Nikki B bust up details revealed and we’re signing Messi

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We’re signing Messi… well, maybe not, but I needed to find something to make you feel better this morning. If you can’t find solace in Sportingo, I fear you will only turn to drugs or booze to numb the pain.

Well, now you’re here, you may as well read my emotional rant.

Many Gooners harped on about starting with a first 11 that could compete.

Well, when the team sheet came out, many peoples prayers were answered (I’ve highlighted the starting 11 in black… in case you were wondering.).

2 Abou DIABY
3 Bacary SAGNA
10 William GALLAS
13 Alexander HLEB
16 Mathieu FLAMINI
21 Lukasz FABIANSKI (GK)

25 Emmanuel ADEBAYOR
26 Nicklas BENDTNER
30 Armand TRAORE
31 Justin HOYTE

40 Vito MANNONE (GK)

We started as we went on. Terribly.

The Spuds beat us to every ball and dominated us with their superior passing and hunger.

Danny Zucko picked up the ball, waltzed through our defence and peached a low shot into the bottom corner.

One up inside five minutes. Fucking awful. I really hate that cunt. He really is the biggest cunt in the world. One hundred and twenty seconds in and we were a goal down, what a fucking joke.

Please remember this is a rant, not a match review.

Denilson ping’s his hammy after about 10 mins, hobbles around for a bit, then the ball is played out by Gilberto (Remember if this is RvP you know he is out for the year), Gary Lewin runs on and manages to fix his busted tendon with a sponge (Gary, why do you only use this sponge on Denilson and Senderos?)! WHAT! We wanted Fabregas on!

10 minutes later our saviour arrives (Put the sponge back in the bucket Lewin…)! Marvellous I thought, we’re going to tank them!

So the game goes on, some spud is fouled 40 yards out. Danny Zucko steps up, whips a cross into the box… and who is there to nod it in… NIKKI B! Fantastic; next time a corner or a free kick is awarded against us in a dangerous position, can I suggest Nikki of huge bollocks does not mark anyone?

Great goal though Nikki, the keeper didn’t have a chance!

Just before half time, Berbatov broke free of our concentrationless (it’s a word…) defence and managed to hit the post! Hooray I shouted – a shot that didn’t go in!

Half time arrives.

I called Blogger Geoff and said this:

You know what? I am confident we can turn this around, I will say this though.

You can get away with one sloppy midfielder, but not two. Gilberto has been atrocious and if he’d been playing for the Spuds he’d be getting his 100% passing accuracy bonus because he found a Spud every time. Diaby was at his shocking best. I like him, he shows glimpses of huge talent, but tonight he is woeful.

We can’t cope with their combined poorness.

Traore is letting the defence down with his poor positioning and passing. Fair enough, he’ll be great, but he has struggled this year in the Carling Cup.

Gallas is terrible. Every time I’ve shouted at Hoyte, I realised it was Gallas fucking up. He has been turned inside out about 4 times by the Spuds.

I also took issue with Fabianski. Had he saved a shot? Ok, the first was as tight into the bottom corner as you can get, and the second was Bendtner at his best. It was just pissing me off. I was in a rage. Forgive me.

I was confident though. The Spuds had played out of their skin, could they do it for 45 more minutes? Doubtful.

So the second half got under way, we looked much better. Good passing, good movement and a few half chances.

Until Berbatov picked up the ball, slipped Keane through, who nailed it past ‘Fabicantsave’.

4-1 down… my god… texts were filling my phone up like a closed ITV voting poll.

We could still win 4-5 I thought! Naïve fool…

Nikki B managed to hit the bar 20 seconds after the restart… Shit… things were not going our way…

Adebayor came on and made a slight difference, banging a solo effort into the top corner. Well played that man, 16 for the season!

Alan Smith took time to remind us that when Ade scores, we never lose.

Thanks Alan, you cunt. I don’t give a fuck about your history with Arsenal. Your commentary reeks of butt kissing so bad, I’d have to take you out of the Sky Studio and bath you in Listerine to wash the smell of shit from your breath. You are a disgrace. I hope you enjoyed talking about every Spurs goal for 15 minutes, then showing the replay 6 times. We all really enjoyed that… you are totally the most unbiased commentator on the Sky panel. Congratulations.

Still, at least now Alan had informed me of that great stat, I knew we could win 5-6…!

