Gouffran’s a shoe in, Deco’s not and Wenger says he’ll buy

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All the press have said that Arsenal have paid £5mil for Gouffran, but Arsenal.com say nothing, but I think this story comes up too often for there to be no truth in it.Sportingo say Arsenal are favourites to land £17 mil Deco and then immediately say ‘no we’re not’ I don’t know why I get suckered into that website, they just come up with crap, get you excited and then say, no chance, what’s the point?

Ade says he was trying to motivate Bendtner and it went wrong, so he’ll learn from that, saying ‘I’m on cos your shit’ may work in Togo Ade but with the Danes you may have to have a little re-think, try ‘get in there son’ next time!

Man U are reportedly trying to take over the Luke Freeman deal, but I would think at 15 years old, Wenger has that little deal tied up.

I listened to Talk shite yesterday and actually heard Wenger saying that if Kolo was injured, he would buy! Great news but who?

We put some suggestions forward yesterday, Lescott is a possibility with the press, I can’t see Everton selling him though.

Sad to see the spuds crash out of the FA Cup as ‘One day Ramos’ never loses cup games, so a bit disappointing there, still let’s hope they bounce back soon, great cups are not the same without Tottenham in them… well to laugh at anyway.

I did laugh my bollocks off yesterday, their fans are like Homer Simpson, going nuts one day and Doooh the next! Thank god spurs are there to make us all laugh.

Newcastle are back for us to stuff again tomorrow so a big thank you to King Kev for taking over when he did, just in time to kick start our season.

Finally I find it outrageous that Arsenal are trying to close down blogs sites, do they want to control the world? Trying to copy write the word Gooner is one thing, but taking over free speech sites smacks of George Orwell.

Back off Arsenal and leave the fans with something that’s free.

Have a great day Grovers and let’s see some suggestions for Center back.

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  1. alan

    Lets brake the bank and go for Richards centre back right back and can play midfield.
    One for the future as well for when god gallas departs us

  2. Van the man

    strong rumours suggesting we are the 3rd club that’ve come in for Woodgate and he’s deciding between us and the yids

  3. eduard...0

    am i the only one you couldnt give a rats arse about young mr, nah, master freeman? its great thats hes a) ours! b) talented c) english but lets not go OTT…with King Kolo out of action do you reckon le prof is more likely to either buy a young CB or a seasoned pro it cover? its going to be the former i suspect but i would love to see a Jaap stam-esq guy come in.
    and with lil motzart now on the treatment table ebola,MRSA and foot and mouth, is he fucked?!

  4. Van the man

    Sky are reporting that Woodgate is at Arsenal’s training ground for a medical.

    He has the choice of Arsenal or Spurs.

  5. Steve

    I’ve been in that corner for a long time alan. It’s hardly breaking the bank considering Wenger has a £40 million war chest at his disposal and no other area of the team needs strengthening. It’s the type of transfer that moving to the new ground has enabled us to get involved in.

    May I also say that after my constant moaning about Senderos, he had a very good game on Saturday. I really hope the lad proves me wrong. Credit where due though he was very good at the weekend.

    Still frightens the shit out of me every time he goes near the ball, player, area, pitch tho’ 🙂

  6. Mark

    The Woodgate story is a bit weird.

    Song is doing well in the ACN, and unless Wenger is thinking of offloading a Swiss Center Half, how many games will Woodgate play for us this season?

    I would like a winger to come into the squad.

    However Wenger might be waiting on the FA Youth Cup. If we go out of there, we could promote one of the kids.

    Injuries and ANC we have the following players out.



    iIf we are to buy any defender then it should be MICAH RICHARDS obviously he is the right person to come in cos he is versatile,he is young and a great player for the future.

  8. Geoff

    Well there’s some interesting comments, I still can’t see Arsenal have confirmed Freeman on the official site but they are always a little slow, encouraging if ManU were in for him though, I was nervous the we were competing with West Ham and Newcastle!

    I’ve just had it confirmed this second that we signed Woodgate from someone in the know!!!

  9. Geoff

    If he had the choice between Champions league, the League and the FA Cup he won’t go to the spuds will he? they aren’t in any of them, if he wanted that he’d stay at Middlesbrough.

    That would really make up for the worthless cup that would!

