Gibbs and Randall out – Wenger turns to cloning guru – Weak Youth team?

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Two of our hot young prospects Gibbs and Randall went to Norwich and Burnley respectively (On Loan), and I agree with that, I think Denilson and Theo may have benefited too but for whatever reason they stayed.

Wenger again refused to spend any money and the rumour is he has gone to a laboratory run by Georgio Armani a cloning guru as he now believes in making the best young talent from around the world as it’s cheaper and he can choose the parent, Pele was seen near the lab, randy old pervert.

The second faze of the season begins and all talk of signings has gone at least until May, which is a good thing as it stops us all speculating and getting angry with no activity.

I raised the question yesterday if we have the best young talent why don’t we win the FA Youth Cup, is it because we don’t have the best youngsters?

In the last few years we have signed Kyle Bartley, Fran Merida, Nordtveit, Van den berg, Gilles Sunu and Rui Fonte, but we don’t seem to clean up at youth level. Interesting, I wonder if anyone has any theories.

I expect us to get a result this weekend and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chelsea and ManU dropping points, so it’s doubly vital that we don’t stumble up there in the cold wastes of Scotland, or where-ever the blue side of Manchester is.

We are apparently unchanged for tomorrows game with Rosicky and Robin the ‘boy wonder’ still short, I think an unchanged team bodes well and Flamini seems to be more vital to our machine than anyone and that amazes me, what a transformation, I look to him now a bit like I used to with Patrick and the goal he scored against Newcastle was a contender for goal of the season, so keep it up Matti and sign the contract.

Big Phil seems to have discovered defending again and is starting to look more assured, with Micah Richards facing him, I hope he tries to prove who the real daddy is, so good luck Phil and be the daddy.

I expect us to show our credentials in the best possible way and romp to another 3 nil win.

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  1. Jack

    I always thought that we don’t clean up Youth-wise because the youth team we put out is generally a year younger than everyone elses’ youth line-ups …
    And this is because we bring the young players (Theo, Denilson, Traore) into the 1st team squad earlier than most teams …

    Is this bollocks? – I haven’t really looked into it, just my impression … Can someone confirm?

  2. Big Johan

    Good to see Burnley being rewarded for playing our brand of football against us in the cup and being entrusted with Randall. Looks as though Randall, Gibbs, Merida and Vela are expected to be the breakthrough players for next season.

    Good question on the youth cup. I think we did have some injuries this season and were playing the holders Liverpool away – and unlucky to go out in the semi last year

  3. Geoff

    that could be a good point well made, perhaps it’s apples and pears and we are making the wrong comparison.

    Please not that the profanity was added without my permission by Pedro, why he felt the need for bad language is beyond me, so if the Arsenal steward come on again please note, it wasn’t me.

  4. Mike (the neighbour)

    Thank god Arsene isnt on another rotation policy no point in breaking up a winning formula .Hopefully this will see us through the next phase of criical games .I like the sound of 3 nil as well. By the way geoff cloning comes from extracted cells -so wanking in a test tube isnt necessary -not that ive tried it

  5. Pedro

    Yeah, I heard we field a team a lot younger than everyone else in the cup, I guess that is why we do it with the first team as well!

    Still, it doesn’t matter how good you are, you still need a bit of luck!

    I think the loan moves are a good idea! Lets hope they play well because I’d like to see them again. I do think they are both very slight for the Championship, but we’ll see!

    No more transfer talk, what a relief!

    I hope Micah has a nightmare tomorrow, the flamster scores another wonder goal and Eduardo gets back on that score sheet!

    I am confident if victory! Who have the mancs got?

  6. Geoff

    Tottenham, but I thought the age for the youth cup had a ceiling, like 18, so our boys couldn’t have been that young could they.

  7. Goofle

    The reason we do not win all games at youth level is because we do not have the physical attributes that Liverpool etc have instilled in their youngsters. Thats a good think because we are far and away the most technically adept under 18 and reserve team in the land. When they reach 19-20 they will mature. Some more than others.

