Freeman 2 Barazite 3 it’s where Theo should be

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Arsenal’s academy side tore Southampton a nice pretty new arsehole on Saturday and thumped them 5-2 with top displays from new boy Luke Freeman and Dutch superstar Nacer Barazite.So although this is slightly delayed, I wanted to share my thoughts with you about young Theo Walcott.Sometimes I think that’s where he should be honing his skills week in week out, people seem to forget that’s how old he is, also he keeps getting injured and I think it’s because he’s still only 18 and hasn’t developed yet, he’s still growing.Adebayor and Robin are both around 5 years older, Cesc is 2 years older and Flamini is what, 23? so he’s 5 years older as well and is only just coming into his own

Never mind loaning him out, give him a couple of months in the academy to build his body and his confidence up, then bring him back, I think we’ll then see a different Theo.

The FA cup is a big competition and I think we should go with our best team, as we should against Milan, never mind this rotation nonsense, they are supposed to play a lot of games, that’s why they get paid huge amounts of money.

Remember last year? FA cup and Champions league exits in the same week, and it destroyed us and our fragile confidence.

The boss would do well to remember that, if on the other hand we win our next 2 games, our confidence will be sky high.

Think about it Grovers, we beat City at Eastlands the week before they beat the Mancs, so in theory we should beat them, it wasn’t like they weren’t trying to beat City on their Munich anniversary day, was it?

I say go for it, but I expect to see Bendtner start with Ade on the bench,

Nice clip of Diego yesterday (see below) but why does anyone think we’re in for him?

Sportingo, our other site, you know the one we were accused of copying by yesterdays moron, say that Liverpool are after £25 mil pair Walcott and Bendtner!

Where do they get their stuff from??? It’s laughable, but it’s like watching blind date, I can’t help myself!

Have a good day Grovers, yesterday was nice and spicy, politics and football, who says they don’t mix?

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  1. Pedro

    No one thinks we’re in for him! Just me doing a bit of scouting, did you not know I had joined Arsene’s network? That’s why I was in Poland at the weekend.

    Diego is one of those players who will join Barca or Real and rip it up. He played at Santos with Robinho and if we were in for Modric, maybe we could sign him instead!

    Its just fantasy stuff though, but we signed Hleb and he was doing well in Germany! So we can dream.

    Liverpool are signing Bendtner and Walcott? Great stuff!
    Good post about Theo, maybe scoring bags of goals in the reserves would bring him up to speed. I think he could have done with a loan move. Maybe he’ll come good by the end of the season.

  2. Steve

    I can’t fucking concentrate on anything but winning the league at the moment. It’s dominating my life. I might head for a drink induced coma until May and try to get it off my fucking mind. My missus is going potty. I was there in 89, 91, 98, at Old Trafford in ’02 and WHL in ’04, but this may well top the lot considering the level of opposition and the money spent by other clubs. In all those other years (maybe ’89 aside) we were expected to be up there.

    I know it’s off subject, but my head is fucked. I’m still trying to stop myself believing. With regard to all the other stuff you’ve written, i’m sure it’s great but I can’t focus.

  3. Evo in OZ

    Just watched the Diego clip, yep very skillful, lets see what happens there…

    As for The Song Faction fan club, where do we sign up for that one?

  4. Steve

    I don’t see how anyone can think about the next generation when we’re 5 points clear going into end of February. it’s the current generation on my mind. Leave the rest to Liam Brady or Steve Bould. Some will fall by the wayside, some will come through, there is no way of knowing at this stage.

  5. chris

    steve chill out, one thing aresnal fans have is dignity, in vicorty and defeat, upsetting your missus this close to valentines can only result in one course of action, zero action in the bedroom.
    walcot played a blinder against the irish U21 last wk and again for the reserves so he is on form, (yeah right i hear you say)

  6. Evo in OZ

    Hey Steve, by the way, i was there in 2002 as well when Wiltord scored the only goal.

    I had to sit in the Man U section at the time with my then girlfriends family who were all Man U supporterts, that was the only way i could go to the game!

    Glory days it was!

