Babel for Walcott, Freeman on the verge and Nordtveit back in training.

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So we are being linked with swapping (on loan) Theo with Babel, can’t see that but I sure wouldn’t mind it for 6 months, don’t get me wrong, I really rate Theo, but he needs to get his experience playing week in week out.

Babel is far more the finished product and should have been an Arsenal player had we moved faster, which is why I couldn’t see why they would do
that deal, as Babel is hardly used anyway, why would Theo fare any better? Freeman is about to become an Arsenal player, Christ how long does it take
to sign a 15 year old? He has been dubbed Theo mark II, hardly a compliment?

Nordtveit, the kid with the hardest to say name in football has returned to training after 3 months out injured, and he’s training with the first team,
interesting, he’s 17 and so was Tony Adams, so maybe he is the answer, but again, I doubt it.

Wenger’s talking about resting players tomorrow, but I don’t understand it, why do players need rest, isn’t that what players want? to play all the time, it’s not like their careers lasts forever is it?

Ade and Bendtner escape a ban which is good and Ade’s promised not to call him shit again, Bendtner by all accounts has promised not to be shit again,
as has Gallas, Denilson, Diaby and Traore (did I miss anyone?).

Great then Grovers, it’s all sorted, we’re going to smash Kevin Keegan’s entertainers!

Expect a big score, to whom I’m not sure, just kidding!!! 4 nil to the Arsenal and back on track in style.

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  1. Steve

    We should have got Babel when we had the chance. He is a very Arsene type player and wasn’t a silly price. Apparently best mates with RVP and Le Gunners were his club of choice. Still, it ‘aint gonna happen, so let’s stop dreaming.

    If Theo wasn’t English we’d all have had enough of him by now. Can’t beat players, gets knocked off the ball too easily and has the bollox of an Italian war hero.

    Before you all start calling me a cunt, tell me if you’d be this patient had he not been English and billed as the next big thing.

  2. bridgers

    In answer to your question “did I miss anyone”, you did, Gilberto, possibly the worst of a bad bunch. He has lost whatever pace he had, and seems to have lost the desire to get back and tackle as he used to. I think he needs a new challenge and for his, and Arsenal’s, benefit, he should go now.

  3. gazzap

    best way after a defeat is to let the same players get back on and have another go. dont get me wrong I dont want the same team but players like Diaby. Hoyte and Bendtner need a chance to redeem themselves.

  4. Pedro

    I wouldn’t say Bendtner and Hoyte need to re-prove anything? At least we know they are capable. Walcott needs to prove that he can score or at least be productive and some of the others have merely proved why they are not in the team?

    I wouldn’t mind Babel in the team, at least he is a winger! Even if Walcott was scoring goals, is a struggle to see where he would fit into the striking line up?

    Wenger must see something in him to keep him from going out on loan, and I see flashes of Terry or Pires in him… the way he gets everyone up from there seat! He just has to learn to produce more regularly… slow developer… like Andy Johnson I hope!

    Lets hope Keegan can maintain his Woeful managerial record for the next two games!

  5. Steve

    Pedro, we have all fallen for the press hype on the kid, that is what makes us jump up nowadays, not anticipation. In all honesty the only thing I anticipate now is him laying on his arse looking like a woodlice trying to get back to his feet.

    If his development gets any slower he’ll be reaching puberty at 55.

  6. Manfred Szaman

    Another 15 yr old full of potential.I know in AW we trust.Sometimes this is going a bit too far.
    if the season ends in intatters,then we’ll know what ought to be done in Feb 2008 and hope it’doesn’t happen again.

  7. Odub

    Babel should be a gooner end of. After the Euro U21 tournament, he was practically begging Arsenal to come and get him and he was valued at about £10 mill at the time which I’m sure we could have afforded! But for some reason he’s now at Liverpool!

    Some of the youngsters need to go out on loan until next season, because I can’t see them playing otherwise. Diaby, Denilson, Traore, Fabianski and even Walcott, need to play week in week out to get the first team experience they need to excel at Arsenal, and it seems to be working for Vela at Osasuna, and the other dutch lad who’s name escapes me at the noment. Walcott also needs to bulk up because he gets brushed off the ball far too easily at the mo.

    I hope the next 5 days prove to be a major turn around, and we forget Tuesday night ( I’m still suffering flash backs of those cunts celebrating like they won the world cup!!)