Until Jenas Zucko set up another one… my god… I wanted to die… his slick backed hair was like kryptonite to my eyes, I had to look away from the screen every time he appeared.

Things got worse though. We won a corner, all the Arsenal players gathered in the box and Adebayor whispered in Bendtners ear,

‘Hey Nikki, pretend you’re defending this one’

Que uproar and hand bags! Nikki B got upset, said something to Adebayor… and was duly butted! It didn’t matter as the 19th Arsenal corner of the night didn’t make it past the front post…

The final whistle blew… Spuds singing, “Are you Derby in disguise”… all very depressing…

My world had just imploded, happy smiling spuds everywhere. The only time in the last decade I ever saw these smiling faces was when we lost in the Champions league and Spurs fans had come to support the opposing team. This was a disaster…

Then I took a moment and thought, you know what? We didn’t deserve it… It’s the worthless cup…Lady luck blew her beans all over Spurs tonight and we’re going to win the League and we get to play Milan in three weeks…

I’m still gutted though…

But fuck it, we’re signing Messi… so it doesn’t matter…

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  1. Bud

    Strange Strange Strange !!!!!!!

    I don’t actually remember any Arsenal player touching the ball………

    Oh well, At least Arsene might now go out and bring in a star Winger & Defender to pep up morale and belief and make us half decent again !!!!!

    As I said before, November 7th, 2007 – 0-0 away at Prague and we have been average at best since then, with a liberal sprinkling of shit…….. this is either a ridiculous run of poor form or we have over achieved to be where we are in the League !!!!

    Have a nice day and pretend it doesn’t matter, I will !!!!!!!

  2. Odub


    Safe to say bar the 6-1 at old trafford anf the 5-0 at home to Chelski in the CC cup, that was the worst performance by an Arsene Wenger team EVER!!!

    Fabianski was poor, and at fault for a couple of goals, but he wasnt helped by the experienced lot in front of him playing like school boys!

    Sagna was the only one of the back 4 that came out of this debacle with any credit

    Gallas had his worst game in an arsenal shirt

    Hoyte looked better at left back than CB as Barbitov and Keane made him look awful!

    Traore was exposed over and over against Lennon mainly because Diaby in front of him provided no cover what’s so ever

    As for Diaby!!! Why does Wenger think this boy can play on the left flank?!!

    Gilberto looked better in defence, while in the middle he tried to break the record for the amount of times he could give the ball away!

    Denilson – wasnt on long enough to do anything

    Fab – came on and tried his hardest but to be honest he was fighting a losing battle.

    Hleb – same as Fab, tried very hard, but what ws the point when up front nothing was going our way!

    Walcott – I believe the saying is ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!’ I can’t believe he was expected to get any change from Dawson & King! Did fuck all all night!

    Bendtner – Scored a blinding header (at the wrong end)! then gets assaulted by Adebayor!!

    Adebayor – good goal, but why did he feel the need to nut Bendtner?!

    Eduardo – quiet

    In all a poor performance all round, and now we have to wait till next season to face these cunts again!!

    And please don’t tell me it was only the Carling Cup! It’s who the fuck we just fucking lost 5-1 to that’s the issue here, and the fact that 75% of the guys that played are in and around the first team! Lets hope this doesnt have a knock on effect on the rest of the fucking season!

    I need a drink!

  3. Mark

    We were playing with 1/2 a team.

    Diaby, Gilberto and the Keeper were poor.

    Walcott could not get in the game, but King was great last night.

    Lets hope we can turn it around for the weekend.

  4. Grey Ray

    Depressed beyond belief. I am glad someone froma blog had a rant. I can’t bear to read anymore Arsene knows articles.

    That was shocking. I would have preferred to have gone down losing with the kids than to accept the humiliation of our first team losing like that.

    Gallas was so so bad last night and Adebayor should be ashamed of his thuggish behaviour. There is not room on the pitch for disgraceful actions like that.

    I am hiding in my office all day, spuds everywhere all of a sudden.

    I hear rugby is a laugh?

  5. Anas-G

    I would put all the blaime on hoytcantdefend being played at CB.
    Poor Fabicantsave, no words to describe him.
    Willy-G wats wrong w him???
    We need our rock toure back…

  6. Baz

    U joker…funny post

    Same sentiments about last nights game, at half time i was pretty confident we could turn it around. Arsene should have switched Wall-cot to RM, taken off Abu Dhabi. Might have made some difference. I agree Dallas was poor too….

