Adebayor – thank god he doesn’t play for a good team.

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If Togo qualified for the Cup of African Nations we wouldn’t have won 3 nil yesterday that’s for sure.

I watched it live, and I thought, at last! That’s the Arsenal that I was watching before Christmas and now they’re back, fantastic, at last!

Ade is beginning to show why Arsene bought him, two goals that we wouldn’t have scored if he wasn’t there, and Rosicky’s goal was a peach.

Fab was, well fab! and he was unlucky not to be on the end of goal of the season.

I watched it again this morning and it was just as good so I look forward to some positive comments today Grovers.

Spurs up next, play the same team Arsene and we’ll go through…please!

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  1. ethan_gunn

    Ade camped in the 6 yard box and waited for pin point passes from hleb and clichy to make him look good ! if you think he could of scored like that against manU or chevski your sadly mistaken !
    AS for cesc he looked out of sorts still . Hleb played far better with rosicky comming into his own too . not sure what game you was watching but other than 2 spoon fed headers from our excellent creative department ade did F A !

  2. jammathon

    ethan_gunn didnt watch the match. Adebayor pieced that second goal together with Hleb, before rushing off the ball to plant the ball into the net.

    Go wank off to the Drogbas and Ronaldos of the world, or support your team, and the scorer of 15 goals in the league, you plastic.

  3. paul

    ethan-gunn – you must be a complete moron if you are stilling slagging Ade off when he ahs scored 15 goals in 23 games. we don’t need supporters like you

  4. Avendesorax

    Sorry erhan-gunn – your out of order here mate, Ade played a good agme today and as he’s our leading goal scorer with 15 so far how can you complain.

  5. GunnerPete

    Oh dear Ethan you sad sod. So our creators do their job and our centre forward does his and that is not on according to you? So far I make it 8 goals than TH would not have scored and so many more made by Ade’s activities alone that TH would not have made. But hey, lets moan every time we win, will that hep you through the week?

    As for me, Im chuffed that AdeB is proving so many wrong. I very pleased that the midfield is coming back to form. I realy happy that big Phil is doing his part very well too. Im not happy that RVP is yet again on leave in Holland where his bloody injuries first started. Hopefully AW is charging the Dutch FA with the cost of RVP’s wages since September. Oh, and how come Doujrou play non stop for Brum and comes back to be injured in training….This last two season have seen a massive increase in injuries ( long term too) from training. Perhaps its time for an investigation!

    As for Spuds at Spuds, The only changes I would like AW to make is Diaby center not left wing. Walcott if fit centre forward with Bentner. Eduado on left he was brilliant out there this last week. I am not happy about playing Gilberto anywhere because he was a disgrace in the last 3 games he has played. Sadly the Diarra baby has pissed off so now is the time to blood Lansbury or Gibbs or Randall or all three.

    Finally, whatch out for young Fingpong in our youth team…English and great potential.

  6. Truth

    Ethan…..What’s your problem with Ade. Clearly you did not watch the game but your on here slagging the guy off!! Please leave that to our many detractors. Numpty

  7. danny

    ethan gunn- just remember that ade did score against manutd last season and rio ferdinand did say he was the most difficult striker 2 defend against obviously you are not an arsenal supporter and wasn’t watching the game. stop hating 15 goals in 23 matches if that not good then what is. it is true ade is not the finish article but he will be soon and beware chelski and manure. oh by the way i am a real madrid supporter first and 2nite we going to destroy athletico. peace

  8. tito

    Dunno what Ethan is on I really dislike these kind of fans and quite frankly I’d rather they go somewhere else.Adebayor worked his arse off & I would be glad if he put these kind of performances against the so called ‘weak teams’.These are the same kind of people who grumbled last season when we failed to beat the likes of Fulham,Weat ham & Sheffield Utd just to mention a few.Now if Adebayor can continue to replicate these performances & even fail to score against the likes of Manu & Chelsea thats fine with me.All in all Ethan & others like him should just grow up

  9. London

    I watched the game on telly and noticed that for most of the second half the Arsenal fans were baiting spuds with a new song. Can someone tell the rest of us the words?

