BBC television, you’re disgusting arse kissers to a team with no morals.

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Let me start with the Match of the day commentary team that hears no evil, sees no evil and speaks no evil …to Manchester United that is.

The Red nose drunk wants Gallas banned the day after our reserves get tonked by his ‘in debt club’s’ hugely expensive team of night club tart shaggers.

Moral men ManU and most of them married, but they are good at 1 minute silences.

Last week we all had the biggest laugh of the season when Man City beat the famous ManU at Old Trafford, we all had to sit through days and days of Munich heroes, blah, blah and how the fans should respect the minutes silence before kick off.

Then we hear how their wonderful fans united together to show respect for the Munich disaster and the men who died in it. Good going I don’t have a problem with that.

Touching, then we watch Lineker, Shearer and fellow muppet Hansen ignore the foul mouth Mancs calling our manager a paedophile, over and over again, and those tossers sit there and tell the world how badly we’re playing and how good the Mancs are, that was the important thing to talk about, hypocrites.

The following day ‘Sarah’s’ law’ gets passed, Sarah, in case they didn’t know was a victim of a real paedophile, they disgust me. And the BBC say nothing, they obviously think the Gallas kick was worse than the filth that comes from their inbred foul mouths, and broadcast it around the world.

It really isn’t entertainment to sing about paedophiles, especially when Arsene Wenger is a family man with a child of his own, they are all wicked beyond belief, I hope they are proud of themselves for ignoring what they heard. Well done Gary Lineker, Alan Hanson and Alan Shearer all good family men themselves, no doubt.

So now I’ve thanked the 3 monkeys from the BBC, I can talk about Arsenal.

Milan next up, minus a keeper so that’s something, if we’re right we should have a team something like this tomorrow.

Toure Senderos Gallas Clichy
Hleb Cesc Flamini Rosicky
Eduardo Adebayor

The other option at right back would be Eboue, but I’m not sure if his ban extends to Europe, I hope it does though.

I expect us to run at them from the off, knowing they will tire at some point it’s important not to let them score first and sit back on it.

It’s important not to let them score at all, we all know about away goals in this competition.

I think we’ll be back to our best because I think the team would have been stung by the criticism and can’t possibly be that bad again.

I won’t make the obvious statements like ‘the fans need to get behind the team’ because the fans get behind the team even when we’re being spanked 4 nil or 5-1 but we may have to be patient, this is a wily old team and they know how to score two goals in injury time.

So let’s hope the ‘injuries’ clear up, the team has dusted itself down and they are ready for the game of their lives.

If they can’t get up for this one, they probably need to do something else.

Great day yesterday Grovers, record comments for both Saturday and Sunday, keep ‘em coming.

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  1. Gunnersaurus

    Well said.

    For me there is no difference between chanting Peado songs and chanting racist songs. They are both hugely offensive and fans should be ejected for doing so. Imagine if any other fans were doing that? Shocking oversight.

    Meelan will be an interesting game. I expect us to win 3-0 for some reason? Its going to be a very good game either way, especially as we seem to have learned patience this season and you are right, there are experienced young heads in our team.

    Hopefully Sagna will be back for this game? I hear his brother died in a car crash?

  2. Goonermikey

    Excellent piece. You omit to mention tho’ how all those wonderfully well behaved Man U fans waited around for half an hour after the Manchester derby and pelted City fans with bottles and bricks when they were finally let out of the ground. One would have thought with the long journey back to Essex, Cornwall and SE Asia they might actually have showed a bit more respect for the City fans after they had played there part in respecting the Man U tragedy.

  3. Odub

    I still can’t get over the BBC not having the fucking guts to say anything about the chants!! Un fucking believable!! Yet that tosspot red nose mouths off that it’s not safe at the Emirates with th abuse his staff had to face when they last visited us!! He can fuck right off!!

    My normal Monday morning positivity is not existent today, and to start the day, I read the fucking Daily Mail on the train in to work this morning, and they’re no better than the beeb, all the writer could focus on was the fact that Nani shouldnt have been told off for showboating, and Gallas should have been sent off for kicking him!! And the twat also rated Gilberto the best Arsenal player on the evening!! What fucking game were you watching pal!!

    Milan are down to their 3rd choice keeper, they’re 12 pointe behind Inter in the league, and I think this is probably the best time to play them. Put it this way, I’d rather be playing them than Inter like the scousers are doing!