    Looking forward to Milan…..

    Spurs….just be careful what you eat before the final….muahahaha

  7. eduard...0

    fucking spurs, what cunts. anyway gooners the good news is, is that we dont have to feel like this week in week out, unlike those cunts down the road

  8. Vit

    It worth nothing for me to stay the whole night waiting for the game (in my place, the game started at 3 am), what a waste, I should’ve take a nice sleep instead of watching nikki’s tremendous goal. Knowing we’d lost, now I couldn’t sleep at all..Sucks

  9. Odub

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I sure as hell hope Big Phil’s fit for saturday or we can forget the FA Cup as well!

  10. twinstaiye

    The real difference here was that the Spuds wanted it. Their players wanted it and their fans wanted it. They wanted it desperately. And the Arsenal players just did not – not until it was far too late.

  11. Jon


    The bloke is a total liability and he has a terrible effect on the way the whole team plays. i know i keep going on but god forbid we have an injury to cesc or flamster (now we’ve sold Diarra) and we have to play Gilberto, I fear the worst for our league campain and CL progress. He is slow, gives the ball away, doesnt make tackles, gives away fouls and is generally lazy (he let lennon drift past him without any attempt to get back for their 4th goal when it looked like we may have had even a vague chance of possibly making it interesting).

    I dont care about having experienced players if they are actually detrimental to the way the team plays. flamini is not pele but he keeps the ball moving quickly and never stops running which is the only way our style of play can be effective. slowing things down and tryiung to pass through the middle of teams is when we are ineffective and Gilberto forces us to play the way becauase he does not make runs and plays the wrong ball EVERY F(*^*(G TIME!

    Rant over but every time i watch that guy play I burst a couple of extra veins in my head!

  12. Mike (the neighbour)

    pulled off M25 to read legrove .George Graham was on radio 4 this morning saying Arsene didnt really want it -stuck to his guns re not fielding his strongest team .Whoever said the spuds really wanted it was right -cos every dog has his day shame it had to be last night .Geoff thought your rant was spot on -even though it wasnt a match review -it certainly made sense -you must have been gutted whatever bar in spain you watched -stsy cool theres still other battles that will be one -CARPEDIUM !

  13. Seriously Pissed Off

    Thanks Le Grove – That’s the first smile I’ve cracked for 12 hours.

    One good thing has come out of this… Our domination over the last decade made me forget just how much I really hate those Lily White, mediocre, deluded sad fucking scummy cunts. Now I’ve had my memory refreshed.

    They played half of our first team in the totally irrelevant Pub Cup and went 2 -0 up. They were up for it, but then that’s all they have left to play for. We chased the game and got caught on the break. Then came the celebrations and the protestations that they are somehow now better than us and have made up for 9 years of not beating us. What complete bollocks.

    Spuds are such wankers and I will never forget again!!!!

  14. jay

    may god help us and get la cote d’voire out of the nations cup.
    we need song,toure and eboue(yes i said it)like never before.

    of all the players on the pitch,is only hoyte that i felt for.a true arsenal fan in the midst of that shame of a display.

    what the fuck was diaby and walcott doing on the pitch?walcott had no idea he was on a football pitch to start with.poor kid.l hope wenger kept the reciept from the saints,cos that’s two very very bad performances from him,one more like that and we will have to take him back.

    and for bentner he deserved what he got from ade.scoring for the spuds,what the fuck was he doing in the box after what happened the last time he tried to help?i hope ade catches him in a corner somewhere without cameras.

    and get of the backs of fabianski and least we ddn’t have mad jens in the post,because i know traore,bentner or gilberto would have been knocked out by him b4 ade came on.

    while we are on this issue of defence,is that fucking lot?nordveit,bartleyand gavin hoyte?someboby better tell them this is not a holiday camp and bring them over for matches like this.

    anyway am out
    at least now we know how it felt like to have been a spud.
    and hopefully we do learn.

  15. jay

    they better pay flamini whatever he wants to keep him.with him on the pitch no way will thier midfield being that effective.

    fucking gilberto
    when is he going again?

  16. gbenga

    why do u english fans never see anything wrong in walcott but heap all the blame for any thing on the foreign players. walcott has been the worst arsenal player this doubt about that.dont tell me that he is youg because he is older than traore that you people find easy to slam.

