20 mil bid for Quaresma in the offing and Arsenal go top

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According to libel football Barca are ready to make a 12 mil bid for Hleb and we are planning a £20 mil raid for Quaresma.

I’ve always liked Quaresma but February is a bit too early to speculate, I would like to think we could, but I’m not so sure Wenger would show his hand this early, mind you this is about the time the Rosicky rumours started so who knows, Arsene does, right?

Hleb will always be a possibility but I’m sure we will extend his 2009 contract, however, we need to do that soon and not have another Flamini situation on our hands.

We have now put some daylight between us and the chavs and 2 points with the Mancs, with some very winnable games coming up, we must not drop points again, this is our time and the boys know it.

Interesting to see Drogba yesterday copying Ade’s celebration when he scored against Guinea, possibly the worst team I have seen in the CAN so far, it was good to see Ghana win and keep potato head Essian tied up for another couple of weeks, good also to see Kolo wasn’t playing, but with the resurgence of Big Phil, we may not need him quite so badly as we did when he left, so well done Phil.

The City game was one we had to be convincing in and boy were we? an awesome display by all and a special mention to Senderos, Sagna, Ade and Eduardo.

It’s making me lick my lips at the thought of Robin Van Persie hitting form in time for the Mancs and Milan, it’s all looking good, clean and tasty as the video clip from days gone by mentioned once.

We have until next Tuesday to rest and shove a few things down big mouth Bentley’s throat before we have to play the Mancs in the cup.

Great performance boys, it’s now in your hands, get a good lead so when we have to play the enemy at their gaffs, it doesn’t matter.

Have a great week Grovers, it’s going to be a little quiet for a while.

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  1. Geoff

    the point of the story is to suggest we may want to get him to sign a contract before he’s allowed to leave on a free, now that is what I thought was obvious, aint it?

  2. Geoff

    We did with Wiltord, Edu and Flamini could go for Zero profit, we need to tie him down to a contract.

    I don’t want him to go, for me he is one of our top 4 players this season, but if we don’t extend his contract, he can go on a free in 2009.

  3. Pompel

    The Barca scum must be under the impression that Arsenal is their own farmer feeder club! Barca should keep their &*^@*^%* greaseball fingers off our players! How many Arsenal players actually succeded on Nou Camp?! Herny was a f***** flopp that followed the Barca check book.

  4. Sid Snot

    Ex Arsenal players: Petit a Barca flopp, Silvinho a Barca flopp, Overmars so and so, HERNY a super Barca flopp and Van Bronckhorst a Barca flopp! Need i say more?!
    Hleb…the grass is NOT greener on Camp Nou!!

  5. Pedro

    Petit was a flop for sure, he left because he couldn’t get in the team. Overmars never recreated his goal scoring form and had to retire through injury… he left barca trophyless. Silvinho and Gio did well, but silvinho wasn’t a surprise was he! Thierry still has 10 goals in 21 games, so not doing too bad.

    Hleb won’t leave regardless, he has only just established himself here, and he seems to love playing for us!

    That opinion is pretty baseless… but whatever! Wenger wont let a superstar leave! They never go at their peak do they?

    I’d love Quasar in my team, I wonder though… the fee would be huge and we seem to have a similar player in Vela? We shall see… I don’t expect the summer to be busy on the transfer front.

  6. Azza

    I think Quaresma is a bit of a luxury player and wouldn’t fit into our team ethos and I certainly don’t see wenger splashing out 20mil on any player let alone him, although it would be nice to see him in the squad because he is good to watch. As for the idiot that says Thierry is a barca flop, you know nothing – as he has started to do a terrific job at Barca.

  7. Bud

    There’s a surprise……. we win 3-1, go clear at the top of the league and still you guys find room to worry about things that are not worth worrying about !!!

    Put things into perspective guys.

    And Pedro, did you have to take Jeremy Beadle off Le-Champ so soon……. christ man, they haven’t even burried him yet !!!

    Whilst on the subject of Beadle, they’ve been talking about how bick his cock was….. but on the other hand………….

  8. Baggio

    RQ would be a superb addition to the right side of our midfield, a natural flair player with superior technique, although a bit of a slow coach in realtion to the speedsters le boss usually buys.

    The best news over the last 7 days is gattuso injured for a month and last night, the kid who could have potentially caused us more damage than kaka, pato, also got injured and is very likely to miss at least the 1st leg


  9. Bud

    We got another kid playing over at Salamanca in Spain called Pedro Bothelo. Just made his first start for them.

    He’s Brazillian and plays Left Midfield and cost us £1million last summer apparently. Had to ship him out to our spanish feeder thogh as he did not qualify for a permit over here!

    Does anyone know anything about him?

  10. Geoff

    I think everyone fucked off when you did your negative comment this morning bud, it’s your fault, the hits are up, just no comments.

    Baggio, I hope you’re right, if we play the sort of football we did in the last 3 games we ought to win.

  11. Geoff

    this one is for anyone that thinks Beckham should be in the England squad to pick up another free cap, written by Des Kelly in the Mail.

    It’s a bit long but a worthwhile read.

    So the idea that the same old faces will be on parade at Wembley, while the Beckham charabanc chugs out its celebrity smokescreen, is deeply depressing.

    ‘He deserves that century,’ argued Alan Hansen. ‘It is only a friendly and it is the right thing to do.’

    Even those armed only with a McDiploma in burger flipping should be able to see the opposite is true. Nobody ‘deserves’ an international call-up unless it is an honour earned on merit. This is an England match, not some mawkish testimonial.

