We love you Freddie cos you’ve got red hair!

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I remember singing my heart out at the Millennium stadium when we tonked the ‘real’ Chelsea 2-0, by real Chelsea, I mean before they became the chavs and had footballs equivalent of liposuction and plastic surgery, in other words before they cheated by taking the crooked ones Roubles.

That was the day that Tim Lovejoy famously said ‘it’s only Ray Parlour’ seconds before he buried it the top corner, yeeeeeeaaaaah!!!

We stayed behind long after the final whistle and sang and sang and sang – we love you Freddie cos you’ve got red hair, it was the modern day equivalent of 1 nil to the Arsenal as the song you couldn’t get out of your head.

It’s also the only song that I can think of that has the word ‘love’ in it and I did promise a romantic feel to this Valentines day, I also mentioned ‘Twat’ Tim Lovejoy, but that’s all your getting on the romantic theme.

Freddie is now of course with West Ham so good luck Freddie and thanks for the memories, memories for you too my Swedish friend, as you had hair in those days.

This brings me onto another Arsenal old boy, Diarra, apparently Real Madrid are sniffing around with a big bag of cash, if Harry sells him and we don’t have a sell on clause in there, we should never again do business with Pompey.

I said it here that we should have loaned him out or put him in the stiffs, we only have ourselves to blame for that one.

The missus sent me a card saying I would sooner watch match of the day than have an evening of total sexual pleasure, well Mrs Geoff, you’re wrong …on the other hand if Arsenal were playing…

Apparently we’re being linked to Brazilian wonder kid Dentinho, I would like to think we could attract the best young talent, but I would also like us to get a talent that’s already good, like a Messi or such like, hopefully this kid is ready.

Denilson will be good one day but he’s not ready yet and we have a lot of those in our squad already.

We’re also being linked to Egyptian keeper El Hadari, but you know what, I’m happy with Almunia, I haven’t seen better than him anywhere this season, in fact I’d go as far to say I ‘love’ Almunia, there that’s now three times I’ve mentioned the ‘L’ word, and three times is enough.

Giggs is slagging us off in the press so I really hope we put a strong team out and give them some, and because we’re allowed to take a lot of fans up to Scotland, it won’t seem so much like an away game, and that could really help us.

Good day yesterday Grovers, suicide Sid apart, some interesting views out there.

Have a happy Valentines day today and don’t forget to get home to your loved ones nice and early and NO drinking, try and be considerate on this most special of days, buy her something nice, practical even, like a fluffy scarf, a red and white one.

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  1. Mike (the neighbour)

    You said yesterday that you were gonna be sending something slushy to Mrs Geoffs -Just a word of warning Mrs mike didnt like my Valentines present -maybe it was the card which said for use on arsenal match days and when I am reading Le grove
    I thought it was fine-and it comes in a tube whatever that means –

    Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit
    “You’ve got it so flaunt it with Peekaboo Pole Dancing, the world’s first home pole dancing game. Everything you need comes in the tube to satisfy any beginners desire to earn a fortune in Peekaboo cash”

  2. Steve

    I’ve a solution for you Gooner. Have your wicked way of unbridled passion before Match Of The Day and then settle down to your true love. Mrs Geoff can fetch you a beer as you’ve just given her the most intense 28 seconds of her life and you can watch the footie in peace.

    Fuck me, it’s like Dear Dierdre.

  3. Mike (the neighbour)

    Geoff for my own edification how common is a sell clause these days ?

    Dear Diedre -I have this compulsion when I get up in the morning to read the latest post from Pedro Geoff (and Bud )and the latest Arsenal news .My house work isnt being done and my wife isnt getting something hot on the table as usual (well now we dont have a milkman thats not surprising )-Is this normal or should I break away from football altogether and support Spurs

  4. Geoff

    I like the site Mike, I may buy something! Walcott is being treated for an injury and Cesc is having to play against the Mancs, says it all really.

    This game is so far down his list of priorities. I bet the Mancs play their strongest team though.

  5. Geoff

    A sell on clause is what we had for Upson and Pennant, when they were sold on by Birmingham I think we got £2 mil apiece.

  6. Deirdre/Steve

    Mike, regardless of how bad your problems seem at the moment please don’t do anything drastic. Supporting Spurs would eliminate the tension caused by having aspirations for the premier league title, but the constant ridicule of your peers and the perenial underachievement will damage you in the future. Hire a cleaner to worry about the chores (including the wife), open a San Miguel and just enjoy your retirement.

