Arsenal surge into 5 point lead and Babel to join in the Summer?

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Great win against a tricky side with former Gunner Bentley doing his best to ruin the party.

Senderos got us off to a storming start with a well taken headed goal inside 3 minutes, why doesn’t he do that more often? Well done Phil, Kolo may have a problem getting his place back this weekend.

We gave the ball away more than I would have liked but a well rounded display was rewarded with another great Adebayor goal at the death.

Ryan Babel in the stands with Robin Van Persie was a strange one, he clearly hasn’t worked at Liverpool, I wonder whether Arsene has done a cut price deal to bring him to the Grove in the summer?

I know we have Vela coming but I quite like Babel, still there’s no point in debating that one for a few months anyway.

Last night’s result was huge, it means we can now lose one and draw one and still win the league, but I can’t see us doing that, we have a good run in and if we hold our nerve, it’s ours to lose.

Well done the boys, next up the cups, that’s when we’ll see how far we’ve come this season.

It’s unbelievable to think we’re still in early February and we’ve almost got the same points as the whole of last season.

Have a smug day Grovers!

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  1. Matt

    Babel is a good mate of RVP’s. He came to a few games last year as well. It is no more than one friend being in London from a game the day before, visiting another friend.

    Agree he would be a decent signing though. Wenger would make so much more of him than Benitez ever will.

    You can’t see us losing one and drawing one in 12 games….? You seriously think we’ll win 11 of our last 12?

  2. Steve

    I’m grinning like a fuckwit today. Is it just me that spends the next few days after a game walking around work humming the Adebayor tune? I’ve been pessimistic about our chances of winning the title since the start of the season, so i’m not going to put the mockers on by changing now, but the evidence to the contrary is certainly gathering pace.

    Adebayor, Adebayororor, give him the ball, and he will scooore.

    Big Phil deserves a special mention too. I remember somebody on here saying that he needs a run of games and we’d see the bloke of a couple of seasons back, and that assessment has proved spot on. I apologise for my scepticism big man.

  3. colin taylor

    Hey grove, im sorry to say that ur becoming the tribal football of arsenal blogs, all u do lately is stick ridiculous transfer rumours in your headline, to ensure a good position on newsnow.
    Ur better quality then that ive always thought?
    So 2 friends (& country collegues) cant go out in london, espically since one of them teams is playing that nit?
    your a good site for debate but you are starting to drag yourself down to the sportingo/tribal football/sun levels. Its predicatable, which is a pity cause i keep checking cause you do have good debates on the comments

  4. Pedro

    That my friend would have been me! The Swiss faction…

    I didn’t watch the game, but I have read up on it and it sounds like a well ground out result. I was fearing the worst coming off the plane, my WAP took about 15 mins to load up!

    Still, Blackburn are a good side and having an ex gooner in there is always a worry! Happy days!

    The injury list is looking pretty shocking! I was only goner 4 days! I wonder what the squad is going to be looking like for Saturday? Will he sacrifice the cup for the Premiership?

    Babel would be about as useful as Theo! Still, if Rafa leaves… you never know!

  5. Pedro

    Hi Colin,

    If you look back through the past 20 posts including today’s, there are only 2 posts with a transfer rumour in them.

    No where near libelfootball and Sportingo standards. Also, Ryan Babel was at the game last night, he’s not getting games at Liverpool so it is a plausible connection. We like transfer gossip as much as the next fan, and if there is a story worth reporting… then we will report it! The feasibility of the transfer can be discussed in the comments.

    We don’t sell advertising space so its not about hits for us, we are here for the debate amongst like minded gooners!

    Appreciate your input.


  6. Geoff

    It wasn’t a transfer rumour if you’d bother to read the headline, it was a question. If you only want to read facts, go to

    This site is for healthy debate.

  7. Steve

    I personally only look at a couple of sites and quite like the odd rumour. Being at the game last night I wasn’t aware that Babel was even there, so it was interesting for me. Perhaps if you don’t like it you should go and read ANR with Myles Palmer’s self-pontification being the order of the day. His latest headline just for your guide “Sir Alex and Avram should read ANR”. Pompous twat.