  8. Steve

    Let’s not get too negative ffs. We’re in a blinding position nearing the end of January with some great games to look forward to. I’d have taken this at the start of the season that’s for sure. We can’t underestimate the importance of remaining in the top 4 for the first couple of seasons in the new ground when money is supposed to be at it’s tightest.

    We need to remember sometimes the long term plan. Look at every other team’s position that moved stadium and how long their decline has been. Without Wenger at the helm we’d have been mid-table at the very best with our transfer budget.

  9. Rob From Oz

    I highly doubt that we will get babel, i wish! However i think we should do a straight swap with livergay(liverpool) babel for bendtner and pascal senderos and gilberto cause i mean fuck there season cant get any worse, so they mite as well take em off our hands b4 they fuck up our season> adebayor needs some quality up front with him like eduardo for a change…but i think also that ade calling bendtner shit is rather warranted. But meh none of this shit will ever happen cause we r the only club in history not to ssign any cunt during this period, even leeds who are 3000million in debt still sign some joe blow cunt… Fuckin frustrating

  10. niyongabo laban

    I am sure swapping Walcott with Babel will be a wise move for the gunners as Babel is more of Arsenal type and as Walcott regains confidence unlike at arsenal where he is under pressure to deliver because of the hype he got on his arrival.

  11. Mike (the neighbour )

    Yeah Geoff like you I dont understand the resting policy -surely these are highly paid professionals and the more they play play the more experience they get .Isnt that your point regarding theo -he needs more playing opportunities .Training is just that training for what -playing !-when youre on the home straight though surely you play your best first team all the time -after all you can control that -its bad enough having injuries and player secondment to play for their countries that can hi-jack plans .Someone mentioned long term plans and of course this is important .However when reading this blog most of the time the fans want winning as numero uno especially against those defined as real cunts -look at steve it has taken him many days and numerous bottles of vinos to start being positive again .Arsene is still talking this morning about rotation which is another word for resting so I suspect he is gonna stick to his guns -please god youre right with the score geoff

  12. Steve

    Mike, well noticed. It took me a couple of days before I could even post anything again. I’ve been in a state of despair for 2 days, and this in a competition I wasn’t particulary bothered about.

    If we had a fucking tiddlywinks competition against those dirty cunts I’d be devastated to lose.

  13. Odub

    I thought I was the only one pissed off at losing to those cunts, even though it was the Carling Cup! I’ve still got between 10-15 text messages and emails I havent responded to all from scum fans.

  14. Steve

    It’s your own fault Odub for being mates with the illiterate, knuckle dragging cunts. Anyone, I’m off down the pub. Have fun Gooners.

  15. Bud

    Listen, I watched the last game at Highbury on Arsenal TV last night and the squad we had in 96 was amazing……… it is frightening the players/squad we had then and the when you consider who we have not replaced that played in that last ghame at highbury………

    Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Reyes, Campbell, Cole, Ljundberg.

    And what surprised me is that Hleb played in that game, we already had Adebeyor, Walcott, RVP….. the only notable additions to the squaud since then it terms of replacements are Rosicky and Sagna and Gallas !!!

    Shocking !!!!!!

  16. Odub

    The quality has dropped visibly over the last 5 years mainly because of the dough spent on the new stadium, but we need to move on and start getting players that aren’t 13-16 years old and get maybe 2/3 players a season who are ready to play now!!
    Steve unfortunately I can’t help having some of these scum as mates, North London born and bred, so I’ve even got mates that even support Barnet!!!! Doesn’t mean I can’t call them cunts though!!!

  17. Odub

    Off to get my early Friday vino fix, I leave you with this thought….

    We’re joint top of the league with a team we all thought would struggle without TH14, and still in the CL and FA Cup.
    Should we be happy we’ve over achieved and wait for the inevitable drop in form, or should we capitalise on our surprise so far and get a couple of world beaters in to pull away from the Mancs and beat AC Milan next month enroute to the CL final?

    Whatcha think?!

  18. Pedro

    I like your positivity Odub! We all need to take a bit of that to the emirates tomorrow.

    Bud, here is my list of replacements – followed by there replacements if you get what I mean?

    Henry – Adebayor – Eduardo
    Bergkamp -RvP – Bendtner
    Pires – Rosicky – Gibbs
    Reyes – Walcott – Vela
    Campbell – Gallas – Nordveit
    Cole – Clichy – Traore
    Ljundberg -Hleb – Simpson

    So I think they all had replacements lined up… its like a conveyor belt!