  10. Steve

    The only thing Spuds would have over us is that he knows he’d play every week. With the amount of games we play though it could certainly work to rotate 3 top centre halves. Might limit the chances of him being injured all the time too.

  11. Mark

    Talking CB’s I watched the Real Madrid game last night and Mr. Cygan was awesome.

    He had the beating of the horse and Raul.

    He looked a real leader.

    His passing was still crap, but he can still hoof a ball when required.

    I am not saying we should get him back, but he must be one of a few group of players, who have left Arsenal, and improved.

  12. eduard...0

    reddevil, go forth and multiply OR i will be forced to will take your mother out to a nice seafood dinner and NEVER call her again!

  13. DeeOzGooner

    one game ramos!…hahha that cracked me up!

    not sure abt signing woody, i mean he’s experienced and all, but injury prone…but he would bolster us at the bak so would gladly accept him!

    toure has had further setbak with his injury, so we need to buy wih the milan game comin up

    plus woody’s english!…will be strange to see, but welcomed all he same…

  14. Menace

    Woody might be a good move to cover injuries. He may even improve under Wenger.

    The Mancs will find out about their home advantage soon – there’s a loan to repay and it might just get foreclosed.

  15. Steve

    As I said Manc, feel free to talk away. You said that tou wanted to talk about it, but you don’t appear to say anything.

  16. DeeOzGooner

    hmm ive thought abt it and am wondering why would woody sign? he aint going to take the place of any of our normal back four, wont wana sit on the bench (though he is used to watching from there), he’ll play till toure comes back, but then will only be a squad player…and its not like wenger to pay 9mil for a 28yr old injury prone englishman…i just cant see it happenin…

  17. Geoff

    He’d be perfect, most of our team are injury prone, he’d fit in on a rota system!

    When he’s fit he’s one of the country’s best center backs and we have always needed a good spare, he’s miles better than our back up two, he’ll fit in well at 28.

  18. Pedro

    28 is the perfect age…

    He is just kicking into his prime, remember Cannavaro was 32 when he won player of the year. It also means we don’t have to rely on JD and Shaky Senderos when we play in the big games!

    What a signing it would be!

    For me, if it goes through, that is a title winning signing!

  19. Steve

    If he stays fit Pedro it could be ideal.

    It just now depends on whether he wants to walk straight in to being first choice at Spurs or having to contend with Gallas and Toure at Arsenal. I personall believe that all 3 could still play a hell of a lot of games, but would you want to try to oust those 2?

  20. Geoff

    they are already ousted, Kolo’s out and Gallas misses large chunks of the season and that will get worse as he gets older, look how many times we’ve had Gilberto and Senderos drafted in over the last two years!

  21. Pedro

    So the mail reckons the bid has failed?

    They don’t have a source though and the Mail is about as reliable as Tribalfootball these days…

  22. Pedro

    And no Jonathan Woodgate!

    “I do not know where that story came from,”

    “There is no truth in it at all. We have never been in touch with Middlesbrough about Jonathan Woodgate.”

  23. KJS

    Just wondered what the latest on Woodgate was, from the people that earlier claimed to have reliable insiders ? Especially, now that Wenger has appararently denied all knowledge ?

  24. Geoff

    Mine wasn’t,usually reliable, never mind but Wenger is an arsehole I’m afraid,those rumours hit the net 4 hours ago and he has had that long to deny them, and before anyone says he wouldn’t get involved with rumours, he just did so bollocks to him.

    He let us all have hope, rotten git.

  25. Pedro

    He is a great player, but a crock all the same… thats why Madrid binned him. I would think West ham are probably the 3rd club in for him…

    Freddie, Dyer and Woodgate… the most injured players in History!

    This is turning out to be a mega shitty day…

  26. Odub

    First the Woodgate story does the rounds and turns out to be a pile of crap, now we get United at OT, and Chavs get fucking Huddersfiled, while the scousers get Barnsley!! What the fuck is going on today?!!

  27. Geoff

    On a positive note though we get to take a lot of fans with us so it should neutralise their advantage, we can only hope that something nasty happens to Ronaldo though, still the Spuds almost won so we shouldn’t have a problem.

    Apart from the fact we have an injury prone squad and not enough quality players of the right age in it.

    Other than that I can’t wait for February!

  28. Pedro

    Geoff, that was a hugely negative end to your comment!