  4. eduard...0

    MOTD is an absolute disgrace, its some of the mostb biased commentating around, nothern fucking monkeys whistling for their pay…cocks
    is that true about sagna and his brother? from a footballing prespective i thougfht without our flying wingbacks we were terribly undone at the bacfk on saturday

  5. Pedro

    Morning Grovers!

    The positivity has returned a little for me? I dreamt we beat milan 2-0… Cesc and Ade banged them in and went crazy!

    Dreams always come true right?

    Today’s post was Geoff’s Odub!

    Yesterdays didn’t go to badly, we had a few pricks piping up, but I got rid of them. Not as many idiots as there were on Friday though?

    I think everyone was of the same opinion about Saturday and the BBC’s failure to talk about the crowd chanting was deplorable.

    I would prefer to be playing Milan this week… I wouldn’t fancy Lyon and I wouldn’t fancy Inter. I think the next few weeks will be good for Arsenal.

    I just hope Flamini doesn’t pick up any injuries, because he is vital to our title charge. I hope Gallas doesn’t get suspended either.

  6. Phobia

    Arsenal 3-AC Milan 0

  7. gazzap

    Luthar – oh yeah Manure did really well against Milan last year – you were fucking shite, so we dont need your advice.
    we have just been wise in picking our battles well – Manure know they need to go for the FA cup because they have got Fuck all chance of winning anything important.
    Manure fans are a disgrace.

  8. Pedro

    Luther is some Manc who posted a load of tripe.

    Reality will hit home when we demolish Birmingham and they are still 5 points off the top of league!

    I think he should have read GoonerMikeys comment earlier before he started spewing his garbage on here.

    I think Rosicky will be fit for Wednesday and I think Clichy will be as well. I am not sure about Sagna, but you would think he would like to play against Milan? Is that insensitive?

    Toure Gallas Senderos and Clichy is still a pretty good back 4 though! I hope Almunia will be back.

  9. Pedro

    He has been back, I have just zapped it.

    The fool left his mobile number on the e-mail bit… tempting…

    He forgets how long ManU went with out a trophy before last year. Idiot.

  10. Mike (the neighbour)

    Yeah good one geoff-
    Didnt you play golf once with Lineker -surely you have his email address ???
    The trouble with the press in the loosest sense is that they all have a bias and from what I can see arsenal take the brunt of it .Suspect its that British trait of bringing down success -they just luv to see failure -tossers!!.
    Chanting can be humorous until it goes OTT and this is just obscene -They should take the same approach as is happening on the grand prix circuit over the lewis Hamilton jibes -and hes a gooner as well
    …… the way for the conspiracy pundits amongst us the United pitch looked as though a tractor had driven over it before the game had even started and what was that watering all about just before kick off -A red nosed cunning plan ???

  11. terry roberts

    I haven’t been bothered about this result because I saw it coming. I was watching the match with a Millwall supporting mate. It was him that was shouting out after every challenge from behind from the Manc scum, it was him shouting at the blocking of runs pulling of shirts and aerial challenges with elbows raised from them. Yes the Beeb and every Northern wanker can call us soft Southereners until we kick them then we are dirty. The Beeb are filth but so too are Sky and ITV. Where was the replay after our goal was ruled out, at he time I was getting a beer for my buddy from the fridge. He shouted come and see this, in disbelief we got a replay of the Mancscums goal. My mate couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The summary was that we kicked them off the park yet The jock twat who plays for them commited at least 5 cynical fouls and got nothing. Eboue should never have been sent off he was trying to keep balance and prepared for the usual forearm smash. The pitch was a disgrace and if Gallas gets banned then so should thier ground for below standard surfaces. The Govan gob is still getting away with the Mafia like tactics but he is not much longer in charge I think. By the way we have coped all season and most of last with the bullying tactics and it don’t work anymore. The pitch was the difference plus the cheating tactics from them. You can keep yer England players too if Hoyte is anything to go by. Rooney was piss poor as I would have got a hat trick if given the freedom he had.

  12. Odub

    I don’t mind other fans coming on here as long as they’re objective, and offer opinions that arent coming out the wrong end. We just seem to be getting a load of cunts on here recently, gets the blood flowing though dont it?!

    I think it’s asking a lot to see Sagna in the squad this week at all, poor sod.