    I struggled with Freddie… because he was a Freak player, right midfield, second striker, striker… and I think Simpson is on the left? But whatever! You get my jist.


    Agreed,very well said Odub.
    On Tuesday we lost a battlte,but not the war,and Arsenal will prove that to-morrow and Tuesday.
    COME ON THE ARSENALS ,and show what we are realy capable of…..
    Good luck for all the Gooners for the wekk-end

  20. Bud

    We already had Ade, RVP, Walcott, Clichy and Hleb………. Thats what I am talking about….. squad strength wise, we haven’t done it, unless you want to argue that Bender, Gibbs, Vela, Nordveit, Traore(cant defend) and Simpson are adequate cover for your replacements?

    The point is RVP, Adebeyor, Rosicky, Clichy, Hleb, Gallas were all a damn site better quality players in 2006 than what we have in place as replacements/cover in 2008 !!!

  21. Pedro

    I don’t think anyone thought Adebayor was any good when he was playing with Thierry, evreyone wanted Hleb out, Clichy was injury prone and we couldn’t see past Cashley…

    A couple of years is huge amount of time, and they’ll all improve.

    I get your point though… RvN leaves united… Rooney and Tevez come in… Beckham leave Mancs… Ronaldo comes in… Liverpool have striking issues… they sign Torres.

    We never do that…


    You know we thought Eboue was mad?

    Read below for confirmation… (Courtesy of Sky Sports)

    Arsenal’s Emmanuel Eboue has told that both Milan and Juventus have enquired about securing his services.

    The 24-year-old full-back, who is currently at the Africa Cup of Nations representing Ivory Coast, joined The Gunners from Beveren in 2005.

    Eboue has regularly featured in Arsene Wenger’s side since his switch, tallying 54 starts to date.

    Wenger originally utilised the Ivorian at right-back, however the arrival of Bacary Sagna has seen Eboue move up into right-midfield.


    And speaking before Ivory Coast’s Group D fixture against Benin, Eboue has revealed that a number of ‘big clubs’ have approached Arsenal about signing him in the January transfer window.

    “I didn’t want to talk about that. What I can say is that many big clubs spoke to Arsenal about a transfer in the January transfer window,” he told

    However, he insists he is content to stay at Emirates Stadium for the time being.

    “But for me, it is Arsenal for the moment. I did not put a transfer request in. I like Arsenal. However, you never know [what might happen],” he concluded.

  23. Dan Feinstein

    I have to say you must not have seen Nordtveit play! This kid is quality. Quick, great in the air and on the deck, comfortable running with the ball and highly disciplined. He is one of the best centre-halfs io have seen at this age. A less powerful, less attitude and better version of Micah Ricahrds! A dare-i-say-it, Tony Adams approach to the game…

  24. Damian

    But what we didn,t have was a 60,000 stadium thats what we replaced them with & yes we do need to buy 2 centre backs and 2 wingers as well as cover 4 Flamini i don,t think Diaby is good enough as Gilberto will surely leave at the end of season to compete on all fronts now but i still think Arsene & managements priorities r top 4 Premier league +, last 8 Champions league +, F.A semi.s + until the debt is reduced for another 2 years same as it has been the last 2 years.

  25. Bud

    I watched him the other night on Arsenal TV for the stiffs. Looked OK, but we lost !!!

    I’m sure he is a great young player, but he is 17 and unproven at any decent level.

    OK, if we are only going to buy young’uns, couldn’t we at least buy a young player that has showed proven potential in the big leagues…….. will no doubt cost a lot more, but we will not stay the 2nd richest club in the world if we do not start winning things and its been a while now………. how long do we have to put up with potential, why can’t we add some extra class to a good team to make us a great team ???!!!!

  26. moaziz

    a move for walcot to babel is impossible mission. walcot shouldnot be traded for babel.this is b/c what walcot doing now is what current world number one ,C.ronaldo was doing before two years .i would rather prefer to get babel on pure many payment than bartering with walcot.

  27. Bud

    Wenger had less money in the transfer kitty at highbury than he does now and we won titles then……. so why shouldn’t I expect us to deliver in a bigger stadium with more money at his disposal ????

    Its like saying Wenger is not the manager he was, otherwise, why can’t he produce the goods with more at his disposal……… are we missing out on players these days, are we seeing the fallout of Deins departure. Was he the man that made the deals happen with his shred negotiating………. Are Arsenal spinning us a line about Wengers available funds and was Dein telling the truth when he said we needed external money to be pumped in to compete?

