk of employing an unknown?


    Jon, there is no shame in being part of the ‘Arsene Knows’ gang. I would say I am 75% in that gang because for the most part, he does.

    But he makes gaffs, and people justify them with ‘Arsene knows’ like he is some sort of demigod.

    He is a great manager, but great managers have bundles of sliverware in the trophy cabinet and our cabinet is looking pretty bare at the moment! So do us a favour Arsene and win the league!

    Bud, you are spot on about the Mancs, they were saying Fergie has lost it, too old were the chants! At least Arsenal fans never go that far!

  68. Steve

    Odub, he got no credit for signing David platt who turned out to be a great addition to our squad. Everyone only remembers the players who win matches.

  69. Odub

    Steve I remember him signing David Platt, it’s safe to say the 3 years we got out of him would not have been missed as much as the 10 we got from Bergkamp would it?

  70. Bud

    A lot of you guys, many excluded of course, have got to get off the idea we are bashing Wenger here. But much the same as the saying goes, “no player is bigger than the club”…….. Lets all agree to disagree and accept Arsene has done a great job, could have been better if he’d bought Messi or Kaka last season and Arsenal has been standing for over a 100 years and will continue to stand beyond Wengers years !!!!!

  71. Bud

    And Rioch in his only season with Arsenal finsished higher than Wenger has in his last 3 years……….. interesting thought that !!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Bud

    Only since the intervention of a 4th place qualification for the Champions League has 4th place been deemed a good season !!!!!!

  73. Geoff

    A fair point bud and one to which I will agree to, we had better win tomorrow though, we’ll never have a better chance to beat Milan.

  74. Eddy

    Point taken in a way Gunnersaurus but Iam not so convinced that the big mony has ever been there for him to spend and will only concede that he has been on a level playing field with the likes of Sir Alex and Jose when he is offered the sort of money to spend that their boards offered them.
    Also the point about the Manchester United fans singing for Sir Alex’s head just goes to prove how wrong some football fans can be!

  75. Geoff

    I used to go to Terry Neil’s bar in Holborn all the time, in fact it was him I was complaining to to in the changing rooms at the Bobby Robson Classic in Portugal that I had to share a golf buggy with Lineker and not him.

  76. Steve

    Odub, i’m not saying that Platt signing was anywhere near as significant in the long term as DB10. My point is that it was very important in winning the double in ’98. No less significant than Wenger’s purchase of the likes of Grimandi.

  77. Odub

    My belief is that until he wins back to back league titles and the Champions League, even AW desnt think he’s reached his full potential as a manager with Arsenal.

  78. Odub

    I’m with you on that Steve, but think Platt isnt remembered as much because he was only with us for 3 years as a bit player,not because he didnt win matches.

  79. Geoff

    So Denilson and Theo added to the squad eh? Theo I happy about, maybe it will keep Eboue and Gilberto out, but the thought of Denilson frightens me, he’s there with Hoyte and Traore for me right now.

  80. Odub

    Still think both will have a part to play this season.

    Denilson is probably a confidence thing at the moment becasue he’s had to play most of this season next to Gilberto which doesnt help, he looked better last season when he played with Cesc, Diaby or Flamini.

  81. Pedro

    Those are the type of players we could have done with in the transfer window. A couple of utility players over 28 with a bit of experience.

    I don’t think Wenger bashing is taking place. I think people are just hoping he delivers this year, because people pay their money to see trophies won.

    I’m confident this season, and I’m wetting myself with excitement over the prospect of doing over AC Milan!

    Unbeaten in Europe at the Emirates! Long may it continue!

    Spicy debating today!

    Bud, I’ll roll down for then… will you definitely be in there? That Turkish boy gives me the creeps… he might try and get us to drink his home made vodka again…

  82. Bud

    As much as I loved Gilberto, and still am fond for all his help over the years……. NO ONE IS GOOD NEXT TO HIM THIS YEAR !!!

    We play a different pace and system now and Gilberto is very one paced and is like a busted chain on a bike !!!!!!

  83. Odub

    I just think he’s lost the drive and desire he had last season, and has never looked remotely intrested this season ever since he didnt get the captaincy.

    What you 2 do on your dates together should not be discussed on public forums thank you!!

    All I have in my head now is a picture of 2 blokes. and a turkish/bulgarian lady -boy in the back room of a North london restaurant sipping dodgy homemade blood curdling spirit!

    Only in North london!!!

  84. Bud

    It was either socks, seaman or cock cheese…….. whichever it was it smelt foul……. but credit to Pedro (you can tell he was a student !!!!), he relished it !!!!!!

  85. Eddy

    Geoff I used to frequent Terry Neil’s bar in Holborn,I could have bought you a pint and told you all about this fanatastic young professor looking type character that was going to save our club from mid table mediocracy…

  86. Pedro

    ‘All I have in my head now is a picture of 2 blokes. and a turkish/bulgarian lady -boy in the back room of a North london restaurant sipping dodgy homemade blood curdling spirit!’

    Sounds like a party Odub?

    Gilberto has looked poor this season. I think he is the Kaka nullifier tomorrow night, hopefully that will G him up!

    He has to have a good game at some point?

  87. chris

    its been a spicy day today, everybody is on edge and its totally understandable, at least we can all watch tonight and cheer ourselves up with some piss poor performance from the pool, that always good for a laugh

  88. Gunnersaurus

    “Sagna is back of course. Clichy is back to play, Flamini and Adebayor is back. Apart from that no one else will return,”

    From the horses mouth.

    Eddy, if you’d told me that, I would have told you I’d have preferred Bobby Robson! Hind sight is a beautiful thing!

    Its been a good day, Le Grove has a community feel about it these days!