  8. chris

    Pompous twat
    f*cking hillariuos,
    good man pedro call it like it is, big phil was at least going to try his best to keep his spot when king kolo comes back, will the prof let him keep his spot ala ze german/almunia incident,
    if we hear that cesc was at barca watching a match and every site says he is going it is reasonable to assume the same will be said about babel, i watched the match on line last nite and many pudits said it also,
    what ever happens at the week end our sights are on the two big prizes, there will be injuries and cards mark my words, keep the faith grovers

  9. Odub

    I picked up on the headline straight away! Babel is not coming to Arsenal it was just a question! Anyone who thinks it was put in there to generate an intrest in this site, obviously doesnt follow it closely! It doesnt need the extra attention because the core bloggers turn up everyday either way!

    Anyway came on here this morning felling positive and intendt to keep it that way! We didnt play well last noght, but we played well enough to get the 3 points which is all that matters. We over passed sometimes, lacked urgency other times, but we scored twice and hit the post once, and Brad friedel was man of the match! I rest my case.

    We’re 5 points clear, ManUre’s goal difference advantage has suyddenly dissappeared, and the goal machine is now level with Ronaldo on the goal charts, and needs to score in 2 more consecutive games to equal Wrighty’s record of 11 cons games.

    I’m having a good day all round!! We just need to get some of these injuries sorted before the trip to Manchester on saturday, although I’m fairly confident seeing that we hardly ever lose in the FA Cup when we play them on their own patch!!

  10. Steve

    The only disappointment from last night was Farbegas’ booking meaning that one more yellow and he’ll miss 2 games I assume. The programme has him on 8 bookings, one more last night meaning that he is one off the ten mark. A big worry with Man Yoo and Chelsea coming up.

  11. Mark

    5 points is great, but I would prefer to be 5 points ahead with a game to go….

    Babel at the ground is kind of weird, I mean why would a Liverpool player be at the game, didn’t he have training yesterday or today?

    I doubt Beneathus will be too happy about that, however transfer talk means nothing now, winning the league is what matters.

  12. Steve

    You may be right Mark. My mate reckons the end of February is the cut off. He won’t play at Old Trafford I feel, so he may be o.k if that is the case.

  13. chris

    can we move the spurs logo please its been there far too long!! it makes me feel quite ill
    my vote is for bentley after all his bs about our team when wenger has done nothing but compliment him

    big phil for Le Champ, why not he is not likely gonna be in contention again

  14. Geoff

    good point Chris, Pedro will get that sorted, it’s too technical for me. Does anyone know when we can expect Robin back?

  15. Steve

    As Chris said Bentley is a good shout. Also Peter Crouch for missing 3 good chances to prevent the dirty Chavs from bleating about their unbeaten home record. And the 2 blokes who sit behing me for being a pair of moaning cunts.

    Le Champ has to be Big phil for proving a lot of people wrong…ahem. Sven Boring Erikkywotsit and Man City for giving us 6 points and robbing Man Yoo of the same amount or Boris Johnston for continually pointing out what a cunt Ken Livingstone is.

  16. Bud

    Morning Gents.

    Listen, do not attack me for this, as walking to the ground I really did “start to believe”, so my nerves last night were the worst they have been for a number of seasons, but……..

    I really, honestly and truthfully thought Adebayor was so lazy last night, he did not cover half the ground he usually does and did not chase back, move into space to recieve the ball, or close down once. He just stood there demanding the ball to where he was and that was innefective……….. funnily enough, very reminiscent of Thiery on on of his sullen days….

    Now on the other hand, Eduardo and Hleb I thought worked tirelesly, and Hleb in particular was clearly our best player and time and time again he had to take on his man 3 or 4 times and still nobody moved into space for him to pass the ball forward, so he eventually had to come back with it.

    And this is what pissed me off most after the game, still we (me included) chanted Adebayor throughout the game when he was innefective and Hleb who was outstanding didn’t get a cheer………. we gotta find that boy a song and quick, and for that, how about lets start singing for some others again……. Cesc, Flamini, Gallas (best defender in the world and awsome last night) etc…


    And last of all, big up for Big Phil…… Fantastic stuff again from Swiss Tony !!!!!!

  17. Odub

    Le Chump – Richard Scudamore!
    Le Champ – Big Phil

    Adebayor did look lazy and unintrested at times last night, and I did notice his name was sang all through the game, even though 4 or 5 players had better games. Clichy for one was awesome again, and Sagna kept having Berner and Warnock for dinner all night!

