Theo out on loan and we’re all supporting Chelsea

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Word on the street is Wenger has finally admitted Theo is not where he wanted him to be and wants him loaned out to a premiership club, I would choose Derby or usual suspects Wigan or Birmingham, I think it’s just what he needs and can only make him a better player.

I will be supporting Chelsea in the Carling Cup final, I so want to see the spuds get hammered so I can start texting all those low life in-breds back, I never thought I could cheer the chavs but war does make strange bed fellows, so come on you Chaaa-aaavs!

Onto all things Arsenal, having the Geordies come down to the Grove could not have worked out better, wounded Arsenal will have a lot to prove to the fans and basically Newcastle are shit, they’re just a small team in Scotland and shouldn’t be in the Premier League, they are like a northern spuds, so I expect a bounce back cup and league double.

A huge amount of hits yesterday Grovers, we must have said something that you liked, so nice going Pedro, I couldn’t go near anything for a long time yesterday as my life was over, however today is a new and fresh start, let those cheese dicks have their day, it won’t last long.

I think we should all try and guess what was said by Ade before he nutted Nick, Nick’s daddy wasn’t happy and wants Ade fined, what an embarrassing parent eh?

Have a nice day and thank the good lord that Everton didn’t win!

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  1. Duncan

    Here we go, chelski going about lack of first teamers playing last night. lets face it chelski have 2 1st teams as they buy anyone who could beat them, i think wern’t 10 of the players starting last night all play at international level, and most of them have lots of caps, perhaps you’ll play more “1st teamer” if they were fit, just we would have played more “youngsters” if they were fit.
    Theo: blows hot and cold for me, looks to have enourmous talent by does lack confidence, a loan would be good, either a lower prem side or top champ side, lets hope this will work or else we’ll get the tag of not developing young english players again.
    Anyway, i’ll take the treble who needs the wothless cup anyway, oh yer the scum as this is the only thing they can possibly think of winning, hope they get stuffed by the chavs

  2. daokta

    damn right.
    Either they lead a charmed life or they are really good (hate to think of that possibility!)
    Prediction for the cup final – Chelsea win 1-0

  3. Peter

    Chelsea is going to win Carling Cup (kis’s cup) again with off side goals like they won against Arsenal last year and recent matches against New Castle and West Ham,May be Chelsea need Spurs to help out and nod in an own goal which Lescott did for them.The referees always help out Chelsea by allowing off side goals to stand.It’s strange and that only happened to Chelsea.No wonder no one respect them.

  4. gazzap

    I despise both chavski and spuds so I wont be watching the final as it will be very painful to see either lifting a trophy. its like being asked if you want to poke out your left eye or your right eye… I couldn’t choose. lets just hope there is a huge fight between both sets of players that leads to bad injury and suspension. Though I expect the FA will them off through lack of evidence and blame it on Arsenal, fining us £20m and suspending our entire first team for just breathing. C***s.

  5. Duncan

    Rob, last years final, i think we out played your best 11 that day, only the fact, you have a great striker in Drogba, who took the only 2 chances you had, 1st of which was offside. if you get a kick out of buying everything rather than winning it then thats life at chelsea.

  6. Geoff

    I got shot of it, we don’t want Chavs on our site hurling abuse, if he does it again, I’ll publish his email address and you can all write to him.

  7. Odub

    I’m sure there’s a boat race on the thames that day that I’d rather watch than cheer either one of those set of knobs on! Couldn’t give a flying fuck who wins.
    Actually, tell a lie, I’d rather the chavs win, that would rub the scums noses in it for celebrating with a lap of honor round their ground on Tuesday night like they’d won the world cup!!! twats!
    Theo needs to spend the rest of the season another premiership club to gain some experience, same applies to Diaby, Denilson and Traore.
    Gilberto needs to be got rid of end of! He’s been a great servant to the club, but eash time he’s played this season he’s looked worse than his previous game!

  8. Duncan

    thanks geoff, nice to see a site being looked after,

    the saying smoke without fire springs to mind about theo, he needs to do something or he’ll leave for good looking at the form of that mexican kid Vela is showing on loan in spain

  9. Geoff

    that’s the problem with our kids, at present they are just not good enough, they need to go out on loan and get regular football, making mistakes for us won’t help their confidence one bit.

    You are welcome Duncan, sometimes it’s hard to Police but we do our best!

  10. Mark

    Back to business.

    Walcott out on loan, Good idea, if he plays for someone like Birmingham or Wigan.

    Diaby needs to listen and off load the ball quicker, going out on loan wont give him that.

    Full strength team for Newcastle on Sat and Tuesday please.

  11. Odub

    Another fucking Chav in our midst!!! Geoff sort this knob jockey out please! I can smell his fucking Burberry aftershave!!

