Arsenal could win the title tonight!

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After watching the ManU game, which was so funny, I was kind of hoping for a Chav loss, but to be in a position where we could open a 5 and 8 point gap over our competition is like being handed the title keys 3 months early.

No I’m not getting cocky, but if it were the other way around, especially when you see the run ins, I would have written our chances off.

So boys, it’s in your hands, tonight begins your destiny, please seize the opportunity with both hands, it doesn’t happen often.

Muppet commentator Andy Gray said that the Chelsea players coming back would have more impact on the chavs than Kolo and Eboue returning for Arsenal, what about boy wonder then? when he returns it will be like having another team, he’s never partnered an on fire Ade has he?

That’s not to denigrate Eduardo’s contribution either, he’s been amazing too.

3 points tonight, then we can start fantasizing about the 2 cups.

Have a great night Grovers.

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  1. Steve

    Let’s all take a reality check please. United and Chelsea have 36 points to play for and we have got to play them both away. Yes, we are in a wonderful position but titles are not won in February.

  2. Manfred Szaman

    this is goalden opportunity for Arsenal to consolidate. In fact if I am not wrong we were in a similar position in feb 2003 untile the Bolton game whose rought play was condone and not yellow carded by the ref.
    Four years on and a much younger team. I hope they deliver because we have in MH who could be out to spoil the day not to forget do his old boss a favour.
    So to the boys concentrate for 90 min plus watever time maybe added by the ref.If we are leading thta guy could add more than the stipulted time. You never know.give the MH a beating he will nevr forget.
    Of course with the international brek anything can happen and plus the fact AW has a number of injuriea.
    A one goal win would be satisfying. If there is more I will be over the moon.

  3. gazzap

    if the players start thinking about winning the title tonight then we are in teoube because is the wrong attiude to take. every game is hard, as yesterdays results will testify. we have had to work very hard for every point this season. the monent you relax, you lose. some of our hardest games have come againt lower table opposition – birmingham and Wigan for example. Lets get the points on the board and ony celebrate when we have actually won something.
    still great results for us yesterday.

  4. Steve

    Did anyone else fall asleep watching The Chavs and the Mickeys yesterday? I don’t think we realise how much we are spoilt watching Arsenal.

  5. Ryan

    Very early to be talking about success. Let’s get the win at all costs and then we can look to whoever’s next week. Who is it next week? Oh isn’t it the FA Cup?
    I predict Arsenal U14s 9-0 Man Utd

    I’m drowsy ok! stfu!

  6. lc

    Those claiming RVP back must stop dreaming. Players who often come back from long term injury do a lot of damage to a good run of their club. For example, the introduction of Paul Schole which has relegated Own Hargrave on the bench is currently unsetling Manchester United. The same could happen to our current winning squad if Eduardo was left on the bench to make way RVP who is not yet match fit.

  7. Jon

    Steve .. you’re spot on. we are so spoilt with the style of football we play. other than when united sporadically play some fantastic stuff the rest of the teams in the league are so dull to watch! give me a spanish league game between any teams from the top to bottom of that league over a premier league game these days (unless it’s arsenal obviously) .. there is no style and when you hear people like andy gray and allardyce talk about the importance of throw ins and picking up balls from second phase of play, you can see why. rarely any flair to speak of in the premier league that excites me as much as any of the spanish games even if the pace is sometimes a bit slower. there’s only 1 team to watch in the premier league and if we can win the thing too then i will convert from judaism to wengerism! the man is a GoD!


    Hope we’ll get the 3 points,and look forward to Saturday for our visit to Old Trafford to beat again man.u
    My only concern now is to look a game after game and keep our concentraion.If that will be the case then we can start dreaming of emulating the others for the title we rightly deserve

  9. brian the gooner

    Absolute nonsense.Too many really difficult games ahead to start getting carried away.Sure yesterday was great and I seem to spend all my time watching the clock on the scvreen rather than the match,praying that City were going to hold on bur lets just be thrilled with the outcome,go about our own business quietly and hopefully successfully but leave all the stupid comments alone until the job is hopefully done in May.

