Pato-n the back for grounds keeper Willy – Keo on Theo – Zzzzzz

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Morning sports fans.

Blogger Geoff’s I.T system has failed him this morning, so I am filling in for him.

Apologies for the poor headline, its bad isn’t it?

Pato the duck is out injured for the next few weeks due to a twisted knee that he managed to pick up at Fiorentina. The guy has been on fire of late and has had a few Gooners panicking ahead of the Milan game. Now I can’t confirm that the Fiorentina grounds keeper is called Willy, probably Willisandro or something like that, but whatever his name is, we at Le Grove salute his shoddy pitchmanship! Pato will miss the first game for definite and has caused a striker crisis for Milan! Bravo Willisandro!

There are a lot of people talking about Theo this morning, Pearce had this to say,

‘I know full well if you take Theo out of Arsenal and put him in a lesser side somewhere he’ll start every week.’

‘But he’s playing for one of the top sides in the world, so he’s not going to start every week.’

A glowing reference you have to say. He is young and I think we all forget about that. When he learns to make snap decisions on the pitch instead of dithering and dinking those chipped crosses into the box, I am sure he will blossom!

Keo-wn had this to say,

‘Arsene has a great record of bringing young talent through and I’m certain that will be the case with Theo.’

‘I remember when he joined the club, I was still playing and he was terrific in training.’

‘He’s got everything you need to be a top-class player — speed, agility, and skill.’

‘I just think that he needs to grow up and learn the game though.’

‘Sometimes he tries to run at people too fast and loses the ball when really he needs to slow down and take a better option.’

I think Arsenal fans should take not that Keown and Pearce are no footballing mugs; they’ve played with the best so if they are saying he will be good, you have to believe them!

Is this week dragging for anyone yet?

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  1. Odub

    Morning all!

    See I didnt miss much yesterday! but hey, needed the day off after spending the weekend drinking loads for me 36th you see!

    Saw the Keown quote re Theo this morning, point well made, and am I right in thinking that Gattuso is also missing for our games against Milan?

    Shame but none of our boys are coming home from the ACN yet, saw Song play for Cameron last night, and he was amazingly good, although as usual he got involved in some niggly bits! What this ACN has however highlighted is the mistake Arsenal made in letting Yaya Toure go after having him on trial!! What a player!

    Anyway we’re doing fine without him, top of the league until at least sunday, let’s be honest, cant see City being the Mancs, even without Rooney!

  2. Bud

    Anyone watch the Beadle thing on TV last night…….. genuinly funny guy !!!

    Anyway, good post Pedro for a BORING international week !

    Anyone know if France have a friendly and if so is it on TV anywhere……. maybe Arsenal TV should show all French internationals as they are prodominately an Arsenal side again !!!

  3. Steve

    If you manage to find anything worthwhile to talk about tomorrow you should instantly be name ‘champ of the week’.

  4. Pedro

    I have a really good idea for tomorrows post, its controversial, but I think it could spark some hot debate!

    It is dependent on Blogger Geoffs IT though…

    Arsenal vs Spain should be a good game, I can never find these international games on sky? Don’t they do a similar thing to what they do in the champs league… selecta game?

    Odub, no Pato for one game and no Gattuso for 2 games! Excellent news! I hope Senderos has a good game tonight, I can’t deal with seeing him slip back again!

  5. Geoff

    Good late blog there Pedro, I’m back up and running, I like the sound of a controversial blog tomorrow so if you want to do it , fine by me.

    I saw the Cameroon bit and I’m sorry to say, the only two things I like about Song is his kit, and the fact he is in Ghana.

    Nothing you can say will change my mind.

    I know I once said that about Flamini once and I probably still think the jury is out on Senderos but Song does not fill me with hope and never has.

    Let’s hope I’m proved wrong.

  6. Odub

    I think Eurosport show all France’s frendlies, Sky Sports only get away England games and all the other home countries, so we’ll be treated to the delights of Wales, Ireland and Scotland tomorrow, while England will be on BBC.
    Will be more fun to watch the U21’s to see how Theo gets on to be honest, and I’m sure Psycho will play him up front seeing as Lennon’s in to play at right wing.

