Huntelaar, Given, N’Zogbia in, Flamini and Diarra out???

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The Sunday papers were in overdrive following our draw with the Brummies and ManU’s hammering of the Geordies.

They say we are preparing to hi-jack their bid for Huntelaar, they say we are ready to buy Shay Given, who incidentally, let in 6 at the weekend and the winger, N’Zogbia.

I have to say I don’t believe a word of it but what I find interesting is, ManU have Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo scoring for fun, but they still want to sign a striker.

That’s probably why they’ve won the Premier league so often, because they continually invest, and how comes they don’t have players wanting to leave? Or Real Madrid promising to sign Ronaldo and Rooney all season?

Wenger says he’s hopeful that Flamini will sign a new contract, but as I’ve said before, I’m worried that we have another Edu situation on our hands, he better know what the Flamster is doing before he sells Diarra.

I know we all hate Diarra at the moment but he is still a good back up.

I would like to see a signing or two, not just to freshen up the team, but to put some competition in the side, I believe that half the problem with us not being able to defend set pieces is most of the defence is looking at Senderos to drop a clanger and when he’s not around, they get on with their job.

Gallas is in his 30’s and with the amount of games we play, I genuinely believe four center backs are needed and will be used, so I don’t see the problem.

I won’t dwell on the game as enough has been said already and the boss has admitted it was our worst performance, it was his fault and the fans were great (Wenger’s words, not mine) so all in all Pedro hit the nail on the head yesterday.

So for the pencil dicks that decided to start gobbing off last night, don’t bother coming back on or next time I’ll publish your email addresses and let the Grovers let you know what they think of your abuse.

Unfortunately because of a few morons I had to put the approve comments on last night (as I went out with Mrs Le Grove) so a few of you commented but only got through this morning, so apologies to EVO in OZ, Michael, John and John Quinn, we welcome your comments and look forward to many more.

So we have a week of transfer speculation before we take on Fulham and Spurs in what could be a big fortnight in our long and glorious season.

All the negatives are out and this week all the positives shall flow in abundance.

For those Grovers who weren’t at the match, the atmosphere was great, the red and white flag waving has really taken off big time, it almost looked like the kop end! No offence anyone, that was a compliment, we’re starting to get a great look at the Grove, let’s get the good football back to match it!

Anyway, at least Tottenham lost!

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  1. Odub

    Another Monday morning, wet and miserable! And where I used to be able to console myself by singing we are top of the leause, I can’t even do that!!! Ah well, at least we’re only 2nd by goal difference, atmosphere was great at the stadium on saturday, and we’ve got Fulham next, ManUre got to Reading, and you never know, we could be back up top by the end of next saturday. So let’s not get too carried away for fucks sake! We do need to sort out the centre back position though, because Senderos didnt look solid on saturday, and I remember Jerome ghosting past him at one point, to further emphasize that point.

  2. Pedro

    A week of positivity! I’ve got my Tony Robbins tapes going and i’ve sorted the energy levels out on my desk… Tis the week to be jolly!

    We need to deliver a hammering to Fulham and I think we are entirely capable of it!

    Hopefully Big Phils confidence will be higher after a reasnobly good game against the brum, and hopefully our strikers can get their shooting boots on! Its going to be a tough run in against the Mancs who look damn good!

    16 games to win the Prem! Its going to be exciting!

  3. Geoff

    It is if we do all the above eh! not a lot on the comments today, perhaps everyone is recuperating at having so much fun watching fat Sam’s two teams getting mullered! deep joy.

  4. Gunnersaurus

    I think we’ve over done the transfer garbage.

    Lets face it, we’re not signing anyone!

    Interesting to read that Wenger tried to sign Beckham in 2004? There were rumours flying about at the time, I can’t imagine what he would have cost though? They estimated Madrid selling him cost them £75 million. Not bad for an average player.

    I see one of the other sites nicked your headline about the elephant in the room, and claimed the elephant to be Cesc. Fucking nuts or what?

    Pleased to see Senderos have a solid game and nice to see we didn’t lose. ManU will drop points as will Chelsea. I don’t know why people assume the Mancs will win till the end of the season?

    We’ll be up there flying the North London flag in May!

    Come on you reds!

