Wenger to field all English team – Walcott to Hammers – Anelka wanted in!

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What a depressing read that was, when Arsene launched Arsenal TV yesterday he talked about Anelka and how Arsenal talked with his representatives to bring him home in the transfer window, yes! Thats right, ‘home’ because that’s where he belongs, but it didn’t happen, I wished he had said nothing, now I know we could have had him and didn’t, I’m even more depressed.

Theo on loan to West Ham? That would be a good move if they played him up top, but at this stage of the season we can’t afford to lose him.
I think he will explode this term, he’s only 18, he only cost us £5 mil and he has more skill than most in the team, I feel it’s only a matter of time. Regardless, the story had no source and if you read some of the comments, the site that wrote the article has been known for its lies.

Fabricio is a young Spanish goalie from Deportivo that we are apparently interested in, even if he is great, why would we do that? Fabianski is what, 22? That would only serve to unsettle him, what we need is a young back up, and we have that in Mannone or a replacement for Almunia, like say, 6 goalGiven, but I think Almunia is good enough.

Djourou got the nod on one blog site from a readers poll and I think that’s Ok but I would like to give Hoyte a run there, I think he could do a great
job and be a future center half on the cheap, he won’t be right back, that’s for sure.

The squad are in for two training sessions this week and after Saturday, that probably makes a lot of sense.

We heard a rumour that WordPress delete sites that use the Arsenal logo so we’ll look into that and if it’s true we’ll put our substitute banner on soon, don’t worry, it’s a good one and was designed by a top London advertising agency, it will be like bringing Robin on for Thierry, not Stepanovs for Adams, and with the new flag waving experience at the Grove, it may be more prudent.

This time of the week is football’s equivalent of the doldrums, not a lot of news but there is still plenty for you Grovers to discuss or to wish for in the comments section. Also, take a look at the ‘random rant‘ section, it has replaced the highly successful guest blogging feature!

I haven’t seen Arsenal TV yet, but I’m reading you can see academy games and the like so I’ll take a peek and let you all know.

Finally Wenger said he intends to go English, now whilst I have been asking for a few Englanders in the team, I don’t want any of them if they aren’t as
good as our foreign kids, but I think the boss means he’ll bring them through the academy, so my guess is he’s talking long term, so Grovers, be patient.

I hope you enjoy the following quote as much as I did.

‘Maybe 80 per cent of the academy are English and 20 per cent are foreign.’

The future looks bright, the future is English. Check out the full article here.

Have a great day and I look forward to some top comments from the webs most articulate site… …and that’s official (another Mori poll before anyone jumps on me).


We’ve also been linked with a £5million bid for Andre Dede Ayew. We couldn’t find any videos of him, so we thought we’d show you what his Dad played like instead!

Could we be onto a winner here? 

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  1. eduard...0

    nothing but first class here…unlike that dodge chelski site “chelsea pies” ( are talking about FFL??) who seem to pop on newsnow tons sur ton…utter garbage. suggestion, should Le chump be that pratt diarra rather than nic? the board and AW decided against bringing him back non?

  2. Pedro

    All the Pies websites are crap.

    ‘Who do you want to see on the bench tonight? You Decide!’

    I hate them along with Sportingo, FansFC and footballfancast. All utter tripe.

    I might put that in the Random Rant…

    Diarra would be a good shout, I am waiting to see the outcome of his move before I do it though. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings!

    Great post today Geoff. I can’t see Theo being let go for 6 months, it would leave us pretty fucked! Its exciting to hear about the academy though? Maybe Wenger foresaw the pending quota issue?

  3. Henry

    what does anyone make of this Ghana winger that we have been tracking? or is that up there with the Bulgarian and Congo wingers story!

  4. eduard...0

    do you really think the quota system will happen? legally speaking its non starter but i guess if that prick blatter keeps bleeting on about it we could see something happen.
    the whole diarra fiasco would be so much simpler to be solved if flattuso would just sign the damn contract. i think AW should do a “godfather” on him and just sit him down and explain that either his brains or his signature will be on that contract….clearly will all favour the latter. trouble is alledgely low-rent arsenal (pompey) have offered 5.5m and 60k PW. by that rationale its not unreasonable for flattuso to expect parity paywise…what do you reckon? (yes i know i sound like a broken record but i dont like loose ends!)

  5. Henry

    I don’t think it can happen, it’s against the law, simple.

    When people say we pay badly I don’t believe it, look at Henry, Campbell, Pires and Dennis, failing that look in the accounts, only Chelsea had a bigger wage bill last season.

