Blind Squirrel and Acorn spring to mind!

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Jermaine Jenas, half man and half moron say’s he will end 21 games of hurt tonight, what a wanker! Every time we play them, they’re going to beat us, the only thing they have achieved this year was a premature title of top4tottenham and we all know what happened there.

The law of averages says that at some point they will actually beat us, hence the saying that even a blind Squirrel will eventually get an Acorn.
So replace the spuds with the Squirrel and the Acorn with 3 points or a cup tie, but in my lifetime? I doubt it.

However they have failed to beat our youth team in 3 attempts so even with superstar Berbatov in the side I’m still going for an Arsenal win. Is it the fear factor I hear you ask? No, because even our reserves are better than them.

I expect a blend of youth and experience tonight with Cesc or Flamini to partner Diaby, I hope he plays Hleb or Rosicky as well and I have a feeling it will be Theo and Bendtner up top with Ade on the bench.

We know Gallas is in and I expect Hoyte to line up as right back with Gilberto and Traore to complete the back four.

I would play Clichy and Sagna at full back and Hoyte to partner Gallas if I were picking the team as I think this will be much tougher than the Newcastle game at the weekend.

The boys need to come out all guns blazing tonight and don’t give them time to settle.

There will be goals and if we score more than they do, we’re through, so expect a tough night but a successful one.

I just hope we put out a strong side though, you have to show them some respect and the first leg ought to have been a wake up call.

I’m going for a 2-1 to us tonight. Get this over with and we don’t have to listen to any more of their shit again, at least until next season.

Have a great day, but a better night Grovers.

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  1. Steve

    I wish I shared your optimism mate. If Adebayor started he would score, but I don’t think he’d be risked. I’d play Ade tonight and Bendtner against Newcastle to be honest. Anyway, I always air on the side of pessimism to decrease disappointment. Come on you red and white rip roaring goal scoring machiiiiiina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Steve

    Yes, Le boss told him he doesn’t want him.

    Then he said he does want him really.

    Then made him captain for a day.

    Oh shit, sorry wrong club.

  3. Pedro

    No Flamini contract signed yet. But you’d have to think that Diarra leaving will improve his chances of staying.

    Click the link on hoyte, its a good read. Wenger obviously has more central plans. Maybe using Hoyte as Chelsea did Gallas. Its good to read that Arsene wouldn’t let him go, proving he isn’t that anti English after all.

    I am optimistic. If you’re not, the scum sniff it out and exploit it!

    I’m with you Geoff, Danny Zucko needs to shut the fuck up…

    3-0! And a roar similar to Steve’s!

  4. Craig

    Shows how much we’re all bothered about Liverpool, no ones mentioned they had to rescue a point last night!

    Spending cash doesn’t guarentee you anything! THey are in serious danger of losing a top four position. I personally never worried about Liverpool, the expectation level there is so over the top. They wont challenge for years. Europe probably there last chance again.

    Its pretty quiet on here today? Pre match nerves anyone? I am not worried because I agree with Geoff, they are shite.

    I just hope that jumped up little prick Defoe doesn’t score.


  5. Steve

    Beutiful a poignant words fellow Gooner Craig.

    May I also take this opportunity to reiterate my belief that not only is Defoe a cunt, but Tottering are indeed a team of shit cunts, run by useless cunts and also dare I say it supported by a bunch of knuckle scraping inbred cunts.

    Thankyou for the platform.

  6. Odub

    Morning Gooners!!

    A bright brisk morning, got Monday out of the way, Liverpool fucked up yesterday, and Captain WG’s in the team tonight, our survey says….. 2-1 to the Arsenal!
    Dont care who gets the goals, just as long as we get the win! No score draw, A FUCKING WIN!!

    I just have a good felling about tonight based on the amount of senior players that will be involved. Randall,Gilbert, G Hoyte and Manone played last night so the squad will probably be

    Fabianski, Lehmann, Gallas, JHoyte, Sagna, Traore, Gilberto, Diaby, Gibbs, Lansbury, Denilson, Hleb,Walcott,Bendtner, Eduardo,Adebayor.