    Still don’t think we should be moaning too much about anyone at the mo, considering where we thought we’d be when the season started in August and where we are at the moment.

  18. Steve

    I’m with you about a song for Hleb Bud. We also noted the same thing last night. The Flamster needs to get more recognition too for his performances. We need to make them feel more loved before they succumb to the Barca/Juventus overtures.

  19. Bud

    Odub, It wasn’t so much a moan, just an observation (carefully worded to avoid the wrath of the masses!). But more poiniantly, it cannot be encouraging for the other players when they run their legs off, play a blinder and still their name doesn’t get sung, yet another player on the field who was having a lazy non effective day was having his name sung over and over again……..

  20. Odub

    Point taken Bud, Hleb’s name aint the easiest to convert to song is it? Do think the Emirate faithful need to come up with one for him though as well as the two full backs who were again impressive.

    Best one of the weekend has to be the Benjani one from City fans on Sunday! He comes from Zimbabwe, he scores on derby day, Benjani (to the tune of the old Vieira song)

  21. Pedro

    We’d have to give him a nick name…

    (To the tune of Vieira)

    Hlebinho… O o o

    Hlebinho… O o o

    He comes from Belarus

    His favourite meat is goose

    Helbinho… O o o

    What do you reckon?

    Substitute his favourite meat with some sort of Football rhyme and we’d be onto a winner!

  22. Odub

    Like Steve’s better, makes reference to his magical close control and quick feet, the lad might be a vegetarian and take offence to the fair gruau reference!!!

  23. Bud

    Here goes. To the tune of One Dennis Bergkamp…

    Theres only one Alexander,
    One Alexander,
    With the ball at his feet
    Hes got plenty of style,
    Better than Ronaldo by a mile

    Marks out of 10 please?

  24. Steve

    Clichy has one.

    Gael Clichy Clichy

    He’s better than Ash-ley

    He should be number 3

    Gael Clichy Clichy

    To Que sera sera

  25. Bud

    Trouble is Chris, as you will know, trying to get the other 50,000 peoplke to sing is hard enough, let alone them having to learn another new song…….. at least they will knmow the Dennis tune………. its gotta be worth a try?!

  26. Fabregas Jnr.


    We will win the title………does anything else more have to be said?

  27. Steve D

    Totally agree Steve – Ade didn’t have one of his better games and we need to acknowledge more of the team. In saying that, I swear I heard the other players singing Ade’s song to him as they celebrated his goal by the corner flag – I’ve taped it so I’m going to turn the sound right up and have another listen.

    I reckon Alexander (yes I know you don’t spell it like that) gives more of a lyrical opportunity – buggered if I can think of one right now though!!!

    Anyway – it’s a great day and I have a big smile to show everyone, so I’m off out!!!

    Up The Arse!!!!

  28. Odub

    I’m a red member which means I have no control over who I sit next to week to week (if I can get a bloody ticket that is!), trust me trying to get people to sing isnt the easiest at the best of times talk less of when you’ve ended up next to a bunch of corporate types who only stay till half time! So it’s easier to recycle the old gems! Shame we havent got any players with names rhyming with Ian Wright Wright Wright!!

    I’ll keep an ear out next time I’m at the grove to hear which one of these master pieces have made it on to the lips of the faithful!

  29. chris

    this is legendary might need tweaking though but it has potential

    To the tune of agadoo

    Ed-uar-do-do-do, push up front and shake the net
    Ed-uar-do-do-do, he will score, place a bet
    With his left and his right he can score with both his feet
    Come and dance every night with a samba melody

  30. Neu

    I remember seeing a Hleb song a while ago was alcohol related, unfortunately i do not remember it, maybe it might spark some memories :p

  31. Bud

    To the tune of Super Swede, or Super Robert Pires……. and easy !!!!!

    Super, Super Hleb
    Super, Super Hleb
    Super, Super Hleb
    Super Alexanda

  32. Evo in OZ

    Steve – ill take your apology on Big Phil mate, it was I that has trumped him for ages!

    Come on lads, the league is there….lets try for the CL as well and FA Cup (in that order)!

