Kolo and Eboue both struck down

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Good morning Grovers!

Its a grey day for us, Kolo Toure was stretchered off in the Ivory Coasts victory on the ACN, and Eboue was struck down with a bout of mental illness. It is unknown how long Toure will be out for but there is a serious fear Eboue maybe sectioned along with Amy Winehouse when he returns to the UK. The Arsenal medical staff were alerted to Eboues after he rambled this when pressed about interest from Milan and Juventus,

‘I didn’t want to talk about that. What I can say is that many big clubs spoke to Arsenal about a transfer in the January transfer window.’

How fucking delusional is he? 19 starts and no goals, virtually no assists and he thinks he is being tapped up by Milan! It got worse though, when told about Ade and Nikki, he said this,

‘For me, you have to take care when you are on the pitch and be careful because a lot people are watching the game’

Sound advice from a bastion of fair play and good will!

All at Le Grove wish Eboue a speedy recovery.

Kolo will be the bigger loss though, there are fears his tournament maybe over after being stretchered of just before half time… after he set his brother up for a goal! Nightmare… could it be cheque book time Arsene?

Wenger had this to say about the Spuds game,

‘We had 500 passes, Tottenham 222. We had 64 per cent of possession and we had 18 shots on goal, Tottenham 12, and we lost 5-1. That sums up the game.’

Brilliant analysis Arsene and I’m sure you have a great spread sheet to back that up but last time I checked, we lost 5-1. Clutching at straws springs to mind.

Young Guns reckon we have signed a winger for next year, at least he is old enough to buy a pint.

Other than that, the feeds are pretty boring this morning!

Newcastle are today, and I think we are going to rip them a new Arsenal hole…

I am in a corporate box today guys, so if anyone who knows me spots me… please don’t talk to me? Its embarrassing…

Just kidding guys!

Enjoy today!

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  1. barry sagna

    Eboue can leave for all I care! if Milan want to sign him, at least they will have a chink in their Armour for future match ups!

    I think we are going to hammer them today, I’m feeling a 4 or 5 goal smashing. They will be over the novelty of a over hyped manager and this will be the game that kev goes,

    ‘A lot of work needs to be done’.

    Thats the press conference scene playing through my head!

    Come on the Arse!

  2. stavker 26

    eboue was top in champions league run that went us to the final. now sagna is on the team and is player of season and adaptability so eboue is to midfield and was a good cross for van perise goal at charlton last seaosn and toure i hope to be well not injured.yes

  3. goonarosa

    If Kolo will miss some matches beyond the end of the african nations cup, then now is the time for AW to dust off the cheque book and get us a decent defensive cover .. perhapsa veteran who is running down his career. Jaap Stam, lilian thuram, even Woodgate, or any other very experienced CB should be considered .. AW, please act immediately .. we still have the fortune a few days b4 this window closes !!!!

  4. goonarosa

    As for eboue, I do pray there is interst from other clubs and we can pam him off as quickly as possible .. perhaps in summer. I am sure arsenal can do better than eboue on the right wing .. he is definitely limited in skill, and his theatricals are just too embarassing …

  5. Baggio

    1-1 this afternoon

    do not be delusional chaps

    LOL 4 or 5 goal victory, we have not played well since villa park. the past has shown wenger as a poor manager in helping his teams recover from big defeats.

    i bring you’re attention to the uts game for 50 not out and what followed, i bring you’re attention to the carling cup defeat last year and what followed.

    wenger has phucked the season up with his blatant disrespect of tuesdays match

    you will all see this at 450pm this afternoon.

  6. Goofle

    Gouffran is a striker. He scores goals left or rifht foot. There are some great videos on youtube if you can be arsed looking.

  7. aamir

    what i do not understand is that wenger, a good manger that he is, why does he not spend. I mean if you have a £70- 100 million war chest get at leat 1 world class player.

  8. Geoff

    Afternoon Grovers, sorry about that illiterate cheesedick but I got rid of him, I expect he’s Eboue’s second cousin or something, I just flew in and I’m listening on Arsenal-online and so far it’s a mixed bag.

    A nervy start! let’s hope it gets better.

    A note for you cheesedick, don’t come back on or I’ll give everyone your email address.

  9. Mike (the neighbour )

    Watching the text version of the game and Ades 2nd goals just gone in -interesting that he and Walcott have been the subject of lots of comments on Le grove recently and both seem to have come up trumps this time -what a difference a day makes
    and an own goal -even better

  10. andy c

    if gouffran can perform like that every week id love to have him in the red shirt! looks like the kind of player we usually go for, so its probably a load of crap and he will go somewhere else!

  11. andy c

    ive just heard Mark Lawrenson on MOTD say the chavs are playing their best left back, Wayne Bridge, my day gets better!

  12. Pedro

    Just for your info guys, Theo was utter tosh all afternoon, he made one good run and now everyone is raving!

    Indecisive, weak on the ball and his passing was crap.

    Bravo Adebayor, bravo Eduardo and Bravo Flamini, clichy and Cesc.

    Diaby? Well, everything went through him in the first half… some would say greedy, some would say sloppy… others would say he was quite good!

    Great response to mid week! Baggio, what where you thinking…? Its 0450, not that Arsene needed to prove anything.

    Still in 2 cups and 2nd in the league!

  13. Rob From Oz

    Eboue? what the fuck is your problem! carring on like a fucking junkie looking for his next fix, you knobber! fuck it was good to welcome keegan back to the big time with a hell of a beating ha ha! also on e-soccer.com there are a fuck load of links to spurs websites saying we will beat anyone anywhere! pfffttt the dumb cunts win one game against a second string arsenal team and now they are world beaters? my god! last time i checked they were 12th in the league.. i hope Everton fuckin wipes that retarded look off there faces…. Fuckin wankers!

  14. jimmyfingers

    Eboue can get tae fuck (living with Jocks kicking in)

    2nd in the league on goal difference, spanked ‘castle in the cup, them next in the league

    What we need is consistency: Walcott good then shit then good, same for Diaby, same for Bendtner,samefor Gallas,same for Senderos, same for Cesc….and on and on

    I ain’t Ariston so I want just On. Sort it out boys, you’re close

  15. Rico

    Harry – i am with you, Theo is very young and shows each game what he can do, at the moment he is too ‘weak’ to put in 90 awesome minutes – get in the gym my lad and build youself up, then watch him shove all thenegatives comments where they deserve to be shoved!!