Spreading the fixture congestion and who said Diarra had gone?

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Many thanks to Geoff this morning for handing me the blog when there is nothing to write about. The equivalent allowing me to borrow his car without giving me the keys!

Ermm, what shall we talk about today?

Oh how about Diarra?

The weirdest transfer saga I have encountered in years. No quotes from Pompey, no quotes from Diarra and no quotes for Arsenal, yet the insistence from Sky and other websites that he has in fact been sold? I am still unsure whether Arsenal have the depth to sell him. Denilson is not yet ready to take over the reigns in the event of an injury and Gilberto has been struggling this season. Its a very bad move for a very poorly advised player.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is the phrase. So metaphorically speaking, in the French side Flamini is his enemy. Makelele wont last much longer in the holding position for France and somone must replace him. Ideally, Diarra thought that position would be his but with the emergence of Flattuso that seemless handover of the reigns is looking in doubt.

If I was advising Diarra I would tell him that if he leaves for an average club, he will be out of the Champions League spot light and will be over shadowed by Flamini who will have no competition for his place at Arsenal. If he stays at Arsenal, waits for Flamini to get injured, wins his place ahead of Flamini with some sterling performances in Prem and Champs league, there will be no doubts in his homeland about who the better player is – becuase both holding midfielders play for the same club.

Will he listen to me? Doubtful, he is greedy, short sighted, characterless cunt.

What is amazing is he left Chelsea because he couldn’t displace the 34 year old Claude Makelele, then moved to Arsenal where he now cannot displace Flamini. What is the boy going to do when he can’t displace Sully Muntari and Bouba Diop (Note to Diarra’s agent… QPR have got some wedge these days!)!?

So, maybe we will be saying good bye to ‘Nicholas Diarra’ today, may you have a long and unsuccessful career you bottler.

Doesn’t it feel like an age between games? Could we not have crammed some of the Christmas games into January… you know… spread the congestion a bit? We played 9 games in December (7 in the Prem) and this month we are playing 8 games with only 4 in the Prem. In 3 of the Cup games we have fielded our reserves! If we’d gone out of the Carling cup and the FA Cup in December and the Start of January respectively, we would only have had 5 games this month – and if we apply the same logic to Feb, we would only be playing 3 games in the Prem and one in the Champions League!

Its amazing that all the managers complain about the congestion, yet no one has suggested we just spread out the fixtures? Why is there a need for a winter break? Is it TV companies that put the pressure on December? Or is it just poor management by the FA? I’ll leave you guys to educate me on that one!

Happy Thursday Grovers!


As I thought would happen, Diarra has come out and made me look a tit saying:

‘My choice will shock and surprise people. Portsmouth; it is not Arsenal and it is not Chelsea. I gave myself to the large clubs,’

‘I know the trainer of Portsmouth and I know that he will play me.’

The question is, will Raymond?

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  1. Geoff

    Well Pedro, for someone who had nothing to say, you sure said a lot! well done and thanks though.

    Diarra should go on loan or rot in the reserves, simple as that.

    Newcastle get their savour back and who do we play twice in 4 days? you got it, Newcastle! we need our ‘A’ game back, and quick.

    Funny that Keegan is seen as the saviour of Rome, but the only thing he won when he was there was a fucking big overdraft, aren’t those Geordies a bunch of wankers? how long before they start booing him?

  2. Pedro

    Yeah, no problem Geoff. I defo didn’t take you snippet about the fixtures and run with it did i?!

    I was going to write about the fantasy dream ticket of Shearer and Keegan… but its to ridiculous to waste bandwidth on! They are fucking mental!

    I think a loan move with a 7 day call back would be a good idea, everyone wins. We have a match fit Diarra and Diarra has his eyes open!

  3. GunnerPete

    I agree with the above that Diarra should be left to play for the reserves unless we have a serious injury. This may make him and his sick advisors realise what a chance they have of glory. Arsene will keep him until Flamini signs a contract or leaves. Its common sense. Personally I would sell Gilberto and fast. His contribution, when he plays this season so far has been a disgrace. He has been more responsible for breaking up our rythm than any one else and he has also been responsible for giving away more free kicks on the edge of our box than the rest of the defence put together. That smells a bit to me!