    I’d say the 5 we def need playing to win on Wednesday are Almunia, Clichy, Fab, Flam and Ade. other than that, after saturday’s game, I think big Phil should be allowed to continue at CB as he didnt actually have any bad games filling in for Kolo, Gallas will be ok, Kolo can play RB, Hleb and Another on the wings, and dudu supporting Ade.

    Oh and finally Eboue can fuck off back to Beveren !

  13. Mike (the neighbour)

    Odub the more succesful the blog is the more its gonna attract cunts -stay cool your gonna need to get to the gymn again and sweat it out .My own view is that their first post should be left on with “a cunt ” sign in the picture bit and then stopped from posting any more as is already done succesfully by Pedro and geoff .It is however a bit frustrating when you read after being away and some of the regulars have commented on what a cunt said and some havnt seen it -cos instictively you want to know what they said so you can pile in as well

  14. terry roberts

    They have had so called fans scanning our blogs all weekend, the ones that can read that is. The truth is I could never purposely look at thier blogs as it will go down as them being the best supported shit again. Anti football returned again at the weekend I think. It was partly our fault too as the players didn’t look interested. They didn’t play the star player because he would have also been inaffective on that potato patch.

  15. Eddy

    The largest media presenters in this Country are notoriously renowned for their love of all things connected with Manchester united and their hatred of Arsenal,so I totally agree with your blog but usually find The BBC the least offensive of the lot.Try this lot on for size….
    1)Richard Keys,a self confessed “Coventry fan”,who has never been near their ground in his life and couldn’t get any further up Sir Alex’s arse if he tried.One example of his blatant hatred of Arsenal was when we beat Wigan away 2 years ago in the last minute and he tried everything in his power to divert the attention our win away and c
    oncentrate on a challenge by Fabrigas that even Paul Jewell stated was perfectly fair.
    2)Clive Tyldsley who is so obsessed with all things connected with Manchester United that he manages to mention them a minimum of 15 times even when he commentating on another game.
    3)Ian Mcgary(formerly of The Mail)has never written a positive piece in his life about Arsenal.
    4)Andy Gray,anyone who can think that Wayne’s dive 2 years ago deserved a penalty is clearly biased.
    Finally the paedo chanting only serves to enhance my hatred of the only 2 teams that seem to do it ie Tottenham and Manchester United.

  16. Pedro

    As a preventative action, people who have posted befores comments will upload automatically. First time posters will be moderated.

    I don’t mind Manc’s coming on here to defend their teams action… its just a shame none of them can come on here and do it in the right way!

    I’m like you Terry, I have no inclination to browse there blogs? Sorry bunch of fans arn’t they! Eddy, some vaild points, Sky are the worst, but they are sharholders in the mancs, so its not suprising.

    The BBC are paid for by us, they should be fair!

  17. Eddy

    On a positive note,I firmly believe that a back four that contains Sagna and Clichy will be good enough to beat AC Milan on Wens and can only hope that the reliably slow Arsenal.Com provides us with some good news on that front before Wens(although Sagna’s problem is obviously a personnal issue).I hate writing people off(as I have been proved wrong before,in Flamini’s case)but Justin Hoyte clearly looks totally out of his depth and Gilberto Silva can give as many rallying calls in the press as he likes but on the pitch,where the talking counts,he appears to be a spent force and now brings on the same sense of forebodding as the sight of Cygan who’s distribution was on a par as the now ageing Gilberto.
    I did try to be positive,so back to Wens,I do firmly believe that we can put the shambles that was Saturday evening behind us and get back to winning ways in what is surely our biggest game for some time.
    Finally having watched Carlos Vela play a few times,I would love to see him perform well for us next season(he looks like he’s got what it takes)and if that means consigning Eboue to the bench,so be it!

  18. Mike (the neighbour)

    any chance of the three monkeys being Le chumps getting fed up of looking at that jug eared money grabbing scudamore . If you can only get one picture in and another jug eared person would appear anyway ….maybe just the BBC ?????
    I am banning the purchase of walkers crisps in protest-Mrs Mike has her orders (yeah right !! -in my dreams )

  19. Odub

    Well said Eddy, Gilberto can just zip it and take his place on the bench.

    We need to step up on wednesday, and hopefully we do, a win and a clean sheet is the minimum requirement.

    When Vela does eventually turn up, I dont expect Eboue to still be at Arsenal, we shoud start a wip round for his train fare to Juve who he claims are intrested in him!