    Not sure who’ll start as wenger will probably spring a couple of surprises!

  7. Odub

    lol! Steve do you not think your comments would have been best suited to the randon rant page?! Although I agree with your sentiments whole heartedly! from board to squad to supporters to the fucking groundsman…. Cunts!

  8. Bud

    What about the parents of Spuds supporters…….. surely they are the biggest cunts of all for allowing their children to follow such a Cunt team ?

  9. Steve

    Indeed. Only problem is that we’d end up blaming the parents parents and so forth until we end up in primeval era. Although, with most spuds you wouldn’t have to search too far back in the family tree to find a primate. Fucking hybrid cunts.

  10. Geoff

    boy you guys are having fun, seed throwing cunts and knuckle dragging cunts, well done men, I like the cut of your jibs, and yes I blame the parents, my kids don’t support the spuds, they’re gooners!

  11. the spanish connection

    depending on who wenger puts out should decide the outcome of this game and hopefully a lesson has been learned from the first game, or maybe that team will just step up a gear…………….. its usually all that is needed against the spurs.

  12. jimmyfingers

    Can’t believe the language being directed at the spud fans. If you are going to insult this way please use the politically correct term which is ‘evolutionary challenged’, for the sake of the children

  13. Odub

    Nah mate. Call them what they are a bunch of delusional, pathetic, trophyless, 3rd rate football team supporting, never going to win a trophy this century….Cunts.

  14. Odub

    Sorry Pedro, but know a few spurs fans, and they’ve been giving it the large since last week! fed up with it to be honest! But let’s be polite and say whatever the result, let’s hope football is the real winner…….. yeah right!

  15. Pedro

    Well, it does sound better when you put it like that?

    Its interesting that I haven’t had any calls from spuds this morning… they are shitting themselves!

    Season over for them if they lose tonight, no chance at the quadruple for them!

    Yeah, good call spanish connection! The spuds are a shite team and it will be great experience for the kids if we hammer them!

    Who are we feeling in the middle? Cesc and gilberto? Cesc and Denilson? Cesc and Diaby? Up front surely its got to be Eduardo and Bendtner?

  16. Pedro

    I was only joking guys… I think you can tell a spud by looking at them… they look all cunty and pasty and they have this ‘I know best’ swagger about them when they watch there team.

    They are also very fickle and very defeatist and negative.

    I fucking cant stand them. Smug ‘without a cause’ bunch of cunts…

  17. Odub

    Yep! since the 1-1 all I’ve heard is ‘you lot should be ashamed we held you to a draw in your own gaff and it took a handball for you to even get that draw!!!!’ Tossers!

  18. Pedro

    Hows this for a pleasurable read… courtesy of

    Mum wants Man Utd’s Ronaldo at Real Madrid

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mum admits she wants to see her son leave Manchester United and join Real Madrid.

    Dolores Aveiro told AS: “Hopefully, one day he will go to Madrid. They are my favourite team, the best in the world.

    “If the day came for Cristiano to leave England, then it would please me if he went to Madrid.”

    Dolores added: “I would not like to die without seeing my son playing there.

    “It won’t happen now, but perhaps in two years …

    “If he was to move to Madrid, I would join him there. That city enchants me …”

    It feels good to see it happening to the Mancs!

  19. Odub

    Guys I’m changing my prediction to 3-0 Arsenal, squad been announced!!!

    2 Abou DIABY
    3 Bacary SAGNA
    4 Cesc FABREGAS
    10 William GALLAS
    13 Alexander HLEB
    16 Mathieu FLAMINI
    21 Lukasz FABIANSKI (GK)
    25 Emmanuel ADEBAYOR
    26 Nicklas BENDTNER
    30 Armand TRAORE
    31 Justin HOYTE
    32 Theo WALCOTT
    40 Vito MANNONE (GK)

  20. Geoff

    wow, that’s the first team minus Clichy and Rosicky, I just hope he doesn’t start with Denilson and Diaby, that really didn’t work.

