Diarra to leave Portsmouth, sick note out …again

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So we finally sold Diarra, and he’s already told the press he’ll leave when a big club comes in for him, what a wanker, we now find out why Chelsea sold him.

No problem as Flamini has just signed a 25 year contract and Denilson will improve massively over the next 2 weeks.

Robin ‘boy wonder’ Van Persie is injured again and will be out for a few weeks, there’s a surprise!

He should never be allowed to play for Holland again, ever, ever, ever, my question is, will he ever be injury free? Players get injuries, but it’s normally late in their careers, he worries me a lot.

Can you imagine what would happen to your job if you had that much sick time? You’d be fired, simple as that.

I’m not suggesting that RVP be fired as I’ve already said he is the best forward I have ever seen, and that includes Henry and Anelka, but we really need to find a forward that can bang them in, and one that doesn’t get injured every 3 minutes.

I know we have Eduardo and Bendtner but are they prolific? (for us) for me if you can’t score against a team like Birmingham, you’re in trouble.

Maybe I’m over reacting here but we have one game to get back our shape and goal scoring touch, then it’s Spurs in the semi’s and Newcastle in the FA cup with Keegan at the helm, and we know what happens with new manager syndrome.

We could fuck up half our season in the space of a week.

Against Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Spurs and Birmingham we were woeful, so we need to get back in the groove against Fulham or our season will start to slide.

That’s why I think we need an injection.

I know everyone’s banging on about Vela next season, but if it takes 10 years to adapt to the premiership, why don’t we sign someone now?

Wenger talks about Rosicky coming back, but I’m not sure about him either, I would sooner we signed a winger, but we won’t.

Finally as Pedro said yesterday, we are letting in soft goals, as Wenger is the only person who can’t see how bad Senderos is, I can’t see that changing, I would love him to sign a world class center back, love it! (sorry Kevin) but he won’t so I hope he gives Hoyte a crack, but he won’t, so I don’t know why I bothered with this paragraph.

One more day to go and we’ll be talking about Fulham and their new manager so until then this is your last chance to bitch, look I have!

Have a great day Grovers for tomorrow we unleash hell!

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  1. Cannontime

    Do agree hoyte needs more of a chance considering senderos lacks compusure on the ball. Honestly I just think ewe’re in a bit of a bad patch, but if we play well against Fulham we should regain alot of momentum.

  2. Odub

    Nice Le chump pic Geoff!!! Let’s knock the Diarra issue on the head now! He’s gonewe move on!! I’m sure he’ll be at portsmouth for a long time to come…..Yeah right!

    AnywayI have a funny suspicion the next 2 weeks could go horribly tits up! We lost 2-1 @ Fulham last season (actually went to that game on a cold week night, wish I hadn’t!!), could happen again, If we get a 0-0 against the scum on Tuesday we’re out of the CC, and Necastle have a new old manager which could normally galvanise the team and fuck things up for us big time!!!

    Please note this is the worst case scenario……but it could happen!

    Come on Arsene sign someone! A CB, left winger and/or striker would be nice to replace RVP, Rosicky and Hleb who seem to miss 1 out of 2 matches a season between them!!

  3. si

    Top Scorers in the EPL

    Ronaldo – 16
    Adebayor – 13
    Torres – 11

    Bendtner 5 goals from 9 starts.
    Eduardo 11 goals from 15 starts.
    RVP 7 goals from 13 starts.

    How you can complain about that is beyond me?

    “I know we have Eduardo and Bendtner but are they prolific? (for us) for me if you can’t score against a team like Birmingham, you’re in trouble.”

    So if a player fails to score in a game where the team play badly, we’re in trouble because we have bad strikers? The northerners didn’t score against reading, no one was saying ronaldo was a bad player because he didn’t score in one game.

    As for young player not having injury problems, how about Rooney, Clichy, Sol Campbell, Theo, Jeffers, John Terry, Owen, Aliadiere, Woodgate, Scott Parker, Alan smith, fat ronaldo. The list could go on. Injury is not the preserve of the elder players anymore.

    Lets be a bit more positive, the Northerners aren’t complaining and they only lost a few weeks ago and we didn’t get to the top of the tree on the back of an injection.

  4. Odub

    Point taken Si re the Northerners not moaning, but we’ve got a younger, less experienced squad than they have, which means our guys probably won’t bounce back from bad results as quickly as ManUre.

    Anyway’s we start the morning moaning, get pissed at lunchtime and come back in thinking we’ll win all four trophies!!!!!