  10. keeming

    Scored a few goals and u guys start grovelling to him. Out of 15 goals, how many were works of art? For every goal he scored, he bungled 5 with his excellent first touch and first rate finishing. He has little intelligence in playing the ball forward, often passing the ball back to the player who passed to him. Even Bendtner looks more intelligent, often looking up before playing the ball forward.

    Likes to fantasize he’s TH and drift out to the flanks, except that he sprawled into the box more often than cut back in. Thinks he’s TH by opening up his body, curling the low shot and MISSED!

    Kanu with pace? I’ll take the Kanu without pace at Portsmouth anytime.

    He’s a tough nut to handle for opposition simply because he cause random chaos. Teammates and opposition alike has ZERO idea what he’s going to do next, Im sure he have ZERO idea as well.

    Hes the most disgraceful first team striker in the Arsenal team under Wenger. Look at Anelka, Suker, Bergkamp, Henry… graceful even on their off days.

    Composure in front of goal? Lethal finishing? Dont make me laff. We might as well comapre Kweynee Jones at Sunderland to Henry. Pui!

  11. keeming

    i cant deny Ade is having a good season. But James Beattie had ONE good season, Andrew Johnson had ONE good season, a lot of players have ONE or TWO good seasons, even Baros has ONE good season occasionally. (did he?) where are they now?

    Given time, Ade lack of quality will show. Players like him should be worshipped at the Villas, Evertons or the Spuds of the world. Not at Arsenal, not for such an ungainly, inelegant striker. He’s not fit to grace the team. Give me overmars, pires, freddie, hleb, cesc and even Rosicky anytime. These are the artists fit to paint on the Arsenal canvas. Not randomly splattering and blotching on it like Ade is doing now.

    Of all the goals he scored, only the ones against Spurs in the 3-1 win, against Newcastle in the 1-1 draw and against the Mancs last year vaguely resemble the standards we are used to effortless play at.

  12. keeming

    We cant look at the end results (15 goals) and say hes a great striker. The process is important as well. We havent played well since the Aston Villa 1st half but after each win, blogs/articles jumped in to praise the beauty and artistry of our play. Talk about rose-tinted glasses!

    This team has great resilience and character, more so than previous teams. But not the pace, effortless elegance nor the sheer class of the Pires, Berg, TH, Freddie era.

  13. jimmyfingers

    Some mentalists on the blog today. I’m just happy we sodding won! And won well too

    Not sure how a couple of lofted crosses made Ade look good, he still had to get above he defenders and direct it past the ‘keep

    And did anyone know Eduardo could do that? He went past about 300 hundred players. And here’s me thinking all he could do was finish

    Not sure what people want from Ade. He’s not Henry and never will be. What he is a solid and useful striker that scores goals. That’s good enough in my book

  14. jimmyfingers

    Sorry, but keeming is starting to wind me up. Inelegant striker? Not fit to ‘grace the Arsenal team’? It’s not synchronised swimming you mug. He may not be Dennis or Thierry but he’s a fucking solid striker. Think Wrighty, or Smudger

    Keeps running, scores important goals, gives 100%, lovely head of hair, what more do want? Oh sorry, he needs to be good at ballet too

  15. marcus

    why can’t fans see ade for what he is. He is a class forward. Yeah he is different to others. He won’t score eduardo type goals, great first touch then back of the net before the keeper realizes. He will never have rvp’s skill at free kicks or sublime scoring. However he is brilliant at causing trouble. How many headers (bar nicky b) do you think our other strikers will score. How many headers did TH score….f’ all! Again wenger got it bang on. fulham are a team of short arses after sanchez. wenger spotted this and we changed our tactics to great affect. thank god we didn’t persevere witht the silky passing it into the net from midfield type of play. once we were two up we did go back to that for the third goal but we were cruising by then. Great work from eddy for that goal it has to be said. People who still haven’t got ade are blind to what he gives us.