  5. Odub

    I don’t doubt we can(and will) win the league, I just hope we don’t drop anymore silly points. as Wenger said on Saturday, and a lot of us in the stadium also thought, we played like we thought the game was already won, and didnt play with any urgency until Birmingham equalised! This is the only part we are lacking at the moment, the experience of grinding out results and winning titles. but it will come! I do have a feeling we’ll win at least one trophy this season though!

  6. Gus J.

    Interesting point on the fact that very few United players are ever in the transfer rumours.

    It would appear that Ferguson has had somewhat better success at keeping his players from appearing in the tabloids (at least in transfer stories).

    I wonder why that is.

    My own suggestion has to do with two crucial elements.

    United offer much better salaries than Arsenal, and they generally have had greater success on the pitch (trophy wise) for some time now. Also they appear more determined in sustaining the modern mentality of the end justifies the means and battle for success in every way possible (using all the tricks in the book).

    This is not meant as a critisicm of Wenger’s policy of style and integrity before results, as I am a huge fan of that philosophy, but it would appear that for many players this is simply not sufficient and end up seeking new challanges.

    Is Arsenal simply not ambitious and ruthless enough to keep away the lurking Real Madrids and AC Milans?

    Interesting point though.

    Thanks for a very thorough and well though out forum. It would appear that the net has been flooded with sites visited by users whose only purpose would seem to be shouting racial epitaths at each other.

    It is a breath of fresh air to see a place where ideas are allowed to flourish and people’s opinions are discussed instead of merely shunned.

    Kudos to all at Le Grove and the many users who add many interesting and mostly quite true observations and comments.


  7. Bud

    Never look back is my motto this week, so roll on Fulham on Saturday…… ashamed to say, will be my first away game of the season….. scandalous !!!!

  8. Odub

    Not really keen on Craven Cottage myself, the away stand has a very temporary feel to it, and then you have to walk thru that damn grave yard!! Anyway I’m sure we’d walk to hell and back if it meant another 3 points in the kitty!! Some good words/comments from Gus, I wonder if the sentiments will remain the same when he reads the comments after the Friday afternoon pub lunches and finds out this site is populated by a bunch of bloody pissheads!! lol

  9. Geoff

    Welcome aboard Gus and thanks for the kind words, Friday is even better as Odub says!

    I always felt Wenger was a Beckham sympathiser, hasn’t helped much in training has he!

  10. Bud

    Terry writes off Arsenal’s chances to leave United as biggest threat to Chelsea’s title bid

    John Terry says he does not regard Arsenal as a major threat to Chelsea in the title race.

    One Word: CUNT !!!!!!

  11. Odub

    John Terry can go fuck himself! As much as I wouldnt wish an injury or damage on a fellow man ( who am I kidding!) I still think Eboue deserves special mention for doing the T**t!

  12. casicky

    um finding it hard to be optimistic bout th e weeks ahead.the squad needs a riite talking to because of their recent performances but in Arsene Wenger we dont have that kinda manager.

    he is not ruthless enuff and sometimes that backfires and a manager’s attitude is reflected by the teamz performance.Alex is ruthless wiv his squad hence u never hear pple threatening to leave,filled up trophy cabinet and ttraction of big players….

    Wenger is phylosophical GREAT!!!but how exactly would that attract premiership winning players???all we get are Stepanovs and Senderos’…Wenger has been great for us hbtu he needs to be ruthless,i jus dont see Eboue lasting so long in Alex’s team when he is doing absolutely jack-all like he is now

    Phylosophy never won a football trophy!!!!!

  13. Pedro

    It won us three premierships and a few FA Cups along the way?

    I don’t know how you can say Wenger isn’t ruthless? I think Lehmann might have a different opinion. I also don’t think you can say our play isn’t ruthless? We are joint top of the Premiership with ManU… you don’t get that many points without being ruthless or a damn good side.

    Alex Ferguson maybe ruthless, but players say they want to leave. Look at Wes Brown who is contemplating the exit door, as did Heinze.

    Barca and Real are after Ronaldo and give it time with Tevez, you wait, MSI will start aggravating for a move inside 3 years.

    Wenger attracts the best talent from around the world. RvP, Henry, Cesc, Ade, Gallas, Sagna, PV04, Sol… the list goes on.

  14. Geoff

    Senderos, Mendes, Cygan, Tavaralides, Christopher Wrey, Diawara, Jeffers and some Argie who’s name I forgot, spring to mind though!