  10. Geoff

    blimey we have a lot of pessimism out there today, now is the time to start talking of winning not the day before we actually win it!

    Let’s enjoy the next 3 months, if we don’t win it, then at least it felt like we could for the first time in 4 years.

    When RVP came back against the chavs, he could have had a hatrick, I’ve no concerns about him.

    Now is the time for the team to start thinking of winning the title, because if they don’t, we won’t.

    Big, big night tonight and I believe we’ll stuff ’em, Jens can banish the ghosts as well, so expect a blinder from him, that’s of course if he has anything to do!

  11. gazzap

    I’m just loving the fact we are in the race and leading it. it sure beats being 20 points behind like we have been for the last 2 years. If we get 90 odd points this season, will that be the biggest ever turn around from one season to the next for a title winning side? I mean last season we only got 68 points. a 25 point swing would be extrememly impressive considering we actually made a profit on transfers this year as well! a lot to do yet though.

  12. Mike (the neighbour)

    What I thought having watched the low lights last night on Match of the day is that both Chelea and Man U looked tired and very pedestrian -Maybe they thought that both of their games would be a piece of piss ??? not only is steves point well taken re spoilt at arsenal I think it should also spur (not spurs ) arsenal on that they do have a real chance of starting to pull away from the pack .Of course no-one can be complacent but like Geoff I am surprised at the pessimism cos if arsenal had played recently like chelsea and Manu did yesterday we would have real reason to be down .

  13. Steve

    I’m not pessimisted by any means (far from it), i’d just prefer to air on the side of caution. If we were 9 points clear with 3 games left i’d be exactly the same.

  14. chris

    that poxy 16:00 match yesterday was coma inducing much like the second half of the CAN final, you are spot on we are spolit watching arsenal.
    i’ve got a bet on with a pool fan, €10 for every point difference on the last day, i am going to be a wealthy man,
    tonight should be a victory but still i feel anxious, the mind games should start tommorrow after Wengers jibe about going to saudi arabia,

    let us pray!

  15. JimmyFingers

    Who missed me?

    No internet connection till Wdnesday/Thursday in the new place so I’m posting from my Mum’s!

    What a beautiful day Sunday was: lovely weather and the ‘invincible’ United dropping points, closely followed by the chavs. When Hleb is out, or Fab/Flam, we can look a bit ropey. Without Rooney United are a shower of shite. And after hearing endlessly from United fans about how Henry goes missing in big games looks like they’ve got one that has perfected that particular dark art themselves in Ronaldo.

    Think doubts will be creeping in in the United camp, but to hammer that home we must beat Blackburn. And there’s the rub: it isn’t going to be easy and we can be shit ourselves after an international break. Anyway, looking forward to the game, Ade to scorch a couple once again!

  16. Bud

    London J – Thats a bit negative…… Big Phil has been excellent the last few games, so until he has a shocker again, lets get behind him don’t you think…….. after all, he can’t do no more than be an active part of a winning team !!!

  17. daokta

    I stayed up late in India to watch the Chelsea Liverpool game. What a disappointment!. Kept hoping that the ol Arse were playing instead.

    A wonderful oppurtunity for Arsenal to widen the gap for as sure. If the team remains focused and do not become over confident, then we will win. With the back line made up of 2nd teamers, nothing should be taken for granted.

  18. daokta

    London J
    A few months ago, I would have seconded your views but since Toure left, Senderos has had a good run – nothing exceptional but at least not cringe worthy. It is a measure of how much he has improved since he has had a decent run of games that I would prefer him to Gilberto or Hoyte.

  19. gazzap

    dont know why everyone seems so surprised – Liverpool Chelsea games are always duller than watching grass grow. have been for the last few years. I made sure I avoided actually watching it, I just had it on in the background while I did something more useful, only looking up when something exciting happened – which was about twice in 90 minutes.
    I reckon the FA cup game between us and Man U could be one of the games of the season. 2 teams packed with technically able players playing with freedom and without the pressure of the league game, which can sometimes be a bit cat and mouse. that game should be a cracker even though I happen to think that if he can wenger may well rest one or two key players – it wont make a huge difference to the spectacle.