  16. Mike (the neighbour )

    With where fulham are -it should have been a win and it was .The team from what I read played as a team and better than in recent times .Give me resiliance and character any time …and whether Ade is a “one season wonder “or a player in the process of showing his true potential can only be shown with time -If I was ade reading this blog I’d think -15 in 23 and 2 goals yesterday and their still moaning -fuck me !!!.What encouraged me is that all goals were from crosses and shows an adaptability that will hold them in good stead going forwards .I dont believe in a love is blind approach at all but I am really am surprised at the over the top negative responses -If we’d lost I’d have everybody on suicide watch

  17. London Gun

    Whilst I am not a fan of slagging off our own players, I find Ade to be the most frustrating player to watch. Off the ball he causes no end of confusion and problems for defenders and is a real handful, however for every goal he scores there are bundles of opportunities squandered, so I can’t help thinking would another similar player under the wing of Wenger convert more of these opportunities and be more of an asset to the team. I didn’t see the match yesterday (First one missed this season) so I can’t comment on his contribution yesterday, however looking at the highlights it looked as if he put in a good performance, hope he continues to find the back of the net. Eduardo for me will be the player we come to rely on in the future, he looks better and better every game, the absence of RVP has done him plenty of favours, I’d love to see them on together some time soon.

  18. Budf

    London – The song we were singing all 2nd half was for Ade…. I posted it last nite on Le-Grove, but obviously noone has read it, so here goes again….

    Adebeeyyooorrrr…….. Adebeeyoooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……… give him the ball………. he will score……..

    Bit of a religious monostry style chant, looks shit how it is written, but fuckin awsome when sung by 4000 gooners !!!!

    And by the way, as it appears nobody else thats read this blog today went, I did, and if I am honest Ade was still a lazy bastard and 2 headed goals from great crosses apart, did nothing spectacular for everyone to start wanking over !!!!!!

    Eduardo was better believe it or not !!!!!!!!

  19. Espace

    Jeez, there are some real sad loners out there aren’t there?

    Slating a player who has improved beyond all recognition and is still getting better.

    Bet these twats were slating Hleb last season and probably think his form this season is a fluke now!

    Anyone slating Ade is showing themselves to be completely clueless and rather bitter really. `Sure the guy aint perfect, but he’s more than doing his bit.

  20. Espace

    Oh and in response to the blog saying Wenger shpuld play the same team against the spuds that played yesterday?

    No chance….I’d doubt any will start.

  21. Mike (the neighbour )

    Bud for what its worth I read it last night and so did the ping pong kid at La Manga -whoever he is as he repeated it in his post .I’ll keep an eye out on internet to see whether there a recording of it turns up cos it sounds fab

  22. Budf

    Espace, go fuck yourself…….. what makes you think your God……… Listen you little twat, i went yesterday, Ade got 2 good headed goals, but that apart was lazy !!!

    And yes, I DID GET FUCKED OFF with Hleb last season, and if you knew fuck all about football, you would have too. But as with Ade, I never “Slated” him, I merely voiced my views with friends on areas of his game he could improve, and always supported him on the field !!!!!

    Cocks like you really do spoil life !!!!!

  23. Bud

    Mike – Ask Geoff who the Ping Pong King is………… after all he beat Geoff on his own table in La Manga………… and Geoff being Geoff, that must really hurt !!!!!!!!!!

  24. paul

    budf – you may have gone to the game but were obviously too pissed to see what was going on. one thing i would never call Ade is lazy – he is all over the pitch. in fact i see wenger is telling him to stay in the middle more and NOT run about so much!

  25. Espace

    Not taken your medication Fudb?

    Didnt even read the crap you posted, but look how angry you got when you thought I was referring to you???

    You ARE an agry lil loner aren’t you!

    Thanks for proving my point, you clueless cunt.

    And you can’t even see the hypocricy of slating Ade yet still singing his name you genius you.

    Medication time!!!!!