  33. Bud

    Evo……… It is great that you pat yourself on your back, but a few of us, including the big man Prince Pedro of Le-Grove, that have been championing Swiss Tony for a while now !!!!

    Now give us a song !!!!!!

  34. Odub

    Big 10 days coming up, ManUre on Saturday, AC on Wednesday, need those injuries cleared up pronto! Over to Gary Lewin the man with the magic sponge!

    Somehow don’t see RVP being ready for either game!

  35. Evo in OZ

    Bud, no worries on that one mate, merely a positive note for Big Phil. Im sure the Le-Grove archives are will show some good positive comments for the big man.

    He was pretty pumped after scoring the goal! Bring on more of that!

  36. Bud

    Shall we start a fan club. You should ask Pedro to post a Swiss Tone Fan Club Register button on this site. Then we can present it to the Big Man himself and see if he will post a comment on his fan club page !!!!!!!!!

    Pedro – Over to you !!!!!

  37. Evo in OZ

    nice idea!

    I cant wait for the Man U game this weekend….it might depend on who is available, but i would bet my life on it that we will be more attacking and Clichy and Sanga will have their normal licences to get forward in this game. Wenger definitely told them to hold back after going 1-0 up against rovers.

    Prefer not to have the repeat performance in the cup final a few years back, something a bit more entertaining, even though that penalty shoot out was awesome and Lehmanns save on Scholes was a cracker!

  38. Pedro

    The Senderos fan club has become way to commercial for me… I was thinking about starting a Alex Song one?

    Evo, Bud… what do you reckon?

    The Song Faction

    Jokes aside, I don’t think anyone imagined such and calamity free defensive month?

    I don’t know where I stand on the Manc game? I’d love to win it, but at the expense of the league and Injuries…? Would you throw Kolo in there?

  39. Bud

    One word….. “NO” !

    Forgetthe FA Cup…. put out a weakened side, if we have enough players and if we win, bonus, if we lose, we can concentrate on the league….

    I don’t even give a f*** about the Champions League, I just want to be champions again…….. that feeling I had walking to the ground, the tension, the feeling of belief creeping in………. I WANT IT BAD !!!!!!!!!

  40. Bud

    I am up for a bit of “Song Fanclub”. As much as anything else, it will make Geoff angry and when Mr Angry comes out it is highly amusing !!!!!!

  41. chris

    win the champions league as champions, but i wouldn’t go as far as sayin i don’t give a f*ck.
    the league has to be our primary focus, the fa cup is important but not at the lose of players,

  42. Geoff

    I want the treble, if the team beats the Mancs on Saturday it will get easier, if we lose, we will have still played the game, so I don’t see how it would stop us winning the prem.

  43. Odub

    I dont give a rat’s testicles about the FA Cup!

    We’ve waited 4 years to be in a position to challenge for the league and we’re there now! If we can’t sort the injuries out before saturday, I’d put the Carling Cup team out!

    As much as it would be great to progress to the next round, what’s the point of beating the mancs and ending up with more injuries and suspensions for the next 2 league games? (Brummies away and Villa at home) If we win those 2 we’ll have 10 left, including one each against the Mancs,chavs and scousers, and still have a 5 point advantage!

    I’d take losing on Saturday (hurts to say!), and winning Wednesday and the next 2 weekends thank you!

  44. Evo in OZ

    Lets keep up the positive vibes guys, the FA Cup isnt going to go away, we still have to play it and i agree, keep up the momentum, we might as well win it!

  45. Pedro

    I read somewhere he got in the ACN best 11? Not bad. I know the standard isn’t as high as the Euros or the Copa America, but there are still some great players in there.

    Geoff you can Chair the ‘Song Faction’. I know what you mean with the FA Cup, we got away with the Spud loss, maybe team morale wouldn’t cope with a Manc loss as well?

    It would be great to win all of them!

    I am so up for the Milan game, I think we will do them. In fact, I had a dream to that affect! We won 2-0!

    12 games to go, how exciting is this!

    Geoff, I don’t want to speak too soon, but if we win… I think some sort of prem trophy on the banner could be in order? Or a gold crest?

    I just got to carried away… sensationalising my comment… I must learn…

  46. gazzap

    we cant put out a carling cup team they are all injured! den, diaby, theo, Djourou and Ros are all injured still.