  7. Ashburton Groove

    Brilliant post Steve. I’m with you 100%. I was at all those games too and whilst nothing will ever top Anfield ’89 for me, this would come pretty close. I keep telling myself that things are going to go t*ts up. It’s the only way I can deal with the tension. I was a bloody wreck during the 2nd half on Monday and Blackburn never really looked like scoring. Christ knows what I’ll be like at Stamford Bridge and O.T. later in the season !
    I’m glad there’s somebody else out there with the same feelings and tell your misses that mine is suffering every bit as badly as yours is !!!

  8. Mark

    I think AW has stressed that there is a big difference between Reserve and Youth football and Prem league.

    Look at Gibbs and Randall, two stars for the reserves this year, but at the moment cant get into a Championship team….

    Walcott is playing U21 football, the odd game for the reserves may be a good idea, but he needs to be around the 1st team players,

  9. Steve

    Having the “we are the Champions” tone on my mobile wasn’t the brightest idea i’ve ever had walking back to the car that night Evo. Had about 30 congralatory phone calls. A great night indeed. Shame we couldn’t celebrate it properly after the game but hey ho. The atmosphere up there after the game was positively loving compared to WHL in ’04.

  10. Steve

    A.G, I’m sure i’m more frenzied this year than ever before. perhaps the level of expectation as it was (lack of) hadn’t prepared me mentally this time. My boss isn’t into football and thinks I’ve gone fucking mental. I just can’t concentrate on anything.

  11. Steve

    I’m going to save the calcultions until the last game. You’ll make yourself ill trying to work anyhing out. Bearing in mind, this team has beaten almost everyone and then dropped 5 points at St.James Park and the Riverside. Save yourself the bother chris.

  12. Pedro

    I feel your pain Steve.

    I had it really bad over the weekend. I was in Poland and was under the impression we were playing on Sunday, so I had to sit through the BBC South Africa (Dont ask) news for about 4 hours till I realised it was Monday. Then on Monday, we took off at 0730 and landed at 0930… and no one had text me the score!

    I was panic stricken.

    I also had to go 4 days without Le Grove and any Arsenal news… it wasn’t pleasant…

    My bird hates Arsenal and this website… she’ll learn! I laid down the law though… this is a 3 way relationship, and Arsenal are more important between August and May.

    12 games to go, 36 points to be had!

    If we won the league by winning our last 12 games we’d be known as the 99’ers!

    I think we’re going to do it, I get nervous, but I’ve been confident since the start of December because some of the Manc results have flattered to deceive and if Ronaldo is off, the whole team is off.

    We don’t have one player dependence this year, which has helped our campaign immeasurably.

    To think, we’ve done all this without our best striker? How frightening will we be when RvP comes back?

    I think you all need to start believing!

  13. chris

    pedro, the one thing is that the “big” games are usually a draw and we have three of them to go the rest should be victories.

    on side note i have shown my missues how to stream movies and she now leaves me the fuck alone, i recommend it to all for some quite time, plus she watches unreleased movies and therefore i never have to view a chick flick again

  14. Evo in OZ

    At Old Trafford in 2002 i had to sit on my hands for the whole game (cause i was in the Man U section) in fear that i would jump for joy or celebrate if we scored…when Wiltord scored i just held my breath and bowed my head so no one could see my face.

    Somehow i managed to snap off a couple of photos after that of the lads celebrating the win….

  15. Odub

    Morning Grovers,

    I see we’ve started nice and early and Steve’s hyperventilating already!!

    Nice post guys, also nice to see Luke Freeman’s started on fire, let’s hope he keeps his run going for the next 10-15 years.

    I have to agree I’ve started doing sums myself and looking at our last 12 games, only the ones against the big 3 seem to be of any worry. Wigan,Birmingham,Sunderland, Derby and Bolton away don’t seem that daunting these days.

    I said before that having waited 4 years to get to a stage where we’re competing for the title after xmas, I can’t wait for the run in, and trust me, I don’t care how much I have to pay, I will be there when we win it this time, my only previous experience being 1998 v Everton!!

    Let’s stay positive guys, we’re top of the league by 5 points and ManUre’s goal difference advatage has gone with the wind!!!!