  7. Manfred Szaman

    The way noises are coming from OT imply that they have a divine right to win.I know they haven’t lost two games in arow. What’s there to say it can’t be done especially since it’s been along time. This is the perfect opportunity to rub it in. By the law of averages this record has to go. What better place than at OT . If we can’t win get a draw and jam up their fixture list.
    However Aw know the rds will be fired up and will be aggressive in their tackles as evidence when Reyes was kicked around and no action taken by the baldie ref.
    One more thing .The ref if he applies the law will ensure fair play but you never know when the slightest contact in the box will result in a penalty for the manure but not at the other end.Reason he could be afraid he will no longer be allowed to officiate at OT again .You never know.For proof look at the 50 th game when Veira was sent off when there was no contact with the horseface.
    Arsenal must keep calm and not be ruffled for the ref could unwittingly act as the rd twelve man. Can anyone guarantee he won’t?

  8. Deirdre/Steve

    Vieira was sent off in the 0-0 draw. Not the 50th game.

    I was behind that goal. It was the long faced cunt’s missed penalty that caused all the agg.

  9. Mike (the neighbour)

    Thanks Diedre good advice -I am now off to get some San miguels -so it will force me away from the computer .I’ll now cancel my appearance on that cunt Jeremy Kyles show -Back to footie grovers !!

  10. Big Raddy

    What a day that was at The Millenium. The Gooners were in great voice, and the team responded.

    Happy Days

    And what is a couple of mill to the world’s 5th richest club?

  11. chris

    looks like the writtings on the wall for the selections at the weekend,
    funny you mention freddie’s hair, my missues has the same colour and my gift was the opertunity to make it more vibrant thansk to loreal professionale!

    where is topgunn this morning?

  12. Odub

    Dont think we’ll regret selling Diarra, and what’s 3 mill to Arsenal when Wehnger’s got 70 big ones burning a hole in his pocket!

    Got a feeling ManUre will come out all guns blazing and try to over run us asap! If he plays the first choice back 4, with flamster and fab, dont care who else he picks after that!

  13. Deirdre/Steve

    I remember walking around a pub in Cardiff before the game and loads of lads with red hairspray coulouring all the pissed Gooners hair. Ahhhh sweet memories.

  14. Odub

    I’ll forever remember that match for 2 things Steve/Deidre, the twat Lovejoy going to Bradley Walsh ‘it’s only Ray Parlour’, and Lee Dixon warming up behind the goal celebrating before the ball hit the back of the net because he could see the goalie wasnt getting to it! Sweet!

  15. Deirdre/Steve

    I think he was a Spud. He had that cunty inbred air of lunacy about him. I can smell a knuckle scraping hybrid a mile off.

  16. Geoff

    I hope we go up there to win, I hate these games where I feel we’re just making up the numbers, for me every game should be one that we want to win.

    That Carling cup game still affects me, I hate losing.

  17. Steve

    Odub, that is the objective of these cunts. Just consign it to the cunty bin and get on with enjoying being a proper Gooner. i hate losing too Geoff. As I said before, if we played these cunts at tiddlewinks a defeat would still affect me. I’m starting to get a little concerned I have bloggers tourettes. Bollox to that.

  18. Odub

    True. Another thing that’s also true is losing to the scum! Dont care that it was only the mickey mouse cup, it still hurts, and I’ve got a couple of scummy mates I play squash with and they continuously turn up for games in the full fucking cockerel strip just to piss me off! So here’s an idea, how about we get Le Grove St totteringham day t shirts made just to piss them off in return!!

  19. Bud

    Happy Valentines Day Grovers !

    Made a joke up out of one of those men and women jokes. Hope you enjoy…..

    In the hospital the relatives gathered in the waiting room, where their family member lay gravely ill.

    Finally, the doctor came in looking tired and somber.

    “I’m afraid I’m the bearer of bad news,” he said as he surveyed the worried faces.

    “The only hope left for your loved one at this time is a brain transplant.

    It’s an experimental procedure, very risky but it is the only hope. Insurance will cover the procedure, but you will have to pay for the brain yourselves.”

    The family members sat silent as they absorbed the news. After a great length of time, someone asked, “Well, how much does a brain cost?”

    The doctor quickly responded, well we have 2 available and it’s “£5,000 for a Tottenham Supporters brain, and £200 for an Arsenal Fans brain.”

    The moment turned awkward. Everyone tried not to smile; avoiding eye contact with the others, but some actually smirked. A man unable to control his curiosity, blurted out the question everyone wanted to ask,

    “Why is the Spurs brain so much more?”