    The Geordies love their club and their football. KK is a nice bloke who has his heart in the club, but he will suffer for a while until he buys quality defenders and not overpriced overhyped stars as he did last time. Problem with KK is he can only take so many knocks before he blows a gasget and walks out, so I hope they have a back up plan lined up.

  4. gazzap

    “I know the trainer of Portsmouth and I know that he will play me.” and if he doesn’t what are you going to do? go to Colchester? W*nker.

    as for fixture congestion, you only get a congestion when you are doing well in the cups. ours has come from reaching the CC semi. its just a by product of success. even with all those games wenger still could not really give diarra many games.

  5. jimmyfingers

    Diarra can bite me: a fringe player who apart from Newcastle in the Carling Cup never actually played that well for Arsenal just made us 3.5mill. If he thinks Portsmouth will get him into rhe French team, courtesy of their utter lack of CL football and inability to score let alone win at home he’s got another thing coming

  6. Odub

    Diarra in the news again, lets get rid of this prick and move on! He’s not goog enough to play for our reserves so ship him off to Portsmouth Good riddance.

    On the Newcastle note, hopefully the feel good factor will get doused by our mob trouncing them in the cup and league !! It just beggers belief that they think a guy who won nothing, and managed to win games 11-410 is their saviour!! Good luck to the delusional loon army!!

    Highlight of KK’s Newcastle days…..

    1. The ‘I would love it if we beat them…love it’ interview

    2. Losing to Liverpool 4-3 in 2 consecutive seasons

    3. Having to explain selling Andy Cole to Man U to fans on the stadium steps!!

    4. Losing to Arsenal in an FA cup Final

    Yeah Newcastle are def on the up now arent they?!

  7. Steve

    Geoff, don’t fucking worry about Newcastle pal. They could have Herbert Chapman at the helm and Arsene as his no.2 and they’d still be shit. Keegan was never renowned for his tactical nouse anyway.

    Anyway, we should all forget Diarra now. He came, filled in when needed, made himself look a cunt and made us 3.5m quid so it wasn’t all bad.

  8. Arsene knows

    Spot on GunnerPete about Gilberto, it pains me to say it as I’ve always been a big Gilberto supporter but I don’t know where his head is at, he has to go ! And that’s why I can’t understand why Dickarra is so desperate to leave, surely he can see there will be opportunities coming up for him, twat cunt !!

    Liking the site guys !!

  9. marcus

    well, thank god he has gone. I wasn’t sure about him from the start. I know he looked like he could develop into a talent. His main trick seemed to be receive the ball, try and go round a player, lose the ball, chase the player, attempt to tackle him and occasionally win it back to start the process over again! His attitude stank as well. Either he didn’t go to the FA cup game because he was genuinely causing moral dropping with his want away comments, or he had already decided he was leaving and did not want to be cup tied. Either way…wanker! We do have a minor holding midfield problem though. If Flamini gets injured or we are playing CC type games where Flam is rested what then? Although I have great respect for Gilb and Denilson I am not sure they are the first choice answer. Hopefully flam will decide to stay now given his main rival has effed off. If I was given the choice of Flam or Diarra I would still have picked Flam despite the age/potential issue. So if flam stays based on this it could be a blessing in disguise! God knows what we are going to do if Flam goes in this window!

  10. Odub

    Steve good point fella!! he’s made us £3.5 mill, happy days! anyone getting a feeling of dejavu here. about 10 years ago we went through the same thing with another French player who fancied himself as a Billy big boots. He’s since played for such European giants as PSG, Bolton, Fernabache and Man City. Diarra take note…Not many players get sold by Wenger and go on to win anything. (ok fine Anelka won the CL with Madrid but as a bit player, and Vieira did win Serie A).

  11. Ole Gunner

    Can’t wait to bank that £3.5 million we’ll make off this moron. He would make no difference to what happens to us this season. He was still learning to play the Arsenal way and when he did play we dropped so many points. An idiot like this comes and starts ruining the mood in the dressing room. Off you go you cunt!