  26. Phobia

    In my opinion I think Eduardo was on fire yesterday.He was dribbling through defenders and causing havoc,and got an assist and nearly another.Yesterday he showed that he is not just a ”fox in the box”,he looks sharp and confident,and I think we will see the best of him next season.
    I feel Adebayor has fully deserved his award of BBC Africa player of the year.There are still doubts from pundits and fans alike about his first touch and his vision but he is still a relatively young player and his attributes will improve over time,likewise his goalscoring record in Europe and his reputation.

  27. Bud

    Espace, if you didn’t read the crap I wrote why are you quoting me on it……. who’s clueless???

    Paul it wasn’t just me yesterday that said it. i am not a berator of any player, Senderos apart (sometimes – but I feel sorry for him now, so i’m gonna stop !). I like Ade (alot) and he is without doubt, along with Hleb and Flamini, amazingly improved this season, but everyone is getting a bit carried away with yesterdays performance, it wasn’t great, Fulham were shocking and for what it is worth (and obviously Espace who accuses me of not taking my medicine and getting angry, then gets really angry back – odd that !), Ade did look lazy, or as I post for humour which offernds the prick known as Espace, a Lazy Bastard !!!!

    But hey, as Geoff says, this is a website for opinions, I went to the game, I gave my hopnest opinion on Ade after everyone was waxing lyrical about him !

  28. Espace


    I was originally replying to a couple of fools, Keeming and another.

    So, untwist your knickers love.

    Everyone’s got a right to an opinion, so when someone doesn’t share the same view, is it right to slate them too, as you did? And, yep, I did too in response to you, so I hold my hands up.

    But you still want to call me horrid names that really hurt my wafer thin feelings.

    Lets knock it on the head.

  29. Mike (the neighbour )

    I have asked geoff who the ping pong kid is he says he doesnt know -maybe he edits defeat from his memory -well when its personal that is -cos he has a photographic memory for all other things !!!!!!!

  30. Hitman

    I must confess, I am not Adebayor’s greatest fan. He has three problems imo
    1) lacks genuine pace
    2) lacks a low centre of gravity
    3) lacks a brain
    Unfortuneately for Adebayor these things are bestowed by mother nature and there is nothing he can do about it. These defeciencies will cause Gooners endless fustration. Yes has has scored 15 goals this season but he has prevented many goals and goals scoring situtions being created by his bad play, giving the ball away, fallling over too easilty etc.
    HOWEVER all is not lost. He will improve with experience. He is not the finished article but we need him as he does score goals, and gives other teams problems due to his height and power (when he can stay on his feet). We just need to play to his strengths like we did yestreday. That will be sufficient to defeat most Prem teams. He is no Hentry or Maradonna. Once Ade realises this and keeps it simple the better the end product we will get from him

  31. paul

    hitman – Ade has no pace? where do you guys get these ideas. Wenger has said he is Kanu but with pace, and personally I would prefer to listen to Wenger’s views which will be based on facts than your blurred vision.

  32. Bud

    Espace, stop slating people and then getting all moralistic……. its very transparrent and not really very nice at all. Very bombastic in fact !

    Mike, tell Geroff, the Le Manga Ping Pong Champ he is the brother of Old Spice purchaser, slightly shorter and enjoys a Gin & Tonic, and related……….. see if he remembers then………. although I doubt it, God has not since built such a competitive man, so you are right, he probably has had hypnotherapy or something to wipe it from his memory !!!!!!

  33. Hitman

    Paul – the term I used was ‘genuine pace’ . Remember the chance early on against Brum? Rather than running on towards goal, he kept on treading water and let the defender get back to tackle him. No way a sriker with real pace would have let that happen. Genunine pace gets you goals by the bucketful – e.g Henry , Ronaldo

    Lack of pace is not a criticism of just Ade, but the entire 1st Team lacks pace. I think our quickest first XI palyer is Clichy! Other teams know this, that is why they sit back park the bus and play narrow. Its the one flaw in our team that might cost us trophies this season. It cost us points against Brum & Portsmouth and Newc. We just dont have a player who can ghost past a defender from the edge of the box with speed or a trick and then shoot on goal. How we could do with a striker like Torres. He is pure class and possesses the speed, balance and cool finshing Ade lacks. Just a shame he decided to join LFC where he will not win much.