  8. Pedro

    Yeah, but if you are putting 15 year olds in the under 18’s there is quite a big physical difference… and probably technical.

    I didn’t put that swear word in, you did… butchering the English language in the name of humour…

    The Mancs were pretty shite against the spuds in their last game? They have to turn somone good over at some point this year! Heres hoping for tomorrow! What about the Chavs?

  9. Andy

    We don’t win the youth cup because the very best of our players are always out on loan or playing for the 1st team – See Merida, Simpson, Connolly, Gilbert, Walcott… Where as our opposition are usually around 18, our FA youth cup team is usually made up for players around the age of 16 – 18… It’s all part of Arsene’s policy of playing players at levels “higher” than their age group so that they are tested more…

  10. Odub

    My theory on the youth team is this….Too many foreign youngsters ! They’ve left their homes at such an early age, and take 2 seasons to adapt. liverpool won last season with basically a bunch of scousers, last time we won it, Harper,Sidwell, Thomas, Ricketts, garry, Smith, Spicer and co were in the team. Make any sense?! Or am i talking shit as usual?

  11. Bud

    I watched the younguns (TRADEMARK) last night on Arse TV. Even tho they lost to Liverpool, they were the better side and unlucky in front of goal. And in fairness as pointed out above. 5 of our key players at that age were out. The loaners as well as the likes of Jack Wilshere (central midfielder with 12 goals in 11 games) and Rhys Murphy (Last seasons top scorer at Youth Level and a big prospect for example.

    Jack & Rhys will be the big names next year, trust !!!

  12. Pedro

    Were there any stand outs in that team bud?

    Odub, I don’t think being foreign comes into it. It worked out ok for Cesc, Clichy, Eboue, Toure and a bundle of others.

    I just think it comes down to it being a cup competition… its luck of the day, and apparently lady luck was not present in the gooner dressing room.]

    I’ve heard good things about Jack & Rhys, I like the sound of Paul rodgers as well! Proper english name!

    Its dead on the feeds today, do you think everyone over blogged yesterday? Or everyone is on the booze early?

  13. Odub

    Pedro dont think the 4 you mentioned played for our youth teams apart from maybe Clichy.

    I did see clips of the Liverpool game online and like you said luck played it’s part. It will be nice to get some good old fashioned local boys in the squad for a change, seeing as our last few english gambles havent paid off!

    Couldnt care less where there from to be honest, as long as we (Arsenal) finish top!!!

  14. Steve

    The age ceiling is 19 I think, but we play 16/17 year olds and push the 18/19 year olds into the reserves. That is why we frequently get hammered in the reserves league because they come up against first team players searching for match practice. Youth cup doesnt mean that much any way. Record holder for most goals in a youth cup run? A certain J. Aliadiere now plying his trade for Boro

  15. Pedro

    He was reading the Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins on the side line.

    The guy is going places.

    Clichy played in it, and I think Cesc did one year up until the final? He was 15 when he came over. Maybe Eboue and Toure didn’t, but Hoyte, Senderos, Djourrou all did.

    Your right though, who gives a fuck… its like getting upset over the worthless!

    How many goals has Aliadiere scored this year for Boro?


  16. Bud

    Geoff, are you still angry at me?

    He made some very good runs into space and behind their defence and made space with the ball.

    Next Question !

  17. Odub

    Alliadiere belongs in a select group of Arsenal players… The shit ones we could see were shit but Wenger couldnt..other members were Cygan, Stepanovs, Vivas, Richard Wright, Jeffers cant remember anymore!

  18. Geoff

    Mendes, Tavilirides, Diawara, the Argy forward and Christopher Wrey.

    Bud I’ve never been angry with you, I’ve never seen an intelligent footballer is all.

  19. Bud

    The Beckham one was a joke because I know you love, sorry I mean loathe him, but you can’t say Dennis wasn’t an intelligent footballer…….. brain thoughts processed for the next move and where to play the ball before he has recieved it, intelligent to predict a players movement around him etc etc……

    I think we have todays topic for gibberish discussion here…….


