Diaby signs, Flamini will sign and Theo’s going no-where.

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That’s the big news today, Diaby signs a new deal that goes to 2012, Flamini says he’s going no-where and his priority is Arsenal and Theo rules out a loan and wants to fight for his place.Reassuring news, oh and we signed Luke Freeman. I wonder what Diarra is thinking today?

‘Good move Portsmouth, we may have lost last night, but at least I got a game!’

The future looks good for our young squad and we are still joint leaders so imagine what we will be like over the next few years.

Three 3 nil wins in the league means we are back to our best, 29 points ahead of Spurs and 16 ahead of Liverpool, both incidentally were tipped to win the league! We have Vela joining next season and Eduardo should be coming into form by then.

I really believe that once Robin gets his fitness back we could get a result at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge and win the league.

I also believe we have got rid of those mid season jitters and more importantly, the team believes it too.

The next few weeks will be hugely pivotal, away to Man City and Man U in the Cup and then home to Milan, whatever happens the spuds can only dream of playing in games like that!

A big thanks to Bud and his match analysis yesterday and also to the steward that posted reminding us that swearing was clever and big, we have to agree with that.

Finally a really big thank you to Cashley Cole for giving us all a laugh, well done you twat, you are fast proving your really are more stupid than your mate Pennant and not as good as your other mate Bridge, enjoy the reserves and watching Gael Clichy terrorise defences.

Have a great day Grovers and keep em crossed.

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  1. dean

    nice one, yes cashley is doing a fine job of ruining his own life!! nice one cashley (please dont sue me for writing this!) hahahah!!!!!

  2. Pedro

    Great post Geoff, its good to have you back, I heard there was going to be a raid at dawn from the swear police until they heard you were blogging!

    I feel all motivated about Arsenal from that read!

    Liverpool was a shocking result, in injury time to! Apparently Lucas Neil handled in the area blatantly, I seem to remember somthing similar happening to us in a cup final? Karma is a beautiful thing!

    I don’t want to jinx us, but at least we are playing an off form team for once! Citeh are having a torrid time! No complacency please!

    Robin is back in training which means we might get a game out of him sometime in April! I’m looking forward to that!

    Issac, if you’re reading this, ask Bud or some of the others about tickets during the day, I’m sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

    I have to hold my hands up about Theo. I’ve been giving the guy a lot of stick lately, which is unfair. I’m sure he’ll come good soon, just like Big Phil is now!

    Come on you gooners!

  3. Muhamed hirji

    i personally got flabergasted when diarra left.this guy really had to settle in the team and wait for an opening.i also believe being at portsmouth will also limit his chances of national call than being a substitute at arsenal
    muhamedknows 0774078704

  4. Phobia

    Nicolay Dimitrov finished a week trial long time ago but still no news on him,!!!!
    so who do you think are most likely to bring in?

  5. Carlosthegooner

    These stories about Cole are all rubbish and made up. They have been planted by him, having paid some old tarts and hacks to get them published, to deflect attention away from his quite obvious sexual preferences. Ashley Cole sleeping with a girl… C’mon Everybody let’s not be fooled by that one!

    Muhamed – why have you left your phone number…

  6. Mike (the neighbour)

    Steve as I am 59 as well thats not funny. I also have a big cock as well -its shagging the hens in the courtyard as I type this !
    Good post geoff glad to see youre back into a more positive and finger crossing mood -I think it was the transfer shit and specualation that was getting to you and maybe that polish beer has cleared your head .And Pedro is now feeling guilty about giving g Theo a hard time -what a difference a few days make !!!!!

  7. Steve

    Apologies Mike, you appear younger through the web. I mean that in a jovial discussion type way, not in a strange pervert pretending to be 14 type of way.

  8. Mike (the neighbour)

    As good looking as most of the women in Si Bar Geoff
    Steve I also sound taller on the internet than I am !-still Matt Damons out here filming the green zone and he is only an inch taller than me (in height ) and is also a neighbour at the moment -Lucky geoffs not visiting Spain otherwise another celebrity clash would be on the cards -and geoff is taller than him -well when standing on Buds shoulders

  9. Pedro

    Carlos, you could be onto something?

    She did give a lot away when she said,

    ‘He was quite good for someone with such a small package’

    I get the same satisfaction watching Cashleys life and rep going down the pan as I do watching the arsenal!

    Its been a busy week of reflection Mike. I have decided that now a lot of people are back on the big Phil band wagon, I might have to start up a ‘We love Theo’ club?

    My mate steamed beadles daughter and got busted by the big man with the little hand… scary stuff!