  7. Odub

    Geoff, I’ve had to hold my hands up this season because I kept telling everyone Adebayor was shit last season and would never make the grade……Think he’s doing fine don’t you?
    I have a funny feeling the same will might happen with Song (although not to the same level), he was man of the match for every game he played for Charlton last season, and hasnt dissapointed in the games he played this season.

  8. Odub

    Goodluck with that one Steve!

    Best song of the weekend from Pompey fans to Cashley….. Where’s your Cheryl gone, where’s your Cheryl gone!!! Quality!

  9. Bud

    What wa the story about Cole and throwing up in the back of an Astra last week…. Talksport keep teasing about it, but I must have missed a chunk of news last week ?!

    Also, anyone here the commentator on Sky at the Pompey v Chelsea game. When the Pompey fans were giving Cashley rakes, the commentator said, well, you have to expect this sort of thing when you are playing away from home…….. beautiful pun !!!

  10. gazzap

    Pearce has been using Walcott as a left winger a lot of the time. I think he does better down the left than the right but wenger is quite stubborn about that.

  11. Odub

    He came on against Germany last season and scored twice as a striker, hasnt faired as well when he plays from the left, think Milner will play left, Downing right, and Theo with someone else up front.

  12. Bud

    Thats the way its been for the last 4 or 5 !

    What time is kick off and is it on the box. The last U21 game wasn’t ?!

  13. TH14's Sense of Arrogance

    Ha ha…classic chant about cashley. Poor kid. Cheryl must not put out that much because why would you whore yourself off on some skag single mum when you’ve got her waiting at home? Crazy. In fairness though, you could say the same about his move from the Arse – why would you whore yourself off to those cultureless, boorish thugs at chelski when you can play the beautiful game at the most elegant clun in europe? Answer must be he is a mug.

    Song will become a beast one day. i am convinced. Walcott needs a run down the left. He needs the space infield to cut into on his right, he gets lost down the right wing and gets himself into trouble. Diaby has benefitted from playing left. Why not theo?

    When is RVP expected back? i’m sick of that sicknote.

  14. Geoff

    according to Wenger, he’s back in training but he won’t rush him.

    I bet he’s chomping at the bit given what Ade’s doing, can you imagine those two up front let lose on ManU and Milan, I can’t wait!!!

  15. Odub

    RVP should at least be ok now until the end of the season, which is when we need him the most! Dudu & Bendts are a decent back up team with Theo also in reserve. We’ll also have all the African boys back by next week as well!

    Looks good for the end of the season me thinks! No more negativity until further notice!!! First team to win at Man City, scored 3 goals in each of our last 3 games, looking good!

  16. lc

    Geoff, if you watch Song only for few minutes, then no need to portrait negative staff on him here. Song is actually an improved player, and I can tell you that he is far better player than Diaby, as I have been following him since day one of the ACN.

  17. Geoff

    Ic I’ve been following him since he arrived two years ago and I can’t see what Wenger sees in him.

    I’ve also been watching the African cup of nations and everyone looks good in that cup.

    I would suggest it’s harder to win the Carling cup and Arsenal would comfortably beat any of the sides in it, and please don’t all get bent out of shape those of you from Africa, I’m being realistic, most of the teams in it are made up from the lower teams in England, the guy who scored the winner for 10 man Ghana plays for Nottingham Forest and they are in our old third division.

    So I won’t hold my breath, though I really hope I’m wrong.

  18. Bud

    Last 4 proper games we’ve scored 3 goals !

    Re RVP, how tasty does it sound with Ade & Dudu running defences ragged, then bringing on RVP to tear them a second arsehole when they are worn out……. fuckin awsome !!!!!!!

  19. Odub

    I am deeply insulted by your comments Geoff!! Being part Nigerian I think your view devalues a competition that is rated highly worldwide and looked forward to with much anticipation on the continent!!

    Just kidding!! lol

    I’ve seen most of the games and honestly speaking, only about 10 players would fall into the world class bracket Drogba,Toure bros, Manucho, Essien, Zaki, Mikel, Eto’o (feel free to add to the list if you wish), so point taken re Song.

    I think you’re being a bit hard on the lad, considering he’s improved since last season. He’s still only about 20 isnt he? I saw him live at Craven Cottage last season and we lost 2-1, and we only started playing well after he went off.

  20. Geoff

    Being wholly English Odub, you can imagine how I feel about all the tossers that turned out for our national team, at least Nigeria qualified for something!