    I hope not, I doubt it, but I just have not seen us play well since November 3rd against Manure.

    Since then we have played 20 games with only a 55% win rate….

    Won 11
    Drawn 6
    Lost 3

    Good enough to win the League……. no chance !!!!!!!

    And Arsene loves Stats, so Mr Wenger, I hope you are reading this !!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Bud







  29. Bud

    So why did the board stand there at the AGM and on Television and say that there is £80,000,000 of money available to Arseneif he wanted it????

    A very laid back attitude Damian, and I am not going to critisize it, but did the board lie, are we unable to negotiate a players signature without Dean or (and this is not what I want to believe before I get hung drawn and quarted) is Arsene losing it…… one has to be the truth, you tell me?

  30. Damian

    Reyes was conned Campbell had a brain explosion Cole was bribed Fredie hit with injuries Lauren out 4 a season all at once and the Stadium

  31. Bud

    You are going back again, I am talking about the stats I gave above. A win rate for first 17 games of 88% against the last 19 games with a win rate of 55%.

    Is that satisfactory to you, or if you were the manager and had £80million at your disposal you would try and rectify the problem, rather than refuse to see it???

  32. Pedro


    The longer the bad run goes on, the quicker it can stop though?

    Good to hear that Bentley wont get his move to Newcastle

    Cashley has been ruined in a piece by the Sun for cheating

    Chimbonda is leaving Spurs!

    Brilliant… I love lowbrow papers!

  33. Geoff

    Boy there’s a shed load of stats, all I know is I’m fed up with waiting for these kids to develop, as I’ve said before we wait, they get good and they go. The whole point of a transfer budget is we spend it, that’s why it’s there, no trophies are given out for not spending money, ask Blackburn, the Chavs and the Mancs!

    I know there are plenty that do spend large and don’t achieve like the Spuds and Geordies, but if they had our manager and our money they’d win the lot, is it too much too ask to spend some???

    Just a little to make the difference?

  34. Harry conway

    All very interesting but we got hammered by Spurs, 5-1 was not a true reflwction of the game as Arsene said, 9-1 mwould have been fairer.
    No strength in depth…get used to mediocrity

  35. Mike (the neighbour )

    For those of you like me who cant get arsenal TV
    JUst out
    Arsène Wenger says this week’s incident between Emmanuel Adebayor and Nicklas Bendtner will be resolved ‘without a problem’ and could serve to ‘improve togetherness’ inside the team.
    A disagreement between the two hit the headlines after Arsenal’s defeat at White Hart Lane. Adebayor apologised for his part the following day and, on Thursday, the FA announced they would not be taking action against either striker.
    Speaking to Arsenal TV Online, Wenger gave his thoughts on the affair.
    “Disagreements are part of the game and every single manager will be surprised what has been made of that story,” said the Frenchman. “But that is part of being at Arsenal.
    “Of course you want to deal with this internally. We want to know what kind of incident happened but we will deal with this without any problem.
    “We will even use this to be conscious of how much every incident, even a minor one, can be interpreted on the outside and that will even improve our togetherness inside the team.”
    The Frenchman would not divulge whether any punishment would be meted out, but he did say: “There is always action taken if it is needed. I believe that from now on it is better for us not to talk too much about it.”

    Togetherness along with punishment -not sure how that ones gonna work ?

  36. Mike (the neighbour )

    Geoff sorry mate ive disclosed you now fly Monarch -the humiliation of it -Now steve knows you you wont be able to hold your head up high in the stadiums posh bar
    SORRY !

  37. Pedro

    Geoff… you fly Monarch?

    Thanks for the Update mike! I didn’t think he was going to do a press conference today!

    I will be at the game tomorrow Bud… corporate boxing it tomorrow! It should be fun!

    Are you getting up there early?

  38. Odub

    Bloody hell! I’m half cut Bud and I could still see those stats are worrying!!!But if i remember rightly we tend to have a bad run before xmas, and go unbeaten till May so happy days ahead!! I hope!

  39. jon

    I think spurs were 10 times better than us on tues. Our team was not very weak at all.
    I think arsenal are gonna start to fall behind the spurs- they have much better fans so when they get a new stadium they will be making alot of money. They are a very well run club- wont pay top wages and a top manager!

