Transfer madness – Dmitriev, Arshavin, Dimitrov, Caceres and Ayew all tipped to sign!

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Dmitriev is a 17 year old Russian defender so believe it (Nick named the Elephant – Maybe he could play with the Donkey?), Arshavin a 26 year old striker so no way, Dimitrov is the 19 year old Bulgarian winger and Grant is sniffing so a possibility, Caceres is the £10 mil defender from Villa Real so forget it but top tipster from Le Grove ‘Phobia’ and Ayew’s best mate says he’s coming, I believe it and Phobia says he’s the best player Ghana have produced so let’s hope it happens.

He’s a left winger and we need one of those and if he doesn’t work out we finally have someone to blame, Phobia!

Other news says Flamini’s off to Juventus, which I don’t believe and Diarra’s off to Portsmouth, which I do believe, what a twat!

Still as I’ve said before, the boss should wait before selling him just in case Flamini does do the unthinkable.

Bad luck last night with the scousers and spuds both winning but I cannot believe we can play another poor, misfiring game and all will come good starting this weekend and next week in the cup.

As many have said already, we’re not in the bottom three are we?

Onwards upwards Grovers.

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  1. James

    I hope we do bring in someone new to replace Diarra and I hope the Flamster doesnt leave…..

    I just read this on also….

    “It is sometimes a question of time,” said Wenger. “We need to make quick decisions because we are competing with the other clubs. Some you have to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without the time to get all the guarantees.

    “You can go home at midnight and if you don’t make a decision by 5am then the guy has gone somewhere else. He’ll have two planes booked. One goes to, say, Paris St-Germain and one comes to London.”

    ……Does that mean he was trying to sign that stiker Fred from Lyon???

  2. Geoff

    Could be James but he may have been talking bollocks to cover up for the fact he hasn’t signed anyone, think about it, if they had a choice of us or PSG who would they go to?

    Real, Barca, Milan and ManU are probably the only clubs that may have the ‘signing’ sign over us.

  3. gazzap

    I think what wenger does is basically chase about 5 players with the intention of only ever bringing in one. I have noticed that we are suddenly following lots of left wingers so that says to me that we are definitely after a left winger but only one will come. wenger will test the water and try to watch each one and then try to see if he can get them for a cheap price. when a player ticks all the boxes they become an Arsenal player.

  4. Steve

    I don’t even bother looking at speculation as every player we’re ever linked with I’ve never fucking heard of. It’s always some African ‘starlet’ or Norwegian ‘teen sensation’ or Russian ‘prodigy’. For every Petit and Vieira there is a Grondin or Cabbellero so it isn’t worth getting excited about until they play some games.

    In saying that I don’t think we need to buy anyway, apart from a centre half. But we need a centre half ready for first team football NOW. Last I heard we had Nordveit for the future, unless this Dmietriev is a bit special I can’t see Le prof chucking him into action immidiently.

  5. John

    I’ll go along with Steve on this one. Its OK bringing in kids for the future, but we need someone now, in fact 2. A left sided midfielder & a centre half

  6. Steve

    I personally think that with RVP, Hleb and Rosicky all fit we are covered going forward, but as I said last week before we dropped points at home to Birmingham “Senderos will cost us points”. He simply isn’t good enough. That said we have far exceeded my expectations for the season already, but now we have a chance to win the league it seems a shame we can’t bring in the top class centre back that we need. A rotation of 3 centre backs when Toure is back would still mean plenty of games for all of them and Gallas hasn’t exactly the best injury record since he arrived.

  7. Odub

    Speculation is the norm this time of the year, nothing we can do about that. The only position we do defnately need back up for is Left wing, as we don’t have a naturally left footed player to play there. (Unless Wenger decides to play Traore and Clichy together). Persistent injury victims Hleb, Rosicky and RVP lso make us a bit week in that department when they’re out. So Ayew would def be a positive buy.

  8. Phobia

    Don’t be surprise to see two of this players in Arsenal.
    Andrei Arshavin
    Andre Ayew
    Van der Vaart
    Micah Richards

  9. Steve

    Daft little prick. Will be there for years trying to play his way to a big club again. Patience is a virtue you fucking moronic midget.

    In saying that, how many times was SWP lambasted for being greedy due to his willingness to pick up 90 k per week and not play?

    I wish the sennsible side to my nature would fuck off and let the victictive side get on with it’s job:)

  10. gazzap

    diarra will either get pissed off with playing for a small town club (and not getting in the French team) or he will play well and want another move to a big club again. wenger must have seen a different side to him that he really didn’t want in his team/squad. had diarra been what wenger wanted wenger would never have let him go so easily. as wenger said, he does not sign players in the summer to let them go in the winter.
    from our point of view a move to pompey was perhaps the best of the clubs he could have gone to. all of newcastle, man city, everton and spurs would have been worse.
    I still think he is worth more than 5.5m. if he was english he would be 20m+ easy.

    we do need a left winger and a centre back – I agree with above.

