13 and unlucky for City!

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Today we play Man City in their 13th home game of the season, and even their own blog sites are predicting a 2-1 win to the team with the second best away record in the league, us, the Arsenal.

Clichy, cock-a-hoop with his first call up to his national team, France that is, not England, Adebayor, scoring freely and having huge amounts of smoke blown up his arse by players and manager alike and with Diaby and big Phil coming into the form we’ve prayed for all season, we really look set to kick on and show the world we can win this thing.

I expect the Spuds to draw with ManU and I expect Portsmouth to beat the Chavs, I think the Defoe factor will lift Portsmouth today, and add a little bit of Diarra, there could be a real upset there.

So we need to pass the ball around and defend well, it’s the best we have played coming in to a game since we were ripping it up earlier in the season so I’m confident of another big win today.

Don’t really understand why the bossed saw fit to tell us we almost bought a player, but he did and we didn’t, still as he says, it’s his job to see we don’t go bankrupt.

Tough ask that, being as we are in fact the worlds new richest club, but thanks anyway, we really appreciate you looking after your money.

Good luck fellow Grovers, today we make a move on the rest.

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  1. g00ner

    Just thought i’d let you all know that I nearly brought a Ferrari today, but I didn’t and I don’t want to go bankrupt! 😉

    Up the Arse…

  2. Geoff

    So, how comes Johan Djourou spends the first half of the season at Birmingham mostly uninjured, plays one game for us in January and spends the next 4 weeks injured? are they really injured? are we that unlucky? is it our training methods?

  3. Baggio

    FFS is diaby that blind?

    every time there is an easy pass on to keep the move on and he thinks he is f@cking messi and goes and loses possesion.

    get him OFF and theo on.

  4. Baggio

    he keeps giving it away in good moves and we get countered, he never ever passes one touch, always got to trap it go onto his right and then make the wrong pass or try and dribble past the entire team.

  5. Geoff

    Interesting half guys, we totally dominated and a moment of madness and they’re back in.

    Still can’t see us not scoring again and even though Phil is solid every time he passes it over 10 yards, he gives it away.

    I still fancy we’ll score another, then they’ll collapse.

    Providing we stop giving them the ball that is.

  6. Evo in Oz

    clichy need to take a leaf out of the tony adams book and heave that ball into the stands rather than losing possesion and giving up the goal!

  7. Evo in Oz


    prefer to go for the juggular now and score a heap more goals to improve the -5 goal difference as it could come down to that to decide the league

  8. Evo in Oz

    is anyone else sensing a dull atmosphere at the ground? maybe its just the sound on the coverage im watching….

  9. Evo in Oz

    0-0 would be better with ronaldo to break his leg and keane and scholes to both have penalties saved….couldnt be a nicer happening to two cunts!

  10. Mike (the neighbour)

    It is most probably stating the bleedin obvious adebayor played a blinder not only for the goals but for his work rate and determination as well -great stuff -been off the booze for last 24 hours but going back on it now -una cerveza grande on its way !!!

  11. Geoff

    the only way to be Mike! well Le Grove predicted 3-1 (after they scored of course) but a great display and we should have had 2 penalties.

    Top of the league and could have a gap if the rest of my predictions come true.

    The only two negatives for me were Diaby’s ability to give the ball away and Lehmann insisting on kicking the ball long and giving straight to them, I have to say I feel much more at ease with Almunia.

  12. Craig

    What do you propose Lehmann do Geoff, play it short every time? What happens when the full backs lose it – theres no one covering them. Once a keeper kicks it forward, its up the the midfielders to win it. He did well considering how little he plays.Enjoyable game today, the first team to win at the eastlands this year. thats quite a tally Ade is racking up, I hope ronaldo breaks his leg today.

  13. Geoff

    I agree it was a good game but what makes you think the full backs will lose it? that happened once, I don’t like the long ball game.

    Anyway there’s nothing to stop him throwing to the midfield, the moment it goes to their centerbacks they have possession, doesn’t make sense to me.

    I agree with you with Ronaldo though, that would be amusing.

  14. Mike (the neighbour)

    Geoff them crystal balls were working re the spuds game -Just watched it on Show TV which we get in Spain .The united goal was just outside the 3 mins of extra time virtually the last kick of the game and came from a corner and it looked like it was gonna be a spuds win -which the independents said they deserved -They may say that but I couldnt possibly comment .Just waiting on the chelsea game .Well done mate clearly you are back on form .Sorry guys no ronaldo leg break -still reckon Ades gonna piss all over him though -Good day all round

  15. Odub

    Spuds only had to hold out for another 30 seconds the useless pricks!
    Anyway 2 point gap, and a home game to follow. Adebayor scores for 8 games in a row, Dudu gets another composed, accomplished finish, back four cruised all day (even though Clichy over did it but he will learn) All 11 did well enough, apart from maybe Diaby who still fancies his dribbling skills, which are shyte!

    Back to the drinking!! Enjoy the weekend, and let’s start singing again….

    We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!! We are top of the league, say we are top of the league!!

  16. Mike (the neighbour)

    Ok Geoff the chavs a draw however it appears your Defoe factor came into play -Canyou give me some numbers for the mid week lottery draw please .My neghbours likely to be building an extension and i

  17. Mike (the neighbour)

    …fuck me it sent it before I finished ……and I wanna build a bigger one !!!!!!!
    Enjoy your beer tonight geoff and if Mrs Geoff lets you some red wine as well .I am back on the booze at least for tonight .

  18. Evo in Oz

    good for pompey to draw as well, cant believe Dafoe finally scored a goal? anelka did as well.

    Also cant believe spurs paid 8 mil for hutton, but it sounds like their defence was pretty good for once? definitely wouldnt have minded signing berbatov, i must admit i was scared the day i heard he signed for spurs….

  19. Phobia

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