    I agree with above – we need an Alex Hleb song badly. even the old Nutty song to his name would do.
    And Ade was not that bad last night, if you read the report of each of the main attacking incidents during the game, Ade was involved in nearly every one of them (in a good way). he might be quiet but his contributiuons were telling.

  47. Steve

    I’m going up there on Saturday so I hope it is as near to the first 11 as possible. Will be great with 9,000 Gooners up there to do them. Like a few years back when Edu scored and Giggs missed an open goal, what a day out that was. Henry and bergkamp were rested that day if memory serves me right.

  48. Pedro

    I’ve got a angry post stuck in the spam because a Steve has been talking up Boris Johnston?

    I can’t find any reference to that in today’s comments, so i’ll leave it in the spam.

    Whoever it is doesn’t like Boris though!

    I was at Old Trafford when we won the league there… magic

  49. Geoff

    Pedro I will do the Song fan club and a new banner if we win something this year, Arsenal don’t own the rights to that lot.

    I don’t see the point in resting anyone, if he does then half the team will have rested, the other half wouldn’t, beside the others don’t rest players.

    I thought the idea was to win all the trophies we can, isn’t that their job?

    If we lose to the Mancs like we did the Spuds, that will be bollocks and we won’t hear the end of it, and it will lift them in the premiership games as well, hit them now after their derby result it could be just the time.

  50. Mike (the neighbour)

    Hi Guys just come back home and my earlier post hasnt been registered unless geoff or Pedro removed it .I was just gonna say about 5 posts in that Colin Taylor was a codescending bastard -using a blog name with a christian name and surname indicates that .Bet he puts creases in his underpants ….anyway geoff and Pedro and others have put him right .Its a pity that he can get prissy over one headline question and yet says hes been following legrove
    According to whikepedia Hleb has a chant which is
    ‘come on Alex you can do it!’ from the Arcade Fire song-is that true ?-
    ive never heard of the song though and as I am not rich enough to go to games like steve etc I dont know whether its true or not
    .On our last night in Spain last weekwe had a norwegean club side at the restaurant and all they kept singing was the Andy williams song “I love you baby la la la la la la ” cos they didnt know the rest of the words .I was singing “We love you aydaaaaa “..and yes I had been drinking ….!

  51. Geoff

    It was another coward who didn’t leave his real name, we should start leaving their email address up so they can be abused by you Grovers, a bit like the chump section.

    Then they’ll think twice before sticking abusive comments on our site.

  52. Pedro

    That is some fine research Mike.

    I would love to hear that song sung by a crowd!

    Those are the words that open each verse of the song… it could work! I don’t know about the harmony’s though?

    Canadian alternative rock being sung at the Emirates! Whatever next? Maybe I could post the song tomorrow and we could all learn it in time for the manc game!

    I didn’t get what the guy was getting so narked about? No one has been talking politics?

    Oh well, fuck him…

  53. Odub

    I’d take it as a complement guys. If the site was shit, people wouldnt come on to shoot off their gobs!

    Geoff i dont leave my real name either does that make me a coward aye?!!!

  54. Bud

    I was fortunate enough to be accompany Pedro (curtosy of Le-Geoff)………. what a glorious day and night…….. missing the turn on the way up there and driving accross the Pennines to get there. Remember those place names in inbredsville, Snake Pass and Bumbandit Cove !!!!!

    Then the glory of being in the champions section and the walk back to the car in amongst all the Mancs who wanted to kill Arsenal fans, trying to keep our huge grins off our face till we got back to the car, and then the huge fuck off screaming cession as we drove out of Manchester past those moronic Manc cunts……..

    Oh the memories, you can’t take them away !!!!!

  55. Mike (the neighbour)

    geoff problem is that if you release their email addresses then when we email they will have ours (unless we set up a hot mail account for this purpose ) and it just rolls on .What you do at the moment seems to work very well and we dont seem to get the same twats coming back too often do we ???

  56. chris

    mike, assuming they are truthful in the first instance,
    ip blocking or displaying is an option, but its a nasty route to go down for the latter

  57. Geoff

    Odub, I know who you are where you live and exactly what you are doing now!

    Mike you can all use false addresses.