  10. Geoff

    Yeah, he does talk about him a lot and Jeremy Beadle and he sleeps with Chickens??? what happened to the football?

    Not forgetting Theo’s fan club.

  11. Steve

    I’m not joining the Theo fan club just yet. Maybe when he is able to take a player on without going over like a fat dog on a wet lino I may subscribe.

  12. Odub

    Morning all, I have to agree with you Geoff, great post, great positive vibe, and hopefully we do City on saturday and ManUre slip up! looking forward to the weekend to be honest, 3 points on saturday will be a great present for me birthday on Sunday (not quite as old as you old geezers – Mike – but old enough!!)

    Theo will come through eventually, i just think he needs to be giving a run of games, and going on loan won’t help his confidence. Dont think he’s the next TH14 though, might become the next Marc Overmars if he reaches his peak with us!

  13. Odub

    Theo and Matt Damon same height, cocks and chickens, obsessions with Jeremy Beadle? Must be a slow day at the office guys!!

  14. Bud

    Jeremy Beadle I will have you know was a celebrated Gooner and season ticket holder at highbury even before the GG era and was not affraid to ram that fact down the throats of anyone that would listen !

    Fo this reason and in his memory……… Pedro, I would like you to post his picture on “Champ of the Week”

  15. Steve

    You are right Geoff and I’ve heard that he has left some of his fortune to Arsenal. Only problem is that nobody can read the will as it’s all written in shorthand.

  16. Steve

    WHat’s the difference between Beadle and a broken clock?

    The both have a big hand and a small hand that don’t work anymore.

  17. Geoff

    I have to say Steve Jeremy Beadle would have appreciated the banter today. We should do a minutes silence for him at City, you’re are all right, he was a top gooner.

    Bud is 3 foot wider around the man breasts and gut bucket than me, that’s for sure.

  18. Bud

    Agreed Geoff, but at 3ft 4″ tall and a part time contract as a Stag Do Dwarf Capello impersonator…….. it is surely churlish to diss my man boobs ?!!!!!!!

  19. Mike (the neighbour)

    Geoff ive just heard that Stuart pearson is now working back at Man U-not sure in what capacity someone else you can deck on the golf course ?????

  20. Bud

    I was going to say, when I let you stand on the table Tuesday night so you could reach them, you wouldn’t put them down….. to the extent that my nipples did in fact bleed !!!!!

    Next time Geoff, please, be more gentle !!!!!

  21. Pedro

    My brother has a pair as well, I enjoy those probably as much as you enjoy Buds Geoff!

    You guys, such a couple of flirts…

  22. Gunnersaurus

    I leave the blog for one morning, and I come back to this! WHat a mess?

    Man boobs, Matt Damon, Migdets, Fabio Capello impersonators, Jeremy Beadle jokes?

    This is a football blog guys, not a damn Circus!

    Great post this morning Geoff, I think you should have assessed the title, its the same as yesterdays! You should have called it,

    ‘The Future looks good – Theo Stays – Freeman signs’

    Its was very motivational all the same.

    Apparently we’re after some guy called Guzman from Feyenoord – he’s Canadian.

    Oh and Geoff, Beckham was left out of the England squad? Good news.

  23. Bud

    Apparently he is now signing for Arsenal till the end of the season on loan so he can secure a place in the England squad to get his 100th cap. The hold up was that if he got it, LA GAlaxy would not agree to it, but if he was dropped from the squad, they will allow him to play the next 4 months in the premier League as they realise how important it was to him.

    Geoff, does that make you happy????

  24. Odub

    So Beckham can pck his bags and sod off from the reserves training facility! How the fuck he thought swanning around Rio was good preparation for an England game is beyond me! Go home to LA and your midget friend Tom Cruise you tatooed has been!!

  25. Geoff

    Agree with Gunnersaurus and Odub here, I hate Beckham and all he stands for, he doesn’t give a rats arse for those poor kids, all he cares about is himself, he’s let England down so many times, why should he get another cap, hasn’t he had enough smoke blown up his arse? the attention seeking arsehole, when he was training at our ground we went through the wobble so he can fuck right off.

    I remember all the good things you did for England Beckham, like getting sent off in your first World cup and losing the game for us, like jumping out of a tackle in the next one in Japan and costing us the game, scuffing a penalty agaist Portugal in the Euros and playing like a cunt in Germany, all that and never having paid to watch a game in your selfish little life, thanks for the memories, now fuck off.

    I think I covered everything.

  26. Evo in Oz

    yeah definitely no more signings, just getting into the banter a bit….i love the comedy on 606 about the potential sightings at airports etc….Gold!

