Bad news

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Geoff can’t post, last time I saw him he was catching a plane to the Congo, machete between his teeth with an angry look in his eye? He said it was business…

Anyway, sorry for the late post today, I am still in a comatose state after watching last nights England game.

Then I looked at the Arsenal feeds for a dose of excitement and they were almost as boring as the game!

There’s not much to talk about really?

The Flamster’s reported injury has still not been confirmed by Club or Country, so we must wait! Let’s hope he was taken off as a precautionary measure because this is the time of the season where you can really do without losing a player in the form of Flamini. What the fuck was he doing playing for the French reserve team anyway?

Walcott has been talking again, the boys PR machine is in full swing this week…

Asked about his weaknesses he said,

‘My left foot – that’s the main one,’

‘Heading as well, although I’m not someone who is going to win a lot of headers. When we train with the under-21s there is a lot of crossing and finishing, so I spend a lot of my time practising on my left foot. You only improve by practice and you’re only as good as your last cross.’

He seems to be a level headed young chap and it is refreshing to hear an England under 21 talking logically about his progress and future prospects. He’ll come good, he just has to work hard and bide his time.

The bad news is Pato and Kaka are looking good for the Arsenal game. They are two super players, but if you’re going to win the Champions league, you have to play against the best… and Gattuso is out, so the engine is busted in my eyes! Mwhahaha!

Hleb is staying because he loves us, Gilberto is going because he is old and Nikki Big Bollocks scored the winner against some team?

Oh and if you’re bored today, why not take a look at yesterdays article… it took me ages, so I’m going to shamelessly publicize it for a second day!

That’s your lot Grovers, tune in tomorrow to hear more on Geoff’s Congolese adventure!

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  1. Steve

    I fucking hate watching England play. Boring as fuck. Flamini was apparently on the bench for the first team last night, but I can’t get confirmation of that.

    Anyone know if Big Phil was injured or just taken off?

  2. gazzap

    I heard that Milan are still hopeful that Pato, Kaka and Gattuso will all be fit for the first leg, so dont get too excited.
    I did not see anything wrong with Big Phil last night. he should be OK.
    England fans booing are a disgrace. no wonder the team cant play with freedom.

  3. aj

    Flamini was on the bench for France last night, as they lost to Spain. He didn’t come on, however.

    You can confirm this by Googling ” Eurosport France Football”.

    I suppose we should be pleased but I can’t help feeling that Domenech would play him anyway, even if he had a broken leg.

    It looks like Cesc played the whole 90 minutes, as did Gallas for France. Sagna was on the bench but didn’t get on.

    As long as there were no injuries, I am not concerned about our boys playing. I think the break from Saturday lunch time through to a week Monday evening is too long; our players seem to lose their sharpness when they have a break for more than a few days.

  4. G_man

    interesting post as always..

    Interesting to hear your comments on Theo….I went on the Legends tour on the weekend (which I highly recommend) and someone questioned Charlie George on whether he thinks Theo will make it….his answer was he is a fantastic talent but this is make or break season for him and it is a possibility that he is TOO NICE…..he doesnt have a ‘devilment’ about him….which sounded like that Killer instinct and being ruthless….

    Interesting comments to hear from someone so integrated in the club….

  5. gazzap

    Theo has said that about himself before and when he gets fire in his belly for whatever reason (like he has ben fouled a couple of times) he improves significantly. he needs more of that Rooney/RVP kind of aggression that comes to a lot of strikers naturally. I dont know whether you can teach that, but when he crosses the white line he has to become meaner.

  6. Mike (the neighbour)

    Good points G_man and Gazzap about theo -and Charlie george should know he didnt suffer from lack of aggression did he !

    I picked up a few quotes from wenger on the inernet .The first lot are humorous and the last one which I liked as a good comment on the media

    *Of the nine red cards this season we probably deserved half of them.

    *We didn’t think he would play on Sunday because he was suspended – that makes me think he has all the qualities to join Arsenal!

    ‘*As long as no-one scored, it was always going to be close’

    *I have heard it said repeatedly that we don’t have a plan B, or we are unable to alter our style, but to be honest I think that is ridiculous. The people in the media are paid to talk, fair enough, but they are not paid to work for me, so their opinion is just their opinion. People are quick to bury you but in the end the quality of the football will always talk loudest. Let people talk if that’s their job, but at Arsenal we are people who live from actions rather than words.”