  20. Steve

    Morning all. Great post.

    I’ve got the cunting hump. Another fucking US holiday too, so fuck all to do at work. I’m going down the pub in a minute to share my fucking humpiness. Left the ground after the 4th goal on Saturday, i feared another 6-1.

    Oh well, onwards and upwards. What the fuck is wrong with Sagna by the way? What are “personal problems”? He is paid a fucking fortune to play so they had better be important.

  21. Gunnersaurus

    Gilbertos bleatings in the press, though commendable, don’t quite carry the authority of seasons past.

    Steve, his brother was killed in a car crash, but I think he’ll play. I doubt his brother would want him to miss such a match! Not that I have any insider knowledge… but I think his bro was a footballer?

    Whatever his decision, we’ll support it!

    I think we can survive without Sagna, but not Clichy, traore is not ready for Milan.

    Pato and Kaka are both fit! Surprise Surprise!

  22. Steve

    Mike, where do you get your flights to Blighty from? Just trying to book some flights to Malaga and they’re a tad pricey to say the least.

  23. Gunnersaurus

    Yeah, I was wondering the same Steve?

    I tried to tip toe around the issue – sometimes you just need to slam a big old Dr Martin in to get your point across!

  24. Steve

    I’m all for sensitivity, but crying about it ‘aint gonna bring him back is it? Get back to what you love doing and forget about for a couple of hours.

  25. Eddy

    Odub,I believe that Gilberto could well have played his last game for us in December,but the ill advised and impatient Diairra decided to join Portsmouth on the basis that he wanted first team football.He might be playing out of his skin and receiving various accolades but you know as well as me that things can change very quickly in football and any injury to Fabrigas or Flamini would have propelled him onto the sort of footballing stage his ego demanded and not playing infront of 22,000 home fans at Portsmouth.My money would be on the god press he is receiving now causing him to demand a move to a “big club”like Arsenal where of couse he won’t be guaranteed first team football!Funny how football and life can turn full circle and bite you in the arse….he had his chance at Arsenal where he was far higher up the pecking order than at Chelsea but decided,foolishly I think,to join Portsmouth and so consign Arsenal fans to a few more fleeting glimses of the 53 year old we call Gilberto.
    Odub,one last question,in my 25 years of following Arsenal I have never really truelly disliked an Arsenal player(although through no fault of their own they haven’t been up to the job and shouldn’t have represented the team …Gus Caesar etc)but Eboue is really testing my patience and I find it hard to like him even when he is playing well.I put part of this down to his strongly held religious beliefs which don’t seem to stop him diving,cheating etc etc on the pitch.Any thoughts?

  26. Geoff

    I just read this on

    “However today we looked mentally lethargic. When you play so many games it can sometimes happen.

    “There was a study in a French newspaper saying we are the team who has played the most games in Europe. We have played 42 till now and no one has played as many as us.

    “Sometimes that can catch up with you but three days later you can be sharp again.”

    I don’t understand him, he’s now saying we play too many games, this is the same guy that agrees with playing the premier league around the world???

  27. Mike (the neighbour)

    ….Eddy I thought the way he acted after the incident was a true indicator of his personality almost refusing to leave the pitch and having to be dragged off -He looked as calm as anything it wasnt like he just had one bad mad moment -its in his genes .Just cos he wears an arsenal shirt doesnt mean to say you have to like him -you can still have god on your side and not be a professional at what you do .There seems to be a gathering opinion that the sooner he goes the better

  28. Odub

    The Eboue one is an odd one Eddy. The guy is married with kids I believe, and as you said is quite religious, so you’d think he’d be a responsible lad with a bit of self control, or am I being a tad naive here?

    I just think there’s this petulant streak in him which comes to the fore as a result of him thinking playing for a team as big as Arsenal puts him above the law in some respects. I saw him play for Cote dIvoire over the past month, and he looked a different player.

    I must admit that I have had the odd hate figure in my years of supporting the Arsenal, well quite a long list actually!

  29. chris

    greetings one and all,

    i wonder if eboue had of broken up Rooney he would be a legend this morning, sorry to lower the tone, he has now been universally “found out” and will have to go,
    it just sucks to have to wait till Wednesday to feel vindicated over Saturdays result,
    we will cut them apart and as one African friend of mine said, we will and must discipline Milan.