    Capello has to kick these corrosive ideas into touch on day one along with the lame assertion that any international is ‘only a friendly’. That attitude has been England’s downfall for years and, when you are paying the man in charge anything between £4.5million and £6m pre annum, the word ‘only’ has no right to be used in the conversation. Every game has to matter.

    We are in an era when English footballers are regarded by a large cross-section of the public as overpaid, under-achieving show ponies more obsessed with cultivating their bank accounts and profiles in Hello! than winning trophies.

    It may be an ugly stereotype, it may be an exaggeration for many and a downright slur on a host of good professionals, but it’s hard to deny until someone provides evidence to the contrary at the highest level.

    In that context, turning the Swiss game into a red carpet twirl for a semi-retired footballer would be a serious error of judgment. Beckham has been an admirable servant for his country over the years, but he has not played since November.

    He is clearly not match fit and no amount of photocalls at Arsenal’s training ground will change this state of affairs and make him more worthy than an in-form Premier League player.

    Besides, he is a symptom of a wider problem. Too many of the previous squad came to regard their England selection as a divine right and there were times when they played accordingly.

    Although they were often accused of ‘not caring enough about the shirt’, the fact is many of them simply regarded their presence in the side as guaranteed, a spot they were never likely to surrender.

  12. casicky

    what a way to start the week being top and all absolutely brill,its going t be a tense finale but the team has amazed me and i have to say Senders has been the most to amaze me.

    i was here sum games after the Newcastle games and i was going on bout how he hadnt been really tested coz because he hadnt come across a proper physical striker but he played well at the eastlands and um impressed,against Blackburn will be a real test for him,against Santa Cruz and Mccarthy with balls coming from Bentley-shit n Perdersen…i hope he passes that test coz i feel Kolo is going to be rested when he comes back from ACN.

    We Gunner Gunn Em…

  13. Pedro

    A good article.

    Its intereseting that Wenger and Ferguson both said he should win his 100th cap based on merit, not charity.

    I’d have to agree with those sentiments.

    Its awfully quiet everywhere today, I think thats what happens when there is nothing to look forward to!

    We can’t even brag about our loanee’s, none of them performed!

    I’m loving the Ade stories everywhere! A bit concerned about Milan and Madrid… but he only just signed a new contract…

  14. ashaw71

    So in missing out on the best Portuguese winger 4 years ago, and the second best (Nani) this summer, Wenger goes for the third string.


  15. Craig

    You didn’t give us anything to debate, except an old story.

    Ade is the number 2 in the opta stats for eurpoe today, that says something. Fennin was number one, the arse were after him in the summer if I remember right? Lehmann thinks he will win his number one jersey back and Wenger thinks Ade is better than Drogba.

    Love being a gooner! does anyone think City and Liverpool can cause an upset?

  16. Geoff

    I agree totally, City without Elano will get hammered.

    Liverpool I expect to nick at least a point as I don’t think Chelsea are that good, Liverpool have more firepower than most of what the chavs have played recently.

    Although I don’t rate him, Benitez needs to pair Crouch with Torres as he is an awkward sod who scores goals.

  17. Mike (the neighbour)

    Fuck me just typed a post and the web went down
    Sorry Bud being doing domestics .Had a designer round to the Villa so I can impress my neighbour ,Ufortunately he was gay and I had to walk around the villa with my back to the wall -wonder what the eqivalent of a nine bob note in Euros is .
    Really liked that article geoff thought the point about divine right was spot on after all at club level it doesnt work if youre not on form you aint in ,Copello may bring a refreshing dynamic to the selection process !Think I might start reading the mail again .Bud just a word of warning steve did the on the other hand joke along with many others four days ago -so he may be pissed off with you -Hopefully he will read it after a few red wines and wont care

  18. Baggio


    Well up for the remainder of the season, think le boss has kept the lads in 2nd gear over the xmas period in order to get them peaking from feb till may, ferking genius!

    old red nose taggart up northern monkey land has let his motley crew peak to early in the season.

    i think we can give em a lesson in sexy football up their manor in a couple of weeks time, huge huge psychological game!

    i just love eddy & addy up front, perfect pairing…. the best since wirghty and dennis for me.

    eddy is something else, purest striker at Arsenal since IW8.

  19. Mike (the neighbour)

    Steves exact post Bud was
    Jeremy Beadle had a big cock on the other hand it was quite small –
    Anyway as Steve hasnt surfaced today -think youll get away with it …How dare you infer my neighbour is gay -he´ll send round his mate Dale winton to scratch your eyes out

  20. Mike (the neighbour)

    Well Arsene now reckons its gonna take 90 points to win the premiership .Apparantly this was done in the invincibles 2003 /4 season -SO Piece of piss then

  21. Goonerbeall

    Please, dont get me started. I suffer from hypertension and therefore not good to wind me up. Hleb is not going anywhere and please stop going on about Quaresma because I love this kid and Wenger does’nt do this kind of transfers. This is also February and I have read somewhere that Spuds are on to him as well. Should they get him to add to Berbatov I will be totally gutted.

    Lets hope Van Persie comes back and start to smash in free kick to add to Ade’s and Edouardo’s beauties. My only worry is, can we have all three in a team? And where would Hleb/Rossicky play? I’m also worried that Milan have chosen a funny time to make a recovery. Can we do them at Emirates? Otherwise all appear to be hunkydorry

  22. iqwoo

    I’m guessing if Vela comes in Next season Arsenal Will most probably sell away Eboue.
    Vela is totally awesome. Much better than Pato i think =D
    If Hleb wants to leave for Barca, I hope Arsene’s brain will click and ask for Sneijder in Return!