  17. Bud

    gbenga……. if you have read any of todays Post or Comments…… We have done nothing but slate Walcott…….. now get off your “nobody loves foriegners” high horse and stop spouting rubbish !!!!

  18. Jon

    gbenga .. agreed. walcott was dismal. no clue what to do when the football comes anywhere near him. he must do a lot more in training for wenger to put him up front in a semi final where we had a chance of winning something for the first time in 3 years!

    his first touch is continually getting him in trouble, his upper body strenght is not allowing him to hold off tackles and most of his passes seem aimless. having watched vela play a couple of times for oasasuna, i would have sent walcott out on loan and kept vela in the squad.

    the less english players in the team the better for me. are only english player other than walcott was hoyte (and even though i felt for him) he was totally at fault for the first goal which set the tone for the whole game. give me foreigners all day long

  19. geoff

    Very funny Pedro, It cheered me right up, it’s taken me this long to even look at the internet, but I’m glad I did.

    We were shit, and that was it, those players should give a weeks money to charity, those cunts have ruined my week.

    This game will be replayed for ever.

    Our defence was shit but even our first choice isn’t always there, we should sign a center back that is world class and put Denilson, Diaby, Traore and Theo back in the box until they grow up.

    Or loan them all out and buy some players that are ready now, like everyone else does.

  20. Pedro

    I think if you read through the comments Gbenga, you’ll find that no one is defending Walcott. He was toothless last night.

    Its fine being faster than Linford Christie, but if you can’t take the ball in your stride, your not much use are you? He never hits it either? What happened to the hardest shot ever known to man?

    I’m still gutted, but not as gutted as I would have been if it was in the league. Not as gutted as I would have been if it was the FA cup and not as gutted as I would have been if we’d lost in the final again.

    We didn’t want it, Adebayor was shamefully unprofessional and the only stand out player for me was hoyte. I though the boy done great (Hleb was ok).

    Gilberto was terrible last night. Oh well, at least the Flamster isn’t injured. I just hope we don’t suffer a dip in the prem because that was a true spanking.

  21. Odub

    Gbenga what the fuck are you on about?! Please see my comments above and those of fellow gunners!!! The best Arsenal players on the pictch last night, and for the best part of Wenger’s reign have been foreigners so I don’t see your point mate!!

  22. Kirkie

    Thank god for you guys you finally made me smile, i couldnt sleep my 10 year old didnt speak this morning, poor thing is traumatised. Walcott my patience has seriously run out. And a manager whose a spud season ticket holder!!!!!

  23. Odub

    lol! Pedro just laughed for the first time since we went 4-0 down last night! Walcott faster than Linford Christie!! Ha ha!

  24. Pedro

    I’m working from home today, to many spuds lurking by my desk. I thought this might amuse you though:

    I got this e-mail from a Chav this morning, he CC’d about 20 people from the company into it:

    Flights to Amsterdam £90

    Tickets to live sex show £50

    Condoms £10

    Cannabis £30

    Beer and food £60

    Prostitute £100

    Watching boys getting spanked…………………………priceless!!!!!!!!

    (Even if Chelsea lose tonight they cannot possibly be humiliated that badly)

    Admitting your priceless moment is watching boys getting spanked is quite amusing.

  25. Jon

    pay all the wages that we no longer have to spend on Freddie and Thierry and give them all to Flamini and to a left winger!!!!! please!
    someone like quaresma who would add so much balance to the team hugging the left touch line and giving us the width that we need. we MUST NOT LET THE FLAMSTER LEAVE

    i know this game is not a crisis is anyway, shape or form but it does highlight issues that may effect us down the line when we have injuries and suspensions. i dont want to be sitting in my tv toom watching man u run away with the title and f&*^&g liverpool and chelsea playing a semi final of the Champs league.

    diaby, denilson, walcott, traore and hoyte are not ready or possibly not good enough. gilberto is worse than me and diarra’s gone.
    furthermore, if almunia gets injured can we trust mad jens and fabianski?

  26. gbenga

    Sorry if i souded as if i am anti-english. its only that you feel so bad reading a lot of comments on blogs from people always making excuses for walcott and even over-rating him after a match and really slamming the foreign player who contributes much more to thge team.
    I remain a strong and commited arsenal fan. Let me tell you that here in Nigeria, people support Arsenal even more than our national team. Funny that at the nations cup, we were rooting for cote d’ivoire against nigeria because of toure and eboue. And for those that ave not been watching the competition, i want to tell you that the gunners ave been very impressive. kolo,eboue and song. You need to see how eboue made oba martins look so ordinary when he switched to the RB from the right wing where he was equally impressive.