  30. Eddy

    Hopefully the truth is that the players that stepped in (Hoyte,Gilberto and in my opionion to a lesser degree Traoure)were just not capable of performing to the standard required.I say hopefully,as we shouldn’t see too much of them again,hopefully!The rest of the team(especially Cesc,Hleb,Gallas and Toure)seemed to have taken over the batton handed by Wenger in that their woefully below par performances and were almost looking at damage limitation at an early stage.This performance which wa unacceptable for the 9000 fans that travelled and humilating for those that have to endure the jibes from The Plastic Mancs who have never been,will become acceptable if our forthcoming performances in The CL and the Premiership are of the high standard we have become accustomed to however some people will find it harder to forgive Wenger’s apparent sacrifice of The FA Cup if we cannot pick ourselves up.I feel that the likes of Diaby,Denilson and Walcott would have played if fit obn Saturdayand despite the fact we probrably still have lost,I would rather have had the chance to see someone try 100% and lose than the meak efforts made by our players who new they would play on Wens,however injuries robbed Arsene of this choice and for the moment I can forgive and forget Saturday.

  31. Odub

    Was beginning to wonder what’d happened to you Chris!!!

    I know it’s unfair picking on one player from that debacle on Saturday, but the guy (Eboue) was the worst of a bad bunch!

  32. chris

    hi buddy, instead of henry the second we’ve got Stepanovs the second, its total bollox
    well done for making the travlling fans le champs, great call

  33. Mike (the neighbour)

    Steve geoff and I fly monarch Gatwick to Murcia ( I am a silver card holder soon to be gold -geoff isnt either !!!!).Its pretty good with pre allocated seats etc however thats a long way from Malaga .I suspect youre stuck with schools etc I looked at easter during hols and they seem to come out at around £100 per person return to Malaga .Sleezyjet would be about £90 per person to and from same destination .Ryanair dont fly London Malaga .From my experience any trip around £100 per person these days is good value especially during school time

  34. Mike (the neighbour)

    AS steve is at the wine bar and todays topic thought this had some merit until steve gets back

    After considerable effort and expense a First Division manager succeeded in obtaining’ the services of Miodrag Krivokapic and Mixu Paatelainen of Dundee, Dariusz Wdowczwk of Celtic, Detzi Kruszynski of Wimbledon, and Steve Ogrizovic of Coventry.
    ‘Are these boys any good?’ asked a colleague.
    ‘I couldn’t care less,’ said the manager. ‘I just want to get my own back on some of these smart-alec TV sports commentators!’

  35. Eddy

    I was totally embarrasssed by Eboue’s failure to walk off the pitch and he only helps to cement some peoples’ niave opinions on our club.

  36. Odub

    Or Bud’s warped sense of humour!!

    Just started looking at Murcia for next month Mike, and easyjet is £120 return for 6 days (6th – 12th), Ryanair £65 for the same period, only problem is my mates pulled out, so waiting for another one to get back to me, as the missus isnt coming either, but I dont fancy watching our game against Wigan by myself in the Irish bar in Los Alcazares!

  37. Pedro

    Just a quick mention about the new banner that has appeared in the side bar.

    Its a company that approached us about selling Arsenal tickets through our website. They are expensive, but they seem to be priced the same all over the web.

    We’ve put it up on the premise that the link may be useful. If no one uses it, we’ll get rid of it!

    Its not paid for advertising either, so don’t think we’ve sold our asses!

    Bud has been quiet of late, as has Jimmy Fingers? Where has he gone… surely not to another blog?

    I’ve read an article on one of the other sites about the Norwich fans turning on Gibbs because he is too light weight for the first division!


  38. chris

    Pedro, i do not think anyone would have an issue with adverts on this site, i personally wouldn’t and would support your decision, your costs should be made, or you can do a myles palmer and write a book!!!!

  39. chris

    **”write” a book***, pedro for the love of god can you put a spell checker on this site i look a fool with my excitment to post and loads of mistakes

  40. Mike (the neighbour)

    odub the monarch air fare with extra legroom seats would be about same as easyjet -although they dont fly out on the dates you want
    I am out In La Manga club at about the same time so hope the weathers great
    Enough of the Judith Chalmers bit………..
    Pedro I was only thinking about Jimmy fingers last night -I am missing his wine recommendations as well.Maybe Bud got carried away with his guest blog the other week and is punting his services around the other blogs

  41. Pedro

    Just for those who miss jimmy

    ‘Who missed me?