    The doctor smiled at the childish innocence and explained to the entire group,

    “It’s just standard pricing procedure.

    We have to mark down the price of the Arsenal brains, because they’ve actually been used.”

  20. Steve

    it is too difficult to call for this weekend. Mad Jens is about the only certainty. Probably a mix of youth and experience. I don’t think Cesc will play regardless of Walcott’s injury personally.

  21. Odub

    First choice back 5, fab,flam,hleb,ade not sure about anyone else. Arsenal.com says update on injury news by the end of the day today.

    Chris, try playing squash and let me know if you can walk the next morning!! Great CV! Also bear wrestle from time to time!!

  22. Steve

    I’m trying hair of the dog in 25 minutes. Kill or cure. Have to be careful not to get overly bolloxed before cooking my romantic meal this evening.

  23. Steve

    Did you boys see that Brady was likely to get a job in the Ireland set-up? Hope he continues his work at Arsenal, he is obviously very good on the youth development front.

  24. Bud

    Fuckin hell Steve, you’re starting to sick me out, bears last night, dogs today….. Are you the guy that hangs round the Madagascan Lemur enclosure at Colchester Zoo with your Johnson in your hands???

  25. chris

    brady does a lot of tv work in ireland so he would be in dublin anyway, if you are bored today youtube him and eamonn dunphy it is priceless.
    his role has yet to be decided and the “trap” said he is great freinds with AW and will ask him first, he certainly wont be assistant manager as he is bringin his italian team with him,

  26. Odub

    Colchester has a Zoo?! You sure it’s not just the locals locked up for bad behaviour!!

    Brady would still retain his remit at Arsenal so not too bothered, and international football is part time work anyway!

  27. Pedro

    I used to live in Colchester, and let me tell you Odub, the Zoo is wicked but if you want to see the real animals you have to check out the hippodrome on a Tuesdays night…

    Anyone read about Thuram joining us next season in a player coach type of role? That would be a solid back up defender if he still has the pace!

  28. Bud

    Its a blinding Zoo. Its got Monkeys and errrr Monkeys and eerrrr some other sorts of Monkeys , oh and don’t forget those Cheeky Madagascan Lemur’s and Monkeys, oh sorry said about the monkeys havent I…… oh yeah, they got Lemur’s, dohhh…….

  29. Odub

    Mate my missus is from Clacton On Sea which is the next town up, so I’ve had the eh ‘pleasure’ of many a night out in Colchester!!

    I can’t believe the Hippodrome is still going! Those were the days! Hippodrome, Limelight, Slap Harry’s ,Samantha’s, Bar Rumba! Used to get absolutely fucked and get a cab home to Croydon for less than 15 quid!

    Brady would only be working part time for the Irish anyway and I can’t see that affecting his sterling work with our youngsters.

  30. Odub

    Only ever been in the hungry horse or something like that in Clacton, watched an Arsenal game in there once and most of the locals were hammers who didnt take kindly to us singing ooh to ooh to be a gooner all thru the game! Fuck ’em!

    Last 3 matches in the FA Cup V ManUre

    15/02/03 Fifth round: Man Utd 0-2 Arsenal
    03/03/04 Semi-final: Arsenal 0-1 Man Utd
    21/5/05 Final: Arsenal 0-0 Man Utd AET Arsenal won 5-4 on penalties

    Me thinks we’ll be fine!! They havent beating us in the cup since that fluke Giggs goal in 1999

  31. Bud

    C*NTS !!!

    Just had our Club Level renewal through and they have put the price up and I have 2 weeks to pay it ….. so all be prepared for a hike in prices in your normal ST’s at the end of the season !!!

  32. Odub

    Was planning on registering for it, think it’s £100 to get on the waiting list and then the cost of the game added on i think, still beats being a red member, I’ve only seen one game all season!!

  33. Bud

    Mate, it ain’t worth the money and I was seriously thinking about giving my Club Level seats up and using my ST’s in the nomal bit below………. but, the bastards have me, as all our away credits are on the Club Level seats, so they have me by the balls !!!!!

  34. Odub

    Cost of travel to Prague to watch said team Chris? Like I said previously I’m supporting Carshalton Athletic from next season!! Cost of travel £5 in petrol, season ticket £100, refreshments on match day, £2.50 (Fish and Chips and drink!!) Beat that!

  35. Pedro

    Cesc is in talks to extend his contract! The guy is eager!

