Flamini staying, young winger signs till 2012 + John McCruick

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John McCruik I hear you say? This isn’t the racing post blog is it? Let me explain…

Blogger Geoff had the indignity of sitting in front of the loud mouth John McCruick. If any of you know Blogger Geoff, you’ll know that he wont accept anyone being more famous than himself.


Double chin… or hiding place of missing race horse Shergar?

Blogger Geoff, who once shoved Beckham into a wall for trying to barge him (Witnessed by myself), sat next to Posh spice in an airport and told her to ‘Shut the fuck up and sit somewhere else’ for being too noisy on her mobile and told Gary Lineker he would kick him out his golf buggy unless he owned up to being a Leicester Fan; was once again on top form.

Story goes… John Mac was piping up in the seat behind him, Geoff bided his time, bite his tongue if you will. He knew good things come to those who wait (He’s seen that Guinness advert a thousand times)… BANG… Ade nets! Geoff seizes his moment, he jumps up ready to dance in the fat mans face with a carefully choreographed childish celebration… however, Geoffs spacial awareness had suffered under the stench of the fat one, he had failed to realise the beast was leaning forward – thus resulting in an accidental clip to the forehead! Old John was furious but he had to accept the accident… what were the odds of that happening I wonder (Please… please… humour overload at my pun!)?

Bravo Geoff! Everyone in the UK thinks that guy is a cunt… you should be Knighted! What was he doing sitting in the Arsenal end anyway? Useless stewards, more interested in telling our own fans to sit down and stop singing…

If you hear that fat prat trapping off on GMTV / Talkshite today, remember how the story went…

Anyway, Big Phil managed to keep a clean sheet against Owen, Almunia made a fine save to keep our goal difference within touching distance of ManU and the Flamster managed to peach a 30 yard screamer into the top right hand corner to put the game beyond doubt!

Talking of the Flamster, Arsene had this to say,

“He wants to stay, and I want him to stay, so we will find an agreement. It’s a question of patience and good positive discussions. I am not especially concerned, because I believe what he tells me.”

Double flipping excellent if you ask me! Providing the Flamster isn’t a lying cunt bag…

Some excellent debating in the comments section yesterday! I felt like King Leonidas at one point, Battling the Persian Big Phil detractors with my blogging life, but then the cavalry arrived! I love Arsenal, you love Arsenal – fuck it… we all love Arsenal! So lets try and build on yesterdays positivity (Yeah I know…), like Arsenal build up the cash surplus! We should enjoy the position we are in, even if it is only for a day!!

We’re top of the league and on course for the treble, oh and wing man Diaby has signed a contract till 2012!

As I wasn’t at the game yesterday and blogger Geoff was being questioned by the horsey police, I have asked Bud (A long time commenter on Le Grove) to write the match report. It will be with you this afternoon, and I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Wednesday guys!

Say we are top of the league… you know the rest!

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  1. Steve

    I’d have written you a match report but I can’t remember a fucking thing about the game ‘cos I was cunted.

    I do recall shoting “The Bells” and “Quassie Modo” at Damien Duff quite a lot tho’ 🙂

  2. John

    Nice sombre song for Adebayor sung by the “clock end” last night.
    Never mind Diaby signing until 2012, ( 2011 elsewhere ) but lets get the Flamsters name on paper until 2013

  3. Craig

    Is bragging allowed here?

    Ok, so I said this before I went last night:

    ‘I’m off to the match now! 3-0 Arsenal’

    I think your chubby friend might be interested in my skills, i could make him a very rich man with my mystic meg talents!

    Great post, and well played Geoff. I’m interested to read buds match review, as he was clearly amongst the cavalry who defened senderos.

    Flamini was simply awesome last night, the guy is electric. Give the man an 8 year contract, sacrifice gilberto to the sun gods for him, do whatever he asks!

  4. Mike (the neighbour)

    good riddance Sam -you sound like the kid in the playground that owns the ball and has a hissy fit and wont let the othes play .With that sort of comment you are also childish so fuck off and find another playground

  5. Pedro

    Jeez Sam, clearly an Arsenal Steward… if you don’t like the swearing, bleep the bad words out in your mind. Don’t piss and moan and post the same boring comment 4 times…

    I did get to see the game in the end last night and we looked slick! I was to drunk to make a clear assessment, but it looked like we played better than we did on Saturday?