  5. Segujja(uganda)

    Bro u are panicking, take a chill pill or something. We are good for the season. We have the best backup strikers for Persie and we just need Fabulous to get back to his best which is just a day away. Edu to get english in his system and Bendtner to start more games and Ade to get off his high horse. so we are good, Senderos is a good player, his confidence is just fucked at the moment but thats getting back bit by bit

  6. si

    We’re not that inexperienced:

    Gallas (World cup + Prem winner)
    Gilberto (WorldCup + Prem winner)
    Toure (Prem Winner)
    Sagna (France first choice Right back)
    Rosicky (Bundles of experience)
    RVP (World Cup experience)
    Ade (World Cup experience)

    I think we compare favourably to ManU with experience. Remember, Fergie said last year everyone was saying they didn’t have the experience to hold out, then they did.

    Think positive guys! I’m off line now. Laters

  7. Geoff

    Earth actually, unless whatever I was drinking last night put me somewhere else.

    When Henry was Robins age, he couldn’t take free kicks like RVP does and he didn’t have the skill in my opinion, and that’s what it is, my opinion.

    All right with that?

  8. Odub

    3 premiership winners!!! Players from Angola, Trinidad and Tobago, Iran and Saudi Arabia have world cup experience that doesnt mean anything!! I’m still confident we’ll give ManUre a run for theirmoney as long as we don’t have to play catch up.

  9. daokta

    I am not too sure of our title prospects. Yes, we are joint top of the EPL – but I think this is Arsenal over-achieving. The absence of Toure, RVP is going to affect us adversely over the next few crucial weeks where we may be out of 2 cups in short order (CC and FAC).

    The problem is not that we dont have the talent. It is just that we dont have the experience and hence the consistency required. I will be probably be shot down in flames for saying this – but not getting an experienced left winger and a CB (anyone other than Ponderos will do) during the January transfer window may cost us the EPL as well.

    In Arsene we trust however and hope bubbles eternal.

  10. Pedro

    How do you come to the conclusion that we are over achieving?

    RVP has been absent all season, thats not going to affect our challenge? We’ve been grinding out results over the last month and now, hopefully we’ll start playing a bit better.

    To say we don’t have the talent is pure madness! Gallas, Adebayore, Hlebinho, Cesc, Clichy, Sagna, Toure and the flamster are all hugely talented and playing for the now… not the future!

    I do wish people would stop banging on about this elusive left winger who is going to win us the premiership… TELL ME A NAME!

    There is no one who we could buy who would slot in, bar Ronaldo.

    Fuck me people, we are at the top of the prem with the Mancs and about to get to the final of the CC, then we have Milan in CL.

    Things are good.

    Cheer up and stop doom mongering!

  11. Steve

    I agree with Pedro, things are good. If we’d been told that the club would be in this position last August we’d have been slapping the salami. Cheer up Gooners.

    Anyway, I need a poo. Adios.

  12. casicky

    there comes a time when you realise that being optimistic all the time doesnt get u wat u want and um there now!!!cant help but feel low i know i know there is alot to be happy bout being level with manUre n all that but still that doesnt lift me.

    i think u rite bout our strikers they jus dont do it at a high level week in week out.Adebayor is sitting 2nd on the goals chart but give any of the top five on that list the number of chances he has had and they would be far off by now his ratio is jus not that good to read he started off well in the season and that why he is where he is now.

    Van Persie is class but i feel his injuries will be one of the things we most remember bout him.

    Wenger has been great for us as a club but now that he has brought us this far he needs to let loose n get us a trophy um starting to feel that what the young squad wants not jus to be told you still have time on your side it wants to start winning stuff before we lose most of them

  13. Gunnersaurus

    “What planet are you on ?”

    Classic blog cliche, like it would make your opinion any different if you were in fact from Mars.

    Maybe if you are from Mars, the HD Sky isn’t as sharp so your opinion is devalued as a result? Or maybe the more popular sport in Mars is darts, so the general understanding of football is of a lower level.

    So many things to consider when you tell someone what planet you are from!

    Where is the debate at today? Oh right, the Arsenal shirts look a bit fake to me, but the reworking of the early nineties shirt one could be a smart option.

    Diarra is so beyond boring now I might start asking people what planet they are from everytime they talk about him.

    I think Odub and Steve have the right idea, go and have a glass of wine and a shit and everything will be ok in the morning.

    Geoff, nice Pic of ****** in the side bar, he certainly merits Le Chump for a week or so.

    Right i’m off to check my birth certificate, get a bottle of vino (Any suggestions Jimmy) and have a shit.