    Not that I’m suggesting anything, all I’m saying is as they are so keen to share their opinions with us, it would be nice to return the favour.

    Mike I also know where you live.

  58. Mike (the neighbour)

    Of course you kow where I live as the sign on the front of my house is “Mikes House ” used to be “Donewankin ” but I took it down as I might be done under the trades description Act .My neighbour in Uk is just about to have a flag pole flying the welsh flag erected outside is house .Any chance of you doing one in Spain with an Arsenal Flag on it .Your neighbours wife would luv that !!!!!!
    I am sure the community head would also support you in that as he owes you one

  59. Pedro

    You know where I live to Geoff, so stop leaving the burning paper bags full of dog shit on my front door… its not funny any more.

    There is no need to publish addresses. Most of the nasty ones slip into the spam without even hitting the front page.

    Like Odub says, when the dicks start posting, at least you know people are reading!

    I bet Senderos woke up pleased this morning… Drogba off to Barca! Bet he is chuffed to bits!

    Thierry and Drogba… that would be fearsome!

  60. Bud

    Well I think you are all cunts and you can post me your abuse back to the following address…..

    Bill Nicholson Way
    748 High Road
    N17 OAP

    In fact, fuck it, you wankers, you can phone me if you want it out, my number is 0844 499 5000

  61. Geoff

    I’ve just done it Bill, sorry Bud, anyway it looks like Rosicky is back for the cup game, which reminds me of the Liverpool game last year, no one gave us a chance and Rosicky came back. 3-1 to us I believe.

  62. Odub

    Cheers Geoff, despite the degree and years of training I still aint got a fucking clue!

    Might try night school! I hear there’s a course on how to become a cunt without knowing it at the address Bud gave, lessons every other Saturday with 38,000 other like minded cunts in tow!

  63. Mike (the neighbour)

    Someone asked earlier as to what the latest United injuries were .Ive come accross this website which shows the injury position for the major premiership teams which may be useful

    This is the entry for last weekend

    Arsenal 9
    M Flamini Hamstring Injury no return date
    G Silva Back Injury no return date
    V Diaby Calf Muscle Strain 9th Mar 08
    M Almunia Virus 11th Feb 08
    T Rosicky Hamstring Injury 23rd Feb 08
    P Senderos MCL Knee Ligament Injury 11th Feb 08
    Denilson Hamstring Injury 23rd Feb 08
    R Van Persie Thigh Muscle Strain 23rd Feb 08
    J Djourou Groin/Pelvis Injury 23rd Feb 08

    Manchester United 4
    L Saha Cartilage Knee Injury no return date
    G Neville Os Trigonum Syndrome no return date
    M Silvestre ACL Knee Injury 22nd Mar 08
    B Foster ACL Knee Injury 23rd Feb 08

  64. chris

    RVP’S list of injuries, bloody hell

    Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 January 11th
    Thigh Muscle Strain 2007 December 24th
    Knee Injury 2007 October 18th
    Metatarsal Fracture 2007 January 22nd
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2006 November 19th
    Hip/Thigh Injury 2006 September 14th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2006 February 10th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2005 December 22nd
    Knee Injury 2005 October 17th
    Ankle/Foot Injury 2005 February 5th
    Sprained Ankle 2004 November 26th
    Sprained Ankle 2004 August 27th

  65. Mike (the neighbour)

    Me whikepedia yeah youre right -this is part of what I dug out for steve last week about Carshalton but didnt send it cos there was no mention of pubs

    To the south of the area now known as Carshalton, remains of artifacts dating from the Neolithic to the Iron Age have been found, suggesting that this was an early place of habitation. Prior to the Norman Conquest it is recorded that there were five manors in this location owned by five freemen.
    The village lay within the Anglo-Saxon administrative division of Wallington hundred.
    Carshalton appears in Domesday Book as Aultone. It was held by Goisfrid (Geoffrey) de Mandeville. Its domesday assets were: 3½ hides; 1 church, 10 ploughs, 1 mill
    £1 15s 0d, 22 acres of meadow, woodland worth 2 hogs. It rendered £15 10s 0d.