  12. Duncan

    you say that paul, but wasn’t jose that brought you lot together with out that your just a bunch of individuals, with grant, still living on joses legacy you’ll turn back to that bunch of individual bunch of cocky overpaid winging chav bastatrds

  13. Odub

    I give the fucking mouthy twats 1 more season and it’ll start tumbling down all around their knock off gucci loafers! Without Jose they’ll just become the Newcastle of the south! All billy big mouth with no trophies apart from the pub cup!

    Onwards and upwards for us , we beat the Geordies twice and beat Man City away in Feb, everything will be back to normal, and Kolo will be back from the ACN!



  15. Odub

    Well said Gooner4ever, the FA can get of their fat wrinkly asses and sort Fergie out instead og getting involved in our fucking business!! It’s an internal matter that will be dealt with by the club! I just have a bad feeling those 2 could end up with 3 match bans, and with RVP missing, it’s the last thing we need!

  16. Pedro

    Caps lock Gooner4ever!

    Good point all the same.

    Theo out on loan is what is needed. I tell you what else he needs, a big scar or some war paint. He still looks 15? Toughen him up I say… send him to West ham and sign him up to Repton Boxing gym!

    Nikki B’s dad is terribly embarrassing! We’re gonna take the Gerodies apart! Here’s to a happy weekend!

  17. James

    But in a strange way that could be a blessing in disguise

    If they got suspensions maybe put Theo and Eduardo upfront….if Theo fucks it up then, ship him out on Loan at the end of the season. What’s the point in sending Theo out on loan now to get all confident, come back, have the summer off and then return to find out Vela’s back so he confidence will go down again.

    Just remember how confident Nikki was at Birmingham and he hasn’t exactly done an amazing amount since he’s returned has he???

  18. Odub

    I think there are certain departments in the team that we need to just accept we’re going to need to buy a player who is not just a prospect and one for the future. Centre back and centre forward are 2 positions where you dont get a lot of time to learn on the job, so spending £10mill on one of those wont hurt. that will probably only get us someone from a smaller club in Europe with minor european experience, but he might be able to come into the team and hit the ground running.

    I know we slate Chelsea for spending ridiculous amounts but at least the players they buy can step in and play at almost the same standard.

    After making that statement, I would like to reiterate that am not a closet chav supporter, and I still cant stand them as much as the scum from down the road. Thank You.

  19. Bud

    Still too numb to say anything constructive……….. I wonder what the atmosphere is gonna be like Saturday……… Sombre if my mood is anything to go by !

    Why can’t Wenger sign someone, just someone, anyone, just some movement to lift the spirits…….. fuck me, our ability in the transfer market sucks…….. we still haven’t even managed to sign that 16 year old kid who made his debut for some Div 2 side this season, whatever the fuck his name is…… it sums us up that we have dragged that out for 3 weeks, when even their own manager said the deal was done !!!!

    Cocked off !!!!!!!

  20. Pedro

    I know it is a dumb thing to say but i’m going to say it anyway.

    We spent £400 million on a new stadium so we could compete with the big boys in the transfer market and match the big players wages.

    2 seasons into the Emirates, we haven’t signed anyone of note, we’re quibbling over a 20k a week with Flamini and Madrid are circling Cesc again.

    Oh and we are the 2nd richest club in the world, and we have £70 million surplus cash.

    So my question is this… where is the money going if its not on wages, stadium or new players?

    Are we a big club, that still has small club mentality?

  21. Odub

    Exactly Pedro, we don’t seem to have the ability to buy players that the other so called big clubs are after?!! Why don’t the so called world class playes ever say they want to play for Arsenal? Because we never make a bid for thw world class players!!
    We’ll keep the money in the bank and count it every so often! That’ll work!

  22. jimmyfingers

    The gooner who I get my lunchtime baguettes off said it best: a lot of spuds fans before the season started were telling me they’re a big club and you’ll see this season and now I’m saying to them you’re right, 12th in the league and in the League Cup final, you are a big club

  23. Geoff

    that’s what is so frustrating, buying young kids that may never work, I mean everyone is saying Vela is the dogs, but supposing he takes a year to gel? disappointing as always in the transfer market.

  24. Bud

    But would have been a bit rich from Ade considering he couldn’t hit a cows arse with a banjo for his first 2 seasons !!!!!!

  25. Odub

    To be honest there are a few players in that dressing room that want to lamp Bendtner, in full view of the scum is not the best place to do it though!!

  26. Mike (the neighbour )

    I was surfing the internet to see what Ade had said to Bendtner and you beat me to it Geoff .Ive been through youtube to see if it was on that and this is what it said
    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by The Football League Limited “-interesting !

  27. Mike (the neighbour )

    telegraph internet “paper” has an hour ago said wenger wants theo to stay -but he would say that anyway wouldnt he ?

  28. Geoff

    he’s on his own then Mike! one day Theo will be awesome but that’s still a few years away, same with Traore and Denilson.

  29. Bud

    One Vela-va player!