  16. Evo in OZ

    This next statement is not quite up there with winning the league, but it was one of my favourite days (or early morning for me) when we beat Wigan 4-2 and Spurs lost 2-1 to West Ham in 05-06 season.

    I was at the pub by myself, but there were other fellow gooners there and a sprinkling of Spuds….It was a rollercoaster night…as the games didnt kick off until Midnight my time! Come 5am i was being turfed out of the pub (blind) having enjoyed one of the best nights that season!

  17. Odub

    I’d rather that than Sunderland away Steve, although I dont mind using it as an excuse for a night on the piss in Newcastle afterwards.
    Just one problem…would have to talk the missus out of tagging along ‘cos she’s a mad gooner as well!

  18. charybdis1966


    I know just how you feel. I was at the Grove on Monday and when Adebayor scored the collective sense of relief around the Grove was exhilirating. I watched a recording of the fans forum off Arsenal TV yesterday and the guy Shovel was making me believe we could be champions..” can you smell the silverware ?” they were saying. I don’t want to tempt fate but I couldn’t help smiling whenever thay said that.

    If we do it this year it’ll be so sweet in view of all and sundry(pundits/experts/opposition fans) saying we would struggle to get UEFA this year and that we were aclub wuith no ambition.

    Come on you Goons !!!!!

  19. Steve

    Odub, you’re better off with her being a mad Gooner than her having no idea why you’re having mood swings and more tense than Gary Glitter’s paperboy. My missus just thinks i’m a bit mental.

    I have so many wonderful memories of Highbury that it made the place such a legend. If we could win the league at the new ground it would certainly make it feel more like home. Fuck, i’m off again.

  20. Bud

    Fuck me Steve……. until I read you had a boss, I honestly thought my brother (Steve) had grown a 2nd finger and learnt how to type……… 89,91, 98, 02 04 (which I know a lot have done), but together with the ring tone and the current total brain fuck over believing we COULD become champions….. he ticks all the boxes !!!!!!

  21. Pedro

    I was there with Bud for the Old Trafford game. He called me up the night before and offered me the ticket!

    What a fucking day! They turned the speakers up so loud in our corner, peoples teeth were smashing! It was an amazing atmosphere, and when Sylvain stuck the ball in it was pure ecstasy.

    Wigan was a special day to. I have a video of Geoff singing a Theirry Henry song hugely out of time… priceless! I remember the build up to the game regarding Lasagne gate!

    I think this years will be the best. Winning organically will be special. Especially in the face of criticism from everyone. Its going to be a tense run in, but I fancy us to do Chelsea, Liverpool and the Mancs… would 99 points be the best total ever?

  22. Steve

    Congratulations Bud on having a great brother.

    Geoff + Pedro, I have just e-mailed a history of St.Tottering’s Day. Makes interesting reading for all proper gooners.

  23. Odub

    Steve, I fell like a sad fuck saying this, but I remember actually welling up the first time I walked past Highbury after they tore the other 3 sides down! That place holds some real memories that the Emirates hasnt quite replaced yet.

    I did have to convert the missus from the team her whole family supports…. Ipswich! I have had the misfortune of getting dragged down to Portman Road!! Ipswich2 QPR2 from 2 years ago still gives me nightmares!

  24. Steve

    The Wigan game was a bit special and we can thank ‘the inflicted’ for that. If it hadn’t been for them mugs our last game at Highbury could have been the biggest damp squid ever.

    In actual fact I have no idea why I hate those pricks so much, they have given me some of my best football memories ever. My old man was at WHL with me in ’04 and also there in ’71, so he has in essence seen Arsenal win the league as many times at 3 point Lane as Spurs have actually won it.

  25. charybdis1966

    Odub, I used to work in Blackstock Road till last May and saw the beginnings of the Grove while Highbury was coming to the end of it’s working life. The view from St John’s Road where you face the sign “North Bank 1993” was part of my daily walk to work. One Monday it was no longer there and the sense of loss was like loosing a friend/relative.
    I must be a much sadder f**k then.

  26. chris

    off topic, a friend of mine was part of the moving firm in highbury, there was loads of stuff repatriated to my hands – engraved chapions league notebooks programs pre-wenger addidas jacket but the best was two unused champions league tickets for paris i hope that sukka got replacements, there was other stuff as well.