    As far as John Terry is concerned he should be more worried about his England place than worrying about us, with Ferdinand, Lescott and Richards around and all better, I wouldn’t pick him for the squad, let alone as Captain, the muppet.

  15. jamesh

    sorry to go on but can anyone tell me where rosicky was this weekend ? was he called up for the african nations ? was he tied up in a hotel room in prague? dropped? injured -no mention by wenger last friday.

  16. Pedro

    Ill with the Flu I think.

    Everyone signs flops, it the nature of game. All managers do, Wenger’s successes far outweigh the flops though.

    JT is a massive cunt, I think that’s all that needs to be said on the matter!

  17. Odub

    Argie’s name was Nelson Vivas. All amangers sign duds, and Wenger was cold enough to bounce Davor Suker, Alex Manninger and even Luis Boa Morte, so I think he knows what he’s doing.

    Rosicky’s ill again? What is it with this guy?!! RVP, Hleb and Rosicky’s injury/illness records over the last 2 seasons worry me to be honest!

  18. Geoff

    No Odub not that Argie but add him to the list, no this one was a forward played two or three times and scored one whilst elbowing the player, it was around the time we lost to Leeds and missed the title by one point, Cabayara or something, it’s going to bother me know, he was on loan, long blond hair and useless.

  19. Geoff

    that’s him, well done Odub add him to the useless Arsene signings that people forget because of all the good ones, let those be his Kleberson and Jemba- Jemba’s!

  20. Dino

    so JT doesn`t think we are genuine contenders, sour grapes me think, eboue should be recalled for the game at stamford bridge to break his other foot………………..(only kidding)…………maybe not lol

  21. Odub

    Did well for himself then aye? The list is endless (Stefan Malz, Kaba Diawara, David Grondin, Jeffers etc), but I’m sure you’ll all agree Wenger’s had more successes than failures. (Vieira, Henry, Petit, Anelka, Toure, Fabregas, RVP, Stepanovs…) ok fine Stepanovs belongs in the first list!! lol

  22. Mike (the neighbour )

    Fabian caballero scored 21 goals in 105 appearances for Dundee but is currently without a club, he most recently played for South Korean side Daejeon Citizen. He was released by them in 2007 –
    Now geoff whats this going out with Mrs le grove without your laptop so you are on call 24/7 -to weed out the arseholes .My neighbour in spain (the Arsenal nut ) wouldnt be seen out without his -other wise he has to talk to his missus and she knows nothing about Arsenal -even less than me

  23. Odub

    Let me guess Mike, you got all that from Wikipedia, because I’m sure you’re not that big a fan of the guy are you? Yeah Geoff 24/7 remember that! Luckily my Mrs is as much a red as I am!

  24. Geoff

    guys she accused me of being obsessed with Arsenal because I talked about Le Grove all night and the Birmingham game all day! women.

    I took my blackberry but it doesn’t do the site so well, I’ll learn next time!

  25. Mike (the neighbour )

    …oh and by the way youre not the rockclimbing Rapper ODUB cos if you are -an Arsenal rap would be really “cool” and geoff could do it in the bar before each Kick off !!!

  26. Odub

    Rapper? I wish!! My initials are double O, but most call me O dub!! I’d prefer to play for the Arsenal to be honest…More money, less chance of getting shot, and I’d get a chance to lay a 2 footed, x rated, studs showing tackle on Cashley when we play the chavs!!

  27. Odub

    Geoff/Pedro, I would like to commend you on the creation of the random rant page on this site, it has given me the chance to get some shit of my mind!!!! Feel a lot better now, cheers chaps!

  28. Pedro

    Loving your ‘random rant’ Odub! haha!

    I hate parking attendants to, especially the sneaky one who ticket you in the private car parks… fucking cunts!

  29. Ogunade kayode

    Mr Wenger, what you are doiing makes you a Professor in Football, but i am really worried about the young guns, they are really good and okay to withstand a star creat team of Man UTD and wasteful old team of Chelsea, but i need a replacement for Kolo and Captain Gallas. I remain A Gunners For Life. +2348039250515

  30. EVO in OZ

    Speaking of laying tackles on Cashley Cole, does anyone reckon that was a ripper of Cesc’s in the game this year? i thought it was gold, cant believe the commentators went on about it for ages…hahahahaha! I watched the replay on my computer the other day, priceless!