    I need to know the following…

    Was Nikki B’s absence from the team huddle purposeful?
    Was big phil good?
    And was Flamini’s goal as good as i remembered?

    I read Diaby had a storming performance as well!

  6. Mike (the neighbour)

    yeah Pedro -good blog hopefully a record on the way .Is Bud gonna do the match report after a liquid lunch or before ?
    You know I get around alot and very rarely see a celebrity and apart fom those mentioned geoffs even had his Rolex knicked by the Peter pan of Pop -or so he says -do you reckon god (or the gods ) are out to test “Alexander the great “-methinks the gods have a cunning plan for geoff -wish I knew what the fuck it was

  7. Gunnersaurus

    Since when did Arseblog copyright swearing? People like you bore me senseless, its a football blog, men swear (and ladies), deal with it you politically correct little prick. Problem is, you have to have a sense of humour to get humour – thats why you didn’t find the article funny.

    Onto lighter things! FLAMINI IS BRILLIANT! He is my player of the season, I love him, he embodies everything I think a footballer should be, passionate, hardworking, skillful – the guy has been a revelation.

    Adebayscore has been clinical this season. You don’t feel he can miss! Milan had better watch out! Well played Sederos to, he didn’t have much to do, but what he did, he dealt with.

    Well played Geoff, that guy does my head in.

    So top of the league? Anyone fancy harry to do us a favour tonight?

  8. Mike (the neighbour)

    Flamani´s goal was a peach and I agree with Craig “awesome “is an over used word but in this case absolutely true

  9. Craig

    Well said mike, this silly little child has taken the limelight away from me and my score prediction (…hmppfff). Peter pan of pop?

    Man City at home in the league next, I don’t think they have been playing to well of late? They lost to Sheffield United the other day, so the perfect time to play them. Then blackburn, not a bad run!

    If we are still keeping pace by the Milan game, I’d fancy us for the league! I feel we may have got our air of invincibility back.

  10. Steve

    Who is this Sam twat you’re all moaning at? Can’t see any comments from him.

    I noticed Bentner walk straight off last night. We need to offload that petulent prick.

  11. Mike (the neighbour)

    OK Craig well done on the prediction spot on -you must have crystal balls !
    Peter Pan of Pop ?-Summer holiday -young ones “Congratulations “-got it
    Steve is McCruik wearing your “cunting hat ” and is that Lee westwood or Barry from Eastenders that is sitting too McCruicks right !

  12. Steve

    LoL, quality Mike. I thought it looked like the fat West Ham supporter on ‘Never mind the Buzzcocks’. Not only has the fat tosser nicked my cunting hat, he has swiped my late grandma’s fucking Cardy.

    Fat cunting fuckpig.

  13. Roy

    I thought Senderos had a great game last night – WOW i can’t believe i finally said that. I’ll have to go and sit in a darken room for a bit.

  14. Steve

    Say ten hell marys and disinfect your mouth Roy.

    He played well Saturday too if truth be known and didn’t play badly at Fulham.

    I’m starting to not shit myself whenever he goes near the ball lately. Which is not only good for me, but also my wife who cleans my pants.

  15. Odub

    Two 3-0 wins in a row, and we’re finally cooking on gas! Watched the whole game online last night, started this morning feeling 10 feet tall!!
    I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw that our defence (including big Phil!!) looked the bollocks, and the midfield duo of Fab ‘n Flam knicked a goal each, (although Flam’s must be close to Ade’s against the scum for goal of the season), and Ade got his customary header!! Even Diaby didnt look that daft in his bright orange boots! And to top it all Bendtner sets a goal up for someone else!!!

    Great post Pedro, dont like that fat cunt either and good on you Geoff! Finally I do believe I have mentioned the fucking stewards at the emirates before (please see random rant)…. The word rhymes with hunts!!

  16. gazzap

    I think its Hail Mary.
    Does senderos need a run of 10 games to be good? how does this bode for our 3rd/4th choice centre back?

    Who the fuck is Sam? If someone has deleted his comments you should say.

  17. Evo in Oz

    Looks like the Senderos bandwagon is gathering speed, good to see lads, get on it full time!

    Pedro – how many pints did you have before/at the game? My assessment was:

    1. Didnt see Bendtner absent from the huddle, what was that about?
    2. Yes Big Phill played a good game, only 1 errant pass/mistake that put us under a bit of pressure, but hey Gallas nearly fucked it up and the end trying to defend on Ameolba (whatever the fuck his name is).
    3. Yes Flamini’s goal was as good as you remembered!