  27. Odub

    Charybdis1966, we’ve all done it mate, memories!

    Whatever it costs, if we win it at our new home for the first time I’m there!!!

    I wonder if the Lords of Le Grove would mind you flogging some of your gear on to fellow Grovers Chris!! And on the same note when are you going to start merchandising Le Grove t shirts Geoff/Pedro?!

  28. Geoff

    Well I’m now back on, my best memory was winning the league at Shite Hart lane, getting chased by the stewards as we were in the Spuds end and drinkinng 22 pints in the free bar.

    The first 11 were before the game and the second 11 were before 7pm when they kicked us out.

    Pedro if you’re getting bird problems now you need to sack her quick, they’ll only get worse.

    So as no one really wanted to talk about the Walcott story does anyone have any thoughts on the FA cup team he’ll put out?

    Like the T shirt idea by the way.

  29. Pedro

    The T-shirts are a work in progress Odub, we have a guy working on some designs at the moment.

    Chris, your mate sounds like a pretty handy contact to know! Its a shame we didn’t win that game, you could have picked up a fair old wedge for those!

    Geoff, you show me a bird who enjoys football… and I’ll show you a lady boy. I don’t think I’d be happy about my bird supporting Arsenal anyway? She’d wanna come all the time?

    Arsenal Stories

    Wenger to barca
    Hleb on Henry
    Injury News for Sat

  30. chris

    pedro, my mum is an insane arsenal supporter, our bathroom at home has two types of arsenal wallpaper, framed tickets as well as framed pictures of all the team, aresnal clock and curtains,

  31. Odub

    Not all of them are that clingy Pedro!

    We’ve both got red membership, and tend to buy 2 tickets a time, she only ever goes to 1 out of every 3 because my brother’s also a gooner and she gives him her card from time to time. The only times she definately has to go is when she gets freebie tickets through work (Barclays)
    Saying that the only tickets she’s been offered this season were for Fulham V Spuds!!!!
    Why the fuck would I want to see that!!!

  32. Odub

    Rosicky,Eboue,Toure all back, what about Diaby,Walcott and Djourou? Got a feeling RVP will probably not be back till early March

  33. Mike (the neighbour)

    Pedro -Keep your bird as she is just Moaning-cos at least she is moaning about that .If it wasnt that it would be something else .I am convince d they are born with a list of moans -its in their genes .If she got into Arsenal you would be fucked up for the rest of your life cos they would want to watch games with you -tell you -you are a tosser -AND you wouldnt have any bloke time (in a macho no gay sort of way )
    ASk geoff would he rather have mrs geoff -involved with Arsenal -I suspect as del boy says NO WAY PEDRO !.Its the same with Golf once they infiltrate -youre fucked !
    Steve come on stick the serenity prayer (used by reformed alchies) onto your desk

    Have the serenity to accept the things you cannot change .The courage to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference
    And if this doesnt work get thee too a 24 /7 drinking joint

  34. Odub

    True!! Chris that had to be the most painful 90 minutes I’ve been through ever!! And they want to take crap like that to Asia and America?! Good luck with that!!!

    I remember watching a game between Sothampton and I think Bolton, and that was the biggest pile of shit ever! I think last Sunday might have just beat that!!

  35. chris

    odub, the only saving grace was passing the time deciding who we wanted to win and debating such, fuck them both was the conclusion

  36. Bud

    Pedro, what about Gina?

    Geoff, I remember that day, me and Steve trying to calm you down at White Hart Lane so you didn’t kill that fucker. And what about in the Bill Nic Suite after. Hundreds of Flids and 2 tables of us giving it Champions…….. magic day !!!!!!

    The best bit about that day tho was when Vierra scored early, we hadn’t settled properly and went up celebrating like maniacs, before we realised we were in amongst the Spuds fans……….. by that time, we thought, fuck it, we’ve proudly been outed and Geoff did his best to start a fight with 200 scum sitting round us for the rest of the game…… a bit scary, but we had The Bear !!!!!!!

  37. Mike (the neighbour)

    ……………..oh and by the way Neville is off the injury list today on my new found Physio site I discovered and posted on yesterday

  38. Pedro

    Thanks Mike!