    Apparently you have to renegotiate there contracts every two years otherwise they can give notice to the club and by out there deal (If they are under 28). What a nightmare?

    Is the Manc game on the BBC?

  36. Odub

    Ok!! Not with it today! Trying to pay a bit of attention to work, and it’s not working! didnt realise they had a game tonight!

    anyway vino time! Have fun, will cath up a bit worse for wear later!

  37. Mike (the neighbour)

    Odub I think you need to re think the Carshalton thing The 07/08 season ticket is £165 -JUst been on their web site .Didnt realise it was so close to the girls school -spent many a happy 28 seconds (steve) behind the bike sheds- in my youth -NOT recently cos i’d be arrested if I did !!

  38. Steve

    Evening all, fucked off the vino lunchtime to keep my chances for this evening. 5 pints of Amstel to keep up the Champions League theme. Nice 🙂

  39. Odub

    Mike just checked their site and a 3 year season ticket is £475!!! I get to watch Billericay Town, Horsham, Staines and AFC Wimbledon!!! Cosmic!

  40. Bud

    Thinking about sponsoring Billericay Town next year !!!!!

    Only gone up £100 Geoff, but those slimey wankers have not even mentioned the increase on the covering letter and the only place the increase is shown is on the Debit Mandate form………. seriously, can you believe tyhe cowardice of it, not to mention it and just see if they can slip it by…….. CUNTS !!!!

    I’m sorry lads, but at this moment, I am fucking hating Arsenal, greedy, slimey cunts !!!!!!!!!!

  41. Gunnersaurus

    Just been browsing the other blogs, and I came across this thirdgen one who give out blog of the week. Talk about kissing up to the other blogs, arseblog in particular gets a good butt tonguing. I think an oz blog got it this week, that’s not in the least bit shocking! They should send the award this way, this is the best one out there.

    Anyway, it seems much has been said since Friday and I don’t know what the fuck you guys have been talking about for the last week. Its gone mad on Le Grove!

    Good to read that cesc wants to talk, total opposite to some of the other greedy buggers that have passed through our doors. I have been thinking about when Ade comes to sign up to a new contract. I put money on it he gives us problems. That will piss me off, I don’t care how much money we get for him. We’ve dealt with his poor play for 2 years, now I expect 5 years of good service in return.

    Same goes for Flamini. If you are bad when you start at arsenal, you should be forced into signing a ‘come good’ clause in your contract. The way it works is that if you come good, you’re bound into a 5 year deal.

    I’d get song on that one right away.

  42. Bud

    Gunnersaurus, good to have you back……… in fairness, we look busy this week as a blog site, but it is mainly Steve, Odub and Mike the Neighbour regailing and sharing techniques and anecdotes about bear dancing, animal sex and lesbian llamas’……… I know that sounds near the edge of decency, but I have to admit, all the same, very interesting !!!

  43. Odub

    Bud what are you going to do stop going?! Start supporting someone else?!

    Could have sworn Fab signed a 8 year contract a couple of years ago! Good lad I’d sign him for another 8, as he’s good mates with Flamster we should get him to have a word in his ear hole!

    I think Ade might get influenced by the African fraternity at the club (Kolo, Eboue) and get told sign up and get on with it! Don’t think we’ve ever had any problems with the African players Gunnersaurus, apart from maybe Lauren when he wantd to leave.

  44. Bud

    Odub, as usual, I will let Arsenal bend me over and fucking abuse me as they know I have an infatuation with them and can’t live without them………

    Dear Diedre………..

  45. Mike (the neighbour)

    …I dont remember the lesbian llamas Bud -are you trying to pull the wool over my eyes .
    I hate fuckin Direct debits too it puts THEM in control I also hate it when the try and sneek stuff through however Billericay seems somewhat extreme .
    Other stuff mixed in is fun though -I still laugh at steves Jeremy Beadle day

  46. Odub

    Oh Lord not Deidre/Steve again!!

    Changing the subject completely, can we please keep in mind that the highest points tally the scum can get at the moment is 68 points, so please start thinking about those St Totteringham T shirts lads!

  47. Steve

    Speaking of Colchester, I drove down the A12 a couple of weeks ago and suddenly they have a new ground built. How quick was that fucker done? I went down there in october and there was fuck all.

  48. Odub

    Yeah they got planning permission last season and started last year. They shouldnt have bothered as they going to League 1 next season! It’s all been down hill since they signed Twat face sheringham!