  27. Bud

    But what about the Euros that without him we wouldn’t have qualified……. Geoff, so Angry my friend…….. tell you what, next time we at the Grove, i’ll let you have another ride on my shoulders and if you are really good, I might even treat you to a packet of Tootie Fruities !!!!

  28. Odub

    Yep! Well said Geoff, the new one now is the FA being worried fans won’t turn up for the game as Beckham won’t be playing…Eh UI think they’ll find no one’s coming ‘cos they’re shit full stop!

  29. Geoff

    Yes Mike a firm one.

    He scored an equaliser against Greece at Old Trafford, but he also took 11 other kicks in that game and didn’t score, he also took every throw on and corner kick, so no one else ever got a look in, and when Ericcson finally took him off, he feigned injury, like a spoiled brat, he did that with Cappello and that’s why Cappello dropped him

    He was more interested in his haircut in Japan that the team, he wasn’t that good anyway and it was a shit haircut.

    He’s had his day so he should fuck off and let someone else win a few caps.

    I’m not angry my man breasted friend, just fed up with hearing about Beckham like he won the world cup or something and the worse thing is he didn’t even get close.

  30. jimmyfingers

    Was watching MOTD last night and in particular ManU demolishing Portsmouth (that mug Diarra was running round like a headless chicken) and came to this conclusion (I feel I am qualifiedto comment on it being possessor of the finest head of hair in all of Christendom): Ronaldo may be a good player (and I’m still not willing to wholly commit to that) but his barnet is shocking. There, I said it

  31. jimmyfingers

    Oh and if Beckham wanted his 100th cap then he shouldn’t have fucked off to the states to play mickey mouse football. Silly sod

  32. Mike (the neighbour)

    Bud where are you getting this Beckham bolloxs from theres nothing on the internet as far as I can see .Have you developed contacts since your blogging debut ?You know its gonna drive geoff into a Bi polar depressive fit -His only just got over the transfer debacle -give the man a chance you´ll drive him to drink

  33. Bud

    Mike – But thats just it: All who know Geoff know that if you prod an old Tyranical Rex like him, he gets even angrier, and that my blog friend, is very very funny !!!!!!

  34. Steve

    I actually think that Beckham is a good role model for kids. Gotta prefer your offspring to turn out like him that the likes of Cuntley cunt or John Terry surely?

    Sorry Geoff.

  35. Odub

    Being a good role model doesnt mean he should get an Englnad cap tho! You wouldnt pick your local Vicar to play down the right wing for Enlgand would you?!

  36. jimmyfingers

    It was a good point well made Geoff.

    As for him actually coming on loan, the mind boggles. If it was like American Football (Gridiron, as opposed to football played in America, like Beckham does) I’d be tempted, because we could bring him on as Special teams i.e. every time we’ve got a free kick we bring him on, then send him back to the bench until we get another. Apart from that I can’t think of anyone less suited to Arsenal. The mental image I’ve gotof him huffing and puffing up and down the right of midfield while the kids zap around him is amusing though

  37. Steve

    My local vicar is a paedo Odub so the only caps that interest him are school ones.

    Couldn’t really give a fuck either way about Beckham mate, just thought Geoff had gone a little quiet and i’m bored at work.

  38. Steve

    And if you had said ‘the left wing’, the answer would probably be “yes”. He can’t be any worse than Stuart Downing.

  39. Odub

    Having withdrawal symptoms here guys! Been too busy to even go out for my fucking vino fix, so all I’ve got from going over the edge at the mo is the banter on this here forum!
    back to the matter at hand, quite a few vicars have been know to fancy the odd choirboy so pint taken Steve, I’d play kermit the fucking frog at left wing before Stewart Downing, and he’s a muppet with a hand up his ass!!!

  40. Steve

    So is Rosicky back at the weekend? Been so busy talking about dwarfs, vicars, Beadle, Beckham and Geoff’s temper we have forgotten the important things in life.

  41. Odub

    Last I heard he would only be out for a few days, probably be the same as RVP, back next week, and then out injured for another month! Just watch Hleb will be the next one to ‘pick up a knock!’

  42. Steve

    Don’t say that ffs. He was out after the Villa game and the wheels nearly came off. In fact, they started to come off immidiately after he was injured at Villa.

  43. Geoff

    I think you’ll find the wheels came off the week Beckham came to train. I also think Hleb gives us the penetration, he’s a great ball winner and when he drives forward things happen.