  27. Pedro

    Gbenga, we could have done with you guys turning over the Ivory Coast! We want Toure and Eboue back!

    If you go back through the posts, we never really hype Walcott up on here. He can be exciting, but I don’t feel he is ready yet.

    I don’t think last night means we need to sign players, it just means certain players need to pull there socks up quick time.

    Nikki B was pretty poor last night as well.

    Still, you get these games in a season. What ya gonna do!

  28. Odub

    Gbenga point taken! My brother was in Nigeria last month for the first time in 10 years and said the support for the gunners out there is amazing! Even to the point that he was getting stopped in the street by peoeple wanting to take pix with him and his 3 year old son when they had the matching new rugby style away kit on. And he aint even that photogenic!

    We definately are missing the African boys because I’m sure all 3would have played some part last night and made a difference.

    Oh well, you win some you lose some. FA Cup, CL and Premiership still there for the taking, so let the scum enjoy their moment in the Pub Cup, we’ve got bigger fish to fry!

  29. Bud

    I’m with you on Hoyte Pedro. I do not remember seeing him put a foot wrong last night, but we still conceded 5 goals………


    ARSENAL worst result for a long time now it was really disappointing last night i was really ashamed about what i saw at white harte lane ARSENAL going out of the carling cup is no news but loosing 5-1 to SPURS was devastatng what a score line.WENGER must do something before we get kicked out of every competition this season.GUNNER 4 LIFE.

  31. Gunnersaurus

    Afternoon all!

    I just read the article and it made me laugh. Alan smith is a worthy candidate for Le Chump.

    Jo, I agree with you, Hoyte weren’t great? He played CB and conceded 5! Mind you, he was playing alongside the shocking Gallas last night.

    King Kevs Newcastle up next. I don’t worry myself to much though, he doesn’t have the attacking players to hurt us.

    We need to sort things out at the back and block out last nights tradgedy.

    I’m still proud to be a Gooner and we must stay positive!

  32. gbenga

    Bud, maybe we should take another look at Daniel Shittu of Nigeria and pascal feindodou of Guinea. Shittu did a kind of shut up job on Drogba that i ave not seen for a long time. Then their is this nigeria with Getafe in Spain, IKE UCHE, ave taken real and barca defense to the cleaners for the past two seasons.SO ALSO IS THIS TALENT CALLED oBBINA nSOFOR.

  33. Q - Arsenal Way

    Gallas had a shocking game yesterday! It was scary seeing him make all these mistakes, never seen him look so amateurish! Hoyte on the other hand did well, not great, but no mistakes. I think his performances as CB are much more confident and assuring than as RB, although he only played there twice to my recollection.

  34. FrenchGun

    Now lets keep things str8! I don’t care if we had our worst display yesterday night, I don’t care if it’s against the spurs or any other team, I don’t care if our squad is thin and if we don’t win the PL this year…

    WHat I do care about, is to never see a player like adebollocks do what he did on last night ever again. Now lets keep things clear: I’m not an anti-adebayor fan or a pro-Bendtner.It could have been anyone. I just don’t tolerate this kind of attitude. It’s so unprofessionnal!
    I hope there will be some kind of punishement for such childish act… I don’t care if he’s our best scorer. This is the kind of attitude that can ruin the whole team spirit on and of the pitch.

  35. Michael (NW London)

    Last night was a bad result but it will have no impact on the rest of the season in the league or champions league, that was tottenscums world cup final, we have bigger fish to fry, and me personally i would take a 5-1 hammering every season in that worthless mickey mouse cup if it meant we went on to win the league.
    As for Hoyte, firstly he was playing out of position, second he only ever plays every 2 or 3 weeks for the senior team, and thirdly he was trying to do the work of 3 men because Gallas and Gilberto (again) were absolutley shocking, so I think its unfair for anyone to be too critical of him.

  36. Geoff

    Problem is we play half our team out of position, it would be novel if we bought a center back and played him there, or a left winger and played him there, is that too obvious?.

    I think the reason that Ade butted Bendtner was because he scored an own goal, so I think he was doing it so the fans felt better about the result.

    Just a guess mind.