    I feel like i’m on Trisha!

    I’m cool with the anti Arsenal side of her! She just thinks there is something wrong with me… I’ve tried explaining that it fucks up my week if we lose?

    I just hate the, ‘Its only a game’ line… Its really not is it?

    Didn’t Thierry rejoin the squad about this time a few years ago on our way to the Champions league final? Maybe RVP can have a similar effect this year?

    I think he is going to play an under strength team on Saturday.

    Bendtner and Eduardo up front… Flamini rested perhaps? I can’t see him risking him if he had a knock the week before.

  39. Pedro

    Fucking hell guys I retract the damn comment…

    I took the bird to the Newcastle game… maybe I’m just trying to justify the fact my bird is a lady boy…?

  40. Odub

    Pedro, worst line any woman could ever utter to mad footie fan!!! ‘It’s only a game!’

    Many a relationship has been ended with that line, and also by the subsequent fatal gun shot wound inflicted by the offended male in question!!!

    Bud you guys do know how to live dangerously!! I mean the worst I’ve ever done was standing in a pub in Croydon packed full of ManUre fans in 2002 singing champione with one other gooner! I thought that was bad enough!

  41. Pedro

    Sometimes that line pisses me off more than the loss. Its a complete lack of understanding?

    Its the equivalent of turning up at your birds house tomorrow, empty handed and saying “Its only valentines day”.

    She doesn’t have a cock or any association with Thailand… I made it up…

    So Gattuso is back… Pato and Kaka are out still.

  42. Odub

    Geoff, back to the Theo story, isnt there an age limit to the kids in the academy? I thought he’d be too old for that?

  43. Geoff

    Bud that was the game that if they made a film, no one would believe it, winning the league at Shite Hart lane and drinking their free bar dry, it just doesn’t get better than that.

    We’d have won too if it wasn’t for mad Jens.

  44. Pedro

    I guess Wenger takes the approach of throwing him in the deep end and seeing if he can swim. He is probably way to good to go back to playing with the kids. It would demoralise him.

    The reason Cesc left Barca was because he was bored of beating teams 10-0 and wanted to be challenged.

    He’s not that bad, he just lacks decision making skills. I wonder how long before we see Barazite, he looks like a good player.

  45. gazzap

    he cant play in the academy team after next month but he can play in the reserves which I am pretty sure he does not often do. I dont know, I could be wrong but he should be playing for the reserves every time to build up some experience.

  46. Bud

    The film would have to be a satirical comedy though Geoff, otherwise how else could it be explained that we won the league on their ground (again!) and they celebrated getting a draw like they had in fact won the league……… they are such fucking retards !!!!!

    Fuck me, we have had some good outings with the Arsenal, you sometimes forget about them and they get stacked in the back of the brain, but you cannot beat a bit of reminissing to bring about a smile and a aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh moment !!!!!!

  47. Bud

    Isn’t it, if he plays for the academy during the season when he is 18 or under, he can finish that campaign in it, much the same as playing for the U21’s.

  48. chris

    i wonder will jens get a medal, i dont think he would appreciate AW little joke like martin keown did! he would hit him

  49. Odub

    Chris we havent won it yet! I wouldn’t look at appearances until there’s maybe 2-3 games left and we’re 10 points clear!!!

  50. Phobia

    I saw it this morning that Barcelona has make Arsene Wenger their No.1 target to succeed Frank Rijkaard position at spanish league.What I know is Wenger does not break contracts,he just signed for 3 years late last year.(F*-k Barcelona)

  51. Odub

    I’d rather we win it than give people games for the sake of them getting medals and ending up disrupting the winning habit!

  52. Odub

    Steve’s always bloody pissed! He only makes sense up to about 11.30, and then the vino takes over!Wish I had your job pal!!

  53. Pedro

    That is a fucking marvellous e-mail steve!

    I’d publish it tomorrow if it wasn’t Arsewebs! I didn’t know they were still running?

    I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but the Spuds chance of surpassing us has been lost for the next ten years.

    I was looking at the run in for Liverpool as well, they have got to be worried about losing that 4th spot. They are Villa and Everton chasing it as well, and Rafa seems to be losing the plot at Anfield.

