Arsene knows and we’ll win 7 nil

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This headline is for all those people who were so offended by my negativity of team selection and for all those who felt being entertained was more important than being overcharged.  … All 4 of them!

This is for the rest of you.

We need the spirit of 71 today, like we’ve never needed it before, this game is there for the taking, those arrogant, cocky Mancs think they have it won already.

It’s also worth mentioning that Tevez and Van der Sar both say that this game will have a massive impact on the title race, which was what I was saying yesterday, which is why I didn’t want it to be a third priority game.

Okay, onto today and all things positive. Whoever plays will be up for it and deserves our support, which of course they will get, for those who are making the trip, well done people and may the force be with you!

It’s a one off and if we go at them from the off, we have as much of a chance as they do, if we chase down every ball and play like we’ve been playing, it’s there for the taking.

We’ll have a few fringe players out there trying to prove themselves so this is there chance, they won’t have a bigger stage.

I want this win so, so much, Arsenal go after them, win this game and start the massive trek to the treble.

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  1. Pedro

    First Grove! haha!

    Good post, its going to be tough, but I think we can turn them over. I am expecting Ronaldo to start on the bench? Or am I dreaming that he’ll be on the bench?!

    It doesn’t matter, if he’s not up for it he goes missing! Ask Citeh and the Spuds about that!

    For a team that trained with Thierry for 5 years, they should be good at marking outrageous talent!

    I think this match could rock Uniteds title challenge, but not ours. If they lose 2nd game in a row it could be damaging!

    I am confident that Eduardo is going to nick a winner in the 86th minute…


  2. Togo Red


    We will be watching the game today hoping for togos best striker to score 2 goals. I hope from the bottom of my heart he plays today wins arsenal to the semi final.

    God bless

  3. Pedro

    Did you know Lewis Hamilton was a gooner?

    How many times have I told you Lewis Hamilton and Theo are the same person!

    He is backing us, so we’ll definitely win!

  4. Geoff

    Arsene knows right! I read the Daily Star Ferguson article and he said they have to beat us on Sunday, my heart sank and I went straight to for confirmation…whew it is today!

    2 nil the Arsenal, I reckon.

    Arsene says he’s down to 14 players, Ferguson said you need a squad, gone are the days when Liverpool won the league, with 14 just players.

    Strange but maybe an omen!

  5. Henry

    5-1 to the gooners I say!

    Gilberto will score a hat-trick, one from Fabergas and one at the end from Eduardo.
    Joga Bonita!

  6. Mike (the neighbour)

    Pedro youre right -ive been wondering the same -You never see them together its like Colin Montgomerie and Laura Davies

    Guardians headline today (Note not the star geoff )

    “Wenger orders win at United to prove Arsenal’s title credentials”

    If the guvnor has ordered it -SO IT SHALL BE

    Beers are in fridge chilling
    Chair positioned in front of Tv -stero headphones plugged in so I cant hear Mrs Mike moaning -Only problem is I now have to run around and get everything ready before those sponging bastards arrive tonite for dinner .Have a great day guys remember
    delboy “he who dares wins”

  7. John W

    It will be 2-1 again, but ManUre will score first. Then it will very much be sweeter to win especially with a last minute ‘thunderbolt’ from non other than big Phil himself!
    John W

  8. Jezza


    Confidence is oozing, i’m about to start boozing….so lets not have any losing?

    Shit rhyme, but so true.

    Le Grove should start selling motivational tapes! I am pumped and there is an air of confidence arount the arsenal camp! No negative interviews!

    I think it’ll be a comfortable 2-0 win for the gooners!

    Nikki B and Traore to score

  9. Mike (the neighbour)

    …actually geoff just for you I think the line from the film 300 is more appropriate as a pre match mantra
    Remember this day, men, for it will be yours for all time.
    – King Leonidas

  10. Odub

    Morning all,

    Been out and about in the cold this morning, and just got back in, read the Daily Mail, checked, and despite AW moaning about only having 14 outfield players available, I just think we’re going to do ’em today!! 2-0 I think with a towering defensive performance from Kolo! A goal each for the togonator and Cese rediscovers his goal scoring form! That will do nicely!

    I’ve been told off for spending too much time on here by Mrs Odub so will catch up clooser to game time!


  11. Pedro

    Tell Mrs Odub, for every comment you post we give 10p to charity…

    I am with you all! We’re going to do them big time! Its about time we went on a run against the Mancs and I am still bitter about Villa park in 99… we owe those cunts big time!

  12. Mike (the neighbour)

    know the feeling odub trying to sqeeze in as many as possible before Mrs Mike tracks me down
    Final one geoff -re your 14 reference
    14 is gonna be unlucky for united cos in chinese culture 14 is an unlucky number and usually said as “shi si,” which sounds like “ten die”. -just the united goalie standing seems good to me

  13. chris mnley

    morning all, the comments around the interweb look good, Manu are putting on a brave poker face, they have more to lose than us at this present stage, i hate wishing away the weekend but i cant wiat till the sun starts to go down and we set sights on doing over the manc’s

  14. Geoff

    I think Leonidas’s last words were ‘oh fuck’ or ‘ouch’ I’m getting more confident as I read these comment grovers!

