Ade uses his head… …again! Woodgate would be perfect.

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Normal service was resumed at the Grove with Ade using his head positively this time as he weaved through the Geordie defence in style and got two fantastic goals that won us the game and got us through to the next round.

We all know what happened the last time Ade used his head, so Super Nick for one was very relieved!

There were mixed feelings on Theo’s performance, Pedro thinks he wasn’t that great, I thought he looked good, but like I say, he’s still a baby and will be a great player, I wish that Wenger would just play players where they’re good and not out of position all the time.

Theo is one of those players that will always divide opinion, but I have no doubt he will become one of the greats.

Rosicky, Diaby and Hleb are all played wide and they’re all central midfielders and Eboue is played wide and he’s a full back.

The only time I’d do that, is if I needed cover or I had two wingers and I wanted to swap them during a game.

Woodgate snubs Newcastle for Spurs eh, what a twat! but he is just the sort of player we could do with, especially now with Kolo a doubt.

It really is looking like no one is coming in which is hugely disappointing but it looks like Micah Richards has been offered a take it or leave it deal, now that’s where Arsene should act, offer Gilberto or Lehmann plus cash, right now and I’ll have money Sven would take it, that way no one loses face.

Too simple by far!

Sorry about the two abusive comments yesterday, I got rid of them as soon as I saw them, I even let past abusers back on if they add to the debate, but I’m watching them.

Have a great day Grovers and pray we get Preston at home in the next round, here’s to 3 more points on Tuesday!

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  1. Grover W Jr

    I thought Theo did OK yesterday, but then I think Ade’s a gr8 player, so Im obviously a deluded rose tinted fool. haha…Good atmos where I was standing too, thats right standing, not sitting, how bleedin subversive can u get???

    Woodgate would be a gr8 signing, he’d keep Rosicky and RvP entertained with his daft as a brush northern monkey antics.

  2. Pedro

    Harry barracuda, I think you should stick to writing about hookers etc.

    Nice article, I particularly like this part,

    ‘On your return to your home country, you soon become tired and listless. You find chatting up women of your own nationality a bloody chore, because frankly you know even if they do want to sleep with you (and it will be bloody hard work and expensive to make them do it), they probably won’t take it up the gary glitter, or willingly swallow your gentlemen’s relish, and within two days they’ll probably start demanding to be taken here there and everywhere as if you are in fact their concubine.’

    You even have to buy the love of women in your own country! What a sorry fucking cunt you are! Harry, a drink is a reward for sex you’ve already had…

    Maybe you should spend less time posting abuse, and a bit more time working on your game with women you don’t have to pay for?

  3. Geoff

    I’ll post your email address if you come on again you sorry perverted twat, then you’ll find out how fucking irritating you are. Wanker

  4. Ryan

    I don’t know if you were joking, but even Wenger himself explained that Ade didn’t headbutt Bentdner. He says even Niklas didn’t claim it and with none of the countless cameras and tv cameras were able to find anything of it so I think it’s for the best that people stop making assumptions based on speculation.

  5. Pedro

    Ryan, I think the fact that Ade apologised and Bendtners dad claimed Ade was a mad man are pretty good indications that something happened. The bloodied nose was also a clue.

    Wenger assessed the situation, couldn’t find clear cut evidence for the headbutt… so played on it. Well played Wenger, but everyone knew what he had done!

  6. Geoff

    Also when you saw the incident it looked remarkably like a butt, still it made a good headline and the whole thing gave us something to smile about on a shite night at shite hart lane!

  7. tt

    Not Woodgate please, we alredy have Rociky and RVP who are injury prone so we don’t need another player that plays less than half season.

  8. Mike (the neighbour )

    The ade chant is now on you tube -the headbutt isnt .Quiet day today Geoff and Pedro eh -all hungover methinks

  9. Baggio

    ok chaps my sincerest apologies for going OTT re:Le Boss and the defeat to the scum.

    hopefully we are back on track, but i am not totally convinced yet, keegans shocking lack of tactical nous may have just been an absoloute godsend for us at exactly the right time.

    3 points on tuesday with a goal from theo would convince me we are out of the depths of despair!!!!

    tuesday hurt!

  10. Baggio

    last tuesday that is!!

    hopefully the following tuesdau will we the polar opposite.

    “there’s only one kevin keeeegan”

  11. London Gun

    Please get a defender in Prof. Wenger. M. Richards / Lescott would be a nice addition. I would love to see R. Green in the Arsenal keepers jersey as well.

  12. Bud

    By the way…… Senderos was faultless on Saturday !

    Maybe thats what he needed……. Arsenal to have a shocker (Spurts game) and leak goals without him playing, so he gets it out of his head that whenever we are shit it is his fault !!!!!!

  13. Bud

    Quote Wenger – “I am not after Jonathan Woodgate”.

    Thats it Arsene, you sit and count your money instead !!!!!!!!

  14. Bud

    Have I offended everyone or something????

    It seems I am running a one man blog site today……… where the fcuk is everyone???