    If truly he made this comment reported by Sky, that could botch the deal. Arsene is very strict about confidentiality related to transfers.

  12. Phobia

    Diaara needs to play and we can’t drop Flamini just because he wants a game.
    Diarra will be a good signing for pompey but I am not sorry to see him go.He wasn’t prepared to wait for his chance like others have so it was best to ship him out and make a nice profit of E3.5m
    As long as Flamini signs a new contract Arsenal will be ok.Hopefully Gilberto will leave in the summer.

  13. Geoff

    It will be interesting who Harry drops, because whoever he drops, he’ll be calling a cunt who isn’t as good as Diarra! he wanted to leave for footballing reasons eh? so Lyon came in, but they couldn’t pay him, so he went to a mid league table team, twat.

    We could still lose Flamini and on that basis we shouldn’t sell Diarra.

    We’ll get £3.5 mil profit and do what exactly with it? Wenger says no one is coming in unless someone goes out, does that mean we’ll sign someone now? or will that be the 15 year old from Gillingham.

    I’m trying not to be a cynic…but

  14. Mike (the neighbour )

    Geoff your early point regarding Arsenal fielding an A team against Newcastle is well taken .The fact there has been a change whether good bad or indifferent in the long term will always have a short term benefit .Players whether they see the change as a threat or an opportunity will energise themselves to impress “the boss” .Bet there wont be too many absentees with colds or bugs over the next few weeks .Ive seen it in business -its human nature they’ll all be up for it

  15. Pedro

    Marcus, your point about what Diarra does on that ball is so good, I feel like you walked into my brain and stole it point for point.

    Geoff, a good point about Pompey… How can you drop the 2 centre mids who are playing so well? Right back for him I hope!

    Diarra was ok, but nothing more than ok. Flamini’s contract signing is now more important than ever. Seen as we made £3.5 million on Diarra, maybe we’ll be able to afford the extra £20k the Flamster wants.

    I don’t think Diarra would have left if he thought Flamini would be gone in the summer and I don’t think Wenger would have let him go.

    Wenger wont buy anyone, but he may pull someone from the youth ranks? OR… and get this… Let Johann D compete for the centre midfield slot he so desires?

    Thoughts please?

  16. Ray Gooner

    Has everyone forgotten about Alex Song?
    He was picked for the Cameroon National Team so he must be ok then?
    Song is still just 20 and has great potential, and remember that Flamini was only 20 when we bought him and as I recall, the fans weren’t that impressed with him at the beginning either! It took Flamini 3 years to finally become as good as he is now, so why wouldn’t Song do the same? Song is also a good back-up for our central defenders. And why did Wenger bring him back in the squad if he didn’t believe in him?
    I think everyone is complaining too much really! We have played 35 games this season, only lost 2 and have taken 83 points from these games!
    That’s the best we’ve done since the 1930’s! I think that says a lot, don’t you!?

  17. Odub

    Pedro, Good point (rare one!! lol)
    Flamster,Gilberto,Song and JD can all play that role, and us losing (who will soon be added to my cunt list on the random rant page) will not be a major problem. Although he’s chasing down was exceptional, his attitude more than negares that!!

    So I repeat … HE CAN FUCK RIGHT OFF!!

  18. Steve

    Geoff and Pedro, i’ve just e-mailed you a photo. I tried to copy and paste it on here, but being over the age of 30 i’m a technophobe.

  19. Bud

    The cunts 2nd touch was a tackle and he couldn’t pass. I honestly, one game apart, thought he was at talentless dwarf with a good motor !

    Good riddance to the little prick with a taller ego !!!!!!!!

  20. Steve

    Arsenal never disclosed the fee. Eduardo has ranged between 7 million and the national debt of Japan. To be honest I couldn’t give a fuck as long as they don’t hike my season ticket.

  21. Odub

    As long as we made a profit couldnt care less what he went for as he would have become a liability with his continuius mouthing off. Moving swiftly on to more important matters like players that actually want to and still play for us, anyone know if we have a full squad for Fulham on saturday?

