Flamini’s Ok, Hleb’s staying, Kolo’s coming and Song has a blinder.

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Matti says he’ll be fit to face Blackburn, which is a real relief as we all thought he had yet another knock, so well done the Flamster.

Hleb and his agent have come out early to say he’s staying at Arsenal, which is again welcome news and something that one or two others should think about as a stock answer when big swanky clubs come sniffing.

Toure’s on his way back after Saturdays play off, he had a stinker by all accounts, so I expect him to have a few weeks off, and the way Senderos is playing, I’m not too fussed.

Song apparently is setting the CAN alight, so maybe, just maybe, he may be worth a shot, but I haven’t seen it so I’ll reserve my judgment, but as a journo, I have to report it, so I am.

A quick note on England and the FA, they say England kit sales are down because of lack of success, bollocks, kit sales are down because they are designed by a blind Eskimo with no hands in a dark room somewhere up north, yes, you guessed an Umbro employee.

They had a real chance on Wednesday to surprise us with something tasty and they unveil something I would be loath to wipe my arse on if I had the shits, for fear of upsetting my arse further.

You see all the kits from manufactures like Adidas, Nike and Puma and how smart they all are, then you see the Umbro kits, they are fucking shit, and trust me I design for a living, that’s the reason no one buys them, because no one would wear them.

Rocket science that was, the FA tossers strike again with their wisdom on all things commercial. Oh and Fabio doesn’t rate Cashley …that’s your life in total free fall now, you greedy little shit, ha fucking ha!

Premier league to go overseas? give me a break, they’ve been moaning for years we play too many games, now they want to expand it abroad, great for the carbon footprint that, and imagine how knackered they’ll be when they come back from Sydney.

Anyway lots to debate today so enjoy.

Eboue, so sorry I didn’t mention Eboue, but I did hear he was last seen paddling up a long river somewhere in the Congo, with a blindfold on, covered in corned beef and dripping with honey and a big sign round his neck saying all Congo rebels are gay.

If you’re from the Congo, please don’t take offence, that it unless you’re a rebel, then don’t blame me, have a pop at Eboue, if you can find him.

Have a good day Grovers, yesterday was quiet.

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  1. Odub

    Morning guys,

    Good post covered all basis I guess! Will be glad when the Ivorians come back, they were awful last night by the way, and I can’t belive I’m about to say this ALEX SONG MARKED MICHAEL ESSIEN OUT OF THE GAME!!! He was only beaten to man of the match by his Uncle!!

    Am I right in thinking we haven’t got any injuries and we should be all guns blazing for Monday?!

    Oh and another thing…. We are top of the league, say we are top of the league! I’m so fucking glad the international crap is over, and back to business!!

    I supposse you rich cunts will be off to Hong Kong to watch Arsenal V Sunderland in 3 years time?! I wont! They can fuck right off! Have fun!!

  2. Mike (the neighbour)

    ..Regarding the premier league considering the additional games being played abroad .Just seen geoffs mate John Mcririck saying on Sky news -Its great ! If you ignore the increased potential injury problems what would the fans be doing on what will be a flat weekend -going to Ikea B&Q Church -instead they could be enjoying televised football.! From that perspective alone seems like a good idea to me
    Pedro said yesterday geoff was last seen with a machette between his teeth heading for Congo .There was no mention of a blindfold corned beef and honey though !!!!

  3. Geoff

    morning all, I just added a Cashley postscript to the post, thought it would bring extra light to everyone’s Friday, I’m off for a few hours but will be back.

    Pedro’s out as well so let’s hope we get no arseholes on here, if we do you lot can see them off until I return!

  4. Steve

    Mike, it’s a fucking stupid idea made by daft thieving cunts. Why the fuck should we have to go to fucking Australia or America to play our fucking football? Have you ever moaned about not being able to go to Croydon to watch Aussie rules or the fucking Washington Redskins? Our F.A are a buch of over paid, geriatric cunts thinking of how to make their next big buck. They can all cunt off as far as I’m concerned.

    There is a petition on Vital Arsenal I suggest any proper football fan should sign. Leave our fucking game alone.

    I was quite happy this morning and they’ve fucking riled me.


    Nice to see the Flamster fit though.

  5. Congalese rebel

    I’m gonna hunt you down bitch, chop off your willy and feed you to my goats.

    Only joking, don’t panic, it’s just Steve being silly.