    I agree with you, the players that are world class are fabulous, but the rest, well…

    I think they should combine the ACN with the European Championship, it would spice up both and there would be no players missing at crucial points of the season, it would also be a lot of fun seeing just how good everyone really is.

    I know Song is young but as I’ve said before, so was Muamba but he didn’t get the chances Song has had, and Song may well turn out a good buy, but so could have Muamba and a few other notables.

  21. Steve

    Ic, you’ve been watching him from day 1 of the ACN??? Well done and I admire your resiliance. Paper hats all round. Next time somebody tells me “arsene knows’, i’m going to tell them “Ic knows, ‘cos he watched the African Nations Cup”.

    FFS what parellel universe conjurs such wisdom?

  22. Odub

    Geoff I agree with you mate! I’m more English than Nigerian having lived here for 95% and North london born and bred! The dross we’ve had to put up with from these over paid, over pampered, orgy obsessed cunts has been unacceptable since Euro ’96!!

    I still think England would have struggled in the ACN and would end up losing in the semis to someone like the Ivory Coast!

    Steve calm down mate!!! matey’s entitled to his own opinion…..even if I don’t agree with him!! I’d take Diaby over Song any day of the week!

  23. Steve

    Song may well turn out to be a great player Odub and believe me when I say that I hope he does. Drawaing a conclusion from seeing the boy “from day 1 of the ACN” is fucking daft. How many good sides has he come up against? Indeed, how many games has he played?

    Fuck it, I give up. He must be the best centre back since Adams and Bould if he keeps Angola at bay.

  24. gazzap

    i have seen bits of the ANC off and on and it seems the defending is not that good or at least its very inconsistent. play tends to be broken up by poor passing and mistakes rather than good play by the other team to win the ball back. I think the Ivory coast are a good team and have several good players but not many other teams have good players throughout their teams. I tell you what though, the Africans have a fearsome shot on them! they are very powerful in the main.
    song is an OK player. but in the ANC he looks like one of the best. that says a lot.

  25. Odub

    I wouldnt go that far!!!! He MIGHT become a good player, but he will never become as good as the 2 best centre backs our great club have ever had!!!

    Speaking of which, I’m so bored today, I’ve come up with this…

    Best Arsenal squad signed by Wenger…

    Lehmann – Lauren, , Kolo, Clicjy – Overmars- Vieira, Cesc, Pires – Adebayor, Henry Subs – Manninger, Gilberto, Gallas, Petit, Ljunberg, Flamini,RVP

    Can anyone do better??!!

  26. Pedro

    My gosh, I leave for a few hours and things get interesting!

    I think song will be ok in the future, he’ll never be a world beater though.

    Geoff, if Muamba had stayed past his 19th birthday he might have found himself picking up some chances. The foreigners don’t hand in transfer requests so they get more chances.

    Muamba spent the whole of last season out on loan when he was 18, song played a few games at 19… then got shipped out on loan as well.

    He has come back, fought for his place and got a few games (at Centre back). If Muamba had stayed this season, perhaps he would have got a few games as well. He was only 19 so he couldn’t have expected a first team place straight away.

    I haven’t seen any of the ACN this year? It doesn’t sound like I am missing much.

    Make sure you all tune in tomorrow for a Geoff and Pedro joint article! It promises to be nostalgic and maybe a little controversial!

  27. Geoff

    Actually you pair of know alls, he didn’t, Wenger told him he was way down the pecking order and he wouldn’t stand in his way if he wanted to leave, just like he did with the other English boys but he kept Aliadiere for 9 worthless years didn’t he.

    Song on the other hand keeps quiet and sits in the corner, he can’t believe it himself he hasn’t been lobbed out, of course he wouldn’t ask for a fucking transfer, no cunt would buy him if he did.

  28. Odub

    You really don’t like this guy do you Geoff?! My Mrs is the same!! She can’t stand the boy mainly because of his barnet!!!

    Also, I didnt mention Sol, so don’t taint me with the same brush as THAT Bud, thank you!! lol!

  29. Odub

    New Ex Arsenal players Cunt list

    Diarra – Big headed loud mouth midget cunt!
    Cashley the cunt Cole – Where’s your Cheryl gone!
    Reyes – what the fuck are you smiling at you diving cunt!
    Bentley – Flash big mouthed prick!
    Ljunberg – who’s struggling now you cunt!