  22. Geoff

    I am beginning to lose faith in Robin Van Persie, who is injured yet again, I would like to know the games he has missed against those he has played.

    This is why we took years to replace Adams, he was always injured so we never bought a replacement as good, we always put a makeshift in there.

    We should have bought Anelka, now we can’t, so I won’t go on, but we should go and find a goal scorer and right now.

    RVP for me is the greatest, one of the best we’ve ever had, but will he ever be fit??? Will he always be a crock?

    Act now before another season gets wasted.

  23. Bud

    Be patient fellow grovers, a little birdy told me all comes to he who waits !

    And rumour has it, Uncle Arsene has a surprise or 2 in store for his favourite Le-Grove supporting nephews !!!!!

    Geoff, I think even you will be happy !!!

  24. Pedro

    Eduardo, Ade and Bendtner are all scoring goals. We’ve only failed to score in 2 games this season.

    Keeping clean sheets is our problem.

    ManU haven’t signed anyone new bar some striker who is for next year. If we need reinforcing, surely they do to as they are doing as badly as us… stuck at the top of the prem. At least we didn’t lose to the hammers.

  25. Odub

    Bud i hope you’re right! 2 more weeks to go before the window closes and I hope for your own good your little birdy come through or else!!! We will find you and it will be quicn and swift!! (Geoff/Pedro that was a joke b4 you start thinking about reporting me to the boys in blue!!)

  26. Bud

    Odub, you just made me stir from my slumber and want to dive into my computer and rip your throat out………… but a few deep breaths and I am OK again !!!!

    My sources are as reliable as any chance you’d a) have of finding me, and b) surviving !!!!

    Of course I am just joking, aren’t I ????

    By the way everyone, just looked at the viewing schedule on Arsenal TV tonight and guess what, all re-runs of last night……… hold on last night was re-runs of the night before…….. this is like Grounhog day !!!!!!!!

  27. Bud

    Seriously Odub, it is embarrassing……. even the new bits like “getting to know” 5 minute show are the takes from the Junior Gunners bit of the Arsenl magazine….. if you could be invissible for the day, what would you do?Who sings loudest in the showers? EMBARRASSING,CHEESY AND REPEATED DAILY>>>>> Another defiant show of Arsenal out of touch !!!!!

  28. Phobia

    I’m fed up with this,Van Persie is out again.This is ridiculas,they should just tell us that he’s out for the season and be done with it.
    Wenger go and buy another striker/winger.
    Complacency in the squad against Birmingham last week,and complacency in Wenger over buying players.I really hate critising him,but I think he’s wrong not to strengthen the squad.
    Good luck Arsenal

  29. Bud

    I heard he’sd been suspended from the squad for 2 weeks and fined 2 weeks money for feigning illness the other day. The story goes that all these injuries have put his head in a bad place and that he has lost the plot a bit………………

    Or I could have just made that up in fact !!!!!!!

  30. Odub

    The RVP injury nmystery depeens! Still think his record coupled with Rosicky’s is worrying. Hope you’re right Bud and Wenger’s got aces up his sleeve ‘cos its now looking like we might need another striker to suplement Ade,Dudu and Bendts! A striker who can double as a speedy left footed winger would be nice!!

  31. Pedro

    I like this quote from Arsene,

    ‘Liverpool have invested, Manchester United have invested, Chelsea have invested, as always, and we still have made up the ground. That makes me believe we can win trophies this season.’

    It says a lot about spunking cash for the sake of it.

  32. Odub

    Aarrr!!! It’s Friday me fucking red and white hearties!!!! Looking forward to another 3 points tomorrow who’s with me?!!! 2-0 sound about right?

  33. Odub

    See below from BBC’s website from that cunt Diarra

    Commitment seems to be a lost word for Portsmouth’s new signing Lassana Diarra. On arrival from Arsenal he said: “The people at Portsmouth know I will not spend my life at this club. If I shine, if a really big club wants me, I know that everything will go well.”