  44. Odub

    As much as we’d love for both to be clones of Freddie and Pires, they’re never going to give us more than half a season’s worth of games each, so Theo and Co might just get more games than they should do,
    RVP on the other hand is really becoming worrying, ever since he broke his foot against ManUre last season, he’s not quite been the same. #
    But hey, let’s keep with the positivity we started the day with. 4 goals from being top of the league, FA cup and CL to look forward to, Feb should be a good month! As long as these brittle boned perma injured trio get their acts together! I’m sure Gary Lewin’s working overtime to get them fit and raring to go.

  45. Pedro

    That’s the spirit Odub!

    At the end of the day, if we had no injuries we’d have no Gary Lewin. The same goes for litter pickers, so keep dropping your sandwich packets if you want to keep those poor bastards in a job.

    4 goals off the pace? How about we spank Citeh 3-0 and then ManU lose 2-0… thats my prediction! Citeh were lucky against Derby last night apparently.

    Does anyone have any information as to when Ronaldo is going to get injured?

  46. Odub

    Yeah the fucking cunt scored another belter of a free kick yesterday, 28 goals from 29 appearances!! Cunt! His face and fucking spotty face seem to be on my fucking TV permanently!!! He’s due an injury to be honest, where’s Ben Thatcher or Danny Mills with one of those leg breaking tackles when you need them!

  47. Bud

    Going back to Vicars……….. does anyone remember the Sun Headline a few years back…… “Randy Vicar caught with Pants Down on line”. That was the vicar that was marrying us………. and he was such a pleasant young man !!

    Anyway, back to Beckham – has it been announced yet Geoff ???

  48. Bud

    Odub, they’ve shipped Gibbs out for the rest of the season so Beckham can have his peg in the changing rooms at Colney !!!

  49. Geoff

    I just hope that Gibbs isn’t going out on loan to go in the shop window, him being a left winger and Vela joining next season, I hope he comes back.

    The other thing is the FA youth cup, won’t he be a huge loss? or am I missing the bigger picture.

  50. Steve

    You married a vicar Bud? Not for me to judge fella!!

    Anyhow, I still believe that United have an over reliance on 1 or 2 players wheras we now play a much more team game and can cope far better with the odd injury (even in key areas). They’ve been fortunate this year so far with Ronaldo, Rodney and Tevez, but without 1 or 2 of those 3 they are fucked for creativity.

    This is my cup half full day.

  51. Odub

    i knew one of our youngsters would end up at VICARage road – boom boom – (couldnt resist!), cos Roeder’s been harping on about it all season, hope he does well and breaks into the team, he’s looked good previously. Beckham can go back to LA now with his stick insect in tow! Good bye cap 100!!

  52. Geoff

    yes I just found out we’re out of the youth cup, which I find a little puzzling, if we have the worlds best players, surely we should win the FA Youth cup, year in year out, shouldn’t we?

    I think Steve Sidwell was captain the last time we won it! that’s a long time ago, for the so called worlds best youngsters.

  53. Odub

    My mistake! Got carried away with dropping the pun in.. Hornets vicarage road, canaries Carrow road, i should know the in laws support Ipswich!!!!

  54. Odub

    Saw the semi againt ManUre last season at the grove, Jay Simpson, and Hoyte junior looked the bollocks and we still didnt win! i don’t think our youths are as good as good as Wenger will have us believe they are.

  55. Geoff

    That’s what concerns me when we buy all these kids and not the finished articles, there’s no guarantee they’ll be any good..

  56. Mike (the neighbour)

    Steve you and Bud are the new two Ronnies I havnt laughed so much in years- well not since the wife asked me for sex about 10 years ago

  57. Bud

    Geoff, we were without our 5 best younguns……… like playing the scousers without Hleb, Fabregas, Flamster and the Togonator !!!!!

  58. Bud

    Fuck me, i’ve stumbled on something there…… How’d you trademark???

    YOUNGUNS……… get it Young Guns with a big fat lazy fell off the page G……

    Mike, don’t encourage Steve……… he’s sick, I loved that man, Beadle was my idol and Steve is tainted the memory of the UK’s finest ever entertainer !!!!!

    Steve, could you tone the jokes down a “Little. Hand” on heart, i’m in pain !!!

  59. Steve

    L.oL. Nothing like a good celebrity death to up the humour levels.

    Gotta feel for him though. First cancer, then pneumonia. You can’t help but feel he’s been dealt a bad hand in life.

  60. Odub

    Are we on track for a record amount of comments today or what?! Steve keep ’em coming squire, I’m sat at work trying to keep a straight face here!