    No internet connection till Wdnesday/Thursday in the new place so I’m posting from my Mum’s!

    What a beautiful day Sunday was: lovely weather and the ‘invincible’ United dropping points, closely followed by the chavs. When Hleb is out, or Fab/Flam, we can look a bit ropey. Without Rooney United are a shower of shite. And after hearing endlessly from United fans about how Henry goes missing in big games looks like they’ve got one that has perfected that particular dark art themselves in Ronaldo.

    Think doubts will be creeping in in the United camp, but to hammer that home we must beat Blackburn. And there’s the rub: it isn’t going to be easy and we can be shit ourselves after an international break. Anyway, looking forward to the game, Ade to scorch a couple once again!’

    Here’s hoping Jimmy didn’t sign up to Pipex or Ntl… useless!

    Chris… what spelling error?

    I actually tidy up some comments, its sad, but I get pissed if I post on a site and I have made an error! You can’t change it!

    Recommendation? Make firefox your browser… it comes with a built in spell checker!

    No seplling mistakes here!

    On the subject of books, I was thinking that if we win the league, I might collate the best comments of the year in a Le Grove Blogger Summary… there have been some corkers and its you guys that make the site what it is and it might be funny to read some of the comments back!

    I obviously wouldn’t publish in a book… that would be silly, but it would make a good read!

    If I were to publish a book, i think the Le Grove wine list could be a hit…?

    Its something to think about over the next few weeks, lets win the trophies first!

    Its been difficult to pick a Le Champ over the last couple of weeks Mike! Bar Ade and big Phil that is! I’m hoping to be able to update on Thursday with a new hero!

  42. Mike (the neighbour)

    Spot on with the wine chris -my current favourite
    Pedro dont worry about spell check as long as the first and last letters are correct the brain sorts them out
    They are called Polymorphemic
    Try this out
    Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.
    It wouldnt work on the spud or united websites co they dont have the brains to work it out .

  43. gazzap

    so man u get another home draw jammy cunts, but pompey might just get a draw and taken them back to fratton. a replay would be lovely. also chelsea going to barnsley is a good draw. a physical team on a bumpy pitch might be another replay if we are lucky.
    then hopefully united will play chelsea in the semis.
    clearly we dont want them meeting in the final when the season is over. we want them meeting when there is still big league games to play.

    also I think its good that Liverpool got knocked out. we can now play them on FAC semi weekend as per the fixture list. I thought Liverpool would go through and so that league game would have been postponed giving us a fixture pile up that was not even of our making!

  44. Odub

    I can’t believe the fucking chavs have got piggin Barnsley! They havent played a PL side this season yet!!

    Chris,there’s a French Rioja from Tesco called Marino which I swear by, apart from that I just stick to the odd Rioja/Merlot. Any suggestions?

    Still seething about the FA Cup Draw! So it’ll prob be a repeat of last year’s final at this rate!

  45. gazzap

    barnsley away is probably the hardest game once you take out man u and pompey. i’d say its harder than Boro funnily enough. they have had a big win at Anfield and will be up for it. their home form is also pretty good. dont get me wrong I am sure Chelsea will win but there weren’t enough good teams in the draw for both united and chelsea to get tough draws!

  46. Odub

    True Gazzap,
    As long as they avoided each other, I think everyone expected both to cruise through to the next round. It’s been an odd FA Cup year really, only 4 prem teams left in it, and Boro could still end up being turfed out by Shef U, and another one will bite the dust when Pompey play Manure

  47. Mike (the neighbour)

    odub when youre in spain if you get fed up with Rioja as I do -carrafour are doing an australian merlot and a shiraz called yellowtail -it retails there at 5.65 euros -here Morrisons do it for £.5.95 -its good and gluggable and great for a change

  48. gazzap

    oh shit. Rosicky has been ruled out of the Milan game. bugger. what are the options to replace him? Eduardo, Cesc or Eboue. have not heard anything about Walcott but I am going to assume he is not fit either.
    well I think we have to keep Flam and Cesc together in the middle, so that rules Cesc out. Eboue the cheating diver who cannot pass, defend or stay on the pitch for 90 minutes or Eduardo. EDS will do his best and will offer a goal threat even from the left. NB will have to play with Ade up front if this happens and its what I would do.

    but wenger will prob go 4-5-1 with Bert, Flam and Cesc in the middle and Eboue and Hleb on the wings and ade on his own. if thats the line up I will turn my TV off before kick off (my mate is taking my ticket for this one – lucky sod).