    But dont get me wrong, I was delighted at Ade’s two headed goals yesterday beacuse it shows other teams that we do have variation (if not speed) and they park their bus at their own peril.

  34. keeming

    i think Le Boss summed it very well

    ‘In the past, he has sometimes ended up going out to the flanks because he so wants to be involved in play – but that drags him away from where he can be lethal.

    ‘We have been telling him that for a while and he was more focused on being central today which is good.

    HE NEEDED TO BE TOLD FOR HALF A SEASON FOR HIM TO GET IT???? Hows that for “lack of brains evidence” ?

    I do hope he stay central as well. We bought him in to do headers. Not open his body and curl low shots in. He need to get that out of his head. He’s no Henry, Eto, Ronaldinho. Hes not even John Carew, although i hope he at least be that.

    btw, i wasnt those who slated Hleb. I recognise artistry when i see it. Hleb is frustrating because he tries outrageous passes through tight spaces. But i do appreciate his vision and that he’s probably the only one in the team who can hold the ball for the longest time possible.

    Ade? Cant even control a simple long ball half the time. Thats frustration.

  35. paul

    hitman – from the daily Mail 26 October 2007

    Thierry Henry’s time over 40 metres: 4.85 seconds. Adebayor’s best time over the same short distance: 4.90.

    On the 100-metre time trial results, Adebayor was 11.41 and Theo was 11.48

    Not too much off the pace, then. Also scored more than Torres.

    Keeming – I really don’t know why you bother supporting Arsenal. 15 goals from Ade, and you’re still bloody moaning. I bet your beer is always half empty. You really ought to support spurs and then you could have a really great time.

    And trying to use Wenger to back up your moaning is really naff. This is in fact what Wenger said (from

    “Yes but he is a mentally strong-willed guy anyway. You could see that in his game today. He has personality and he is focussed on what he has to do here at Arsenal. It is first year where he is the main striker and he want to show how good he is.

    “He loves to play. Sometimes he loves to play so much that he is not where he needs to be on the crosses. He likes to touch the ball and that drags him out from where he can be lethal. Today he was focussed more to be central. That is where he is more dangerous. He has an unbelievable jump and his timing on crosses was right today. He hangs in the air and today he proved you don’t have to head it very hard to score.”

  36. bj

    please dont criticise Hleb or else you all have to criticise every arsenal player on the pitch except clichy…go on clichy and Hleb..i love ya

  37. Bud

    Will see you all tomorrow……. todays bloggin is all a bit angsty for my liking and not what this site is about or has ever been like….

    A bit of fun banter, a liberal spreading of swear words, some gentle ribbing and piss taking yes………… today is so angsty and deep its not fun and thats what Le-Grove is all about !

    Those that are staying on, please feel free to batter the shit out of each other !

    Until tomorrow when hopefully you will all have knocked one out and got rid of the frustrations you are all carrying !!!!

    See you later Armchair Gooner Pol Pot Wannabees (and before you all get all worked up again, that was a satirical joke – bell-housings)xxxx.

  38. Arselicked

    You guys keep on slating him, he will keep on scoring them. Oohh, and have you noticed when Ade scores arsenal always wins.

    His presence alone strikes fear nto the hearts of the opposition and i lke that.

  39. Angry Loner

    wow that buds a real comedy genius

    this blog must reely make the hours fly by when hes on here….calls complete strangers pricks, then gets all hi and mighty when he gets sum bak, then tries to say he’s jokin!

    if anyone can spot 1 joke of his, please inform ant and dec coz they could do wiv sum new stuff.

    wiv gooners like him, who needs the spuds eh?

  40. Bud

    Even my 1 year old would know my last post was a tongue in cheek master piece of facetiouseness…….. was that not obvious……….

    Jimmy Fingers, I thought we were friends, you’ve broke my heart buddy……. nice to see a regular blogger on today tho !!!!!!