  61. gazzap

    the kids lost 1-0 to Liverpool but played much better than them but could not score…sound familiar? we had all the possession and slick movement, they just had 11 men behind the ball. they got a lucky hand-ball own goal in the first half and clung on for the rest of the game. dont worry our kids ARE better than theirs despite the lack of silverware. we needed Nortdveit to be playing as well but no idea where he was. Lansbury, Fonte and Merida were also missing for various reasons.

  62. Pedro

    Oh right, think its funny breaking my record do you?

    Screw you guys… shit blog anyway…


    Anyway, talking of the FA youth cup, I am pretty sure that we fielded a weakened team, and when you do that in the Youth cup you end up fielding 14 year olds… which is good for Buds Vicar, but bad for Steve Bould.

    They can’t all be good Geoff! But if we get a Cesc and a Clichy out of the current crop, I’ll be pleased!

    I overheard Jeremy Beadle being asked about his golf once… he said he had a small handicap…

    It was rubbish, but I felt left out…

  63. jimmyfingers

    Followed the link about Gibbs, then read the bit aboyt Clichy’s call up into the French squad for their friendlies (groan, I fucking hate friendlies) and see that Sagna and Flamini are in the squad. Now unless Domenech is fucking mental, surely they’ll get the right back and central midfield berth ahead of our beloved Diarra? He’s just moved from Arsenal because he wasn’t starting ahead of them at Arsenal and now he’s got the same two ahead of him for France. No doubt he’ll discover a long lost Luxembourgian grandmother and fuck off to play for them

  64. Odub

    Now now Pedro! Records are there to be broken! You guys must be coming close to running out on Beadle jokes by now, I’ve got to hand it to you though, they haven’t been short on quality! fuck that was worse than the last joke!

  65. Odub

    Flamini, Diaby, Sagna, Clichy, Gallas all in the french team!!!! Why?! Dumbass really is begining to piss me off again! Why has he got to pick all our French players?! Traore will be next!

  66. Bud

    That was fuckin awful Odub……….. Can you send Pedro your photo so we can load you up in Chump of the Week for that !!!!

  67. Odub

    England squad…No Almunia!!

    Carson (Aston Villa), James (Portsmouth), Kirkland (Wigan); Bridge (Chelsea), Brown (Manchester United), A Cole (Chelsea), C Davies (Aston Villa), Ferdinand (Manchester United) G Johnson (Portsmouth), King (Tottenham), Lescott (Everton), Richards (Manchester City), Shorey (Reading), Upson (West Ham), Woodgate (Tottenham); Barry (Aston Villa), Bentley (Blackburn), Carrick (Manchester United), J Cole (Chelsea), Downing (Middlesbrough), Gerrard (Liverpool), Hargreaves (Manchester United), Jenas (Tottenham), Wright-Phillips (Chelsea), Young (Aston Villa); Agbonlahor (Aston Villa), Crouch (Liverpool), Heskey (Wigan), Owen (Newcastle), Rooney (Manchester United).

  68. Bud

    Come on Odub……. you know you want it……….. your chance to be the first ever Grover to make the Chump pages………. fame and notoriety; mate, you’ll be famous and Beadle would’ve have had a hand in it, so you will in no small part be contributing to his memory !!!

  69. Odub

    Sod off!! Considering I’m trying to stay anonymous for the later part of my life, the last thing I need is my pic on the net!! we’ll stick Beckham on there instead!

  70. Pedro

    Bud, you should go up there for not saying Jeremy had a small hand in the matter!

    Its a good looking England squad, and I dont mean looks wise!

    Heskey is back in there eh?

    I’m more interested in the French squad! We have 3 in there right? Thats what we had back in the day right? Or was it 5?

    Oh whatever, its good to be French again!

  71. Bud

    But i’d used “Small Hand” & “Little Part” already. I didn’t want to BeLittle his Hand growth thing too much !

    5 Pedro – Gallas, Clichy, Flamini, Diaby and Sagna !

  72. Mike (the neighbour)

    Of course Pedro you mustnt post anymore cos you will just add to geoffs record eh -its gonna be tough unless steve picks up on another celebrity issue .Off for a few beers an Indian well it is Spain after all -have a good one grovers

  73. Pedro

    Yeah your right Mike good idea…


    Anyway, i’m heading up the Wharf for a fun night of getting shit faced on expensive red wine!

    Red wine is my new best friend, i will be sure to report back what I was drinking!

    Have a good night all!

  74. Geoff

    I’m off out tonight with two of my clients and it will be a very pissy one, great talking with you all today Grovers, it’s been very entertaining!

  75. Rob From Oz

    have you seen what they have been talking about though? it went from one topic to another to another…..some good sledging tho!