  40. Mike (the neighbour )

    Sorry Odub I fly monarch as well and know the humilation -If Geoff flew Ryanair -he wouldnt be let into the ground .If he visited Torrevieja he wouldnt be let back in the country !!
    By the way .all …
    You may have heard of it but I wondered if this is where all spud players retire too –

    “Deportivo Wanka is a Peruvian football club, based in the city of Huancayo in the Peruvian Andes. It was founded in 1996 and is named after the Wankas who live locally ”

    By the way I couldnt find a deporitvo cunts named after the cunts ,thats the best I can find

  41. Pedro

    Hey guys, just so you know… My article from the other day has been linked into a Spuds forum.

    So ignore people like Jon, he is trying to be clever…

  42. goonarosa

    babel will be a great, and possibly eager acquisition .. but I cant see that happening ..

    On a totally different note, I reckon we should sell the following players:

    gilberto: is not good enough anymore, and is the cause of our loss to the scum
    diaby: either he converts into central midfield as cover for flamster, or bye bye
    eboue: so we can get a decent winger, or play lil’ mozart there.

    the bulgarian dimitrov
    benzema or nasri
    kaka or messi
    an older, very experienced CB like thuram or jaap stam as CB cover, ’cause they wont moan too much about appearing in every match.

    if we do above, we easily win the quad next year .. just dreaming, feel free to ignore .. LOL

  43. Odub

    wWouldnt be caught dead in Torrevieja after 7 o’clock if you get my drift!

    Deportivo Wanka!! lol .. – Chairman – teddy sheringham, honorary president – Gary Mabbutt. Secetary – jurgen klinsmann!

  44. Pedro


    ‘They are a very well run club- wont pay top wages and a top manager!’

    You pay ridiculous wages to your not so top manager. You won’t get a new stadium for years and your fans are shite.

    We didn’t get one spud on here before the match, now you come over in your hundreds! I’ve had 100 hits from the spud forum today… fucking jokers…

  45. goonarosa

    I read above about spurs now on higher level than arsenal .. wait for it, when they build a new stadium .. and well, we know their season is more or less over and trophiless, but this time seriously wtahc them fly next year …

    the most annoying and obnoxious set of fans in the whole football world .. deluded wankers bar none.

  46. Odub

    Pedro/Geoff what the fuck’s going on? Yesterday we had chavs on here, now we have fucking spuds!! i thought this was a blog for people who knew a bit about football?!

  47. Pedro

    Goonerosa… where are they going to get the cash to build a stadium?

    Interest rates are higher, raw material costs are higher and Spurs don’t even have champions league football! Its a complete non starter… they’d be like Londons Newcastle if they got a big stadium.

  48. Harry conway

    when was the last time we had as much noise at Highbury or the Emirates as tere was At Shite Hart Lane , lets be honest guys.

  49. Odub

    The area their current shack of a ground’s in is where they belong, a fucking dive of an area with boarded up dumps on every corner! what a hell hole!

  50. Pedro

    Harry, when was the last time there was anything to cheer about at Shite Harte lane?

    My god, I am getting embroiled in arguing with Spurs Fans!

    I must stop…

  51. Bud

    Small compabt stadium on top of the pitch…… creates….

    Hold on, why am I justifying to a bunch of Flids. Life must be boring if they have to cadge on a Gooner sight and pretend to be gooners whilst bigging up their Lillywhite Fantasy……… As I say, usual scum, no mates, so nothing better to do……

  52. Odub

    It’s quite busy on here for a Friay afternoon isnt it?! and that’s not counting the cuntish fuck faced knuckle dragging neanderthals from down the road either?!

  53. Bud

    Aren’t they embarrassing……. they win against us for the foirst time in a century and still they are so envious of us, they can’t concentrate on their own stuff and try to crash out sites……….. SAD, VERY SAD………. and PATHETIC actually !

  54. Pedro

    Its quite amusing.

    Reality will hit hard when they get tanked out the cup by a first team!

    Poor fuckers, we have double their points in the league? And they spunked about £40 million in the summer… dear oh dear!

  55. Bud

    Just read something REALLY funny. Not a dig at the Chavs, just the way things get reported. Read below…….

    “The Argentina Under 20 international joins the Blues from Chilean side Audax Italiano for an undisclosed fee. The 6ft 4ins forward has been compared to Argentina legend Diego Maradona with Chelsea reported to have agreed a deal worth more than £3million for Di Santo. ”


  56. Odub

    I read that bit too, anf had to look again!! Maradona was 4 ft 3 wasnt he?! Oh I get it , he’s 6ft 4 when he uses his hand!!