  6. eduard...0

    suspect its a palacio story…. Abedi peles son…. surely surely to good to be true. his old man had an unbelievable left boot

  7. jimmyfingers

    I think peeps have got to get out of the mourning phase for Anelka. Would you swap Eduardo for him? Because if he had come we wouldn’t have moved for the little Crozilian. And while time a great healer and it is almost a decade ago (scary), he was a complete and utter cunt to the club. In fact in the history of Arsenal, there has been no player that was a bigger cunt to the club. Compared to his moaning, Diarra’s singing the hokey-cokey. Us and Wenger were prepared to forgive him, like spurned lovers that never quite got over the one that got away.

    He’d probably just fuck us over again

    No mention of Diarra going to Portsmouth? Another 5.5mill bid from a mediocre team. He must be very proud, and anxious to go and grub about for a decent run in the cup and the chance to play in the Inter-Toto

    (Bet he doesn’t go anywhere)

    Oh and Hoyte for centreback, although that’s a waste of letters as Senderos will get in week in, week out until Toure is back

  8. jimmyfingers

    that was supposed to read ‘us and Wenger were prepapred to forgive him,……, but the board weren’t. Maybe that’s a good thing

  9. Wizard of Odds

    Doubt anything will happen with Walcott until after the Spurs game next week and I doubt it will be West Ham. They are getting players back from injury and he might as well sit on our bench as theirs.

  10. Geoff

    Yes I know people out there think Anelka was a cunt, and he was, but we did make £22.5 mil profit from him didn’t we?

    I thought Viera was a bigger cunt, 3 years of ‘I’m leaving’ was horrible, and Henry breaking a 4 year contract after 1 year is also right up there for me.

    The only true servants to this club that could have gone and didn’t were, O’leary (and I hate to say that) when he was playing with Brady and Stapleton and the Mancs wanted him, Adams when the Mancs wanted him and Dennis, the most loyal of them all, when everyone wanted him.

    Anelka isn’t coming so that’s it, but more fool Arsene for telling us.

    If Chelsea go on and win shit this year, it will be because they signed someone who knows where the back of the net is.

    Eduardo, not sure yet, if you can’t score against Birmingham!!!

  11. aj

    I watched a rerun of the Birmingham game last night and two things struck me.

    1. We didn’t play anything like as badly as my first impression had told me. Apart from a stupid loss of concentration for the first 5 minutes of the second half (have you noticed how often we start the second half really slowly?), the rest of the game involved pounding their goal. Also, we were not one dimensional – we attacked down the middle, from the sides and had some long-range efforts too. Several of those chances were close to going in and it could have ended up 5-1 – it was just one of those days, unfortunately, but that happens to all teams e.g. ManU 0 Reading 0 at the beginning of the season.

    2. Senderos had an excellent game. In the second half he was in complete control of the back and he made a couple of monster tackles. I know he can be scarey but credit where it is due, he put in a very strong performance on Saturday.

  12. Dino

    we didn`t play badly against the brum?? no but we took them lightly! you dont show boat at 1-0, you have to kill teams off when ur on top but there`s no doubt we lack a bit of quality up-front , we need RVP back fit & ready but whould you rely on someone who`s only played a handfull of games in a last 12 months ? recent perfomances have not been good enough! we have to improve dramatically or it`ll be another what if seasons.

  13. Gunnersaurus

    Geoff, you can’t say because Eduardo didn’t score against Brum, we should sign Anelka! There will be plenty of blanks drawn by Anelka for Chelsea. He is a class act, but he won’t score more than Eduardo in the long run and Eduardo is nearly 5 years younger.

    AJ and Dino, I think that was the jist of yesterdays comments, we just took the foot off the gas because we thought we were on easy street. A few other blogs said that we maybe believed our own hype.

    I think it was just a blip, we’ll spank Fulham at the weekend and continue our charge! I think everyone is whipping themselves into a negative frenzy over the draw. It wasn’t great, but its not the end of the world.

    Anelka should be considered a swear word on here.

  14. Bud

    Anyone else think apart from the question time bit last night, Arsenal TV was a pile of crap, cheesy and ammateur; and if thats the best they can come up with after a year to put together and prepare and a 3 month delay in going live than originally promised………. dear oh dear !!!!!

  15. Bud

    Had it anyway, but was left bitterly dissapointed. Thought at least on the opening night, there would be of behind the scenes at the training ground and interviews with current players etc…. the cheapest shot was when they showed a 30 minute show on the stadium which included the 20 minute presentation we got when we went to pick our club level seats………. pile of pony !!!!!

  16. Geoff

    it must be hard to fill each day with news, especially when we have the tightest manager in football, you know there’ll be no transfer news.