  6. Odub

    I’m all for signing a petition mate! It was bad enough they started having the fucking Premier league Asian cup every season now this?! Fucking money grabbing cunts! The thought of increasing the fixtures to 39 just to accomodate this shyte begers belief!! so that means you’d play a particular team 3 times in one season?!! What rubbish!!

  7. Congalese rebel

    It loses the whole level playing field that a league season has. You play each team twice, home and away which is why it is a league and not a cup competition. This proposal erradicates the fairness of a league. Absolute madness.

  8. Gunnersaurus

    Scudamore should be ashamed of his behaviour. He laughed the journo out the room when he was asked about the fans perspective.

    I think the premier league have to be careful they don’t alienate the fans on this one. The league is not a fair competition when you start adding in extra games.

    If you want to play away from home, just take the first January fixtures away to another country and discount our season tickets. don’t add another game in.

    I don’t really see the benefit of an overseas game anyway? You can only fit so many in a stadium, the rest will have to watch it on the TV. Its shite, and it stinks.

    Still, glad to see read about Song. Marking Essien out of a game is some achievement regardless of the quality of the competition. I hope he can come back here and kick on.

    As for the england kit Geoff, its the most boring thing I have ever seen and that is why i wont be buying it (That and being 38).

    Have you read this?

    ‘Kevin Keegan last night said he would be keen to bring former Arsenal captain Thierry Henry back to English football and would consider breaking the world transfer record for a second time.’

    What a fucking pleb that man is. You need defenders you prat! Breaking the world record for a 30 year old crock! Good plan Kev.

    Pires had some nice things to say about Arsenal as well.

    Its nearly beer o’clock, let the good times roll my friends!

  9. Mike (the neighbour)

    Sorry steve -I hate going to B&Q and Ikea and church so maybe I was blinded by that -I dont wanna be on your hit list behind or above your Mum in law who burned your xmas dinner
    Travel back to UK today -I´ll have a look at that petition when I get back .Certainly all the press and the Managers seem against it for sure -still I suppose we can just get pissed that weekend

  10. Odub

    Saw the Keegan quote and I must admit the tears of laughter flowed for a bit!! Goodluck to them, they’re going to need it while fighting relegation!

    The FA and Premier League are only intrested in fleecing people for as much as possible as quickly as possible the cunts! How else can you explain England playing at Wembley in their new away strip, just to get people to rush out and buy the shitty looking thing!! Reminds me of the Admiral kit days!

  11. Dan

    First time poster here, been reading up about the Prem thing.

    You could have the scenario where Arsenal and United are level on points after 38 games, and Arsenal have to go to Moscow to play Chelsea, while United go to Los Angeles to play Derby!!

    An absolute farce that would completely trivialise the whole competition.

    The death of football isn’t far away now you know. Will be a complete breakaway soon without relegation and promotion and you’ll have to bid to get into the top division and line the pockets of whoever has secured the rights at that time to the league and tv deals etc, a bit like, I dont know, the system in the 1920’s!

    Fuckin stupid, the whole thing. A year or 18 months ago I told people I thought the premiership (the teams the players the managers, the people who run it) were killing it and had lost touch with the fans and reality come to mention it….. I was told I was being far too up my own arse for my own good and that I was being a doom merchant and thinking about it too much.

  12. Steve

    No chance of getting above the mother in law in my hit list Mike. I love my christmas dinner.

    Gunnersauras, you can’t take one fixture purely on the basis that it means one team will still have an unfair advantage, i.e playing a team away but not at home.

    There is no fair way of doing this. Many teams have a much better home record than away.

  13. Steve

    Dan, it wouldn’t be the last game of the season, they’re talking about doing it in Jan or Feb. Also they proposal would seed the top 4 to ensure they don’t play eachother. Doesn’t make it any more reasonable though.

  14. Odub

    Still can’t believe most of the teams agreed to it!! If they go ahead with it, I’m switching to supporting my local team…Oh shit that’s Carshalton United!

  15. Mike (the neighbour)

    Fuck off steve I was brought up on the St helier estate in Carshalton -a heaven of a place compared with battersea and look where ive ended up -partly in Spain with an Arsenal nut for a neighbour -cant be all bad !
    I am sure odub you must live at the posher end Carshalton beeches dont worry about steve as the centre of his universe is home /the office /emirates and the local pubs to all three -and hes worried about playing in Australia ? still Ozgunner will put him sttraight on that one
    By the way odub is Carshalton uniteds ground still a shite hole ?