    I told you I was bored!!!

  30. Geoff

    No Odub I don’t, I’m with your missus on that one! but Steve mentions Reyes and Cashley, he’s quite right, Viera’s another, that’s 3 that tried to leave for at least 2 seasons and Wenger refused, so it’s not a case of saying, ‘if they want to leave I can’t stop them’ is it.

    If it’s one of his favourites they get chance after chance, if it’s not, they’re off, and real quick.

  31. Odub

    yeah! Could never understand how Pascal fucking Cygan kept getting chance after chance!! How he managed 4 seasons at Arsenal I will never know!!

  32. Bud

    Up yours Odub………. Sol was foriegn in the head and you know it !

    Geoff, you are wrong re Muamba. He did that interview before teh Birmingham game and said he asked to leave and that Wenger wanted him to stay but could not give him any guarentees, the same as Larson !

    Anyway, Geoffs on his high horse, there’s no turning him when he has an opinion…..

    HOLD ON, HOLD ON……. this is Geoff’s site yeah…….. now doesn’t he say you can give an opinion but you won’t get one……… therefore Geoff, shut up, you have no rights !!!!!

  33. Pedro

    Fabrice Muamba:

    “I could have stayed if I wanted to,” Muamba said ahead of his first return to the Emirates. “But I didn’t want to.”

    He talked it through with Arsene Wenger before reaching his decision. “He said, ‘I’d love you to be here, but you’ve got to do what’s best for you. If you chose to stay here I’m not guaranteeing you’ll be playing week-in, week-out. If you want to do that you’ll have to go somewhere else’.

    Arsene Wenger was hardly going to say

    ‘Hey Fabrice, you played a great season in the Championship, how about we put you straight in the first team after all, you are English’

    Muamba was born a Zaire/Congo national, so really he is as foreign as Song if you want to play the ‘he had less chances at arsenal because of where he was born’ card.

    Wenger won’t promise anyone first team football, ask Diarra, Aliadiere and countless other foreigners who have left.

    Song has started 4 games this season, three of those were in the league cup and most of those he played out of position. Lots of clubs would take him if he left, he is a decent player.

    Anyway, Muamba was shite when he came to the Emirates and Birmingham are 3rd from bottom. Not a big loss.

  34. Odub

    Talk about having a hissy fit!!! The bitch in you aint pretty Bud!!

    I cannot believe Muamba sparked a debate on this blog! the guy never played for the full team for fuck sake!!


  35. Bud

    Not having a Hissy Fit……… just like jousting with King Geoffrey of Le-Grove !!!!!

    Tis a boring day. What about a joke, anyone know any?

  36. Bud

    Pedro, you truly are a wizard of teh t’internet !!!!

    I bet if I challenged you, you could even find the best recipe for shortcrust pastry ?!!!

  37. Odub

    Sorry mate, just got a call to report for vino duties at the running horse so I’m off!!

    Enjoy the U21’s tonight folks, hopefully young Theo has a blinder!

  38. Geoff

    Well there’s a surprise Pedro pasting a quote, well Pedro read your quote and you too bud.

    ‘I’d love you to stay but you’ve got to do what’s best for you’ Well what the fuck does that mean, I want you out but I want you to do it yourself.

    Did he say that to Reyes when Reyes told a Spanish radio station he wanted to play for Real and it would be an honour?

    Did he fuck, he said your going nowhere my little darling. Like he did when Viera said he wanted out.

    Had Muamba been given the amount of games that Song has or Flamini had, he may well be the next Viera, but he wasn’t, he was fucked off and you can parcel that up how you like.

    If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it is a duck.

    Don’t send me any more of your quotes, you can read into it what you like, I know what I see and Song is still an Arsenal player.

  39. Pedro

    This pastry is perfect for making apple and other sweet pies. Even if you’ve never made pastry before, as long as you stick to the correct measurements for the ingredients and you follow the method exactly, you’ll be laughing. The one place where you can experiment is with flavouring. If you don’t fancy using lemon zest, try another dry ingredient like orange zest instead. Or a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg or cocoa powder. Vanilla seeds are great too. Just remember to be subtle and don’t go overboard with any of these flavours!