  15. James Woodford

    I dreamt about SAF’s saying they need a response agaginst Arsenal. Well happily my dream ended with the red nosed turning his head when the gunners were two up.
    For the info of others so all my three dreams have ended with success for the gunners.
    Whats there to stop it for four successesfor AW

  16. Mike (the neighbour)

    good one chris -lets hope Van der Sar has a touch of the Stevie wonders later today
    Fuck Mrs Mikes yelling for me

  17. Big Raddy

    “The games afoot,
    Follow your spirit and upon this charge,
    Cry God for Arsenal, King Cesc and Saint Wenger” (W.S….Henry 5)

    Come on you Rip-Roaring Gunners !!!

  18. Mike (the neighbour)

    well said big Raddy maybe you could mark the beginning of the ballet with your stirring piece
    ..and continuing this theme – to all Grovers ……….
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother

  19. Geoff

    I didn’t read that but everyone bar Charlie Nicolas and now Adams have written us off, so I expect us to win.

    Lawrenson is in the Mirror saying when we lost to ManU in the semis and the Chavs 3 days later, we had our strongest side, we didn’t, Aliadiere started and not Henry and that’s why we lost.

    Whoever he pays today I’ll fancy, I have a feeling it will be Bendtner and Hleb tucked in behind, I hope it’s Ade, but I doubt it, either way it will be 4-5-1 but I fancy us to get a result.

  20. chris

    he was speaking on setanta news geoff, i simply can not wait till kick off.
    we are forth favorites to win teh cup by the bookies,

  21. Evo in OZ

    no worries Geoff….

    The Defence has had a shocker….maybe we should have purchased back up right and left backs in the transfer window instead of a left winger and a CB.

  22. Mike (the neighbour)

    Yeah so I am I Evo -no passion- all round .When cesc gave the ball away just before the last goal and casually went after it -that really summarised the game for me – Man u really want this .Anyway there is still another half -it aint over yet .getting through too many san miguels but hey -FUCK IT

  23. Evo in OZ

    Not that we purchased a left winger and a CB….

    If Sanga isnt back for AC Milan and Eboue keeps his spot, we are screwed in that game as well!

  24. Odub

    Evo I can’t begin to imagine how you feel fella, I’m sat here and it’s 18.30 watching this and thinking there must be better things to do than watch this tripe! we have somehow succeded in fucking up in both cup competitions, and I hope for AW’s sake wednesday diesnt turn into a nightmare as well.

    Not one of the 11 have done anything of note, we harped on all through Jan, and we kept getting told we’ll be fine!

    And to top it all off thid cunt Eboue comes back from the ACN to continue where he left off esarlier in the season, cocking things up something chronic! We need to get rid of him end of!

    ManUre have turned up with the sole objective of winning this game, our lot look like the manager has told them to just turn up, don’t get injured and remember we have a big game on Wednesday!

    What pisses me off even more are the poor souls who’ve gone all the way up there to watch this shit!! That’s twice this season we’ve been subjected to a mauling now!!

    I’m turning over to the Disney Channel!

  25. Mike (the neighbour)

    ..I cant watch anymore now theyre 4 up. Have a feeling its gonna be down hill for me tonight as well and Eboue what was that all about …Cunt
    Anyway life aint a video recorder they cant change this but they can re-group for wednesday and the league .-please god (or whatever god you worship)
    I’ll pick up any late posts after the spongers have gone home -Big Raddy you may have got after all the best deal with the Ballet !!!
    Evo I have a feeling it aint gonna be easy for you to sleep

  26. Pedro

    Terry, I know that feeling, we muted it.

    I have written my post for tomorrow already.

    I’ve been brutal.

    I am fucking pissed at that performance and I have had a monstrous bitch.

    I’m going down the pub to get shit faced.

    Laters Grovers.

  27. Geoff

    Ok so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Any cunt that now says Arsene Knows is a cunt, he doesn’t have a fucking clue when it comes to strategy, and when i said that mid week I got every arsehole and his mother shouting me down, well fuck you, you bunch of cunts, I fucking warned you.

    If we now go down hill it’s Wengers fault, I’ve had enough.

  28. Stupid

    oh wenger why do we have to suffer a bashing twice inside a month to those teams we hate the most.

    the cherry on top would be a 5 -0 mauling from chelski with cuntley getting a hat trick 🙁

  29. Geoff

    that’s the problem, Middlesbrough I could take.

    I bet Portsmouth win it and Diarra scores in the final.

    Serves us right, Arsene doesn’t always know.