  49. Geoff

    Can Eboue still play? Wenger has to admit Rosicky was a bad buy, no matter what happens how many games has he played in? no wonder we got him cheap.

    I reckon players have come back from broken legs quicker the Van Persie has, we should never let him play for Holland again.

    Wenger has to take a long hard look at his so called squad at the end of the season, this is shit.

  50. Odub

    How the hell have Sky News got the news that Rosicky won’t be playing and aren’t saying sod all about it?!

  51. Geoff

    Because only print nice things about the team. If they had a hair on the arses they should have been talking about refunding the poor sods who went to Manchester.

    Maybe they will? Arsene knows.

  52. gazzap

    Geoff yeah unfortunately domestic bans make no difference in Europe which has a seperate system of bans, so Eboue will probably play one way or another given that Ros and Sagna are both prob out.

  53. Odub

    Cheers for the wine recommendation Mike, you’ll be taking over from JimmyFingers I take it as the resident wine expert…So which one are you, James May or his mate Oz!.

  54. Mike (the neighbour)

    On the premiership injury website I found- Rosiky wasnt predicted to be back until next Saturday as with most others
    Diaby Calf Muscle Strain 9th Mar 08
    M Almunia Virus 23rd Feb 08
    T Rosicky Hamstring Injury 23rd Feb 08
    Denilson Hamstring Injury 23rd Feb 08
    R Van Persie Thigh Muscle Strain 23rd Feb 08
    J Djourou Groin/Pelvis Injury 23rd Feb 08

  55. Mike (the neighbour)

    I’m more like that tart jilly goolden who does the ” mmmmmmm you can taste the underlying flavours of jockstrap with a hit of athletes foot powder .Afraid I cant be an expert like Jimmyfingers as I tend to gravitate to screw top bottles theyre quicker to open and of course no corking .I will miss the heavier bottles though when the new lightweights come out cos it will be harder to lobb over my neighbours garden -beats taking them to the bottle bank

  56. Odub

    far too many injuries for me, Hleb’s the one I’m surprised hasnt cried off yet, he’s due one soon I’m sure! We havent got a big enough squad to cope with this, at to it the indisciplined moron that got sent off against Manure and we better hope it doesnt get any worse! Where’s Walcott in all this?

  57. Mike (the neighbour)

    Geoff Almunia has got man flu -I cant get this computer to play any videos must be over-using youporn
    I think this is the Nick frost video where he has called the paramedics -I love it apologies if its not .If it is its worth a view

  58. Steve

    I’m proper cunted.

    Feel a little more jolly though. Mike, my second lad will be 2 by the close season so i’ll have to pay for him too. I went to the San Siro when we beat Inter 5-1 so i’m aiming for the same again. I can’t afford it this time with the dustbins but we’ll do them over 2 legs.

    i’m pissed

  59. Geoff

    Mike that was very funny, but my experience is the other way around.

    This man flu shit is a rumour permeated by women.

    Do a straw poll of blokes that are sick against birds, I think it would be massively women that are sick.

    Chris I think the Arsenal ladies would have won at Trafford, they would certainly have had a few shots!

  60. Bud

    Bud’s humour is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Steve

    Fuck it Geoff. I was fuming this moring but i’ve seen the light now. It’s all a long term plan. I said on Friday that we’d get fucked if we didn’t play the first team. But I was up there on Saturday with another 8,999 and we deserved to see our best players.

    We’ll see if it turns out at the end of the season.

    I’m still cunted

  62. Bud

    Sorry guys. Busy day at Buddy Towers !

    Right… lets get to point about Saturday……….. who gives a fuck !

    Enough said about that, now on to Wednesday. Is Sagna gonna be back, or if not what’s his “personal” problem???

  63. Steve

    Also Geoff, they moan like fuck if they have a 8lb kid. I have shits bigger than that on a regular basis. It’s handy getting a lift eveywhere though.

  64. Geoff

    Steve I admire you for going, that must have been a long trek back. Let’s hope they repay you on Wednesday.

    Bud, read the comments, your answer is there.

    You may have been busy bud but where were you at the weekend?