  57. Bud

    SEE YA THEN !!!!

    Arsenal’s Emmanuel Eboue has told that both Milan and Juventus have enquired about securing his services.

    speaking before Ivory Coast’s Group D fixture against Benin, Eboue has revealed that a number of ‘big clubs’ have approached Arsenal about signing him in the January transfer window.

    “I didn’t want to talk about that. What I can say is that many big clubs spoke to Arsenal about a transfer in the January transfer window,” he told

    However, he insists he is content to stay at Emirates Stadium for the time being.

    “But for me, it is Arsenal for the moment. I did not put a transfer request in. I like Arsenal. However, you never know [what might happen],” he concluded.

  58. geoff

    Every year since 1961 they have not won the league, 47 years, even a blind squirell does better than that! to buillt a stadium like the Grove from scratch including land cost etc would be double what we paid, they couldn’t even afford half what we paid, they’re not in the big boys European league, they’ve had more managers than a Russian hooker , they beat our youth team and they think they’re suddenly contenders, what a bunch of embarrassing delusional cunts!

  59. Odub

    I’d cash in on the prick! If they actually want him! Hleb, Rosicky and Walcott (oh God!) can play his postion so he can fuck right off! Dont like the moaning soppy cunt anyway!

  60. geoff

    no the comparism was that he’s a fucking cheat, and as far as Ebouue’s concerned, I’ll pay his bus fare, inngrate.

  61. Odub

    All Eboue’s ever done is dive to win the freekick that got our goal against Barca in the CL final! He’s a half decent full back and a poor right midfielder! Sagna’s the bollocks so what the fuck do we need him for?! Never rated him, and I’ve always thought he’s an accident waiting to happen!

  62. James

    Ive just Youtubed that Franco Di Santo, he doesnt look that amazing???

    He doesnt look like hes even fit to clean Vela’s boots?

  63. Harald

    Hi Gooners!

    Im a norwegian and i know a lot about Nordtveit for sure!
    Remember these few words…
    I`l never seen such a talent at his age! He will become a key factor in 5 years time.
    Don`t worry!


  64. Geoff

    that’s good to know Harald, but we wished it was already five years, because we sure do need a world class center back!

  65. Gun_1

    You know what worries me most guys…Arsene is possibly too scared to pay big money for established players. Everyone says what a genius he is (including me) and maybe he doesn’t want to ruin his reputation by risking big money signings. To date…TH14 is his only great big money signing (11m back then), and he was not even that established then. I hope im wrong but he may be taking the less risky route, which requires a lot of trust and patience, and is a safer policy with regards keeping his iconic status intact.

  66. Geoff

    Wiltord was 13 and Reyes would have been more if we’d kept him but you are quite right, he doesn’t want to spend, that’s fine but sometimes if you don’t you get hammered 5-1 by shit teams, you don’t see that happening to the Manncs do you?

  67. p lee

    i’m very ambivalent about bying some new players in the january transfer. i agree, we lack some quality in some places (especially if toures out) but i think newcomers now would have a hard time adapting to the arsenal team. the pace – the team spirtit (ask ade and bendtner) and the very very high expaction on a newcomer. i think we should be satisfied about what we got and where we are and if we pull this one off and win the pl (which i would be most happy about) (beacause in the end i think it’s the hardest thing to do, no luck, just pure durability in the best league in the world) i think it’s one of the greatest achieviments ever. which is pretty fuckin supercool. wenger is playing the game of football like it should, both of and off the pitch. i’m very very proud to be a gooner.

  68. Rob From Oz

    You i know i bet those sick spud cunts are selling that fucked game and shite fart lane, “GET YOUR GOONER BEATING,MAKES GOOD FOR JACKING OFF TO AT YOUR MUMS HOUSE. CAUSE WE CANT GET JOBS AND MOVE OUT OF HOME!” im glad in some ways that i dont live in the U.k cause id go on a spud bashing rampage, although id be accused of bashing handicapped people! though id still love to see a game a the Emirates one day.

  69. mark the gooner


  70. Jacob Waiswa

    Arsenal FC: A Team that Never Learns, How Can They…?