    I had the ESPN commentary for this game, but they were loving Flamini for the whole game, the commentators couldnt get enough of him! Good Stuff!

  18. Steve

    Sorry Gazzap, should be ‘hail’ of course.

    I didn’t see Sam’s comments either. From the gist I got he doesn’t like the word ‘cunt’. I don’t like broccoli but you don’t hear me moaning about it.

    Evo, the arrogant prick walked straight off when the team done the cosy little cuddle up thing. I saw this morning a lip reader from the Spurs game with his spat with Bendtner. Apparently Gallas told Bendtner “you know nothing, you know nothing. You know nothing you prick.”

    Seems that Ade isn’t the only one who doesn’t like his attitude.

  19. Bud

    That CUNT McCruik owes me £400 quid !!!!!

    Being aware of Geoffs cunning plan, I went down and celebrated the 2nd goal with Blogger Geoff and jumped all over him pushing him as hard as I could over a row of seats into that fat prick McCruiks lap………… anyway, that cunt must have pushed us off and caught the button on my coat…….. now its gone and my new cunting Hugo Cunting Cunting Boss Cunting Coat is fucked !!!!

    Have had to send the wife out with a pair of scissors today to go and cut one off another coat in a shop somewhere………. hope they still sell them otherwise, Mrs Bud will have to get a job in a nightclub cloak room and see what she can come up with !

  20. Bud

    And well played to Timothy Fitz-Nice’untight, for breaking the half time Club Level drinking record of 4 pints of Lager and 7 Brandy’s………. welcome on board Fitz and don’t forget, its not too late……. As Geoff would say, Marraige is a lifetimes commitment to depravity !!!!!!

  21. Evo in Oz

    Danes are apparently a bit big headed, but i like Bendtners’ style of play, so im not prepared to right him off yet…lets see

  22. Pedro

    Sam came on moaning about the swearing, and told me the blog wasn’t intelligent or funny… I think he told me to get a life or something?

    I did kind of intimate what he had said earlier. If someone has a problem with the blog, e-mail me… this is a place for Arsenal discussion, not the place for people to bitch about my maturity and my intelligence.

    Maybe there were a few extra swear words in there today, but I was half cut when I wrote it last night and I don’t think the regulars have a problem with it?

    I read on ANR about the Nikki Big Bollocks things? He needs to grow up if its true!

    Good assessment of the players bud – Hleb and Cesc are slowly upping there level! Hopefully in time for Milan! This is going to be a great finish! 15 games left? I BELIEVE!

  23. Evo in Oz

    Cant wait to wake up in the morning and find out Man U Scum 1-2 Pompey… we can only hope, stranger things have happened at sea….like last April when Pompey won, although it was at home for them!

    Come on Baros, bang in those goals….Maybe Big Sol or Lauren will do us a favour, or even that bloke Di@rr@ (i didnt want to say his name anymore)

  24. daokta

    Flamini was excellent yesterday and his consistency is unbelievable. What does that man drink/eat?? I want some of that. What was telling was his celeberation after that – no fancy dance or twists – just pure joy.
    New deal please – and as soon as possible.

    Clichy was awesome yesterday as well – tends to be taken for granted though. The commentators focus on those who score goals.

  25. Pedro

    Sorry Bud, me being thick!

    ‘and grumpy Bendtner was the only player not to join the team huddle at the end. I imagine Bendtner to be a bit like Kevin from Harry Enfield, only much better at football.’

    That was from Gunnerblog!

  26. Pedro

    Just deleted another very boring moan.

    Dandan, I wont swear at you, just pity you… the fact you went to such an effort to moan about swearing says a lot about you. This is a football blog, not an English dissertation.

    I wrote it after doing what the FA told me to do… go to the pub to reduce your carbon footprint.

    I can’t help it if my vocabmularfairy is limited… I’ll cut down the swearing next time and promise to speak to AA about my drinking issues… but don’t think for one minute the FA arn’t to blame for this!

    Macca, I caught the game on Sky, they play it after jeff and the gang!

  27. casicky

    as everyone knows i am a critic of Senderos’ play and i have to hold my hands up he played well yday but since um a critic i still have to find something,we have played two teams that primarily have only one striker runnin behind the defence..fulham,newcastle-twice..i jus feel if he hasnt had a proper test for me to be over hyped up bout it …i think i’ll wait for the blackburn game where um sure a santa cruz,mccarhty or roberts will determine wat um on bout

    but great win yday….hope it continues…We Gunner Gunn Em…

    cum on Pompey!!!!