  14. Geoff

    Spot on Casicky and that’s my whole point! Flamini was one of our youngsters once, now he’s a great player, he might be leaving, then Cesc then who?

    We watch these players grow, then we lose them, so all the pain we go through doesn’t pay off.

    I’m not saying that will happen, but it might and that’s why I wouldn’t mind a few finished products and a trophy or two now.

    It’s not moaning and being ungrateful, it’s just wanting to win something, if I didn’t want that I’d be a Newcastle fan!

  15. Geoff

    new kits? what planet are you on? oh Mars, that’s right as Gunnersaurus just pointed out! well that kit could have been, the red one is a cross between the dreamcast one and the current one and the yellow one is fucking horrible.

    They should sod off to mars.

  16. PG

    calm down. one draw and suddenly we are crap! if manu dont get 3 points at wknd and we do, suddenly we are amazing again!?
    we as fans of the The Arsenal need to be careful we dont fall into the “fickle” trap that all sperz fans do. they win one game 4-0 and they are the best team in the world. they lose, and they sack the manager, sell half the team, etc etc. no one was moaning when we walloped everton the other week, or when we beat chelsea.
    get some perspective. we actually are over achieving, compared to everyone thinking we would finish 6th or 7th after Titi left us, but that is no bad thing. the team are hungry and want to prove everyone wrong. its the old “us against the world” mentality which got us so much success in the George Graham and early Wenger eras.
    but we need to maintain the work rate, not become complacent (as a team AND as supporters) and remember why our expectations have changed so much. cos not only were we playing great football, but we combined it with work rate and sensible defending, coupled with humility and class.
    the carling cup and fa cup are not high on our list of priorities (though i would love a trip to Wembley!). The Club wants the Premier League and the Champions League, in that order.
    agree that RVP is becoming the new ‘sick note’ … next week he will have a nose bleed or something else equally ridiculous!
    Heads up Gooners.
    Victoria Concordia Crescit

  17. Gunnersaurus

    Cassicky, before I go for a shit you need to remember that the Mancs went the 3 seasons without winning the Prem.

    Competition is hot these days. Look at the cash liverpool splashed and look how far back they are.

    Young players are the way forward. RvP is a crock, but like si pointed out, so was our left back (For 3 years).

    To say our strikers don’t cut it in the high profile games is as ludicrous as saying Thierry never did it in the big games.

    Ade is a big game player as will Nikki B and Eduardo become. How would you feel if Nikki B and Eduardo were on the Manc’s books? Worried? Because I would be if the Mancs had the new Robbie fowler on their books.

    ManU came in for Ade last summer and every prem defender hates to play against him, sometimes you have to listen to what the people who play the game think of him.

    Big player for us who has 13 goals to his name, don’t knock him. All big players squander chances, they get the chances because they are good.

    Lets cut down on the Arsenal bashing today, its not merited.

  18. Odub

    The kits look like crap you’d buy off Del boy down the market!!
    Our current red currant and wine job is fine as it is thanks!

    And can we stop getting so fucking aggressive on this site?!! I’m sure someone once said it was the friendliest site on the web!

    Go and have a fucking drink you jessies!!

  19. Steve

    Fucking right Odub. I’m chilled, but i’m still taking your advice on getting wankered today if you don’t mind?

  20. Odub

    Absolutely!! Feel free squire!! I’ll be on the red stuff from 12.30ish (a couple of bottles please), and might just come back in to the office for 5 minutes and fuck off after that!!!

  21. Steve

    11.30 start for me. May be back, may not. It is P.O.E.T.S day after all. Piss Off Early Tommorows Saturday. Rioja frenzy.

  22. Geoff

    I read it, so why buy him in the first place if he had a congested midfield? also how can he say he might not play if he was loaned out?

    Here’s a question, what are we doing with our £75 million transfer fund if we’re not spending it? perhaps we should use it to reduce the loan and make the season tickets cheaper, I would be all for that.

  23. Gunnersaurus

    Good piece and interesting.

    I think you’ve kind of answered your own question there Geoff.

    Why buy him if we have a congested midfield? (Because he was a bargain and a good player)

    Why aren’t we spending our £75 million budget? (Because we would end up with more congestion and unhappy players + there are no better players)

    And he said he couldn’t guarantee he would play if he was loaned out. Kerrea Gilbert, Connelly, Aliadiere and Ryan smith were all loaned and failed to get regular games.