  20. Geoff

    Beckham is a thick, self centered, wanker that ruined England’s chances of winning anything, Fowler just had good advisers.

  21. Odub

    Gotta agree with you Bud, Dennis was an intelligent footballer, can’t think of any others though, so maybe there is a point here that the rest are as thick as Trigger!

  22. Geoff

    Dennis was a one off though, I was listening to chopper Harris on a programme the other day and I couldn’t believe what I was listening to.

  23. Bud

    What about Big Phil, now he has an Economics Degree……. but thats not what I am meaning. You can teach a Parrott to talk…….


    There’s gotta be more !

  24. Geoff

    Having an economics degree means you had a good memory, Bill Gates didn’t get a degree nor did Richard Branson or Clive Sinclair, come to think of it nor did I, …Pedro did.

    I’m resting my case with what intelligence stands for.

  25. Bud

    As I say Geoff. Parrotts and Talking, Dogs and Barking !

    Good shout there Odub with Cesc, but why. What makes him an intellegent player, whats he got that others don’t ?

  26. Odub

    Bud I’ve watched that kid play live and the reason he seems to have more time on the ball than everyone else is he does this strange quick four directional check befoe he gets the ball or passes so he knows what’s coming at him from all angles at all times.

    I think that counts as intelligence doesn’t it?

  27. Bud

    I’ve got a theory on that. Fab has super abilities because he is secretly Sylar out of Heroes…. so he absorbs other people abilities !!!!!!

    Pedro, can you add a “seperated at birth” section and put Cesc & Sylar on it…… its frightening !!!!!

  28. Big Johan

    Sorry but i must come to Aliadiere’s defence – bracketing him with Stepanovs and Jeffers is grossly unfair – he was unfulfilled promise but not shit. His performance v Liverpool in the Carling last season was one of the highlights of last season – but he was almost permanently injured and when fit found himself lumbered (an appropriate choice of words) with Baptista, who really was shit. His scoring record with Boro just proves that he is a good support striker, good at running and assists but not a not a natural goalscorer – has laid on some good goals for Tuncay (and miss of the season by the Korean guy last weekend)

  29. Geoff

    I think Aliadiere was one of those players that never delivered on the chances he was given, yes he was outstanding in the Liverpool game but he was given plenty of chances after that, and Baptista was his partner in the Liverpool game and he scored 4 goals, so I think it’s a little wayward to blame the beast.

    Aliadiere was given 9 years since he made his first team debut, which was 9 years longer than Sidwell or Muamba got.

  30. Odub

    Any good to world class player given 9 years to try and prove themselves at a football club should eventually come through, which is why i still maintain he wasnt good emough. i think he actually admitted that himself and so did Seb Larsson.

  31. Big Johan

    Geoff, three of those four i think were handed to him on a plate by aliadiere – and in subsequent games the Beast couldnt find the net but would never release the ball to other players (not just Ali) – anyway that’s history – i just dont think the verdict is as clear cut as with other “failures” – and i would have kept Muamba (but not Larsson although i love his honesty)

  32. Craig

    None of them are setting the world a light with great performances are they, so its pretty much irrelevant anyway. Ali never handed in a transfer request during those 9 years, apart from Christmas last year, but we kept him because we needed his services due to injuries. If you hand in a transfer request at Arsenal you get it, its not an English hate campaign, look at Diarra. The Beast was a terrible player as well, i’d lump him in with the Stepanovs and Diawaras of this world. His goals have dried up for madrid, I heard Man City and Liverpool were after him – hopefully they’ll get him!

  33. Evo in Oz

    The Beast and Aliadiere situation from last season was certainly a strange one…. they scored some goals, but when the tough got going in the last section of the season, they were the only strikers we had left (even in some league games) and they couldnt hit the side of the largest barn in the world you have ever seen, let alone score a goal.

    I didnt mind the beast, but it just wasnt the right conditions for him, maybe another day it might have worked out?

  34. Geoff

    Almunia is out with a sore thumb tomorrow so mad Jens is back, sore thumb eh, he won’t rush him back as that could lead to a thigh strain.

