9 new players join squad for the Champions league

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Let’s start with this playing English Premier league games around the world first.

I think It’s a stupid idea because.

1) The Premier league is an English league not a travelling freak show.

2) It will prolong the season, and Wenger has been saying for years we play too many games.

3) It will be injury plagued and all the players will have fatigue, just like after a European game.

4) It will damage our chances in Europe as they’ll all be cream crackered.

5) Why are we always trying to please Americans? They don’t even like football, we gave them a world cup because we said it would catch on and it didn’t, we gave them Best, Pele, Moore, Marsh and Beckenbauer and it didn’t work, so fuck them, start thinking about our own fans, who pay week in week out.

If they want to do it, then do it in countries that love football.

Before anyone says I’m anti American, I’m not but they have had a world cup, more Olympic games than anyone else, 3 out of 4 of golf’s majors and control of our armed forces, but they can’t have our league, if they want that, get on a plane and fly to England.

The only reason the Premier league is so rich and has the best players, is because of the vast amount of money that Sky put in, take that out and we’ll be like the Italian league, getting 5-10,000 at a match watching a boring game.

We are in danger of disappearing up our own arses, they’ll say the NFL did it in England, true, but who gave a rats arse?.

Even Gordon Brown told the league to listen to the fans, and if they make a lot of money, then use that to bring down prices, noble thought Gordon, but if they make money it will be for themselves first, followed by the overpaid players.

Hey, you Grovers may like the idea, I certainly don’t, so let’s hear your views.

Onto what we love, the Arsenal. Gilberto cannot understand why Wenger has treated him so badly, VC last season and second top scorer, to rub-a-dub this season and poor form, he says he only knew he wasn’t VC anymore from the redtops.

Gilberto, I agree, you have been treated badly, I think you should go, not because I want it, but because you have been dumped by Wenger and I think badly. Poor form that, poor form, you have been a great and noble servant, and I for one won’t forget your contribution.

Onto injuries, as I said yesterday we only have ourselves to blame, we had a chance to buy and didn’t, we let several players go that weren’t replaced, so Arsene you can’t complain.

Now the new Champions league team sheet has a few new additions.

Vito Mannone
Håvard Nordtveit
Johan Djourou
James Dunne
Kerrea Gilbert
Gavin Hoyte
Abu Ogogo
Rene Steer
Henri Lansbury

With names like Dunne, Ogogo and Steer in the squad I’ll bet Milan are starting to get worried!

Not a lot else going on this weekend so enjoy the lay off, next week they come thick and fast.

Have a great weekend Grovers.

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  1. Henryetta Marsbar

    I think its a great idea to have games all over the world. Living in Ireland I find it pretty hard to get tickets to see any games. what must it be like living in places like hong kong and africa??? i’d say over 90% of arsenal fans never get to see a live match. with proper planning it would be great, and any money the club gets would be a bonus

  2. lase

    That Steer guy is rather special. Milan might not be afraid on him right now but in about 4 years time (if he develops well) they may rather face Glichey.

  3. Bigarse

    Taking the premier league abroad is the most stupid thing that has ever been suggested.

    If you want to watch live football go and watch your local club , its only by doing that your club and country will benefit from your love of football.

    If you want to watch PL live travel to the UK.

    Anyway I want to see the Pyramids but Egypt is a bit far and its not too safe there so Im asking if they will bring them to me!!!!!!!!!

  4. Geoff

    If you live in Ireland and you want to see premiership football you may have to wait until 2025! all these games will go far afield and to money spinning venues, like Miami, Rio, Hong Kong and Dubai.

    This to me smacks of the European Super league softener, then all the lower teams like West Ham and Spurs will be like 2nd division, so first their money will disappear, then they will.

    Keep it as it is I say.

    Steer may be one in 4 years time, but he’s not yet is he? and in 4 years time he’ll be sold to Blackburn!

  5. matt

    to #1… I agree and disagree with you… i would love to see arsenal play in real life, but 1 game on a different continent wont make a difference at all… it would only be one game and not everyone would actully be able to see it live…

    On the point you made about people who are living in africa and hong kong… I live in souht africa and have been able to see every single arsenal game this season… we have absoluotly superb coverage of english soccer… every premier league game is shown and if not live they show a recording of it!!

    I thnk it is down to the ignorance of the premier league… they dont know that every game is shown and they are now trying to exploit this by playing games overseas… and they do not care about people seeing their favorite teams…. they just want MONEY!!

    I also dont think that the system would be fair on all teams… what would happen if arsenal played chelsea and man u got to play wigan??? its not fair!! the current set-up is fair!

  6. Geoff

    I agree with you Matt, I’ve been a season ticket holder for over twenty years and went before that when you could just turn up on the day.

    I travel a lot and see as many Arsenal away games as I see home games, the coverage is fantastic, what makes the English league so good, is the full grounds and the singing, take that away and you could be in Spain, like last week, Barcalona v Ososuna to an empty ground, we got 38.000 for a FA youth cup game last season.

    Start going around the world and it wouldn’t be the same, it’s not about one game, it’s about 38.

  7. Mike (the neighbour)

    Yesterday I thought an extra game in the premier league was a good thing to fill in a quiet period -now the more ive thought about it I agree with Geoff its a nonsense for a
    number of reasons
    *Globalisation of football is happening through TV -Bob Geldorf said in his autobiography he went into a remote african village and the only English the kids knew was Beckham -(yeah sorry geoff ) promotion around the world through accessible and comprehensive TV is the way forward -a few games played abroad with
    the added risks will only scratch the surface

    *USA is a lost cause anyway -I love going to the USA but they will never embrace soccer -Its like squash is in the uk -Theres no strong youth football culture -They have some strong college womens teams but thats about it -Anyway they call it soccer and for that reason alone they dont deserve it !