    3 nil sounds like a good call, I’ll still give them their customary goal though, so I’ll now go 3-1!

  21. Odub

    Seems we might be taking this one a bit seriously me thinks!

    I hope he starts with the strongest 11 and takes players off after the job is hopefully done.

  22. Pedro

    First team vs Slightly depleted but still good team!

    I am happier going into this one now!

    0-2 arsenal! All we need is a tall boy in there box at corners!


  23. jimmyfingers

    Looks like Arsene has changed his tone a bit then and will put out a good team. Should be too strong for the Spuds

  24. Geoff

    I have to say at the beginning of the week I thought, no chance, not with that team, now I feel really confident, and I know it’s real because unlike Steve I haven’t started on the beer yet., I’m about to though.

    We really have to win now, I’m still not Denilson confident so I hope he has a blinder if he plays, but I hope he’s a sub.

    Good luck Grovers!

  25. Odub

    Well not sure about 8-0, anything from 3-0 onwards would be nice to shut them up one final time this season! Just cant see us losing now with the squad that’s been picked!! Let the pulverising begin!! COME ON ARSENAL!!

  26. Geoff

    I’m just watching La Liga and they’re talking about One day Ramos and the spuds logo is in the background and I just realised what their problemo is… it’s the logo! it’s a big cock and it’s sitting on a rugby ball, the cunts, they’re playing the wrong game!!!

    I’ve now had a beer or two and 9 nil sounds about right!

  27. johnm

    Hi all first time on this site although been an admirer for a the point TEAM NEWS.

    Fabianski,Hoyte,Gallas,Traore,Hleb,Denilson,Gilberto,Diaby,Theo and Bendtner.

    Subs Mannone,Fab,Eduardo,Flamster,Ade.

    Come on you GUNNERS.

  28. jimmyfingers

    does that mean Gilberto’s in the centre of defense? (Pretty certain its not Hleb)

    Still a scary looking backline then. Traore definately needs to up his game

    Also Denilson and Diaby in the centre. Think I’ll join you on the beers

  29. Mike (the neighbour)

    following this on the internet through live updates on sky sports as I am stuck in London without Sky TV-Its a fuckin nightmare -common guys keep on fighting ….dont let those cunts win

  30. EVO in OZ

    Several points of note….

    1. Is Dafoe really a striker?
    2. Dont bring a sword to a gun fight…we really should have had a better team out there!
    3. Thank fuck Hoyte isnt Australian, he could organise a offside trap if his life depended on it. Get him back to the training track!
    4. Diaby is definitely better in midfield!
    5. Kanu Jnr and Bendnter should have started up front with Eduardo on the wing.
    6. Gilberto was better at CB
    7. What the fuck was going on between Bendtner, Gallas and Kanu Jnr, was that really a fight?

    Lets get back to the league, CL and FA Cup. Cheeers blokes!

  31. EVO in OZ

    Several points of note….

    1. Is Dafoe really a striker?
    2. Dont bring a sword to a gun fight…we really should have had a better team out there!
    3. Thank fuck Hoyte isnt Australian, he COULDNT organise a offside trap if his life depended on it. Get him back to the training track!
    4. Diaby is definitely better in midfield!
    5. Kanu Jnr and Bendnter should have started up front with Eduardo on the wing.
    6. Gilberto was better at CB
    7. What the fuck was going on between Bendtner, Gallas and Kanu Jnr, was that really a fight?

    Lets get back to the league, CL and FA Cup. Cheeers blokes!

  32. johnm

    Gutted !It did’nt happen tonight for us,they wanted it more. Still its only their first win this century over us. We have got to pick ourselves up now for saturday against Newcastle and get back on track. The treble is still on.We all will have to take a bit of stick from the scum fans and that is’nt very often, every nine years i make it.Chins up in Arsene we trust.