    Let’s talk commitment!

  65. Odub

    Yeah some made appearances late last night and late Saturday to get all things Arsenal and Eboue of their chests! Call yourself a true blogger Bud?!

  66. Pedro

    Well some early team news:

    “Kaka made the difference last year in this competition,” said Wenger on Friday. “He scored 10 goals in 11 games. He made the difference against Celtic.

    “He’s the guy who can dominate a situation and in 10 seconds get to the other side of the box and score a goal.

    “We need to be more cautious in the centre than we usually are. He’s especially dangerous at counter-attacking. I don’t know if I’ll use Gilberto for him.

    “My main worry is to get 11 fit players for the Milan game.”

    So Bertie will be marking his buddy.

    So its a 4-5-1 then!

  67. Steve

    II’ve left early 3 times.

    Arsenal 2 Man Yooy 6

    Man Yoo 6 Arsenal 1

    Man Yoo 4 Arsenal 0

    But I have seen Arsenal win the league on their ground.

    Fuck it. Let us look forward.

  68. Odub

    Great! so the great Gilberto makes another appearance! Cos fucking mic!


    That sound about right?

    Don’t remember the 2-6 Steve when was that?

  69. Steve

    I’m going psitive again. They’ll get to the fa cup final and we’ll be rested. I was really angry at Wenger not playing our best team though. I love the bloke but he fucked us in the cc and fa cup now.

    Those 2 games cost me nigh on 100 quid, Spertz and Man Yoo (without beer), so you’d expect more.

    I dont dispute that Arsene knows, but we had 9,000 up there on Saturday who expected a result

  70. gazzap

    fuck me. every time Gilberto plays we lose. he is not very dynamic anymore is he? doesn’t seem to have that fire burning inside him anymore. last season he was breaking his neck to be the first to the ball now he just jogs about, all because he knows his time is nearly up with us. well fuck him. people always say what a great attitude he shows – I dont see it anymore. he used to until wenger took the captaincy away and now we are seeing a shadow of Gilberto. he keeps talking about where he will move to in the summer ie he wants to go back to Brazil. Well fuck off now then and dont bother thinking about this massive half a season Arsenal still have in front of us.

    with him and Eboue almost certain to start on Weds I am now just hoping for a game where we are not embarrassed again. 0-0 would be good and then wenger can get Rosicky and Sagna back and go to the San Siro and nick a 1-1 and go through on away goals.

  71. Mike (the neighbour)

    ..that would be fun steve as I am in Town then anyway unfortunately I am having my eyes lasered wednesday afternoon -too muck wanking when I was younger and i’ll be fucked from doing anything for at least 24 hours

  72. Odub

    Watching the game round a mate’s so I’m out, how about fixing a date in the next couple of weeks or so for the suggested grovers pissathon?

  73. Odub

    Well you did say you’ve had a lifetime of wanking so what do you need ’em for? Come out sounding like the BeeGees!! Sweet!!

  74. Mike (the neighbour)

    I’m seeing geoff for lunch next Wednesday but after that its gonna have to wait til I get back from Espana on 19/03

  75. Jon

    PLease can someone do a job on Gilberto and Eboue so they never play for Arsenal again. both not good enough! now must be regretting letting Diarra go .. whatever his attitude was.

    Gilberto man marking Kaka .. you must be joking. Gilberto hasnt made a tackle in 8 months!

  76. Big Raddy

    I cannot believe that AW will play GS, doesn’t he see what has happened each time GS has played? The man slows the team down, he has lost 2 yards of pace, his distribution is Stepanovsesque, and he will be totally fucked over by the pace of Kaka Inzaghi and Pato. It is a recipe for disaster.

    I seem to recall that the last time Eboue made a cunt of himself, he played well for the next few games. Hopefully, this will happen again.

    The Flamster will hold the key to this game. If he can get some control over Pirlo (what a player), we will do well. We mustn’t give away free kicks around the box,Pirlo will punish us.

    How about Song, or is he injured? He has shown that he can play in important games, and he must be a better bet than Gilberto.

    Actually, I think we should really go for it and put out an attacking team. 4-4-2, with no GS

  77. Mike (the neighbour)

    I dont think songs injured I transcribed earlier the injury list from a website I discovered which supposedly is an up to date list of Premiership injuries and he isnt on it .I think everyones supportive of an attacking team from the off -theres something out there to prove for sure