    At least the game is on live TV.

  35. Geoff

    I don’t go on it anyway, it’s a condescending site, a few posts ago it was lecturing on the holocaust, I don’t read websites to get lectured on events that happened 60 plus years ago, football blog sites are about football.

  36. Odub

    Geoff I seem to remember a certain football blog site that spent a whole day on subjects like perverted vicars, cross dressing, jeremy beadle and man boobs! Care to comment?!

  37. Pedro

    They were taken offline yesterday for 24 hours yesterday for mocking someone?

    I wonder who that could be?

    I hope it wasn’t Jeremy Beadle?!

    I think I am going to save all the code for this site just in case wordpress get trigger happy with the delete button!

    The holocaust article was boring, I think whoever wrote that blew it all out of proportion and made an issue out of something that most gooners who went to that match didn’t hear.

    If you hear somone being a racist in a pub, you don’t lecture the whole pub about being racists…

  38. Pedro

    I don’t even want to get onto this subject!

    A whole can of worms that don’t need to be opened!

    Lets talk about vicars again…

    Thank fuck its Friday, what a boring week!

    Its quiet on here today…! Its quiet on all the blogs!

  39. Odub

    yeah i’m suire they were mate! It is a bit quiet online today considering it’s friday! Should have stayed in the pub to be honest! Anyway can someone please start a topic worth debating for the next couple of hours please?!!

  40. Bud

    It was the Star Letter with the story where you had the choice to use either word that came into your head starting with Y/N (thats how they did it. They gave you the letters and invited you to think of the words that fitted in with the story)……… rambling on about society and 2 faced’ness and how they call each other these words, but if a white or non Jewish person or non spud fan said it, its racist etc . Its actually in the Gooner Fanzine Mag.

  41. Bud

    I’ll start a debate. Everyone go online and look up an image of Sylar and then come back to me and tell me that ain’t Fabregas !!!!!

  42. Pedro

    Oh right, you are truly asking for trouble with a forum opener like that!

    Who was the person they were talking about? It said make no reference to gender or nick name… and don’t post any pictures?

  43. Odub

    no chance! Almunia’s no 1!!, And ud, don’t know why but I decided to take your advice, googled Sylar, and there was young Cesc staring back at me on wikipedia!! Uncanny!!

  44. Baggio

    le boss has today told the BBC that cristiano ronaldo was at highbury on trial before utd got him

    Wenger said: “He was here much earlier – he could tell you that if he wants.

    “Manchester United had a partnership with Sporting Lisbon when United assistant coach Carlos Queiroz moved and that made it very difficult.”

    Wenger refused to elaborate any further when questioned about Ronaldo’s time with Arsenal.

    “I don’t want to create any story that isn’t needed,” the Frenchman told BBC football correspondent Jonathan Legard.

  45. Odub

    Beer is for yobs!lol…

    Why does Wenger feel the need to tell the world he had Ronaldo on trial?! What does that prove?!

  46. gazzap

    I thought that was an old story. I thought everyone knew wenger was onto Ronaldo well before he joined united?
    there aren’t many top players that wenger hasn’t followed – but for various reasons we are not able to get them. we struggle to get the south americans that he likes because the youngsters have not played enough games for their countries yet, so they always end up in Italy and Spain. i think thats why vela has spent a few years in spain so he could get a spanish passport.
    cant remember what loophole Denilson came to us on. he had played for the U19’s brazil team though.

  47. Pedro

    We have that Pedro Mendes chap at Salamanca I think?

    He ships them all over the place!

    Did you read what Wenger had to say about ichards?

    He is an interesting player… thats what he said about Freeman! I think he said he didn’t wish to create a story about him as well. He wouldn’t elaborate on whether he was interested in him!

    Exciting stuff!

  48. Odub

    Manchester City 0 – All conquering, dog’s bollocks gooners 2! Tha’ts my slightly half cut prediction for tomorrow’s lunch time classic!!