  49. Mike (the neighbour)

    Dear Deidre -Thanks for the advice 24 (33cl) bottles of San Miguel are chilling in the fridge . The wifes up stairs with the new cleaner although I think there must be some thing wrong with the vacuum cos I heard him say the only way he can sort it out is with a blow job .I feel much better now and can look forward to another blogging day without this fear of neglect .Oh and by the way if bud contacts you be gentle he is in a very fragile state ….something about slimy greedy arsenal cunts

  50. Bud

    Gotta be paid by the 3rd of fucking March; £5,200 in one fucking slimey greedy fucking thieving fucking cuntball amount !!!!!!

    Sending my new car back the manufacturers now and putting Mrs Bud on the streets tonight to see how much I can raise from the sexually desperate valentineless sexually deviant desperados……… 5 cuntbollox thousand, 2 cuntbucket hundred cuntfucking pounds………….. CUNTS !!!!!!!!!!

  51. Mike (the neighbour)

    Steve -what you said about colchester reminded me of this

    Rhys Parry, a taxi driver, was taking an American tourist from Bristol to Cardiff. When they were going over the Severn Bridge, the American told Rhys that he had a longer bridge on his ranch in Colorado. When they arrived in Cardiff, Rhys showed the tourist Cardiff Castle. The American said that his garage in Colorado was twice as big and only took a week to build. When the tourist spotted the Millennium Stadium, he asked Rhys what it was.
    “I don’t know, mate, it wasn’t there this morning.”

  52. Odub

    Fuck me! You could by Carshalton Athletic for that!!!

    Good one Mike! I wouldnt go near that Deidre by the way, I hear she’s got a cock!!!

  53. Geoff

    I’m confused as to the price increase, they said they wouldn’t put the prices up, we have £75mil in the transfer pot that will never get spent, I don’t ever get a dividend from the club, we go in for cups we know we’ll never win, so how can they justify an increase?

    You’re right, greedy cunts.

    Trouble is with 50,000 on the waiting list they don’t give a shit, do they?

  54. Odub

    Geoff, I’ve more or less been on and off the waiting list for 10 years! There’ll always be people paying whatever they ask for so the price will continue to go up and as long as we keep playing good football and win things, it wont change!

  55. Geoff

    On the subject of the site and how many comments we get, in the comments section is like a lot of others, small group of regulars, only our Grovers are better and talk more.

    The site hits are one of the biggest of all the blogs and that includes all the well known ones, the site you mentioned giving awards out no one reads anyway and they’re Australian.

    Our hits per day go between 3,000 and 11,000, they go down to the lower figure as do the comments at the weekends.

  56. Mike (the neighbour)

    geoff Its the classic supply and demand principle however its not just Arsenal
    This an extract from an article a month ago
    The Manchester United Supporters’ Trust has renewed its campaign over the 13 per cent season ticket price hike.
    The trust’s stance is supported by Manchester peer Lord Morris.
    In the House of Lords, he asked the government what it plans to do about the increase in ticket costs after Mr Sutcliffe said the rise in season ticket prices at United was too high.
    Lord Morris told the M.E.N: “The sooner the air can be cleared, the better. Mr Drasdo speaks for thousands of Manchester United’s loyal supporters and he is arguing that enough is enough.” In his letter, Mr Drasdo says that resolving the United problem would have a beneficial effect on all supporters.
    He said: “The rise in prices throughout soccer is being driven from the top – Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United keep raising the bar for each other and are creating an inflationary effect throughout the leagues

  57. Steve

    I have 2 boys under 4 that are getting more and more interested in coming to the Emirates now and I simply can’t afford it. It is getting more and more difficult for Mr.Average to take his family to games. i’m starting to panick now.

  58. Geoff

    Odub we started in September I think, Pedro would know. I think we get hits because we’re not trying to be too clever, and we like to have fun.

    And not to mention how well written the stories are and many filled with love, like todays.

    Mike the big difference between Arsenal season tickets and Manc ones is ours are £2,500 and theirs are about £200.I have no idea why they wine so much.

    I guess the Norwegians don’t like spending their hard earned!

  59. Bud

    Now you got me all dreamy…….. I would settle for Geoff’s Aston……. in fact, right there is my solution, borrow Geoffs car at weekends and on special occassions !!!

    Anyone else want to join the “Borrow Geoff’s Aston” syndicate…….. if enough of us join, it will cost just pounds……… and as patrons of Le-Grove, surely he wouldn’t turn us down ?!