    Angry Loner – A bit personal isn’t it. doesn’t that make you as bad as me….. after all, I only fired up after someone got personal with me …….. this is getting very playground !!!!!!!!

  41. Fab 04

    Ade is hardworking and honest what else do you want from a guy. Flamini is up there with him you should watch his body language always organising the midfield without him we would concede two goals every game, best player this season if you ask me.

  42. Ryan

    As a general rule the people disliking Ade are the same people who thought we needed to get bought by Usmanov (or Kroenke) because we’re too poor to compete (how hilariously wrong that proved to be) as well as being the same ones crying out in every transfer window for over-rated, pointless expensive players just because they are famous and have good stats on PES and FIFA.

    I say the sooner people stop acting like 5 year olds and grow up a bit the sooner we can all just get along. Those who are criticising Ade for opening his body when he aims for the far corner from the left of the goal. Are you fucking stupid? How else would ANY striker score in that situation without using their left unless they open their body up or go for the near post. I know it’s was trademarked by Henry, but in case you’ve never played football or haven’t watched every other striker in the league I think you’ll find when shooting from left to right on your right foot you HAVE to open your body up. Seriously just how stupid are you?

    Yes Ade isn’t Henry. He isn’t as good as him now and probably never will be, because Henry was one of the best ever, but that’s not the point. The guy is not the finished article and needs to work on improving pretty much all of his game a little bit to become one of the best of his kind in the world, but the people who are slating him in general are ignoring the fact that he’s young and improving (he’s younger than RvP and everyone wanks on about him improving), he’s scored more goals than anyone else for us so far this season. His record in the league is not only the second best, but it’s an extremely high goals/games ratio which any striker would find acceptable (better than Tevez, Rooney, Drogba, Berbatov, Martins etc. etc. so all you can say is that SO FAR he has an extremely good scoring record this season. SO FAR defenders like Terry claim he’s the hardest striker to defend against in the league. SO FAR he’s been scoring regularly with his head (unlike any of our recent strikers before him). SO FAR is still young and improving. SO FAR has spent much of this season playing as a lone striker which he doesn’t even seem to find at all comfortable. SO FAR lots of his goals have been extremely good technically and finally SO FAR his value must be sky-rocketing.

    So what we can conclude is that SO FAR he has been an extremely valuable player for us this season, and when one of our best creators in RvP finally returns there’s no reason why Ade can’t continue to improve. Even IF Wenger thinks he’s not good enough and sells him his value will be very good now and seems to be going up all the time. Will he remain this good? I can’t imagine why not, he should be improving continually and there are signs of that. Even when he doesn’t score he makes it difficult for defenders and other players like RvP can use this for their own gain.

    Quite frankly yes he’s not perfect and certainly needs quite a lot of polish to get him up to the world class standard, but anyone who doesn’t think he has been invaluable to us this season and is spending their time slating him for so many things has to be sadly retarded considering what a huge contribution he has made. If we win the league this season he will have been one of our main contributers to the cause.

  43. Ryan

    Let’s also not forget that in a team brimming with creative players even if Ade only touched the ball for the goals he scored, that would be a good contribution. As it turns out he gets involved in much of the build up play too.

  44. Bud

    Glad you got that off your chest Ryan.

    I think everyone has got to realise that nobody is saying Ade is shit (well they may have done, but I only really scoot over most posts, so if someone has, they are stupid and rightfully needed to be told so).

    I think people, myself included (I said he looked lazy yesterday, goals apart), are just picking up on facets of his game that are not spot on. Yeah you are right, he is young and has bundles of time to improve, and the fact that there is not a lot to improve on, bodes extremely well for us gooners !!!

    Also, everyone has players they like more than others, so no one player will get the same opinion from everyone………… to prove a point and this will cause uproar I am sure, but i think Cesc has been not much better than average of late. Yesteday he had an average game and was outshone by the other midfielders…… that doesn’t mean I think he is shit, he is just not playing asd well as he can at the moment. if I knew why, i would post the reason why, but I don’t.