    Does anyone also think he did it on purpose cause he was up to the max amount of yellows and that suspended him for 1 game and wipped them off?

  31. Pedro

    I thought the yellow he got at reading got him the suspension? He stamped on Cashley because he slagged him off in his much read autobiography!

    Theo to West Ham? What are everyones thoughts! I think that could be a good move for him, providing he doesn’t score against us!

  32. EVO in OZ

    oh yeah it was reading, you’re right.

    Definitely Theo on loan somewhere! West Ham would be good as its just around the corner, so we can keep a close eye on him.

    I think his mixed form is a result of a combo of things, namely coming back to form after the long lay off with that shoulder injury, etc. Also playing out of position on the wing doesnt help (although it helps him to learn) and not getting much game time (full games).

    He definitely has played some good games this season, namely the 7-0 against Slavia with the 2 goals, both taken in top notch striking ability. But yes, no goals in the league is a worry. I did like his goal in the CC final last year, very Henry-esque!

  33. bal-malaysia

    i feel kinda gloomy after tht game….against birmingham…and the way man utd won just rubs the salt in..i agree with casiky above to a certain extent…abt the ruthlessness,but wht wenger is doing with the squad..u dont see manUTD stars asking for transfers like diarra flamini in the past…but wenger is relaxed abt this thats why players step on his head..would gallas still be a united player if he talked to the press the way he did in pre-season…bendtner,flamini,diarra and cesc have talked freely to the press abt their futures..yes wenger has a unprecedented ability of collecting an exotic collection of world class young players..but they all look like they gonna leave in a while..ferguson had the 92-93 youth fa cup winning team of scholes,giggs.beckham,neville,…three of them are still there 15 years later..can wenger keep denilson,diaby,bendtner,cesc,walcott?…if he can we will be better than united definitely for years..but u just feel they gonna walk away..
    y shouldnt we fans demand loyalty from our players…we have been loyal enough..this is bullshit.look at ashley,vieira,anelka,henry and ljungberg..all prasie for them here and now they ran out on us we all crticize them..whats the f**king point?…ronaldo and rooney had a brawl at the past world cup..there was talk of roonaldo leaving to Real ..guess wht happened..ronaldo and rooney ended up helping man utd wining the title from chelsea the very next season..this is how alex runs his team..its a proper football team..not a bunch of talented players regularly considering their futures..the players here dont have any misunderstandings the way ronaldo and rooney did but still keep on running away from the club like little chickens.. the solution for this is i think bringing in established players and showing these young players they need to shut up and play this case,,diarra has been wanted by spurs..y not make a diarra plus cash deal for berbatov?..wanna noe why this will never happen? we probably need to add 10 mil to diarra to get berbatov..and wenger thinks this is bullshit coz berbatov is not worth tht…and also that bendtner in a few years should be better than berbatov..very logical..but if bendtner was to start whining and asking for first team football at the best club in europe when he is only 19 then wenger woudlnt do much to keep him here..
    whts the point of not bringing berbatov now and help us win the league now?..fabio capello,ferguson,mourinho,raymond domenech…all coaches who put discipline in their players..and they win trophies where ever they go..i totaly respect wenger for what he has done..but if he had a hard side to him then we would be unstopable

  34. Geoff

    I agree with that bal, we always seem to have unsettled players and we never go after other peoples stars.

    Time for a change in strategy me thinks!

  35. Odub

    Morning all,

    Could our unsettled players, and the continuous trend of ur players being linked with moves to the continent have something to do with the fact that we are the worst wage payers in the elite european group of clubs?

  36. bal-malaysia

    not at all…do u think adebayor will be earning really high wages at man United…they are all young players…they dont need ridiculous amounts of money…the truth is wenger is always ready to pay a player a lot of money if he deems them important to the he did to henry…we deserve to underpay these players coz wenger has a gift of finding players who are inexperienced but can play at the same level as experienced players…therefore inexperienced players dont always demand high wages
    even if it s linked to seeking a move in the interest of money,then why have toure,gilberto and lehmann sticked around?in reality these three are the real heroes for us..lehmann risking his international hopes for arsenal and gilberto sticking around when he could have enjoyed a move to italy