  24. Geoff

    yeah but if none of those players play for their national side and we didn’t pay any money for them so it’s not really the same.

    As far as buying players goes we haven’t got any spare center backs and no wingers, so no congestion there.

  25. Odub

    The players mentioned above came through the youth ranks and didnt cost us anything!
    The 75 mill only need be spent on say a left footed winger (we haven’t got one!!

    Walcott,Hleb,Rosicky – are right footed, (and tend to be injured regularly) as well as another centre back that would actually fight for a place with Kolo and WG. And don’t tell me that will be too many centre backs because we’ve had 4 before and it worked!

  26. Phobia

    Who cares for Diarra,!
    I want Wenger to sign Dimitrov-”the new Ronaldinho”and Mputu-” the new Eto’o”
    Had I known is always at last.

  27. Gunnersaurus

    I don’t understand your point? How does that affect whether Diarra gets played or not? He could have gone on loan to any club and not got played and then his value would have diminished further.

    Vela is left footed and Merida is too, shall we buy a winger and sell those two? what about Jay Simpson, the english chap? Mark Overmars was right footed and played on the left. Lets be honest, a £20 million winger wont play second fiddle to a youngster. Then what shall we do with Hleb and Rosicky when we have new wingers?

    We do have spare centre backs. Song, Toure, Gallas, Djourrou, Senderos and Gilberto if the need arises. You don’t just buy players to fill injury or African nations gaps.

    What exactly will this winger do for us? We couldn’t be in a better position? You can’t kick players out the team for putting you top of the league and keeping you in all the cups.

    You’re looking for answers to problems we don’t have. You are being short sighted.

  28. Odub

    If Vela, Simpson and Merida were ready to play wouldn’t they be in the squad every week? We’re talking about players we need here and now, if we get through without one great! I’m sure I mentioned Hleb and Rosicky’s sick/injury records as well!

    Overmars AND Pires played on the left and could cross with either foot, the players we’ve got at our disposal now can’t do that which is why we end up dragging the ball back inside on the left and end up narrow!

    Re Centre backs, we all accept Senderos will never be good enough to challenge the main 2, so why persevere with him a la Stepanovs and Cygan. Djourou is not quite there yet, Song does ok in the Carling Cup in that position but what happens when he’s marking Eto’o or Inzaghi? and Gilberto is not quick enough to play CB!

  29. Bud

    I’ve got a point. We (that is Arsenal) are playing and have been playing shit since November 7th (Chelsea game apart – Even Everton was more the rub of the green than good team performance), which means I would assume that we should now be coming to the end of our very long bad patch which every team has and we are still joint top !!!

    Anyone disagree that we have been generally SHIT since the Man U game, starting with the 0-0 draw at Slavia Prague !

  30. Geoff

    I agree with that totally but what makes you think it’s a patch? and how will we get out of it?

    The only person Wenger says we’ll sign is Freeman, which is a surprise as he’s still a Gillingham player.

    Getting excited about a 15 year old bloke doesn’t do it for me.

    As for Vela and Merida we don’t know they’ll be good yet do we? and Hleb and Rosicky are not wingers.

  31. Gunnersaurus

    Yes they would be in squad every week if they were ready. So if they are ready next year like Wenger said, and there is no immediate problem with the squad, why would you hinder their progression?

    Having Wingers has never mattered. How many goals did Terry used to get with his head? We never used to score from crosses. If anything, this season has seen the change, would you not agree? We have scored a fair few goals from full backs crossing the ball.

    Overmars was great because he scored loads of goal and he could get the ball up the pitch in a flash, not because he was a great crosser of the ball. Pires was great because of his intricate passing and goal scoring prowess, again he was never lauded for his crossing if the ball.

    Short passing is the game this team plays, wingers wont change that because our team centres around Hleb and Cesc making those passes the others interchanging with them.

    I don’t know what you are saying? Buy 2 wingers because Hleb and Rosicky are perma injured? What happens when they are not? Players like those do not warm benches.

    And with regards to Song, he will be practising with Eto’o every day for the next month, so he should be Ok for the champs league! You don’t know that Senderos wont make it either, let him have his run then make your judgement.

    Some powerful debating today, I need some red wine.

  32. Odub

    My point exactly!!! We havent got A LEFT FOOTED WINGER AND WE NEED ANOTHER DECENT CENTRE BACK!! I’m going of to get rat assed! you lot crack on!

  33. Pedro

    I agree with you bud.

    Its a patch because before those games we were playing amazing football. All the great teams grind out the results when they are playing badly, which is what we are doing. We have been bad since hleb and cesc got injured.