    Try to be confident and bring the pastry together as quickly as you can – don’t knead it too much or the heat from your hands will melt the butter. A good tip is to hold your hands under cold running water beforehand to make them as cold as possible. That way you’ll end up with a delicate, flaky pastry every time.


    * 500g organic plain flour, plus extra for dusting
    * 100g icing sugar, sifted
    * 250g good-quality cold butter, cut into small cubes
    * Zest of 1 lemon
    * 2 large free-range or organic eggs, beaten
    * A splash of milk
    * Flour, for dusting

    It makes about 1kg?

    Hows that bud?

    My god… things really are boring?

  40. Bud

    Reyes cost £16,000,000, so no, he wasn’t allowed to leave for £7mill.

    Muamba was a trainee, that showed impatience, so as an upstart that cost us diddly, Wenger said, fine, go, make me 2 large in the process and enjoy your relegation battle, you should be a good player next year in the Chamionship !!!!

  41. Geoff

    you two are sounding like a pair of faggots, Reyes didn’t cost £16mil he cost €16 mil and we paid €6 up front, the €16 was based on appearances etc, etc so was never paid, we got our money back, that’s all.

    Wenger should have let the cunt rot in the reserves, but he didn’t.

    As far as Ade and Flamini were concerned, they were shit at the start, but they were given loads of games, Muamba was given none.

    Thats it, end of story.

    Bud if you want to come up with word for word facts, type your keyword into google and you’ll get a ton of useless shit.

    If you can do it all by yourself on the other hand I might respect you more.

  42. Bud

    Calm down Geoff, it’s only a blog site…… you’ll get your blood pressure right up if you do not calm down !!!!

    I respect my opinion Geoff and I also respect yours, even if it wrong……..

    Now Pedro, how about Shortbread, have you got a recipe for that???

  43. Pedro

    Its been fun debating with you guys! I am off to work on the Geoff / Pedro masterpiece!

    Make sure you all tune in tomorrow!


  44. Bud

    Why are you twatting me? Geoff, chill my friend, I don’t even like Song that much, just like winding you up, but I think he’s gonna be an Arsenal Great given time !!!!

  45. Geoff

    Bud is so right actually. I have to be honest, I have just gone over some footage of the ACN and Song does look really good…. Hands up guys, sorry !

  46. Geoff

    And I think now is the right time to admit I have a soft spot for Tottenham and also a penchant for LadyBoys.

    Thats better, got that off my chest at last !

  47. gazzap

    Muamba would be a decent back up player now to Flam. nowhere near as good as Diarra was, but why are we arguing about a backup player? is it just because he is English? I dont think Muamba would get into the England team anyway – yes I know he is with the under 21’s but I really cant ever see him playing for the England first team. he was no real loss to us. backup players come and go, its when we lose total class players that I hate it and Muamba was not that. diarra was a far bigger loss.
    what we need is the next Richards, Terry, Gerrard or Rooney. Walcott looks like another backup player to me, same as Hoyte. yes I will give him 2 years but thats what he looks like to me. we probably could fill all our back up positions with English players I wonder if that would keep the fans and media happy?

  48. bud

    no Geoff is right, I’m delusion, I just did what he said and typed in know fuck all about football on google and bud came up.

  49. Geoff

    Gazzap know one seems to understand my point.

    I know Muamba is not Patrick Viera, but nor is Song and nor was Flamini or Aliadiere, but they were all given a run in the first team, Flamini came good, my point is Muamba could have come good as well.

    He never got the chance though.

    That’s all.

  50. Bud

    We aren’t arguing Gazzap, we are just winding Geoff up into a thunderous fury of Thor……. been bloody good fun though, coz like Beadle, Geoff is always Game for a Laugh !!!!!

  51. Pedro

    Well I’ve found two sites that dispute your transfer fee for Reyes?


    ‘The £10.5m fee was negotiated with top ups, depending on the success of Arsenal, which could rise to £17m.’


    ‘The Gunners revealed on Wednesday they would pay an initial £10.5m, with £7m to follow depending on appearances.’

    The lowest I could find was £6.9 million on a Guardian forum. He played 110 times for us, I am sure some sort of appearance fee was paid.

    You can talk about Muamba not getting his chance, but the fact of the matter is that he left before he could be given any, he didn’t even give it a season after his loan! He gave up…

    Anyway, really off now…

    See you for muchos debatos tomorrow!