    *Selecting who plays whom in these matches potentially affecting relegation results etc sounds like youre gonna have a maths degree to work that one out -creating debate and controversy -The current system is simple and fair .

    I saw wenger on sky news yesterday but didnt understand his point and Keegan said change is good -But as theyve found at Newcastle -Its not always for the good eh

    The opening of an article in yesterdays times by Martin Samuel sums it up for me

    “When the meeting at the Churchill Hotel had concluded and the various executives had left, no doubt dreaming of all the lovely global lolly that would soon be flowing through the game, to reappear as a pool of vomit at the end of a night of romance with Ashley Cole, or as a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster that the twentysomething owner is banned from driving…….

    This looks like its gonna be as popular as the archbishop of Canterburys suggestion about Sharia law

  8. Goofle

    I totally disagree with the proposal but if it were to happen why don’t they make it the first match of the season? It means less then.

    Also, I think we could play the League Cup games instead.

  9. piken79

    the only reason your league or sky has any money is because we watch it from abroad, so quit all the anti-foreign/american crap. If your greedy players, mangers and executives didnt want to fatten their pockets we won’t be discussing this anyhow. The fact is english fans alone cannot afford to sustain the caliber of players in the EPL, the game is going global, with or without england. If the EPL doesn’t step up and take advantage, other leagues will sooner or later. You can all f***k off cus this was bond to happen, its ironic you fools didnt see this coming. You have about 10% of your fan base in bloody england, what did you think would happened?

  10. Geoff

    Odub if your reading, your Blackburn comment got stuck in spam, I tried to put it back on but I don’t know how, I un spammed it so try again! Sorry.

  11. Charlie

    It is not only about America that the is to be brought overseas. The market in Asia is hugh. That’s where they are aiming to cement their reach into the Asian market. Not the American market for goodness sake . Pleae do your analysis properly before jumping the gun.

  12. Geoff

    Ok you Charlie, first of all read my blog, it says the world, I then feature America as a part of that and use it as an analogy.

    You obviously wouldn’t understand that as you are barely literate.

    1) I think you meant the Asian market is huge, not hugh.

    I understand how large markets around the world work and don’t need a twat like you to tell me, so fuck off to another blog and be illiterate there.

  13. Henryetta Marsbar

    are you wearing your moody pants geoff????

    Charlie has a valid point…. and the article does seem to concentrate soley on america

  14. Geoff

    No Henryetta I’m not.

    It’s a blog site and if I take the time every day to write it I don’t expect an irritating twit like him to tell me there are other markets in the world (like I don’t know) and I should analyse more before I write, at least that’s what I thought he was saying but his comment is strewn with typos, and I say if you are going to criticise someone, make sure your own house is in order before you do.

    People like him are not welcome on this site.

    Moody pants eh? I like that!

  15. Rusty Hineman

    American’s love football ( Soccer). The english premier league should grace our shores. There are so many people here in the states that have become avid fans, and week in and week out follow the game. I think the reason a lot of people in England become threaten when they speak of America and football in the same sentence is because they fear that one day America will be the biggest football market in the world. Certainly we have enough atheletes, if we could only get the government to manufacture consent for a better sport than baseball or american football, like they did for War and Free Trade agreements we would have one of the greatest football leagues in the world.

  16. jixme89

    that’s a crazy idea no doubt. thye got beckham there to glamourise the club. and half a million pounds a week is too much 4 any player, and to think beckham,with just good crosses and free kicks gets that is preposterous! it’s working good that they promote it in the far east,especially japan and indonesia. they must consider india though as the BPL is very popular(consider at least 2 youths in a street have an epl jersey.. and that in a cricket crazy country…)

  17. Geoff

    If football is going to get popular, it has to do it by itself, you can’t just spend money and expect, it’s been tried before in the US and failed, population has nothing to do with it as Russia, China and Japan have huge populations and have had no real success.

    The English premier league can grace your shores, buy the sky broadcasts and don’t just leave it to ESPN because of the Hispanic market.

    America has to realise that money does not guarantee you can have what you want.

    If you want football, grow it and get good at it.

    In the meantime enjoy what we have to offer, on TV.

  18. gazzap

    the foreigners already see more games on TV than we do. if they think they are going to get into the stadiums when there are millions that want a ticket and only one game a season in a stadium with a capacity of about 40,000 then they are being very dim. forget all that – how the hell can you have 39 games in a season and play one team 3 times??? that sounds like an entirely American idea. I note that the americans that have commented dont see that 39 games is strange at all – which just about says it all really.

  19. Warren

    No Rusty, England feels threatened because you would rather nick our football than build your own leaugue. Personally I think is bleeding obvious that the MLS will grow into a big league if not the biggest.I wouldn’t be suprised if Man Utd have moved to the US say twenty years from now. We get accused of having a “Little England” attitude but you have a “Big America” attitude saying you got something good and were having it.

  20. Phobia

    Arsenal 4-Blackburn 0

  21. stavker 26

    take da meaning from da life of football says stavker/ da young guys can be da future of love the game so dont diss the young guys my gooning friend. did madridi be fright of fabregas when dey had zidane? no dats not what they did – but they were taken by suprise oh yes they were,.