  11. Odub

    From time to time we get the odd cunt who more or less disrupts the rhythm and harmony in the dressing room mainly because they think they’re better than what they are, and are too bloddy impatient sat on the bench, Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Lassana Diarra!!

    This guy is not only a loud mouth, but he also thinks he’s the dogs dangly bits!! He can fuck right off to the Arsenal old boys club in Pompey! At least the other old boys (Admas, Kanu, Campbell and Lauren) atually achieved some form of success (or greatness in the case of Adams) before they left. This Diarra cunt has probably left the worst after taste of any player we’ve had under Wenger!! Not only as he made the manager look bad, for buying him on the last day of the august transfer window, but he’s had the audacity to moan in public since September about not getting in the team!! He can fuck right off!! Pompey are welcome to him!!! take a leaf out of Gilberto’s book pal, world cup winning captain, who is happy to fight for his place!

  12. Pedro

    I think Diarra has just taken the Anelka path. He’ll never get a big club again because A) He has failed at 2 already B) He wont have his talents show cased in the Champion League.

    I would also like to think that the Flamster will take over the holding midfield role for France because he deserves it.

    What an idiot its like dumping Jessica Alba because your getting no attention and swapping her for Vannessa Feltz… what a prick.

    Gazzap, you make a good point about chasing 5 midfielders to blur the press. He probably won’t sign any of them… Case and point… Eduardo.

  13. Scooch

    I think it’s a shame about Diarra as I think he is a good player. Unfortunately he’s too impatient which means that he should go. I’m also really hoping that The Flamster isn’t goona “do one” on us. Remember he did at his old team (was it Marseille?) when he came to us. It would be a real travesty if he left now that he’s established in the side.

    I’d love to see Micah in an Arsenal shirt!!!

  14. Bud

    Anyone else notice last night on Arsenal TV. Day 2, thats right, the day after the free launch day, when you have to pay to watch, and it was all a repeat from last night….. JOKE !!!!!!!

    Arsenal again have taken the piss !!!!!!!!!!

  15. Geoff

    Thing is Diarra must be on a 4 year contract, we should loan him out, if Flamini goes, we bring him back, if not, he may be worth a lot more in the summer and that to me is good business, letting him go now for 5 mil is just fucking daft.

    It’s as stupid as letting Edu go on a free and Flamini being able to walk on a Bosman.

    Say no more!

  16. Bud

    Probably what is going to happen Geoff !

    Wenger not stupid. The only reason he would sell him if there was not another player coming to us in the deal, is if Diarra was unpopular and troublesome !

  17. Geoff

    yes but no one is coming in are they? and if Flamini goes we’re up shit creek with just a Gilberto.

    We owe Diarra fuck all, tell him it’s a loaner or the reserves.

  18. Iqte

    Any one noticed that all the world class players have quite unique and cool names(eg. Beckham, zidane, maradona, fabregas etc.). I mean who has heard of a world class player with a name like John or maybe Paul(remember HENRY is pronounced ‘on-ree’ not ‘Hen-ree’). So since we are not sure about who to buy, maybe we should buy a player with a unique and more importantly a cool name. How’z dat?

  19. Pedro

    John Terry, John Barnes, Paul Ince and Paulo (Italian Paul) Maldini.

    Juilio Baptista and Pascal Cygan were cool names…

  20. Geoff

    Gary Birtles, well know superstar played for Nottingham Forest before he signed for the Mancs, then went to shit! some name though.

    What about one of my all time heroes, Roy Race?

  21. Odub

    Diarra needs to be sold because he’s face will never fit after the way he’s behaved. So he can fuck right off!

    Djourou, Song,Gilberto,Flamini can all play the defensive mildfield role so I’m sure we’ll live! Wenger will probably not get a replacement in until the end of the season. anyways.

    Also I don’t think Flamini will leave as the contract was offered to him initially in the summer before he became a regular in the squad. It’s only being mentioned now because he’s having such a good season, and I’m sure he’ll sign before it ends.

  22. EVO in OZ

    i reckon Diarra will go on loan as the Flamini thing wont be sorted till the off season as he wont want to disrupt our run into the final few months, then again, he could do a Wenger and just get it done for the good of everyone and sign next week so they can all concentrate on winning the league!

    Surely the Frenchies have a certain understanding between them all? Wenger-Flamini….

  23. EVO in OZ

    So it looks like the Diarra deal is done with Pompey for 5k. Nothing on the Arsenal website at this time, but plenty of other stories online about it. Blah Blah blah, cant wait to play them again soon and fix him up on the pitch!

    Maybe we will buy a winger now and Kleb and Rosicky can be considered centre midfield instead of playing in other spots out wide…