    Did they do a bit on Arsenal’s sponsorship of all IVF clinics?

  17. Geoff

    Phobia, this is interesting, what is he like? is he a Mark Overmars or a Arjen Robben, has he pace, a shot, and is he good enough to make a difference at Arsenal? think carefully before you let us know as we’ll remember forever!

  18. Pedro

    Don’t leave it at that Phobia? Tell us more about your friend? I’d like to know what he’s all about!

    Its amazing how quiet it is on all the blogs after a draw!

  19. Bud

    Phobia has gone undercover !

    Phobia, after a dismal result at the weekend, you have provided us with the first bit of genuine excitement……… you better not be a Phoney !

  20. Odub

    Well, dont seem to have missed much, another load of specultaion I see! Let’s see if Mr Phobia can get us some more info, and also if we actually by this kid.

    On another note, wouldnt swap Eduardo for 2 Anelka’s!! Dont think Le Sulk will ever be as good as he was in season 98/99, and Eduardo is improving by the day.

    Saw the free launch on Arsenal TV, wasn’t too impressed, and all you’ll get is the same stuff you get off the net anyway, and reserve matches! thanks but no thanks!!

  21. Phobia

    Andre Ayew will play against Namibia on the Jan 28th,so I prefer everyone to watch that match.
    Ayew will be one of the best left winger that English premier league has ever seen.
    I promise to send his video clip as soon as possible.”I am not joking” He will be more than Mark Overmars years to come.

  22. Bud

    Well – You heard it here first on Le-Grove.

    A site that not only lets you give an opinion, but a site that gives you the big news FIRST !!!!!!!

  23. Geoff

    well we look forward to seeing that but don’t hold your breath, Wenger only buys new players when he know the mothers are pregnant and they cost nothing!

    Thanks Phobia we look forward to seeing it!

  24. Odub

    Sounds promising, but all speculation at the mo. If he’s as good as Phobia says he is I doubt he’ll on the market for too long.Seem to remember we were linked with a French striker for a couple of seasons (gourcuff ) and he ended up going to Milan.

  25. Bud

    We were also linked with a young African forward in France for about 2 seasons and we ended up signing him (Mr Adebayor!)

  26. Bud

    Well that was the case, but now once more I am Bud, the artist formerly known budgooner formerly known as bud……… It just didn’t do it for me being budgooner, it made me feel a bit of a gaylord, so I am back as me………. who needs a picture next to their name anyway !!!!!!!

  27. gilberto

    phobia stop lyin about bein a friend of dede, u dont even know how long he has been playin football for. Guys all i can tell is that his dad was was amazin and from what i see in dede, he is very gd. If we sign him then i guess we are very lucky cus he aint a wak winger lie reyes, a strong one like malouda but with more skills and pace. i have watched him so many times for marseille and just kept wonderin why wenger has not made a bid yet since we got all da best youths. He is surely gonna be on hell of a player. Mark my word peeps.

  28. Bud

    Gilberto – Trying to work out if you are English, Chav, Africaan, French or Turkish – You got some way-out lingo going there brother !!!!

  29. Odub

    So looking forward to Reading stuffing the scum tonight! And we then knock ’em out of another cup comp next Wednesday!!!

  30. Geoff

    We all believe you Phobia, you’re a gooner! We just hope if he’s as good as you say, he’ll get signed, we desperately need a left winger.

  31. Mike (the neighbour )

    Bud /budgooner-or whatever – nice picture -and its trying to say ?
    Geoffs picture is self explanatory and reflects his nature so is pedros but yours isnt -care to explain please ?

  32. Mike (the neighbour )

    Thats really weird -I saw a photo of a baby being fed next to Bud -posted mine and its disappeared have the paedophile police been on to it -Going back on booze now fuck it

  33. EVO in OZ

    Well phobia’s comments are much more interesting that reading shite that comes out of tribal football, etc. so lets see if it comes to fruition?

    Geoff – your comments on Vieira about how each off-season we were left wondering if he would leave were spot on! I think back to the heart ache of years gone by wondering if he would go and then he did, at least the pain has subsided by the fact that his times at Juve and Inter havent proved as fruitful as the Gooner days!

    Still have a soft spot for him, but loved Bobby Pires’ tackle on him in the CL game in 2006!

  34. Geoff

    I’m with you on both counts EVO but I still remember the hurt and I still remember the season of will he, won’t he? from TH14 and Viera was telling him to leave, so I have mixed feelings.

    Still can’t work out why both of them left before their testimonials though. pair of twats, they only had a year to go!