  37. Pedro

    Don’t we always Lou?

    I’d love to know what there strike to goal ratio was? It must have been about 80%

    Fair play about Hoyte Michael, he was put under undue pressure last night but at least he didn’t have any ‘Big Phil moments’.

    I read this from Goodplaya which made me laugh:

    The only tinkering was Fabianski replacing Almunia in goal.

    And Hoyte replacing Senderos and Traore replacing Clichy.

    And Denilson replacing Cesc. And Gilberto replacing Flamini.

    And Diaby replacing Rosicky. And Walcott replacing Eduardo.

    And Bendtner replacing Adebayor.

    But other than those eight changes we were indeed at full strength.

    I was thinking it was a first team, but when you look at it like that I guess it wasn’t really?!

  38. slim

    oh dear!! cudnt believe my eyes. was that really arsenal? we need to sign players to prove serious to our opponents….i had always admired mourinho’s policy that ‘play the best you have’…arsene’s policy of playing young players shd be scrapped cos we need trophies not embarassing moments like last nite….in short we a top class striker n CB

  39. Neamman

    Dont panic guys. I am sure whatever the hurt we feel its 100 times worse for AW. My guess is we have seen the end of some players Arsenal careers, barring injuries. I thought Hoyte came out of this well and Bendtner played well in the first half, own goal excepted. Diaby really disappointed me and i agree with those who said Adebayor’s actions are truly unacceptable.

  40. One_Touch_Genius

    It was going to happen sooner or later but 5-1 for fucks sake! Last night was further proof that Diaby is not a left winger, Walcott is no where near ready and i think he could benefit from a loan move to a Championship side that will play him up front all season long! Adebayor is an idiot for butting Bendtner but weirder things have happened. Surely this is the end of Gilberto….he is a shadow of the player he was last season, to be perfectly honest i think he should’ve gone in the summer that way Diarra would still be here and mark my words we’re going to miss his quality as a player (whinging cunt he may be but is a class act)

  41. Odub

    Liquid lunch has helped erase the memory a bit, but still getting flashbacks of fucking Jermaine Jenas with that Nat King Cole Heirdo!! What the fuck was that about?!

    Onwards and upwards gooners, let’s hope the lads are hurting as much as we are and they rip the Geordies apart twice in 4 days!!

  42. Baggio

    Wenger let us gooners down badly…. end of.

    He totally disrespected the bad blood between us and the spudds. Was he that blind in the 1st leg not to realise that we would indeed get spanked if he played the same team again? Any idiot could see they were gonna be bang up for it, wenger has just allowed the spudds a lifeline to silverware and worse still ..BRAGGING RIGHTS.

    We have never spanked them under wenger, yet they tore us a new one!!

    Wenger you are the greatest manager in our history no doubt, but you disrespected us last night!

  43. Geoff

    If Arsene knows, what the fuck happened last night then? if he wants to let the youngsters loose, loan them out.

    Last night was bollocks Arsene and today I’ve had every slug spud crawl out from under a stone and crow, you knew that risk and still sent those kids out.

    All that and you let Diarra go, I’m bemused, really bemused.

    And anyone, please don’t tell me how lucky we are , that’s 3 semis and 1 final we’ve lost in 4 years, the worst thing was, we knew we would lose them, that to me is unacceptable, sorry.

  44. Bobski

    Let’s all get real. Arsene’s view of this competition is baffling. Last year we ‘learnt’ that the kids are not as good as Roman’s boys and this year the same at the Lane. These kids are mentally scarred and taste harsh defeat in surroundings usually spared for experienced 1st teamers. Sure we beat Blackburn on the way etc. but this selection policy sucks. If AW really believes what he feeds the press then let’s go out at the 1st hurdle every year and spare us all the torment and the cash. After our performance at Emirates we were never gonna prevail last night, not with Theo (rabbit in headlights) playing in both games. I know Hleb took 2 seasons blah blah blah but this boy ain’t gonna make it at this club. Needs a loan spell to see if he does indeed know where the goal is – I doubt he does, not at this level.
    Let’s hope the best available team runs out against the Toon and we return to winning ways. Allez les rouges…

  45. goonerjay

    we were diabloical last night and i spent all night asking my Mrs why Wenger sent that team out and why he didn’t make changes at half time.

    Why was Hoyte in the centre of defence? why was Gilberto in midfield after the way he played 2 weeks ago?