    Predictions chaps, you will be held to them.

    Arsenal 2 – 1 Milan

    Balls placed firmly on the line.

  89. Phobia

    Summer Transfer!!!!
    Atur Boruc—————————Lehmann
    Micah Richards———————–Djourou
    Joleon Lescott————————Senderos
    Samuel Eto’o————————–Eduardo
    Arsenal 4 – AC Milan 0

  90. Pedro

    2 – 0 to the Goooooners!

    A bit of Cesc:

    “Of course, I can see myself here for a long, long time.”

    and a snippet from Wenger:

    ‘We came back after losing to Tottenham and we can do that again,’

    ‘We want to be in the Champions League final again and we want to win the Premier League and we are focused on the two competitions and want to go as far as we can.’

    I’m off home now, I have to brave the bastard M1!

    Till tomorrow Grovers!

  91. chris

    Gunnersaurus, there is a part of me that thinks 1-0 all caution with no free flowing football as a lot of CL football is with no one taking chances, , but i have an instinct on my first call,

  92. gazzap

    wenger is one of the best managers in the world and I am glad he is ours. he sticks to his guns about playing good football, most of the time and does so on a small budget. however, none of these things make him faultless. he makes mistakes and he admits them (sometimes not in so many words) but his post match comments are often littered with admissions that we got something wrong and he takes the responsibilities.
    I am not sure whether or not we would be more successful had we bought more expensive players and spent what chelsea and man u spend. I actually dont think so but I do think you need a big enough squad to compete for 4 trophies, which is something we just dont have. the squad is barely big enough (*with injury prone players) to compete for the big 2 and really with our money that should not have been the case.
    wengers stubborness can be his strength and his weakness. trusting in a player after they have had a poor match or a poor spell can be good thing. but can be bad. I am glad he trusted Flamini for example. I think the difference between Flam and Gilberto is that one was on his way up and the other on his way down. gilberto can no longer offer Arsenal anything valuable. I love him. But he cant do the job anymore. simple as I am afraid. wenger needs to see that and deal with it.

    things like getting hammered in the cup were down to wenger. he prioritsied the league and the cups got the treatment that that decision deserved. in some ways I dont mind that, but my issue is that the squad should have been bigger so that sacrafice did not need to be made, and players in bad form should not have been used regardless of giving them games or keeping first team player fit. Be ruthless, and if out-of-form players are unhappy and want to leave then so be it – their loss.
    Also, would rather diarra and pires were still here than Gilberto and Eboue.

  93. chris

    what wanker made a movie about that toss pot ronaldo, those cunts sicken me to my stomach, what is it about manu fans that annoy me so much, in my opinion dumb overly aggressive sheep fronted by the cunt Terry Christian,
    anderson, faster than the millenium falcon, give me a fuckin break

  94. Sophie

    Thank you for your work, this is an interesting website and one that I like to read.

    But there’s something I remember you writing in last Fridays whine, ’10 injured for greedy, greedy Arsenal’. During the rant which was well focused on season ticket prices and Arsenal’s injured players you unsympathetically wrote ‘Bacary Sagna has personal problems, whatever that means’, This struck me at the time as being a little unsympathetic, it seemed you were expressing annoyance at the lack of clarity as to why some players wouldn’t feature against Man Utd.

    It actually meant, as you probably know, that his brother suddenly died. A personal problem that is deeply saddening for the player and one that doesn’t really need to be explained to supporters. We all can understand why he missed that game and will all be amazed if he plays on Wednesday. I don’t really know what my point is but just that I thought including Sagna into Fridays whine against absent players was wrong when you didn’t have all the facts. Also the way you phrased it in that quite sarcastic manner made a nothing of his personal problems.

  95. Eddy

    Chris,The fact that any Sports Station gives air time to such a one eyed cunt as Terry Christian annoys the hell out of me,if that was an Arsenal fan spouting such biased views in the name of humour he would be outed faster than David Dein was from the FA panel by Ferguson and his coherts led by David Gill and Gartside.Their fans,their manager and the press that suck up to them gets the old hairs sticking up on the back of the neck I must confess.
    As for tomorrow night a prey for 2-0 but have an inkling for a nervy but well earned 2-1.

  96. chris

    sophie, one blogger did mention it here and very qucikly in fact before any one else did,
    saying personal problems could be as a simple a domestic dispute, i feel “for compasionate reasons” would be a better explanation as everybody knows what that means,

  97. EVO in OZ

    Phobia- Boruc re-signed with Celtic recently, besides he is a crazy bastard as well, even more so than Lehmann! He definitely wont be coming

  98. Damian

    being a good player is no guarantee of being a good coach most are not Eto is the last player we need 2 quick wingers 2 CBs wingers both french please Arfa & Nasri

  99. Damian

    Gazzap there is only 3 fronts has Manu made the semi., in Carling Cup no it is a grounding 4 young players only Chelsea have the squad ie cash as 4 Pires Wenger had no choice he would not except 1 year contract plus we were conned out of Reyes look where he is now bet the English weather doesn,t look that bad now

  100. Geoff

    Sophie thanks for the comment, but if all Arsenal say is personal problems we have to form our opinion on that, the last time that happened was with Sol Campbell, not when his dad died, but when he screwed up against WHU then he went AWOL, it’s up to Arsenal to clarify these things, not us.

    As I said yesterday, good on him for being back.

  101. Mike (the neighbour)

    Hi Guys I am typing this with blurred vision .Just got the result -ok it wasnt a piss over them but from what I coild read it was coming good in 2nd half .Will up date tomorrow and geoff texted to say there were some good wishes and thanks for thatwill be back tomorrow guys -and stay cool and positive