  16. G

    Odub what are you on about, Essien played centreback – how could Song mark him out of the game??

    Playing baroad is a rubbish idea. How one game can generate that much more money for the teams involved is beyond me. And the draw for the extra game will be completely unfair. And don’t anyone say that there is a lot in football which is unfair already because two wrongs don’t make a bloody right.

  17. Segujja(uganda)

    Watched all songs matches and i tell u this kid is on fire. he has brought balance to their midfield. he was the one who settled down the midfield in their first game where they were wooped by the impressive egyptians. Some scary news though he was injured by that cunt Essien but he managed to complete the match impressively again but at the end of the whistle he could barely walk. scary stuff with that impressive display he is showing

  18. gazzap

    I am f*****g seething. I am seriously thinking about marching by the Prem league’s offices and pulling that smarmy w****r out of his offices to speak to me/us directly. whose up for it?

  19. Steve

    They design shit shooy.

    Sorry chaps i didn’t intend to insult the Carshalton massive. Purely didn’t know where it was in my sheltered little world. Don’t travel south of the water much now the Palace, Millwall and Charlton are in lower leagues. I’ve googled it now and it looks lovely. Especially the burnt out Ford Mondeo on the community housing plot. Only kidding:)

    I think we need a football fix after all that internation shit. Some of us seem to be getting a little tense.

  20. Odub

    Mike lived in Battersea in the early 90s before it became a puncy yuppy wine bar infested hole, and wouldnt move back for all the money in the world, nothing wrong with Surrey, also got a shared place in Los Alcazares the in laws! So I’m doing fine too Steve!!!

  21. Odub

    mate, never take any comments personally unless they were directed at the missus, the Arsenal or my now deceased dog Bruno!! Apart fom that crack on!

  22. Gunnersaurus

    I’m in gazzap, having a dinosaur in tow helps!

    Shooy, I think the point he was trying to make is that umbro kits are shite – and he is a designer before you tear him a new ass hold for not being a designer! Do you like the kits Shooy?

    Steve that Modeo was probably mine 🙁

    Can somone please clarify where Essien was playing and where Song was playing? I read on Goal,com Song played in the Gilberto position and shut out everything? He kept that Makoun out the team as well, the one ManU are trying to buy? Or did i read that here yesterday?

    I’ll be interested to hear Wengers opinion on the matter of Premiership Globetrotters!

  23. Odub

    G, saw the last 20 minutes of the game, and the commentator on Eurosport said Song nullified Essien, and was only out played by his Uncle! Obviously didnt know what they were talking about! Then again serves me right for watching footie on a channel that employs Stan Collymore and Gary Mabbutt as pundits!

  24. Steve

    I live in a hostel in Salford. Spend all my money on the Arsenal. Big Issue by day and rent boy by night. Have to pay for the season ticket and the heroin addiction somehow.

    (Only kidding, just thought i’d soften the blow before telling you that my brother in law is a Spud)

  25. Odub

    Carshalton is worryingly close to a dodgy estate called Roundshaw! Many a Mondeo (and Cosworths) have been known to be burnt out in that area! Still nowhere near as bad as Scouserland!

  26. Mike (the neighbour)

    Just to finish off on the judith chalmers slot I was in Battersea in 1949 til 1962 it certainly wasnt a posers paradise then – Carshalton beckoned .Funny Odub I was in Alcazares yesterday walking along the promenade .Great walk spoilt only by the occasional low flying jet-couple of good restaurants there -Enunciation is one I remember ?
    Im only prepared to March on the P L offices providing I am standing BEHIND geoff -back to football

  27. G

    Yeh Mabbutt was poor, Collymore amusing.

    Regardless of the non-existant marking job on Essien (yep Essien did come forward but must have been for just over ten mins at the end of the game) Alex had a very good game. It’s weird he looks so good in midfield for his nation and for charlton, but not so much for us. He looked awesome at centreback though. I’m sure his time will come for us.

  28. Odub

    Steve I know someone who can make your brother in law either dissappear or convert him to all things Arsenal! Whichever option you chose the job will be swift!

    Anyway back to football as Mike said, Torres out for the scousers, so the chavs will probably pick up another 3 points! What chances the Mancs fucking up against city?!

  29. Clay

    Trus the reports you have read about Song. Have watched the tournament, he is playing better than the player Arsenal fans know.