    But the BIGGEST question for me is WHY THE FUCK DOES HE PERSIST ON PLAYING DIABY ON THE LEFT? he has proved time and time again he can not play on the left… he wonders everywhere like he’s on an orientering quest and tries to take on at leat 3 players before looking to pass… and the amount of times he tried to shoot from ridiculous places with other options open i lost count… he’s a greedy glory hunting streak of piss and really frustrates me every time i see him play.

    Bednter is useless positionally in my opinion… a lot of blame is being put on Wallcott but we need the big physically strong forward to pull the defence about and create room for Wallcott to use his pace in behind but instead Bendnter spent the night standing next to Wallcott which meant Dawson and King had both of them covered easily and every time Wallcott got the ball to feet he had both Centre backs surrounding him.

    Gilberto… Don’t even get me started he looked like he was practicing his sleeping lions technique… sell him.

    We desperately need another CB and Left sided midfielder… we haven’t even got a left sided midfielder over the age of 17… Hatem Ben Arfa would be my choice

  46. adeebayow

    pile of shit, spread it on your toast in the morning, for fucks sake lets get the best players playing alll the matches

  47. Baggio

    gilberto should never ever be allowed to put an Arsenal shirt on again..and theo should be sent out on loan ASAP in order to restore his confidence, the boy has shot it!

    AW has a lot to answer for, he thinks he can do no wrong, well he has..BIGTIME embarrassed us.


    comon why you all going on about it…..

    whats the point so them scum bag spuds can see your anger and get off on it even more.

    they are scumbags that need riot police to seperate there shit arse fans because they are just scum.

    at the end of the day its done and we have to get on with it but giving them the opertunity to post this link to there pals and say look at the crying gooners is not my idea of fun

    we should be strong and say fook it if we would of played the first 11 int he first game we would have finished them before the 2nd leg began!

    THEO on loan, gilberto to anyone for 3-5 million…..

    adebayer and bendtner have a kiss and make up…. and a nice premiership trophey come the end of the season and wont it make it even more sweat when we ask the spuds where there premiership trophey is lmao

    comon the gooners!!

  49. mojitomovies

    Great post, actually lifted my gloom of having to deal with flag waving spud neighbours.

    ‘Great goal though Nikki, the keeper didn’t have a chance!’….priceless 😀

  50. ambrablu

    hahaha, very funny. you most certainly have your way with words. i feel sorry for liverpool as well ( i ‘manage’ them on fifa08)

  51. Rob From Oz

    My god! they were myu sentiments exactly! i fucking hate jenas and keane those cunts give me the shits! even tho im an aussie and we rnt as passionate still i hate those spurs cunts, fucking charity cases and fucking bendtner that useless cunt could score in a brothel with a fist full of fifties! why persist with that cunt. Oh did i mention i hate fucking Spurs!

  52. Pedro

    Rob, with language like that, how can you not be passionate?! You had me in stitches! Well said!

    Tomorrow is another day, so hopefully we can put this spurs debacle behind us!

    Happy blogging grover! Till tomorrow!

  53. DeeOzGooner

    Just got in to work and read thru all the respopnses…yes it was bad to lose 5-1, but the sun even shines on a dogs ass some day!…now we know how the scum has felt for the last nine yrs!

    Look playin the kids in the CC was eventually gona yield a thrashing at some point, im surprised its taken this long!…but everyone calm down and trust in le boss, we are still in three comps and lookin good, first team will not let this affect them.

    Our main reason for losing is gilberto, he did not protect the back four…oh and gallas is getting found out without toure around! Maybe bert was this bad last season, we just didnt realise (which is why we’d always conceed 1st). The flamsta is what makes this arsenal team work, he protects the back four whilst also letting cesc get on with what he does best.

    Heads up lads, we are a club rich in tradition & success and should rise above it…

    cmon u gunners!!

  54. michael

    If you never have lows you cant have highs. The next time we’re all outside Islington town hall in june we’ll have forgotten this. If we only had success all the time we’d be boring cunts like federer, steve davis or tiger woods. total boring nothing twats. So I say let the scum have thier day. The think they’ve won the world cup. If we played them with our first team in the league every week the wouldn’t win for another 9 years. can you tell I’m a bit pissed?