    A guy I work with put a bet on Liverpool appointing Mourinho at the end of the season when he was sacked by Liverpool.

    Its not out the question is it?

  54. Odub

    Mate trust me the last thing I am is fancy!! It was either that or a pint or Bombardier! Not many decent pubs near my office, it’s all jumped up yuppy watering holes!!

  55. Steve

    Pedro, I didn’t realise it came from a rival web. It was e-mailed to me from a like minded pal.

    It’s a shame you can’t use it, the Grovers would like it.

  56. Pedro

    If Geoff want to stick it in tomorrows post, I can have a crack at formatting it in! We can link it in, I am sure if we say where it came from they’d be cool with it.

    Its in your inbox Geoff.

  57. Jon

    Think we’ve got to wait till end March/beginning of April to really start believing. So much can happen in 3 games so to start saying which game will be where we win the league is too early. we’ll know better by April when we know what results we need against manure, cheslki and the scousers. think i’m am going to get a pacemaker fitted for April and May though as it wont be a comfortable run in

  58. Odub

    Yeah! I remember many well respected pundits and Jamie Redknapp all saying the Top 5 would be ManUre,Chelsea,Liverpool,Spuds then Arsenal! They really know what they’re talking about don’t they cunts!

  59. Odub

    I must apologise for the use of the words JR, wont happen again, almost as bad as using his fellow twat faced cousin’s name Fat Frank!

  60. TopGunn

    I don’t think we’ve got a chacne for the league this year. We’ve been good so far, but do ytou really think we’ll beat all the others? I think we’ll lose at the weekend, then lose to milan and it’ll all be down here from there.

    I love the gooners, but I jusrt think its gonna come craching down soon, I remember this time last year, no good guys.

  61. Bud

    Thank fuck you cant spell TopGunn, because I now do not have to take you seriously as a human being !!!!!

    I mean we all make the odd typo error as we squeeze a post into our heavy schedules, but your effort……… unless of course you are using a blackberry and have Sausage fingers, in which case you are excused !

    Either way, don’t be such a Neg-Ferret………. we may not win it, but we all hope and believe we can………… so less talk of crashing, or CRACHING as you call it (like your typing skills) and a little more positivity amigo……….. and NEVER EVER use that LOSE word again on this site !!!!!!

  62. chris

    topgunn we all have an opinion on this site, the difference some matter, others do not you fall in the latter i am afraid,

  63. J.Sanderson

    Good Points, But,

    Theo did tear people apart at Reserves level, he scored on his debut for our Reserves at the same age as Barazite.

    Your making a bad comparision, Theo Is playing against top class players, whereas Barazite and Freeman are playing against players of there own age, and often younger.

  64. Steve

    Which is why he is saying that he Theo should be playing at that level to gain confindence.

    Sheeesh, is it rent-a-cunt day?

  65. Pedro

    Its spelt ‘Do one’ topgunn, go and be negative somewhere else!

    No one cares about you and your pot… prick.

    I’m off! Till tomorrow.

    Looking forward to the valentines special!

  66. Geoff

    Sorry Evo in Oz, when you wake up you won’t know why he got lobbed, we left his first comment on though.

    Tomorrows blog will be a romantic one.

  67. Mike (the neighbour)

    aaaahhhh it now makes sense there was a 2nd one from topgun .
    Dont forget to at least send Mrs geoffs a luvin text tomorrow –

  68. Geoff

    He questioned bud’s spelling, there’s no room on this site for people who want to slag their own off.

    Mike I’ll think of something suitably slushy for tomorrow.

  69. enjoyicecoldcesc

    I wrote a post on this on the bbc 606 site… if we win our next two games, away to Birmingham and at home to Villa… it will be the earliest St. Tott’s day since 1970 (I saw the email you were talking about also… so I only know the dates up to 1970… but I’m guessing its would be the earliest St. Totts ever!)… I think the club should make a big deal of it, produce a celebratory mug… and we should all start the tradition of having lasagne on St. Totts to celebrate. Shows that despite the ‘Ramos Revolution’, we are further ahead than the spuds than we ever have been! Great site btw, keep up the good work,