    We don’t need another centre back, Hoyte can play there if things get really bad. The left winger debate is getting silly, who would you put there? Hleb and Rosicky are not wingers, they are midfielders who are both doing a good job, why change them?

    Merida and Vela are destined for greatness, you only have to watch the videos of those two to know they have something special.

    Good on Wenger for sticking to his policy, it hasn’t done us any damage so far.

  34. Geoff

    You see I think the reason we need proper wingers as opposed to converted ones is not for crosses, but to open up defences, hit the by line and take defenders away, cut the ball back and smash them in.

    When I was a winger my incredible pace frightened defences and made teams frightened to play against me, it wasn’t my crosses.

    That’s why Central Park Junior school won the league when I was there.

    I’ve already started on the red wine martians.

  35. jimmyfingers

    Second half against Villa. We were amazing in the first, best we’ve played all season. Villa broke the spell. Cunts

    Good to see people eing positive. Yes we’re not playing brilliantly, but we know we can play brilliantly, and will play brilliantly again. That’s a luxury Liverpool fans simply don’t have

  36. Bud

    Geoff, relax, slap on some of that Old Spice and get out there and have a bit of fun, lighten your mood hombre……… either that or unload the gun son, empty those love spuds……..

    All we need to get out of this shit run we are in, is a game where we play well and score a hatfull……… it seems for the last 2 months its either one or the other, we either play well and do not score many or score a few when we’ve played shit………. when it happens, and it will happen soon and fingers crossed its on Saturday, we will punish all that come before us……. we just need a good performance with a dose of lady luck in front of goal for one day and the rest will follow……..

    In Bud you must trust Geoffrey !!!!!!!

  37. Pedro

    Listen, just because they play more darts than Football on Mars doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about football.

    I agree about the converted winger thing, its a bit silly, but I guess Wenger has to have Hleb in the team together some how. I’d only want a winger if it was one like Robben or Ronaldo, unless that happens, I’m happy with what we have. I think Hleb cuts defences to pieces, or are you talking about for pace and hitting the line?

    Merida and Vela could be special on opposite sides next year, Vela looks amazing and there is a video of merida pulling off some amazing skill for the reserves, check it out! Theo should be able to play out on the wings as well, he hasn’t learnt that art yet though, so we’ll have to wait it out!

  38. Odub

    Oi enough talk of hand jobs and beating meat! i didnt realise this was that kind of website!!! You’ll have Dale Winton on here next for fuck’s sake!!!

  39. Odub

    Cheers Bud! that’s not an image i needed after my vino lunch!!!!!!!!

    Prediction’s for tomorrow please gents? Starting 11 and final score?!

  40. Geoff

    I just read that list and I can’t believe they have Charlie Nicholas on it, I thought he was one of the greatest, most skillful players ever to play for Arsenal, I loved him.

    I really did, when Terry Neil signed him I was on holiday in Cyprus and bought every national newspaper I could get.

  41. Mike (the neighbour )

    Geoff as you are clearly a gladiator fan with “unleash hell ” reference .maybe Asene can motivate the troops from their dull patch with a pre-match –
    “My name is Arsenus Vengus commander of the armies of North Londinium General of the Arsenal legions , loyal servant to the true bloggers of le-grove-eous .Father to the younger players,Token husband to the female fans and I will have my vengence in THIS season AND the next

  42. Geoff

    Spoken like a gentleman Mike, I like it, and we all know the boss reads Le Grove!

    We’ll see if we beat Fulham we’ll know he did if we don’t, then he didn’t.,

  43. Mike (the neighbour )

    Odub I think you need to top up your lunchtime vinos -“calm down Dear ” I am sure you will get some predictions soon -but not from me !!
    Jimmyfingers I need some new world wine recommendations Red and white for next games until I return to Espana on the 29th Jan -THanks

  44. Odub

    Agree with Team apart from Dudu for Bendts, same score!! Mike best place for Vino! spent Xmas in Murcia still getting over that little trip!! have a good one gooners, and hopefully we reconvene the merrier on monday! Come on you reds!!

  45. Mike (the neighbour )

    odub -I spent Xmas and New Year in Murcia as well -My place is at the La Manga golf resort -youre right about the wine and yepp lets celebrate after the event the fulham thrashing

  46. Phobia

    Win or lose,Up or down,Champions League or Premiership,Fabregas or Adebayor,Arsenal or AC Milan we need two quality players to strengthen our squad .
    That’s fact,Whether Wenger like it or not.