  49. Pedro

    Tis true,

    Lehmann, Sagna, Gallas, Senderos, Clichy, Diaby, Fabregas, Flamini, Hleb, Adebayor, Eduardo, Fabianski, Hoyte, Bendtner, Walcott, Traore, Lansbury.

    Lansbury in!

  50. Geoff

    Almunia will be out for 4 weeks at least, he hurt his thumb so add that to the thigh strain all our injured players get after an injury, he’ll be short with 4 and back at 6 weeks, but he won’t rush him so maybe 8 weeks.

    Telling us Ronaldo was at Arsenal before ManU got him makes Wenger look a bit of a plonker doesn’t it?

  51. Geoff

    I think putting Lansbury is is silly, he’s too lightweight now, he should have loaned him out, traveling with the squad won’t improve him.

  52. Bud


    At his pre-match press conference on Friday, Wenger revealed how close he came to making a major signing.

    “I did flash on one player who was available,” he admitted. “I got lots of calls because the agents are always [calling], especially in the final four or five days, but nothing hit me.

    Thanks Arsene – Thats another one of those blow jobs your mate got that you were promised from the village honey……… why does he do that !!!!!!

  53. Bud

    Wenger is now moaning that he is down to 14 outfield players and we are short…….. that after telling us how he is and to quote………..

    “I feel that your club being in a good financial situation is very important, for your stability, and you have a responsibility not to get the club bankrupt,” said Wenger. “I would not like to come out here and say the club is absolutely on bare bones.

    “[Being in credit] is down to the quality of work. I don’t feel managers get enough credit for that”

    Geoff – I love the man, but Wenger in this instance, you Wanker, you tight tight wanker !!!!!

  54. Pedro

    He can’t win with you guys? You moan that he doesn’t give the English kids a chance, then he might take one to a game with him (as he must be the best of the rest) and then you moan he is not good enough! How anyone can pass judgement on that… he’s only played about 6 minutes!

    Cesc was given a chances at 17, why not Lansbury?

    Agree about Wenger teasing us with the transfers though, what a cunt! I wonder if Woodgate was the one he looked at? Or Benjani, he is a Wenger type player.

  55. Pedro

    Sorry, 7 minutes…

    He is 6ft, another one of those deceptively tall player like Hleb.

    So who dropped out of the squad bud? I wondered why there were 17 on the list?

  56. Mike (the neighbour)

    I reckon he is on a bonus and gets a % of what isnt spent -Not sure that comes under a managers remit anyway does it -he is judge by results surely !-Wish I was married to him not Mrs Mike cos if its there and she knows it shéll spend it big time !!! and not on players for sure


    Flamini latest:

    “With Flamini, there is still no development just yet,” said the Arsenal manager.

    “We both want him to stay, but we have not finalised any agreement yet.

    “If you ask me what do I wish — I want it tied up as quickly as possible. We want him to be played as a regular player.”

    Milan Latest:

    AC Milan have received a huge blow after Gennaro Gattuso was ruled out for around 50 days with injury, meaning that he will miss both legs of the Champions League tie with Arsenal.

    Micah Latest:

    He said: “I have got two-and-a-half years on my contract and I am not going anywhere.

    “There is no time scale in my mind, just when it’s ready to be signed it will be signed.

    “I am 100% going to sign for the club. There’s nothing to worry about. Things don’t happen overnight.”

    Arsenes still flirting though…

    “I follow him of course but I wouldn’t like to put any shadow over that before a big game like that,” Wenger told Arsenal Online, when quizzed on whether he’d ever made an approach.

    “But he is one of the interesting English prospects who has done extremely well in the last year.

    “First he came out as a right back but he has surprised me how quickly he has adapted to central defending and how well he has done that.”

  58. Odub

    People have a good one!! Off to finish my love affair with Veno!! 3 points for the gooners tomorrow will do nicely!! Come on you reds!!

  59. Geoff

    Wenger just talks bollocks sometimes, he complains his squad is thin, he loans out 2 players and sells one, he has a chance to buy and doesn’t, he talks about not making a club bankrupt.

    How would he do that then, he has over £80 million in the transfer kitty???