  55. steve

    I cannot believe the very sad and complete over reaction from all you gooners. We played a reserve team in the first game and half a team in the second. We lost… get over it! Wenger has always maintained that this cup will be used as an opportunity to give the yougsters and fringe players a chance, we know that, so why the big inquest? Remember back to Fabs making his debut as a 16 year old, it didn’t do him much harm did it! We have reached 1 final and 3 semi finals with a very young team, you cannot buy the experience that they have gained, some will fall and some will grow but if you never play them you will never know. I cannot believe that real goonerscould write the nonsense i am reading on this blog about Arsene and his tactics. You all have very short memories indeed. I remember when Arsene took over our midfield consisted of Morror, Hillier, Jensen and Keown… yes keown in midfield!!!! with the great Eddie Mcgoldrick on the bench! And the season before we beat Bolton on the last day of the season to qualify for the UEFA cup, and god did we celebrate. Now 11 years on we are one of the richest and biggest clubs in Europe who play some of the best football in the world and your all getting depressed about losing a carling cup game. Take a good look at the spuds, they celebrated like they had just won the CL final last night, i remember when they were on a par with us and playeed better football, but it was a bloody long time ago. Yes last night was a bad result but for christ sake guys keep it in perspective.

  56. Baggio

    i hope they do united and stay in the cup till the latter stages so that we can tumble them out of a proper cup competition.

    he who laughs last WILL laugh the loudest!

  57. Hasbian

    Spurs are England and Arsenal are Germany.

    Spurs have been mediocre since a year or two of glory in the sixties under a brilliant manager.

    Spurs will forever celebrate their “night of glory” when they beat their arch-rivals 5-1. Neutrals will see this obsessive trumpeting of a single, atypical result as sad and delusional.

    Arsenal will continue to be better, much better, than Spurs.

  58. Rob From Oz

    Steve, you do realise that this is a site for people to have there opinion and vent some frustration?! however why get stuck into the people having there say by analysing everybodys opinion and trying to put it into perspective with educated and statistical comments…we lost 5-1 to fucking spurs, of course were gona be pissed off and unreasonable and like me get carried away with very obscene language…..thats the way it is.. if you cant come to terms with it go visit an arsenal church supporters site and say all that shit on there!

  59. Geoff

    Or visit where they never disagree, well said Rob. We have a right to feel let down and pissed off and judging by the comments we are spot on.

  60. Odub

    Fuck me it got a bit tasty here last night didnt it?! The papers are having a field day at our expense today by the way, specultaing on who will be going out on loan, and who will be sold!! And also that cunt Defoe spraying Wenger with champagne by accident during the scum’s celebrations!! Cunts!

  61. supagoona

    What we can learn:

    Diaby is not a left winger
    Gilberto will be sold
    Walcott on loan to Stoke?
    Gallas can have bad games
    We miss Toure
    Song was immense in CB
    Spuds are more deluded than we thought… and fucking nobs

  62. Rob From Oz

    Yea they are! my best mate is a fucking spud supporter and even tho we both serve in the army i still want to slap him in the chops and ask him “why man? why the fucking spurs?!” but all i hear last nite at training is 5-1, 5-1 hehe did hear that score blah fucking blah my god its like they won europe! they are all delusional! Wenger has to buy someone cause gilberto is shit bendtner needs a good headbutting and diaby needs a slap and pascal senderos is still garbage! fuck send em to our A-league for a while thatll sort em!

  63. Rob From Oz

    P.S- defoe is a dirty cunt! go spray your bottle of cheap homeless man park drinking wine on someother cunt you piece of shit!

  64. Avendesorax

    In a weird sort of way this pasting is maybe the best thing to happen now rather than later in a meaningfull competion. I loved the Nikki B bustup it bought a big smile to my face considering that this is the first time I have dared to look up the web sites and blogs since that night.

    Anyway just to continue in the same vane as nearly everyone else:

    1) Wallcott needs to go out on loan to Spain for a couple of seasons.
    2) Gilberto is so much crap he needs to go now and no later
    3) Diaby is no left winger please play him in the centre where he can do an awfull lot of damage to the oppostion.
    4) Arsene Wenger needs to respect the fans and play a full strengh lineup in a semi final.
    5)Buy Micha Richards now !
    6) Bring back Jay Simpson from Millwall and play him in place of that plank
    7) Get vela back from Spain before the end of the season
    8) Our defenders are to short
    9) How funny to see people calling for the return of Alex Song (priceless)
    10) We realy do need Song and Toure