    Its this type of opinion, i.e. mine, that I have with all players, Ade as well, and I honestly thought, his 2 goals apart, he was quite lazy (or thats how it appeared, and it was very apparent Eduardo was left to do all the running and closing and chasing down………… who knows, it could have been Arsena that asked them to play like that “right Eduardo, you work your nuts off, Ade conserve energy and use it when it matters” who knows, but as I said, mine is just MY opion and this is a site for it.

  45. Gooner G

    At last some sense !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All Arsenal players are great, but all could be better and we as paying supporters should and do have the right to air them, I don’t see why everyone is getting upset?

    Everone seems very emotional today, whats happened?

  46. Bud

    It all got a bit personal earlier as it was a Sunday morning, we all had hangovers. A few people raved over Ade, some voiced other not so great opinions of Ade, (myself Included), it all got misconstrued, we got called names, we called them names back, everyone was tryoing to blame the other people, I got all the blame from the Ade lovers because someone wasposting under 20 names and trying to pretend he was popular (joke, or is it !), we sobered up, realised we were acting like school children and now Le-Grove is all adult again.

  47. Mike (the neighbour )

    Time of the month for some methinks -or mid winter blues for others .Where is geoff and Pedro ?-their silence is deafening

  48. Gooner G

    Glad I missed it you lemon !!!!!!!!!

    I do agree with you though. I didn’t go, but I watched last night of Football First. In fairness, nobody really stood out, it was very unexciting if you want my opinion !!!!!!!!

  49. Gooner G

    Pedro was probably out with his honey last night clubbing it till 7am and is still in bed no doubt !!

    Geoff is probably at the end of his garden with a bottle of wine and a crafty hamlet, have a look Mike !!!!!

  50. coca-gooner

    people are pissed b’cos the wrong person sent the 1st posting.

    how many goals did TH score in his 2nd full season?

    oh yea,not as much as ade looks to be heading.if the guy was english,most of you would have asked for more time on his behalf, you morons.
    what else do you guys want from a guy with 15 goals in 23 games?

    lets get sensible and support the guy,like him or not he’s in an arsenal player.
    and bad news for you the nobheads,he’s willing to spend the rest of his career here.

    c’mon arsene piss the morons off and give him a ten yr contract,he’s still only 23.

    am out
    long live the real goons

  51. Mike (the neighbour )

    jimmyfingers this hair things becoming an obsession -Youre not a hair dressing somellier that drives a maserati are you

  52. Mike (the neighbour )

    I tell you what I have been reading this blog now for the last three months – about 10 times a day -this has been a very strange day in the wake of a win -Is it the spuds next outing thats making everyone twitchy or what .Pedro get out of Fuckin bed and say something especially if youre with a honey -I AM FUCKIN JEALOUS !!!!

  53. Pedro

    Good evening all!

    I’ve missed a blinder today! Best post I’ve read Geoff! The title drew me in.

    Ethan Gunn, moronic statement… but it kicked off the debate!

    Who needs Anelka eh? And I tell you this… How fucking good was Eduardo out wide? Theo, take note son!

    Sorry about the silence, women trouble… I have to many of them! Just kidding guys… but not?

    So many comments to read through!

    Happy Sunday Chaps!

  54. geoff

    Ok guys I’m on, first of all to the ping pong champion, did you also win the golf, table football, go-Karting, pool and golf? no you didn’t, sorry Grovers it was a personal dig that has now been sorted.

    Well, we have had a few nerds on the site today but also a lot of great comments, so thank you for that!

    A fantastic game and a great day for everyone loving the Arsenal again, so well done the boys.

    It’s now the build up to the spuds game so I hope you are all ready for the shit I will spew tomorrow! have a great night my fellow grovers and we’ll talk tomorrooor, or manana as they say in Spain!

