Give Hoyte a chance against Bentleyburn Rovers

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Ok It’s Sunday and most blogs say there is nothing to talk about, well maybe not on their blogs but here is where it all happens!

Today should see the Mancs win comfortably, I mean we beat City 3-1 at their own ground, so I would think 3 or 4 to the Mancs today.

Liverpool on the other hand I expect to nick a point or better, the Chavs have flattered to deceive this term and they may well get found out one of these days, hopefully today will be that day.

We had some interesting comments yesterday and one in particular that thought we were threatened by Uncle Hillary (sorry Sam) and their impending domination of world football, sad bastard.

Ok, I gave that the time it warranted and gave you all the chance to have an early laugh.

We also had a couple of knobbers on but I have their details and will publish them should they reappear, purely for you Grovers to contact them directly so you can chat to them and share your views on their personal email.

The boss talks lovingly about David Bentley, I wish he wouldn’t do that, Bentley slags us off whenever the Daily Mail has no story to run, Wenger should treat him with the disdain we all feel.

Either that or he should have kept him. I personally would have kept Bobby Pires, he’s still good enough, although I didn’t see him for the Yellow Submarines last night.

I did however see Quincy play against Ivory Coast and he scored a sizzler, where was that when he played for us and was Dutch?

I didn’t see Kolo though and that has to be good news for us on Monday.

If not I would like to see Justin Hoyte given the nod, as I thought he played well when he last played in that position.

Tomorrow we play Bentlyburn Rovers (re-named to accommodate David’s massive ego, by his mum) and will no doubt reclaim any lost ground from today.

Have a great Sunday Grovers, I’m off to Church to pray for Rafa and an away win for the scousers.

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  1. chris mnley

    a depleted bench, i am i alone in calling this, with CAN and international games injuries were inevitable, we should have purchased more players even loan, i miss not hitting chelsea its traditon

    draw for both games today, keep the faith.

  2. Mike (the neighbour)

    I think you may have to pray hard geoff -Chelsea unbeaten at home since 2004 and betting evens on chelsea and just under 4 to 1 on liverpool .However I shall be singing youll never walk alone (second gerry and the pacemakers record I bought in 63 )-you never know it may work .Have a good sunday

  3. Geoff

    4 hours on and a perfect end to a perfect day, boy I wish we could play ManU and the Chavs every week, they were shit!

    A win tomorrow and it’s 5 clear of the Mancs and 8 clear of the chavs, oh deep, deep joy!!!

  4. EVO in OZ

    no need to pray lads, Man U 1-2 Citeh and Chelski 0-0 Pool

    as ive said many times before, the footballing gods are with us this season, whereas the last 2 seasons, not much luck….

    Bring on the league title

  5. EVO in OZ

    also on the potential signings in the window (or lack of), i wouldnt have minded us signing anyone as its always exciting, but by next weekend all our players will be back (Kolo, Song and Eboue) and the only injuries we should have will be RVP and Johan…

    So that would mean the signing would be redundant….