    Guillem Balague previews Sky’s live la Liga action and urges you to watch out for our Arsenal youngster.

    “Osasuna are worth watching for Carlos Vela alone.
    Of course, he belongs to Arsenal and he is on loan to Osasuna for the season and he’s playing really well at the moment.
    He scored a fantastic goal at the weekend and made Sergio Ramos look very mediocre when Osasuna played Real Madrid before Christmas.
    He plays on the left hand side or as a second forward – he’s going to stay at Osasuna until the end of the season and then go to Arsenal after that. So keep an eye on him. ”

    That will be nice for NEXT SEASON……. what about this season !

    Is it just me that feels we have over achieved and the bubble has burst ?!!!!!!

  30. Odub

    We keep getting these kids who will be great for next season and only 3 out of 10 actually get that good!! I
    n the last 5 years how many have made the starting 11 and stayed in it? Cesc, Clichy, Cashley, Adebayor, RVP! what about the ones that dont make it? Bentley, Stepanovs, Alliadierre, Connolly, Gilbert, Murphy, Muamba, Larsson and so on?!

  31. Duncan

    Bud, your right about Vela, said earlier today, looks awesome. the major thing with Wenger, and Arsenal, we have a or use to have a tight wage structure, when clubs like chelski and the mancs go for players they tend to go there because they can get more money a week, also if chelski sniff at a player we tend to back off as we think we cant compete money wise, either the so called bottomless pit we have to spend is only a small amount or Wenger is tighter than a scotsman. why not put the bid in anyway and let the player choose between us and other teams

  32. Duncan

    with the young players going, not prepared to wait for there opitunity, after they leave, most of them say they should of waited. but in some cases the ones that leave aren’t good enough for us, Stephenov was Shite, bentley wouldn’t wait for bergy and pires to retire. i agree with all we need to sign a quality player, either centre back or centre forward. we were ment to sign a world class striker when we moved to the ashburton grove but that never came true. might have to just accept that Wenger will always rely on bringing them through rather than bringing them in

  33. Bud

    Yeah, but has everyone forgot, Wenger used to buy young players for millions of pounds…….. now he doesn’t……….. Now he spends £100,000 and churns out mediocre shit !!!!!!!

  34. Geoff

    don’t forget Henry wasn’t cheap, nor Wiltord, Jeffers, Van Bronkhorst or Reyes, this spending fuck all is a recent thing.

    Fact is to compete we can’t always be in transition, what happens when Cesc gets to 24, is he considered old and Merida comes in, or Lansbury, where does it end?

  35. Odub

    Walcott was the last big money buy! And since then the kids we’ve bought have been scholars and bargain basement buys, apart from Eduardo.
    At what point do we just dip into the kitty and but a world class player who will give us 4-5 years and is ready to battle for a place immediately?! Wenger’s good at turning average players into world class performers, but since Dennis Bergkamp how many have we bought that have set tongues wagging? Henry was a winger warming the bench at Juve, Vieira likewise at Inter, and Sol was a free transfer. Any others I cant think of?!

  36. Duncan

    agree with that, but times are changing, we need something, as you say, Theo was big money, not living upto what we expected, perhaps we held too higher level for him to reach already considering he’s only 18. we need quality players brought in, perhaps not world class but a very high quality, who can chanlange as soon as they come in, there are players out there better than the likes of Senderos, Djoure and some other players we have, i know they are young and need bringing through, but this could cost us in the short and long term, by not winning things may lead to those world class players or potentially world class players picking elsewhere to play, fine line, don’t know what is best?? tricky one

  37. agentmorris

    I would love to see a transfer come in to strengthen our backline, but I’m really thinking we won’t see it happen in this window.

    But remember all this talk of recent Wenger signings, Sagna has seemed to work out, right? His partnering with Clichy has done the business so far.

  38. Hattori Hanzo

    I agree with much of what you guys say. We are in the best financial health ever, have the history the Chavs will never have no matter how many trophies they try and buy (you cannot buy history) but…Why this spend-thrift bollocks? We NEVER sign extravagant and it’s a good thing because who wants a Ballack or a Shevchenko? Hainvg said that…we need something. As said before: we moved so we could compete with the big clubs in the transfer market. Yet we are now spending less money than ever befor and have just signed yet ANOTHER 25 year-old kid. Good if we sign the experience needed but we lack it. A class winger and centre back and new striker will work wonders for this team. RVP is made of glass so he can only be fit for 15 league games of any given season. Wenger FIX UP we need something!!!

  39. Odub

    I think you mean another 15 year old! the boy’s played half a season for Gillingham and he’s our big catch of the Jan transfer window! Wow!! you never know he could be the next Wayne Rooney. Not sure that’s a good think tho!!!

  40. EVO in OZ

    Hopefully a 4-0 thrashing of Newcastle in both games and Senderos returns to the line up for another strong performance similar to the Fulham game!