  28. Gunnersaurus

    Don’t worry about the swearing Pedro, if we wanted a journalists perspective, we’d buy the times.

    A good game last night and some good noises coming off arsenal.com! The flamster talks more about how he loves arsenal and his priority is to stay this summer!

    Good on ya son! I hope you get a hefty pay hike, you deserve it!

    Right, i’m off to see what bud has to offer!

  29. Bud

    Those comments on the Arsenal site are a bit of a con really as they are quotes from this months Arsenal magazine which came out 2 weeks ago and were obviously written a week before that……….. so without doom mongering, no change of the Flamster Sign him up campaign !!!

  30. Odub

    thanks for bursting our bubble Bud!! There’s me thinking the Flamster came straight off the pitch and declared his undying love for anything and everything Arsenal… Obviously not!

  31. Bud

    Wenger is trying to make him the complete player by making him work on his left foot which he struggles to walk on even !!!

  32. Pedro

    Baggio, its just like watching Overmars and you damn well know it!

    I have gone into hiding today, to many people out to get me for my foul mouth and penchant for the word cunt…

    The shame has driven me underground…

    I’m off to a safe haven, Bud’s post is devoid of any bad language, I hear the sun shines all day on buds post!

  33. Bud

    And the birds do sing and we have naked women and lager waterfalls………

    Come to Buds for all your Arsenal needs $19.99 one off subscription fee !

  34. Bud

    And you wonder why you are such an Angry Loner !!!!

    What is wrong with encouraging my 2 year old son to get involved in Arsenal blogging may I ask???

  35. Baggio

    oh for a marc overmars in the current team, rampaging down the left causing mayhem across premiership grounds up and down the country!

    i feel in time young traore will not cut it as a top level full back BUT could become a devastating left winger forming a deadly long term partnership for club & country with Mr clichy 😉

  36. Baggio

    seen him in a couple of reserve team games and the lad ( traore ) is just RAPID fast!

    he could be as fast as henry by the time he has fully developed physically, one thing for sure ..is is a thousand times braver than th14 was , an attribute that is sadly missing from some of our current so called wide players.

    he is special, has a mot more scope for development then theo, if armand was english he would be raved about like rooney was.

    and lets not forget…. he carried a knuckle duster down to shithole lane!!

    GO ON LAD!!!

  37. Isaac

    hi. This is off topic but wonder if you guys can point me to the right way. Don’t know if you’ve seen my on the comment boards on here or other Newsnow arsenal websites but this is Isaac.
    I’ve been an Arsenal fan since the time of Ian Wright. Sad thing is, I don’t live in UK. So on March I’ll finally use my college spring break and come to London, where I will try to catch the Middlesbrough v Arsenal game. Do you what would be the best way/ cheapest way for me to get a ticket? I tried to check online and the cheapest was 250GBP, which frankly is quite not affordable for a college student like me. So yeah, any idea? THANKS!


    I love the decision of DIABY to stay with ARSENAL as his patience will definitely pay off one day just like FLAMINI’S patience is now paying off,DIABY you are a wise guy not like that coward called DIARRA who could not fight for his place in the team because he fears DE GREAT FLAMINI.

  39. Bud

    Isaac – Nearer the game, ask again on this site and i’m sure someone will sort you out with a ticket. Alternatively, as a long ditance traveller to the game, the club hut of the Arsenal Supporters Association, sells on unused tickets to people just like yourself that have mad an enormous effort to get to the game for face value ticket price, i.e. £50 give or take !

    Alternatively, on the day of the game if the 2 above options fail you, even the touts are considerably cheaper. Not that I condone buying a ticket off a tout, but if needs must amigo, you can expect to pay under £100. Hope this helps, good luck and keep on board Le-Grove, have some fun and keep asking for a ticket and i’m sure someone will rescue you !

  40. Isaac

    thanks! will definitely check out the possibilities you provided!
    anyway… I just can’t put myself to relief until famini actually, he is so important to the team now that we cannot afford to lose him, both in the short run and probably in the long run as well. Him, together with the ridiculous pace of our back four, allowing us to play a high line and give sustain pressure on the other team. so yea, we need him!