  60. Odub

    best blog I’ve ever been on mate, and i aint just saying that because of the discussions about Saucy Vicars, thai lady boys, wife pimping, lama shagging, naked bear wrestling, female’s with cocks, spud bashing, manc bashing, ken livingston bashing, jeremy beadle jokes, carshalton athletic references…. Sorry lost my train of thought!

    Oh yeah, Le grove is the bollox nuff said!

  61. Odub

    best blog I’ve ever been on mate, and i aint just saying that because of the discussions about Saucy Vicars, thai lady boys, wife pimping, lama shagging, naked bear wrestling, female’s with cocks, spud bashing, manc bashing, ken livingston bashing, jeremy beadle jokes, carshalton athletic references…. Sorry lost my train of thought!

    Oh yeah, that was it………..

    Le grove is the bollox nuff said!

  62. Mike (the neighbour)

    …sounds cool although I do understand there are mirrors on the inside of the roof and sturrups either side of the car for the ladyboys and deidre -still ive always wanted to drive the baby aston I hear they are great
    Having said that guys weve gotta get past Mrs Geoffs

  63. Geoff

    I’ll have money we’ll have this team.

    Hoyte Galllas Kolo Traore
    Walcott Cesc Denilson Rosicky
    Bendtner Eduardo

    And we’ll get hammered.

    I just don’t believe we have that many injuries, it’s all bollocks.. And very predictable.

  64. choy

    dont think denilson and walcott are back yet… eboue is goin to be in there… and i think gilberto is gonna be there as well…
    traore vs ronaldo..!!! a great lesson for the young man…

    edu and bendtner should do ok…. just the midfield and backline worrying me..!!!

  65. Geoff

    me too we should play the big guns, fuck me when I played football, I played Saturday and Sunday and couldn’t get enough, and I played over Hackney Marshes which was like playing on a cow pasture, these guys play on a billiard table.

  66. Mike (the neighbour)

    aaaiiii geoff but in your day you lived in tut paper bag on hackney marshes and you were so poor you couldnt afford laxatives so you and tut kids used to sit around and your father used to read you ghost stories
    (apologies to Monty Python )

  67. Mike (the neighbour)

    Yeah I had a look on tut website and it looked shite -By the way I am between courses of a Valentines dinner -This is becoming an obsession and Mrs Mike has found out what I am doing -she thinks I am a sad bastard -no change there then .

  68. Bud

    Well I too am a man. I am sitting in the restaurant, half way through starters and I have stopped to post this blog comment.:) the wife attempted to be annoyed, but I threatened to stop Mrs Bud’s allowance and now she is back in her place. So thats me and Mile that have bollocks… Anyone else tough enough?!

  69. Bud

    i an mid romantic dinner in restaurant and I too like Mike have large enough bollocks to make a post… Threatened Mrs Bud with a cut in allowance if she complained! Who else has the balls!!!

  70. Bud

    Half way through starters, my romantic meal in a restaurant, I felt the need to show I have bollocks.

    Mrs Bud started to complain but I threatened to cut her allowance, right now Grovers I’ve shown I’ve got the balls (not sure Mrs Bud will empty them now) Have you? all grovers who fail to comply are pussies!

  71. Odub

    Getting worried about what team we’ll actually be able to field on saturday guys! doesnt look good, apparently apart from Toure and Eboue, no one else has come back since monday’s game and we’ve now lost another 3!!

    What part of Spain you in Geoff? Was going to go to our place in Murcia for a week march, but the in laws reckon the weather’s shit that time of year?

  72. Geoff

    Odub the weather in March could be 26 degrees and perfect or cloudy and shit, but the chances are it will be good.

    I’m at La Manga club which is near Murcia, I will also be there in March so I hope it will be good.

    Any way the sun will come out at some point and when it does it will be a shed load better the the UK, so go for it!

    Bud you’re my hero, well done son.

  73. Mike (the neighbour)

    Ive just finished the main course -Youre a star bud and odub Murcia can be the bollocks in March its the fuckin global warming that fucks everything up so you can never be sure .January is the Fuck up month usually but has been great this year .Book it and go for it -you’ll never know unless you do It .Im in spain in march so it sgonna be good .Skipping dessert will be back after cheese /port and a Kuntucky bourbon

  74. Odub

    Been told off for having the laptop on while I’m meant to having quality val time with the missus, so adios amigos, to reconviene in the morning. Don’t know about the loving you all bit, but have a good one!

    Top post to end the week please gents!!! Our injury crisis is a topic in it’s own!!!!