  55. Mike (the neighbour )

    Ive looked on accuweather -its fab in spain so with the senoritas with big jugs -full of vinos rosados we all look forward to your post tomorrow .and clearly to the ping pong king of La Manga you didnt block it out cos you screwed him on 4 other things and you mentioned golf twice so he was fucked both times on that score -modesty becomes you .Its nice to know that Pedro gets female shit as well -JOIN THE CLUB and after 30 + years of marriage I know it aint gonna get easier for you baby so concentrate on this cos it doesnt get any better as you get older -the women not the blog -as del boy says “you know it makes sense “

  56. Bud

    Am I a nerd???

    Seriously wierd day. I needed the support of some of you guys today. Was under attack big time by a load of new names, and all for saying Ade looked lazy – not shit, but just lazy off the ball and that Eduardo worked his socks off…………

    Pedro, I have a plan…… If you get up first and write it, you could get the title and your crown back off Big Bad Geoff !!!!!

    Write something like “If Ade wasn’t so lazy, he would have twice as many goals”…………… or is that statement too risky……… shall we throw that one out on the Blog tomorrow………… I reckon we’d have record figures………

    Then Geoff would not only have lost his title to Ping Pong in La Manga, he will also lose his King of Le-Grove title !!!!!!!

    And Coca Gooner, what shit is that about Nationality……… Jesus man, behave will you, that is such a dumb attitude and I have no idea where you would come up with that notion?

  57. Bud

    Lastly to Geoff………… I aint ever Bloggin on a weekend again………. this was a one off to stop you bitching at me for being a part time Grover……….. strictly work hours again hombre !!!!!!!!

  58. geoff

    Bud, thanks for your thoughts, Pedro can write better blogs than me because he has a better understanding of the game, me I just like winning and if I don’t win and if the Arsenal don’t win then I get arsey, my fault I know but that’s what goes with the patch, however I’m glad you’re still blogging at this late hour and I love you for that!

    Great day guys and look forward to hearing your views tomorrow!

  59. Mike (the neighbour )

    Bud did you wake up in front of your three bar fire and suddenly realise you had been asleeep and your patterned slippers were on fire .Its been a roller coaster of a day for you -You aint paranoid you just know everyones against you -but theyre not (well apart from the new guys ).You bring it on yourself .You are the backbone of Le grove along with Jimmy fingers and gooner G .etc Its not your fault geoff is getting pissed in warmer climes all the time and Pedro is shagging alot -have the confidence and you dont have to justify your existence to anyone -well apart from geoff cos you know he doesnt care if you beat him at anything -NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. EVO in OZ

    This is a story about 4 people (well in this blog there are way more than 4), named Everycunt, Someothercunt, Anycunt and Nocunt.

    One day there was a job that needed doing and Someothercunt was asked to do it, Everycunt was sure Someothercunt would do it, but Nocunt did it. Everycunt got angry because it was Someothercunts job. Nocunt didnt realise that Anycunt could have done it. It ended up with Everycunt blaming Someothercunt and Nocunt doing what Anycunt could have done!

  61. EVO in OZ

    So in addition, i think Kanu Jnr is not a bad player, i dont think he is slow, definitely way faster than Kanu Snr and a much better player all-round. I would take 10 Jnr’s before i took 1 Snr.

    I think Wenger recruits project players, namely guys he can work on over several seasons and get the best of out them in the long run. Apparently Kanu Jnr had behaviour issues before he came to us and there was some risk in his signing, but Wenger worked on that and now we are reaping the rewards (15 goals, top of the table). RVP was the same, he was a bit wild before signing with us, but that is all in the past now.

    My only issue with Kanu Jnr is when he comes down the left wing with the ball, he always cuts back to the middle (even if there is only 1 defender to beat), as his left sided skills are not that great, but other than that, i am loving the headed goals (something different) and he is spot on from the penalty spot everytime, so keep up the good work. I think we are certainly in debt to him for the winner against the Man U scum at old trafford in September 06!!!

    As for players with pace (or genuine pace, or whatever we are calling it), i think we could say Theo definitely has it (check out –, that should be enough evidence. Also, i would include Kleb as a player with pace, fire up the footage on the 6th goal against Slavia Prague this season. Kleb has pace and also can do it with the ball, so no probs on that one!