  30. jammin gooner amin

    guys i watched the game last night and toure was all over the place – watch the 3rd egyptian goal – he had a bit of a nightmare and id be happy for senderos to continue until toure gets a well deserved break

    as for song, he was solid rather than spectacular, playing in front of the back 4 and tidying up quite well but some of his passing was a bit wild

  31. Steve

    Odub, as good as Torres is, he is wasted on Liverpool in my opinion. The HOOFBALL they play is far more suited to Crouch. I fancy they’ll get something at Sparsford Bridge. I think ManYoo will beat City by a few goals. They’ll be well up for it being the 50 year since Munich game, and City have been shit of late.

  32. Odub

    A bit early for the old vino fix isnt it Steve?!Oh yeah it’s Friday!

    Must agree though, Torres will become a beast of a player, but not with Liverpool! He’s what 6ft 3, 23 years old, good finisher, and quite quick. Reminds me of a guy we’ve got banging ’em in at the mo! Same age and height isnt he?

  33. Mike (the neighbour)

    Dunno what steve does for a living -hope its not air traffic control as on my way to airport for UK -will up date stuff tonight with a nice Rioja as well -enjoy your day guys
    By the way whats happened to Jimy fingers am missing his incisive wit and wine recomendations

  34. chai


  35. Geoff

    Interesting comments Grovers, seems that you all mostly like what you saw from Song, let’s hope he brings that game back to the Grove, jury is still out for me.

    The designer thing I said about Umbro, I was being polite, I think the Chairman’s daughter must do their designs, it’s certainly not anyone in football or fashion is it?

    Shit kit and a shit team if you ask me, still at least Capello thinks Cole is shit as well, that’s him, Grant all the Arsenal fans and Cheryl!

    I think Henry will come back to the Grove and team up with Dennis to take over from Arsene when he retires.

  36. Mike (the neighbour)

    If youre an air traffic controller steve fuckin sober up -I´m on my way back
    Geoff -Henry with Dennis ? -is it les dennis who are you talking about ?.Are you gonna march on the premier league cos if you are i´m right behind you .I dont mind being in front but i´d feel more comfortable if you rescinded the ladyboy statement before I do ! .Also a friend of yours El presidente is threatening to participate on this blog -currently he reads it every day -so watch out !

  37. Geoff

    Mike the Lady boy comment was bud using my name! the money markets sounds like a good idea Steve, the Rioja frenzy is probably what the Premier league people were doing when they came up with this stupid idea, Red Nose is going nuts over it, it’s the only time I’ve ever agreed with him.

  38. Odub

    Hmm tempting, but me thinks acareer change is a bit too late in the day at this point in time, so shitty accountant I shall be till the flipping cows come home!

    Mike thought you already left! All communication with San Javier Airport have been cancelled as the controller at Gatwick is completly off his face!!!

    I’ve got a feeling Steve Bould or Tony Adams will get the job before them two!

  39. Steve

    I’m still waiting for the view of Le Boss. He’s never been one for money spinning trips. Hence the pre season tours to Austria and Scandinavia.

  40. Odub

    Yeah right Geoff! Blame Bud ‘cos he aint here to defend himself!

    We still havent heard Wenger’s opnion on the Premier League Globetrotters have we?

  41. Odub

    Every blog on the net is rammed with fans complaining about the new PL idea of playing abroad! will that change their minds? I doubt it!!!

  42. Geoff

    well he only has himself to blame doesn’t he, he knew we were thin on the ground and now it’s happened.

    Best thing we can do is sell Rosicky, he’s worse the Van Persie for injuries, then buy a center half, just in case the others get injured every other game, oh sorry, they do don’t they?

    Never injured enough to play for their national tams though are they? I’d play Hoyte.

  43. Avendesorax

    I’ve watched all the games from the ACN in which Arsenal players have featured, and I can tell you now that Song has played really well through out the whole competion, he’s equally comfortable in either defence or midfield, how some people can have issue with his passing the ball on some of those pitches is beyond a joke.

    One thing is for certain he’s a much better player than that fool Diarra.

  44. Bradford

    I will take a one legged, sick, broken rib, teeth falling out, and lacerated eye Kolo Toure over a fully healthy Suckeros any day of the week. He plays a couple games without getting in the way or screwing up any passes and now hes considered top class!!! come on… All we can hope for is his stock to rise so we can dump him for what we have put in him…..COME HOME KOLO!!!