    Oh and for you just in case you decide to go local

    Carshalton has TWO football clubs: Carshalton Athletic F.C. (home ground at The War Memorial Sports Ground, Colston Avenue) and Carshalton FC (at Beddington Park

  66. Odub

    12 major injuries in 4 years FFS!!!! Almost as bad as Rosicky’s below from the same site, 9 in a year an a half!! Shocking!!

    Hamstring Injury Arsenal Injuries 2008 February 1st
    Groin Strain Arsenal Injuries 2007 November 7th
    Hamstring Injury Arsenal Injuries 2007 September 20th
    Hamstring Injury Arsenal Injuries 2007 July 30th
    Hamstring Injury Arsenal Injuries 2007 April 30th
    Groin Strain Arsenal Injuries 2007 March 1st
    Hamstring Injury Arsenal Injuries 2006 November 10th
    Groin Strain Arsenal Injuries 2006 August 18th
    Thigh Muscle Strain Arsenal Injuries 2006 May 31st

  67. Odub

    Mike, you’re either retired, self employed and working from home on a slow day or a four eyed IT geek! Or single with your own computer system taking up a whole room in your dungeon!! Which one is it?

  68. Pedro

    I didn’t like the negative connotations about Mikes passion?

    What about a retired mega rich play boy with a penchant for le grove and Wikipedia?

    Obviously, from what Geoff tells me, I can’t defend the dungeon…

  69. Mike (the neighbour)

    MARRIED – it beats talking to her indoors
    Retired -cant boss anyone around any more
    Eyes- being lasered next week so not four eyed

    Whikepedia says a geek is many things but is basically a nerd who is over intellectual -as a scraped out of Carshalton Secondary boys school with 7 o levels -dont think that counts

    So if it helps sad bastard springs to mind !!!
    however the physio web site is intersesting eh???

  70. Mike (the neighbour)

    Pedro what a star couldnt have put it better myself -and as far as the dungeon is concerned my neighbour in Spain and myself have had many happy hours together being chained to a basement wall -you know just hanging around together !

  71. Odub

    Didnt say there was anything wrong with it did I?! Beats getting up at 7am to get on the fucking Jubilee Line every morning doesnt it?!

    Great site Mike, anyone got a minute to spare check put John Terry’s injury list!! Looks like a 4 hour special episode of Holby City!!!

  72. Geoff

    I’d rest Eboue for the rest of the season. I think our best balance is when we play Rosicky one side and Hleb on the other.

  73. gazzap

    Steve did mention Boris and Ken earlier. what I will say is that Ken L is a c*nt but Boris J is a bigger C*nt, and no one else will win so you have to vote for the smallest C*nt.

    Eboue is a waste of space but he might have been useful last night as it would have meant Cesc would have played in the middle. hopefully he has improved since he went away to the ANC like last time.

  74. Bud

    I’m going for Boris, as Livingstone is a failed cunt and i’d rather someone else had a chance of being a lesser cunt in the job than Livingstone has made of it being a cunt…….. is that clear…… and was has that got to do with football ???!!!!

  75. Geoff

    I like Boris, he’s one of the boys, Livingstone is a red corrupt cunt with double standards, he also made friends with Gerry Adams and his mates, I hate the cunt.

    And he collects Newts, sad bastard.

  76. Pedro

    I heard Eboue was running for Mayor?

    He’d out cunt all of them… imagine his election campaign?! It would be so dirty!

    I just read an article about Barca buying out Cesc’s contract? They dont give up do they! They don’t even wait to see if a player would fit into there system of play!

    I like the look of Diego (Werder Bremen). He is very skilful. I’ve heard he battles weight problems, but whatever… they guy is magic!

    Think Hleb with Deco’s goals…

    Watch past 2 minutes 30 to get his goals!

    22 goals in 50 appearances and he is only 22 years old!

  77. Spanish Fry

    Diego is an outstanding player, definitely one of my favourites. When he and Robinho were running around at Santos before they came to Europe they were almost unstoppable, and that was a few years ago now!

    He’s taken a bit of time to find his niche after going through Porto but he’s doing well at Bremen. I’d welcome him to Arsenal at any stage but with the form that Hleb, Fabregas, Flamini etc etc are in it’s just not going to happen yet.

    I really feel he’s a player that will get better as he gets older, rather than be someone who just explodes onto the scene and then struggles to maintain his standards.