    Spurs game was very important in every sense and from all directions. From Man-UTD fans here, it was the best gift given to them. To them it more time throwing them a party to see Arsenal loses. And from Spurs, their inferiority complex over years was, with determination broken. And important for Arsenal FC, unless and as usual, refuse to take lessons, had a lot to force into its planning and management paper-work.

    A lot has been left undone since the time of Ljumbergs in the areas of playing players who cannot play averagely in unnatural positions. This, as a result, has had serious consequences to the team results. The given reason as giving a player a chance to play would soon prove very costly to the Club in terms of results.

    Diaby, for instance, is a serious case. Many instances have shown that he simply cannot play well as winger but a blind eye has been continuously held over the matter. Instead Arsenal FC continues to chose self-destructively and in self-defeating way.

    Hoyte could have done well in the first leg, but it is well known that he does not have experience as a center half and therefore no reason to play him there. One and moreover second half game in the first leg is not enough experience to look at and consider. One cannot chose to play against a team that has been playing together for the last five months with experimental players and hope to gain results, more so after possible lessons from the first leg.

    In this case, Spurs is one with sufficient time of playing together, which help deal with problems of poor passing or blind passes while it helps to create an effective and working rhythm and suitable combination of the team.

    Otherwise for Arsenal FC, the need to play certain players in wrong positions that affect negatively their individual performances, instead, worsens team situation in achieving results as best as it should. What is however disturbing is that Arsenal FC seems to ignore all that while only waiting to pick consolation from after match and preview press conferences.

    While looking for a creative central mid-fielder, Denilson would not be the person to call for and worse if he is to be partnered with Gilberto. That would be simply chaotic options to overall team objective. These are, firstly, players who play almost the same way and would down-play attacking objective of the team. They would act like Spurs or opponent spies in Arsenal FC since their influence would work only in favor of opposing forces.

    On the special note, Gilberto should never be an Arsenal mid-fielder anymore because his mid-fielder role is below the current premiership trend and/or era, which demand pace and precision of a player. Instead, he could try central defense, which he has evidently proved himself best. It would, therefore, be laughable to continue playing him in the mid-field. Doing so would be inviting foolish outlook for Arsenal FC –to include the fans who never participate in decision making.

    Whereas, Walcott cost Arsenal FC a lot of Money anticipated profitability and faith continuous to melt down. He is simply far from first team action as there is a lot for him to learn conclusively before getting himself in the line-up. If you compared him with second-rated Bendtner (according to selectors), Bendtner is by far ready for first team action, miles away in front of Walcott.

    There is no reason why Walcott would come first in any premiership game rather than Bendtner. Is it because he is English? Or is it because of pressure by some English activists for Clubs to play English? And should this be at the expense of Club desired performance? I would think that like Bendtner, Walcott too must go on loan and prove him self right for first team.

    Yes, truly, Spurs fired at Arsenal so hard that they were taken for undeserved fools –such that more added three minutes of the added three would still give Spurs one other goal, to make it six but thanks to the stoppage time. This, perhaps, would teach the Club never to take any team for granted if they are to expect winning cups. It too could help break its useless pride that hardly transforms self into results or never consistent with pride itself.

    Unless no lessons are learnt by Arsenal FC, the future would require serious contesting mind of a team and any young players should never exceed one. Even the young Fabregas then was the only one constantly to play in the first team from the reserve one before establishing himself.

    In general Arsenal FC, if it is to mean business, must player players who have consistently been playing together over at least three months. And the other would be for them to replace baseless, like traditional pride with humility, and respect for opponents. Instead, must make attainment of three points every game, the tradition.

    Waiswa Jacob

    Situation Health Analyst.

  71. Geoff

    You see guys, that’s my point Eboue scores none Ronald 16+ already, and Eboue tells us he’s in demand!

    Ship him out and bring in a real winger I’ve had it with converted full backs.

  72. Geoff

    Le boss seems to be in denial, he says we weren’t outplayed by Spurs, we had 500 passes, they had 222, we had 64% posession and 18 shots to their 12.

    Yeah, but we lost didn’t we, so for all your stats can’t you see we need a couple of top players?

    He says he’s not letting Walcott go as we are running out of players, so he sells Diarra, smart move boss.

    The only good news this morning is Cashley’s wife has kicked him out, that’s poetic justice is that!

  73. eddy

    Wenger needs to break his transfer policy and break the bank to get Richards from man city, green from west ham and etoo from barcelona. Then we will have a squad capable of success. If the youngsters are good enough to make the high standard demanded then they will get there chance!!!