  20. 50

    We’ll beat Blackburn tonight, hansomely, we’ll probably take a leaf out of Real Madrid’s book who won 7-0 after Barca slipped up on saturday.

    And also, we’ll beat Man U on saturday, because we’re the in form team, Ronaldo never plays well against us, and we don’t tend to lose to them when we play them in their own backyard in the FA Cup!

    Come on ARSENAL!!

  21. TopGunn

    3 points tonight, trounce Blackburn (as Madrid did last night after Barca slipped up), and beat the Mancs on saturday because we never lose to them in the FA Cup in their backyard!!

    Come on ARSENAL!!!

  22. Geoff

    I still don’t know the team news but I’m still confident, I just arrived in Spain, so will be watching it on TV, I still reckon we’ll blitz the bastard northern monkeys.

    I hate Blackburn, I had a stand up row with Jack Walker when I was at the Jersey Seniors Open once having dinner, he just signed Kevin Davies for a shed load and I said don’t you think a million a year is a big salary for someone who once scored against ManU?

    He said ‘are you calling me a cunt?’ I said I wasn’t but now you come to mention it…

    If you don’t believe me ask Tony Jacklin, he was sitting next to me.

    That season they got relegated. Say no more.

  23. EVO in OZ

    So far so good, 1-0 up at half time.

    Great header by big Phil, im glad ive been on his bandwagon for ages, you blokes took a while to catch up!

    The first 30 mins were nice, but we let them take control of the ball after that, so hopefully Wenger pulls out the calmness card at half time and we get the ball back!

    Interesting midfield of Cesc, Gilberto and Flamini….something different i suppose!

    Bring on the 5 point gap and a 3-0 win to make the goal difference +1

  24. EVO in OZ

    Indeed Geoff, Wenger is the key at half time!

    I think Lehmann had a lot of kick outs in that half, but Ade was getting to far under the ball and needs to stay back towards the box or Lehmann needs to kick shorter and let Gilberto flick the headers onwards!

    Interesting bench, 3 defenders – Traore, Hoyte and Kerra Gilbert….i think i can only see one sub in the 2nd half – Bendtner!

  25. Paulsito

    People r wrong on this site. some says u we should not think of the Title form now, then what should we think about? the whole season is about the Championship! what Arsenal should not do is think beyond the next team on the way but u must keep ur eye on the prize as that is ur main drive. Also the Championship is not won at the end of the year. since we do not have a playoff sytem a Title is won over the duration of the season, we must understand that the fact the lehman cost us two points at the beginning of the year there is a possibility that those dropped points could haunt the gunners (though i do not think they will).

    Arsenal 4 da title, y da hell not i ask?

    God Bless!

  26. EVO in OZ

    Good commentary by Martin Tyler and Nigel Winterburn, not too biased to the underdog (Blackburn), but optimistic for a good game!

    Come on gunners – 3-0!

  27. EVO in OZ

    23 Sat Barclays Premier League A Birmingham City
    1 Sat Barclays Premier League H Aston Villa
    9 Sun Barclays Premier League A Wigan Athletic
    15 Sat Barclays Premier League H Middlesbrough
    23 Sun Barclays Premier League A Chelsea
    29 Sat Barclays Premier League A Bolton Wanderers
    5 Sat Barclays Premier League H Liverpool
    12 Sat Barclays Premier League A Manchester Utd
    19 Sat Barclays Premier League H Reading
    26 Sat Barclays Premier League A Derby County
    3 Sat Barclays Premier League H Everton
    11 Sun Barclays Premier League A Sunderland

    12 games to go lads….The Chelsea, Bolton, Liverpool and Man U stretch will be the decider i reckon!

    Did anyone else see Ryan Babel sitting next to RVP at the game….i know they both play for Holland, but i reckon Babel might have been thinking what could have been…