  7. Mike (the neighbour)

    Pedro Its a bit much that geoff has to enter the congo -Rambo like -to prove he doesnt like ladyboys -all he has to do is retract his previous comments .We´re very forgiving at Le Grove

  8. Odub

    Geoff should have taken Theo with him to toughen the boy up!!

    Think Charlie George hit the nail on the head with his comments. although I wouldn’t quite say this is a make or break season for him though.

    International week is just a fucking unwanted distraction, thankfully Flamster got over his injury from Tuesday night to make the bench last night. Senderos had an indifferent performance last night, Bendtner scored, and Gilberto’s Brazil beat the Irish and Hleb’s Belarus won a game for the first time ever! (Well not really!)

  9. Steve

    Mike, don’t speak for me I find forgivness a weakness. Still haven’t forgiven my mother in law for burning my Christmas dinner in 1999. Mad old bat.

    The mother in law that is not you Mike ole’ fella.

  10. Pedro

    I am glad to hear about Flamini’s ‘Senderos’ like recovery! What did everyone think about his performance last night? I know they lost, but he wasn’t that bad was he?

    G-man, interesting comment! I think I said something two days ago that was similar? All the professionals he has worked with seem to think the boy has talent, so lets take there comments and embrace them! Its a similar situation to Ade, most people thought he was shite but his fellow pros thought he was a great player.

    Theo is a nice boy… probably hiding some dark secret… maybe he’ll slide tackle somone at the weekend and reveal some sort of pink thong? I think he’ll come good though. Remember the last nice guy that player for us? Saint Thierry Henry!

    Where did you read about Gattuso being fit Gazzap? They are playing mind games… dirty bastards.

    I think what Geoff has planned in the Congo would scar Theo for life, maybe we could just sit Theo through a couple of Rocky Movies? Is he old enough?

  11. gazzap

    “It is just a little tight spot behind the right thigh,” Flamini said. “It is nothing serious, I hope I’ll be ready for Blackburn.”

    as for Gattuso on Goal it says:
    “Meersseman also spoke positively about the possibility that Kaka and Gattuso will make the London trip, lessening the Rossoneris’ injury woes significantly”


  12. gazzap

    “It is just a little tight spot behind the right thigh,” Flamini said. “It is nothing serious, I hope I’ll be ready for Blackburn.”

    as for Gattuso on Goal it says:
    “Meersseman also spoke positively about the possibility that Kaka and Gattuso will make the London trip, lessening the Rossoneris’ injury woes significantly”

  13. Gunnersaurus

    I hope we’re going to get the low down on Geoff’s trip, is he picking up a new Mrs Geoff? Or maybe diamond hunting?

    Can he take Eboue with him and leave him out there. It has been a good month without that guy causing all sorts of problems.

    What did everyone think of the 3 ex gooners playing yesterday? I thought Bentley looked sharp, Cashley like he was in some sort of marriage crisis and Upson looked ok.

    Who knew this, Giles Barnes (Exciting Derby winger) used to play for Arsenal! He moved to the midlands and had to leave. Our winger crisis could have been avoided!

  14. A2Gooner

    Did anyone else catch the US v. Mexico friendly last night? Vela was amazing! His pace and vision, as well as his dribbling and passing skills, make me think he will be able to slot right in to the squad when he comes. He came out aggressive, even in a very physical match. Should make a smooth transition to the PL.

  15. G4L

    For the person who questioned about Senderos,he did a good job defending,but it’s his passing that messes him up,like a minute before England scored,he made a horrible pass that Fernandes had to come back to knock the ball out for a corner,he picked up a knock with in like 3 minutes which I thought looked pretty bad at first but as the match wore on he seemed to be fine,he was subbed out early in 2nd half,but I think because his passing….good defensive skills,poor passing. Didn’t catch the Mexico game but read online and heard from people who watched it that Vela tore the American defense a new asshole lol!

  16. onibon

    i hate when people tend to wait for others to get injured. thank God most bof the ACmilan injured players will be fit for the match against Arsenal lossers