    ‘Apart from the fact we have an injury prone squad and not enough quality players of the right age in it.’

    We’ll be alright, we’ve done ok up until now, and hopefully Toure wont be that badly injured!

    Big Phil is back on form, Adebayor is on fire, Cesc and the Flamster look on fire again… and even little Theo NoShott seems to be getting better! Plus we have the best two full backs in the prem!

    Lets remember that the mancs will be just as pissed at getting us! Milan won 2-0 at the weekend… that little cunt Pato scored two…

  29. Pedro

    From arsenal.com

    “There is no deep problem with Tomas,” said Wenger. “He has a problem with his hamstring but it is not torn. He got a kick at Fulham and the inflammation around his tendon provokes some pain but we feel it’s a question of days, not weeks.”

    The same can be said of Toure. And that can be classed as a relief after he went off during the first half of Ivory Coast’s game with Benin in the Africa Cup of Nations on Friday. Since then the centre back has flown to Paris, been assessed by Arsenal’s medical staff and returned to the tournament in Ghana.

    “He has a Grade One groin problem,” said Wenger. “It will keep him out for eight to 10 days. But he will stay with the Ivory Coast squad for the rest of the tournament.”

    It also says that Robin will be back from training on Tuesday… then out injured by Thursday…

  30. KJS

    Geoff, to be fair to Wenger, I think I might have had some of his day job to do this morning !! Can’t imagine he saw responding to speculation as a priority over this mornings training session !!

  31. Odub

    So 3 days to go till the end of the transfer window, and once again the message from the Emirates is …we’re happy with the squad and don’t need to bring anyone in!! So much for our dreams of a CB and winger before the end of the month!

  32. Bud

    Quote Wenger: “I do not know where that story came from,” he said. “There is no truth in it at all. We have never been in touch with Middlesbrough about Jonathan Woodgate.”

    Is he hiding a message there? What is he saying, he hasn’t been in contact with Middlesborough over Woodgate……… but has about Downing????

  33. Pedro


    Please lord say that isn’t true.

    In the dictionary next to averge sits a picture of Downing… what a useless cunt.

  34. Geoff

    Sorry but he’s very tight and getting tighter, given our track record with injuries, he’s being very cavalier with Kolo, how often to players comebacks get 2-4 week delays?

    and letting him go back, fuck me what’s more important, Ivory Coast or the club that pays him?

  35. Avendesorax

    Why on earth would we want another injury prone player to add to the two we already have (Rosicky & Van Persi).

    Micha Richards, yes please at the double !!!!!

  36. Evo in Oz

    Best news is RVP back in training today.

    Woodgate would have been a good signing, but nonetheless, 2 days to go and we will know if anyone extra is signing?

  37. Evo in Oz

    Just watched the highlights again from the Geordie game – Nice goals by Kanu Jnr!

    What about the own goal, didnt anyone else notice that only 2 of our players went in for the cross from Cesc – Eduardo and Gilberto, but Gilberto pulled up halfway thru his run and just let Eduardo (the smallest guy) go in and he took 5 Newcastle guys with him… i reckon we were going for the own goal….very strange and interesting…take a look and let me know your thoughts???

  38. Rob From Oz

    Never, i repeat never believe that shit sportingo writes….also i reakon that lescott could be raided from everton in a big door kick in and “freeze bitches” kidnapping.. but you can never control us free thinking fans, however they can fuck off Sportingo cause they are fucked…..and tribal football> even though its an aussie based website, sadly they r tripe as well so they get the nod for a beating and a good fucking off!

  39. tom

    has anyone thought that arsenals link to the whole woodgate fiasco was just a clever bit of business by middlesbrough. after all it was there spokesman who ‘released’ the information that we were interested in him. they just wanted more money from spurs to push the alves deal through so they just said we were gonna sign him instead. and the spuds don’t need a second chance to try and get even the smallest of victories. i read yesterday that spurs had agreed a 7 million deal and then today i read its gone up to 8 million. i say fair play to middlesbrough. it annoys me though when you hear all these rumours about us signing players. wenger says we’re not gonna sign anyone. and when he says that, we don’t sign anyone. when he says we’ll sign someone, we do. so why, after he’s said catergorically that we’re not going to sign anyone for the first team does the world and it’s wife decide that arsenal want messi and deco and micah richards etc etc. it’s painfully ignorant at times